Wirefly Pits The T-Mobile G2, Vibrant and Sprint Epic 4G Against Each Other

I wouldn’t exactly call it a dogfight but Wirefly has put together a video showing off the T-Mobile G2 in a speed test vs the T-Mobile Vibrant and the Samsung Epic 4G. Admittedly an unscientific comparison as most of these tests are and with the Vibrant receiving less than a good signal its hard to call any tests like this an accurate comparison but its nice to see T-Mobile HSPA+ is more than capable of standing up the Sprint 4G network. Enjoy! Thanks to the guys at Wirefly for putting this together!



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  • ogopogo

    Signal coverage makes all of the difference.

    • dan

      How many Kbps in a Mbps. I hit 10117 Kbps on my vibrant with a 2Mb download on speedtest.net

      • dan

        I was in portland OR. They are live on hspa+ if that makes a differance

      • dan

        I meant mobilespeedtest.com

      • Linkage2424

        Kbps = kilobits per second.
        KBps = kilobytes per second.
        Mbps = megabits per second.
        MBps = megabytes per second.
        8 bits make a byte.
        1000 Kb/KB = 1 Mb/MB respectively.
        Your download speed is 1265 KBps, or 1.2 MBps.
        Though you should try the 5mb test on that site – longer downloads are more accurate. After you click the 2mb one and it finishes, it gives options for like 1mB, 3mB, 5mB and 7mB.

        With the 5mB one, I got 16129 Kbps (in Vancouver, WA – just north of Portland, OR, for everyone’s info). I didn’t think it was even theoretically possible to get that download speed. And that was after a cache clear, too… So I my G2 downloaded a 5MB file in 2.48 seconds… IMPRESSIVE!!

        That’s mine, and if anyone wants more proof, I have a picture of my G2 handset obtaining that speed (taken with my girlfriend’s G2 haha).

      • God

        mobilespeedtest.com is NOT ACCURATE. Your phone has a 7.2mbps hardware limit.

        jesus christ how often does it need to be said…

      • Linkage2424

        If the phone has a 7.2 hardware limit, then why all the fuss about HSPA+?
        HSPA is T-Mobile’s 3g, and supports a speed of up to 7.2mbps. HSPA+ is their new toy, and can provide speeds up to 21mbps.

        The G1 has a 7.2 hardware limit, since it only supports standard 3g. But not the G2.

  • MJ

    Of course he had to take G2 home to get a better result. Not fair to Sprint. I am a T-Mobile Nexus One user, however.

    • bmg314

      To be completely fair, this was a comparison of the devices, not the networks. However, to be a completely even comparison, then he should have found a spot where he was getting a good signal from sprints nertwork as well as Tmo’s.

      BTW, so we’re considering 3-4 Mb’s 4G speeds, huh?

      • remixfa

        3-4? i hit 5-6 on my vibrant. this guy is an idiot. VZW is technically capable of hitting 3. Thats NOTHING. Ive seen the G2 hit 14 on a spike.

        why dont u speed test it on edge?? at least then the idiotic things ur saying would seem appropriate.. LOL.

    • Carlos

      First off I have not seen the video yet (office block videos)

      With that said, It is an important measure. What good is to measure on top of a building with nothing blocking the signal. That is not reality!!!!

      I cannot get more than 2 bars EDGE (at best) out of my T-Mo BB 8900 sitting at my desk in my office, and I am in high strength area. A friend running a Htc My Touch Slide can get between 2 bars 3G down to full on EDGE.

      The device’s ability to get signal in a common setting is far more important than the speed it reaches when no one is touching it, while sitting on the roof top or the Empire State Building…..who cares!

  • j

    What a CROC! How do you not have a test area with good signal!! Vibrant can access HSPA and this guy is an idiot!

  • Matlock

    This guy is an idiot, the G2 will always show “H” no matter if youre in an HSPA+ area or just regular 3G! He should do some more research on phones before starting to talk about them! This is why I dont like Wirefly! On my G2 im averaging about 7Mbps on DL, compared to My Nexus One which averaged about 2Mbps, funny enough my Moto Cliq used to average about 4Mbps when I used to run speed test on it!

    • Bob

      Actually, the G2 will switch between showing “E” (for Edge), “G” (for 3G) and “H” for HSPA+. The signal we receive from T-Mobile is a little dicey here in the Wirefly office, and I can watch the G2 as it switches from E to G to H.

      Bob at Wirefly

      • speculation

        bob read the manual, it show “H” even when connected to standard HSPA (read: 3g) AND to HSPA+ (“4g speeds”) So your phone showing “H” does not guarentee you are getting and HSPA+ connection.

