T-Mobile Announces March 26th Special Event, New Rate Plan Announcement Coming?



T-Mobile’s sending out invites for a special event on March 26th where it’s expected to announce UNcarrier news. All Things D reports that T-Mobile reps declined to comment on specifics, but we expect we’ll see UNcarrier and rate plan related news. It’s also possible we could see plenty of talk on pending LTE launches and if we’re lucky, news on the release of the iPhone. However, smart money is no Apple news at this particular event with a heavy focus on the company’s UNcarrier strategy moving forward.

The message here is loud and clear, T-Mobile’s not going to act like the typical wireless company anymore. No contracts? Check. One size fits all rate plans? Check. Monthly equipment installments? Check.

Place your bets, what will T-Mobile talk about?

All Things D

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  • Qbancelli

    LTE Launch?

  • Eric

    I sent this in to tmonews.
    iPhone 5 with LTE!

    • superg05

      screen shot or it didn’t happen

    • TyRetr0

      I believe you I bet they focus on the network and new plans and the iPhone would be the “last but not least” kinda announcement at the end. But while will they even have the event just for the new plans? The plans start a few days before and metro pcs shareholders haven’t approved the merger.

  • Freddie Lopez

    LTE talk, coverage talk, Metro PCS talk, trash talk, new plans, future of T-Mobile, and HTC One & SGS4 release date. And possibly iPhony talk.

    My personal favorite. Waiting for the trash talk like last time. Was pretty good.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Lololol. The Iclone or Isheep you mean. :)

      • AndroidProfit

        There needs to be a new mental illness for those of you that take the iPhone so personally.

      • Coolman

        ivibrator. Good for many things.

    • Marc Klein

      Maybe they are announcing the iPhone?

  • hopefully the LTE rollout date for Dallas :)

  • CPPCrispy

    I would like to hear something about upgrades to EDGE areas. It probably won’t happen but I would still like to hear something about it.

    • You almost have to take that in your own hands and get to a regional manager to do that. There are 3G expansions going on, mainly where old equipment is going to kick the dirt.

      • bob90210

        Did you just suggest that we should go smash a bunch of EDGE equipment to force T-Mobile to upgrade the equipment? ;-)

        • Nick


        • superg05

          its not a bad idea and this is America the land you can by an rpg or assault riffle from wal-mart i would go with a high powered laser though as it will reach the top for sure

        • No I didn’t. Come on guys. :)

        • TayshaunBoba

          I know you’re kidding but in reality, even if you did that, they would actually replace it with 3G equipment but keep broadcasting EDGE because the backhaul in most rural areas simply doesn’t exist or is too expensive to pipe out to each cell.

        • M42

          Really? Then why has every other carrier upgraded these areas?

        • TayshaunBoba

          AT&T and Verizon are often the ILEC’s in those areas and when they need fiber or ethernet, they call up the wired division of their company and get some. As for Sprint, do a speedtest on their rural 3G network and you’ll see it’s still being fed by T1 or microwave.

        • samsavoy

          This is becoming more and more rare. I’d bet there’s fiber available at 95% of their EDGE sites. Heck, some of their “4G” sites are fed by a single T1 line.

          Their poor network is cyclical in nature: Don’t upgrade suburbs -> Customers leave for other carrier -> Nobody is using the network -> Don’t upgrade suburbs. If Verizon and AT&T used this logic, cell phones would be useless in this country.

        • TayshaunBoba

          Is that right? I remember hearing Tmo’s CTO say they only call markets 4G when all of the cell sites have at least fiber or ethernet backhaul to support them. Perhaps there are some exceptions then.

        • samsavoy

          I may or may not have thought about that before.

    • tk1015

      I agree.. they’re ridiculous. Actually in my area they claim to have at least 3G but there is only EDGE. They need to get with the program and start upgrading before they see their customers leaving their network not only for the iPhone but because of their antiquated towers and their slow as molasses upgrading times.

      • M42

        In my area the reps will show you fake maps indicating the entire area is blanked in 4g when in fact its EDGE. When you go back and point this out they have an excuse – “well it’s coming soon. These maps show the upgrades that will be turned on any day now.” That was one year ago and not one tower has been upgraded.

