“myTouch HD” Hotspot Instructions Leak Out, Accessories Arrive With “myTouch HD” Name

Well well what have we here…this looks like instructions on how to use the built in Hotspot function of the myTouch HD (notice the name there, NOT myTouch4G). Let’s hold off on the Hotspot feature here for a moment and say that we’ve received word that due to what I am guessing and let me emphasize this is simply my own personal theory that T-Mobile has opted away from the myTouch4G name because of possible claims of false advertising regarding “4G” moniker. That’s to bad, because I would have loved it.

On to the Hotspot instructions which is actually a pretty basic set of details but again proves that T-Mobile will be featuring “tethering” through the use of a Hotspot ala Sprint and Verizon. Love it!

Just in case there was some question as to whether or not we would actually go on a limb and put forth a belief in the myTouch name on the above document, we’ve added in some more proof below. Turns out the myTouch HD accessories are arriving in retail stores and that’s the name they are carrying. I would tend to doubt that T-Mobile would ship accessories to their stores only to recall them all at the last minute for a packaging change.

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