T-Mobile CEO Says iPhone Coming In “Three To Four Months,” Subsidy End In Same Timeframe

In a conversation with Reuters following T-Mobile’s press event last night, CEO John Legere said his company will start selling the iPhone in “about three to four months.” Legere also stated that his company is looking at a similar timeframe for the full-time move to Value Plans and the end of subsidized handsets.

Legere declined to comment on the specifics regarding T-Mobile’s deal with Apple, only stating that his company will sell the phone “would be sooner rather than later.”

“They’re all, I would call them, in three to four months as opposed to six to nine months, Legere told Reuters in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Legere hopes to increase T-Mobile’s market share inside the US by 5 percent or even slightly higher from rivals who will continue to depend on a handset subsidization model.

“If the old industry structure chooses to ignore what we do,” he said, “That’s a potential.”

Speaking earlier in the day, Legere didn’t rule out the possibility that T-Mobile would explore opportunities with companies like Dish Network or Leap Wireless to bolster their position.

Leap is “one of those things that makes extreme sense for us to look at” Legere said.

Lining up the timeframe for both the iPhone and the end of subsidized handsets makes sense, especially in light of T-Mobile’s continued growth in the unlocked iPhone arena. By all accounts, at least 1.9 million of T-Mobile’s customers aren’t too concerned with subsidized iPhone’s anyway.


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  • OZ

    En of subsidies might work. Consider this. The smartphone is slowly replacing tasks that used to be performed by a personal computer or laptop. For those devices, we might’ve spent hundreds of dollars in the past, and now might be collecting dust. Smartphones are still lagging in capabilities, however, there is a chance you might be leveraging the cloud for storage and service (e.g. YouTube, DropBox which do not require you to serve content anymore).

    The point is, we are going to start shifting the expense to mobile devices instead of laptops/desktops. Why not pay a full price for those?

    • archerian

      although this is possible, a majority of content creation is still done via traditional laptops/desktops, there is a better chance smartphones will become cheaper due to cheaper competition, more economies of scale and less markups. This would do most to help move from the “subsidy” culture.

    • ColdFeet

      I do believe that one day, our computers will be our phones. We’ll just plug them into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at work/home and unplug them when we’re done. But I think we’re a long way off from that. There’s no way I’d be able to be without a Windows computer with a large screen at this point. Same with my 13 years old daughter…

      • Mark

        Linux Ubuntu is developing the Ubuntu phone software. Just dock it to your monitor and keyboard and you have a computer that is really mobile.

  • kevev

    Sry to steel this new story, but I have a question and the forum registration is disabled. I am reading that T-Mobile US TLE will be band 4. This is the 1700/2100Mhz band. I thought that T-Mobile was only putting LTE on the 1700Mhz portion of the band. Utilizing the lower frequency for the Up and Down link because it penetrates buildings better. Is this true? Or am I incorrect in my assumption? Thank You! :o)

    • Anonymouse

      T-mobile will be using their AWS to roll out their LTE network. The AWS band uses 1700 Mhz for uplink AND 2100 Mhz for downlink. These two are a couple, it won’t work if one is missing.

      • So does this mean that my verizon iphone 5 will work on their LTE network ?

        • No the Verizon one will not get T-Mobile LTE. You will need the AT&T version or the unlocked one sold by Apple. Model A1428

        • alright thanks.

        • terryjohnson16

          Verizon iPhone 5 uses the upper 700 band for LTE. AT&T’s version has the AWS LTE band. Later this year, Verizon will start selling LTE phones with AWS LTE to supplement their current LTE spectrum. So in other words, all phones that Verizon and AT&T sells this year will have T-mobile LTE support.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Don’t forget that the AT&T version also uses their portion of the 700 MHz band along with the aforementioned AWS band.

        • terryjohnson16

          I am already aware of that. I put that to notate the difference btw the Verizon iPhone 5, which doesn’t have the AWS LTE band, and the AT&T model which includes AWS LTE.

