T-Mobile Adds New Modernized Networks Including Denver And Los Angeles

T-Mobile swung for the fences as 2012 wound down with a 14 market launch event on December 20th. Now, they are starting off 2013 right with a new set of market launches bringing their total to 46 metro areas live with a 1900MHz modernized network.

T-Mobile’s $4 billion plan to advance its competitive 4G network continues, improving signal strength and in-building coverage and re-tuning its airwaves to launch 4G service in an additional frequency, 1900 MHz, providing a 4G experience to a broader range of consumer devices, including the iPhone. Today T-Mobile is adding new metro areas, including Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Virginia Beach, Va. These network enhancements now reach 126 million people in 46 metro areas including major cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C. T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network covers 229 metro areas reaching well over 220 million people.

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  • Its time for Tulsa to get some T Mobile love!!!

    • The Architect

      And Lawton/Oklahoma city areas too!!! (hopefully well before the next ice age!)

  • awatt

    Come on New Orleans!!

  • nsane

    But does this benefit me with my current phone or do I have to upgrade

    • Danny Rodriguez

      on areas were you had edge you should now see 4G if you have a Tmobile smartphone or 3G if you have a unlocked GSM phone(iPhone) . You should see deeper building penetration as well. Results may vary

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    So when do i start to notice on my One S in Los Angeles?

    • thinmanXXS

      Well the network update is for those phones that are from other carriers That come unlocked to T-Mobile like AT&T iPhone or HTC One X+
      so I doubt that the One S will see any difference

      • Rudy Belova

        If they have poor service inside buildings or what not they totally will. I was getting coverage deep inside buildings with 2-3 bars 4g when before it was straight edge. Pcs does really help in those situations.

        • fsured

          What Rudy said the answer I got when I spoke with Tech support about it. If the hardware of the phone is capable of picking up the signal then it can. That does not mean it will use it though. If the tower the phone is connected with has high traffic on it your phone could jump to a different one which may not be upgraded. That is the explanation I got when I asked how this affects their recent Tmobile branded phones.

  • Chad

    Cmon TMO no love for Pittsburgh yet?

  • joel

    san anotonio please

    • fsured

      I think it has been turned on last month with Austin. Search for past articles from about mid December. Question is were all the towers upgraded or only a enough to make a light coverage area yet call the market as 1900mhz. That might explain why some people see the signal and others don’t in these markets.

  • Mr Tibs

    They say Detroit but i still dont get service in most buildings.

  • RS

    Spokane!!! Anytime would be great!

  • seanmao858

    Stilll getting EDGE in San Diego (specifically the Mira Mesa area). This is not the boonies.

    • yoyo

      Agree. I am in Pt Loma area with an unlocked Note 2 and only occasionally get an H+ on my screen and that only lasts a few feet than drops back to that ugly E. It is very very sporadic in San Diego. I guess sporadic counts as launched in T-Mobile terms

    • seanmao858

      Hopefully 3G is consistent throughout San Diego by May 6th which is when my ETF drops to $50. Better yet, they sell an iPhone which supports both AWS 4G and LTE to give customers a better experience during the refarm/upgrade.

      I will upgrade to the 5GB Value plan once this happens so I can use the phone as a hotspot. Yay!

      • yoyo

        I am also on the 5G plan but I bought the Intl Note 2 so it doesnt have the 1700 band or LTE, only 1900. I was hoping the 1900 modernization would at least get me 21 HSPA consistently. I love the phone but may just sell it now and buy one from Tmobile at full retail so I can get 42 HSPA and LTE when that goes live. This edge is not worth it even at $30 month

  • pbxtech

    They were probably upgrading Paramus, NJ today, by Panera on route 4, as I was only getting 2G.

    • quiseozil517

      South jersey please…

      • Dying over here

        Yes! Come on Come On!!!

  • Evan

    Is there a site that shows expected time frame for 4g rollout locations?

  • Nearmsp

    Anyone noticed that they are calling the 1900 Mhz 3G that is compatible with the iPhone as “4G? That said, I live in the Minneapolis metro area refarmed in November 2012, and I rarely see 3G on my iPhone. It is full edge. By repeated removing and putting the nano sim, by Android device no more works so I am now stuck on an iPhone 5 with Edge coverage everywhere.

    • Ben

      Steady, almost permanent 3G in STC. I thought MPLS would be first but I think we got lucky.

  • jayy337

    Los Angeles?! This is a joke right?! I still get more EDGE in LA than i do 3G on my 4S. If this includes Long Beach as well then T-Mobile should definitely consider calling themselves the comedians of the wireless world.

    • Guest

      i beg to differ :P i love how great it works in L.A

    • Zacamandapio

      If you had a T-mobile phone with their 3G/4G compatible frequencies you wouldn’t have these problems. My phone gets 4G comfortably.