      • speculation

        “G”=GPRS NOT 3g

      • jeffy

        “G” is for GPRS, not 3G

      • Matlock

        I work for T-Mobile, and have owned quite a few devices it will not show 3G! It will always show “H” whether or not you are in an HSPA+ area or not, its one of the features I personally dont like on the phone! if your phone is showing “G” that means you are in GPRS coverage area with no data access, and as for the “E” if you are not in a 3G or HSPA area, you will of course get Edge! My phone is always on Edge because I shut down my high speed connection unless im going to use the web on my phone.

        If you want to know if youre in an HSPA+ area, go into settings—about phone—status, and under mobile network type you will see either UMTS or HSDPA, HSDPA indicates HSPA/HSPA+ coverage!!

      • remixfa

        bob.. dude.. there is no indicator difference between HSPDA and HSPA+. Trust me, when your on true HSPA+ you get exponentially faster than 3mbs. I get 5-6 on a vibrant in jacksonville, and ive seen the G2 max out. Thanks for taking the time, but all that did was make Tmobile look bad when it was just a misunderstanding on what signal your getting.

        If your getting over 1.5 (tmo 3g max) on a speed test, your on an H of some sort, but unless its a high number, its not HSPA+, its HSDPA. With the signal update fix on the Vibrant, it will show H to.. H for hsdpa.

      • pimpstrong

        yeah this was a very bad demonstration of what T-Mobile is capable of and the video should be pull because it is completely COMPLETELY misleading.

    • ogopogo

      It is less of an issue of him being an “idiot” as you claim, and more of an indication of where the G2 falls short. It should be intuitive as to how you are connected, and should not be a guessing game. The phone should clearly reflect EDGE/WiFi/3G/HSPA+.

      • speculation

        While i agree it might be a bit harsh to call him an idiot. He IS the one insinuating himself an expert as a blogger/reviewer for wirefly, and the fact that he stated something as foolish as ““G” (for 3G)” as fact does not reflect well on himself or wirefly.

        I agree with you about the G2s indicators, but i suspect it might not be possible. The phone may recognize HSPA and HSPA+ as the exact same technology. The only difference being a fatter pipe for throughput with hspa+. But that is just speculation.

      • remixfa

        it would be nice if they would change the indicators to H and H+ to differentiate, but doing a speed test makes it obvious.

  • Sweet!

  • spongebob71

    I get 2.2Mbps consistently here in Seattle on my Vibrant. Signal strength/location is key.

    • J-Hop2o6

      im in Seattle also (SW/S/W most of the time) and i mostly pull in 3-7mbps on my TP2 (7.2 max–HW limited)

  • JDx

    I have a Samsung Vibrant in Edison, NJ and i get a constant speed of 4Mbps and higher. Only using it in his office with bad signal is a horrible test. The G2 is capable of 14Mbps with actual speeds should be around 10Mbps.

  • ogopogo

    Guys, seriously….why is everybody freaking out about this? It’s not as though he called your baby ugly. He did a quick test. You all saw the results based on where he was – what’s the big deal?

    • Vinyldestination

      LMAO Seriously. I thought the video was informative. I wasn’t expecting CNN. But when I got the comments, it was like walking into a mob.

  • Allen

    The fastest speed I’ve gotten with my G2 is 7.1 mbps and that was this morning. I’m VERY happy with it.

  • Testament

    I would LOVE to get those speeds on my G2. The most I’ve gotten was 1.54d / 1.59u and two minutes later I got 0.92d / 1.59u.

    • Carlos

      Well at least your U is consistent :-)

      But seriously, you get better up speed??? That’s unusual!

      • Testament

        Yep the last test I did before I left work was 0.05 down and 2.35 up. What gets me is when I was in a meeting yesterday; we were all going over our corporate website and everyone with a smartphone started going to the site, but all I got was page not found. While the DrodX, Evo 4g, iPhone, Nokia NURON!!! had no problems… I liked t-mobile better when they were using HSPA 3.6mbs. All I want is stability. Is that to hard to get?

      • chris

        U get better upspeed at places where obviously the download speed is too slow because there are too many people per cell tower using tmos data. thats not unusual. Its natural. Think about a 2 sided road other road is wider but more cars are in it and the other side is narrower but less cars. Where would u get ur besr speed? In this case, ppl are always on the download. Ppl rarely use the upload side of the road. Hence faster data per cell tower.

      • Testament


        I seriously doubt that’s the case here. Even if there were a lot of people using t-mobile cell tower. The upload would fall as well. I would say there’s something wrong with the Cell Tower, (when i switch the phone to 2g only I get full bars in the same place.) but everywhere I go (except when I’m driving) I never get over 1.5 down (I average 0.6 down)

  • He does mention ‘around the office’ – so remember to take these things with a grain of salt – besides, no matter which of these phones you purchase, you don’t have any basis of comparison once you leave the store – all three are good phones.

  • Brian

    How are these people getting such slow speeds on these demos? I just did a test with my N1 and I was getting 5.1mbps. I guess if I had the G2 I would be getting higher than that.

