HTC Phone Hits FCC, Sports AWS Two Camera Windows Phone 7 Options

With just a few more days to go before the official announced of Windows Phone 7 to the world, the FCC has sprung up a possible T-Mobile WP7 device with not one, but TWO cameras. Now, we’ve already seen this pass through the FCC so that’s not news, what is the addition of two Front Facing Cameras. With FFC’s all the rage and with T-Mobile readying the launch of the “new” myTouch on the Android side, perhaps Windows Phone 7 is ready for its time in the Front Facing Camera spotlight. We should again note that while the device itself has T-Mobile 3G/HSPA+ frequencies as saw earlier, this could also be heading to our neighbors to the north at Wind Wireless, which also uses the AWS bands. However, if its available up north, its available for the T-Mobile network and eBay is always your friend for devices you just can’t get on your favorite carrier.


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  • sorandkairi

    I’ll be talk to you on my Mytouch HD!

  • Yyevo

    Two FFCs?… 3D videoconferencing?

  • Miro

    FCC doesn’t deal with Canadia, just the US

    • JP

      Where is Canadia?

      • chris

        where the canadans live

  • me

    WP7 is looking very promising. Android is great, but I’m ready to see what WP7 is all about. I’m looking for simplicity and from what I hear, this may offer everything I need in a phone. I can use this for work and have a decent android device for play.

    • David

      If by “play” you mean “playing game” then Windows Phone 7 with XBOX Live on it is the winner and the way to go.

      The other day I was checking Xbox website and I saw a list of games that come to WP7 from Xbox Live on lunch day. Menas they are ready to get for free or buy and play.

      There are more than 50 games there already and many of them are very popular ones (I saw Halo name in the list of games for WP7).

      And more to come for sure. So I think we have a winner here!

    • Brandon

      I’m still hesitant – my htc rep says wm7 is nice, but still not complete. Said when he tried it that it wouldn’t even cut/paste.

      • Farhan

        Its been known for a while that WM7 won’t initially come with the cut/paste option. Although it’s a bummer, it doesn’t look good for your HTC rep if he didn’t know about it.

  • YanivC

    Oh my precious! preeeeccciouussssss

  • Drew

    yep.. i really hope they have to decided to add this to the HD7 along with 2 memory card slot, a slightly better processor and a check for half the price so I can afford it! lol I’m ready to get Android on this baby.

    • Manny

      Whats wrong with WP7 OS?

  • vHatch

    reading comprehension fail. no-where in the source does it say two front facing cameras. Two cameras means one main camera and one front facing camera.

  • J-Hop2o6

    I don’t think Canada is launching any WP7 devices until 2011.. i only heard of the US & Europe starting the launch.

    • ob18

      they’ll make it up to Canada, normally slightly behind the launch dates in the states i would think.

  • deceptivesmiles

    Looks really promising. I feel like a kid in a candy store (I know, sorta cliche) but w/ so many options arrivin to TMO (assumin this is too) one can’t help but feel this way.

  • ob18

    FFC are only going to be used assuming whomever you are calling wants to even go that route. I don’t see the need for it so for me it’s not a deal breaker. I am in no rush to buy a new phone even with no contract because I am curious to see the next few phones they have coming out so I can make the best choice for me.

    • cp


  • bmg314

    I highly doubt this is going to Wind, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Btw, I ask again…does anyone think that there is something to the fact that Tmo is calling the upcoming Mytouch the “new MyTouch”, as opposed to the MyTouch HD? Any chance they are different phones? I am not trying to start a rumor just for the sake of it…it just seems a bit weird that suddenly the Tmo name changes.

    • ob18

      nothing to it at all, afterall it is “new”………look up the previous mytouch phones it’s not the same and is different.

  • ogopogo

    WP7 is being snubbed by Verizon. They don’t believe that WP7 will be a player:

    • RJ

      Verizon also snubbed the iphone, but I think Apple and iOS made out ok.

