T-Mobile Offers Another Registration Page For “New myTouch”

Had enough myTouch HD details, or whatever the phone will really be called? No? Good because we’ve got the official sign up page for you to register and receive information regarding launch and pricing. Who knows, maybe just maybe we’ll see another pre-order. Though we’re completely speculating on that last part so don’t take it seriously, until we say otherwise. For the moment though, register and wait for some eagerly anticipated details on what is bound to be another high profile launch for T-Mobile and one we actually expect some marketing love for!

Register here!


  • mikeeeee

    never mind the mytouch how about the DEFY?

    • sorandkairi

      really? or was that a joke?!

    • David Thomas

      You don’t know a Cliq owner, do you?

      • sorandkairi

        Nope but a friend of mine just bought the Backflip….bad choice but… he forgot to ask me about it before he bought the phone…

      • Katmak

        As a Cliq XT owner I would suggest not getting a Motorola phone from T-Mobile. Moto does not care about TMo. If you want a Motorola phone…switch to Verizon…they have Motorola by the balls.

  • Ace

    Will this be the official replacement for my Nexus One

  • Michael Todorovic

    Looks like a promising device! Specs look up to par with other top android devices currently on the market and upcoming. The possibility that this device could run vanilla 2.2 or even HTC’s Sense UI makes the phone even more promising. Hopefully T-Mobile won’t include expresso on this device, even though the current and basically twin looking MyTouch Slide does, may-be T-Mobile will see the overwhelming demand for stock 2.2 and adhere to our wishes! As far as build materials goes, while it’s not as defined as the
    g2, the 3m plastics used are very strong and
    durable. I work T-Mobile and I’ve seen the
    original MyTouch 3G and MyTouch slide take
    a beating and still perform well…Also one
    must note that the use of these plastics could bring about better reception. Hoping for the best! Lord knows we as a company need to make a stand against other nationwide carriers

  • ogopogo

    FINALLY!!! At least we learned NOT to pre-order (as with the G2). Hopefully, this launch is a lot smoother than the G2 launch.

    • Brandon

      My htc rep says it WILL run some dirty of skin like the mts, but not as cluttered. I really don’t like the mts skin, though basic Sense is nice. We will have to wait and see, but I hear NO vanilla android.

      • Brandon

        Ha ha. “dirty” is swype’s prediction for “sort.” Sorry. :-)

    • herinel

      This will run espresso ui overtop android 2.2 that’s why I opted for the G2, and processor specs are the same, look up the scorpion chip in the G2 and the MSM 8255 in the mytouch HD. Not worth switching my G2 for it.

    • Jeff

      I learned after the G1… You don’t get anything except locked in to a handset until it ships… Not like reordering something from Apple where if it turns out you don’t want it, you can flip it on bay for more due to scarcity.

    • funkmaskter c

      Yeah – the pre-order was a complete FAIL! I spoke to all levels of customer loyalty that all said the same thing – we promised you the phone by 10/6. I can appreciate that, but don’t sell the d@mn phone in a retail store before you even ship my pre-order that was ordered at 6am EDT the very first day!

      Bottom line is that I went to a Kiosk in a mall where both employees completely understood and sold me the phone on 10/3. At least customer loyalty promised me a good price and said they would stand by it. The amount of time I wasted on getting the phone was not worth the $100 discount I was given. My time is more valuable than that.


  • slammington


  • eYe

    Why would you sign-up if this site has more info prior to T-mobile announcements? I’m still waiting on “News” from when I signed up for G2 :-)

    • jl

      Yes you are exactly right. No sign up for me either. TMO-news gives me all the updates I need.

  • NokiaN900User

    We all knew Q4 was filled with devices according to the roadmap leak. But I can’t help but wonder how T-Mobile’s strategy has changed since the new CEO. I can’t imagine what is in stock for T-mobile next year.

