First Look At T-Mobile TV

T-Mobile TV is a “new” service, which will be introduced with the HD7 and the myTouch4G (HD). T-Mobile TV is pretty much just a rebranded version of MobiTV prettied up with a T-Mobile logo but you know, we had someone put together a quick video of the leaked .apk on the G2 for your viewing pleasure! Behold, T-Mobile TV!

P.S. It’s taken QUITE a long time but we’re finally back on youtube on our very own channel, so you can see this video and future videos at!

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  • tempting

    Yet is it worth $120 a year?

    • i think it is worth 120 a year cuz my frend who works at t-mobile told me that t-mobile tv is gunna have on demand paperview and ur gunna be able to watch the newest movies and ur gunna be able to watch porn cuz its gunna have porn channels too !

      • Air One

        lol you freak!

    • AreYouSerious?

      Give me a device w/ some form of video out (preferably HDMI), and yes, it would totally be worth it. Since I don’t pay for cable, that’s $10 a month vs $50+

  • Todd

    Neat service. Hopefully they will release that app for my G2. :)

    • Scott

      T-Mobile TV works well on my G2. Do a google search for T-MobileTV.apk . 30 day free trial, charged after 30 days…

    • jesus

      i already have it installed and running on my htc g2 with the 1440 mhz 1.4ghz overclocked cpu its suppose to be 74 but i cranked it up to 75 !

      anyways here give me your email adress and i will be sure to give you the apk app file for it! also get astro file manager and make sure u have an micro sd card on ur htc g2

      • ihatefanboys

        i dont see the obsession with overclocking a superfast phone….hope it dont burn out your chip.

    • God

      MobiTV came with every T-Mobile Vibrant. It certainly came with mine – along with GoGo inflight internet. I’m kinda surprised at the “news” coverage.

  • James

    Why can’t I get this on my Nuron?

    • LSD

      Because it’s a neuron.

    • Deaconclgi

      Get SPB TV from the Ovi Store, it is free and scales video quality based on your connection speed.

  • MobiTv to me is such a fail. Had it on my Vibrant, tried it out for 3 minutes & cancelled my subscription. The quality was low & the channel choices & material was horrible to me. I prefer just my youtube, or i’d pay for a Hulu app & Vevo app :D . But, the quality on this looks nice.

  • JohnMcJohnerson

    I think I’ll just wait for Netflix on Android.

  • michaelmikado

    hey anyone know what rom hes using?

    • 67_390_coupe

      Looks stock.

    • sorandkairi

      When did that actually root a G2?

  • Bobbie7

    I have it as Sprint TV and, frankly, it is pretty awesome. TV on my phone? Are you kidding? Sure, once in a while there are some delays and once in a while I wish for some other programming, but all things considered it is pretty friggin cool to me and I like watching TV this way. The way some people complain (previous posters) you’d think Netflix or Hulu had some secret streaming sauce that MobiTV doesn’t have. But, they don’t. Actually, there is a reason MobiTV has 13 million+ subscribers and I don’t think it is that they are all idiots nor that they have no choice but to subscribe. I believe MobiTV does what they do well and I for one am happy to use the service. If Netflix or Hulu had something comparable I would look at it, but that doesn’t imply I would automatically switch ‘just because’..

  • jesus

    ive used this on my g2 for about 3 days i get a 1month free trial then . after a itmons 9.99 . i will cancel soon !

    not worth it i think . kind of choppy and not clear enough and the sound quality is poor but its probably a beta thats why ……

    htc g2

  • geez

    the content isn’t terrible but the quality of audio/video is sooo terrible. Flo TV is better. They should’ve tried to get that instead.

    • Trollface.jpg

      I thought FloTV was a different proprietary technology?

      • Dz

        FloTV is pretty much dead. Qualcomm closed up shop and is only staying alive until its contracts are up. Not enough devices, not enough towers. I saw it on my friend’s VzW phone, and to tell you the truth, it wasn’t much better than MobiTV. Not as good as I expected from broadcast.

    • AreYouSerious?

      What Dz said. engadget did an article about it a couple of weeks ago. Flo TV RIP.

  • jesus

    and the basic channels are very limited…..theres little vriety amount of channels the others are on demand which you pay additional a motnh i believe its 7.99 i was on it ..

  • boy is that G2 laggy, what a p.o.s. bring on the mytouch 4g. i cant believe people even bought that crap. bring on the hate replies. morons.

    • LSxChevelle

      I’m guessing its choppy due to low quality video. Have the G2 and loaded with programs with no task killer…it is damn snappy!

