Upcoming Launch Date Calendar Includes LTE Hotspot, BlackBerry Z10 And Galaxy S III LTE

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Oh how I love nothing more than starting off our week with some upcoming release dates, especially when I see the letters “LTE” appear on the page. The newest T-Mobile handset roadmap dated as of today includes a new T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 Mobile Hotspot with LTE capability, the Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit, Galaxy S III LTE and BlackBerry Z10 release dates.

All things considered, it looks like March 27th will be a big day for T-Mobile as all the aforementioned devices look set to release that Wednesday.

The Samsung T599 “Codina” codename takes us back to the most recent T-Mobile roadmap and solves the mystery sighting of that name. The Blackberry March 27th date continues to lineup with earlier leaks and we’re eager to see the Galaxy S III LTE drop as well.

As a side note, rumors still pinpoint to a possible iPhone launch at the very end of March, but that definitely wouldn’t appear on such a roadmap. We’ll continue to keep our ears to the ground for a solid release date on the Apple front.

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  • eddydrizzle

    I guess this means the Galaxy S III that was originally released on T-Mobile won’t be able to use LTE. Oh well.

    • eanfoso

      But when the jelly bean update was released on the network it gives an option for lte which makes me wonder

      • Noor Mahmoud

        That is most likely there because the jelly bean update took a lot of code from the Note 2, which has Lte.

        • eanfoso

          Not the case, when I got the multi Window update for my note II it still doesn’t give me the option for LTE

        • Noor Mahmoud

          No, it is there. Deep within the cellular settings. Actually, it has been there since the original release. It is just not working yet.
          Try dialing *#197328640# on your phone

        • NYCTheBronx

          It doesn’t give you the LTE option in your settings but it has to be hidden somewhere. That is why it will be the first T-Mobile phone to run LTE. Don’t worry about it, I have a Note II as well and when LTE Advanced comes out, it will be a good day for all of us. =)

      • Jose Hernandez

        With the newest update released for the phone, that option has been removed under settings. The Original Galaxy S3 released for T-Mobile does not have the hardware necessary to run on their LTE network.

  • Every some often, I’ll enable LTE on my Nexus 4…and just hope that I see something. Improbable? Maybe. I still hope to see it light up for some testing at some point. Tampa/Orlando in normally high on the rollout priority because of the high number of tourists.

  • Tmobile Corp

    Why buy an S3 LTE, When S4 LTE will be launched on July 4th

    • Prod1702

      Because when you think about it how many people will know the S4 is coming out without asking. Very little. Also why not make what you can on the S3 still while it is a hot phone. Also when you think about it there is always something new every 3 or 4 months. If you wait for the S4 in July, why not wait for the next Nexus in Oct. That is only 4 months from July.

      • thinmanXXS

        Why not get them both and switch sim cards between them? I’ve done that with the S3 and my nexus 4

        • that’s exactly what I do, love both my Nexus 4 and GS3.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Oh yeah lol. Going to downgrade from my SGN II to a LTE SGS III amd have LG Google Nexus 4 as a backup. Thanks for the idea.

      • Deadeye37

        After the S IV is released, the S III will become the high-mid-range phone so the price tag will be a lot less than the S IV. Maybe this will push the S II into the budget phone category.

    • There is no S4, so why post this? I hate when something new is coming out, and people start posting things like this. We know nothing about the S4, only rumors.

    • NYCTheBronx

      As nice as the SG S IV sounds, it’s also a rumour and has mot yet been confirmed by Samsung as an official device. Plus a lot of people are tired of spending money on a new phone. Or don’t feel like buying a phone that the screen size keeps increasing. 4.8″ Isn’t bad. 5, 5.3, 5.5 & 6.1 is just way too big for some people.

  • thepanttherlady

    Why can’t they just stick to the BB Z10 name? :/

    *excited* though :)

    • shingi_70

      Pretty sure it is the Z10 and the black libson is the color.

      • It IS the Z10, Lisbon was an internal codename.

  • impasse

    it just feels a little too late for this s3 rerelease, with the s4 coming up very soon, and possibly the m7, among hopefully others (still not holding my breath for the xperia z or zl). well, maybe if it comes with a spec bump, but that seems doubtful at best..but honestly this is primarily for users in areas that actually have/will get lte. i would hope no one would be silly enough to upgrade from a current s3 to an lte one JUST for lte if they already have 42mbps 4g, particularly on contract..i know i won’t be.

    • g2a5b0e

      The S2 is still selling well on T-Mobile to this day. Not everyone feels the need to buy the latest & greatest. The S3 will still be a hot seller long after the S4 comes out.

      • NYCTheBronx

        True, not everyone wants to buy the latest or greatest. It would be funny though if T-Mobile would start selling a Revamped LTE SG S II though.

    • Prod1702

      People will still see the S3 as one of the go to phones like just now. You are thinking of less then 10% of the people. Most people see the S3 on the TV or a friends S3 and are say i like that phone maybe i should get it. They have no clue what LTE is or care what it is. How many people do you think knows T-Mobiles network is HSPA+ not LTE. I would say 90% of people have no clue what LTE is or HSPA+.