  • trollfacedotjpg

    In Chino here, noticed my iPhone 4 suddenly had 3G inside my house, which it never did before. Makes sense, thanks T-Mobile.

  • Bo

    Tulsa already has 4G. I’m in Tahlequah and can’t even get a 2G signs.

    • The Architect

      I feel for you man, I live in Cache, Ok and work in Altus AFB. I get nothing but GPRS except Lawton its weak 3G, in a area dominated by Verizon/ATT 4G!!! :-(….

  • Bo

    Signal *

  • bulletban

    tmo exagerated their refarm, i was at los angeles today, only edge speed, no 4g, the coverage in los angeles county is very limited, its true that its better than nothing. But just dont like the way how tmo purposely mislead other by saying how great their refarm network is

    • Sebastian

      I agree. I live in Long Beach and the refarmed areas are very very spotty.

    • zacamandapio

      My phone has 4G all over. Which phone are you using?

  • M42

    They keep advertising all this great 4G nationwide coverage and I’ve yet to find it except in widely spaced areas with extremely small footprints. I live in a metro area of 400K people and their 4G coverage is about a mile in diameter. To find 4G again I have to drive 3 hours. otherwise it’s all Edge. Not even any 3G.

    So where is all of this wonderful 4G coverage they keep advertising?

    • Jack

      Where do you live?

  • GwapoAko

    Denver? What about Colorado Springs?

  • peralta

    I live in downtown los angeles i use get 4g at home. Now I get 2g wtf tmobile

  • yozo

    I have been in L.A. for 5 years. Tmo bars have gone down in my casa. Some parts I barely get signal. In the garage, no signal now. Guess Tmobiles sell off of towers have effected me.

  • Maybe the refarm isn’t 100% in all your areas. Ill give it two months. Stuff like this takes time

  • Yourhuman

    Im not part of those million costumers!!!!

  • Winski

    I just LOVE this amazing 2G EDGE blistering speed on the T-Mumble modernized network here in SoCal. This modernization to higher speeds especially for my new iPhone 5 is a huge step up from the cans and waxed strings we’ve been using for the last few years…

  • Finish Boston first.

    Boston was announed a month ago. I’m sitting here at work 100 yds from a MAJOR highway and I have the same 5-bars of 2G edge that I’ve always had.

    Yet this city and the neighboring cities were announced as “refarmed” a month ago. But I haven’t seen 3g anywhere unless I go into downtown Boston or Cambridge. All of the cities that were announced (Arlington, Waltham, Winchester, etc) are still 98% Edge only.

    These announcements are downright silly. Actually finish an area before announcing it as done.


    as i noticed i was reciving the 3g and 4g here in stamford connecticut now im not reciving only 2g i go to new york or upper connecticut i ricive 3g now here in stamford nothing!! ya must be doing somthing worng

  • Mr Juice

    I live in LA, and while 3G coverage in the 1900mhz is spotty, it does exist. I don’t think it’s appropriate of T-Mobile to call Los Angeles a modernized market until all of their towers are reframed. Regardless, I’m glad progress is bring made.

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Denver. Its about time.

  • quiseozil517

    South jersey please :);)

  • Mrdenver_pie

    Whatever! I work downtown Denver and have the Samsung note it should pick up a signal from mars and I have nothing but dropped signals. What’s even funnier is there is a tmobile store down the street from me. How they can sell a phone is beyond me. Talked to customer service they claim I am in a dead zone. Downtown Denver is a dead zone. Nice.

    • MA coverage is terrible

      The entire state of Massachusetts is also a T-Mobile dead zone.

    • mpw19

      Agreed ping 784 1630kbps download 503 kbps up downtown @ 17th Broadway

  • It’s time that TURLOCK got an upgrade too!

  • Turlock , CA !
    I have over 300 people with iPhones that would join tmobile if it had 1900 mhz here!

  • Jvx333

    are you guys turning on 3g under settings? otherwisw it wont work

  • Surprised to see a smaller market like VA Beach getting refarmed so early. Well at least they have finally begun to refarm here in Charlotte, according to airportal.de

  • Christopher Iverson

    I’m in LA and I get a solid H signal all over the city and in Long Beach. I have a nexus 4 though.

  • rahul

    When his guys will tmobile network in WEST VIRGINIA….I miss my connection………….

  • Mambolover

    Tried turning on my iPhone 3G settings and it craps out near Detroit. I thought it was done

  • Jordanskills134

    Hello everyone , just check airportal.de and it states that 3G was spotted in Honolulu . Has anyone else tested this ? I’m in Honolulu , and once T-Mobile has 3G on the island , I’m gonna make the switch . Thanks !

  • ralphy

    Here in Los Angeles, to be exact in Santa Monica, CA – the 3G on the 1900MHz worked until 2 months ago – NOW it’s ONLY 2G – when I do a network scan my phone finds AT&T 3G and T-mobile 2G – but no longer 3G – anyone else see that?