New HTC One Marketing Spot Highlights BlinkFeed And A Potato That Looks Like Elvis

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little more excited about the arrival of the HTC One over the Galaxy S 4. I’m a hardware person and I like quality — in that respect I have to give the nod to HTC for its aluminum build. What I’m not going to give HTC the nod for is this marketing spot…WHAT is going on? Standing on its own, BlinkFeed is novel way to keep up with your news and social feeds all in one, centralized location. Will it stay on the home screen of new HTC One buyers? Perhaps some, but others will make it among the first things they dispose of.

Introducing BlinkFeed, available on the new HTC One. All of your favorite content, news, networks and more, streamed live to your home screen.

What this commercial doesn’t do, is show BlinkFeed in a way that makes me feel like I will want to make it a primary part of my One experience. I love the idea of one single home screen with all of my social networks and news, calendar and more — but now the weird dude with the potato that allegedly looks like Elvis is seared into my brain. HTC, do not remind me of the weird dude who thinks his potato looks like Elvis, else I assume the fetal position. That potato absolutely looks nothing like Elvis.

Stick to spots like this, HTC.


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  • tomarone

    Their build is great but if we are stuck with their software and it is not nearly as comprehensive as, say, Samsung, that’s a big problem.

  • Enzowned

    Samsung comprehensive software? I’d take less bloat any day.

  • Deadeye37

    The heck was that? Do they even preview those commercials to a test group before releasing? That was confusing and did nothing to make me want the HTC One or to use BlinkFeed. I hope they don’t pay money to have that broadcast on TV.

    C’mon HTC, you’re supposed to step up your game, not do the same weird commercials that creates apathy to your brand!

  • Derrick

    Only marketing spotlight I want from htc at this point is the release date.

    • ant

      right the release date is the only “one” thing i care about now

  • 21stNow

    Is that commercial going to air in the US? Maybe other countries would appreciate that more than those in the US would. Or, maybe I’m just too old to find that commercial appealing.

  • Paul

    BlinkFeed = Flipboard, so I don’t see how this is spectacular.
    THOUGH, I agree that I’d be more excited over the the One than the S4. There can be only One.

    • M42

      You can put Flipboard on your phone now and have the same thing. Check it out in the Play Store.

      • Paul

        I know, it comes with the Note 2 ROM I’m running. I don’t use it, and it’s the same as this BlinkFeed.

    • ant

      maybe my phone suck but the flipboard app dont scroll on my screen i have to open it

  • Impatient Waiter

    I think Samsung will dominate this year in the smartphone market, especially over HTC. If the HTC One has what customers actually wants like a removable battery, expandable memory, better camera, etc. then it would be a REALLY close race. Unless HTC unveils something phenomenal about the One, the Samsung GS4 will rule.

    • You’re nuts! As soon as the iPhone is released on T-Mobile, nobody will be looking at any other device. Get real!

      • TBN27

        Not true. There are a lot of people who are “tired” of iPhone and there are a lot of iHaters that are gonna get the next best Android whether it is Galaxy S3/S4 or the HTC one. That said I hope people can see the greatness in the One over the glitz and glamour of the Samsung. The HTC “looks” more straight forward and useful than the Galaxy S4

      • M42

        Nope. Had two iPhones and don’t care to ever have another one. They’re so 1999.

    • tk

      Don’t confuse “what customers want” with “what I (you) want”. Millions and millions of fruit phones have sold without ever featuring removable batteries or expandable storage. Millions more of the One X/X+/S as well as Nexus 4 have sold without those, either.

    • Anonymous

      Not a chance in hell. The S4 brings nothing exceptional to the table. Samsung has great devices, no doubt. But they’re still not at the same level as Apple, and to release a device that is simply a “refresher” of a previous device is not going to cut it at this point. I was really excited to see what they had come up with and considered switching from my unlocked iPhone to the S4, but after its release, no way. I would consider the One before the S4 hands down.

    • ant

      no why would someone want to pay 600 more dollars for the same phone and since samsung supposed to update the s3 with some of the s4 features not already on the s3

  • JayInCA

    I like this spot. I’m guessing it’s for the UK (I’m in the U.S.), and the message seems appropriately geared to the UK audience. No big deal. I actually think it’s kind of cool, and has a nice urban vibe. I would also guess, we’re going to see a bunch of different spots here in the States. HTC, Bring It ON! Me and a buddy Verizon buddy are waiting for the release to pick the Ones up on T-Mo!

  • zifnab

    I think the biggest problem with this advertisement is that i’ll only see it on sites like this. I seriously doubt that or any other HTC commercial is coming to a tv network near me.

  • Whiskers

    My biggest concern is the non removable battery.
    What are you going to do if it locks up and you can’t shut down the phone. Atleast with a removable battery you can restart it by pulling the battery.
    That was one of my biggest gripes about the iphones i had in the past , non removable battery .

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but you can just hold down the power and home buttons on the iPhone to do a soft reset. Hopefully there will be a similar feature on the One.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      Interesting. I myself have not had to do a battery pull reset since my BlackBerry Pearl, like 5 years ago.
      Which phone do you have that needs a battery pull?

      • Whiskers

        WP HD7 , atleast every other day.
        And it’s a pain in the ass , lol.

        • Nick Gonzalez

          I bet. I would have smashed that bad boy by now. Kudos to you for being patient with it.

  • Quan Bui

    You can actually FEEL the hype around the HTC One, especially after the less-than-exciting SGS4 reveal. It looks to be a good year for HTC.

  • i mean really cmon are we actually gonna call it Blinkfeed and not a Windows Phone/Android hybrid .. Blinkfeed is nothing more than an HD Live Tiles rip from Live Tiles .. a simple RSS Flipboard feed with pics …
    design wise it is impeccable but feature wise it disappoints. still i’ll take it in black lol

  • Rob Watkins

    Kind of a jerky commercial. It’s English, so I can understand to some degree. The market is a bit different there, in a good way.