Motorola Looking For Limited Beta Testers Of Android 2.1 Eclair

This news has to be exciting for Motorola Cliq owners as the day finally comes near where the Cliq will finally receive the much-desired Android 2.1 update. Motorola and T-Mobile have announced a trial release of the 2.1 software release before its general public release. You need to only hit this link, complete the form and hope you are selected! Of course, registration doesn’t guarantee admission to the trial phase but hey, it’s better than nothing right now if you’ve been waiting patiently for the Cliq to receive any kind of an update.

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  • Jed Clamped

    Too late! G2 On the way!


    • Jed Clamped

      Maybe I will give the Cliq to the wife though…

    • Jed Clamped

      Yea, I signed up anyway. I will give it to the wife. Might be a decent phone with 2.1 on it.

    • David L

      G2 Arrived yesterday…Buh-Bye Cliq!

    • Im getting my G2 tomorrow. So long Cliq!

  • Jpack207

    Same boat as you Jed! (minus the wife part)

  • Luis

    to late sent via my g2

  • cscorbin

    Its about time although to late since we are dumping our cliqs this week.

  • Kevin

    I signed up. Now I have to figure out how to downgrade. I downloaded and installed the 2.1 update following this link ( can someone help me with how to put 1.4.8 back on?

    • UDX

      How did you do the update? Did you use RSD Lite? If so you need to download a 1.4.8 rom to your computer and then from there you have to just do the same process you did to update to 2.1. If you used another method, I’m honestly not sure.

      • Serotheo

        That is the RSD method, so yes he would have to flash back (I did it it was painless.) ( I only tested 2.1 for a few minutes but it was getting really hot and resetting and battery died fast so yeah.)

    • timmyjoe42

      You will probably need to do a factory reset.

      • UDX

        There is a good chance a Factory Reset won’t do any good if he flashed over a new operating system…

  • thelion


  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    Isn’t 2.2 out?????

  • Fish

    Wtf, now they are getting around to this? How long is beta testing gonna be?

    I’m in awe of this crap

  • supergear

    Beta testing will take 2 months I bet

  • tony
  • UDX

    Well hopefully I get to be one of the testers as I have been waiting for 2.1 for a while now and I tried a leaked Rom from earlier in the year that didn’t work too well. And considering with the last updates to the Cliq, the betas only lasted like a week or so. I don’t put it past Moto to take forever but either way, doesn’t really matter.

  • BPRhythm

    Hey! Cliq users finally get to join 2009! With 3.0 around the freaking corner, this update is obsolete before it even beta tests.

    Motorola should have just gone bankrupt like everyone predicted.

    • Pimpstrong

      Its a shame aint it.

    • UDX

      Well the Cliq probably can’t handle 3.0 lol

  • Pimpstrong

    I’m glad my girl got a myTouch 3G instead of this thing. She got her 2.2 update this morning and all I know so far is that its a lot faster. I’ll be checkin it out tonight.

    • hondavic

      Yeah @ pimpstrong let us know. I got rid of my MT3G months ago but curious to get your opinion on it with 2.2

      • Pimpstrong

        I’ll post my 5 minute thoughts on it at around 7PM tonight.

        Infact David, Managing Editor, it would be cool if you had a post asking for our thoughts on the new myTouch FroYo for us to speak on it. Or are you waiting for the distribution to complete?

  • mikeeeee

    bought a used cliq on ebay and the seller is a slow shipper and i don’t have the imei number to sign up, oh well.

    not to despair, i’ll let others be lab rats and i’ll order a new DEFY in a couple of weeks.

    good luck to the peeps who test it cuz i’ll be updating my cliq as soon as i can.

    • Jed Clamped

      Why on Earth would you buy a used Moto Cliq??

  • Deaconclgi

    Wait…..sooooooooo Moto needs US to test their 2.1 software? What have they been doing with the Cliq update all this time?

    Kevin: “Hey Johnny, didn’t we release the Cliq Adroid update”.
    Johnny: “Cliq? Update?……Ohhhhhhh, man, I forgot about that!!!!!!”
    Kevin: “We have to release it, we promised AND we MUST do it before 3.0 comes out”
    Johnny: “But it isn’t ready! I (sole coder) haven’t worked on it since we made the Droid 2.1 update….”
    Moto Boss: “Who cares, Cliq users will be happy to have any update. Is there anyone on the Android team available to test it?
    Johhny and Kevin: (laughs) NO!!
    Moto Boss: Ok………hmmmmmmm Let’s say we are going to have a special beta testing group since we didn’t do any testing as it isn’t finished. Let the users report the bugs to us and we will fix them in our spare time….or not. We have to fix atleast 1 bug that is reported so that we can say their feedback is important.
    Kevin: Good one boss! Getting it done, and saving money!
    Johnny: I’ll post it on the web…

    • B. A. Nonymus

      This isn’t to test the update. It’s to test the update process. The update is likely out of the oven and on the cooling rack. Now if some major problem pops up, it might go back in the oven for a bit, but really this is just to make sure the upgrade process itself goes smoothly.