    • TmoJohnstownCustomer

      I hear ya, I live
      in exclusively EDGE and GPRS. The GPRS tower I live near was upgraded to EDGE
      about 2 months ago. I was able to find that TMO has build permits on several of
      the neighboring GPRS towers that are registered with the FCC to modify (first time
      since 1997 and 1998!). I wish I could find out what the plan is. Will they
      enable 4G once all the towers are upgraded? Most of the towers are right next
      to towers with the other big 3 carriers. I couldn’t find any info on the towers
      that have been EDGE for years since they are not registered with the FCC and/or
      are located on towers not owned by TMO (although all the local towers were sold
      to Crown Castle, I found them on Tmobiletowers prior to the sale). I understand
      that we probably don’t have the backhaul for LTE speeds yet (even though
      Verizon is advertising LTE here) but we should at least get HSPA/HSPA+. I would
      be perfectly happy with 21mb/s (theoretical) compared to my current
      “upgraded” EDGE speed of around 120kb/s (220 theoretical). At least
      it isn’t GPRS anymore. GPRS=unusable. Lots of people here would love to switch
      to TMO, but EDGE speeds are a major turn off. I’ve been with them for over six
      years and have been very satisfied overall. Unfortunately, with smart phones
      taking over the market, TMO cannot allow so much of its network to remain on
      EDGE or their churn will not improve.

    • Rick Rudge

      CPPCrispy: Check out the 3rd party 3G Map at: www dot airportal dot de for your area. Best of luck.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Goodness. I hope they talk about releasing their 4G LTE network already. I’m tired of using my cheap Wi-Fi connection to stream Netflix and download games. T-Mobile advertised the Blackberry Z10 to have LTE on board. Now if I am not mistaken, I read somewhere that T-Mobile changed that and said LTE ready not on board anymore. Come on T-Mobile, you’re the last U.S. carrier to get 4G LTE. If they try hard enough, they can knock Sprint out of third place and take their spot. In 4G LTE speeds, we’ll see if they will be faster than AT&T and Verizon.

    • Dakota

      I never understand why they aren’t ahead of T-Mobile when all I read about on blogs is how poor Sprints network is.

      • iansltx

        Blogs are deceiving. NYC is over-represented, and that’s where Sprint LTE is under-represented now. T-Mobile still has HSPA+ in more places than Sprint has LTE, but that won’t be the case in a year.

        DISCLAIMER: Sprint is my main phone. My Nexus 4 has a 5GB data-only plan with TMo. Sprint has LTE where I need it most (outside town)…and T-Mobile has GPRS there. GPRS!

      • I don’t understand either. Sprint easily has the worst network of the four carriers. 3G speeds that are about the same as AT&T and T-Mobile Edge data.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Lol. Sprint shouldn’t even be counted as a carrier. They are horrible. And they’re trying to offer Metro PCS a better deal than T-Mobile because they know when the T-Mobile and Metro PCS merge goes through, T-Mobile will be working hard on their spectrum and bring in new costumers including the ones they lost last year. Sprint is scared of T-Mobile. T-Mobile, shut Sprint down. What good is unlimited 4G LTE on Sprint if you barely have 4G LTE anywhere and when you do have it, it’s slower then 2G lololol.

        • M42

          Nobody’s worse than T-Mobile.

        • So why are you here?

        • Lol your trolling Sprint on a T-Mobile blog. So who are you trying to piss off here, Mister 4th place carrier customer?

        • mothasucka

          You apparently…at the end of the day sprint still sucks. People I am friends with use it and their calls drop all the time and their internet is like 56k dialup. Its embarrassing.

          Just because something is popular doesn’t mean its good.

          It ain’t trollin’ if its the truth.

