T-Mobile, MetroPCS Announce Future Board Of Directors For Combined Company


With a short press release last night, T-Mobile USA, Deutsche Telekom and MetroPCS announced the future Board of Directors for the combined company.

Deutsche Telekom AG (XETRA: DTE; “Deutsche Telekom”), T-Mobile USA, Inc. (“T-Mobile”) and MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (NYSE: PCS; “MetroPCS”) today announced the members of the board of directors of the combined company upon completion of the proposed combination of MetroPCS and T-Mobile. This impressive and diverse group of individuals has a wide variety of expertise, qualifications, attributes and skills, including corporate governance and board service, executive management, finance and accounting, private equity, operations, strategy, technology, investor relations, telecommunications industry experience, and public service.

While the deal still requires shareholder approval, the announcement is just another sign that both carriers are supremely confident Metro shareholders will give their blessing. All totaled, the board will have 11 directors with the majority coming from Deutsche Telekom. The board will include six members of Deutsche Telekom’s organization including outgoing CEO Rene Obermann, incoming CO Timotheus Hottges and current T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere.

The special meeting for MetroPCS shareholders is set for April 12th, with shareholders as of March 11th entitled to vote on the proposed combination. The deal is widely expected to close shortly after the April 12th meeting, regardless of dissident shareholders attempting to rally support against the deal.

Reuters via T-Mobile


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  • AndroidProfit

    Legere is a complete joke. Most of this new company will be made up of DT folks? Looks like T-Mobile ISN’T on it’s way to breaking away from DT. This company is a sinking dog turd.

    • sapphiraa

      maybe they didnt have a choice? remember, their still OWNED by DT

      • Actually, factoring in that Rene Obermann is not going to remain part of Deutsche Telekom as an executive (but remain on T-Mobile’s board), only five members are from Deutsche Telekom. The remainder are independents or from MetroPCS. It’ll be a plurality, but not a majority. That’s a good thing, since it forces the board to consider things more rationally and to the benefit of the new company.

        On the other hand, it could slow down any executive actions taken by the company because the board is tied up trying to figure out whether the actions should be allowed or not.

    • Fraydog

      Did you even read the press release?

      • Jose Hernandez

        Probably not.

    • Todd

      Of course they’re going to be on the BoD. They’re the ones shelling out $1.5 billion. This is how business works. You just expect them to pay that much money and own 74% of the shares in the new company but not have a say in boardroom?? DT would completely negligent if they didn’t demand to be on the board.

    • Spooln3

      Lol, of course they are on the board, they own 76% of the new company. Do you even know the details of this deal or are you just trying to sound like you have the slightest clue as to what is going on?

    • BigMixxx

      it’s not the CEO’s fault…German Government still owns a lot of DT, so there should be a lot of DT board members…and Blackstone.

      With DT there, they wanna make money right. With Obermann there, I shrug my shoulders as to what he represents, and the one lone member of blackstone who represents about 3 to 4 percent of DT, this board is really about money.

    • fentonr

      Funny, most t-mobile agents/employees I’ve spoken with love him. I also fail to see how breaking away from DT completely would help anything. A larger parent company has benefitted t-mobile in the past.

    • smylax

      Yeah I couldn’t disagree more. Legere is the exact opposite of Humm. Being on his conference calls and hearing his passion is energizing, something T-Mobile desperately needed.

    • Lmao

  • JTrip

    This is off topic. I was driving through Philly today and saw an electronic billboard stating that T-Mobile drops 3x more calls in the Philadelphia area than AT&T and the T-Mobile network is 67% slower. I got a chuckle out of it. I’m with T-Mobile and get great service. On the way back home I heard a radio commercial come on saying pretty much the same thing and also saying not to be mislead by T-Mobile’s claims in the Philly area.

    • sapphiraa

      lol…and you wonder why att’s prices are so much higher. theyve spent WAY too much money on marketing AGAINST their competition :)

    • sidekicker

      What kind of phone are you using in Philly? :) I use a One S here in Dayton, Ohio.. coverage is pretty good.. not perfect though…

      • JTrip

        I’m currently using a Nexus 4.

        • fbphilly

          This is wrong man. I live In Philadelphia and I use iPhone
          5. The service is getting better and better every day. AT&T is a piece of
          sh.. here in Philly. I have friends with AT&T and I always make fun of
          their internet speed. Our HSPA+ is away better then AT&T.

        • Oliver Jackson

          Same here in Miami.My buddies have a iPhone 5 w/Verizon and the speeds on my GNote 2 BURNS them in the dust. So they return those phone and got off VZW and went to TMobile and got Note 2s. I told them that TMobile will be getting the iPhone 5 but….they good w/the Note 2…LOL

    • superg05

      get a photo

      • JTrip

        I came up on it quick. I’m heading that way again Friday. I’ll try to snap one.

    • Joanna90

      I wish that was the case over here in los Angeles lol im bout to give up on tmobile had plenty of different phones, switched sim lots of times same problem no service in all the highrise buildings in dwtwn LA it only works in the lobby once i go in the elevator no service. Same in the metro the train that goes underground lol on the gold,red,blue,purple line i get no service while people on AT&T n Verizon are chatting away underground without a problem. I love tmobiles prices dont get me wrong.. But the service is just not there yet. I dont even get service in freaking kmart o_0 were even metro pcs works. People talk bad bout at$t but all.my friends that have em have less dropped calls and better service in buildings than i do on tmobile. At&t comes tru in all.the.building, elevators in dwtwn la were i get no service at all NADA on tmobile. . So i think i will be switching soon.. I dnt care if its more expensive i can afford it all i want is to have service in all the buildings and stores i go to cuz tmobile hasnt worked out for me.

      • monchis

        If you’re doing public transportation you probably shouldn’t be investing money on cell phone service…. SIKE. Just kidding but I do want to add I have never seen anyone have service underground(red line), you are crazy most likely they’re just using their phone but doesn’t mean they’re communicating. I’ve tried ATT/verizon/sprint/straighttalk/simplemobile and nothing compares to T-mobile in LA metropolis. Good luck… (and yes I know simple mobile is an MVNO but they cut your ass quick from data)

        • Joanna90

          Funny how u dont even know me lol n your saying that only cuz i use the metro i shouldn’t invest in cellphone service . I work in downtown LA and even tho i have a Mercedes ( yes i can afford Verizon, AT&T ETC..) i am not PAYING more than 60 a month for parking. Yes i did it once ridiculous never doing that ever again. ANd funny how u say nothing compares to tmobile in LA . I did forget to mention on my first comment my man has Verizon. And i can tell u one thing NOTHING compares to Verizon in LA ..Now that i think about it i will join him on his plan. I borrowed his phones a few times and it was an awesome feeling being able to talk in places i cant on tmobile. . So i will be doing that yes.

    • TBN27

      T-mobile is fast in Center City and slow South Philly near the airport and postal distribution Center. Also it is relatively slow in Elkins Park. Dropped calls? None at all.

  • superg05

    anyone borde enough to make sure the merger happens by spreading false metro information about leaked 20-40 dollar price increases to there plans making subscribers flee and there stock prices fall to the toilet no i shouldn’t never-mind……..

  • Jay

    Tmobile sucks In any surrounding Philly Suburb area..

  • Richard Yarrell

    Almost completed.