Recapping Yesterdays HSPA+ Launches

It would be easy to think that yesterdays launch announcement of the new myTouch device overshadowed the additional launch of 16 more HSPA+ cities. So we thought we’d take a little time this morning to remind everyone exactly what cities went “live” yesterday for your HSPA+ browsing speed pleasure.

With its latest expansion, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ footprint now includes Biloxi and Gulfport, Miss.; Denver, Colo.; Huntsville, Ala.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Norfolk, Va.; Omaha, Neb.; Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz.; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento, Calif.; and West Palm Beach, Fla. T-Mobile expects to reach 100 major metropolitan areas and 200 million people in 2010.

I like the sound of 100 major metro areas and 200 million people covered in 2010, that’s just exciting! And yes, I know the picture above isn’t up to date, but I like the picture mmmmkay?


  • LJ

    Still no Chicago love! All these small cities getting HSPA+ before a major market, makes no sense

    • David, Managing Editor

      It makes sense if you consider that T-Mobile didn’t just up and decide Chicago wouldn’t launch early, surely there are other things at work, like perhaps they are waiting for frequency to clear, towers to build and permits to approve. Chicago is a tough tough city to get anything built, nevermind re-work and retool anything.

      • Anthony

        Give me a break with the BS excuses. Chicago is no tougher than LA, NY, or any other big city that has had it built. So unless you have some concrete, firsthand information you’d like to cite let’s stop with the assumptions.

        The only fact in the situation is that Chicago, the 3rd largest market in the country is still being screwed.

        /feel free to approve the post at your leisure. No reason for you to censor.

        • David, Managing Editor

          I don’t censor comments, wordpress blocks comments for various reasons and then I have to go in and approve them. I’m not so high and mighty that I like to approve and censor based on which side of the bed I woke up.

          Concrete information? It hasn’t launched yet, how’s that not concrete information that something other than a desire to simply screw Chicago is not a factor here? I would think common sense would dictate that Chicago would be a major market to get launched, so if its not yet launched, there is a reason other than someone’s ideal of a cruel joke at work.

      • beastly

        It’s not a frequency issue. HSPA+ doesn’t require different bands from T-Mobile’s normal 3G. My guess is they’re doing it out of spite because they hate LJ. Or there could be some other reason.

      • MattB

        I didn’t know it hadn’t launched yet… I live in Milwaukee, and while traveling in the Chicago area back in August I did some speed tests with my MTS, hitting 4-5mb/s. Must have been in an area that was testing. I’m fairly certain some of Chicago-land is up and running with HSPA+, but T-Mobile can’t call it ‘converted’ until 50% or more is up and running.

      • Frigadroid

        Well thank God we don’t have Verizon. I was glad to read the news that the fcc was cracking down on them for cheating 15 million customers by charging them for data they didn’t use. I hope they go after Sprint next they over charged my wife $75 every month and keep sending bills after we canceled she didn’t even have a data phone & asked them to block data the first month they pulled that crap. We even had to go to the sprint store to prove we didn’t hack the phone and the employee told us it happens all the time because corporate has their head up their ass and they were tired and embarrassed by it too. One good thing though my wife will never sign a contract again without my okay first.

      • Carlos

        Let’s not forget Chicago Politics. It is an extremely “corrupt” environment. Not to say that South Florida is any better, but the term ” Chicago Style Politics” is there for a reason. The days of Al Capone are all but gone from Chicago’s Political scene.

      • Tmoled

        They don’t need to build towers, they’re modifying current towers, this isn’t a new network, that’s a major feature of hspa+, they didn’t have to build a new network. In your attempt to defend tmobile, you sounded like a noob, mr.managing editor.

    • Rilesman

      Start electing non-union bribe accepting officials and you might get it faster.

    • MeMyselfandI

      Keep working for that Hope and Change!

    • Evan

      Whoa, they are actually putting one here in Huntsville Alabama, its not like its home to the NASA Space Center, or thousands of other “High demand jobs”.

      • Quervo`

        LOL, it is b/c of it use to be a space center there, so it already had 3g clearence thus why it was one of the first few cities to get 3g in 08.

    • wack mode

      fuk chicago!!

    • rickb928

      Yep, Phoenix is pretty much still a small city.

