T-Mobile Adds LTE Selection To “Shop By” Options On Website


I can’t really say when an option for “LTE” was added to T-Mobile’s “Shop by” section on their website, but it’s there now. For the moment, just the Galaxy Note II and the “Coming Soon” BlackBerry Z10 show up, but ultimately we’ll see the HTC One and Galaxy S 4 grace this page. There’s really nothing else to emphasize about this option, except that it was only a matter of time that it was added and hopefully means LTE is that much closer to going live.


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  • John

    Awesome, I hope they launch LTE and the IPhone 5 soon.

    • Aurizen

      I at least hope they give us more info about the iphone. hopefully that will be monday.

    • eanfoso

      I think it’s a bigger concern for most of us to get hspa+ spread widely instead of them just focusing on certain cities with LTE

      • Nick


      • NYCTheBronx

        Agreed. T-Mobile was the first to launch HSPA+ and is currently the largest carrier to carry HSPA+, well that’s what they advertise at least. The least they can do is put up more HSPA+ towers in rural areas and small population towns and cities. Well the good thing about T-Mobile 4G LTE is that it’s true 4G and when we aren’t in a 4G LTE area, we will fall back on HSPA+ 42mbps or 21mbps depending which tower is available in the area you’re in but T-Mobile has lots of HSPA+ 42mbps towers. Verizon is the fastest 4G LTE carrier followed by AT&T but when Verizon falls on 3G and AT&T falls back on HSPA+, they cap only 21mbps max while T-Mobile’s is 21-42mbps. T-Mobile is smart. Now I can still get speedy downloads even if I’m not in a T-Mobile 4G LTE area because 42mbps is fast enough for anyone lol. T-Mobile all the way!

        • mdosu

          yeah, agreed, also to your Verizon and ATT comment, their fall backs are signifcantly slower speeds than TMO’s HSPA+ speeds, as indicated by recent nationwide magazine tests

        • NYCTheBronx

          Yeah. My friend, when he had his HTC One X, he would get about 67mbps on AT&T’s 4G LTE. Then he would get only 21mbps even 19 when he is on HSPA+ while my Samsung Galaxy Note II gets 30mbps on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. A few weeks ago, my friend bought a IPhone 5 and his 4G LTE speeds were bad. He was getting only 7mbps. I was also in a bad area getting less than 1mbps. But when we walked to his house his speed was about the same while my LG Google Nexus 4 was getting 13-20mbps on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ overmmy friend who was in a AT&T 4G LTE area.

    • NYCTheBronx

      I hope so too. Then I can tell my dad to get rid of his AT&T Iphone 4 and just get a T-Mobile Iphone 5 with 4G LTE.

  • No gsiii lte. Also lol the note is still 699.99 full retail smh thankfully I got mines on launch before the price change

    • NYCTheBronx

      We know the current T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III does not have 4G LTE in it. Thank goodness I used my 14 days upgrade on a Samsung Galaxy Note II back in December because the T-Mobile staff lied to me when I asked them does the S III have 4G LTE and they said yes lolol. But T-Mobile announced it back in December or January that they are realeasing a new Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE between the dates of March 27 or April 1-3. It’s on T-Monews, just look for the post.

    • Fraydog

      That’s what EIP is for.

      • You’re an idiot why are you even replying you don’t even make sense. EIP or not the price is the same idiot

        • Fraydog

          I realized that. You just didn’t understand where I was coming from. I don’t get why people complain about paying full price when frankly you are paying full price over the life of a contract if you pay $199 for T-Mobile right now or any other provider. The other providers just charge more to fork you in the long run.

    • mdosu

      you can pick up new Note 2’s on ebay for low- to mid-$600 range, and used ones for mid-$500 range, and blemished ones below $500. Take a look, I have one posted for sale at $500 on ebay now. None of them are anywhere close to $700. I’ve been tracking these prices for a good 4 weeks now. I would only buy full retail at T-Mobile store if you need to buy insurance.

  • steveb944

    Nexus 4 shoulda been on there, Haha.

    With a bit of tweaking of course

    • NYCTheBronx

      I know, I want to run 4G LTE so bad on my LG Google Nexus 4! Hopefully, Google will add 4G LTE on the next Google Nexus 5.

  • ghulamsameer

    I’m so excited for this March 26th event!