    • ogopogo


    • Matlock

      damn my N1 would never go over 3.5Mbps, and usually averaged 2.5mbps! Oddly enough my crapy ass, Moto Cliq used to blow it out of the water averaging 4.5 mbps, with the highest I ever saw being 5Mbps on my Cliq! all the tests were performed in the same area to keep consistency, now my G2 averages about 7Mbps with the highest ive seen being about 8.7 Mbps!!

  • HJSK

    I have Samsung Vibrant in Corona, CA and I get 5.7Mbps and higher.

  • NiiDiddy

    All comes down to signal coverage. In my home I get 3.3Mbps download and 700Kbps upload on 3G with full bars on my Vibrant. Other areas outside of my house, the signal strength is even better. Then I have other places I visit where I get what we saw on this video with 1bar on 3G. So it comes down to signals and how the devices interact with them. This is more like an “appes to oranges” test. I dunno know how else such speed measurements will ever proove one phone to be superior than the other.

  • shawn1224

    HA HA I get 3-4mbps on a crappy mytouch 3G in the SW Houston area. This video is full of fail.

  • Ryan

    TMonews: Please take this down. It’s embarrassing. This guy sounds like a used car salesman, making stuff up along the way. I get 6k MB down in Seattle and Kansas City on my Vibrant. I haven’t seen a 4G phone from Sprint get those numbers.

    • DangG

      6,000mbps? I’m gonna have to move to one of those cities! I think EVERYONE is going to have to move there! Are you from the future, future, future…

  • Acaciastrain

    Yeah trying out the signal of a phone in the store is like trying out a car with two tires. Most stores have a signal blocker for other companies and a signal booster which commonly is only for the Edge/3G signal and not for hspa. Needless to say the signal isn’t always natural.

  • fatboy97

    I’m at work… just found the test on CNET and sent the link to my phone using Chrome to Phone… I ran a couple test and was averaging 6.5 Mbps, or 6,500 on CNET’s meter.

  • J-Hop2o6

    anybody received the Vibrant update yet? i see the Vibrant has a weaker radio (compared to the G2 in his office).. i wonder if the Vibrant update receives a new radio to improve reception.. anyone know yet?

    • watbetch

      The “radio” (Antenna is what you’re talking about) is fine. The bar display is broken. It’s always 2-3 bars off. JI6 fixes this and improves reception further. The Vibrant has superior reception over the G2.

      • whatmoron

        The Vibrant does not. If it does, prove it. If you cannot prove it then STHU.

        The RADIO is a software set. The RADIO is NOT…..the Antenna.


  • puffins
  • Scott

    Damn the keyboard on the Epic looks sweet. Why oh why did T-Mobile have to put a 4-row keyboard on the G2??? I type symbols and numbers all day and I’m never going to memorize which oddball magic key combos I need for ;, }, etc. :(

    The G2 may be OK for texting but it’s just not a worthy successor to the G1 for real typing. You’ve got until Christmas to release a decent 5-row keyboard T-Mo, otherwise I’m switching.

    • pimpstrong

      It’s not worthy because of the 5th row? What else is on the list of reasons?

    • j

      then go get a TPro 2, 5 rows but has WinMo, quit your bitching

    • Seriously?

      Go ahead and switch. They are not going to miss you :) I came from a G1 and I cannot believe HOW MUCH BETTER EVERYTHING IS with my G2.

      you know that term “night and day”? Well the G1 is night……and the G2 is day……in the mountains…….on your KTM…..with your friends…..and some chicks.


  • pimpstrong

    My God…. This is by far the stupidest tech video I’ve ever seen from a reputable source.

    Why in the world would you conduct a test without the most optimal connections and act like it was the best that the device could come up with?? I hit 5Mbps just yesterday at my house on my Vibrant!

  • Oh gawd this reminds me of the video where that “developmentally challenged orangutan” was pushing all the buttons on the vibrant as it was starting up. Just 15mins ago in the parking lot I got 3377 / 564 kbps on my vibrant(Running JI6 + Bionix 1.6 + Jac xmod oc/uv kernel).

  • Chris

    I’ve hit 4Mbps on my G1…not exaggerating. This video is stupid and this guy has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • Bobert

    “bob the cell phone professor”
    The Wirefly campus? WTF?
    Best sources of honest reviews ALWAYS come from companies that are selling the pbones they are reviewing.

  • rev2redlineguy

    All I can say is RUBBISH! I’ve gotten 4+MB on my Vibrant inside of my house and around 5MB outside. This guy certainly doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  • Walter

    Thanks for posting this Video, David.

    I’ll make sure I never buy from Wirefly.