      • ogopogo

        This is a bit different. Verizon has the ability to offer/support WP7 – they are choosing not to. AT&T had the iPhone exclusively, so it was in their best interest to downplay the iPhone. In other words, with the iPhone, they had no choice.

      • dturner

        I think what RJ meant was pertaining to the fact that Apple offered the iPhone to Verizon first exclusively. After Verizon rejected the offer Apple went with the #2 carrier and the rest is, as they say, history.

      • RJ

        Verizon was offered the iphone before ATT and turned it down.

    • molten

      Where do people get these thoughts? Verizon and Sprint are not getting them now because their technology and mostly everybody outside the US uses GSM so they came(coming) out with that one first and Sprint and Verizon will get onboard early ’11.
      Even to think that it will fail because of Verizon is a going to far, Verizon don’t make or break an OS, ie the iphone, how many carriers have it in the US? I thought so. And remember Andriod came out on only T-Mobile!

      • ogopogo

        There are 4 major carriers in the US. Verizon is the largest, followed by AT&T, then Sprint, and finally T-Mobile. Verizon and AT&T have a huge impact on what gets developed and accepted.

  • The Great Zambino

    I want one that has 12 cameras!!!! Let’s do it!

  • Big Jake

    Is android 1.6 the same as 2.2??, “no”… well how bout Wp7 is MS’s gingerbread as windows mobile was the Eclair, IDK I mean Im just say’n give peace a chance… The G2 would of been my 1st android… But I think I’ll have this HD3/7, untill a true tmo super gadget comes along.. P.S. win or lose I always love my underdogs

  • Lawrence

    If this pans out to be the HD7 with hspa…Tmobile’s gotta winner and a existing customer that’s gonna extend his contract immediately…imho I think wp7 has a chance to do great

    • Lawrence

      Sn…I’m still waiting on Tmobile’s official specs

  • TJ

    WP7? I don’t know if I could pull the trigger. For some reason, every time I consider buying a Microsoft product I end up jaw pain from all the teeth grinding.

  • sorandkairi

    the highest speeds that i received …. like ever in Montgomery, Al

    • sorandkairi

      well with my mytouch3g anyway…

  • somebody

    how about the Schubert cant it be that phone ?

    i dont know why everyone is assuming all wp7 phone news is hd7 news

  • terry

    i’m completely wrapped up in my nexus, but i’d love to get my hands on wp7 device. just love to try out new things. though i do have reservations about anything M$ attempts; their fail rate is just too high to have very high expectations of anything they produce. add to it their business model, which is to make money on everything, i’m a little concerned about future updates; i know we shouldn’t base purchases on future updates, but android/htc has spoiled me on timely updates(having g1/mt3g/n1).

  • wojax2

    Has everyone completely forgotten about”project emerald”. with all the mytouch hd ,windowsphone 7 news lately-people seem to forget that project emeralds phone is supposed to have FFC ,a sliding keyboard and android supposedly, what if the android o.s is windowsphone 7 o.s. I just don’t believe mythouch hd is this project emerald phone phone.

    • Phonegeek

      I feel the same

  • Big Jake

    Well Somebody should check the FCC as well as the product ID #’s… HD3/7 all thw way babyboy/girl… big Jakes adding this to his HD line up… oh yeah

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Its the HD7 just look in the thread all info on Schubert i’ve posted from the leaked ROM.

  • I want to see what is said on launch day. After CES 2011 the dust will settle and I can look at all options objectively and make a decision.

    Stay Thirsty my friends….

  • (chuckling uncontrollably while jumping from one foot to another…)
    couple more days to be sure…

  • tooltard

    no ffc, per engadget:

    Pay no attention to that “Camera-2nd” listed above, as it’s not proof there’s a front-facing camera on this device — rather, the “Sample 2” line indicates that the labs tested a pair of these phones, each with their own photo module.