(Updated With Video!) Motorola Defy Hands On

Update: Those goofy guys at Phonedog, Noah and Aaron went hands on with the Defy last night at Motorola’s CTIA event and we’ve got the video!

Oh how I love the traditional hands on of an upcoming device to get a better “feel” of what’s going on. In this particular case we’re graced with a half dozen or so pictures courtesy of the folks at Laptopmag but their camera work gave away a few hints of what’s on board the Motorola Defy. We can see the Blockbuster app made it on board here, likely already included following T-Mobile’s modus operandi of including entertainment features. With the T-Mobile AppPack and the Amazon Kindle already included as a bundle T-Mobile continues to push content on Android devices. Now if only they would push updates on their Android devices the world would be a happy place.

Hit the link for a few extra pics!