HTC One Release Date Delays Caused By Component Shortages?


Reports of delays surrounding the HTC One have been around for a week or so and now, according to the Wall Street Journal we’re finding out why. According to the WSJ report, component shortages have forced the manufacturer to push back the timetable for its flagship release. Except, that’s not the whole story. According to one unnamed HTC exec, these shortages are in part caused by suppliers no longer looking at HTC as a “tier-one” customer due to HTC’s troubles last year.

“The company has a problem managing its component suppliers as it has changed its order forecasts drastically and frequently following last year’s unexpected slump in shipments,” said an HTC executive. “HTC has had difficulty in securing adequate camera components as it is no longer a tier-one customer.”

With Apple and Samsung grabbing the lion’s share of the smartphone market, HTC’s 4.6% position in the market place doesn’t offer it a whole lot of bargaining power.

“We…are working tirelessly with all of our channel partners to ensure that we can fulfill as many orders as possible. We will start fulfilling pre-orders by the end of March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April,” HTC Chief Marketing Officer Benjamin Ho said in a statement.

The success of the HTC One will weigh heavily on CEO Peter Chou’s shoulders who told senior execs in late 2012 that he would step down if the new smartphone doesn’t succeed. To that end, HTC is certainly stepping up it’s efforts to highlight the craftsmanship behind the One against the likes of Samsung with plenty of social media fodder. Will it work out in the end for HTC? We certainly won’t know until both the Galaxy S 4 and HTC One are on the shelf and even with this delay, we should still that day happen sometime in the next month and a half.

Wall Street Journal


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  • Matthew Mueller

    Sounds like they didn’t expect it to be so popular?

    • NYCTheBronx

      Sounds like they knew all along.

  • cielomoreno127

    Hmmm, even the suppliers don’t wanna deal with em.

  • Get_at_Me

    This is bad news for HTC. They had an opportunity to get a head start in the next gen smartphone race.

  • Deadeye37

    I’m hoping that the HTC One succeeds. We need more smartphone competition to give Samsung and Apple a run for their money. More competition leads to more innovation. Especially when that competition is stiff!

    This phone looks sexy! I was due for an upgrade, I might pick this phone over the SGS4. Its a hard choice to make, though. Looks & materials definitely goes to HTC, while software goes to Samsung. Hardware is a tough one to call, but it hurts HTC to not have a microSD slot and removable battery.

    I just hope HTC really steps up their marketing game and puts out some good commercials instead of little cheesy ones that makes everyone go ‘meh’.

    • Quan Bui

      I agree. Regardless if you like iPhone, Galaxy S, blah blah, we need healthy competition. That’s one of the reasons I’ll be getting the HTC One. In a world without competition… well… just look at our internet providers =( In my area, it’s Comcast’s shitty internet, or Verizon’s shittier DSL. There’s no need for Comcast to up their internet speeds because competition does not dictate that it has to. Likewise, if Samsung has no real competition, then what’s the point of them making their phones more awesome every year?

    • Jake Larson

      no removable battery and no SD card. no F’n way would I buy this phone just on those 2 reasons alone!

      • agreed

      • Greg

        I understand the no sd card being a bummer, but cloud storage is quickly making sd cards irrelevant anyway. As for the battery, I am glad it is not removable because when the battery goes out a year down the road I can just walk in a T-mobile store and have them order me a whole new phone under the warranty because they cant remove it and tell if it is the phone or the battery. With phones that have a removable battery they just put another one in and if it works they say “oh, your battery is bad and it only has a 90 day warranty so you need to purchase a new one.” You will also get the complete phone including the back and battery anytime you do a warranty exchange with this phone as opposed to just the core device being exchanged with other models that have a removable back and battery.

        • F’ cloud storage. So when I’m roaming I can only access 50mb of that storage because of T-mobile’s limit on roaming data. What’s the use of cloud storage is you’re limited on the data? Why not have cloud and local storage? No micro SD means a no go for me, and HTC is at/near the back of the pack with battery life. When you can’t do battery life well then you need to give the option of having a backup, like I do with my Amaze.

    • Sergio Cardoso

      I agree!