      And Chicago is that toddling town…

    • Well I dont think Chicago is any different than Los Angeles they are both big citys I live In La and there’s hspa+ coverage about everywhere I travel to downtown La ,Santa Monica, Hollywood, Glendale , west Covina, , etc .. I kno this cuz I have the rocket stick for my laptop and I. Always pulling up 8-10 Mbps when I do speed tests . I was reading some comments below that people are complaining about t-mobiles hspa+ being slow some guy below me even said it was a joke I honestly don’t kno what’s wrong with the t-mobile service were he lives cuz over here in La t-mobile is Fast!! And there’s hspa+ about every were u go to I’m constantly getting 8-10 Mbps once I even got 12! On my laptop stick

    • derek

      for hspa+ to get set up its a tower by tower basis, chicago is a huge market however you have to improve backhaul this requires contact with telco member such has a home phone or cable company to run fiber optics to the site, if there is any issue then that can stop a market from launching

    • jl

      I hope you see this, but I have just learned that HSPA+ will be launched in Chicago around November 3 or 13. There are some areas of downtown Chicago that have HSPA+. But it will officially Launch on one of those two dates.

      • jd

        I’m sick of TMO in Chicagoland with this HSPA+. I’ve been told “oh it’ll launch in June, ..then July, then Sept, mid Oct, now it’s November.” Work in the loop, some days I get 4 to 5 Mbits/sec download, other days like today at same exact spot I’m on EDGE. I live within 1/4 mile of a TMO tower in the burbs, never get about 900 Kbits/s download. Saw a contractor working out on the tower one evening, stopped and chatted with him, says the towers back in the neighborhoods could be a 6 months to a year away from having upgraded HSPA+ equipment. Sprint 4G is up & running in my neighborhood, why should I continue to wait around for the bozos at TMO?? Thinking I’m not!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Although there’s federal law that preempts and prevents local jurisdictions from delaying or affecting wireless communications, recalcitrant local communities nevertheless have creative theories to slow expansion down if a tower is in their neighborhood, so to speak.

      One way is that carriers still have to get permits from city govt. and the permit process can flow as fast as refrigerated molasses.

  • dennis p

    Where in the heck is Chicago?

  • pimpstrong

    So now that the first HSPA+ phone is out, can we get some good speed testing going?

    • tmogeek

      My G2 gets delivered today. Will post some comparisons this evening.

      • pimpstrong

        right on

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Do that, I am curious since I am in San Francisco that just got “4G” but I have a Vibrant, a non-4G phone.

        If there’s a dramatic difference I may get the new MyTouch, albeit I don’t really want to go back to a less-than-4″ display. The Vibrant is perfect, not too large like my HD2 phone’s 4.3″ display, but more display real estate than my old Touch Pro2, that had a 3.6″ display.

  • Myles

    I’m in the Detroit area and it must be the same situation, because we’ve been “coming soon” for a couple months now. I do work for T-Mobile and my manager just recently had to go to an HSPA+ meeting where they told her this area should be up late October/early November, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Animate

    I started noticing the increased speeds on my Vibrant, in Huntsville, AL, about 3 weeks ago and was highly pleased.

    • sorandkairi

      shakes head… what the hell….Huntsville over Montgomery… i mean either city sucks but still…. no love for the “Capital City”

      • Darnell

        What really makes no sense to me, is that Huntsville, AL got it, but it’s not even listed at all on T-Mobiles official map. Not even as a “coming soon”. They tossed in HSPA+ for Huntsville, AL out of the clear blue.

      • Felix

        i’m in B’ham and just got my g2. My speeds are hit and miss though, downtown around UAB (which covers almost half of downtown) and driving around the northside of town i was was getting 3-4. Then I went to a movie theater ina suburb south of there and I hit 7.5. I was really excited but then got pissed because if anything I would think you would have faster speeds in the cetner of the city… I realize that this is still fast and when I am at home or school I can use wifi to supplement it, but still, it’s a G2 and i was hoping for more consistent speeds above 5 or 6 mbs

      • Darnell

        Must be nice to be able to complain about that. The rest of us (non G2 owners) wish we could even get 3Mbps any given day…

  • daboibanks

    The Vibrant is not a HSPA+ phone so im not sure why your phone would be running any faster the launch does effect your device.

    • chotpy

      hurrr derr all android phones benefit from HSPA+, some can only process up to a certain level of the speed though. 7.2mbps is the highest the Vibrant can process. Speeds increased on my G1 (when I was still using it) as well.

