Wi-Fi Calling Lives! T-Mobile “Accidentally” Confirms On Both myTouch And Motorola Defy Product Pages

While so many of you are gobbling up the myTouch details that have either leaked or been officially announced tonight, one thing our eagle-eyed readers caught in the comments stands out. On both the “new myTouch” and Motorola Defy product pages on T-Mobile.com it completely confirms that Wi-Fi calling of some nature lives and on Android. While we don’t know the extend of the details on how exactly this will work, we’ve had enough hints and teasers that this is a reality so it’s nice to see some real deal confirmation.

Thanks to all you commenters who discovered this easter egg!

myTouch Product Page

Motorola Defy Product Page

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  • TheDude

    I really hope it’s not “UMA Lite” though, I want the ability to transition between Wi-Fi and Mobile networks without missing a beat :) Either way, UMA in any form on an Android device is a welcome addition!

    • GregP

      It won’t be. It’s the lite version, however, it can be put on more devices and for a lower amount than a dedicated chip to allow handoffs.

      • RockTripod

        I still want it. I hope it trickles down to some other Android devices in the lineup.

    • j

      It will not hand off as you want so is the lite version, see previous article here on this site

  • James

    It sure is busy for a Sunday night…love it!

  • NiiDiddy

    YES! I hope I get it on the Vibrant…well, else I’ll get the MyTouch.

  • somebody

    so much news dam good going man

    making my otherwise boring Sunday night football night better

  • MJ

    Happy it says messages…finally can SMS at school and not have every text rejected.

    Please port to Nexus One T-Mobile or XDA

  • sorandkairi

    My name is all over the new mytouch

  • Alvin B.

    They would win a convert for life (or contract length) if they backport this to the Vibrant.

  • cooldude32

    Please be true!!!

  • Vibrant Addict

    Today was a wonderful day in TmoNews. Thank you guys so much!

    With calling AND messaging confirmed I can’t wait for the myTouch HD. HOPEFULLY the Vibrant will have it as well, but that myTouch HD keeps looking better and better every post I see. :)

  • David Thomas

    I knew not getting the G2 was a great idea, though I’m sure it’ll get UMA Lite. But personally, I like the specs on this puppy more.

  • Randall

    If this is still on the MyTouch description page when that phone is released, I’m buying it. Simple as that.

  • This is awesome!! come and support the t-mobile UMA facebook fan page!!!


  • la_resistance28

    Even if this is UMA “lite”, it’s still more than any of the carriers have.

    Seriously, T-Mo is stepping it up BIG for the holiday season! We’ve got the G2, MyTouch HD, HTC HD 3/7, Motorola Defy, Wi-Fi calling, HSPA+ roll-outs, not to mention solid veterans on the bench like the Vibrant and MyTouch Slide.

    T-Mo’s campaign this holiday season should really emphasize that it has the best smartphone lineup for every member of the family: G2 for Android power users/business users, HTC HD7 for WinMo fans, Vibrant for entertainment-lovers, MyTouch HD for keeping in touch (video-chat) with loved ones, MyTouch Slide for your family’s message-freaks, and the rugged Moto Defy for clumsy klutzes.

    Keep it up, T-mo!

  • kc

    phone is awesome, i hope it looks nicer in real life than it does in the pics though.

  • oxfdblue

    That’s good enough for me. I use the “phone” more for data than calls anyway. For all the years I’ve had a Blackberry with UMA, I think I utilized the handoff from Wi-Fi to the cell network once or twice; but any calls at work were entirely wi-fi.

  • mikeeeee

    hey i’ll call you back in a minute bro.

    that’s all it takes to overcome the hand off issue.

    here in 38221 it’s 2 minutes, so WTF?

    2 years ago i got hooked on ANDROID and UMA and schlepped around 2 phones since then.

    now, i need only one.

  • lauren

    Considering I get next to NO service at my house, wi-fi calling would be an absolutely FANTASTIC addition to my next phone. Although I would prefer Vanilla android, this may have just sold me on the HD :)

  • JM77

    @ David

    You guys did a great job getting the details of this phone before everyone else. Meanwhile Foxeh and I deduced the msm8255 processor. Between you and us, we had all the specs! ;-)

    +1000 internets for everyone!!!

  • QuikZilver

    Is the MTHD 1 ghz Scorpion?

  • Jonzn4phones

    Before you buy the new my touch consider something: Is there a reason the only spec left off their info is the internal/built in memory/hdd space? I have the my touch 3g slide and would love the phone but the memory is so low. I have had an out of space message since the day i bought it. can’t save emails, or any new apps, cause it’s full with almost nothing. If this has the 8-16 GB or more of internal gushiness then I am all over it. But I think they are leaving that spec out on purpose. What is the point of a great phone if it can’t do anything because of 1 small missing spec. and before you say it look close at the specs again, it says included 8 GB memory card.

    • RoscoeP

      Agreed. Lack of onboard storage is my one huge gripe with the Slide. If and when Froyo comes, it should help out significantly, but I’ll probably just upgrade to a myTouch HD by then, assuming it has better storage.

  • sorandkairi

    I’m not sure but IF that hadnt already made the price of the phone public… the price of the phone is $379.99. Based from the caption at the bottom of the page… not sure if thats been said or not…

    ҠOn approved credit. $95 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $95, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.
    ††On approved credit. $19 down payment, plus 19 monthly payments of $19, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.

    †0% APR. Availability & amount of financing subject to credit approval. Down payment required at time of purchase. Remaining amount owed is paid over 3 monthly payments (with Even More Plan) or 19 monthly payments (with Even More Plus Plan). Qualifying plan required for duration of EIP agreement; account must be in good standing. Taxes, late/non-payment fees and other upfront and monthly charges may apply. Example shown above reflects the down payment and monthly payments for our most credit worthy customers; down payments & monthly payment amounts for other customers will vary.”

  • JMTS80

    Woohoo I might be able to use my phone at my girlfriends house now!!!

  • drmosh

    This is a TRAGEDY… a phone with no 2.2 and no HSPA+???

    Why bother…

    • archie

      Because there are still enough areas that don’t even have 3G yet and not everybody cares about download speeds.

  • ogopogo

    Yay! Another reason to seriously consider the MTHD.

  • ManoloDF

    Im super pumped about UMA. I was scared there that the wifi calling was just that, just calling, but the fact it mentions messages eases my concern. I just hope it does apply to inbound calls/messages as there were rumors that it was only to place calls, but we will know soon enough.

  • Towle

    They better not be leaving the G2 out of this UMA thing already! The phone technically isn’t even released yet! (Sent from my G2)

  • john

    Does anyone know if google voice works on phones without a carrier? Like if I had a tmobile phone, ended the contract, and tried to use voice to make a call over wifi? I doubt it would work, but am curious.

    • reddragon72

      At this time Google Voice does not perform VOIP, it forwards all calls to the number(s)(your cell phone and land line) so it does not use the internet per say to make the calls just regular phone service VIA forwarding.

      There is hope that it will one day, because as of now your Gmail account can use your google voice number to receive and make calls.

      • john

        Makes sense, thank you!