T-Mobile To Introduce New Pre-Paid Plans

By the looks of things T-Mobile isn’t ready to give up the prepaid world to the likes of Walmart with the introduction of three brand new rate plans. Effective October 20th T-Mobile will introduce 3 brand new prepaid plans:

  • $70 Unlimited Talk & Text with 2 GB of Data (includes picture and video messaging)
    • $50 Unlimited Talk & Text with 100 MB of Data (includes picture and video messaging)
    • $30 1500 Talk & Text with 30 MB of Data (use any combination of minutes or messages up to 1500
    • Also getting a revamp is the Web Day Pass that will be retooled to work with the new plans allowing customers who either do not have included data or run over the data buckets allowing them to continue surfing.

The T-Mobile pay by the day, $50 unlimited talk and text and sidekick prepaid plans will move into grandfathered status on the 17th of October. The 10-cent per minute plan will remain in the lineup.

It was May the last time T-Mobile revamped their prepaid lineup but this time it looks like they are really raising the level with the introduction of prepaid plans that include data. While they look great at first glance, post paid customers should take note, no phone discounts will be included here so this isn’t something to jump on without thinking about how it might affect your next phone purchase. Of course, many of you also go over 2GB of data but for the standard prepaid user this is one sweet deal.

Update: Just as we were ready to rock these plans this morning, Engadget grabs some info on the data side of things with prepaid data plans coming for use with webConnect:

  • $10 gives you 100MB of access over 7 days, or whichever comes first
  • $30 gives you 300MB of access over 30 days, or whichever comes first
  • $50 gives you 1 GB of data over 30 days, or whichever comes first

I can’t say these are thrilling plans but hey, its prepaid data and you had to expect it to be a little more expensive on the standalone side. Still, exciting things are coming the T-Mobile way with prepaid!


  • TheLight

    Good looking out for the pre-paid customers who don’t want unlimited internet. I just hope they won’t have the outrageous overage rates like AT&T. Morning David, any new news on the MTHD and those other phones back from the accessory sheet you found?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Kinda sorta…look for something today, won’t be HUGE but it might have some little tidbits no what the phones will include.

      • alex32

        Hey David, there was an article regarding the g2 not doing pre orders any more becasue of high demand..i can still get my g2 if i walk in a tmo store right?


        • David, Managing Editor

          Yes, I have no idea why that article circulated, pre-orders were supposedly stopped the day before so I’m not sure what happened, but I’d walk into a store for sure.

      • TheLight

        David, Bloggers, Anybody, CHECK THIS OUT! I may be late, or not, but I think this is important if I’m not.


        Their claiming the G2 has a root-kit that always reboots with original manufacturer setting and restrictions no matter what software you run on it. So I guess that means the G2 isn’t..hmmm, how should I put this….OPEN?

        • David, Managing Editor

          I’ve seen a lot of this this morning, someone with a little more rooting knowledge will have to break this down for me.

      • alex32

        @David Managing Editor

        Thanks David, i actually just got a call today from my tmo store that my g2 is reserved (:
        ill be buying it tomorrow, cant wait!

    • NiiDiddy

      T-mobile is all about cheaper rates than the competition. They are also all about great customer service. It hasn’t necessarily transformed into more customers, but it’s getting there, especially with all these new smartphone offerings especially in the Android segment. As a side note, whether people like it or not, right now [it might change someday in the future when someone comes up with something that is good and catches on] Android devices are the “it” and the “must haves”, and there’s nothing we can do about that.

      I think these pre-paid plans are great. Prices are perfect…I especially like the $70 price point. Anyone can afford that. :)

      • Carlos

        @NiiDiddy spot on the devices side. The reason T-Mo has not taken over the wireless market is bcs of the crappy devices that they historically offered. Even when they got something new and exciting, it was still about 1 or 2 after it came out on other carriers, 3G BB is a perfect example.