      • pimpstrong

        LMAO nice. FYI daboibanks, my Vibrant has smashed 5.6Mbps and averages 3.2 in KC’s HSPA+ grid. Now go buy yourself a Smartphone and then repost something knowledge based.

    • Turtle6988

      I work for Detroit Engineering HSPA+ is live in Detroit, BUT it will not be commercially launched until a certain percentage of sites are live.

      • MattB

        ^Exactly. Criteria is 50% or more before they can advertise. The same is true with the Chicago market as I posted above.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Look it up on the Net, our non-HSPA+ phones will more likely now run faster and maybe even to the max connection speed of our handsets.

  • K dizzle

    The vibrant benefits from hspa+…….its not an hspa+ phone but some 3g phones benefit from hspa+. So it’s normal to notice speed increases

  • Will

    My G2 switches between H,G, and E in Louisville, KY.

    At home I get H, at work I get E… I will get G in random spots… Hopefully they will have full coverage rolled out soon.

    • Frigadroid

      It would also be nice if you could get any coverage at all out at Barren and Nolin lakes or anywhere south of Bardstown that’s not on I 65.

      • JP

        I lived in Bowling Green until Aug 05, and got reception at the lodge at Barren River, and coverage in Glasgow, Bowling Green, Franklin, and Russellville. Russellville at the time was romaing though, they now have towers in Russellville.

  • Eddie

    Chicago ! On wait :/

    Belmont #1

  • Chevyrockstar

    Thats odd the G2 i played showed the H logo on top, but El Paso is in the COMING SOON color.

    • john

      That’s because the g2 wasn’t programmed to display 3g on it’s notification, just an h if you arte in 3g coverage at all.

      • Will

        I get G listed on my G2 frequently… I think they have partially rolled out H in some cities.

  • mikeeeee

    do you guys know anything about ‘tower overlap’ in urban areas?

    imagine being locked on a crappy tower in an area where an awesome tower’s signal is but, you pone won’t let you latch on to it with out an on/off cycle or even a battery pull?

    used to happen to me all the time when i lived in st. louis.

    i had to shut down in the afternoon when i came home from work and un-battery in the morning to get on the right tower so when i was 60 miles away i’d be on the right tower not to hit a 15 mile dead spot.

    remember, these phones aint that far removed from dime store walkie talkies.

  • JB6464

    Does the HD2 support HSPA ?

    • pimpstrong

      It “benefits” from it. Meaning it will get faster speeds but not as fast as an HSPA+ device.

    • JB6464

      Thanks !

  • Jonzn4phones

    This hspa+ thing is a joke. I live in Tulsa, OK and we have supposedly had this for months and I have not seen 1 bit of increase in speed. from the normal 3g. as a matter of fact i live exactly 1 mile in between 3 towers and just started getting 3g last week and those towers are supposed to be not only 3g but hspa+. I just don’t get it.

    • brandon

      Not all 3g towers in an Hspa+ market are upgraded to Hspa+. We only initially add Hspa+ to a percentage of the towers and will continue to add later on. This is why you may be experiencing lower speeds. I am consistently getting between 2-5.5 Mbps on Hspa+.

    • Frigadroid

      On the south side of tulsa I have noticed that my Vibrant was bouncing back and forth between 3g and edge which is even more of a problem with the known Vibrant gps problems when using google maps. I think Tulsa is only 50% up and running we can only hope it will get better.

  • sorandkairi

    MONTGOMERY, AL DOESNT HAVE HSPA+ of even 7.2 for that matter… and wtf on giving Biloxi/Gulfport HSPA+ but still now 3G in Jackson,Ms the capital…… i call BS!

    • sorandkairi

      oh…coming soon but still… that horseish…lol

  • chrisa

    Haven’t seen any speed increase in Denver, my Vibrant is still just getting about 1 MPBS. Was up in Seattle two weeks ago and it was easily pulling over 5.

    • sorandkairi

      here is Montgomery, Al i havent seen a device hit 2.0 mbps (also u really should type MBPS with caps because people will get confused or at least say that there are confused just to point it out…. “im not doing that… i swear..” :)

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Phoenix YES!!!!!!!!!!! now only if Tmobile didnt tell me that my G2 pre-order is in backorder, which irks me a little since i pre-ordered last week, and as the rep said “you should order now to make sure you get it by the 6th”

  • Joshua

    oh man sad face!! We still have edge in our city!! I would be pleased to get 3G in my city!