    I will be trying out all these phones when they come out in person. Can’t wait to compare the my touch, G2, HD3, nokia E7 (not by supported by T-Mobile).
    I might end up with a touchscreen only since I have my N900

  • Alankrut

    I really want to get this one, but have heard tmobile is kicking up their game this year end and launching lots of phones. Including a few clocked over 1 GHz


  • Marcelo L

    Now some of you have known ( and some even revilved ) me on these comment boards, about some of the TMo offerings over the past year ( Latest being the Eastern-Block looking G2). For which I tell you doubters, now seeing this ill-conceived phone coming out with 1/2 the storage announced, and funky hinges. I have for words for you…I TOLD YOU SO.

    Now that I’ve put that out of the way…..listen up people…..The line starts HERE for one of these MyTouch’s. Forget about being able to put a FFC on a Vibrant, forget about the HD7 ( although it does look sweet, appearance-wise ).

    THIS, is the phone TMo should’ve put out back in the summer while it was trying to roll out HSPA+. This phone with HSPA+ and Qik Video could’ve taken away a lot of press away from both the EVO and the iPhone 4. Why ? It’s obvious why.

    To all the doubters who said, “I don’t need an FFC”. Yeah, you’re the same folks who’re going to rave about being able to make video calls over WiFi AND 3G( 4G ‘natch ). You’re the same ones that’re going to say, Yeah, I love the performance of my phone. So, let’s get through Halloween, and on with Turkey Day…you KNOW where I’ll be on Black Friday.

    So as I said, the LINE begins HERE.

    • Yyevo

      Wow, you’re so smart. Can you point me to the post where you predicted the hinge and perceived memory issues?

      Oh, and no, I will never use a FFC.

    • David Thomas

      FFCs are a gimmick, just like 3D movies/TV/gaming. It may fool you gullible consumers, but not this guy right here.

      • ogopogo

        Just like motorized carriages, and those flying mechanical birds that carry people around, and have you heard of those moving pictures?….

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Marcello… it was I who described the G2 as look like something an Eastern Bloc field marshal would carry. (By the way, it’s “bloc” not “block.”) But I did not diss the G2, only commented on its drab color.

      That said, summer is traditionally the slow time for phone debuts. People are spending money on vacation, not forking over $800 on phone for himself, the wife and two kids.

      In fact, that’s why Samsung debuted the Vibrant in July, there was little competition for the launch, which is what it wanted.

      The holiday slug fest is when carriers want to bring out their latest wares. That’s when fathers get the no-brainer gift for Junior, some hot new cell phone he’s wanted.

      It’s also the time when small businesses make year-end purchases, cell phones included, to to maximize tax write-offs.

      And all that said, I agree, of the two phones so far, G2 vs. MyTouch, this MyTouch is the better, at least to me. (I am one of those converts who has moved away from a physical keyboard to Swype.)

      Yes, as I said last year and early this year (that’s a touché to your horn tooting. LOL) 2010 and this holiday season is going to be a lot of fun for the consumer.

      As far as I’m concerned T-Mobile’s 2010 phone lineup us fantastic, so I don’t care about THAT… I want T-Mobile to work on some plan pricing for its loyal customers. Say unlimited everything for $40! (Or $50, I’m not greedy. Currently paying $70 for unlimited everything, which is a deal, I know, but how does that saying go “Give em an inch they want a foot.” Well yeah that’s right T-Mobile, so what.)

  • Lilangel9244

    The DEFY – Seriously – Why buy Another Motorola product- look what they’ve done disappointing the Cliq users – Don’t worry about DEFY – get G2 or Something else worth while

  • QuikZilver

    I won’t be using FFC if there was a cheaper version without a FFC I would buy it insted.

    • Marcelo L

      Ahhh…there is a Harknonen among you. TMONews was creating to train the faithful ! Take your silliness to the back of the line. There will be no non-FFC camera version.

  • Whiner

    Hope it’s a good phone, cause we all know T-Mobile will never update the operating system. Just like they didn’t the original myTouch. Still waiting on my phone not to be left behind.

    • David Thomas

      And the Behold II. And the Cliq.