        I have been TMo for nearly 9 years, back when they were called VoiceStream, and I have never found a device that made me want to say I must have it. I never left them, bcs the plans they have are great, and every year or so they come with better deals.

        I think that now that TMo has come out with their version of “4G” HSPA+ and a seemingly very interesting lineup of Android and touch screen devices, it will really have a leg to stand on in the market. Specially with the crap that ATT has been putting out. They only focused on iPhones in my opinion, were falling asleep on BB until the torch (the only reason they got it over TMo is market share).

        So I think over the next year or two we will see tremendous growth for TMo (I hope it doesn’t clog the lines), and a nice battle between VWZ and Tmo will take over the airwaves.

        Should be fun whatever happens next.

        BTW~G2 is the first trully exciting phone TMo has delivered as a branded unit.

      • sorandkairi

        @carlos…. i’ve gotten you beat, is was with them back before that, when they were called powertel…. oh there was the days…lol!

    • Robert Paulson

      It’s prepaid, there are no overages.

  • Michieru

    It would of been nice to see a unlimited data plan on the prepaid side as well, that way it at least give users an option compared to what these plans have to offer, which I am not complaining but, some if not most people go prepaid because they don’t have to worry about any overages with it and if they can have unlimited talk/text/web for the same cost as $70 plan I can see many people going for that.

  • mike

    i myself am not a prepaid user,but will this affect postpaid users?are they going to introduce tiered data plans of any sort?i sure hope they dont

    • Jrsykind

      Seems like they’re going that way…

    • Nathan

      I hope they do…I only use 30-50 MB of data a month on my Android phone, so if they had an EM+ plan with unlimited talk+text and 100 MB data for $50 I would jump on it in a heartbeat.

      • mike

        im fine with tiered plans only if they keep the 30$ unlimited plan out there also

      • Shawn

        I would hope that even if they did get rid of unlimited data and switch to tiered data, we who already have the unlimited would get grandfathered in.

      • TMoFan

        I totally agree. $30 is a lot to ask for when I would use a couple hundred MBs a month. I’m far from a smartphone poweruser, but I would definitely have a use for it. I think going to tired and keeping the $30 unlimited is the way to go. Those who are powerusers will spend the extra for unlimited.

  • mingkee

    $10 more and get one more GB than Simple Mobile.
    Not bad.

  • TMoFan

    It’s great to see TMo intro

  • TMoFan

    It’s great to see TMo introduce these prepaid plans, but the limits are way too low. $30 for 30MB?

    It’s a great option for those who would use data occasionally.

    Sorry for my double post!

  • onthecouchagain

    How does one check how much data one uses on their smartphone? is there an app for that? Or do you find out through Tmobile?

    • Mr. V

      You can see your data usage on your monthly bill… at least I see it on mine, at the bottom with the breakdown of minute usage.

    • msna


  • Nice, I might pick up on it. I use WiFi mostly for my data. I only end up using like 300-500MB of Data per month. That $70 plan might be great for me

  • These plans are great for prepaid, and are pretty much the same plans offered by other carriers on both phone devices and data devices – I don’t think above mentioned phone plans apply to the Even More Plus plans, though.

  • Danny

    I’m a TMo fan but honestly these plans suck considering the fact that you still have to buy your own device and you have carriers like Virgin Mobile offering Unlimited prepaid data for $40 on a larger 3G network.

    These plans are right on par with AT&T’s new prepaid wireless broadband plans except for the smallest plan which is cheaper by $5.

    TMo is probably making these plans unattractive on purpose to get people over to their postpaid options

    • But on much slower 3G speeds..

    • Marc

      Larger network on Virgin? Did they start allowing roaming sometime recently? Last I checked, if you weren’t in their coverage area, you got no service whatsoever, making them basically useless for anyone who travels at all. Major deal-beaker in what otherwise seemed a decent plan.