  • Wyn6

    Lumia 810 just needs the switch flipped to go LTE.

  • Nick

    This is kind of off topic, but if an area that previously had 2g, and now is mostly roaming with spotty 3g, does that mean the towers are being updated?

  • nerdlust

    Nice however im very happy with my current speeds on my note2. Seems like it much faster then my already fast htc sensation I cant imagine having faster download speeds

  • Alex Zapata

    I wonder if the rumors about the 810 are true.

    • NYCTheBronx

      As much as I know, they aren’t rumours. T-Mobile knew the Nokia Lumia 810 had a 4G LTE in it but they never acknowledged it. Well that is what I understood on one of David’s earlier post. Check it out.

      • Alex Zapata

        Excellent! That being said I won’t be getting a Windows phone till WiFi calling becomes available on them.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Since T-Mobile release the firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Note II yesterday updating us to 4.1.2 and enabling 4G LTE connectivity, any day from now they should release the 4G LTE connectivity to the Nokia Lumina 810. People found out around Q4 that T-Mobile never told the Links 810 buyers that there was a hidden 5G LTE chip and right now T-Mobile isn’t denying or admitting anything right now lol. Just like how Google told Nexus 4 owners that the Nexus 4 didn’t have 4G LTE and Canada Rogers found out they had a hidden 4G LTE in the Nexus 4 that Google denied lol. :D

  • NYCTheBronx

    This is a sign from T-Mobile. They’re basically saying any day now we’ll have our 4G LTE switched on State by State starting with Las Vegas, Nevada and Kansas City. I hope New York and California are next.

    T-Mobile Will Be Undefeated and Number One this year of 2013 when and or if they release these devices under them:

    T-Mobile Phones that have 4G LTE chip in them already:

    1) Samsung Galaxy Note II.
    2) Nokia Lumia 810.
    3) LG Google Nexus 4 (Possibly).
    4) Revamped Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE. (March 27 or April 1-3).

    T-Mobile Devices that are coming with 4G LTE ready or on board:

    1) T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot 4G LTE.
    2) HTC One.
    3) Samsung Galaxy S IV.
    4) Blackberry Z10 4G LTE.
    5) Iphone 5 (With no 4G LTE confirmation yet).

    T-Mobile Devices Rumored to make it to T-Mobile Carrier this year 2013:

    1) T-Mobile Prism II.
    2) Lumia 521.
    3) Nokia Flame 4G.
    4) Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (S III Mini).
    5) Blackberry Q10 Qwerty 4G LTE

    List of phones that are 100% coming T-Mobile carrier 2013-2014:

    1) Samsung Galaxy Note III.

    List of devices flagships or not that I want to see make it on T-Mobile this year 2013:
    Plus these devices can help T-Mobile gain new and old subscribers. Hopefully making them #1 carrier. This list is just a concept so don’t go crazy lol.

    1) Google Nexus 5.
    2) Iphone 5S or 6 (With 4G LTE we hope).
    3) Galaxy Note 10.1 4G LTE & Wi-Fi variant.
    4) Huawei Ascend Mate.
    5) LG Optimus G Pro.
    6) Motorola X Phone.
    7) Sony Xperia Z.

    Let’s have a good 2013 year guys! Team #T-Mobile and #Magenta! Can’t wait for 4G LTE! :D

    • Joshua Austin

      Hi there! Very interesting lineup! “3) Galaxy Note 10.1 4G LTE & Wi-Fi variant.”, for one, caught my attention. I hope that gets released, too!

      • NYCTheBronx

        I know. Most of the devices I listed I found here on Tmonews. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is by far one of the greatest tablets Samsung will be releasing soon. But unfortunately there is word going around that only the international version if the tablet will have 4G LTE connectivity and while the U.S. variant will only have Wi-Fi. I hope Samsung release a 4G LTE variant as well to the U.S. Don’t know if I should stick to my Note II or get a Note III, Nexus 10 or Note 10.1 as a tablet or phablet.

        • theking_13

          Verizon is getting the Note 10.1 with LTE, hopefully T-Mo will as well.

    • crazychef

      tmobile needs to pick up the sony xperia z because theres a lot of people wanting this phone. im one of them. forget samsung and apple. they are not original enough

      • NYCTheBronx

        I can’t agree with you on Apple and Samsung but for Sony Xperia Z, it is indeed a beautiful phone that T-Mobile should get their hands on before any other U.S. carrier. 5″ display, bug battery and water proof. Sony done a fine job with it. Let’s wait and see what T-Mobile has in store for us.

