HTC One Takes To The Streets Right Next To Samsung’s Times Square Takeover

HTC’s clearly not wasting any opportunity to undermine Samsung, especially during their Times Square takeover with some guerrilla marketing tactics. While I stood in line and watched hired persons sporting HTC One gear pass out bottled water and hot chocolate, HTC had the One floating around Times Square just a few feet from Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 setup. Is this trolling or guerrilla marketing genius? You decide.


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  • Deadeye37

    I think that move was incredibly smart! Way to crash the party, HTC!

    Now if HTC can just get their marketing team to do some awesome national marketing & hype building…

    I’m cheering for the underdog for this round. I love my SGSIII, but I also loved my G2, which is why I’m rooting for HTC. Samsung is going to be around for a long time since they’re such a huge juggernaut. HTC already has a foot in the grave. Gotta give HTC a leg up!

    • ceegii63

      i beg ti disagree i see it more as Desperate and Sad, they cant make noise for themselves that they accept becoming the AFTER THOUGHT of Samsungs NYC Unpacked?

    • Quan Bui

      Whatever helps HTC will help keep competition in the smartphone. Healthy competition will ultimately result in better phones for the customers. So, I don’t care if people consider it “desperate” or “trolling.” In the end, I support any and all smartphone manufacturers that’s not Apple or Samsung. I know Apple and Samsung will be around for quite some time, I just hope LG, HTC, etc, will continue the battle… and that’s why I’ll be supporting the little guys.

      • gpt2010

        I agree. But I do like Samsung. Apple will never get my support.

        • retro

          I was thinking the opposite. I like most phone companies, but Samsung will never see a cent from me.

  • if i get one .. it’ll be the black one .. so if TMO doesn’t have it in black then uhhhh .. yeah.

    • jonkoz311

      t-mo better have both silver and black. i think both look great…but want to see both in person before i choose.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Do any TMO ‘ployees up in here have info on when this phone will land(?)

    • Deadeye37

      I’m not an employee, but I don’t think there’s a hard date for when this will land. That is mostly because the HTC’s supply orders are now taking a back seat to other manufacturers. So basically, they can’t get enough components fast enough to make all the phones they’re needing.

      See this article for more info:

      • All2shop

        I read that HTC One Cell Phones will be delayed in the Euro Country’s. And the US will not be delayed in getting the HTC One’s. Plus I read the release date will be 3/22/2013 Friday, but no later then 3/31/2013. Tmobile & HTC has a $100 off promotion when you buy an HTC One before 3/31/2013 and turn in your old working cell.

        • thepanttherlady

          TMobile site dates have changed:

        • All2shop

          Thnx for the info. But it still states by 3/31/2013 It’s still not to much longer. But hopefully it will be for sale 3/22/2013 (Fingers Crossed) I’m going to PePe my pants.

          Get a $100 VISA card when you pre-register to receive information on the HTC One® by 3/26, purchase your new HTC One device by 3/31, and trade-in your current, working smartphone by 4/30

        • thepanttherlady

          If you click on Terms and Conditions of the same link you provided you also see the following:

          To receive the $100 trade in value (or actual device trade in value, whichever is greater) in exchange for the Device you trade in, you must register valid email address on the HTC OneTM Upgrade site, you must purchase and activate a new HTC OneTM by April 26, 2013 and mail in your used Device with a valid Proof of Purchase of your HTC OneTM (copy of UPC or invoice/ receipt showing the IMEI) post marked by May 31, 2013.

          So it is possible based on these new dates that there may be a delay.

    • it’ll land before April 16. that’s the only definite.

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        Thanks for the info.

  • thepanttherlady

    I think this is marketing genius (and low cost) and it’s paying off. People are talking about it.

    HTC has a lot to prove at this point and they’re getting ready to bring it.

    Well, at some point. ;)

  • M42

    And LG stuck a big ad right on top of Samsung’s ad in Times Square too. Competition is good! Let the best (Android) phone win in the market!

    • Richard Yarrell

      I have to say these guy are wasting so much valuable time. Lg with it’s doof ball signs and Htc with it’s silly event crashing stunts. It’s a sad conclusion when you’re event was in January and you still haven’t brought you’re product to market. And Lg they too are useless billboards here in Manhattan cost MAJOR DOLLARS and they can’t even focus on proper updates for their handsets. Lg is a industry JOKE and Htc is so far at the bottom it’s comical.

  • rob

    Better HTC than LG to bring some attention to it’s self this year. Maybe we’ll get an HTC Nexus again after LG gets it’s second crack at it this year. If not maybe an “X” phone after Moto…

  • Mirad77

    I ain’t gonna buy this phone but if I was to buy a phone this would’ve been a turn off for me.

  • Josue

    ‘quietly brilliant’ by HTC

  • If your job was on the line you would be marketing too. What a brave CEO to put the future of his career in the hands of a device in a market overran by credulous beings

  • When they put replaceable batteries and sd cards while keeping unlocked bootloaders then this will become newsworthy. Of course the internal tech has to keep pace with everyone else too. Beautiful design yes but so is ifone and to me that’s still a bad “limited” choice.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I feel HTC needs to focus more on their own in house issues. Crashing events and talk smack when you can’t even bring your product to market as stated since January event has turned into a joke. Htc needs to worry about their own house battling Samsung is a losing battle. Htc should focus on Hauwei, Lg, and Motorola that’s more their speed.

  • Pretty good tactic, I like it. I would take it over the Galaxy 4. HTC just needs to get the damn thing in stores now.

  • tomarone

    Why did HTC roll over and play dead with Apple, and what is LG up to in that regard. At least Samsung stands up and fights (as does Motorola).
    If entertainment (like the recent ABC announcement) takes off, maybe HTC has a chance. In the meantime, I guess I need a Note-2.

  • T-Fumble

    Absolutely pathetic HTC! Desperate times calls for desperate measures I guess. How about instead of trying to “crash” Samsung’s party, you innovate and bring a world class phone to market( i.e. Note 2 and no the DNA didn’t make the cut) listen to your former customers and bring back expandable storage and a removable battery and be “quietly brilliant” again instead of loudly annoying

  • monchis

    I am cheering for HTC! I am not buying a one but I do want them to succeed… more variety, more brains, more innovation!! They have set a standard with the 2 front speakers, why the hell has no one ever done this before!!

  • RG4

    So Let me get this right… The HTC One crashed the party and all they brought was 2 speakers on the front? I use to hate Samsung (“Vibrant Owner”) but they have stepped it up by leaps and bounds dragging HTC and others with them. If they think they made a blow to the Juggernaut that Samsung has become then by showing up with great Speakers on the phone then that explains why they are doing as poorly as they have been. Blow my mind HTC and I will by your products, in other words do not bring a knife to a gun fight!!!