        • MacRat
  • Magenta Madness

    This will be right around the time we will be launching LTE. We’ve pulling in out LTE launch time frame. We might be seeing a new LTE iPhone folks.

    • Magenta Madness

      out = our*

    • M42

      Yes pushing out LTE to the same phantom cities with 4G coverage.

  • Chris

    I hope they didn’t pay too much to get the iPhone. Didn’t seem to help sprint too much…hope this brings a lot of customers!

    • Magenta Madness

      We didn’t.

      • Chris

        Great news then!

    • moises1204

      the network is killing sprint right now, but once they complete it they will be ok and some result will show.

    • It helped Sprint to stop churn and actually start gaining subscribers again. Didn’t help them financially (yet) because they paid so much to get the device. T-Mobile didn’t make such a deal.

  • ant

    when is a new htc coming out thats all i want to know forget apple

  • Whiskers

    I can’t see Apple making a T-Mobile LTE 1700/2100mhz version iphone and releasing it in 3-4 months just for T-Mobile then releasing a iphone 5S in June for everyone else.
    Something does not add up here and Apple does’nt do business like that.

    • TechHog

      Maybe, and I know this sounds crazy, Apple won’t be releasing the 5S in June? Actually, ignore me. I’ve gone bonkers.

      • Whiskers

        Apple would have to be gearing up right now just to make a current i5 with T-Mobile LTE radio specs to be released in 3 months and that can’t happen over night.
        Something still smells really fishy here…

        • TechHog

          Even assuming you’re right, the simple answer would be that both iPhone 5 and 5S are coming to T-Mobile. The same thing happened with the Verizon and the 4/4S. There’s nothing “fishy”. You just sound paranoid.

        • Whiskers

          No not paranoid , i just don’t believe everything T-Mobile states.
          They have said many things in the past that don’t add up but hey , you never know until it happens.
          The latest talk is Apple will be offering two versions on their next release. So hopefully T-Mobile does’nt go for the cheaper version and offer both the lower and higher grade iphones together.

        • terryjohnson16

          Give it up already. Accept the fact that T-Mobile is an official iPhone carrier now.

        • Whiskers

          Give what up , i already have an iphone on one of my VP lines.
          Before i buy a new iphone i want to make sure T-Mobile don’t repeat it’s own history and always go for the cheaper models in smartphones.

        • philyew

          First of all, it’s just rumor around the blogosphere that Apple will be offering a cheaper version. We don’t know for sure yet. Fine to speculate, but asserting it as fact doesn’t help.

          Second, since they are not subsidizing the device why should they care which model they offer? In the past, TM have been jammed on top-end phones because they couldn’t compete with the subsidies offered by their larger competitors, who were recovering more than TM on the back end.

          With the subsidy out of the picture, they don’t have to worry about the cost of the device any more – if there is a market, they can supply it.

        • terryjohnson16

          T-Mobile and AT&T will use the same LTE phones. Only thing that needs to be added right now, is the AWS HSPA 3G. Plus, the current iPhone hardware supports AWS 3G hardware. It’s just software locked. Apple would just need to allow the phone to use HSPA 3G. Nothing hard about it.

        • Whiskers

          Good info , but when T-Mobile starts selling the iphone which one will it be.
          Apple will be releasing two different models next time around. A cheaper one and a flagship model.
          The question is which one will T-Mobile choose , and we know how they selected smartphones in the past….

        • terryjohnson16

          It won’t matter. They won’t be subsidizing the phone.

        • Whiskers

          Well no not in the traditional way but their EIP service is basically the same thing.

          So to buy an iphone through T-mobile on their EIP service your stuck with which version of the iphone they will offer to sell and at what price .
          Only other option is to buy one cash yourself and then T-Mobile will still make you sign 2 year contract for new customers even though T-Mobile has nothing to loose since there is no money to be lost with you financing the phone yourself.

        • Regarding your statement, “T-Mobile will still make you sign 2 year contract”, as of today, this is no longer true. https://www.tmonews.com/2013/01/t-mobile-confirms-monthly4gunlimited-nationwide-4g-data-plan-going-live-tomorrow/

        • Stop spreading false information, nobody except knows how many models they will offer.