      • NYCTheBronx

        Rofl. They made Sprint 3rd place because they got about 10,000 more subscribers than T-Mobile. It’s not the quantity that matters. Is the quality that does. Sprint is a horrible carrier. Now I understand why my dad left them years ago lol. They barely have less than 5 4G LTE towers in America. Even my Edge is faster sometimes in some areas then Sprint’s 3G. T-Mobile should be third. And when T-Mobile’s 4G LTE comes out, let’s see if AT&T and Verizon will still keep those spots as 2nd and 1st. We just got a taste of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE trial today hitting close to 70mbps. While I hear no one else here in the west coast hit over 70mbps on AT&It’s network and they’re ranked as the 2nd best carrier lol. Supposedly I hear people in some parts of NYC are getting 70mbps on AT&it’s 4G LTE network. Today was only a taste and concept of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE speed test. Imagine how it would look it T-Mobile officially releases 4G LTE. All I can say is, see you in the dust Sprint. Lol.

    • M42

      I wouldn’t get too excited about the LTE network. It’s only going to be in two cities.

  • thepanttherlady

    If the blackout previously discussed is still happening, I’m sticking to my guess that the iPhone will be here. :)

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      My guess is we will see an official release date for the z10 and T-mobile Sonic. I think a big discussion will be LTE support.

      As an iPhone 3GS user, an Apple announcement would be cool, too! I am seriously considering jumping ship to the z10, but I wanna play with it first. If I knew the z10 would have UMA, I would have most likely preordered!

  • macman37

    I’m betting that the major announcements will be when T-Mobile become an official carrier and when their subscribers can buy the iPhone, LTE-Advanced deployment and its’ performance, and clarification on their new pricing plans.

    • Ur not getting LTE-Advanced on T-Mobile anytime soon so stop it! VZW will be the first to launch it.

      • macman37

        You obviously don’t read a lot of tech news websites like cnet, phonescoop, do you? If you did, you would have read that when T-Mobile launches their LTE, it will be LTE-Advanced {aka “LTE Release 10”}. It’s been in at least 3 articles here on tmonews.com; so get with the program before you start shooting down other people’s comments you haircut needing skinny monkey!

        • KAWKAW

          ROFLSAURUS REX!!!

  • Dakota

    Hope there are no Broadway actors

    • pug_ster

      I doubt it. They can’t afford it.

  • Whitney

    Please be the iphone.

    • It’s not the iPhone. The iPhone is coming in April. It’s the UNCarrier stuff.

      Edit: It may possibly be the iPhone announcement, UN-Carrier goes live on the 24th I believe.

      • eanfoso

        25th, at least here in the Houston market and with my regional manager

  • AC

    Maybe announce HTC One S software update for 2016… yay!!!… another 3 years to go…

  • TyRetr0

    iPhone? Please

  • GinaDee

    Hopefully they’ll upgrade the GSM only and GPRS sites to EDGE. I know I’m asking for a lot but if we’re not getting 3G at least get us EDGE? ;-( That should bring us to 2002 technology standards.

    • superg05

      use root metrics coverage maps to test your area it will probably fail but that data will be sent to tmobile even if its just a blip try it on the hopes they take notice they also has a feedback thing where you can send comments to be shared likely with t-mobile there suppose to be doing a big push to free up spectrum from edge
      if you use comments say one of the biggest complaints about tmobile is this ect.. and if they did this ect it would be great….

  • Impatient One

    Get on with the official release of the BlackBerry Z10 already!

    • NYCTheBronx

      March 27. Read a few of David’s post back. It’s even being advertised on the T-Mobile website.

      • Impatient One

        The T-Mobile website only says “coming soon”, and they havn’t even started taking “preorders” (for non-business customers) like AT&T or Verizon yet…boo.

  • eanfoso

    Our managers had a meeting today about the uncarrier with our regional manager, only thing I got is that our Houston market, and bbz10 and the uncarrier plans take off March 25th

    • NYCTheBronx

      Thanks for informing us.

  • urmom

    Tmobile is going downhill. Worked for them for the past few years and started strong and now I feel like we are cricket. Never will pass sprint for third place.

    • eanfoso

      What kind of ghetto region do you work? And if you’re in sales you’re not doing your job

      • urmom

        And if your in sales you are blind!

