T-Mobile Ends The Year With 14 Additional Modernization Market Launches

T-Mobile’s ending 2012 with a bang and an additional 14 new market launches for their 1900MHz modernization project including New York, Boston, Philadelphia and more! Just 10 months after the official announcement of the company’s modernization project, T-Mobile has reached their goal of covering more than 100 million people by the end of 2012. These upgrades “provide voice and data enhancements, improved signal strength and in-building coverage for customers who live in or are planning holiday visits to:

  • New York, including The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island
  • Newark, N.J., including the surrounding cities of East Orange, Elizabeth, Jersey City, North Bergen, Paterson and Union City
  • Boston and Cambridge, Mass., including the surrounding cities of Amherst, Andover, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Billerica, Braintree, Brockton, Brookline, Burlington, Canton, Chelmsford, Chelsea, Chicopee, Dedham, Everett, Framingham, Hadley, Holbrook, Holyoke, Lawrence, Lexington, Lowell, Ludlow, Lynn, Malden, Marblehead, Medford, Melrose, Metheun, Milton, Nahant, Natick, Needham, Newton, Quincy, Reading, Revere, Salem, Saugus, Sommerville, Stoneham, Swampscott, Tewksbury, Wakefield, Walpole, Waltham, Watertown, Weston, Westwood, Weymouth, Wilmington, Winchester, Winthrop and Woburn
  • Springfield, Mass.
  • Providence, R.I., including the surrounding cities of Cranston, North Providence, Pawtucket and Warren
  • Philadelphia
  • Detroit and Warren, Mich., including the surrounding cities of Dearborn, Romulus, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights and Troy
  • Dallas, including the surrounding cities of Arlington, Carrolton, The Colony, Denton, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving, Lancaster, Lewisville, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett and Southlake
  • Fort Worth, Texas, including the surrounding cities of Keller and Mansfield
  • Austin, Texas including the surrounding city of Round Rock
  • San Antonio
  • Tampa, Fla., including the surrounding cities of Clearwater, Largo, Safety Harbor, St. Petersburg and Vinoy Park

Fret not residents of Los Angeles and San Diego as work is well underway in both metro areas and a launch may come soon in the new year. All said and done, T-Mobile has launched a total of 37 markets in 2012.

T-Mobile will continue to expand the network advancements in these metro areas and has begun coverage enhancements in additional areas, including parts of Los Angeles and San Diego, where customers are already experiencing improved coverage and unlocked iPhone “speed sightings” on T-Mobile’s 4G network.


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  • how the hell does Tampa get the upgrade but Orlando does not?

    • Jon

      They’re all going to get upgraded eventually…

    • Fabian Cortez

      Orlando has 3G. Just not very contiguous.

      An FYI: Tampa is a larger market

  • Chris

    I’ve noticed it somewhat here in Metro Detroit. On the way to my Fiancee’s house about 10 minutes from downtown it used to turn to E, now it doesn’t change until about 15-20 minutes out…cool development :)

    • Whitney

      Which area

      • Jose Hernandez

        I live in sw Detroit, I have noticed improvement in the area by Michigan Ave and livernois. Also by my job, Michigan and Trumbull area.

        • Whitney

          I live in Farmington Hills so I guess when the iphone comes I am going to stuck in edge

      • Chris

        For me it’s like Rochester+Tieken and north. 48307/48306 area

      • Turtle6988

        Your Welcome. Many LONG days have gone into getting these sites turned up in Detroit. I barely have time to spend with my pregnant wife.

  • guest

    Big D!!!

  • No signal in Belleville, MI, and nothing at 48111 where there are lot of people shoppig at Walmart!

    • Turtle6988

      If you read the part of the story where it talks about Detroit, Belleville is not mentioned.

      “Detroit and Warren, Mich., including the surrounding cities of Dearborn, Romulus, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights and Troy”.

      Were still building. We are busting our butts to get this work done for the customers ASAP. More sites are turned up everyday. Be patient.

      • Chris

        Know anything about the 48306 area?

        • Turtle6988

          Not sure, I haven’t seen anything that far north yet. We started in downtown Detroit and have been fanning out from there. We have been turning up 3-6 new modernized sites a day. Were currently around 200 site and have a goal of 247 sites by the end of the year. These sites are also prepped for LTE so when the equipment becomes available we can go back and get it installed and turned up.

        • Chris

          Wow that’s exciting! Thanks so much for the reply and sorry mine took so long.