  • Get_at_Me

    I can understand why suppliers may be reluctant to deal with HTC given their past, but HTC is going “all in” on this device. Can anyone remember when and if HTC has ever launched a single device among US carriers? This should send a signal to suppliers that HTC means business this time. Exclusivity deals are a thing of the past…HTC has learned that the hard way with Galaxy devices and Iphones being readily available on pretty much every carrier.

    • Spanky

      If HTC was going “all in” with this phone, wouldn’t they at least include the latest version of Android? They make quality devices, but sometimes I wonder what they are thinking.

      • Get_at_Me

        Look how modified their new version of Android is. Maybe they started development on it before 4.2 was available. Thats the only thing that makes sense. Meanwhile, the gs4 will launch with 4.2. From what ive seen in the gs4, the core software is very similar to the s3 and note 2. Going from 4.1 to 4.2 would seem to be a more natural transition for samsung.

  • sidekicker

    I hope T-Mobile still launches the One before other carriers even with the delay!

  • ecdy

    This is a pity, because HTC makes quality hardware: I have a Nexus One and an HTC One S (rooted, without Sense) and they are robust, reliable, and look good. HTC went wrong with its emphasis on Sense; I’d really love to have an HTC One Nexus.

  • cisco03

    I remember as little as 2 years ago, android phones were synonymous as being an HTC phone. People would ask if my G2x was an HTC, but where HTC blames marketing for their failures, its actually their abandonment of the development side of things. Locked bootloaders, and now lack of sd card and removable batteries also contributes to their downfall. They act as if they forgot that the best marketing out there is word of mouth, as a tech geek, many of my friends last year asked me what the best phone on the market was and I answered Galaxy SIII every single time, and I also let them play with my phone for a bit, and sure enough come next week, they had their own to play with now.

    • M42

      And in that time frame RIM had around 20% market share with their Blackberry phones. Look how far they’ve fallen too. As others have said competition is good for the industry and especially for the consumer. I for one hope Blackberry makes a come back with its new phone as well as HTC. I even with Apple would update its IOS and come out with a game changer in the next iPhone.

      • Blackberry has changed but the changes that led to the downfall of HTC are continuing.

  • Thomas Vu

    Wasn’t this reported already and mentioned that it wouldn’t affect US sales?

    • nd

      yes. The USA looks to be fine from all reports. Plus, if you look at the carrier sites advertising the Htc one and the $100 rebate, it says you must purchase by March 31…so we should be good

      • du22ty

        According to HTC’s President of Global Sales and Marketing the USA target date is Mid April.

        • du22ty

          Also the rebate page states you must purchase and activate a new HTC OneTM by April 26, 2013, not March 31.

        • thepanttherlady

          I think the OP may have been referencing this page:

          As of now it still shows 3/31/13.

        • du22ty

          Perhaps but that page links to the one saying 4/26. T-Mobile hasn’t updated their page.

        • thepanttherlady

          I agree with you.

          Unfortunately, not everyone will click the other link, they’ll just look at the main page. Case in point, the post we responded to. :)

          I’m sure T-Mobile will get it corrected soon enough so there won’t be questions.

        • poseidon5213

          LMFAO thats the same day the Galaxy s4 goes on sale.

      • Incorrect.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Could you please post a link to the correct information. I also had heard that the US would be ok with supply. If this is not right, we would like to know. Can you post a link to the corrected information please?

        • du22ty

          Nothing as far an official statement but this guy is pretty far up in the HTC food chain. Here is his tweet.

          Noah Kravitz @noahkravitz

          @JasonMacHTC I’ve read various reports about production and carrier certification issues re: One shipping in the US. Any target date?

          Jason Mackenzie @JasonMacHTC

          @noahkravitz no cert issues. Our best performing phone ever in labs. Now about building & getting to customers hands asap. Expect mid April

  • Whiskers

    Does’nt matter to me , when it does come to T-Mobile i’m jumping on it since it’s the only phone i’m interested in so far.
    I bet the front facing speakers will be awesome.

  • Spanky

    HTC just can’t catch a break. First, they will release the One with an outdated version of Android (4.1.2), now there’s a production delay. By the time this phone comes out, the GS4 (with Android 4.2.1) will be out. Peter Chou should start packing. It’s a shame, too…HTC makes good devices.