    • NYCTheBronx

      How do you know? They’re progressing at least unlike Sprint. Spring barely has any 4G LTE towers up and most of them are in the east coast where AT&t’s 4G LTE reigns. Come on man. Just because Sprint has a few more subscribers than T-Mobile doesn’t mean they deserve third place. Or them yo even be called a major U.S. carrier. There’s barely any 4G LTE, they charge hidden fees and they’re 4G LTE network is really really slow. T-Mobile doesn’t have 4G LTE yet and we’re able to get 42mbps. Even AT&T and Verizon has better speed than Sprint when they fall off 4G LTE. Heck, even when I’m on Edge l, its still faster than Sprint’s 3G. Don’t know what T-Mobile you work for but when I walk in different T-Mobile stores, every staff member are courteous and are always helping out the customer. Excellent customer service. And I live in a city where we’re ranked as top 3 or 6 in best transportation in California and that there’s gang violence rising dramatically here with new murder rates every year. The T-Mobile stores here aren’t even ghetto lol.

      • SouthernBlackNerd

        NewCo has 42 million subscribers. Sprint has 56 million. that is more than just a few. They are in third place, because they have more subscribers. You do realize that 1st, 2nd, 3rd,… are based on number of subscribers right?

        I do not believe sprint cares about the LTE speed wars, especially since with Clearwire, they could blast every other carrier out of the water and offer True 4G.

      • M42

        As somebody who’s on Edge 90% of the time I can tell you it is nowhere as fast as Sprint’s 3G. T-Mobiles Edge stinks. I’ve done the root metrics test and get about 37 KPS download. Not fast enough to download email with a one page attachment. The email server times out. Does that sound useable to you?

    • Richard Yarrell

      Been on Sprint with my Evo 4g and Evo 3d kicked them to the curb. Been on Verizon with my Lg Revolution and Galaxy Nexus kicked them to the curb too. Now I am on tmobile with my Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 and will also have the Galaxy Note 3 eventually. Tmobile pimp slaps Sprint so easily and makes Verizon useless as well.

      • galaxydude

        That’s the truth i did same thing Richard did pis on them other

      • JustSaying

        Sprint has been around longer than T-Mobile, right? If that is the case then I don’t see why Sprint’s “native” coverage is SO small.. in many places T-Mobile has more native coverage than Sprint does according to the maps.. It just seems like Sprint’s entire network is roaming.. I have read stories about people having their Sprint service shut down because of excessive roaming. People don’t realize when signing up with any network that you can only use your “unlimited” services ONLY on the native network.

      • What does your phones have to do with the fact that T-Mobile will NEVER pass Sprint for 3rd place?

    • TyRetr0

      It seems like they to be a budget carrier which is cool and all but I know some people who will never get Metro PCS or Cricket based on them being they “budget” or “ghetto” cellphone company. Look at Verizon they had a record quarter and you can’t get a plan cheaper than $90 most consumers dont mind the high price for the latest and greatest and a high quality network.

  • James!

    This seems like a pretty obvious set up to switch to the end of contract offerings. No contract for everyone.

    If you were expecting something more interesting, sfyl.

  • James

    I hope they update their coverage maps online! I hate having 3G and 4G being mixed on there, and hopfuly T-Mobile will surprise us and Launch 4G LTE in a handful of cities……I hope Dallas is one of them ;)

    • superg05

      it is what information does your tower say mine say 21mbps network i use an app called network info

    • Rudy Belova

      i don’t even bother looking on there to see if it was 3g or 4g. Half the time it’s wrong anyway. (Usually for the better).

  • AndroidProfit

    T-Mobile trying to act as if they are a knight with shining armour riding in on their white horse makes me vomit. They must truly think that consumers have theI IQ of a house plant.

    • Jose Hernandez

      If you hate T-Mobile so bad that you vomit when they make an announcement, why are you here? should you not be with a carrier that does not make you loose your lunch? When AT&T or Verizon do the same, do you Vomit when they do? I don’t get it. If you are this unhappy, they leave and be happy some other place.