      • How bout some truth

        Were still building. We are busting our butts to get this work done for the customers ASAP. More sites are turned up everyday. Be patient.

        Fine. And I can respect that. But quit lying to people who are waiting for this and telling us that all these areas outside of Boston are done because they are very clearly not even remotely close to being done by any reasonable definition of the word.

        • turtle6988

          They never said they were done. They just said it was Live. THere are alot of things going on behind the scenes. We are just normal people doing what we can to get this new service up and running.

  • skippy8874

    Complete and total BS. I live in the area. I commute through these areas. I’m sitting in Waltham right now 100 yards from I-95 (128) and have nothing but 2G. My wife works in Winchester by the hospital and she has nothing but 2G. I drove through Lexington and Arlington on my way to work today and there was absolutely nothing but 2G.

    Shame on you T-Mobile for making such a grossly inaccurate and misleading press release. This is nowhere near true, accurate and your 3G refarmed network in these areas is all but nonexistent. Complete BS.

    • Jon

      Enable 3g on your iphone, there, poindexter.

      • Tulio M. Mesa

        already did, and i have tombiles apn settings and nothing NYC Queens

      • skippy8874

        It’s been enabled for weeks and months. I did get a 3g signal the other day during lunch on Landsdowne street in Cambridge. But 3g coverage out in the greater Boston area is a complete joke. FACT.

        • Frank

          I can confirm everything said here. It’s still EXTREMELY spotty and unreliable even in areas that are supposedly covered. Even the airport is still 2G, which is extremely annoying. In the city of Boston, you can bounce from 2g to 3g going block to block.

        • java

          I’m sitting here in Newton and have no idea what you guys are talking about. I have perfect HSPA+ and get 12+ Mbps all day, and really don’t have anything less than 3g inside the 95 belt. Downtown I’m perfect coverage everywhere, and HSPA+ at Logan. Last time I was there I tethered for about 2 hours and went thru 200+ MB of data no problem…

        • java

          Maybe its your device? I’m on a Galaxy Nexus, and prior to this I had a Nokia N8 which got 5-6Mbps (it was only a 7.2 Mbps capable device). My Nexus is 14.4 capable, so I’m sure if I had a 42 Mbps device I’d be in the 20-30 Mbps range easily

        • skippy8874

          Get on I95/128 and drive up the road about 4-5 miles. Take a look at your phone where the “mountain of antennas” is. I’m inside of the Adobe building that’s a block or two away from Pizzeria Uno on your left as your heading north.

          BIT FAT NOTHING but 2g.

          Keep driving north past the Cambridge Resevoir (on your left) and there is nothing but 2G all the way up to Route 2. Get on Rt2 East and head to Alewife. Note the complete lack of 3G and how there’s nothing except 2g everywhere you go.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          I work right off 93 on the North Reading/Wilmington line. My iPhone now gets full 3G…I first noticed it a couple of days ago…keep in mind they announce a market when it is 80% launched. That means 20% of every city and town listed doesn’t have 3G just yet.

          Having said that, I noticed on my iPhone that once it looses a 3G signal, it tends to dump to Edge and stay there. The only way I can get it to accurately see of I am within range of a 3G tower is to toggle Airplane mode. (Or leave work cuz our 2G repeater sucks, but that’s another story.)

          Come to think of it, if you have a in-building repeater it might not have been upgraded yet. Try forcing your phone to search for 3G when you are in the parking lot.

          I can personally verify that there is 3G at the 93-95 split in Woburn and that it works as you head toward Burlington.

          Overall when you consider that they own about 75000 towers across the US (according to their commercials) and have been refarming at a rate of about 700 per day (Think I read that here in an earlier article), that means it will take them about 109 days to get to all of them working 24/7, provided enough equipment is available. If you assume 6 antennas per site, they need to change out almost 500k antennas. On top of the antennas, they need to update the backhaul and run new fiber to the antenna arrays. (These same sites are also being prepped for their release 10 LTE launch at the same time)

          Also, I’m guessing that 75k towers figure doesn’t count places where they lease space (think giant antenna farm near you). Plus if you lease, you need to get permission to get to the towers.

          This is something that I have been waiting an EXTREMELY long time for (ever sense the iPhone 3G came out), so it gets frustrating.

          I hate to say it, but until this network matures, you might want to get a phone that supports their mature 3G/4G network…

        • airplane dude

          Having said that, I noticed on my iPhone that once it looses a 3G
          signal, it tends to dump to Edge and stay there. The only way I can get
          it to accurately see of I am within range of a 3G tower is to toggle
          Airplane mode.