  • deceptivesmiles

    Many of these consumers are easily swayed by the media when it comes to Magenta. Everybody thinks they are the worst in ever category and that the other big 3 are great in some category. I said that just to say this, they’re missin out on great customer service and great plans/deals. And w/ some great devices comin out over a GSM network w/ the HSPA+, u can’t beat that. Let them fools who don’t want the great things TMOUS have to offer stay away and we’ll capitalize on the greatness lol.

  • Terrill

    As much as I luvs tmobile currently on my Vibrant right now I have to say that the virgin mobile mifi is a much better deal on the prepaid tip I believe its 60$ or a little more for unlimited data on a mobile hotspot.

    • Stephen

      ACtually the virgin mobile unlmited plan is $40/month for Truly Unlimited 3G data on the Sprint 3G network..
      If you want voice plans with Virgin Mobile USA, they have a $60 unlimited everything plan($10 more if you want to use it with blackberry)..

      So these T-Mobile plans suck!

      • mingkee

        Not yet.
        The $1.5/day plan is an answer to Virgin $40 monthly internet.
        You can tether a phone (N900 can get up to 10.8Mbps) and pay up to $46.5 (31 days all the way down) and call it a day.

  • Jorge

    ive got 3 G2’s in stock right now at the palisades center mall in nyack ny

  • alex

    I never use the term but this pure fail for the webconnect..i have virginmobiles unlmtd broadband2go and its 40 bucks a month…sry tmo but you need to really try..

    • mingkee

      I also have Virgin, but the speed isn’t fast as T-Mobile “4G-like” performance, but $40 to get unlimited for laptop. What should I ask more?

  • tom mendenhall

    I think the Wal-Mart plan beats this new TMO plan. $50/unlimited voice and text for first phone, $25 for second. A bucket of 1gig of data for $50. I have one phone, a vibrant, on the plan now and customer service has been good and service is as excellent

  • chris

    The Wal-mart plan is $45/unlimited voice and text for first phone then $25 for each additional line. Its $40 for a gig of data.

    I agree with tom, the walmart plan beats these new prepaid plans from TMO.

  • Ike Denvers

    Walmart makes money. Simple Mobile makes money. Net10 Unlimited makes money. But you know what? No matter what, as long as they make money, Tmobile does.

    And Tmobile is going to finally offer a strong data offering on wireless (their broadband prepaid data sucks though, even the new rates are chinzty compared to the likes of Cricket and Virgin Mobile).

    But they kill the new Att Gophone $75 unlimited talk/text/200 megs.

    The $70 plan and the $30 plan I see doing really well. The fifty dollar one is meh.

    95% of users never go over two gigs. I see prepaid smartphone users on Att switching over to Tmobile. More for less.
    Plus Tmo has roaming. Att Gophone does not.

    Point again, Tmobile.

  • Android_User

    The $30 for 300 MB data prepaid option looks like a sweet spot for Android phone users. With Google Voice + Sipdroid app, it can provide about 600 minutes of VoIP calls per month + free unlimited SMS + occasional web surfing (or unlimited at wifi hotspots). No need to use voice minutes as everything is done through the data connection.

  • Les

    I’m pretty much a noob on grandfathering plans, so here’s my query. If I have a Sidekick LX2009 with the pre-paid Sidekick $1/day plan (unlimited text, web, IM, etc.), can I get the My Touch 3G Slide or the upcoming G2 and still have the $1/day pre-paid deal. Meaning can I just take my SIM card out of the Sidekick and put it in the new phone and voila? Or do I still need to go to a T-Mobile store and deal with them?

  • southcarolinaboy

    Do we know yet if BIS will work on these new plans?

  • t mobile needs help

    We are having huge trouble with t-mobile prepaid plans. They charge the bank first when you top up online, and then, if there is a glitch, they will say something like prepaid service is not available at this time. So that 100$ that you put towards your account is tied up at the bank and you receive nothing in return. This happens when you top up by phone as well.