  • AlaJoe

    Tmo needs to hold off on the iPhone release. I am currently with ATT and was ready to jump ship to Tmo because of the value plans being half the cost of my ATT plan. I went and signed up for a month of prepaid with TMO just to try it out. Cost me $60. I am glad I did. TMO in the Birmingham Alabama area for an iPhone is horrible. I took a trip a week ago that took me on an about 200 mile round trip from my house in Alabaster, Al to Gadsden, Al then to Lincoln, Al and then back home. I had two iPhone’s with me. My sons iPhone 5 on ATT and my iPhone 4 on TMO. With my sons iPhone 5 I was on LTE 80% of the trip and the rest of the time on 3 or 4 g. With my iPhone 4 and a Tmo sim I was on 3G 10% of the time Edge 75 % of the time and roaming or no service the remaining 15 % of the time.
    I think TMO should hold off a lot longer for the iPhone because I would have been major unhappy if I had agreed to a two year deal with a brand new iPhone 5 and stuck on edge the biggest part of the time

    • If it is an iphone built specifically for T-Mobile then I would assume that it will run on the 4G network and eliminate most of your issues. You were relying on the refarmed network, which is definitely not optimal when comparing carriers.

      • It isn’t a “T-Mobile iPhone,” Joe simply traveled to areas that have not yet been refarmed. Apple doesn’t make special order phones for no one. Even China Mobile who has more subscribers than there are people in the United States cannot get Apple to budge in their direction.

        • I understand. I was simply speculating on what a iPhone T-Mobile would hopefully be capable of.

        • Hmmmmm….iPhone for T-Mobile compatible with T-Mobile 4G. Check the press release….

      • JustSaying

        I’ve heard T-Mobile is getting an iPhone that is basically unchanged.. so people would only be able to use HSPA+ in areas that have been refarmed… I hope this isn’t true though..

    • dunnsantee

      “I was ready to jump ship to Tmo because of the value plans being half the cost of my ATT plan” Did you expect the same service for half the price? Good idea though to try it out first…

    • macman37

      If your prepaid account hasn’t expired yet, download the Root Metrics Coverage Map app and report the results to T-Mobile. You won’t be consuming any of your data plan.

  • MatthewMurawski

    Am I going to be able to keep my existing $30 monthly4G plan. And will this plan work on LTE?

  • TyRetr0

    I don’t mind having a contract.. I actually prefer contracts it helps raise your credit score seems like these plans won’t

    • Tmorep

      None of that information is true. Literally none of it.

      • TyRetr0

        Are you sure … Bro?

        • smylax

          Tmorep is correct. CRT24 has the best explanation, look above.

    • guest

      Cell phones are not revolving credit accounts. They do not report to the credit agencies and do not increase your credit score. They do not report monthly… unless your account is past due. Credit checks count as a hard inquiry on your credit report and stay on there for 2 years, which can actually lower your score. Contracts themselves do not report to credit.. However, EIP installment plans might report as a retail account as it is a line of credit.

      • CRT24

        Credit checks run for mobile phones are considered soft hits and the only time a cell phone bill can impact your credit is if your account is cancelled with a balance that is never paid. Installment plans will also have zero impact on your credit score, unless of course you dont pay it off and that balance is written off and turned over to collections as well.

      • TyRetr0

        Thanks for the heads up

    • Lmao your credit is in danger with your intellect

      • TyRetr0

        that makes no sense o_0

    • corepreacher

      Contacts nothing for credit except hurt it if you don’t pay your bill and it goes to collections

  • Mystery Man

    Family Value plan should be

    $80 for 2 lines with 500mb (aka i dont pay for data i get 500mb free)

    $100 for 2 lines with 2gb (or 2.5gb) just like its always been

    • corepreacher

      Thats what it will be

  • Little T

    I would like taxes and fees included in the 1 price you pay per month. Just like the MetroPCS pricing.

    • Get_at_Me

      That isn’t possible on a nationwide scale because taxes are different in each state. Actual prepaid plan pricing can vary county by county based on sales tax percent. In my store, we bundle taxes and fees into the cost, so the customer knows what to expect from their bill.

  • Impatient Waiter

    I am 100% sure that it’s Tmobile announcing the UNCarrier plans. Why you ask? Well I’ve talked to 5 different managers of 5 different tmobile stores and they have all said the same thing when I ask about the UNCarrier plans, they all say just wait until March 26th, more info will be released then.

    • Whitney

      Someone mention the 25th

  • Tman071386

    This shit shuldnt be online. the fact that tmobile hasnt put a stop to this site is beyond sad. Take this shit down.

  • All or nothing T-Mobile, I got cha

  • Saad Akhtar

    I know chances are little, but I’m really hoping for something iphone related.