    • fixxmyhead

      s4 has 4.2.2

      • Spanky

        I stand corrected. This only makes the situation worse for HTC, as the One (at least the U.S. version) probably won’t see 4.2.2 until the end of the year, considering carrier meddling. Why get a brand new phone with outdated software? I wouldn’t even consider it because of this.

    • g2a5b0e

      The S4 will actually have 4.2.2. The absolute latest version.

  • well we know it’ll be before April 16 at least … and i hope it’s in black too on TMO.

  • CalicoKJ

    Still interested to see this side-by-side with the S4. I have a major bias towards HTC, but I have to admit I’m concerned about the no removable battery. The lack of SD card to me isn’t as critical, since the phone is supposed to come in both 32 and 64GB flavors, but I know to others it is. I can’t upgrade until May, so a delay to April isn’t that concerning. Really hoping this phone helps lift HTC back up.

  • souggie

    Shouldn’t have talked about the s4 before they handled their own supply issues

  • ND

    had the s3, now the note 2….i will be getting the tmobile HTC. This phone will be a hit with some advertising dollars thrown behind it. Build a great phone, have one flagship variant across all major carriers, and advertise.

  • M42

    Sad to see their suppliers treating HTC this way. I hope they can make a come back with the HTC One.

  • Weezy

    If its screen were as big(=+) my Note2, I would have considered purchasing it.

  • Oh, you’re finally reporting on this? Hope Samsung’s OK with it; did you check with them?

    • Jose Hernandez

      And what is that supposed to mean?

      • poseidon5213

        I think he’s trynna say Tmo news is bias towards samsung.

  • Glad I’m not waiting on it, but I feel for those that are. The HTC One S is a great phone!

  • Damn. I don’t want to see a man lose his job! To many credulous people to see the fodder Sam sung is doing. I guess I get to save some money this year the note three won’t be worth the money from a note two Lolo

  • James

    This is really bad for HTC because Samsung may steal all the spotlight when they relase the s4 and people would forget about HTC one and not buy it!

  • I think it would benefit companies like HTC to release devices at the.299 349 price point like the nexus 4. Perhaps you can’t call it a nexus but you can keep out stock….duh……..saves time all you doing is making the hardware and giving current android. Until there’s a way skins can be added optionally should they be on devices

  • Sharklover

    This phone is the same size as the SG4 and weighs more with a smaller screen, smaller non removable battery and no expandable memory. My guess is SG4 will sell at least 30 to 1 of these. Best feature is speakers on the front but I will take larger screen over it. I will be getting an SG4. I have an SG3 and had the HTC 1 for a short while before that. I thought it was funnay that HTC was bashing Samsung thinking that this phone is better. Lets hope HTC can stay in business.

    • you’re more than likely right .. it’ll outsellthe One by a large margin .. funny i never thought about the size until you put it in perspective . it weighs more even thought it’s smaller.

      • Hamza

        That’s mainly because Samsung uses cheap plastic (which obviously weighs less) compared to HTC which uses a higher quality,better built aluminum unibody design.

        • another good point lol … i’m so undecided now .. but i think my hate of Touchwiz will sway me to the One.

        • superg05

          Samsung phones are mostly stock now not really a good reason to pick one over the other with all the launcher screen replacements i like HTC there phones are nice but they have been messing with application compatibility in android to the point some wont work on them. they screw with it so much its basically as locked down as an apple device basically there own fork of android on my sensation and amaze i could not even add a custom ring tone applications like ring extended did not work. wrote to them since the sensation 4g was released in there feedback page area got a thanks for the feedback we will consider it nothing happened was even worse on amaze the difference between htc and Samsung is htc listens and ignores what its customers say from give us more choice to please stop exclusives , Samsung on the other hand listens and acts on it and give to tons of features to go with the fancy new hardware inside htc does not like there not even trying

        • “Cheap” has more than one meaning. Yes the plastic is cost superior to aluminum but it is quality in terms of what it does in protecting the phone and internals while offering a lower price point and faster production rate to consumers. It doesn’t have the same awe factor as an aluminum body but that doesn’t make it any less of a quality built product. The term you were looking for is aesthetics and yes aluminum is aesthetically superior (at least so far as we’ve seen.)