  • maybe tmobile is focusing on the cities who actually have tmobile service… there are 3 other major service providers in sprint, Verizon and Att,.. I heard some people complain about their city not having HSPA+.. tmobile is most likely building the towers in their most dense customer cities/towns first.

    • sorandkairi

      there are doing just that but there are other factors that factor in the equation as well… from area to towers to subscribers to population to blah blah blah…

  • Tito!

    HSPA+ is amazingg here in SLC!
    Got speeds up 2.16 Mb down (:
    & that’s not even on a future device .
    T-Mobile can do plenty with these speeds and upcoming speeds. :D

    • Nate

      I haven’t noticed an increase in speed on G1 or Vibrant here in American Fork, UT. I’ll check again when I am up in SLC this afternoon. Which phone are you using?

  • Jesus

    You have been connected to _Stefanie L.
    _Stefanie L: Hi xxxxxxx , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m _Stefanie and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
    Gutierrez: Hello stefanie , i wanted to know if i get hspa+ speeds at my home address xxxxxxx xxx x xxxxxxx
    _Stefanie L: For your reference, my ID number is 8221386. Thank you for waiting patiently while I was able to access your account. I would like to take this time to thank you for being part of the T-Mobile family since 2009.
    _Stefanie L: I can definitely understand your concern regarding this. I would be more than happy to help you today.
    Gutierrez: thx
    _Stefanie L: At this time we do not offer HSPA+ in that are, however, we are making further expansions every day.
    Gutierrez: Umm but in this press realese it says , And i quote “With its latest expansion, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ footprint now includes Biloxi and Gulfport, Miss.; Denver, Colo.; Huntsville, Ala.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Norfolk, Va.; Omaha, Neb.; Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz.; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento, Calif.; and West Palm Beach, Fla. T-Mobile expects to reach 100 major metropolitan areas and 200 million people in 2010.”
    Gutierrez: Phoenix Az And Tuscon Az Are in there
    _Stefanie L: Our current expansions in AZ have covered Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, and Tucson.
    _Stefanie L: We have many plans for 2010 and future 2011, at thist ime Phoenix has not been listed.
    Gutierrez: Phoenix has not been listed ?
    Gutierrez: thats the first city listed in the press release!

    Wow ! a BUNCH of liars!

    • David, Managing Editor

      The press release is what I would believe…

  • Ricky

    Not even a comming soon for NJ.. :(

    • *coming*

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      cumming, haha

  • Alvaro

    Tmo just sucks! Their 3G in Miami is a lie. I guess thir HSPA will be another dissapiontment.

    • Carlos

      My wife’s BB9700 shows 3G and it flys!!!! I have done comparisons of her 9700 and my 8900 (EDGE) side-by-side, and phone just blow mine away. Granted it could be that the 9700 is that much faster than my 8900, but any browsing is night and day. Not Sure 3G is a joke down here. BTW we live in Ft. Lauderdale, but we go to down to Miami weekly, and no noticeable issues with her connection.

      I also was talking to a techie geek the other day and he told me he was able to get 4-6 mb/s down here….

  • dfresh

    Im getting 4.3 mbps down and about 1 up in D.C. on my mytouch 3g

  • rickb928

    Up in North Phoenix, I see the same speeds. I’ll test in Mesa and Scottsdale on the way home this afternoon. My G1 is supposed to show the difference.

  • Paul

    Chicago will launch soon, just waiting on ATT to deliver the fiber backhaul to the sites. Its amazing, i know i tried it already ;)

  • Kyle

    For everyone complaining about Chicago HSPA+, you have to realize we are waiting for AT&T to lay fiberoptic to cell towers. So shut up, stay calm, and be patient. If it was released and only available in certain areas and/or didn’t work correctly, you would b*tch about that too.

    • tmogeek

      Well, Chicago should take a page from the Los Angeles playbook. LA didn’t wait for “all” the sites to be ready. As soon as the fiber was in, the site went live with HSPA+. HSPA+ coverage was spotty, but some service was better than no service. As more fiber gets turned up, coverage keeps improving. If Chicago has site that are ready…lite those babies up.

      • MattB

        The active site in Chicago are lit up… once the fiber is laid, the tower is HSPA+. There ARE towers in Chicago running HSPA+. I have experienced it first hand in the western/north-western suburbs.

      • Trevor

        @Matt B

        Where specifically have u seen HSPA+ speeds in NW Suburbs, Schaumburg/Arlington Heights area does not have it that I have seen.