        • Whiskers

          False information , what are you smoking …
          As i said , nobody knows which iphone T-Mobile will be offering until they release them.
          And as for the VP only deals , you need reread what i said .
          As a new customer you will be required to sign a 2yr contract on the VP .
          Only if your an existing customer can you buy unlock phones and switch them out without any contracts or extensions.
          That is not false information.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Just because the device has an LTE PAM for AWS does not mean that this same PAM is connected/routed for WCDMA/HSPA.

          Do not make the assumption that some software will “unlock” this functionality.

        • fsured

          Can’t they just sell the same phone as ATT if the signals used are the same? Make some that don’t have the ATT logo on it (if there is one) and it would be ready for Tmobile. That is pretty much the process now right? Buy it ATT or Apple, unlock it, and then go to TMO. It’s just cutting out this middle step by selling the carrier unlocked version at Tmobile stores.

        • Whiskers

          Yes that is possible and they may sell both versions on T-Mobile in the future when the next versions come out but no one knows just yet.
          Buying it from ATT or Apple is fine but where T-Mobile shafts a new customer is when they bring it to T-Mobile on the VP service.
          They will still require you to sign a 2 year contract even though YOU bought it outright with your own money.
          Why would someone do that when they can get the same unlimited everything service for $70/month on the M4G or soon to be released “GoSmartMobile” .

        • fsured

          A person may take the EIP payment option if they don’t want to spend or have the $600 for a phone up front. Two lines on a contract means double the cost and it’s easier to pay $40 extra month to pay off 2 phones compared to $1200. Things happen and you lose your phone, it breaks leaving you with no phone, or other bad timing financial issues in life arise at the time your handset is “out of order” leaving the option to make that large of a payment hard. They are extending you a credit line essentially and ask that you to sign a 2yr contract. Nothing wrong with that.

        • MacRat

          “Buy it ATT or Apple, unlock it, and then go to TMO.”

          I guess you don’t know you can buy unlocked iPhones directly from Apple.

        • fsured

          Yeah I do know you can buy it it from Apple that way. Thats why I’m saying just sell the same ATT phone without the logo. Why the need to make a customized one in hardware? The “unlock” part of my comment was for those who buy it from ATT for whatever reason.

          I’m not interested in owning an I-product but I see the need to offer it to their customers. My fear with the whole thing is this rumor of a smaller Iphone coming out that is cheaper. Could this be the version TMO gets instead of larger version? It would mean a cheaper quantity purchase for the company and they can say they carry an Iphone.

          That would be like selling a stripped down version of the Slll with 3.75” screen, 1ghz dual core ti chip, and only 8gig of internal memory. Still in Galaxy slll family but not the one customers are wanting.

        • Fabian Cortez

          The current AT&T iPhone 5 works with T-Mobile’s LTE and HSPA+ (refarmed PCS band).

          The idea is to align themselves with AT&T so that these issues go away. T-Mobile’s new network will be GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA all over PCS and LTE over AWS.

          A small portion of HSPA will be left on AWS for those phones from 2007-2009/2010 which were UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA over AWS only.

        • Whiskers

          Great info , thanks.

        • C.Powell

          Yeah, like this new low-end iPhone that rumors are flying around about….it will be like tmo getting the “iPad Mini of iPhones!

    • gosmartrep_tonys

      i was under the impression that iphones are released in or around october.?? i could be wrong,

      • terryjohnson16

        Apple used to release their iPhones in June/July a few years ago. The iPhone 4 broke that cycle, with the Oct 2010 launch.

        • 21stNow

          The iPhone 4 came out in June 2010. The iPhone 4S came out in Oct 2011. To Gosmartrep’s point, a carrier launch date doesn’t always coincide with the launch of a new iPhone, as was the case with VZW launching the iPhone 4 in Feb 2011.

    • Fabian Cortez

      The AT&T iPhone 5 is already LTE AWS.

