Today Is The Day To Win An Apple iPad!

We are just on a roll today and since we have your attention with all of yesterdays exciting announcements we should remind you, today is the day to win a free Apple iPad from our friends at Phonedog! This couldn’t get any more basic or simple as all you have to do is “like” the Phonedog Facebook page. It’s that simple!

The winner will be announced TONIGHT at 5pm West Coast time, so 8pm eastern time for those of you on the East Coast! He’ll be doing a live webcast in typical Noah Kravitz fashion offering up one free iPad and whole lot of humor!

You can check out this Facebook page for the live drawing!

Good luck!!!


  • pimpstrong

    I don’t own any “i” products whatsoever but I sure wanna win that bad boy.

    • Eddie Android

      Im with you

  • wack mode

    With all respect David why would u put and apple product on a tmobile website if it were like a galaxy tab that would be understanable???

    • David, Managing Editor

      Because thats what friends do for other friends, its just a contest…don’t worry about it. Does it really bother anyone that much? I’m helping them promote a contest as I expect them to help me do the same.

      • sorandkairi

        hey for the record, does the fb game that you all have (Tmonews) up and running again because i havent been able to play it in like well.. ever! (1 time)

  • Holiday

    I don’t have a facebook nor do i wanna create one, but i would have sure liked to win one :(

  • wack mode

    ok thats understanable if it involves your friends.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Yeah, don’t worry about it…they are going to help us promote something soon!

      • wack mode

        thats good thats good.

  • RoscoeP

    So…many…exclamation points.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    I feel like creating a facebook just for this, it would def be worth it.

    • pimpstrong

      And then you’ll get sucked into the void that is Social Networking!

      • 2FR35H


        You say that like being social over the net is a bad thing.. Social networking is great.

  • Cranky Bear

    Dave, I’m going to try to catch the live broadcast, but I might not be able to right at that time. Do you have to be “present” to win, or will winners be notified?

    • INeedHotSpot

      I want to know this

      • Marc

        I think winners will be notified, via facebook inbox.

  • sorandkairi

    I dont want one but….. i do want to sell one…. MARK MY WORDS IT IS MINE!

  • coolMANDINGO

    pick me! pick me!

  • oakie

    ugh. even just pretending to “like” that toolbag on a social network I care only slightly more about violates my moral code. I just don’t need my close friends and family to even hint that I would frequent such a bottom barrel blog.

    but it’s a free iPad and I can just “unlike” that asshat after 5pm. I can’t believe I’m trying to justify lying for personal gain. :/

    • B


  • Matt

    aww I didn’t win.

  • Ed Gale

    Thanks TmoNews for telling me about the contest! I won! Just know it was you guys who helped me out. You guys are the best and so is Phonedog. Nexus One is still my poison, but I won’t mind playing with an iPad.

  • The Real Ed Gale

    Seriously? :/

  • Lee

    Let’s start a petition to get tmonews to become the official public relations for T-MobileUSA. What say you?

    • David, Managing Editor

      I concur!!!!

  • joe ruggirello

    i need a i pad for my daughter

  • Kandra Lum winn free ipad

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  • KandraLum

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