  • Tim

    I’m in Sacramento, and my data speeds regularly test between 2-5 mbps download on myG2 and 1.5 ish on my n1. My n1 doesn’t display the H or anything like that though. Anyone in the new areas experiencing anything similar?

  • vinny

    I have been in a so called HSPA+ area for over 6 weeks now. I am dead ass center without any other lighter colors within miles of my house. I have ALL bars registered and only getting 950-1100 kbps download and my upload has been crazy high any where between 850-1300 kbps upload. Just because your area says you are in the HSPA+ zone doesn’t mean you are receiving top speeds. I will drive to the next town over and I will get 3.90 mbs download speeds. I call T-Mobile and its like pulling teeth to get someone who even knows what I’m talking about. Finally I get someone who says “it’s coming”. I live in suburb of Boston and on Rt 128 belt. Everyone wants this tech now. What gives T-Mobile?????? I have been a long time dedicated customer but I want some speed. My pages load very fast but I still would like to see my go thru the roof.

  • Testament

    Hear in Atlanta I’m only getting 3mbs down. As much as I LOVE t-mobile, if they don’t improve they’re coverage (My HTC Tilt 1 Has better reception than my G2). I will be forced to jump ship.

    PS. I know this phone can handle 14.4 down ( WIFI speed test was 13.9 down 6.7 up)

  • The Sleeve

    So I assume T-Mobile has not updated the map on their page? It still shows Denver as coming soon even though their press release said it was rolled up. I will be up there this upcoming weekend and I can test then…with my possibly new G2.

  • chrisrj28

    @Tim what part of Sacramento are you in? I’m in North Sac and my HD2 has never speed tested over 1mb. I rarely get even close to that, highest I saw was 700kb down. I would be happy to see 2-5mb, tired of youtube always having to buffer even on low quality.

  • trife

    Huntsville has had it since last week…I’ve had the “H” on my G2 since last Wednesday when I got it!

    • Trevor

      The H stands for HSPA or HSPA+. There is no way to tell if you are getting HASP+ from the data connection indicator on you phone.

      • coolmen777

        Agreed, my Sony Ericsson (TM506 – 3G capable, custom flashed to enable tethering) has been showing H for last 2 years!

      • trife

        Yeah, I knew that. Just testing to see if anyone else caught that too.

        Yeah….that’s it. lol

        In all seriousness, thanks for the clarification. That said, the G2 is a damn quick device b/c I coulda swore I was getting HSPA+ speeds!

  • Brian

    They haven’t built out Chicago or Detroit because they didn’t buy much band width in either region. There was non available. SOOO Tmo is working with limited bandwidths in both cities.

  • Carlos

    Wow!!!! West Palm Beach before Ft. Lauderdale / Miami markets??? really?? what are these people thinking???? I really have to wonder what criteria if, any is being used.

    Now I know I replied above about Chicago does not have any service yet, but a decision to implement in WPB before South Florida’s major players is beyond me!!!

    • David, Managing Editor

      That’s because both of those markets are up.

  • tmoOWNED!

    Common hawaiii!!!!!! Lol

  • George

    YES finally landed in San Jose, CA…thank you tmo

  • blazinn831

    hmmm i wonder if this is the cause of all my 3g and data connections not working for the past 36 hours….live close to san jose, ca… the wife’s and my phone have been randomly disconnecting at the same time.

  • jazzmanmonty

    i’m glad many of you finally got your H+ coverage! i too hate how chicago and detroit (my two main places of business) are still waiting for it. its the main reason i’m holding off on the G2/ any new H+ phones coming out for a while til we get the coverage. my HD2 supports up to 7.2mbps, and thats way faster than even my house cable modem speeds. I think IF the hd2 gets those speeds when H+ comes around i’ll be happy for now until H+ gets consistent coverage in my areas. here we have H+ coming out, and there are still places where i barely hit a good edge signal!!! lol.

    quick question though. have any of you that have H+ hit speeds higher than 7.2 consistently on the G2? also any of you Hd2 users out there in H+ areas hitting 7.2 max? any help will be appreciated. thanks

  • asdf

    oh dear… tmo infringing on civil liberties. let’s get this worked out:

    With over 90 million Americans living in the states with medical cannabis laws a cool application like Weed Strain Exchange is getting short-sighted and imprudent blow back from one of the country’s biggest Telecom providers, T-Mobile, who has decided it is going to censor WeedMaps’ commerce and is blocking their short code from showing up on T-Mobile devices.