    • ihatefanboys

      dont worry i wont hate. its normal to pity the retards of the world, not hate them….lol

  • mtnman

    David I agree with you. It’s just a MobiTV rebrand. Now if they had NFL,NHL,or NBA on it, I might consider it. I know T-Mobile is heavy with the NBA, but I doubt it will have that on it since it’s just still MobiTV dressed up in a new package.

  • vinny

    I watch Jetflicks from the Android market. Great app, great shows, has all the entourage shows from the last few years. It has all the good shows from the last few years on it, quality of the playback is top notch, never a problem with lagging, hangups or shut downs. You can even watch it on a good 3G or HSPA signal. Its noot cheap, $10.00 a month or you can buy it for 3 months at a discount rate which is what I do. Great for watching during your lunch break on a jobsite.

  • currator

    now i know this is not the topic there talking about but i figured i share my thought. tmo calls it hspa+ its not now stop ill explain. hspa+ is at max 14.4 mbps. and its nothing knew its a upgrade for 3g. att uses gsm so does tmo. att is rolling out there hspa+ via software upgrade to all towers. guess what its top speed is drum roll 14.4mbps. now i will fill you all in the phone companys the gsm one have had this option for about 2 years or soo now thats right a software update to the tower. now getting to my point lte is 4g. remember hspa+ tops out at 14.4 so what is tmo runing to get 42mbps ohh yeah anybody catch that clearwire told everybody the lte test that clearwire spectrum test that was hitting 50mbps with i think standered spectrum hmmmm why does tmo need to go tower to tower claiming hspa+ its really lte prep backhaul right. but yet att can do hspa+ via a ota software update. tmo does not have the spectrum so when they say mytouch 4g i believe it is lte. think about if this is true they will be mopping the floor with att sprint and vzw with the largest 4g network. i dont think it is a gimmic i think they are about to pull an ace out. remember if they get spectrum from clearwire they can do double the spectrum which was hitting 90mbps. hmmmm wonder wonder. we will see

    • GramnarNazi

      To, too, two. They, their, there, they’re. Please learn to use the english language properly. Examples: I want to get two phones too! They said their phones are over on the display case over there. They’re right!

    • Trollface.jpg

      Holy crap I don’t even know where to begin. :(

    • SpeakNSpell

      Um, what? I think you’re trying to complain but your communications skills need a little work.

    • 2FR35H


      LTE-‘Advanced’ is 4G LTE alone is not and according to technical stands Verizon isn’t even a G because they don’t have simultaneous data and voice. WiMax isn’t even 4G, WiMax 2 is.

      Nobody has 4G its even laughable Verizon is way behind due to not even having simultaneous data and voice.

  • Midori

    I think its just a novelty to have on your phone seeing that just about everyone has cable and to be charged for channels you have…This makes me realize that I’m almost never to far from a TV….Hmmph! LOL!

    • AreYouSerious?

      The future is one WITHOUT getting raped by cable. Some of us are ahead of the curve already.

  • mtnman

    Well I like the fact that Samsung’s Media Hub is now online. I can buy or rent movies and tv shows.

  • Cat

    Dear, David, Managing Editor

    please can you found this closed captioning? I am deaf person. hulu goes have subtitle I am very enjoy watching hulu show with closed captioning i am happy now. but I want hulu join in android in MyTouch 4G, what if tmobiTV and hulu support closed captioning MyTouch 4G video?

  • I will stick with my slingbox on my nexus one.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s what I have, Slingbox on my Vibrant. So much better than MobiTV or other stuff where one has to pay.

      One simply pays for the Slingbox (90+ for HD pro version, on eBay, once in awhile) and the handset software ($30) and bam you’re done, cable TV on the phone.

      Besides, I did not like MobiTV being mostly streamed clips. There were only two broadcast TV stations, so it was not really live TV, which is what I want on the phone, not clips.

      • Can you Hulu/Netflix with this set up?

  • Vibrant Addict

    Soo…it’s not free? I wish the video had told us if there was a basic free package or if you have to pay for anything and everything, like MobiTV.

    • AreYouSerious?

      Some channels are free, but probably not the ones you really want to see. Things like Comedy Central, etc. You gotta subscribe.

      • Vibrant Addict

        Thanks! I guess I’ll be keeping my Vibrant unless I see the need for a FFC.

  • Stanly

    Sprint has SprintTV which is “free” and not only does it have TV but streaming music. I love dance music and I loved it because they often had unique mixes and DJ’s.

  • shhhh

    Lol totally recognize that phone and hand but mobi tv is pretty nice just wish it had more channels

  • 2FR35H

    I’m sorry David but I’m gonna be the next person to state this but come on man AT&T , Verizon and Sprint ads predominantly on a T-Mobile fan site? its pretty much a slap in the face to T-Mobile lovers lol I mean really I understand they generate $$$ money but T-Mobile ads would be great sometime :)

    I only mean well but just absolutely had to address it.