    • Nearmsp

      I think Apple will allow Wi-Fi calling with T-mobile SIM card on the AT&T unlocked version of the iPhone 5.

    • Little T

      Why not?

  • moises1204

    I hope is the iPhone 6 they are talking about, because if it is the the 5 then it wont be a big deal till the 6 comes out, but knowing tmobile is probably the almost a year old iPhone 5.

    • MacRat

      How is the iPhone 5 that first started shipping Sept 21, 2012 almost a year old?

      • moises1204

        Well in 3 to 4 months later will be almost a year old.

        • MoisesEsRetarded

          No dumbarse, that would make it just over 6months old, 1diot.

        • moises1204

          ok since you calling me an idiot lets do some math smart man you!! from September 21 to January 21 would be 5 months right? lets say the iPhone 5 comes to tmobile 4 months from now that would make it 9 months old right? in my comment i said almost a year you do know what almost mean right? ok then, that would be almost a year, so who is the idiot now?

        • MoisesEsRetarded

          Are you really this stup1d? Sept 21, 2012 to Jan 21, 2013 is 5 months? Someone needs to teach you how to count 1diot. Damn you are dumb as a rock.

  • Matt

    Apple made a special iPhone for Verizon, so why not T-Mobile? If they don’t include AWS 3G then customers are going to have a very poor iPhone experience. The new 1900mhz is not yet ready for primetime. Its very spotty and inconsistent. Once they get all the bugs worked out with the 1900mhz they’re going to have a killer network that puts AT&T to shame.


    AT&T customer (waiting to switch to T-Mobile for the ultimate GSM experience)

    • M42

      Apple made a special version of the iPhone because Verizon has 105 million customers. T-Horrible has less than a third that many customers.

      BTW, if you’re waiting to switch from AT&T to T-Horrible for the “ultimate GSM experience” you are going to be in for the biggest disappointment of your life. There is a reason this company ranks dead last in every category.

      • crystalbella

        well let that guy switch to tmobile haha for he could see the difference in service .. at&t works and it works good outside major citys and interstates and has 3G coverage while tmobile hmm usually craps out outside major citys and has edge/gsm/gprs coverage which is lousy .. Only good thing tmobile has is its fast data in major citys its sometimes faster than atts n verizons lte but coverage wise nationwide it sucks when compared to att n verizon.

      • kod

        If tmobile horrible way you bloging on a tmobile bloging site….bum

    • Vic

      I assume you’re talking about the iPhone 4. The reason I would assume that Apple made the special version of it for Verizon and aren’t doing the same for T-Mobile with the iPhone 5 is because Verizon does have a much larger userbase, so Apple can manufacture more devices making it more cost-effective and/or Verizon could have negotiated (or afforded) a contract with Apple guaranteeing a minimum number of the devices would be sold. I also believe the modem chipset and the chassis/antenna design of the Verizon iPhone 4 was the utilized in the iPhone 4S, once again, making the whole situation cost-effective.

      • Nearmsp

        What about Samsung? Why do they make phones for every country and every wireless company? They make more profits than Apple and will soon be twice their size in market share of smart phones.

  • Justin

    We’ll see what our potential contract would look like in 2 years. We just upgraded under the classic plan and both the sales person in the store as well as a phone representative could not show us that a “Value” plan was of any value at all. Over the course of a 2 year agreement, on a 4 line family plan, we would have paid almost $300 more on a “Value” plan. It works if you’re on an individual plan, but not a family plan with multiple smartphones.

    • CRT24

      It is rare that value doesn’t save money over the life of the contract so your statement could not be more inaccurate. Example:

      Unlimited classic plan, 5 lines, unlimited text, unlimited data on all lines, and 500 minute lines on the 3 added lines is $280 per month for a total cost of $6720 plus 1400 for 5 GS3’s gives you a total cost of $8120.00 over the 24 month contract and your monthly payment with tax would be about $315/mo.