  • Jsean00

    thats crap i have a vibrant and i have been hitting up to 3.2 to 5.76 megabits per sec.. and that on my 3g vibrant…

  • sally

    thanks for the laugh TMO, this video is a joke, right, or is the jack-ass at wirefly the joke

  • Infexious

    What’s really weird was I was looking at an app in the market and you know how it shows screen shots of the app in use. Well I remember seeing one that had an H+ symbol at the top instead of H.. so maybe it does work?

  • Terrill

    I have a samsung vibrant stock, no update no lag fix in Oakland I get a little over 6mb download with an average of around 4mb closer to 5mb which is plenty fast . Although I have yet to watch the posted clip from wirefly

  • Deuce

    I was getting 9s on my g2 last night. today im getting best of 5-7 mb/s

    its still fast to me tho. my g1 sucked.

  • Vibrant Addict

    David, why would you post this on here? It only makes T-Mobile look bad because it doesn’t show it at it’s best. All of us here know that we have Sprint beat up on speed, no question about it. I hope you’re getting some kind of benefit from posting this tho. I think I’m pretty much done with following anything Wirefly does after seeing this.

    I have to agree with everyone else that this guy is an idiot and a horrid tester. I could’ve come up with a better testing scenario in the middle of a park or some other remote area.

  • Alex Wong

    Wow I’m so disappointed. I just did a speed test on my G2 at home. I got 192kbps…. ummm wft!? Is this normal? The phones says it is on HSPA+ and I live in Las Vegas but that is a ridiculously slow speed. I’m really disappointed. :( is anyone getting the same slow results?

  • Rilesman

    Bob, thanks for the video. Proves, reception is the key to success.


    The G2 radio appears to be more capable than the Vibrant when on…..damn…which radio transmitter???? HSPA / HSPA+
    Wish there was a way to distinguish as it will be confusing to the consumer what to expect. I know fairly well what network connection I will have when on GPRS, Edge, or 3G.

    As for buildings….AWS will always have problems penetrating compared to lower frequencies held by AT&T and Verizon. That is the facts Jack. Reason why ClearWire WiMAX (Sprint 4G) has been so slow on roll-out and poor coverage at best.

    Speaking of coverage…as someone mentioned the poor reception, it seems everything they upgrade the towers the coverage shrinks. Can we expect the same when they…if they upgrade to 42 Mbps???

  • Danno

    This guys doesn’t know his data speeds….
    Standard UMTS on T-mobile will have speeds averaging from 700Kbps to 900Kbps.
    the HSPA speeds should always be over 1Mbps unless the site is very busy.
    with the G2 I would have expected much faster speeds on the HSPA+ network.
    My guess is he is NOT on the HSPA+, but rather standard HSPA which wouldn’t get super fast speeds.
    My Mytouch3G phone consistently gets speeds from 1Mbps up as high as 5.4Mbps on the T-mobile network here in Sacramento, which is live with HSPA+.
    In my testing the sites that aren’t yet HSPA will never get above 900Kbps.

    With my 3G Rocket on my laptop (which is HSPA+ capable) I have gotten speeds as high as 7.8Mbps which is screaming for a wireless network.

    Now I don’t have a G2…yet
    and I don’t have access to any of the sprint 4G phones to test against, so I can’t dispute their speeds…
    But I can tell you, T-mo in Sacramento (well Roseville area anyway) is screaming fast on data speeds…!

    Just my two cents,
    Your milage may vary!

  • loot

    haha my p.o.s. mytouch 3g pulled 3.7mbps down and 840 up in tampa fl using speedtest as my phone doesnt have flash to do the cnet test

  • todd

    He demonstrates Northern Virginia gets decent HSPA* speed. I hope that’s true because my MT3G (non-hspa*), gets about 600kpbs in Northern Virginia.

  • Mo

    This video is not accurate!!!!! I just ran the same test on my vibrant 5 times always scoring above 2400!!! I’m in the miami area.

  • MT3GS

    This is bulls**t! Fair comparison is all phones at best reception scenarios, hell I’ve pulled 4309kbps down with a full 3G signal in Fort Lauderdale. That’s better than all of them together, and I’ve got a Slide!!!!

  • Jon Po

    This to the guy who posted this stupid ass bias video(David), I have reached 5.2MB download speeds on my Vibrant with 3 bars of 3G in Connecticut. Dumb ass grandparents should not be reviewing the latest technology. Leave that for the younger generation, at least we know what we are talking about. First and last time I view one of this douche bags so called “review” video. Keep your bias comments to your self.

  • TMoFoSHO


    The H does not nesseraly mean you are on HSPA !!!!
    you must refer to the pcc map for true HSPA SPEED!!!!!

  • Kvn0077

    I just ran the EXACT test on my new samsung vibrant “3G” and got 4205Kbps

  • Kvn0077

    I just ran the EXACT test on my new samsung vibrant “3G” and got 4205Kbps