  • LarryH

    I feel as if T-mobile just B*tch out on the G2 (which because of his ancestor G1. We all love android the mytouch line have been nothin but major upset never competing with the G1 even in its last days on the market. I mean for real all the G1 need was more rom and ram and google/htc would have kept it up to date unlike the mytouch now this phone have great looking specs and i might make this a back up phone to my G2 depend on how the phone really is when it come out but honestly who really trust the mytouch but i know the G2 is now way a game changer but this phone is not better then the G2 i am willing to bet name on spec on the phone that make it better then the G2 ?? If i was Google I’ll make T-mobile show the G series some actual respect because only thing this fone will have on the G2 is the ffc and thats if you want one if not the you should be happy with a much better phone G2

    • ogopogo

      I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  • G1ana

    Any recommendations as to G2 versus the this new MyTouch? I am due for 2 lines to upgrade and would like to know which phone is better? I would lean for the mytouch just because of the front facing camera, but really loved my G1 and was looking forward to the G2 and like the qwerty board option.

    • Newmexican

      The G2 rocks. I do not see any problems reported by others. It a giant leap compared to the G1. While the MyTouch specs look good, I will not move to a phone without the Qwerty keyboard. The G2 keyboard is different, but still much more usable than some of the Moto phones at TMO or Verizon.

  • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

    Finally you post something and I have a BIG smile on my face =D

  • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

    @newmexican when you try Swype on the new myTouch you’re going to be like WOW how why did I ever use a keyboard again? It’s so fast that you’re gonna Swype on elevator buttons! Gets addicting! Try it on the G2 as well and you’ll never touch a keyboard again

    • Newmexican

      I guess I am an old fashioned guy. I use Swype occasionally, but for me nothing beat feeling the keys of the keyboard ;-) May I change my mind when I “Swype” more often.

    • thisguy

      swype is fine for texting, but putting in passwords and etc….swype is SUPER annoying

  • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

    G2 vs myTouch

    -myTouch has 1Ghz processor (faster than G2)
    -myTouch sleeker better looking (Keyboard phones are not IN anymore… for a while now)
    -myTouch has a front facing cam to video chat, video mail, or record live video and stream to youtube, facebook, twitter, etc, and to also communicate with a computer through Yahoo messenger video
    -myTouch has my modes which is like having 10 phones on one since the phone morphs based on your GPS location
    -myTouch has faves gallery to easily communicate with your most favorite ppl
    -myTouch has the genius button which can read you messages and reply for u without ever touching your “keyboard” (once the genius button is on say “Driving Mode On” automatically all things are read and whatever is spoken will be written on your behalf. ALSO, try saying “Find Starbucks near me” and watch genius locate the nearest Starbucks etc etc.. I could go on alllll day telling u about it.
    -myTouch has Media Sharing so you can share your music to your TV via DLNA
    -WiFi calling for better reception anywhere you’re at! :)

    and more!


      The biggest difference is that the g2 interface is for people who are more technologically inclined whereas the MyTouch line is for those who are not and teens. I hated the mytouch slide because of the pre-set android interface. Some things just did not make sense. For example, if you put a lock code on the phone, you would have to draw your code and still “unlock” the phone with the standard Android unlock option after the code is accepted. That’s plain dumb. The myTouch does have some cool features like the front facing cam and HD. If you like the G1 you will like the G2. It is a solid upgrade/replacement for the G1 but besides the net (which is fast as all heck!) but just does not offer anything “NEW” as far as features. Keyboard phones are very in especially if you type a lot. There is a big difference between the two.

  • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

    Wow I just read the above comments and clearly I can’t fix the world but IDK if you slow-readers noticed the G1, G2, and all myTouch phones are made by H-T-C. So basically they are giving you different twists on the LOOKS of the phone. One being more Google Apps oriented and the other one having HTC Sense UI. G2 has Froyo so does myTouch. Yes the chip on G2 is said to perform well giving off about the same as the myTouch GREAT when things change up again next yr you’re gonna wish you had 1 ghz rather than 800… furthermore, I can get ADW launcher and have my myTouch look like a G2, I can get Google Goggles, Chomp SMS, and have my phone LOOK EXACTLY like a G2. In all seriousness…. get off your G2 high horse bc YES the G2 is the latest Keyboard phone but the myTouch is by far more advanced and its ready for more things to come. As far as updates this year all myTouch which are the flagship phones of TMO will get updated and have the same things as current myTouch except the hardware will be the same. No one in the myTouch line will get left behind. If you all really wanted to have latest and greatest of each of your phones then ROOT them and stop complaining! I’m thrilled for both G2 and myTouch. The best thing about T-Mobile is that you get SEVERAL phones to choose from this is about the 14th or 15th Android device in the past 2 yrs. Can any other carrier say the same? No.

    • ogopogo

      Amen! I am getting pretty sick of those that think the way @WTFIMSOPO’D does. “Technologically inclined”???? WTF? The G2 is a nice phone, but it is NOT the “Be-All” and “End-All” of phones. It sure as hell ain’t the most technologically advanced phone on the market. If you need volumes of books to understand your own phone, and mod the hell out of it, it doesn’t make you more “technologically inclined”.

  • G1ana

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I am going to wait until I see both phones in my hands and try them out. If I am making another 2 yr commitment I want to make sure I make the right decision. I am just glad we have android phone options this time! Does anyone know what the screen size is on the mytouch HD?

    • BrianH


      • Me

        That’s what she said right before she walked out on you in the motel room!

    • Cyborg

      Why do people fall fof the gimick phones everytime? All I keep hearing is FFC! Think people. Video calling isn’t crossplatform, so you’ll more than likely won’t even be making video chat calls unless its to another Mytouch phone. Even then its a novelty feature that most hardly ever use. The best thing going for this phone is the new Snapdragon processor. It’ll have t-mobiles proprietary software combined with HTC sense or Expresso. Then you’ll be whining about waiting 3 to 5 months for Gingerbread. (Unless you root and flash) Don’t for get Gingerbread will have a new UI that you won’t be able to enjoy because your Gingerbread uppdate will leave you stuck using Sense or Expresso. (Whenever you finally get the update.)

      There will always be a new phone right around the corner that has a faster processor but even those phones will be a behind when it comes to Android updates. Stock Android is the only way to go to avoid being a step behind in the Android Revolution!

      • David, Managing Editor

        You should research Qik.

    • HD2/Vibrant User

      why worry commitments when you have Craigslist at your service

  • GregS

    so what’s with the front faceplate being black and the back battery cover being white/silver. Will only the front faceplate change color? I kinda like the B&W&S colors. I think the EVO looked like this if you changed the battery covers.

    • Cyborg

      I stand corrected. But seriously, how often do iphone or evo users video chat? Again its a novelty feature…

      • sorandkairi

        1st of all, you posted under the wrong thing and
        2nd, you could say that about almost any feature on any device

        Example how many time this week, no scratch that, the entire month of Sept. did i actually use the camera one my phone… ZERO. So while i see you are trying to make a point… your point falls on mute ears. In other words every feature is a “novetly feature”.

        from wikipedia.org
        Novelty (derived from Latin word novus for “new”) is the quality of being new.

  • LOL

    Just signed a two year contract with my droid two!!
    And I just bought a G2!!!

    wooden planks on my kitchen table outside by the shed near the rasberries.

  • Barry

    Tmo taking a play from verizon pushing out one device after the other, Good job keep it up.

  • Hmmmm?

    I think it is interesting that no one is really mentioning the processor. Isn’t this what most people complained about with the G2 and it’s new 800mhz processor, although it was without merit. Now that this myTouch has a new 1ghz Snapdragon, people are just finding something else to complain about. How is a phone that is so far (from the specs above) technologically superior, only for “non-technical” people and “teens”, is it because of the UI? If so, that can be easily fixed by such technically inclined people. I’ll admit that I like the design elements of the other HTC phones better, the brushed aluminum and matte finish. But, I’m going to have a case on it at all times anyhow, so not really a deal breaker for me.

