Did You Know: T-Mobile Has a $10/Month Hotspot Plan

T-Mobile has been unusually quiet about an affordable hotspot plan that it released a few months ago. Usually, T-Mobile promotes new plans on their website. But strangely, there are people who still aren’t aware that a $10/month hotspot plan exists. 

The Mobile Report highlighted this plan again in a report. The publication shared more information about the plan and what it includes. 

The $10/month hotspot plan comes with 30GB of high speed data. It usually costs $15 per month but with autopay, you get the $5 discount. Once the data is used up before the month ends, the download speed gets reduced to 600kbps. 

According to internal documents, the plan is a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) only since it is planned for use with “hotspots, connected laptops, or a Chromebook.”

If you are interested in this plan, you can visit T-Mobile’s website to get more information.

Source: The Mobile Report