      Value plan with the same configuration would be $195 per month for a total cost of $4680 plus $2750 for 5 GS3’s at full cost for a total of $7430 over the 24 month contract and your monthly payment with tax and phone payments would be about $318.00 for 20 months then go down to $218 after the phones are paid off.

      So $8120 – $7430 = $690.00 in savings on value plan over 24 months and your bill is virtually the same while you are paying for phones and much less when you are not. So perhaps you were on one of the older grandfathered plans where value is not a savings, because that is the case for some or perhaps the rep didnt explain it correctly…..but as you can see, value is a lower cost that value pretty much every time unless you are talking about 3rd party retailers selling the phone at a greater discount on classic, but even in this case if you get the GS3’s for $100 bucks less per phone you still come out ahead on value……and remember folks, the down payment on value compared to the “discounted” price on classic is always lower. Value is a better option peoole, just accept it !!

      • Zach Mauch

        it does make sense that for a family plan that has 4+ lines classic would be cheaper. The cost of adding the 3rd an 4th line is relatively small so the cost savings with the value plan are minimal. Meanwhile, you have the added cost of no cell phone subsidy.

        However, I am still a HUGE fan of the value plans. My real reason for this is that in a few years we might finally see true price competition among phones. Look what it has done for tablets. Meanwhile, phones continue to be as high priced as ever. If a consumer can actually see the price differences and make their phone selection based on it we’ll see major change in phones to the benefit of the consumer. In addition, it might open things up to the manufacture to develope fewer phones that encompass more networks and better brand their products. Samsung has done it with the galaxy series, but only because they’ve become big enough to bully the networks into.

        This move is just another part of the positive trend (for the consumer) that has been going on in the mobile industry for the past several years. It started with the growth of pre-paid carriers, it continued with the unlocked nexus devices being sold at insane prices, and now it we are seing this move by T-Mobile. Don’t discount this. It is ABSOLUTLY HUGE for the consumer.

        • CRT24

          I agree with most of what you said but I just showed you how classic is more expensive with 5 lines and 5 GS3’s on subsidy and if you are buying less expensive phones the the savings are even greater! ….good grief some of you people would argue that the sky isnt blue

        • sanjt

          Heh.. I am guessing T-Mo will have the same challenge convincing large population on this argument. I am still not convinced that my grandfathered limited plan with multiple lines will cost less with value plan + cost of handset. I have no use with unlimited minutes, at best it may be break even. Call it preconceived notion, but still it is a hard sell for tmo unless they can bring the cost of the handset down ( I feel handsets costs should come down)

        • CRT24

          As I said in my post, there are some cases of grandfatherd plans where value is not a lower cost when you factor in paying full cost for the phone. Not sure how exactly how those grandfathered plans will be handled with repsect to upgrades when phone subidies are eliminated but I guess some customers in that boat will have to weigh their options. …t-mobile value most likely will still be the best option of the other carriers so we will just have to wait and see what that looks like with regards to much older grandfathered plans.

        • philyew

          I’m pretty sure that TM are looking forward to this change getting rid of many grandfathered plans. I’m in favor of getting rid of the deception inherent in the subsidized approach, but have had to resign myself to finding the upfront cash for each new device, if I want to hang on to my current grandfathered plan.

          If I had to do that when I renewed my plan a few months ago, it would have cost me $2,100 + tax for four devices instead of $390 + tax using subsidies.

          That’s going to be too expensive in one go for many people, so they will have to stagger phone purchases, make the move to a VP for the EIP, or move to another carrier with a subsidy program.

    • TechHog

      You’re calculating wrong somewhere. You’re probably not factoring in the cheaper down-payment or the face that the phones will be payed in full on the 20th month.

  • I’m ready to see how it turns out. I have an iPhone 5 with Verizon but also still have my $20 unlimited T-Mobile line open. Will drop the Verizon and go back to T-Mobile fully if LTE or even HSPA+ become consistent in my area later this year.

    • bleeew

      Good thing that iPhone is unlocked.

