Walmart To Launch Family Mobile Service Powered By T-Mobile

Today, Walmart announced its own post-paid wireless service in partnership with T-Mobile USA called Walmart Family Mobile. Walmart’s new Family Mobile service which will use T-Mobile’s network, will provide customers unlimited calling and texting for $45 per month for the first line, and $25 for each additional line. However, data and international calling will be charged from a pre-paid account attached to the family plan. For example, 1GB of data usage will cost $40 and will be pooled for the whole¬†family, in which unused data will be carried over month-to-month.¬†Walmart Family Mobile will provide similar features as postpaid accounts, such as the bill is paid at the end of the month. But at the same time its also similar to prepaid services as it won’t come with a contract agreement, early termination fees, or credit checks. So its kind of like the best of both worlds. Beginning Monday, Walmart will offer five handsets including the Motorola Cliq XT, which will cost $249.

Associated Press

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