    • aagvain


  • Hamster

    I wonder if Tmo has any plans to offer the Nokia N8 on contract… (preferably with UMA supported)

  • JP

    Sign me up !!!

  • The back is kind of ugly but nothing a good old gel skin or shell can fix!!! cant wait for november to come!!! according to our stock order reports the phone should be in by october 28th and for my store we usually get in our stock 4 days before launch so I would say november 3-5th for launch! ….count me in for getting this phone!

  • shadowdroid

    i for one will be using the video chat feature a lot with my brother over seas because it i can call a computer or another android phone so it can go cross platform with qik and yahoo. Skype video calling is said to be coming out soon too. ALSO the processor in this is the same as the desire HD which has the best scores in quadrent stock besides the galaxy s phones that have a lag fix, 2.2 and a bunch of other hacks but im sure the dseire hd can beat it when its rooted

  • Wantsthebest

    Saying that the g2 is for the more tech savy is insulting and stupid. I would think since it has a keyboard the g2 is more for the texting teens. For tech savy get get a winmo phone. I’d rather have the mytouch cause I want a small phone that’s as light as possible the keyboard is nice but a waste if typing on screen can be done without problems. I’ll go with the mytouch because if I’m going to spend hundreds of $s on a phone it should be fun. And the front facing camera will be useful when I’m deployed or stationed far away from my family for long periods of time

  • Jesse

    This phone looks really nice. I’m looking forward to replacing my mytouch 3g with this.

  • mikeyo

    does it have physical buttons on the front?

  • TMOprophet


    • ogopogo

      Caught for a touchdown! Yes! This is the next MUST-HAVE phone.

  • aagvain

    does anyone know how much built in storage this will have?

    so far this looks like it’ll replace my n1

  • tooltard

    t-mobile has pulled the phone page from their site. Although the discover stuff is still there.

    • ogopogo

      Yeah – noticed the same thing earlier. Yeesh, what gives?

  • daehl

    I’m really interested in the myTouch HD as a replacement for two original myTouch 3G’s in my family plan. I’m 13 months into my 2yr contract. I called TMO last night and asked if there was going to be any incentive for those of us “left behind” on donut. She said no. TMO is sticking by it’s 22 month requirement.

    I thought I heard that some G1 owners who were less than 22 months in were given special full upgrades to the G2. But she said No, that didn’t happen. I gather the best option would be to contact TMO customer loyalty and ask for a better deal. Any thought’s on that?

    The myTouch HD looks like the best option from TMO this year, but I would like to get a phone that’s guaranteed to run Gingerbread. And, despite the fact that I chose Android because it was supposed to be upgradeable, I certainly don’t trust TMO (or anyone else except possibly Cyanogen) to provide upgrades anymore.

    • Hmmmm?

      I’m not really sure how the myTouch compared spec wise with other phones that have been updated to newer versions of Android. I know that the myTouch 3G Slide (although I heard it was snappy for what it had hardware wise) seemed a little under powered compared to other phones that came out around the same time (Evo 4G) or shortly after (Droid X), (Vibrant), so that might have something to do with it, although it is running Eclair. But I think for about the first time this myTouch matches if not surpasses all the other Android phones available now and coming out by the end of the year (that I have seen). So, I think that there seems to be no reason at all that it shouldn’t get Gingerbread. I mean if the Evo, Incredible, Droid X, all are expected to be upgraded and they have non-stock versions of Android 2.2, and this phone is more powerful it would only make sense. But if it’s a carrier issue, than that’s another matter. But I don’t know of any phone that guarantee’s Gingerbread is coming, except for maybe the Nexus One or possibly the G2, since it is closer to Vanilla Android.

  • this company sucks i hate it dont know why it exists

    • Hmmmm?

      Because they have 30 million + customers that like doing business with them.