  • BAAllen

    I may be a dunce, but I have a question. I am currently available for upgrades on a classic plan. I receive a discount from T-Mobile for having worked there in the past and I don’t want to lose my plan. I would like to hold out for the iPhone but I am unsure how it will work. If I want to upgrade to the iPhone will T-Mobile require me to migrate to the Value Plans and unsubsidized phones?

    • chantie

      if your wanting to get the IPhone with EIP then you would have to switch to a value plan.

  • Whitney

    I am counting down the days so I can ditch my HTC HD2.

  • Whitney

    David is the ipad coming as well

  • Deadeye37

    I was going to make some iPhone comment, but instead, because its so distracting, I have to comment on what he’s wearing. REALLY? A 50/60 year old guy should not be dressed like some 18 year old hipster. Ugh.

    BTW, I’m excited to see the iPhone come this way. I won’t be getting it, but I know a lot of others will.

    • MacRat

      “REALLY? A 50/60 year old guy should not be dressed like some 18 year old hipster. Ugh.”

      Well, he is wearing his retirement home sweater.

    • OnlineRefugee

      LOL… I admit too staring at the pic and wondering “Who is that clown on stage?” Then I thought after reading the story, “No way that’s the boss.”

      Sad, very sad. These “I am going to be like Steve Jobs, but I won’t dress exactly like Jobs” types are pathetic.

    • David

      Haters gotta hate. Lets not forget hipster dress ironically. Ironically they dress like old people, tight pants, retro trainers (do you know what retro means?), and knit cardigans, which just a few years ago were considered old fashion sweaters. About the only up-to-date accessory he has is his baseball cap – caps are timeless. The t-shirt is standard t-mobile swag so you can’t categorize it… It’s just a magenta shirt.

      How old are you Deadeye37? What does your avatar say about you? An adult that watches cartoons?

      In any case, he’s probably better dressed than more half the attendees. And he dress better than Matias Duarte. Dude needs to get dressed by someone, stat, maybe his mom can advise him?

      • pickme005

        Dude… cartoons??????????? It’s called anime, BAKA!!!!!
        Lastly, chill bro…

        • David

          Cool Story Bro… Anime doesn’t refer to animated cartoons? You must be a hipster brah. I’m chilled, cartoon watcher just needs to check his haterade bc his cartoon watching is easily something he can be judged for himself

    • gon2013

      Dude………. cartoons? It’s called anime, BAKA!!!
      Lastly, chill bro…

    • Scott Walsh

      I agree, just ilke the troll on American Idol “Jimmy Iovine” who’s always trying to look like he’s 16, it’s quite sickening!

    • TmoGooz

      Have any of you been seen or heard this guy speak before?? He wore a batman shirt last time and curses like a sailor. He isn’t trying to make any fashion statement or be like Steve Jobs…..he just doesn’t give a fukk! Geez people.

    • thatoneguy

      As long as he is trying to move TMO forward and thus making my experience as a customer better. I could care less what he wears.

  • steve1026

    So if I upgrade before they move me to value, then that would void my contract right? I guess I mean to say they would be breaking my contract once they move me and would allow me to cancel w/o paying an early term?

    • fsured

      I don’t think it would void your contract. They are not changing the terms of the contract you signed with them. Just new contracts from that point forward.

    • kalel33

      I love how people think they can pull a fast one. No steve, you upgrade your phone and you stay on your old plan until your next upgrade. Why would they automatically move you to the Value plan and them lose money by switching you to a cheaper plan?

  • trife

    While I’m glad that the iPhone is finally coming, I’m not 100% thrilled with the lack of updates to the network in my area (and many others).

    If you’re in a bigger city, chances are you’re probably good as far as having 1900 MHz support. But look at airportal.de and note the huge, gaping hole in the middle of the country. Larger cities like Memphis, Little Rock, Nashville and Louisville have not one single report of a sighting. It just seems like some areas of the country are afterthoughts to T-Mobile. We’ll probably just be getting 3G here when everyone else is getting LTE.

    Hopefully TMO will prove me wrong though!

  • Nick Gonzalez

    I suddenly feel really good about not switching to Sprint or Verizon this past November. 2013 will be interesting.

