T-Mobile’s First LTE MobileHotSpot, The Sonic 2.0 Begins Arriving In Retail Stores

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 12.34.28 PM

T-Mobile’s first LTE-ready Mobile HotSpot, the Sonic 2.0 is slowly beginning to creep into company owned retail stores nationwide. Early indications showed the Sonic 2.0 launching on March 27th, but with T-Mobile’s special media event one day earlier, it’s possible we could see an announcement then.

There’s no word on cost, but T-Mobile’s new Mobile Broadband pricing is expected to be a part of the March 26th event offering no contracts along with aggressive pricing.

“No annual contract mobile broadband (MBB) is another way that T-Mobile is putting customers first and providing great customer service. T-Mobile is the only carrier to offer all the benefits of MBB service, without requiring a restrictive contract.”


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