          Dude, if you need to toggle Airplane mode to get 3g then you don’t have 3g. What was the last time you saw anyone on Verizon or ATT say – “Hold on a minute, I need to toggle airplane first before I read my email.” LOL.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          My point was that some towers are out there…there is a gap between 3G towers right now.

          When the iPhonw 3GS looses its 3G signal, or takes an act of God to make it reconnect to 3G. Back in the day, many AT&T users complained about this “feature”

        • same lame 2g

          I have no idea what *you* are talking about. I’m up here by the Burlington Mall and there’s still only the lame edge 2g that was here last month and last year.

        • skippy874

          Wow – go to the airportal.de website and just look at all the new
          3g towers being reported outside of Boston in Arlington, Lexington,
          Waltham, Winchester, etc.

          Oh wait – there aren’t any new towers being reported. Not a single one.

    • Dakota

      My speeds in Atlanta have gotten worse in the last month…I used to be lucky to get 3 on my galaxy nexus and now it’s 1-2mbps… done speed tests as low as .48mbps

    • Andy M

      How old is your SIM? When I got my Galaxy Nexus, I would only get Edge/2G. I called T-Mo Cust Service, they said my SIM was from 2002 and hence the issue. My wife’s SIM was from 2007. T-Mobile sent us new SIMs at no charge, received in 2 days. Popped in the new SIMs, now getting 3G/HSPA+ in Tampa. Looking forward to the network upgrades.

      • skippy8874

        The SIM should be fine – it’s only about 18-24 months old. For the first time ever I did get 3g when a couple of us went into downtown Cambridge to meet some friends for lunch. So I’m certain that the phone works and the SIM let me get 3g when it was available. Right now most of the “downtown” areas and places immediately adjacent to downtown (Cambridge, etc) have 3g. But of the areas that have been announced (Arlington, Lexington, Waltham, Winchester, etc) it seems like less than 10% of those areas have 3g and the 10% is probably being VERY generous.

  • Soun Maokhampphiou

    I would imagine San Diego and L.A. are big markets to cater to. Why refarm those areas so late?

    • seanmao858

      I’m hoping T-Mobile Refarms San Diego by the end of the year. I liv ein San Diego and get some spots here and there with 3G on my iPhone 4 but it would be so nice to have it all over San Diego!

    • nenes78

      They are not late. It is because of their size until it is all complete they will not announce. LA area has been Live for around 3 months now. I had full bars 3G at the Auto show a couple weeks ago. I get around 4-5 Mbps Down avg on my iPhone 4S in the LA Area, my highest was 6.87 Down. 1-2 Up speed. I work in the SF Valley and i used to have to flip 3G off then on to get a signal. as ow 3 weeks ago it was automatic.

  • Tim Moore

    Detroit but not quite to me yet. So close yet so far.

    • Whitney

      Farmington Hills still get edge even though they got about 80,000 people living there

      • ramesh

        Got 3G 3-4 days back on Orchard Lake Rd from at 14 miles and again near 13 mile rd. I didnt have the strength data to submit to airportal

        • Whitney

          I live of 9 mile between middlebelt and inkster but hey at least Orchard Lake Rd get some 3g.

        • ramesh

          I am in W Bloomfield 14 and Farmington..

        • Whitney

          Where you near Oakland Community College by any chance

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    nope nothing

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    from nyc queens nothing

    • Guest

      Western Queens here – spotty coverage, mostly along the avenues. Nothing but edge service down the streets.

      • TBN27

        Good to know. Now i can wait a littke longer before i jump ship. And my jump ship i mean OS. It will get better in a week or two.

  • GwapoAko

    What about Colorado Springs, CO

  • fbphilly

    What, Philly…??? I am still on E

  • Detroit Metro Area!! woot

    • Whitney

      What about Farmington hills

  • Winski

    UNTIL I SEE 4G in the Headliner bar of my new Unlocked iPhone 5 – ALL OF THIS is a LIE.

    MANY parts of Southern California are still blistering fast 2G-EDGE !!!

    • Jon


    • Make sure you have 3G Enabled lol.

    • Fabian Cortez

      You’ll only see “3G.” “4G” is reserved for AT&T phones for now. In 2013, T-Mobile Apple products will more than likely display “4G.” Even though it’s all the same thing.

