MetroPCS Board To Hold T-Mobile USA Merger Vote On March 28th


While March 14th may be a big day for Android and Samsung owners the world over, it’s March 28th that will have the attention of proponents and detractors of the MetroPCS/T-Mobile USA merger. The deal continues to receive regulatory scrutiny as it goes through the FCC and DOJ review process, but will also require the approval of MetroPCS shareholders. The deal has received some negative feedback from some MetroPCS’ shareholders, including hedge fund P. Schoenfeld and MetroPCS’ biggest shareholder Paulson & Co. Both funds have signaled they would vote against the merger given the unfavorable terms.

For its part, the MetroPCS board has continued to support the pending merger but has promised to “carefully review and consider” the complaints of their shareholders. The company continues to express that the deal is in the best interest of shareholders and stated the deal was:

“The result of a thorough process that began over two years ago and included the board and a special committee of the board considering a number of potential transactions with different strategic partners.”

The vote will take place in Richardson, Texas according to a Securities and Exchange Commissions filing made earlier today.



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  • Eric

    Come on MetroPCS, T-Mobile needs more LTE!

    • sushimane

      we getting it regardless. we just want metro pcs for their spectrum and be a direct competitor to the big three but they should just accept it they are getting 37%of the new company that’s good chuck of the company. greedy people

      • NYCTheBronx

        Sprint is so far behind. I would just say big two competitors.

        • mbolden26

          Hahaha dont let sprint fool you

        • NYCTheBronx

          Sprint doesn’t have too much Wimax 4G LTE towers unlike AT&T and Verizon. My friend just signed a two year contract with Sprint and also bought his girlfriend a Sprint contract as well and they aren’t getting any LTE in our city. He has to drive outside of the city to get LTE. Plus Sprint’s data connection is slow. So there isn’t no point to go to Sprint if you don’t like slow speeds and only 3G HSPA+. Just stating the facts.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          LTE and Wimax are two different technologies run by two different companies. LTE is on sprint’s PCS G-block, while Wimax is owned and operated by Clearwire on their 2.6Ghz block and rebranded as Sprint 4G through their network wholesale deal.

          Sprint is a CDMA carrier. they do not have HSPA+, since that is on the GSM path. their 3G is EVDO revA.

          Sprint likely has a very similar number of towers up compared to ATT, however ATT is deploying on 700mhz, which travels quite a bit farther than PCS. I believe to cover the area of one 700mhz tower, you would need 3-4 PCS towers, but they have three different companies rolling out their new network. They will catch up to ATT very soon.

          As they continue to add towers, their speeds to improve. they are rebuilding their network similar to Tmobile’s Challenger strategy, but they are doing it on all towers instead of towers with 4G already.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Thanks. But they been having LTE for quite sometime and still haven’t gotten a lot of their towers up. Only very few. Plus they have a lot of subscribers so there is a lot of trafficking on their data network and that’s a reason why their speeds are slow even though they offer LTE. Isn’t that’s why AT&T got rid of their unlimited data a couple years back? T-Mobile lost a lot of subscribers last year so there isn’t too much trafficking on their network for those who have unlimited data plans.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          They launched their LTE network 8 months ago back in june/july. ATT launched back in october in 2011.

          The main reason it seems slow is because they are 3 months behind on their goals. The CEO just lost thousands of shares because they are behind.

          Their speeds are slow because they are using only 5×5 channel instead of 10×10 like verizon, so their theoretical max is 35 instead of 72 like verizon, but once the clearwire deal goes through, they can always deploy 20mhz of 2.5Ghz which has peak speeds of around 100Mbps.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Nice to hear that. They are still behind and no word yet on LTE Advanced on their end. AT&T & T-Mobile are releasing LTE Advanced soon that speeds will be over 100+Mbps and I hope Sprint does their best to catch up. T-Mobile may one day take Sprint’s spot. :/

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Their network is LTE advanced ready. they just need a software update at each tower,which will likely happen when deploy the iDEN spectrum in the middle of this year.

          LTE Advanced does not automatically mean 100Mbps. You gotta have enough spectrum for it. Tmobile will only have it in areas that they have at least 50Mhz of AWS( 10mhz for HSPA+ and 40Mhz for LTE). ATT does not have very many areas where they can deploy more than 20Mhz at this time. They could reach 100Mbps once they start deploying WCS with carrier aggregation, but that is a couple years down the line. ATT’s network is going to be a mess.

          Clearwire gives Sprint enough spectrum to deploy True 4G aka speeds of 1Gbps, which no other carrier can currently do without turning off their 3g and 2g network. I would not worry about sprint.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This deal will take place as planned.

  • graywolf323

    if these MetroPCS shareholders believe these terms are unfavorable wait until they experience bankruptcy if they get their way and scuttle the merger

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      Metro is a profitable company, so you will be waiting quite a while for them to experience bankruptcy.

      • NYCTheBronx

        They’re profitable because they attract illegal aliens. That’s why they have so much customers here in California.

        • johnp5255

          Its irrelevant why they are profitable. T-Mobile is a sinking ship why would their share holders want to sell out?

        • NYCTheBronx

          They don’t want to. They’re greedy or they either are holding on to see if there still is anything good in the upcoming months.


    It’s the rich ones who tend to be more greedy.
    The major stockholder is complaining about selling his stock that could become nothing eventually if he holds on to it.
    He’s just trying to hold out to put on a few more bucks for his stakes. That’s it.
    T-Mo will eat up MetroPCS and will be using their spectrum sooner than later.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Can’t wait for this merge. No more Metro PCS by 2015.

  • JustWondering

    After T-Mobile goes public, does anyone think that DT will sell off the rest of it’s shares of the new T-mo to another company so DT can leave the U.S market? Or do you think eventually DT will buy back the shares of the company they sold to the Metro PCS shareholders? Just wondering..

    • archerian

      the main point of going public is so DT has the option of exiting the US Market with a possible net gain without a messy acquisition.

      • JustWondering

        yeah but if DT leaves the U.S market, can T-Mobile USA keep the “T-Mobile” name since DT owns that name?

        • archerian

          most probably the remaining entity will have to be renamed with access to the “T-mobile” name for recognition purposes during the transition period, typically a few months.

    • UMA_Fan

      It will depend on if Tmobile grows or not obviously. With Metro its still a matter of DT letting go of 43 million subscribers if you look at things globally. If Tmobiles upcoming strategy is a disaster they will likely sell their shares but I think DT’s heart is in growing the US unit to a point where they wouldn’t have to give up much equity to merge with another partner… Let’s say a severely weakened Sprint.

  • sidekicker89

    kinda random but can anyone tell me how I can see if i’m in a 1900 Mhz area on my HTC One S?

    • TayshaunBoba

      Not sure about the One S but if it’s anything like the HTC Amaze (which it should be), dial *#*#4636#*#*, then phone information, then menu button, select radio band, USA band. If there’s 1900 3G, it will connect and say 4G.

      • sidekicker89

        ok thanks! that helped :) it says 2G only so i guess i’m not in a 1900 Mhz area :/

  • Oliver Jackson

    It will go through as planned. End result:More coverage in non urban areas and better building penetration as well as crazy data speeds. CYF everybody

  • Juan Pablo Darquea

    David please can you make a post about the update for HTC one s I received today and I don’t know what was for is not 4.1 still have 4.0.4 thanks

  • This is a good deal for both companies. Hope things go though.

  • Alex M Wekell

    When is T-Mobile going to change all EDGE to DC-HSPA+?!

  • Whitney

    Finger crossed so T-mobile can finally move ahead with LTE