“myTouch HD” Hotspot Instructions Leak Out, Accessories Arrive With “myTouch HD” Name

Well well what have we here…this looks like instructions on how to use the built in Hotspot function of the myTouch HD (notice the name there, NOT myTouch4G). Let’s hold off on the Hotspot feature here for a moment and say that we’ve received word that due to what I am guessing and let me emphasize this is simply my own personal theory that T-Mobile has opted away from the myTouch4G name because of possible claims of false advertising regarding “4G” moniker. That’s to bad, because I would have loved it.

On to the Hotspot instructions which is actually a pretty basic set of details but again proves that T-Mobile will be featuring “tethering” through the use of a Hotspot ala Sprint and Verizon. Love it!

Just in case there was some question as to whether or not we would actually go on a limb and put forth a belief in the myTouch name on the above document, we’ve added in some more proof below. Turns out the myTouch HD accessories are arriving in retail stores and that’s the name they are carrying. I would tend to doubt that T-Mobile would ship accessories to their stores only to recall them all at the last minute for a packaging change.

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  • ThreeFourSeven

    This phone is looking better and better each day.

    • phongeek


    • Right!!!! I’M IN LOVE with my Slide but cant wait to get the HD!

  • currator

    hspa+ max out is 14.4 hence g2 and mytouch disclaimer . att hspa+ max 14.4 soooooooooo what every tmo is doing to get 42mbps ohh yeah thats right clearwire conducted two lte test and they were hitting 50mbps with the one lte test. ohh and att ota update to there towers for hspa+ thats right software update. soooooo what is tmo up too they have to go tower tower for hspa+ i think they are hooking up lte might be wrong wie will see. ohh daid my thought process is it is mytouch 4g but the hd is a sales gimmic who knows we will see i cant wait

    • Farhan

      Are you typing whatever pops into your pea-sized brain? Can anyone else make sense of this nonsense?

      • Dereck

        I think the (.) key on his keyboard must be broken. Either that or in real life he never stops to take a breath when he speaks.

      • flannery

        lol – most nonsense post i have read in awhile!

      • flannery

        lol – most nonsense post i have read in awhile!

    • JP

      What the hell???
      Ever have times when you just go, “huh”

      • Carlos


    • Ali

      I’m not 100% what you’re trying to say. Here’s something you can do…write down your thoughts, then list them. Don’t try to use sentences, just make sure your list includes what you’re thinking.

      Aside from that, HSPA+ is set to max out at speeds of up to, theoretically, 21 mbps and HSPA++, which is built into their towers currently, is set to max out at speeds of, theoretically, 42 mbps.

      Also, T-Mobile is also working on LTE, but that is at least a few years away. They basically know that WiMax is a failure for 4g and to get the bridge for LTE, they are using H+.

    • Patrick

      I think you need to do a little more research; HSPA+ maxes out at 56 Mbps.

    • zapata714


    • SpeakNSpell

      You again? Seriously we don’t know what you’re saying. Try speaking louder and slower. :-P

      • Dereck

        use all caps when you speak. It’s cruise control for cool.

    • derekdude

      ya, i think everyone just disgarded everything you said because you didn’t make any sense.

    • Deke218

      I thought I was having a stroke as I read @currator! Dude leave the booze alone.

    • RockTripod

      You are wrong on so many levels. First, your grammar is awful, which makes even attempting to comprehend what you wrote painful. But hey, I guess I’m a masochist. Second, the 42Mbps is the NEXT evolution of HSPA+. Right now, the max is 21Mbps, 14.4Mbps is the max T-Mo is allowing. Third, its a lot more than just a software upgrade. It requires fiber-optic cables run to each cell site, hence the tower-by-tower rollout. Fourth, they are NOT calling it the myTouch 4G. As David clearly showed, the accessory packages all show myTouch HD, which is something I can confirm. He’s right, they’re not changing the packaging last minute, as that would be stupid. Fifth, as far as LTE is concerned, you are wrong. T-Mo has said repeatedly that LTE is something they are considering, but not rolling out anytime soon.
      That being said, I can’t wait for this phone and I wish I had HSPA+ in my area.

    • ditchmagnet

      Ya, not really getting what you are saying here, but the 14.4 max is a limitation of the SOC, not tmobiles fault.

    • some internet dude

      LCD is a powerful drug.

      • RockTripod

        That’s LSD, moron. I do stand corrected on one point, as I now have a myTouch 4G in my hands. Not an HD. Can’t wait to see what we have to do with the boxes of accessories that all say HD on them.