  • Jays_on

    Tmo starts carrying iPhone April 1st.

    • JustSaying

      is there a source you got this information from? :) sounds good though!

      • Jays_on

        Yes, was in my local tmo store and the rep I know was on the phone with management and said the date is confirmed.

    • Get_at_Me

      it isn’t April Fools yet…lol

    • just me

      Is that a preemptive April Fool’s Day joke? Lol

      • macman37

        John Legere said in January 2013 that T-Mobile USA would carry and sell the iPhone in 3 to 4 months. That makes April being the earliest; so he may be correct.

  • mustangD

    We aren’t going to act like one..EXCEPT!!! AT INDIRECT DEALERS!!! YAY YOU FING HYPOCRITES

    • smylax

      Wow… hard to find a more uneducated comment than this…

  • mustangD

    Ive been at tmobile for years and they cant get anything right not even “Uncarrier”. They make a statement that they wont act like everyone else except they forgot to mention classic plans still exist at indirect channels. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

    • Get_at_Me

      The existing subsidy sales model works well for indirects. TMO’s new model does not. In order to maintain relationships with indirects, TMO most likely had to keep the subsidy model for them. I would love for them to adopt TMO’s new model just for the sake of consistency.

  • Marc Klein

    Usually my company sends me to these things (Since they know I like covering them) But we will be closed next week and won’t reopen till the following week. Ah well. What are ya gonna do?

  • JustSaying

    I know a lot of people say T-Mobile’s “4G” is not real 4G but isn’t Verizon’s and Sprint’s 3G just a faster version of their 1X network? is it really “3G”?

    • UMA_Fan

      No and ‘fake 4G’ is the stupidest recurring discussion to take place on the internet.

    • it is really just 3.5g for any LTE network before the defining revisions the only ones capable of 4g was LTE-Advanced which actually I don’t believe is deployed yet

  • steveb944

    Please oh please announce LTE markets!

  • MoneySmart

    I just changed my plan after this news (it was even worth paying the $50 migration fee). There are two lines on my account and we never come close to 1000 min a month. We use data to text (google voice) but don’t need more than 2gb high speed data a month. I just changed to the value plan for $60 a month before it is no longer available. If I would have waited til after the 26th that plan would no longer be available and my bill would be $100.

  • Anon6307

    Good thing I chose a GALAXY Note II that comes with LTE, instead of having 3 GALAXY SIII’s with no LTE! I feel bad for you brother, mom, and dad.

  • SmartMoney

    I just changed my plan after this news (it was even worth paying the $50 migration fee). There are two lines on my account and we never come close to 1000 min a month. We use data to text (google voice) but don’t need more than 2gb high speed data a month. I just changed to the value plan for $60 a month before it is no longer available. If I would have waited til after the 26th that plan would be $100.

  • thebadguy

    IM LTE READY!!!! MY Nokia Lumia 920 is lte ready I can unlock it may 9th then mobile here I come!!!!!!!

  • I spoke with someone from tmo and they told me on the 26th they were setting up a new plan for current classic plan holders and grandfathered plan holders to switch over to value plans. No migration fees will occur and from what I remember he said that one was a family plan, 100$ for talk and text unlimited and each phone had 500mb of data high-speed. I don’t know if it’s extra fees for each line (5$ additional lines after two I mean) though I know that you can have extra data monthly in increments of 2gb/10$. I think I might be going for it as it will save me lots of money.

  • miney

    I am rep a store in maryland saw the new value plans today 3 lines unlimited talk text data 100 bucks a mint eip 20 for 3 phones 160 incredible tmobile is changing the game .

  • wazmo

    Hope everyone’s paying attention here…

    When you do a Value plan, your data roaming goes kaput / capped at 30 MB.

  • Mystery Man

    When T-mobile announces their UNCARRIER plan will my
    current value plan contract end as in I can get out of it without paying

  • Anthony Tarantino

    I just signed up for a 2-year contract for Unlimited 4G, now you’re telling me this plan is being abandoned? I’m all for the no-contract approach, but I’m not paying full-price for a smartphone upfront.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    Sprint has been around forever, so how were they surpassed by Verizon, which is a much newer company?