    The matter of a major cell phone provider blocking lawful information about lawful commerce is now in the federal courts where a number of public interest groups (notably Public Knowledge) are supporting WeedMap’s efforts not to be discriminated against by T-Mobile by establishing federal laws that treat text messaging (and other short codes) with the same privacy protections as all of our phone conversations enjoy (which can’t be interfered with unless a judge signs a warrant).

  • ctk

    i know louisville is not on that list, but last friday or saturday i was having major connection issues getting on the 3g network. could this have affected coverage here, even though the closest hspa city is knoxville?

  • Jmts80

    Wow this is great, my POS cliq xt is averaging 4.2 down and 640 up today!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Wow… San Francisco has now made the list? I have to check this out.

    • sumflipnol

      I go to San Francisco (in the 94112 and 94132 areas) everyday. My max download on the HD2 (running either Android or WM) is still 1Mbps. I wonder where the HSPA+ tower is located in SF, and if it’s actually functioning at the moment.

  • jdoub

    we got it in indianapolis im happy screw overy other city we waited for 2 years for 3g to launch here after every other city in the country got it so im good me and me G2 r happy

  • Foxeh

    Could you please use the current version of that map for these coverage stories? That old screenshot keeps throwing me off. ;)

  • aksnoopy

    Now 4 cities in NC but still nothing in the Raleigh area. Local Best Buy stores are dropping T-Mobile because it won’t sell. How can they even compete without data to back their products?

  • jl

    HSPA+ Launches in Chicago around the 3rd or 13th of November. I am leaning more towards the third.

  • J-Hop2o6

    this map is outdated David.. they’ve updated it

    • David, Managing Editor

      I said that in the last line of the post!

      • J-Hop2o6

        lol sorry.. i seen the pic and made a quick comment on it.. but there is more pink pins/points on the updated map now David.. sooooooo…. lol

  • Wow, so Norfolk VA has it now. I’ll have to do a speed test with my vibrant while I’m at work as sadly we have 3G everywhere but the city I live. Though the other 3 carriers have 3G and 4G in my city too.

  • kricizz

    i live in colorado springs i notice a difference on my cliq i used to get around 800kb now im receiving 2500kb down and 500 kb up when i used to get 200 up that a good difference

  • JazzYodle

    HAA, that’s hilarious. I looked at the map and my first thought was, “Where the hell is Chicago?!” I’m glad I’m not the only one befuddled by this. We certainly weren’t one of the last cities to get 3G speeds so these excuses people make up on behalf of tmobile are poop! But good job guys it shows that you are using your noggin and trying to think this out logically, though you’re too kind to them right now. I personally wanna kick them in the butt.

  • hondavic


    • Click this link, If your Data coverage area is Very Fast Mobile Web that is HSPA+ Fast Mobile Web is 3G. It’s color coded, and simple to use.

    • Reece


      I would imagine even if it is HSPA+ it’d be hard to get coverage on a G2 or MTHD over there if… well you know… those goons over there robs you for the phone first.

    • JM

      We had a major HSPA+ upgrade in Chicago last week.

      This required me to get new SIM cards for my T-MO Blackberry phones.

      No charge for the new SIM cards.

      • Original G1er

        Really? I should probably switch my old sim then… About 5 years old if not more…

        I got the G2, and I’m getting barely 1mbps here in Chicago…

  • Carlos

    Ok just got off the phone with T-Mo Rep, and she looked at her map, and according to her, Ft. Lauderdale has HSPA+. It expands from Miami to West Palm, from the coast to SR27 or Highway 25 (Alligator Alley)…basically all of the eaterns corridor from Miami to West Palm Beach has HSPA+. It the breaks to 3G until you get in the Orlando area….

    Woohoo!!!!! Getting my upgrade on Wednesday!!!!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Told you!!!

  • Foxeh

    I wonder if I should immediately activate the new SIM card when I get my G2 or if I should test the old one first to see how the speedtests do (and see if it really makes any difference). The rep I talked to on the phone said the new SIM, while not a necessity, will definitely help with HSPA+ speeds if I’m moving from an older SIM.

    Cant wait for some High Speed Packet Access Plus action going.

    Oh, BTW, Android Central has a scoop on Costco selling the G2 for those of you patient enough to snag this thing with some free accessories.

    • Felix

      why would a new SIM card have anything to do with it?
      I just took out my old SIM card and put it in the phone, figuring I would have a spare. Should I try out the new one?

