T-Mobile First Carrier To Announce Nationwide HD Voice Network, Dramatically Improves Call Quality

T-Mobile’s announcing the availability of brand new HD voice enhancements now available on their network nationwide, beginning today. HD Voice “dramatically improves in-call voice quality for customers with capable smartphones.” T-Mobile says customers will hear a more “true-to-life” call experience and more “natural-sound.” To experience HD voice, both parties on a call must be using a capable T-Mobile 4G smartphone, which includes the HTC One S, Nokia Astound and Samsung Galaxy S III.

T-Mobile is the first US provider to launch a true HD voice network nationwide.

T-Mobile today announced that HD Voice is now available on its network nationwide, dramatically improving in-call voice quality for customers with capable smartphones. Customers will hear a more true-to-life voice quality that’s fuller and more natural-sounding with significantly reduced background noise from street traffic, wind and crowd noise. To experience HD Voice, both parties on the call must use capable T-Mobile 4G smartphones such as the HTC OneS, Nokia Astound and Samsung Galaxy S® III on T-Mobile’s HD Voice-enabled nationwide network. T-Mobile is the first U.S. wireless provider to launch HD Voice nationwide.

“T-Mobile is enriching the customer experience on its network with our nationwide launch of HD Voice. In addition, multiple third-party tests have shown that the experience on T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network rivals major competitors’ LTE networks,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. “This year, we’re stepping on the gas again. We are making continued coverage improvements and launching an advanced LTE network that will reach 100 million people by mid-year and 200 million people by end of year.”


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  • Trevnerdio

    This is network-wide, starting today?

    • trickinit

      I’ve actually noticed it for the past 2 months in Utah. It took a little research to figure out why my calls sounded so funny, but I assumed it was the same wideband calling that has been introduced in Europe. I found it a little odd that T-Mobile hadn’t announced anything though. Maybe it’s just been in testing, but it has definitely been out for some time already.

      • Trevnerdio

        That’s cool. I just noticed that my phone under band info now says “AMR-WB 12.65 kbits / s” (dial *#0011#)

        • Pikachu

          @trickinit. That’s why I think this “launch” is so stupid. How are you going to lie like you straight up just turned it on when I’ve noticed AMR-WB codec for the better part of two months.

          Also if you do a little reading 12.65kbits is like decent hd. They should go 16+kbits read up on how much betterthat is. Watch att wait their eight months and get way better hd. Leave it to Tmobile to squeeze the eagle (existing equipment) until it screeeeeeams!!!! Lmao

        • guest

          It’s called a soft launch, a lot of companies do it. It’s not an uncommon business practice.
          By the way, most people don’t mind squeezing the most out of their equipment. I really fail to see what your gripe is.

  • Chris

    This doesn’t include the Note 2? And we have to be on 4g or….what? And everywhere all at once? So many questions…

  • Paul

    Wait… For the older S3? Or the new S3? And why not the Note 2?

  • Jarrod

    Im assuming the wideband audio they are talking about has no relation the one used in the iPhone 5

    • Bratty

      Its the similar audio chip as ip5. But Tmo doesnt carry the ip5 yet so it cannot be announced as a compatible phone.

    • Chris

      No, iPhone5 noise cancellation is different from this one.

      This one is a network based Noise Cancellation.

      iPhone5 is locally processed. The Noise Cancellation on iPhone5 is similar to the ‘local’ Noise Cancellation on most phones where you basically use 2 microphones and cancel the unwanted noise.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Actually it is the same technology used in the iPhone 5. But like Bratty said, since T-Mobile does not carry the phone, they won’t announce it.

      So once again, T-Mobile supports a feature that Apple has implemented.

      72 Mbps LTE – Check
      42 Mbps HSPA+ – Check
      Video calls over 3G – Check
      Unlimited data – Check
      HD Voice – Check
      No app size limit over 3G (see android) – Check

      Here’s to hoping Apple implements UMA (Wi-Fi calling) in the coming months.

      I wonder if Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave for ignoring T-Mobile for so long in the US. And for what, AT&T? Lol.

