Upcoming Samsung Sale Features Value Plan Special Savings, Runs Through March 23rd

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With word whispering down that T-Mobile’s rumored Valentine’s Day sale may have been canceled in favor of a more “important” sale in March, comes word that a new Samsung special offer will take place. Beginning Wednesday, February 6th and running through March 23rd, T-Mobile will offer special savings on the Galaxy Blaze, Galaxy Relay, Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III 16GB and 32GB. Conspicuously absent is the Galaxy Note II, but that seems to be par for the course with these deals.

According to the image, a two-year contract is required, along with a qualifying data feature. Classic Family Plan customers looking to make the move to Value Plans can take advantage of T-Mobile’s “Bridge to Value” program and qualify for the Value rebate amounts. The Samsung Galaxy S III requires a data plan of 5GB or higher, including the nationwide unlimited 4G data plan. Customers will have to meet all eligibility “criteria” to qualify for the Samsung sale mail-in rebate.

Anyone think this offer is for them?

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  • Jason Crumbley

    Guess I won’t be buying a Note II anytime soon.

  • Jay

    So explain to me how I can get this. I am currently on a 2 year contract value plan. I owe 260 on the current phone I have. Can probably sell for around 250 anyway. What are my options for buying the S3? Says Equipment Credit Line Balance:$260.00. I can pay off the first, but whats the second option on the side.

    • Bronze 6

      Basically, you “owe” T-MOBILE on your “EIP” $260, To buy the SGS3, you can either take out a NEW “EIP”, so you are paying off 2 phones at once, or pay off your current “EIP”, and get a new phone, and only pay for 1 “EIP” And EIP is an Equipment Installment Plan, which is new method for T-Mobile to pay less for phone, where normally the carrier would pay about $450 of your phone’s cost, t-mobile is instead letting you buy the phone, but over 20 monthly payments in addition to your phone bill, you pay, you will eventually pay for the cost of your phones, usually Cost + 20×20$.

      So, basically, you can chose to have a second EIP so you pay $40 more on top of your BASE rate (so about $20 more per month for 20 months), or
      you can payoff your current EIP, basically, payoff all your “owed” money to t-mobile and you can get a new phone with a NEW EIP.

      • HRoth_Gar

        He can only do that if it is a family plan that isn’t using EIP on one of the other lines, otherwise he could either pay off the first EIP he has and put $400 of the GSIII on EIP, or put $140 of the price of the GSIII on EIP along with his current $260 and pay $460 upfront. EIP is limited to $400 per eligible line.

      • 21stNow

        The EIP isn’t new. It was around when I first came to T-Mobile over two years ago. I don’t know how long it had been around before I came. Over time, T-Mobile has reduced the available amount of credit to $400 per line. When I came in, I had $1000 of credit on my line.

  • Machu

    First. Yup just what I been waiting on

  • JB

    My hopes of getting a Note II, dashed. LOL

    • Man you don’t have a GNOTE 2 yet?

      • AndroidProfit

        LOL that is just wrong!

    • thepanttherlady

      Don’t forget the rumored Valentines Day sale. May include the Note 2 as previous sales have.


      • JB

        @thepanttherlady:disqus That’s totally true…That’s if they don’t cancel it if what David said is true in the article about the whisperings.

        @mrjlwilliams:disqus I bought my S III full retail last year, so I have an upgrade to burn, as I’m not leaving T-Mobile anytime soon. I’ve been holding off on getting the Note II, but now that KC in in line for an LTE launch soon, I’m looking hard at getting a LTE device, and I don’t want to buy another S III. If they don’t have a sell on it, I might pull the trigger anyways and just get it…or I might pull the trigger on that BB! It’s looking very enticing, but I’m not totally sold on it until I get to demo it to see how I like it.

        • thepanttherlady

          That’s what happens when you don’t READ the article before responding. LOL Lesson learned….stop trying to multitask when out and about. :)

          ETA: My post is referring to myself for not reading this blog thoroughly before responding above.

    • AndroidProfit

      Wal-Mart regular pricing is $279. Maybe you will get lucky and there will be a sale soon via T-Mobile.

      Good luck!

  • Derp

    I hope by July Note 2 will see some deals. My gf really wants it and her contract ends in July. Please T-Mobile :)

    • AndroidProfit

      LOL there seems to be many people who think that the Note 2 will price out at the G3 level. Maybe when the Note 4 comes out!

  • very boring

  • mingkee

    No note 2.
    Luckily I got it during promotion last December.

  • I don’t think T-mobile should require data plans on the value plans since they are not subsidizing the phone only financing it, it is really not their business. It is like your credit card company telling you to get extended warranty on everything valuable you buy.

  • xis

    So if I bridge from classic to value plan and get the GSIII, I’ll have to pay $199 – $100 MIR and then a monthly EIP + $20 data per month? I’m quite confuse about this EIP program and how much monthly cost it will be.

    • eanfoso

      You’d be right, but to save you money just move your whole plan to value and that way you also get the price for the value features, because on classic you’re just paying more per month, with the EIP and the features will still have the more expensive classic price

  • I don’t think t-mobile should require data feature on the value plan since they are not subsidizing but rather financing the phone it is really not their call. It is like your credit card company requiring you to get extended warranty on everything valuable you buy.

    • eanfoso

      Then buy the phone outright so you don’t have to have data, simple as that

    • thepanttherlady

      Data is only required until the rebate has been validated. You can drop it after that. Or like @eanfoso:disqus says below, pay for the phone outright. That saves you the headache of the MIR AND having to have data. :)

      • Benjamin@tmo

        Thank you! :P Too many people don’t know this. lol

        • thepanttherlady

          Sadly, this isn’t advertised to the consumer. I actually didn’t know this could be done until I asked before migrating over to Value.

