Rumor: T-Mobile Planning Valentine’s Day Sale, Blackout Dates For End Of March


It should come as no surprise as a new rumor that just dropped into my inbox tells me T-Mobile is planning a Valentine’s Day sale. Considering T-Mobile’s regular schedule for Valentine’s sales, this rumor seems like a sure thing. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details to go on — but smart money would have us believe any sale would likely be focused on Value Plan offerings.

As for part two of this rumor post, word on the T-Mobile street is that the company is planning for a “blackout” period for the last two weeks of March and first two weeks of April. Why? All signs continue to point to a possible iPhone launch as well as a transition into a Value Plan only environment.

Obviously, the second part of this rumor post should be taken with a definite helping of grains of salt. However, it does lineup with earlier indicators that T-Mobile was planning on launching their Value Plan only lineup during this time. As for the Valentine’s Day sale, that rumor seems very likely given past history. Cross your fingers for the rest.


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