  • Rayhaan Merani

    T-Mo gets better day by day, G2, mytouch, hd7, defy, etc. and better updates, 2.2 on original mytouch, and g1. att friends of mine are as pissed as anything. Keep goin t-mo, magenta rules the world!

  • currator

    http://www.phonedog.com/2010/10/20/clearwire-lte-tests-result-in-blazing-fast-90mbps-download-speeds/ the lte test by clearwire remember they need money tmo needs spectrum

    • fore gee

      No offense, but do you have Downs?

      • phongeek

        he might be a tad slow thats why i didnt even make fun of this person

    • SpeakNSpell

      That was better, a few more posts and people will actually understand you. Then the real fun begins! Actual conversations!

    • 2FR35H
    • RockTripod

      Having Downs is just going to make it easier to make fun of him. I bet he thinks T-Mo is getting the iPhone, too.

  • JP

    Can’t wait

  • SnakeEyez

    So how about that release date? I think we know everything we need to know about this phone (besides a few minor things).

    • Ali

      Just be patient. Odds are it’ll be available before Black Friday, so my guess, emphasis on guess, is November 24th, or, more reasonably, November 17th. Regardless, it’s tested and almost good to go with a bunch of “firsts” on there so it will take a little while. You just need to be patient…I’m pretty sure they have a give or take (a week) on when it’ll be released, but check the Wednesdays in November…That is what will make the most sense

    • Dereck

      Ignoring the twats saying “be patient”, I’d say it’s certainly getting closer since accessories are starting to show up at the stores for the phone. You don’t have accessories for a product for sale and not have the actual product for another year.

      • Ali

        Ah, Dereck..SO it makes more sense to cry that T-Mobile hasn’t put out a release date than it is to say be patient?


  • MichaelN

    I wonder if T-Mobile is going to charge extra for the hot spot feature for tethering? Or, are they going to just include it within their new smartphone data packages?

    • drivethruboy168

      I don’t think they are going to charge extra, I think the reason they changed the 10 gb data capture on smartphones to 5 gb, is because of the tethering capabilities now being allowed.

    • fore gee

      Look at it this way: T-mobile intentionally removed wifi tethering from android 2.2 (a 2.2 stock feature) and then added their own version of it. You can bet your ass they did this so they can work their billing system into it.

    • Ali

      While tethering is not allowed, I suspect they may put an uncapped data plan to use with tethering in there for the 1-3% that use 5 gigs+ (aka, probably tether).

      However, they’ve been using hotspot on a few phones for a while now, so I doubt that gets an extra charge if it’s already built into the phone. At least not during the Christmas season when they’re ready to move phones.

    • CO_yeti

      Why not let people have it for free for a couple of months so they know its useful and then start charging $20 extra for it?

  • Ansel

    Everyday something leaks out about the myTouch HD not 4g now lol, everything except the release date!! Lol T-Mobile you’re playing games with me…

    • Dereck


  • Bigmerf

    If it wasn’t for the rumored samsung google exclusive phone, this may have had a chance to replace my nexus

    • SnakeEyez

      Rumored samsung google exclusive phone? Is it rumored to release by the end of this year?

    • Vibrant Addict

      Thank you for that. You’re the best! :)

  • wouldntyouliketoknow

    Well not sure on a date but device champions receive the mytouch hd next week on the 26th. Should see some hands on videos pretty soon and a release date.

  • currator

    no i dont have downs. hey believe what you want. but when i look up att hspa+ it says ota software update to tower max speed 14.4 and no i think before i speak which i cant say for you guys. name calling what you in middle school or something. grown people should act there age not shoe size. real slick with a keyboard are we. go ahead im not trolling i am talking good about tmo but with people like the few who are not the brightest bulb. hey go back to the sorry life you have and take out your problems with those people to bring it to the internet. ohh side not move out of your parents house. lol

    • speedofsound

      “THEIR” age not “THERE” age moron….ooops name calling guess I am not acting my age idiot oohhh another name calling.

    • thaghost

      go to sleep.

    • Ali

      Just the G2 and maybe a few of the ones coming out this year will max out at 14.4 MBps, but theoretically, the speeds will top out at 21 MBps

    • You are a moron

      It is because you have the worst grammar in the world.

    • SpeakNSpell

      We saw a little progress but it seems you are moving 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Try using uppercase letters and maybe start with simple noun-verb structured sentences. Ali made a good point too, try making a list of what you want to say and really think about what you want to type.

    • George

      Your writing hurts my head. I am not reading anything you write in the future until you learn to write like an adult who is at least medicated.