    • ant

      aluminum or whatever htc use weigh more than plastic

    • Britt

      I actually like that it weighs more. It won’t feel like I’m holding something flimsy and fragile

  • poseidon5213

    Game over HTC

  • I’m probably going to buy the SGS4 but the HTC One is also a great phone and I want to see HTC succeed. My first Android phone was the Nexus One, I still have 3 of them, two for T-Mobile and one for AT&T, I have all the extras including the charging port. To me that phone was the perfect shape, felt so good in the hand, it still does. I would like nothing more than to see that same shape come back with the home button(ball) just with a larger screen. That would sell like hot cakes. The more great phones out there the more these companies dig deep and continue to improve.

    • superg05

      with any luck trackballs are going to stay where they belong on a mouse

  • Napster87

    what bothers me is that the HTC One will lose all its hype before it’s even released. I was extremely excited when it was announced but now there’s other phones that have been announced since. HTC’s big advantage was that this would have come first. I don’t want HTC to go under but they’re not doing much to help themselves.

  • lhernana2j

    I am ok with 2g of memory and 32 of storage. My Sensation is fine and I never use all of the storage. I will give this phone a chance. Samsungs S series are getting redundant just like the iPhone. This phone just ooozes quakity and style. Eagerly waiting for the release!!!!

  • that’s what they get for making fun of samsung plastic bodies, im not being biased but because samsung uses the plastic body it can make more, aluminum is limited when coming to phones, so htc one looks nice but from past experiences with htc, i will take my chances with samsung. and lg is out of the picture

  • superg05

    HA HA TROLLS i find it amusing they where talking all this stuff about Samsung and the Galaxy S4
    sweep around your own front porch before you try to sweep around mine is probably what Samsung is playing loudly using group play on the galaxy S4 about now….

  • V_i_m

    I’m hoping HTC succeeds, but I fear that once again they’re behind where they need to be. Two years ago getting their top phone onto all 4 major US carriers would have helped them fend off Samsung’s play for dominance. Last year getting their top phone onto all 4 major US carriers would have heralded a great comeback, but this year I suspect it will not be enough. Neither is great looking hardware or an “ultrapixel” camera that they can’t afford to advertise going to be enough. Too many people have switched from HTC to Samsung over the previous 2 years, and they’re unlikely to switch back without something quite a bit more compelling than this. Furthermore, too many people that experienced old HTC phones with terrible battery life are going to be understandably gun-shy about picking up a new HTC phone with a non-removable battery. And HTC still hasn’t done enough to fix its rep with the developer community, and devs have a great deal of influence over what their friends and family members purchase.

    Come on HTC, -fully- unlock your bootloaders (including S-off) like you did in the days of old, add the sd card slot back on, and make the battery removable once more. Put the camera button back on and make the EVO’s old kickstand standard on all your ONE’s. Commit to two major android updates for your top phones just as you used to do in the past. Make another Nexus with vanilla android too to build your karma with devs and android purists. You’re not Apple, you can’t afford to get away with the things Apple does. Neither are you Samsung, so you can’t afford Samsung’s marketing budget either. Remember your roots and what made you so successful in previous years. The door isn’t fully closed, but it is closing and you’re not fixing your problems fast enough.

    -A formerly dedicated HTC customer whose next phone will probably be either a Nexus or a Galaxy Note 3.

    • When did HTC give two updates to phones? The Mytouch 4G came out 2 1/2 years ago, was one of their high end phones, and only got one update, from Froyo to Gingerbread. The Mytouch 3G Slide only had one update too.

      • V_i_m

        The G1/Dream and MyTouch 3G both received two updates, although admittedly, the G1 was less work because it was vanilla android. Back then there was an announcement that HTC was committed to 18 months of software update support from initial release for their phones. These days you’re lucky if you get one buggy, half-baked update from HTC. I never thought the day would come when I’d see Samsung doing better update support than HTC, but it has.

  • eggnog

    The HTC delay has nothing to do with the aluminum body. the issue is that the suppliers of parts for the new camera apparently don’t consider HTC an important customer. this issue has caused their orders to be put behind other “tier one” customers. Samsung also has their own issues. the s4 was supposed to have a much more powerful processor but ran into problems of their ow and had to push back their original release date as well.