      If anything, an iPhone on T-Mobile is exactly how Steve envisioned the phone to be operated/used: to full effect without limits and/or constraints.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Sorry bud but Apple did not implement video calls over 3G first. That was doable on 2G with the Nokia N95.

        • Fabian Cortez

          I mean the fact that T-Mobile allows video chat over the cellular network.

          I think we all know that it was due to AT&T’s influence [and “crap” network] that Apple disabled that “feature.”

          Anyone who seriously had any interest in cellular phones prior to the iPhoneOS/iOS and/or Android ecosystem knows about Nokia’s cellular prowess.

          Also, I never said anything about Apple being the first.

  • ceegii63

    phone sex will now be more awesome!

  • Steve

    Where is the Galaxy Note 2 love with this new feature ?

  • JJ Clark

    I’m still waiting to have half way decent service in Seattle, let alone HD clarity. Half the time, I miss my calls because I have no bars.

  • Howard

    Note II not capable for the HD voice??

    • Chris

      It has to have the Wideband AMR codec in the firmware. It will be capable soon – probably.

  • T-Mobile makes this available for a 2 year old Nokia featurephone that nobody bought, but not for notable phones like the Galaxy S2, Note II, or the Nexus 4. This is why Magenta is hemorrhaging customers.

    • Trevnerdio

      Might just be a dry run…testing the waters for now. But I agree…what the heck is up with the Astound???

    • Nexus 4 doesn’t have any carrier branded apps, including ones which support HD voice. I suspect the Note II and the new LTE S3 will have support it though.

    • The_Guest_Who

      That’s not a fair assessment… the Astound was a very capable smartphone, not a feature phone. Yes, it didn’t sell millions of units on T-Mobile (poor marketing and positioning) , but the international version (Nokia C7) did pretty well. Insult to injury, T-Mobile is the one who screwed over Astound users by not releasing the Symbian Belle OS update, which made the phone faster and arguably on-par with then-current Android , UX-wise.

      When it comes to HD Voice, the Astound had the AMR-WB codecs baked into the firmware at launch…in fact, Nokia had 15 HD Voice-capable handsets in 2010. Some firmware variants of the SGS2 have the codecs enabled, but not all; same goes for a number of other handsets currently available. T-Mo may just be launching HD Voice on those 3 handsets because they already have the proper firmware, and don’t need to be patched/tweeked/repatched/replaced.

      T-Mobile has some issues, but HD Voice on the SGS2 ain’t it.

      • Thank you for proving my point. Nobody bought the Astound, then T-Mobile screwed over the few people that did by not updating the OS. Now they’re making this huge PR splash about a service that only a select few people can currently use, without explaining why anybody else can’t use it. If you think poor communication is not a reason to lose 500,000 customers in one quarter, then you must work for T-Mo’s PR team.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Who says those are incompatible though? I’ve been trying to find out if I can use my Nexus with this, but because they don’t say it’s compatible, doesn’t mean it isn’t. It doesn’t really matter in the end either way, since it’s effectively a T-Mobile network exclusive feature.

    • It is a combination of hardware and software. Tmobile has enable the software/hardware on their end but the phone itself must support and that is down to Samsung not T-mobile.

  • scsa852k@gmail.com

    It’s shocking that the highest selling device on T-Mo (Note II) is not included for this feature!!
    I’m sure it’s coming though.

    • trickinit

      The S3 is by far the highest selling phone T-Mobile carries. I bet the Note 2 is capable of it though, maybe it just hast to be enabled through a firmware update.

      • RIGHT! The note 2 is by far NOT the highest selling device on t-moible.

      • They meant highest as in price… …..duh

        • I dont know about saying duh. I’ve read some real questionable comments on this site so I wouldn’t put it past any one!