          I think T-Mobile would fare much better if they were more transparent to their customers. :)

    • Benjamin@tmo

      You can always take off the data plan.

  • uofm2005

    You can get a corporate discount (Tmobile Advantage Program) through your job or school on a plan and the gs3 (16gb) is FREE with a 2 year contract. I don’t know how long this will last…I can’t post the link because you need a code to access this tmobile website. so, value plan pricing compared to this isn’t that great of a deal.

  • uofm2005
  • sushimane

    i wished they added the note 2 lol

  • The Architect

    Nice try Tmo! Got my fiancee’s S3 for $48 from Walmart on Dec.1st! LOL!!!

    • unknown

      Yea hope you enjoy your expensive bill because of it.

  • S. Ali

    There is no mention of the EIP rates, you are paying around $500 for these phones, which could be found on ebay for less. What fool would take this?

    Blaze is $299 No Contract
    Nexus 4 is $299 No Contract
    Relay is $399 No Contract
    SII is $499 No contract
    SIII is $540 No Contract.

    Just switch to a value plan and buy the phone yourself.

    • thepanttherlady

      EIP = Down payment (listed above) plus 20/$20 monthly payments (some will be 15/$15 monthly payments depending on phone purchased).

      • S. Ali

        Run the numbers, those rates are the same as retail price currently listed on t-mobile no-contract phones. The Blaze is $299 right now, and the relay is $399, SII is $499, SIII $549. The very same price this “deal” offers. They are just tricking people to get them off classic plans (which no sane person should have been on anyway)

        • thepanttherlady

          You will still sign a contract when you initially go to the Value plan (commenting on your revised original post).

          No one is “tricking” anyone. You conspiracy theorists crack me up.

        • S. Ali

          Listen. You pay more through this program, than to simply switch to a Value Plan and buy the phone outright. The signing of the contract is not relevant here, you are being bamboozled into a HIGHER RATE with an EIP when it is cheaper to just buy the phone. For example, the S2 is $299 at Walmart (outright, no contract), but with EIP it would cost you $300-$400 (depending on $15 or $20/20 + UPGRADE FEE + MIGRATION FEE + contract extension). You can switch to a value plan (avoid upgrade fee) and buy the phone at Walmart TODAY, or you can stay on your current plan and avoid both fees. No waiting for this deal. Same for every phone listed. If you are already off contract there is no point in reupping 2 years when you can buy the phone you want and avoiding the fees.

        • thepanttherlady

          Upgrade fee = $0 on Value.

          Migration fee from Classic to Value = $0 – 200 (depending on time left on Classic contract).

          As previously stated, you WILL have to renew your contract for 2 years when starting a new Value plan. After the initial 2 years, you don’t have to renew the contract if you buy your phones outright. You do if you wish to utilize the EIP or make changes to your plan.

          Now, not everyone has $299+ to buy their phone outright. Not everyone wants a 16 month-ish old device either. (Edited to remove blurb about prepaid phones…not what OP was referencing).

          I can guarantee that Walmart TODAY has their retail price on the Galaxy Note 2 HIGHER than T-Mobile which is the phone I currently have. Interest free loan for 20 months with T-Mobile? Don’t mind if I do.

        • pseudoswede

          S2 is an anomaly (and an extremely good deal–if you can deal with ICS probably being the last officially supported OS). Wal-Mart is selling the S3 for $650 out-the-door, which is $100 more than T-Mobile pre-paid. On the Value Plan (as outlined), you’re paying $100 after rebate plus $400 over 20 months (interest-free). That is $50 cheaper than the pre-paid version (which you cannot get in titanium gray). Even if you have to pay for the 5GB data plan for two months (then downgrade back to the 2GB plan), you’re still ahead by $20.

  • Not sure how this isn’t a “subsidy” in all but name. You get a small discount on an extremely high margin device but only if you are willing to sign up for a 2 year contract.

    • the devil is the in the details :) i keep saying the same thing. Value plans are really only good for people who don’t upgrade a lot. if you do, then you’re spending roughly the same amount of money as you would on a Classic Plan with the $20 additional per month on the phone.
      and you STILL have a two year contract. sure you’ll get some relief towards the end but it’s more or less no different when you look at it.

  • Dakota

    Why scare off customers who only want 2gb? You should have open hands for everyone, getting as many customers as possible… Expand the base; not asterisks for every plan and promo

    • pseudoswede

      Spoke with Retentions. They offered me a $5/mo credit for six months–basically, to offset the cost of the higher data plan while the rebate is being processed. This is on top of the “$10 off 24” customer loyalty discount.

    • Benjamin@tmo

      You can always change your data plan AFTER you get the mail in rebate. The Value plan allows you to change that anytime.

  • pseudoswede

    One concerning note in the fine print is that the rebate won’t be awarded for TWELVE months. Past sales have allowed you to receive your rebate in a reasonable time. I have no use for 5GB, given I barely crack 1GB on a monthly basis. Having to pay an extra $15/mo for 12 months defeats the potential savings.

    • pseudoswede

      Just spoke with Retentions. Rebate will take 6-8 weeks, so you would be at the higher data plan for two months(-ish).

  • ant

    the reason they have mir is because its protecting them from being scammed nowadays people sell they phones they get in their name for cash thats hurting them because when u sell the phone u not going to pay for the contract so that prob y they send the rebate to u a month or 2 later

  • briankh

    I wish they had a deal on the Note 2. My wife bought one and I am jealous! I have the Nexus 4 but I really like the Note 2.

  • AP

    Anyone know if this active, and is it in-store only? I’m not seeing it on their site. Thx