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Did You Know: T-Mobile Has a $10/Month Hotspot Plan

T-Mobile has been unusually quiet about an affordable hotspot plan that it released a few months ago. Usually, T-Mobile promotes new plans on their website. But strangely, there are people who still aren’t aware that a $10/month hotspot plan exists.  The Mobile Report highlighted this plan again in a report. The publication shared more information about the plan and what it includes.  The $10/month hotspot plan comes … [read full article]

Upcoming T-Mobile Branded Samsung LTE Mobile Hotspot Spotted In Training Slides

As T-Mobile’s LTE network continues to roll out in large swaths, so does our wish to use it to its full potential. It’s also true that with the addition of mobile hotspots into just about every smartphone under the sun these days our need for independent mobile hotspot devices wanes a little, but that doesn’t end the need completely. Thanks to a … [read full article]