      • Umm what on earth are you talking about “4G” is reserved for ATT iPhones? my Nexus 4 displays 4g/H/3g all respectively or are you talking about on the iPhone specifically?

        • Fabian Cortez

          I’m replying to his iPhone comment. Please keep up.

      • Winski

        WRONG. I see ‘3G’ a LOT. Just NOT in the areas that T-Mumble SAYS I should… Now “4G” and “LTE” I may end up agreeing with you.

        THIS is on an UNLOCKED, iPhone 5.

        • Fabian Cortez

          You’re confused.

          “LTE” will show up the moment you’re connected to an LTE network on your iPhone 5. “4G” (iPhone 4S and 5) will only show up on AT&T iPhones [for now].

          What you seem to be complaining about is the lack of contiguous 3G/4G/HSPA coverage.

          Maybe you should move to the Taxachusetts area and join all of the entitled whiners.

    • Chris

      Good luck with that.

  • What’s about Wisconsin?? No Wisconsin yet. :/

  • guest

    David, you missed Atlanta. The list only shows 13 markets

    • I just copied and pasted?!?!

      • Dakota

        Finding it hard to post comments cuz there’s a huge ‘, recommended articles add blocking the dusqus and can’t seem to close it

        • Yeah… David you kinda dropped the ball on those obtrusive ads you know those things are a tad annoying though I know you gotta get paid but the ones that grey out everything but the ad, and as well the one that follows you as you scroll on the mobile site are tough to close the first one also in relation to the mobile site when viewing desktop mode

        • Intended to reply to david

        • I can’t control the mobile site, other than to tell you I’m working on it but those ads are quarterly so there’s little I can do inbetween those times. In the interim, if there’s a desktop add issue, I can work to resolve those.

        • Fair enough btw i was using chrome when the problems arisen I’m not sure how it is on IE or Firefox though.


      Atlanta was announced in the last round.

  • CPPCrispy

    Now if only they would do something about the 2G in Findlay, OH (population ~41,000, with I-75 running through the city). Especially when to the north there are towns/city’s with 8,000 to 15,000 that already have 4G.

    • Whiskers

      Same with Columbus , Ohio .
      I-70 , I-71 , and Route 23 go through going straight through it .

  • Aaron Peromsik

    Good to see alleged progress in my neighborhoods… but I’m not about to run out and buy an iphone.

  • EricK

    @BiGMERF:disqus: There are parts of Orlando with 3G/4G refarm. Check out http://www.airportal.de/ – there are cell sites in Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Winter Park and East Orlando that have be refarmed, granted they still have a long ways to go.

    • skippy8874

      Wow – go to the airportal.de website and just look at all of the new
      3g towers being reported outside of Boston in Arlington, Lexington,
      Waltham, Winchester, etc.

      Oh wait – there aren’t any new towers being reported. Not a single one.

  • Prox

    Good ol Edge in Jersey City. Thanks T-Mo!

  • Detroiter

    Finally Detroit metro areas

  • fsured

    That may explain why my service in Austin has been crap lately. Hearing echo’s in calls, few call drops, and txt messages not being sent. Hopefully it will get corrected as I don’t own an I-product and service on my sg2 was solid before this.

  • John Thomas

    Well what T-Mobile is EXACTLY doing is Refarming the MOST used Towers in these areas! Not the entire network. You won’t see a Fully Refarmed Network until the Cross Over to LTE begins.

    • M42

      So, in the meantime while you can get 4G coverage widely from other carriers, we T-Mobile customers who were lied to about their 4G network are just supposed to sit and put up with Edge and wait how many years to get LTE? I don’t think so. I see a class action lawsuit coming. Their 4G coverage ads certainly fall into the category of false and misleading advertising, not to mention unfair trade practices.

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        How? HSPA+ meets the definition of “4G”. This Edge thing only applies to non-t-mobile-branded devices…if you try to use a device that doesn’t support their mature 3G/4G network (1700MHz AWS), you will only get 2G (like on the iPhone for example).

        T-Mobile is rolling out their Release 10 LTE network in 1Q 2013…they are laying the plumbing along with the refarm…

        • M42

          I have a new T-Mobile branded device and I’m on Edge 90% of the time, including areas where their map shows 4G service.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          How old is your SIM card? If it is not one of their newest, I highly recommend an upgrade. This handy little chart will help you identify your SIM card type. http://imgur.com/HLhh1

          It makes a huge difference! I was a skeptic that it would help, and boy was I wrong!

