T-Mobile’s New Mobile Broadband No Annual Contract Plans Detailed

It was only two days ago that T-Mobile’s new Mobile Broadband no-annual contract plans were leaked thanks to a page on Walmart’s website. Today, we’re managing to get a little better of an idea on these upcoming plans launching on May 21st thanks to some leaked training docs.

Let’s break it down:

  • $15 option, 300MB of data good for one week
  • $25 option, 1.5GB of data good for 30 days
  • $35 option, 3.5GB of data good for 30 days if purchased at T-Mobile stores, Walmart exclusive for 60 days
  • $50 option, 5GB of data good for 30 days if purchased at T-Mobile stores, Walmart exclusive for 60 days

Let’s just touch on the 60 day timeframe, which means the time period for the data allotment is good for 60 days if purchased at Walmart. It does not mean that Walmart has a 60 day exclusive on the deal, as they will both be available on May 21st. Walmart’s option has a 60 day period of expiration, making a Walmart buy a very enticing offer if you have any concern over how much data you might use and whether you’ll be paying too much or too little.

Still no word on if you’ll have to purchase a MBB device with the plan or if you can bring your own. Hopefully we’ll have all those questions answered and more before these new plans launch on May 21st.

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  • Johnny Brown

    If you can bring your own device, I would be sold on this, as I could just buy a mobile hotspot full retail and not have to tether my tablet to my phone all the time.

    • jb82

      you can buy a sim card easy enough

  • Appears to be some pretty good prices, very nice.

  • Good prices

  • Grimbeaver

    I bought a mobile hot spot for my mother last christmas. Got quite the deal too, $30 per month for 2GB – $10 credit for having voice – $5 promo credit comes to only $15 per month! The $5 promo credit was supposed to cover the EIP or something like that.

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    LOL…None of this is going to matter when the T-Mobile – Metro PCS merger goes through.


    • J-Hop2o6

      What is that suppose to mean? Tmo will swallow Metro for their spectrum and customers.

  • Matlock

    This is going to be really bad for the Value plan Mobile Broadband service that TMO offers. I swear it seems that T-Mo does a lot of redundant things.

  • Wex

    Im not clear what these are for…Is it tablets? Im confused….Also just to let the website know…every since the new format, I havent been able to post any comments on my Tmo phone while using Disqus….I try but my keyboard doesnt pop open…Not sure whats going on but Ive only noticed it on this website…but then again, I havent seen the new layout on any other website

    • There is something going on, I’m definitely looking into it!

  • philyew

    Mobile wifi hotspot must be killing this line of business, and they need to do imaginative things to keep it alive.

    • Aaron Peromsik

      ¬†This /is/ for mobile wifi hotspot. Oh, you mean on phones instead of a separate device. Well, if you are on prepaid on your phone and have only occasional tethering needs, T-Mobile doesn’t make it convenient. Some people, like me, have separate MBB devices for occasional data use. Mine are not T-Mobile devices, but if I had to do it again, at least T-Mobile’s rates are competitive now. Really though they should offer these plans as ad-hoc add ons for phones too, offering wifi hotspot functionality on an as-needed basis without interfering with my voice minutes.

  • ltgisabeachbum

    Umm how is this a good deal ? The walmart $30 monthly4g plan offers 5gb of data. Why would I pay $50 for the same data ?

    • jb82

      Well one requires a month on month subscription and the other you can pay when you like. This is more for casual broadband use.

    • galaxy tab 7.0

      the walmart data plan wont work using a tablet. you just get redirected to t-mobile’s website

  • galaxy tab 7.0

    i use to be able to get 100mb of data for $15 using at&t’s paygo in my t-mobile tablet. at the beginning of may, at&t did away with all data on their paygo.

    • galaxy tab 7.0

      the 300mb plan would be good if it had a 30 day expiration. i refuse to purchase a data plan that only lasts 7 days!

  • Terry

    Am I reading the slide right in that the Wal-Mart plans ONLY work with devices you buy from Wal-Mart?  The slide mentions a Wal-Mart IMEI.