    • Pretty sure the iPhone 5 will support LTE on T-Mobile

      • NYCTheBronx

        Depends on T-Mobile.

  • Miguel

    Tmobile should also start focusing on their EDGE areas as well ! Annoyed getting EDGE when I actually need 4G speed the most!

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile should add Sony Xperia Ion and TL on the LTE lineup. Thr former can even add to Prepaid for $200.

    • Anonymouse

      The Xperia TL aka Xperia LT30at (at&t version) doesn’t support HSPA+ on AWS. They should get the LT30a which is carried by our friends up north. This version supports both AWS and PCS HSPA+ as well as AWS LTE.

  • samsavoy

    Can we sort by EDGE-only?

    Sorry, I’ll show myself the door

    • superg05

      that sucks bro whats your zip code and i don’t know if it will help but download the rootmetrics coverage maps for android and run speed test and coverage that way at the least that data can make its way to tmobile

      • samsavoy

        Zip 18702 has an HSPA+ site that pumps out less than 100kbps 24/7, and RootMetrics data tests fail about 75% of the time. Good stuff.

        • Fraydog

          I raise you my no-backhauled Verizon town where LTE isn’t even there yet. I’m pretty sure T-Mobile EDGE would be just as fast. At least we’ll get LTE this year, otherwise I’d be on Magenta.

  • adeedew

    Anyone think wifi calling will be avail to iPhone on tmobile?

    • NYCTheBronx

      That’s not just up to T-Mobile but also to Apple. If Apple allows them, then yes. Look at the T-Mobile LG Google Nexus 4. It’s sold by T-MObile but it’s not a T-Mobile phone. It doesn’t have any T-Mobile bloatware app when you buy a new one and boot it up the first time. But I hope Apple and T-Mobile will make a deal because Wi-Fi calling is handy at times when a person lives in a place where they are not getting any reception.

  • Mystery Man

    Question. When T-mobile announces their UNCARRIER plan will my current value plan contract end as in I can get out of it without paying money????????

    • tomarone

      Call them up and ask them. How long is your contract for? You might have to complain a lot to get them to release you?

    • smylax

      No it will not end. Existing contracts will continue until their original ending date.

  • RonJeezy

    I live in MD close to Dc sexy 4G coverage most of the time. Went to Philly this weekend. Car ride was Edge and G most of the time until I got to Philly. Then it was the slowest 4G I’ve ever encountered. T mobile needs to get it together. PA for the most part is terrible. Worried about plans and such with a spotty network. Love my time mobile but I hate when we’re looking up things for competition on our phones and I lose to at&t and sprint customers. And they make fun of me.

    • Pittsburgh is great 18 mbps real speed pretty much anywhere in the city

    • mdosu

      DC isn’t exactly fantastic either. I get on average betwee 9-11 mpbs down with my Note 2, and I live and work next to two T-Mobile stores….
      alot of other users in other parts of the country are reporting average speeds of 13+ on HSPA+…

    • samsavoy

      They need to step up their game in PA. So many glaring coverage holes and affluent areas still on EDGE.

      These are not rural areas, either so please don’t give me that nonsense excuse.

  • Anonymouse

    Off topic here, has anybody heard when we can start roaming on Ma Bell’s “fast” 3G network? Isn’t this part of the compensation package? Would be nice to have some data other than EDGE specially on areas without native TMo coverage.

  • Bart Huyett

    Awesome, I just received my Software update on my Note2 and now I can finally use LTE service in Kansas City.

    • let us know if you notice improvements over HSPA+ Bart

  • awatt

    T-Mobile’s launch of LTE is reminding me of when Sprint launched LTE. Sprint launched LTE then built up the infastructure. Now, T-Mobile is doing the same. I miss the old T-Mobile that believed that a new generation network would be launched after we have the towers in place. I’m still waiting for refarming in my area. Can’t we have refarming done comepletely first?

  • James

    We’re getting closer and closer to LTE ;)

  • cream

    Contracts will disappear. No more activation fees!!! The way its gonna work is,,, you walk in and sign up under Value! Finance any phone but basically once your done paying off the phone ur off contract!!! You’ll pay for the Sim card which will be $10,