  • currator

    to tell the truth metro has and is using 4g so stfu. losers.

  • AreYouSerious?

    Also should mention there’s MobiTV app also pre-installed on the HD2

  • desmond skyers

    i have this on my nexus one i downloaded the .apk at xda. it works perfectley for me with or with out wifi has a great selection of shows i think. even more so if you think that more will be added. if you think of it as 120 a year then it sounds crazy but for ten bucks a month i am in i love it best thing i have downloaded on my nexus and i have 200 plus apps!

  • pjcamp

    Seems like bandwidth limits work against this idea.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike


      This is more of the “carrier contradiction” I keep mentioning.

      They advertise all these wonderful features that suck bandwidth, while at the same time decreasing data plan limits (to assure users incurring monthly overage charges).

      The carriers are acting like the tobacco companies. Use Joe Camel to entice kids into think smoking is cool, so the companies can sell more “coffin nails” to them as adults.

      Or fast food restaurants using free toys to lure in families to eat fattening junk food.

      And this is similar to when cell phones first started appearing with cameras. It was uber cool to be able to take a pic with a cell phone. Carriers would advertise the heck out of that.

      What they didn’t say clearly was that to get the pics off the phone you had to pay Sprint, for example, 10 cents per picture to upload them to Sprint’s site, then be able to download them on to your computer. If you didn’t pay the 10 cents, you couldn’t do anything with the pics except look at them on the phone’s 1.5″ display.

      In the end, I don’t think the public will fall for this and the carriers’ schemes won’t work. As it is, very few people use smartphones to access the Net. I don’t think TV, social networking, watching movies, or YouTube video watching are going to motivate people to pay an extra $50 to $75 monthly (this includes overage charges) for the privilege.

      The economy has tanked. People are tightening belts, not expanding them. People are canceling cable TV services to the bare bone. They are getting old shoes repaired instead of buying new ones, they don’t go cruising in the car just for the fun of it, and they won’t pay $150 monthly for cell phone usage. Yeah, T-Mobile and others might nail people for a couple months of overage charges, but then those customers will take measures to make sure it does not happen again (like people have done with talk).

      And in the end they will cancel their data services. And when the carriers force data plans on customers, people will simply go back to feature phones or get a prepaid account (for those who think this is silly, why do you think T-Mobile is expanding prepaid).

  • This is very good softwar

  • bkjoe101

    this isnt tmobile tv its mobitv! what a ripoff!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I had MobiTV back in April, on my HD2. I have to agree with you, that’s simply looks like MobiTV with a T-Mobile interface (and the interface looks close to MobiTV).

      Before I questioned if this was T-Mobile simply using MobiTV with a license.

      IMHO T-Mobile should disclose that so people are not fooled into thinking this might be better than crappy MobiTV (that was not live TV for the most part, it was downloading clips and viewing streams).

      One of the most annoying parts of MobiTV was that to view full episodes of programs you had to view them in 10 minute segments. In other words, you would watch ten minutes then have to select the next ten minute segment from the menu. You could not watch an entire show in one viewing. Is T-Mobile TV the same as MobiTV in that regard? Just wondering.

      • Sounds like Youtube not sure I would like it if the set up was like that…

  • halamadrid

    +1 on the Nexus One. I downloaded the .apk and it works perfectly. I was actually pretty impressed with the quality of the video (may be I have low expectations). Overall it’s not bad, although I don’t think there’s enough premium content to merit the $10 yet, but after the trial you still have access to free content which includes ESPN. Not too bad.

  • Aegentirony

    Installed on MT3g 1.2 …..Wont get past the Initial screen….Booooo!!

  • blablabla

    the vibrant is going to be receiving an OTA update to convert mobi TV into tmobile tv. Just saying.

  • Spellcheck

    @grammar. Please refrain from using the word Nazi while posting. Thank you

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      There’s nothing wrong or offensive with that, it’s obviously a play on Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, one of the most successful and memorable of the Seinfeld shows.

      Maybe you should send Jerry Seinfeld a note of protest, but be advised that he is Jewish and he had no problem producing and airing the Soup Nazi episode.

      And check this out:

      Sorry, your highfalutin finger wag is moronic and misplaced.

  • kaaaay

    Uhhhhh….. JetFlicksTV?! Screw MobiTV…. JetFlicks has waaaay better quality… download from the market, but $50/yr. Still cheaper, though.

  • Anonymous

    Moto Defy has T-Mobile TV coming with the 2.2.1 update. I know because I’m running it now. :D

  • Anonymous

    Moto Defy has T-Mobile TV coming with the 2.2.1 update. I know because I’m running it now. :D