Rumor: T-Mobile Planning Valentine’s Day Sale, Blackout Dates For End Of March


It should come as no surprise as a new rumor that just dropped into my inbox tells me T-Mobile is planning a Valentine’s Day sale. Considering T-Mobile’s regular schedule for Valentine’s sales, this rumor seems like a sure thing. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details to go on — but smart money would have us believe any sale would likely be focused on Value Plan offerings.

As for part two of this rumor post, word on the T-Mobile street is that the company is planning for a “blackout” period for the last two weeks of March and first two weeks of April. Why? All signs continue to point to a possible iPhone launch as well as a transition into a Value Plan only environment.

Obviously, the second part of this rumor post should be taken with a definite helping of grains of salt. However, it does lineup with earlier indicators that T-Mobile was planning on launching their Value Plan only lineup during this time. As for the Valentine’s Day sale, that rumor seems very likely given past history. Cross your fingers for the rest.


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  • Jim

    And the new blackberry is supposed to launch on March 27th…

  • BetterthanMC

    And the Blackberry 10 phone is supposed to drop on the 27th of March

    • thepanttherlady

      As much as I’m itching to get the BB 10, I don’t think there would be a blackout period for it.

      This would correspond with Legere’s statement about getting the iPhone in 3-4 months.

      • BetterthanMC

        Last two weeks in March…hmmm sounds oddly close to March 27th I think…..which is when the new BB10 launches….weird how that lines up.

        • thepanttherlady

          Yes, because T-Mobile will need all employees on staff for the BB 10 launch. O_o

        • BetterthanMC

          I’m not sure, but I keep seeing these stories about how BB is back and Apple is slipping. I’m not sure there is as much pent up demand from the T-Mobile fanboys for an Apple iPhone. It’s not new anymore – however with the pent up demand for something different, something that is stirring excitement all over the globe – I would say yes TMo would issue a blackout for that period.

        • thepanttherlady

          I believe Rim is back with the new BB 10. I’m not so sure they’ve convinced a large enough customer base to necessitate a blackout period. A lot of people have lost faith in them as a company/product. With the exception of us BB fans, it may take them some time to gather momentum and convince everyone they truly are back in the game. I’ll be an early adopter and hope they’ll be able to rival the likes of Samsung and Apple.

          We’ll see in a couple short months what this is about, right? :)

        • Jimsboytoynick

          You are not being fun haha supposed to argue about this!

        • thepanttherlady

          LOL! Instigator. =P

          I’ll just come back on 3/27 and say “I told you so!” Bwahahahaha

        • Wilma Flintstone


        • Dakota

          There could be demand for unlimited data if the iPhone could reach LTE speeds

        • Zacamandapio

          You never know.

        • moolahmitch

          Considering Peter Misek upgraded the stock Friday and made the following points on support for BB10: “1) Our checks indicate that the carriers have agreed to volume commitments for the first two quarters post-launch. 2) Our checks indicate that BB10 builds have been raised from 500K/month in early Dec to 1M-2M/month. 3) Developers are supporting BB10 more than we expected. RIM is targeting 70K BB10 apps available at launch.”

          Also, by the previous leak on here the first BlackBerry is slated to be released on Mar 27th. I sincerely doubt T-Mobile would line up two major launches at the same time.

          Just my two cents

      • TyRetr0

        I agree. well maybe in Canada

  • SomeDouche

    BB sucks

    • TyRetr0

      LOL So true

  • Jim

    BB should be suing Apple, Samsung and all the others. They all copied BB tech. BB was the first and best smartphone. Prepare for the return of the smartphone KING!!!!

    • BetterthanMC

      Dude…what are you smoking. Apple has the touchscreen. Samsung perfected the Android experience. What…did BB patent “smart”?? Even the BB specs on the new phones aren’t groundbreaking. NEXT

      • jim

        Which is all built off of the technology that BB invented. Its splitting hairs, I agree but that’s what these other companies are suing each other over all the time. Sorry Sammy we have patent on the rectangle shape of the phone” –Much love Apple

        • BetterthanMC

          Peace love and applesauce. What really matters here is that Apple keeps launching phones and tablets that….are worse than the competition. Yet all the Apple fan boys and girls LOVE them because they are soooo neat looking in their rectangle shape and ability to play only Apple approved games! WEEEE lets hope on the Apple train to Applevillle!