      • Foxeh

        To be honest with you, I have no idea.

        However, the original SIM card that they gave me when I got my G1 outright stopped working a while back when they did something to their 3G network in my area. I took it in asking why I had no signal at all and they knew instantly that I had an old SIM. They gave me a new one on the spot and it even sparked a “Welcome to T-Mobile” voice mail, which was annoying, but since then my data speeds measured in the megabits rather than kilobits I would always get before.

        My knowledge on how SIM cards work is quite limited, but with other people in Minneapolis reporting slower speeds with their G2 than what I’m currently getting with my G1, not to mention that experience I mentioned above, I’m willing to give it a shot.

    • HD2/Vibrant User

      When they switched the network over here in Kansas city my old sim started acting funny. I went into the store and they said you must have a old sim. switched me out a new one and everything was fine.



  • Mike

    seems orange county, ca is legitimately upgraded now. just got 5.3 mbps down in lake forest on a slide.

  • JP

    I thought HSPA+ speeds were at theoretical speeds of 21 Mbps. How come all the publications for the G2 and now the MTHD only shows theoretical speeds for 14.4 Mbps? I’m I missing something?

    • Foxeh

      The 14.4 Mbps theoretical speeds are for the phones, not the network.

      Think back in the Dial-up days. Even if your ISP is 56k, you aren’t going to get those speeds with a 28.8k modem. Same story here.

      • Shawn

        I thought this was pretty sad… I was in a Verizon store today with a friend who was upgrading to the Droid X. I have the G2 with T-Mobile.. After him getting his Droid X. We both did tests on, I am in a HSPA+ coverage area, his Droid X got 2 Mbps down on 3G, compared to my 1.7 Mbps on T-Mobiles new “4G”. How does that work?

        • David, Managing Editor

          It’s not going to be faster every time, I think we need to temper expectations that every speed test will be undoubtedly faster.

      • Shawn

        Yeah but that is why we did 6 tests.. The Droid X on 3G beat my G2 every time

    • J-Hop2o6

      the G2’s processor (and the rest of the 2nd Gen Qualcomm Snapdragon’s) are HW limited to 14.4mbps down.. that is the BEGINNING/start of HSPA+ (aka HSDPA Category 10).

    • Towle

      I live right in minneapolis mn where there is hspa+ and the highest I have gotten on my G2 is 5mbps down.. I am about 7 miles from the 494 curve where they say hspa+ is the strongest

    • Well the 14Mbps is their claim to 4G, so obviously they’re saving the 21Mbps for 5g.

  • Macknifetx

    I have noticed higher speeds in the Phoenix area for the last 3 weeks or so. I did a test this morning and hit almost 2m down on my vibrant. Not as fas as I would like, but faster than it was a month ago.

  • speculation

    getting between 2 and 4mbps consistantly in mesa az.

    • speculation

      i should have noted this is on a mytouch slide, wish i had a g2 to test.

    • tmoled

      2meg max in Tempe/Mesa border, little lower in chandler and about 1 by Tempe Market Place. Did you get a new sim card?

      • speculation

        i activated the sim that shipped with the slide in june.

  • redman12

    HSPA for Illinois please..

  • Danny

    you forgot to tag this under 3G David, as well as the other post. Keep organized!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Well, its not 3G, so it should be tagged under HSPA+

  • currator

    well on my cliq with 3 or 4 bars of service i was hitting 6mb down in orlando fl. soo works fine in florida. which brings me to my next thought what is d.t. up too. 200 mil covered by 2010 so in 2011 300 mil sounds like every american will be covered. but there is more to it. they are spending lots and lots of money new phones new network. hmmm something does not add up d.t. is planning something big

  • MichMan

    My cliq got way faster in Seattle. Theoretically we’ve had HSPA+ for a while, but I was capped at 1mbps at home and 2mbps at work. Now I’m getting 5.5mbps at home. Rockin!

  • llblwskydrgn

    Anybody in San Jose notice a difference? And where in the San Jose or bay area are you? I haven’t really noticed anything different at all…

  • Well, what speeds should I expect on 3G on my Vibrant now that we have HSPA. I’ve always gotten pretty horrible D/L on 3G here, but today I tested and it fluctuated between 2.75 Mb and 0.6 Mb. I’m used to barely getting over 1 Mb

  • lakeshow

    i live in la and spoke to a rep about the slow speeds. he said they will make sure every tower over there is switched on by the end of the year :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well my quick non-geek speed test: updating my apps via the Vibrant’s Android update notification, they all downloaded and installed super, super fast, much faster than before HSPA+ came to my town (San Francisco).