  • Ryan T.

    Hahaha… that’s exactly what I envisioned deacon, bet it’s not too far off either. Hope I get to be a tester though!

  • Ms. Matrix

    Moto is full of crap, I dumped my cliq xt months ago because I was fed up of waiting. Why would you keep that phone after all that time and they have so many other phones coming out with a higher version of android on it.

    I ended up paying out of pocket for the mytouch slide because i upgraded to the get the cliq. But in the end I’m ok with what I have for now and I just sold the cliq xt on craigslist.

    Tell Moto to shove their “upgrade” down their throat and go for something better.

  • X
    • X

      I didn’t get the e-mail btw, I got this link from another person who I’m assuming did?? But considering how long we’ve all waited, I don’t see why anyone who’s dying for this should have to wait even longer; even if this is just a “beta/test” phase…

  • ken

    Who would do this motorola is a joke! I’m downloading Jroddstheleak now LOL!

  • Nick

    The 2.1 UPDATE is already available @ Motorolas official website.I just downloaded it & about to install it.

    • G

      Does anyone know if this is the final release version or the beta version?

  • Mooch

    k so…what about the XT, hm?

    • William

      My brother got some strange upgrade attempt today for his XT. It failed from what he told me. Personally, I’m waiting for one of the lines on my account to come up for an upgrade and get him off of that damn phone.

  • Serotheo

    I got 2.1.5 onto the Cliq it has slight lag, especially on boot due to the syncing of everything, so sync stuff one at a time; I’m using LauncherPro atm.. having lots of trouble cause its really slow, lots of force closes.

    • B. A. Nonymus

      I doubt 2.1.5 is the release version. Imagine how many iterations of 2.1 they go through in early testing.

      • Serotheo

        The leaked build was 2.0.25 so.. its not overheating thats good, but I already got a reboot but that was probably from LauncherPro Screen Caching (I just turned it off)

  • Midori
  • Orison

    I downloaded it from the link above but haven’t installed it yet. For one thing, I’m charging the phone up. It looks like that download page is no longer functional, so I’m assuming that 2.1.5 is the latest beta?

  • PimpStrong

    So my girl got the 2.2 update for the myTouch 3G. Ill keep this brief and say that the phone is way too slow to take advantage of it. While majority of the features are there, Live wallpapers is missing as well as flash support. Quadrant score is a measily 327. Bottom line, its not the savior of the aged device. Don’t buy one because its cheap and has Android 2.2. Buy a real phone with a better processor.

  • mtnman

    Ohh goodie. I’ll finally get my 2.1 update at the same time I’m getting my MyTouch4G. That’s perfect, because I have a Vibrant and a Cliq. But the Cliq is going bye-bye. Wasn’t it nice of Moto to give us an update at the same time Hell froze over.

    Maybe they think that all us Cliq owners will finally forgive them and thank them for a 2009 update, and all will be forgiven and water under the bridge.

    “At Motorola we keep our promises, even if they are 6 months late…or whenever we feel like it”. “Hey what do you expect, we forgot we made the Cliq, after all it was last year’s model. We’ve been busy bowing at the alter of Verizon what do you expect?”

  • cliq feeak


  • Orison

    I just bricked my cliq. typing on this old Shadow is really going to suck until I can get a new decent device. can anyone point me to any links on possibly recovering? It shows the Blur animation, then the t-mobile animation, hangs for a while and then loops again.

  • pvl109

    Check out the email i just got …CLIQ 2.1 Pre-launch User Trial — please upgrade and provide feedback..

    Welcome to the pre-release trial for Android 2.1 on CLIQ! Beginning immediately, you can upgrade your CLIQ by following the directions at this Web site. Simply click through and follow the instructions.

  • Kevin

    My heart be still.
    Its been over 1 years since a broken promise.
    I will update with what i think.

  • X

    I got the e-mail too :D…it appears to be the same link and file as the one that “leaked” yesterday for those wondering

  • Chris

    i’m just waiting for the mytouch 4g.

  • Carl

    I finally got mine and it’s great!