New HTC One Marketing Spot Highlights BlinkFeed And A Potato That Looks Like Elvis

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little more excited about the arrival of the HTC One over the Galaxy S 4. I’m a hardware person and I like quality — in that respect I have to give the nod to HTC for its aluminum build. What I’m not going to give HTC the nod for is this marketing spot…WHAT is going on? Standing on its own, BlinkFeed is novel way to keep up with your news and social feeds all in one, centralized location. Will it stay on the home screen of new HTC One buyers? Perhaps some, but others will make it among the first things they dispose of.

Introducing BlinkFeed, available on the new HTC One. All of your favorite content, news, networks and more, streamed live to your home screen.

What this commercial doesn’t do, is show BlinkFeed in a way that makes me feel like I will want to make it a primary part of my One experience. I love the idea of one single home screen with all of my social networks and news, calendar and more — but now the weird dude with the potato that allegedly looks like Elvis is seared into my brain. HTC, do not remind me of the weird dude who thinks his potato looks like Elvis, else I assume the fetal position. That potato absolutely looks nothing like Elvis.

Stick to spots like this, HTC.


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