        • Bud

          @BetterthanMC,nexus 7 freezes on the home screen more than i can count. s3 crashes at least twice a week, wifi hang ups, it freezes between home screens often. iphone 5 not one crash or freeze, I own these products and i can tell you apple makes a better product. do you even own a apple product? or you just a android TROLL!

        • Mr_Vault

          Pardon Mr. Andy… this site caters to Android even though the iPhone is coming. Tmo was the original Android carrier and we were never good enough for Apple to bother with. My Nexus 7 never freezes. I can point you to tons of posts where people are fuming over their crappy iPhones as well. Glad you have a good one. Sell the Android stuff and see ya later.

        • Jason Crumbley

          He should change his name to Apple Budhu.

        • Bratty

          Good one crumbs. Flash them smarts.

        • Jason Crumbley

          Eh, I do what I can. Don’t want to make the rest of you guys look bad. haha

        • PiCASSiMO

          My 1st gen iPad running latest iOS software crashes/freezes daily. Zero support from apple except that I should spend another $500+

        • While I’ve owned and ipad 2 and it impressed me overwhelmingly compared to the LG Slate I had prior too… I am willing to take every single crazy issue that android offers(sort of, b/c my nexus has never given me a problem) so that I dont lack in customization. Yes widgets are very important to me. THey make my life so much easier. But there are also other things that apple lacks that I just cant be without. So… is apple awesome??? Absolutely, for what it does. But considering Android has so much more going on in the OS, I could deal with any small problems that may exist.

          If you want to know all things that apple lacks and android prevails, lets me know, but hopefully this will suffice.

        • Mr_Vault

          Points well stated, but the tide is starting to turn. I hear constantly from Apple-bellys that they’re starting to get bored. Same ol’ crapola every time for years and years now. Meanwhile, Android is constantly changing and evolving. Even pro Apple sites are now writing stories about Android stuff as there is -zilch- stuff happening in Apple-land. Just plain ol’ boring. And sometime later this year, we’ll see another latest, greatest boring device from them. They’re gonna ride this horse til it falls over dead.

        • church!

        • Im so happy to be at this point Mr. Vault. I’ve been an android fateful since the G1(then mytouch slide(trash), G2, Sensation, and now the Nexus). We all know android has not been perfect for the last 5 years, but it is damn close. My nexus is unbelievable. battery life could be better but as much as Im on it, it does the job. What a great time to be a FanDroid!

    • Mr_Vault

      Yep, the Studebaker and Packard are about to make their triumphant return soon as well …. duh. Aren’t there any BB sites you could post those ridiculous predictions on? What brought you to this site?

      • Bud


    • TyRetr0

      I loved My Blackberry pearl.. But I hated that my text would disappear…

  • If there is a blackout period for the iPhone in March, that would line up exactly with the recent flood of rumors of the release of the new iPad Mini w/Retina. Could T-Mobile be announcing that as well?

  • Pretty sure the blackout period is for the iPhone launch. No other phone commands that sort of attention and it coincides with Legere’s comments about 3-4 months

  • Wilma Flintstone

    They should title it the VALUETINE’S DAY SALE

  • purenupe1

    Sale? I doubt it, it will be the same old crap marketing ploy….Pay FULL PRICE by way of $100 today and the rest over 20 months and we’ll send you a rebate for the $100 if you jump through the rebate hoops correctly.

    • Cdogg

      The what do you consider a sale you dope. You dont normally get a discount of any kind of the value plan and after all you are getting a cheaper plan. I swear morons are out in force.

  • Geng Zhang

    I wish they have SONY experia Z..

  • ant

    forget sell can a new phone come out all the phones that going to be on sale is going to be old and u going to need to get a 2yr contract

  • Keith Colombo

    Any update on the sale?

  • Who starts gossips?

    iPhone. Umm sorry but thats right about the time that the Samsung Galaxy 4 is released to T-mobile.

  • TyRetr0

    I hope so the iPhone will definitely help T-Mobile.. look at what it did for LEAP/Cricket I’ll be a day 1 T-Mobile iPhone owner. But My real question is what iPhone?