        • ……and you needed to reply to my comment because? My opinion my comment if you’re not subtracting with substantial evidence on anything I’ve said and you only disagree then create your own comment mind your business. I read the comments then create my own, along the way if I see something incorrect factually I correctly inform..if it’s just a dumb opinion or rude arrogant comment like the one I responded to I do and usually hit them with a “duh” .. duh or keep it moving. All case to case bases…duh


        • Look miss uhh Jecire. I really don’t want any trouble. You responded to something I wrote then said duh as if I was stupid to think it. Now, that being said, I will politely ask you to never click the grey Reply link if my name is above it. Because truth be told 2013 and the new me is the only thing that kept me from reading you to the gods with a few choice words and send you crying home to ya momma. And even now I’m being nice af! Soooo, VAMOOSE!

          Your Worse Ny’Mar’e

        • 5 — It is Je’ not Jecire

          4 — If I recall my original “duh”
          was sent to” trickinit “not miss’D_ion mac, you question my duh when it wasn’t
          sent your way until you spoke out of turn…..

          3 — My comment had nothing to do
          with you; “Highest Price….not selling” doesn’t constitute you replying to me in
          the least….

          2- If you follow your own advice
          we wouldn’t even have to be discussing your lack of intelligence & poor
          comprehension skills.

          You say “I politely ask you never click the grey
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        • Said the wholesale naked lady. Good day maam. WIll no longer entertain you!

  • NardVa

    What makes those phones so special?

  • sounds great to read but i’ve never had issue with phone quality and i doubt i’ll even notice anything when calling my friends with One S and S3 devices but i’m gonna test it tomorrow anyway lol

  • Aurizen

    I wonder if this includes the iphone 5….

  • idan91

    What about Windows 8 phones? I’m sure my HTC 8x has the capable hardware.

  • doubleatheman

    Will this work with the Nexus 4? I remember reading that the nexus 4 is HD voice ready, just depended on the carrier. Sucky thing is, I dont know any one else to talk to who uses tmobile. Also does this work if I am on a MVNO?

  • joyride

    ahaha, Nokia’s old ‘dead’ symbian supported this feature years ago. Maybe WP9 will have it.

  • Ben

    Is it free? I didn’t see anything about price, but I don’t want to assume it’s free. T-Mobile’s caller id, Name ID, isn’t free so I won’t be shocked if they charged for HD voice.

  • UMA_Fan

    This is great news for Tmobile even if you don’t talk on the phone a lot. You’ll see people in the future thinking tmobiles HD voice is the norm and try out other networks only to find out a clear quality gap in as simple a task as taking a phone call. This will definitely help with Tmobiles negative network quality perception.

  • QDOG8

    I have a HTC One S, and talking to my friend who also has a One S sounds significantly better than when talking to friends with other phones. Were we already experiencing HD Voice? Does this happen to anyone else?

  • dunnsantee

    Nokia Astound FTW! lol

  • hogasswild

    Now if only I could actually place or receive a call.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Whats the point of this if you can’t connect a call or your call keeps dropping anyway?

    • PiCASSiMO

      NEVER in the past 5-years with T-Mobile did I have a dropped call in any normal calling Chicago areas. There was a part of a deep forest preserve that was a dead-spot, we all knew it, but T-Mobile fixed it later on.


    Awesome example of what this is in the REAL world:


  • edfranco1

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specs Include Same HD Audio Chip as Samsung Galaxy S3… It’s the (WM1811 HD Audio Hub) provides any device it is used on with (crystal clear voice quality) and enhanced audio playback with minimal battery consumption. This chip makes the Galaxy Note 2 one of the most efficient multimedia devices in the smartphone market.

  • sushimane

    everybody is copying tmobile now verizon is waiting to see tmobile and its value plan if its profitable they would adapt it and use it now verizon,att,sprint are doing this hd calling. im guessing tmobile are doing sumthing great for the big three to notice and copy them.

  • steveb944

    I was excited when I read the title, but that ended once I finished reading the article.

    -Posted from my unloved Nexus 4

  • Mesa Softic

    I’ve already got this feature :)

  • I really don’t care for this feature not a priority. But riddle me this the s3 & note two are similar for most part. Yet one has LTE waiting to be enabled and the other needs a device refresh , now said older device has hd voice yet the LTE dormant one has nothing at all……T-Mobile thinks they slick

  • souget

    My girlfriend and I both have galaxy s3 and the last week or two have really noticed a difference. Much better.