    • Svengalis

      Didn’t they just release a new GSII like a month ago? It doesn’t surprise me that they are about to release another S3. It also wouldn’t surprise me if we see another being released 6 months from now.

    • Brian Bloom

      I would rather see the Xperia ZL get announced, but if they run any good specials on the S3 LTE, I might go ahead and make the plunge there first.

  • amb

    As Blackberry Fans around the world go get the new Z10 tomorrow, please do not forget about us in the US who still have to wait a WHOLE month and half, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION =====> http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-bb10-to-us-customers-sooner/

    • Prod1702

      This is not going to help you get the Z10 any earlier.

      • GinaDee

        I was hoping that the extra month would allow them to get a few more hot apps that US users want like Netflix, Instagram, Spotify, Sirius XM Radio, Top Banking apps etc…..

  • Joshua Means

    Newer versions of the same have the connection option for connecting to the fastest connection possible including LTE.

  • Qbancelli

    What the hell happened with the LTE launch in Las Vegas?

    Thats what I want to know. It’s been more than a month since they said “in the coming days”.

  • Napster87

    March 27th? Who decides these dates? As if BB wasn’t doing horrible as it, you’re going to release the phone long after the initial excitement wears off.

  • The BBZ10 is gonna be so nice…I’m so ready.

  • awt

    I love my S3, but I wouldn’t buy another just for LTE, 4G is plenty fast for me. I would buy the S4 depending on its differences from the S3. Right now the S3 does everything I could want, although I really wish they’d go ahead and give us the 4.2 upgrade now!

  • PhoneLost

    iPhone on TMO soon… I don’t know about that. I live in one of the “launched” UMTS1900 areas and even so, the UMTS1900 coverage is still quite limited (compared to the UMTS1700 footprint). It’s not ready for primetime yet, at least not for “official” support of the iPhone by T-Mobile. I don’t see how they could officially sell the iPhone yet without alienating a lot of customers who would buy the phone straight from TMO with TMOs official endorsement. Maybe in a few months they’ll be there, but they are not there yet.

  • Joshua Austin

    I already have a SGSIII – bought it back in Sept of 2012. It annoys me that an “LTE-enabled” SGSIII is going to be released. Everyone knew that T-Mobile was working on an LTE network – why couldn’t all carriers have received the same SGSIII and T-Mobile enable the devices to receive LTE when the network was up? At some point, the current SGSIII had “LTE/GSM/WCDMA”, under Mobile Networks (after JellyBean update) but, recently, the “LTE” option was removed. I know a lot of people say that the current model doesn’t have the hardware to enable LTE but, I’ve spoken to T-Mobile and they say different. I’m hoping those of us with current SGSIII’s on T-Mobile will have LTE on our devices, when the network is up.. one way or another…

    • jacktmo85

      I am definitely sorry that you have been provided that information and I definitely do not wish to squash your hopes of your current GS3 receiving LTE. However, the current GS3 does not have hardware to receive LTE. The LTE option that you mentioned was there basically on accident. It was reported to Sami, and it took them longer than expected to have it removed. When the GS3 was originally being tested, LTE was of course planned, but not enough for talks of the current GS3 to have hardware.
      As for what “T-Mobile” told you, there are a lot of people who work for T-Mobile, and unless it is in official documentation, which David happens to get all the time, then you may be getting different information in regards to rumors or speculation. Plus, there are times they can neither confirm nor deny, so they may state what, at the time, sounds the most neutral.

  • therealmikebrown

    Will the lte s3 have a 32gb version?

  • inaudy

    We galaxy s 3 owners had the LTE OPTION on our phones but they removed it a week ago why cuz this phone was coming out eventually they’re going to put it back I wont buy a phone that I have now because lte

    • NYCTheBronx

      Irritating right? When I bought my SGS III, I got a two year contract and they told me it has LTE. Then a few days later, I used my upgrade for a SGN II and a few weeks later, I found out that the SGS III that T-Mobile was selling didn’t really have LTE and that they had to take it out. I don’t know why they keep doing that to their customers. But hey, I hope they bring back the LTE for you older SGS III users.

  • Josue

    I wanna see the Z10’s price, prob the same tmo price of $299.99

    • thepanttherlady

      $299.99?!!? Are you talking down payment or full retail price? If you say full retail, I want to know what you’re smoking. Lol :)

      • Josue

        I mean the phones price with a 2 year contract…like how they did with the 9900

  • rob

    which iphone launch by tmo? the same shitty and tiny iphone 5 or newer iphone 5s?

    if iphone 5 comes to tmo, that’s not new.

    • thepanttherlady

      It’ll be new to TMobile. For many, that will be new enough.

  • superg05

    we now have the LTE launch date that a good thing

    • NYCTheBronx

      Sorry, I must have missed it. All I see is just LTE device release dates. But I really want LTE to be out already. Hopefully this month or before the end of March.

  • mmeyer4663

    On the S4 launch speculation, I just check the dates for the S3 last year. Samsung announced the S3 around May 3 and we had the S3 in our hot little hands by June 15. With the upcoming announcement of the S4 rumored for March 15, it would be really nice of the dates for the S4 line up similar to the S3!

  • Lol poor T-Mobile still making amateur moves