    • Dereck

      Oh look, he found the (.) button. Now, if only he could meet his good friend, Mr. , then the whole world would live together in harmony and peace and hippy love!


      In case you need further education on how to use proper punctuation.

      • MOD

        JEEZ… Grow up people and stop wasting space…. No one wants to hear your lame bullying comments.

    • RockTripod

      Let me translate that for you:
      “No, I don’t have Downs Syndrome. Hey, believe what you want, but when I looked up AT&T HSPA+ i found an article stating that it is a OTA (ok, that’s just dumb, I’ve never heard of an OTA update to a freakin’ tower) with a maximum speed of 14.4Mbps. I do, in fact, think before I speak, which is something I cannot say for you guys. Calling names is what people do in middle school. Grown people should act their age and not their shoe size (Really? That’s the best you’ve got?). You’re far superior with a keyboard than I am. Go ahead and continue to berate me (Thanks, we will.) I am speaking kindly of T-Mobile, but I am not the brightest bulb on the tree. Go back to your sorry lives and take out your frustrations on people on the internet, and not move out of your parents’ house. I am laughing now.”

  • tmonews.is.ridiculous

    “That’s to bad, because I would have loved it.”

    Your “news” is as credible as your editorial/grammar skills.

    • David, Managing Editor

      While I admit the grammar in that sentence wasn’t great, pretty sure it has no bearing on the credibility of the news, which I think has long been established on this site. I’ll fix the sentence!

    • You are a moron

      Then why are you on their website? Tmonews is a very credible source and David has better things to do than worry about lifeless morons such as yourself.

    • Evan

      Are you honestly trolling a cell phone news web site? How pathetic must your actual life be?

    • NS

      Wait, is that the bad sentence, or your attempted correction?? The correct word is “too”.

  • thaghost

    UUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I cant wait! i need a pre order date or a release date. Something.

  • tipsofme

    Oh please hurry. This SGS is very tired……

  • tmorep


    • No it doesn’t you idiot. T-Mobile and LG stated the phone won’t have it in the final build.

  • grazapin

    Enough with all the name calling people. It does a great job of dragging down the productiveness of the discussion.

    Here are some crazy ideas. If someone says something that you don’t agree with, state your opposing opinion. If someone says something that is known to be untrue, refute their statement with fact. If someone says something stupid or unintelligible, ignore them.

    Name calling just makes you all look like a-holes.

    • DatNizzle

      I almost thought you were serious, ’till that last sentence.
      If your are serious lighten up, it’s just comments on a blog.
      Idoit. I didn’t want to be left out.

      • grazapin

        Thanks for the reply, dingleberry.

        Yeah, a little humor thrown in at the end there, but my point stands. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m “serious” about it, this being the internet and all, but the signal to noise ratio in some of these comments is not good. I know many people feel that every forum is just a place to say whatever pops into their heads, but this is a post about MyTouch HD hotspot ability and accessories and people are still flinging insults like this is a serious topic that gets their blood up. The anonymity of the internet enables a person to say STFU or call someone an idiot in a context where if they were face to face with the other person they would likely give that terminology some serious consideration for fear of getting their face pulped. Is that the only reason why people are semi-civil to each other in the real world, where they can’t hide behind a screen name with no fear that their monitor will punch them if they’re a jackass?

  • ob18

    Specs please I want some specs to go along with these nice picsof the phone. For sure it will be one to check out.

  • currator

    wow just wow. that is all i have to say. i have come to a point were i am going to sit back and laugh. thats all, im a doing this off my phone sorry if it was a little off or not on point. i was just writing some things down. ohh their and there really. that so sad. now i am for sure you only make yourselfs look like idiots. for name calling. you are the same people that their peak in life was in high school get over yourself. ohh and just a thought even steven hawkins is a bada$$ with a keyboard. i would bet half the people who talk trash online are losers in life a complete failure

    • ob18

      I’d say you nailed making yourself look like an idiot whose like peaked in high school that’s talking trash online because if you did have a life you wouldn’t have had the time to post that comment.

      Good day ya tool.

  • mingkee

    I don’t think I’ll opt for any T-Mobile version phone anymore.
    The next phone will be either nokia C7-00 or samsung i9020.

    • Vibrant Addict

      Seriously another Nokia with a low clock speed? No thanks.

      I hope that Samsung is the Galaxy S 2, or the rumoured Google experience phone.

