Samsung Hands-Out Paper Invitations To Unpacked Event For Galaxy S IV


With Samsung’s Mobile Chief JK Shin confirming to the world last night that Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy S IV in New York on March 14th, it was only a matter of time before invitations went out. Well, for Mobile World Congress attendees in Barcelona Samsung is saving members of the media from the agony of opening another press related email with paper invitations. So mark your calendars now, come 7pm on March 14th, the Galaxy S IV will be unveiled to the world. Congrats Samsung, with a single paper invitation you managed to win the Mobile World Congress news cycle!



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  • Hope they finally have a phone that doesnt lag with a screen bright enough to use outdoors.

    • 21stNow

      What do you mean by “bright enough to use outdoors”? I can see my phones outdoors if I turn the brightness up. Samsung displays are ridiculously bright to me to the point where I keep brightness set to zero for normal indoor usage.

      • thepanttherlady

        I can’t and mine is turned all the way up. :( And if I remember correctly, I had the same problem with the S3 but not the S2.

        • jrodakajoe

          Well I can assure u something is wrong with your phone cuz like tht other guy said he can see his fine outdoors with the brightness all the way up so can I on my s3 . And I live in LA were there’s plenty of sunshine haha .. but seriously get Ur phone checked cuz something is deff wrong.

        • 21stNow

          OK, I’m going to try this later today if the sun is still out. I know that most times that I’m outside and check my phone, I’m standing in the shadow of a building. But there are times that I have gone out for lunch when it was bright outside and I just turned the brightness up and I was fine.

      • The GS3 is known for having a dim display. The Vibrant was bright but they seem to have went backwards. Its probably to reduce burn-in.

      • lovingmygn2

        Very true, this individual is obviously jealous cause he probably bought into the i5 hype than saw what the gs3 or gn2 can do then regretted it. Poor sheeple, troll or hater.

      • Stars44

        I can’t use mine on the beach or ski resort, can’t see anything on direct sunlight!

    • lovingmyGN2

      Those porn and flash sites lagging your phone there buddy? It’s Not the phone it’s what you sites you visit and the untrusted apps you download genius. The phone is almost identical to my beast GN2, and only slows down when I’m in those stupid flash sites watching free movies cause the pop ups and spam eat up the ram and makes the cpu work more but once i clear everything in the stock browser my phone is back to normal. So don’t blame your phone blame yourself for what you do in it before posting such a stupid comment.

      • Looks like someone has got their panties twisted. Maybe you should learn something about these phones before you comment with such strong language. The GN2 has a quad core Exynos AND 2gb ram. The GS3 has either one or the other depending on what version you have. I have the Dual core Krait with the 2gb ram. My phone can barely play Minecraft PE. It lags and freezes. On the other hand, the HTC One XL I had would play the same game flawlessly with the same processor and only 1gb ram. Don’t get brainwashed by the commercials, Samsung isn’t perfect.

        • lovingmyGN2

          Defective phone and htc Sucks, I’ve had them and never going back, now chill and don’t take things to the heart you might die too young over nothing. In other words don’t get your panties twisted.

        • Defective phone? But Samsung is perfect. How can this be? Go make love to your GN2… again.

        • lovingmyGN2

          I will, i do so every night.

        • You and I have the same phone (Dual Core S3) and I can say easily that it is neither laggy nor prone to freezing up. It therefore is most likely your setup/apps/fubared config/malware/ or you were just unlucky and have a materially defective product. Granted, mine is rooted and I’ve personally removed and/or frozen apps that I don’t use or use infrequently. I would advise doing the same as it can only help if you do it correctly.

        • If I buy a phone, I shouldnt have to root and remove things to make it run without lag. I guess we have different standards. I have done a factory reset twice now and it doesnt help. When I have time I am going to flash CM 10 to solve this. But like I said, I shouldnt have to.

  • Isn’t this rumored to be about 6.7mm thick? That’s crazy lol, but if so it will be nice more than likely. However I wish they would go ahead and make it with a metal body if possible. A hardware update is needed, and fast.

    • g2a5b0e

      I haven’t heard any rumors that the phone is supposed to be that thin. Everything I’ve heard has been in the 7-8mm” range. Besides, unless they do something truly amazing, I highly doubt they’ll be able to accommodate a battery that is rumored to be around 2,600 mAh in something that thin.

    • tonkotsu

      I’d rather have a larger battery over thinness no one will notice

    • MatthewMurawski

      I heard 7.7 mm somewhere

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    So if I buy this ASAP will they come out with the Galaxy S V in the summer?

    • No. only 1 Galaxy S flagship phone per year.

    • tonkotsu

      Is that a trick question?

    • Wilma Flintstone


    • TechHog

      No. This is the new Samsung Galaxy S, not the new Apple iPad

    • NYCTheBronx

      Nope. Too soon. The Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Note II were both released the same year for T-Mobile and AT&T. No Samsung S series lineup ever gotten two phones released the same year.

  • The SGS4 will be the best device in 2013. The HTC One and the new Asus infinity, both made out of aluminum and have killer specs with super design and great looks. The Android customers have plenty of great devices to pick from, I’m hoping they all have T-Mobile radios, wouldn’t that be fantastic.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Now it’s time to grab me a galaxy note or gs3 for the cheap once they launch the gs4. Can’t wait to install Ubuntu for Mobiles on it :D


    what does “episode 1” mean?

    • CactusCat

      That would be the precursor to Episode 2, more than likely the Note 3.

  • Stars44

    Will it be another piece of shitty plastic? If yes, they gonna lose, cuz competitors are either aluminum or glass (HTC One, Sony Xperia Z)

    • lovingmyGN2

      I have two words for you: aluminum bumper. Damn People cry about the stupidest things.

    • Samsung-better than the rest

      you are a moron.

  • “unpacked” Damn didn’t they realize that makes it sound the opposite of a “packed” event? As in, nobody would be interested so it’s not packed? lolz @ oversights.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I have to be the one person on this planet who likes both Android phones and iPhones.

    • No, I see the merit in each. They need each other like Neo and Mr. Smith.

  • john

    i received the invitation with coupon for $100 off new GS4. so definitely going there

  • NYCTheBronx

    Great to finally here that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is confirmed. Now, let’s see if Samsung gives us the ability to move apps to our SD Cards so we don’t have to waste a few more extra bucks to buy a 32GB version instead of a 16GB. I got a 64GB micro SD Card in my Samsung Galaxy Note II and I can’t move my apps to my SD card.