T-Mobile’s First LTE MobileHotSpot, The Sonic 2.0 Begins Arriving In Retail Stores

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T-Mobile’s first LTE-ready Mobile HotSpot, the Sonic 2.0 is slowly beginning to creep into company owned retail stores nationwide. Early indications showed the Sonic 2.0 launching on March 27th, but with T-Mobile’s special media event one day earlier, it’s possible we could see an announcement then.

There’s no word on cost, but T-Mobile’s new Mobile Broadband pricing is expected to be a part of the March 26th event offering no contracts along with aggressive pricing.

“No annual contract mobile broadband (MBB) is another way that T-Mobile is putting customers first and providing great customer service. T-Mobile is the only carrier to offer all the benefits of MBB service, without requiring a restrictive contract.”


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  • S. Ali

    Doesn’t seem like much of a deal compared to Virgin Mobile Wimax 4G which is $35 for 10gb (then throttle).

    • Rudy Belova

      Having used clear wimax (same wimax network as virgin) good luck getting it. worst coverage ever. Half the time i ended up using my t-mobile hotspot.

      • Chimphappyhour

        I’ve actually had very good luck with Clear. I wouldn’t hesitate suggesting them to someone who needed a mobile hotspot.

        • mreveryphone

          I use a clear hotspot and I couldn’t be any happier with it. I stream music play xbox live etc and it’s ace!

      • S. Ali

        Using it right now, its just as fast as my T-mobile connection

    • TechHog

      Virgin Mobile uses Sprint’s network. Yeah…

    • mingkee

      I have this broadband2go WiMax. Yes, WiMax part is 100% unlimited, but data performance is horrible compared with Clearwire.

    • Ive got one better for you, Clear wireless $50 for unlimited 4G data, no caps no throttling. Ive done over 36gigs in a month and no slow down.

  • Chris

    When’re we gonna get LTE in Detroit?? My Note 2 is updated and ready to gooooo

  • Marcelo_L

    I’ve already got my personal LTE Hotspot on TMobile. It’s called my recently updated Galaxy Note II.
    HA !

    • mingkee

      Here is a question: can you use it with webconnect plan?
      I tested it and it does not work with my grandfathered 100% unlimited webconnect.

  • Totoro

    You should mention that this LTE hotspot made by ZTE, who also built T-Mobile’s first mobile hotspot and first 42mbps data device

  • Chimphappyhour

    Now we just need them to turn on the actual LTE. (Waiting not so patiently here with my updated Note2 in KC.)

    • mreveryphone

      Got the update the other day and I’m in kc waiting too. Hey is your eye tracking icon staying on in your task bar?

      • Chimphappyhour

        No, I’ve never even seen it but someone else mentioned it.

      • I notice mines is on more often. But hey I’m glad they are finally letting us know we are being watched. You can’t tell me front facing camera’s haven’t been watching us for years

    • dkbnyc

      By this time next week, you’ll be drooling over the speeds.

  • NYCTheBronx

    I hope T-Mobile adds unlimited 4G LTE for the 4G LTE 2.0 sonic mobile hotspot. The max is 10GB of high speed data up to 5 devices but it’s pricey. Like $100-150 a month just to use 10GB of data. =(

    • NYCTheBronx

      Seriously. This person is just mad that he or she is paying AT&T or Verizon more than their own home mortgage. Must be their time of the month, meh.

  • mingkee

    You can get Sony Xperia Ion ATT version unlocked (flashed with LT28i ROM and baseband) and use it as mobile hotspot with mobile broadband (aka webconnect).

  • GinaDee

    My Sonic 4G goes to EDGE or no service everytime I need it when visiting a customer site. Hope this has better reception.

    Ironically it always goes to full bars 4G when I don’t need and I’m driving away.

  • adeedew

    Any opinion here? My dilemma get note 2 for $199 on tmobile.com and have 2 yr commitment or wait until tues and see if there is any new incentives with announcements on new plans?

    • It’s your $…. your life. ..your choice … I’d save up and but cash from t-mobile or or Craigslist/ebay or get the s4 with a stylus lol

      • adeedew

        Thanks the the lifelesson. Stylus?!

  • Let’s hope they are announcing more cities than the two. ……

  • scsa852k@gmail.com

    It’s funny how T-Mo always hide those little companies from the device name.

    It’s SAMSUNG Galaxy this Galaxy that, but it’s always T-MOBILE SONIC, T-MOBILE MYTOUCH etc..

    Poor Huawei and ZTE.. Can’t even have their company names on their products.

    • Mirad77

      Sonic and MyTouch are registered trade mark of T-Mobile. Just like we all know LG made the Nexus 4 but we call it Google Nexus 4 not LG Nexus 4.

    • Jdog25

      HTC’s whole business used to be like that a few years ago.