  • big mac

    Ef this phone its gonna suck like all the other mytouches

    • bigger mac

      You suck! this is gonna be the best phone right now, it makes all the phones out there look like baby toys, with a 768mb RAM vs the 512mb on the iphone 4, 512mb on the epic 4g, or the wimpy 256mb on the motorola droid 2, plus the 1ghz 2nd generation snapdragon processor, this is a 2nd generation processor so even though the droid 2 has a 1.2ghz the mytouch hd’s processor is significantly faster! so who sucks now??

      • Vibrant Addict

        Woo Hoo bigger mac!


    • my touch hd sux

      WOW more ram it needs it for that crappy sense overlay your going to have

  • dnice711

    does anyone know if the g2 will get wifi calling?

  • MIA

    no way. Until the end of november.. and that’s a maybe??? it probably will have a $199.99 price tag with a 2-year contract on it.. which means for me I will have to wait until Mid December for amazon or costco to sell it for $99.99.. Thats too long from now :(

  • LarryH

    @dnice711 yea t mpbile will be sending out an OTA of wifi calling, tethering, andplus some software fixes like radio recepetion

  • dnice711

    Thanks Larry, because I can do w/o a ffc, but i really need wifi calling.

  • BrianH

    To those of you who work at a T-Mo retail store …. what’s the typical timing of accessories coming in prior to a new phone?

    I would think if accessories are already coming in, the phone release date wouldn’t be that far behind.

  • Spellcheck

    You are a dipsh#t

  • patrick

    i do believe that tmobile will charge for the tethering. i wouldnt normally say but they did indeed take out the native tethering option out of mine, and everybody elses G2’s. im hoping WHEN this mytouch HD phone releases, the G2 will get an update for the
    WiFi calling and the hotsopt, which i have reason to believe they will, right? i mean there was testing on certain phones who got an OTA on the g2

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT..! MyTouch HD, DLNA, WHO THAT..! WiFi HotSpot WHO THAT..! FFC WHO THAT..! WP7 Naw, WHO THAT..! WHO THAT..! MyTouch HD my next mobile phone..! When is the release date? WHO THAT…! Go Saints…..!

    • my touch hd sux


      • Edge

        myTouch HD sux? Really? Do you have one? I do, and so far I am impressed…

  • bigger mac

    I would be so mad if i would’ve bought a G2, those guys got really left out of everything haha no wifi calling, wifi hotspot, DLNA, FFC, wow I would go return it right now if i was you before the 30 days expire, stop waiting for “updates” you guys know how long updates take?? haha by the time the “update” comes to you the phone is going to be obsolete, wait it already is haha my bad, seriously though, return the phone and wait for the mytouch hd, much better choice!

    • MizzRabbit

      Actually, I am quite happy with my G2. No regrets at all. Stock Android, and a physical keypad. I don’t think this HD has one so a minus for me anyway. I am not at all too concerned about wifi calling or hotspots and most of all a watered down UI. People really don’t seem to understand anything about processors either. Just because a processor is a certain type or amount of memory does not mean it will perform faster or better. The G2 will most certainly get the latest updates quicker than any other device including the MyTouch Brand. I have dealt with MyTouch long enough to know I wont be dealing with it again. Slide – within a few weeks I was on a replacement phone and even that one went downhill. Genius button is pointless. But of course those MyTouch complaints will start rolling in after the device is released.

      • my touch hd sux

        bigger mac your a moron you have no clue what you are tlaking about, i have held the phone and used it and it feels like a teeny bopper phone. so go and act like you know what you are talking about but when i run quadrant on the mytouch hd and it is only 1600 that doesnt impress me. lets pit this with a vibrant a phone with a better and faster processor and gpu. a phone that has been out for a couple of months is faster ha!!! you got spit on your face kid

  • my touch hd sux

    also i will be laughing when this phone also can not get rooted so your stuck with crappy sense LOL

    • bigger mac

      you dont like the UI, just install a different one, launcher pro, ADW, etc… gotta think outside the box buddy… have you heard of setcpu? how much do you want to bet that the mytouch hd will throw better quadrants than your modded vibrant, lets make it interesting…

      • even bigger mac

        Yo man stfu with you mytouch non sense and stick that genius button up yo ass all home apps suck ass just like you do player. Go whizzup bitch ass mac

      • even bigger mac

        Yeah thatz right biztch no talkin back with yo bitch ass mouth

  • Brink

    I have had hotspot wi-fi since I got Froyo 2.1 on my N1. So this is not a new feature to me. Plus they don;t charge you an extra fee for this feature like sprint and Verizon.

  • caputo

    @currator you should take the money you spend on cell phones and service, and use it towards education instead.