(Updated With Video!) Motorola Defy Hands On

Update: Those goofy guys at Phonedog, Noah and Aaron went hands on with the Defy last night at Motorola’s CTIA event and we’ve got the video!

Oh how I love the traditional hands on of an upcoming device to get a better “feel” of what’s going on. In this particular case we’re graced with a half dozen or so pictures courtesy of the folks at Laptopmag but their camera work gave away a few hints of what’s on board the Motorola Defy. We can see the Blockbuster app made it on board here, likely already included following T-Mobile’s modus operandi of including entertainment features. With the T-Mobile AppPack and the Amazon Kindle already included as a bundle T-Mobile continues to push content on Android devices. Now if only they would push updates on their Android devices the world would be a happy place.

Hit the link for a few extra pics!



  • FILA

    still a moto thou

    • Robnoxious

      Yeah, I used to love Motorola. Always like the build quality of the phones that I got from them and it looks like i’d like this one if not for the Moto Blur. Also see updates for Cliq, Cliq XT

      • Yyevo

        I’m with you. Moto’s used to be my favorite phones. Always good hardware, great battery life. But along came Blur. Such a great way to cripple a decent phone. And the update thing, yeah, really sucky.

        Truthfully, if the Cliq were vanilla android, or at least blur-less, it would be a good phone. It’s nice hardware.

        Oh well, maybe they will figure it out.

      • Well I would have to agree the cliq is and has been a good phone. The only thing id change is the update! I really want 2.1 on my phone. I mean even on the keyboard the letters lite up but the fn things don’t lite up… untill u press the alt key! They have diffrent lites in each key! Its so cool!

  • ManoloDF

    What about the UMA, can someone report on the UMA of the DEFY please? It advertises the wifi calling sending/receiving calls and messages over wifi.

    • mikeeeee

      @manoloDF, the apps page they showed was alphabetical so possibly the app was down below.

      if it shows up on the webpage in the specs it’s in there.

      this phone is also going to O2/t-mobile in the UK and O2 is in t UMA big time.

      this phone is worth a 2 week test drive for sure.

    • RockTripod

      All I know is that the first Anrdroid UMA phone will be a Moto. Hopefully this one, as it does seem pretty decent for a Motorola.

  • NiiDiddy

    looks pretty solid. almost as if i can take it under water…different…like the style to.

  • bart the truth

    this is a tight phone

  • Wp7

    I really dont like moto. They are not a good company to do business with. I mean im still not on 2.1 on my click. Thanks to moto i found a new love. Its called Windows Phone 7.

    Its a beauty yo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wp7

    Hey David, any news on the samsung omnia 7. is it comming to t dash mobile?

  • timmyjoe42

    Car dock = awesome

  • J-man

    looka nice, but the new mytouch looks better. :)

  • sorandkairi

    Looks pretty good

  • jymmyblanka

    no 4 inches screen, no front facing camera, no HSPA+ …..= DOWN GRADE …..next!!!!!!

    • Well the new defy has hspa+

      • beastly

        If that’s true, this is my next phone. I happen to be a Facebook fiend who likes Blur. Plus, if I’m really fired up about a new version of Android and Moto won’t give it to me, I’ll just root the dern thing.

    • I have a Motorola Defy and clocked 12.1Mb/s

  • Vibrant Guy

    That is a great looking device…wow.

  • Fish

    see that warning label on the top that says “motorola”

    that’s bad bad bad

  • Slide

    the more i see this phone the more i like it. Only way im getting it is if windows 7 phone sucks.

  • Rpinazo

    Cool phone But it’s still motorola. What I really want to see is a Mytouch (HD) or (2) hands on! Then we’re talking. Moto really stuck it to themselves.

  • Cameron

    EWWW! UGLY!!

  • mtnman

    Yeah I agree with you guys. It’s a Motorola! Loaded down with MotoBlur Blotware. Not even an HSPA+ device, small screen. I suposse if I want to jump in the pool and then it gets ruined because of water they’ll say it has water damage and won’t take it back even though they show people in the pool with it. If you drop it, they’ll say it has physical damage and won’t take it back. Either way, if you buy it, your stuck with it.

    Motorola has done me wrong too many times. I mean if Motorola is gonna gives us all the shaft, at least they can do is buy us dinner first.


      Since when is 3.7 inches a small screen.

  • BPRhythm

    I hope this phone fails and Moto goes bankrupt. This cliq is hell.

  • Special K

    Yeah, as much as I hate to say it…if this were on Verizon Wireless and had the Droid name attached, we would be getting mildly excited. This one will probably never receive an update as well, and you’ll just have to live with the phone the way it is. If you are a phone enthusiast, this is probably not the device to get.

  • How is the screen small? The 1st HD pic the screen looks HUGE as ever! I agree it is Motorola, so you know people not really wanting it with them not pushing updates, & the MotoBlur crap (I really don’t have that much of a problem with it, just it draining the battery life if that’s what it’s doing). But, why so many of you all comment on it, & you know you don’t like the Manufacturer of it for one, & the phone itself. Seems like time well wasted to me. Anyway, if Moto got their ish together i’d consider it really, but there in deep doo doo now. Hopefully, they’ll get it together.

  • Fraze1

    Moto Blur Sucks! It ruins Android OS. Point. Blank.

  • John

    lol @ the not for sale sign, they learned from apple’s snafu.

  • Special K

    I don’t think they’re in deep doo doo at all. Do you see all the Droids and Droid X’s that there are out there? Give me a break; Motorola couldn’t be doing better. We’re just getting the left overs unfortunately. It isn’t a bad phone, and for somebody that doesn’t care this will be great; however advertising that you’ll get updates, that this device will be even half way respectable down the line and this will be the device you want to use for the duration of a two year commitment may be pushing it.

    If you want an entry level data phone that appears to offer high end features, this is definitely the ticket.

    • Well according to the consumers they are. I don’t think 2 phones the Droid’s make up they’re whole stock. Those are great & all, but it’s clearly not saving Moto seeing as to the people not on Verizon or who can’t afford the Droid are hating Moto’s work. But, I digress…

  • beastly

    Question: how do you waterproof a headphone jack? Or a USB port?

    • TheLight

      a rubber stopper with a tight seal..

  • Why is everyone obsessed with the “front facing camera”? Who cares?! No one wants to see your ugly azz complaining face anyways.

  • Spencer

    Love you Moto! But I’m on Verizon with the good motorola phones!!! Hahahaha

    • Spencerisatard

      Yep that’s why your on a site that’s all TMo.

  • cliquser

    I need a keyboard!

    • nclax15

      Then get the G2!

  • Gary A.

    Phone looks pretty nice, though, if I do get one I’m rooting that thing and putting in a stock vanilla android ROM in that bad boy!

  • thaghost

    I like this phone. tmo is stepping up to da plate. g2, mytouchhd, defy, galaxy tab, beautiful choices to choose from.(sorry, vibrant too) great job tmo!!!

  • abel2fresh4u

    cant stand blur.

  • Shawn

    Anyone else know that T-Mobile in the UK has the iPhone?


    • BlackHawk

      Known that for a while

      • BlackHawk

        So does Virgin Mobile Canada

  • alex

    i am trying to understand why this does not have 2.2 with blur that the droid x has..tmo what are you doing but still a great looking phone….

  • Serotheo

    I wish there should be a free Motorola Defy swap if you own a Motorola Cliq and it doesn’t ever get 2.1.