    May all be in my mind, on reading the announcement here on TMoNews, but I don’t think so.

    • Foxeh

      Your icon changed!

      But that sounds plausible to me. T-Mobile sent me a post card just over a month ago talking about HSPA+ saying there will soon be a new phone that takes full advantage of it, but my I’ll see increased speeds with my current phone as well. Of course they flipped that switch in my area long before.

  • Roger Sales

    Sounds good, whats the official estimated population covered in hspa+ right now? and are there any more plans to expand coverage to areas that have no 3G at all?

  • Jesus

    Well talked to tmobile and they said Phoenix Az Did not get Hspa+, We only got our 3G Expanded. ;(

    • Tmoled

      No freaking way! I stil get edge in same places I did before, but usually get 3g most places I go, so it didn’t help me any. Although I did just get 2.3 down.

  • johnsp

    Puerto Rico has HSPA+, confirmed today by tmoPR will start with 40% of the island with HSPA+.

    Chek out the map!

  • Seriously, Chicago is the 3rd most populated city in the COUNTRY (that is, more than half the entire population of Puerto Rico, who apparently has it now) and still no HSPA+?! What the eff T-mobile???

    • johnsp

      yeah man!! Im from PR and tMo have HSPA+ in the metro area, is weird coz they just launch 3g a month ago. I have a mt3g I did the speedtest and the download was 3.5M and a friend have the samsung galaxy and the speed test is almost 7M. Tomorrow tmo will start to sell the G2. There is the link:


      Translation: T Mobile Launches 4G network speed

    • Original G1er


      Hilarious. I’m in Chicago too.

      Someone, from tmobile in the higher up must of had some “inquires” with the wife of the dude in charge of radio emissions test or some sh here… And screwed all of us tmobile users here in the process on getting that sweet hspa nectar….

      Dude from radio emissions: Naw! Puerto Rico is priority first.

  • jj

    yesss sacramento ca finaly. yessssss

    • mjN1

      what speeds are you getting? I got lucky one day and got 2.3. but the rest its less than 1.

  • Original G1er

    I’m only getting 1mbps here on my G2…. And that’s barely.

    I’m in Chicago, and it says H at the top…

    I do have my really old sim in it however. Wonder if switching to a new one makes a difference…

    1mbps is inexcusable!

    • Shawn

      Same here. I live in Minneapolis where there is HSPA+. I have been in between T-Mobile and Verizon the last couple weeks(Verizon has coverage where I travel for work and T-Mo doesn’t), but when I saw the G2 coming and it was 4G, I had to stay.. But it was just proven to me that Verizon’s 3G is putting out the same speeds as my G2 on T-Mobile’s “4G”.. So now it is a tough call, I really like my G2, and like T-Mo’s pricing and customer service.. but I like Verizon’s coverage.

    • Jeremy

      The H really makes no difference and I’ve only seen it rarely downtown on my Nexus One. The highest speeds I get are actually an hour west of Chicago where I live, ranging from 1.5 to 3mbps on 3G and slowing down on the train as I get closer to the city. Maybe when they pump up the network I’ll actually be able to get 3G in one of the buildings or train station.

  • fuzzy

    i can only get .5 to .8 mbps. I called tmobile and it seems that despite their many “fixes” nothing has worked. Here is what i have done so far:

    1) changed my plan to an “android” plan rather than the g1 plan
    2) activated and inserted the new SIM card that came with the phone

    Next they say they will most likely do a factory reset on my device. I will be calling back later to get my speeds or find another provider!

    • fuzzy

      im in miami and the rep says I have full HSPA+ coverage

      • fuzzy

        new SIM card seems to have made it worse! i have fewer bars now!!

  • George

    Contrary to any announcement, there is NO HSPA in salt lake city

  • Hecg55

    I live in Phx Az and have a vibrant.. I’ve been having 3.8 dl since 3g and still same now with hspa+.. I know it isn’t an hspa+ phone but was hoping for something faster..

  • chris

    Noticed the network is faster on the northside of Chicago today. I’ve been getting 3-4MBs down all day. They must have some piece of the upgrade up in chicago now. This is the first I’ve seen more the .5 down since May. Network lighting up, Vibrant fix on OTA; things lookin up!