  • Zach Mauch

    Look at the competition the tablet market has had over the last several years and you will get an understanding of what would happen if all carriers ditched subsidies. This is VERY VERY GOOD for the consumer. Mostly bad for the manufactures though, but it might open things up to them having more control over the product.

  • yozo

    Ok back to the headline. TmoUSA wants to drop subsidies totally. Sounds like TmoUSA is preparing to die off, after readying AT&T and Verizon to try and buy them out again.

    Expects only 5% increase in marketshare with iPhone… Then they aren’t releasing a special iPhone just for TmoUSA. It will be the AT&T version unlocked.

    That was a funny comment about being an 18 years old hipster… rofl… I didn’t even look closely atthe picture until it was mentioned.


    Can’t wait for T-mobile to gobble up Leap or better yet merge with Dish to create a hybrid terrestrial – satellite gsm network with 4G HSPA+ and LTE

  • Thorin78

    Anyone else think the timeline of 3 months is in line w/ the next iphone release? and not the iphone 5?

    • Magenta Madness

      Umm, thats the point lol.

    • Herb

      Yes, iPhone 5S. Highly likely, I think.

  • UofM2005

    maybe i should have gotten the gs3 when it was free w/a 2 year contract a few months ago. i have a loyalty plan for $75 (2 lines: 1 smart phone w/text and unl data, and 1 regular w/o text) – corporate discount…for a total of $66/month. the tmobile store employee told me i would be paying around $80 for a similar plan, i didnt tell them about my current plan. i still cannot see how paying full price for a phone in $20 monthly installments will benefit me. i would rather pay $200 once and have a 2 year contract since i don’t mind the service. so, $200/24 months is just over $8/month. a $600 phone/20 is $30 monthly installment payments. i’m looking at $74 total for loyalty vs. $110 for value ($97 w/discount). i do not see how value plans will benefit me. feel free to correct me if i am missing something…

    • 21stNow

      I’m confused as to what your $200/24 months represents. Also, if you were talking about a $600 phone, there would (usually) be a downpayment of $200 and $400/20 months or $20 monthly EIP charge. The maximum EIP amount per line now is $400.

      • UofM2005

        i was referring to what the price of a subsidized phone is over 24 months. normally with other carriers, the iphone is $200 + 2-year contract. so, 200/24 is about $8.30/month extra.

        even with a down payment of $200, and $20 monthly eip charges for 20 months is still a lot more than just paying $200 for a subsidized phone when my loyalty plan rate is roughly $66/month (incl. corporate discount) for 1 smartphone and 1 regular phone.

        the discounts, i think, may apply to value plans, but that still would be higher than my current plan.

        • 21stNow

          It sounds like what you have is cheaper now. It’s hard to tell because I couldn’t determine the number of minutes that you have now. The Value Plan doesn’t work out as cheaper for everyone.

        • UofM2005

          i don’t use voice as much as data/texting, which is why we only have 600 minutes. we rarely go over 350 minutes each month.

        • asmidnightfalls

          If its just one line, 500 min, unl text, and unl data costs 60 $ and e. Can go up to 20 $ . With your corporate didiscount shouldnt amount to be more than a flat 90-95 $ wi. Tax.

  • Don Quixote

    Let’s do a poll to see how many are willing to wait for 3-4 months for iPhone on T-Mobile.

  • 0neTw0

    Good thing I can get in on a reduced phone next month when up due for a upgrade finally. Bye Bye G2x Ugh. Now if Google can get some Nexus in stock.

  • ExVZWsubscriber

    I’m excited… :)

  • Tima

    I hope us current customers will be able to keep our current plan if we choose to upgrade to an iphone. I don’t want to be forced to change plans just to get an iphone or any other phone.

  • graywolf323

    if it does indeed come in 3-4 months that’ll be just in time for my birthday in April :D

  • Lol ugh this is going to be wack. I hate the iPhone module. So much, that if my note two had this type of following I’d own another device. I don’t like followers and the iPhone plays heavily on this