HTC Phone Hits FCC, Sports AWS Two Camera Windows Phone 7 Options

With just a few more days to go before the official announced of Windows Phone 7 to the world, the FCC has sprung up a possible T-Mobile WP7 device with not one, but TWO cameras. Now, we’ve already seen this pass through the FCC so that’s not news, what is the addition of two Front Facing Cameras. With FFC’s all the rage and with T-Mobile readying the launch of the “new” myTouch on the Android side, perhaps Windows Phone 7 is ready for its time in the Front Facing Camera spotlight. We should again note that while the device itself has T-Mobile 3G/HSPA+ frequencies as saw earlier, this could also be heading to our neighbors to the north at Wind Wireless, which also uses the AWS bands. However, if its available up north, its available for the T-Mobile network and eBay is always your friend for devices you just can’t get on your favorite carrier.


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