    • philyew

      If they have only completed a sub-set of the towers in each market, they can’t then use the full population of each of those markets to claim they have reached their 100 million POPs target.

    • Whitney

      When will that happen?

  • M42

    And in the meantime, the rest of the T-Mobile world suffers with Edge.

    Even when LTE is rolled out two years from now only these “key” markets will ever see it.

  • rfgenerator

    Is there a complete list of all the areas they have refarmed? Otherwise based on this it looks like T-Mobile has given Worcester, MA (2nd largest city in New England) the high hard one…

  • wyn50

    when is honolulu going to get its upgrade :(

  • shawn

    What drives me crazy is T-mobile busts their butt to be an innovator ans bring 3g to unlocked phones. This is something they so not have to do and people still gripe. 37 markets and more sites adding everyday.

    • shawn

      Forgive the poor spelling lol happy holidays

      • No, Its Merry Christmas and have a happy new year and Happy Hanukkah if you are a Jew

    • Kurt Cam

      No shite. It’s like T-Mobile offer something that you previously did not have (and had already understood you weren’t paying for) and these kuntz relentlessly complain about not getting it in these random no one wants to live there places. In my personal experience it’s a nice bonus. Thanks T-Mobile! Show some damn patience people, or get a proper compatible handset you dumbfuks.

      • philyew

        I have the coverage that I need, but TM have been spinning this whole thing out of control since they first announced the modernization plans back in February. They allowed everyone to run away with the idea that the “re-farm” would be completed by the end of the year, knowing that customers, media and even service employees understood that to mean the transition of HSPA+ services onto the 1900 MHz band, when in fact they only meant the clearance of sufficient 1900 MHz bandwidth to support the later physical equipment modernization. It took until October for them to clarify that deliberately seeded misconception.

        Every announcement about new markets has contained totally BS overstatements about the extent of the work completed. When Houston was reported as being launched, the included areas represented around 25% of the market’s geographic coverage and probably even less in terms of the population. Nothing inside the beltway was included. The same kind of misinformation has been heard in many of the 37 markets announced.

        TM just need to stop bullshitting their customers. If they are truly intent on becoming the “un-carrier”, as John Legere has claimed, they need to start treating their customers like assets.

      • Nearmsp

        If T-mobile would only show the 3G coverage maps people would know. Right now they are saying cities are refarmed but existing customers do not see this. Regarding patience, it was T-mobile who committed to completing the 3G refarming by year end, not us. I bought an iPhone 5 after Neville Ray announced my city was refarmed which was a lie. No wonder he does not want to put the coverage map. If they had not conned me in to buying, I would have waited until it was really refarmed.

        • Kurt Cam

          You conned yourself into buying an iPhone. You thought you were so smart for buying an iPhone 5 but getting service on T-Mobile… Dumb move. If you had some common sense you would have bought an older iPhone like a 3GS, 4 or 4S, but no you had a knee jerk reaction to the news T-Mobile made about the refarm and went out of your way to buy an iPhone 5. Now you feel stupid, but don’t want to accept responsibility for your actions. They did not con you, you suckered yourself out of a good amount of cash for a phone that in most places T-Mobile will not support for 3G. Even more stupid is to bring an LTE device which absolutely does not get any support.
          Now if you had some common sense you would switch to Att in the meantime and buy the next iPhone T-Mobile officially sells for a lot less than you probably wasted. Have the dignity to see your mistake and take the phone off T-Mobile if you really are unhappy. Otherwise complaining about a phone you went out of your way to acquire and T-Mobile had nothing to do with your decision other than to say hey if you really want the iphone we’ll do our best to accommodate. It’s fair to assume they were targeting out of contract iphone carrying AT&T customers. Sure a few suckers would assume the risk of going the new and unlocked phone route but that’s on them (you).
          The funny part is you’re either on prepaid or a value plan but now feel like a dummi for overreacting. You thought you could have your cake and eat it too. Haha fail on your part.
          For us iphone users that have been on and understood the data arrangement, thanks T-Mobile for giving us lucky iphone T-Mobile customers the gift of 3G. Hohoho merry Christmas! Can’t wait to see what iPhone you have in store for us. In the meantime ill keep using my 3GS. I already saved a ton switching over and my 3GS still works fine, but I do look forward to an upgrade.

        • Whitney

          Well not all customers. They left out a lot of states

        • Nearmsp

          Well If the T-mobile CTO says that my city is refarmed and I buy an iPhone, I did it because i took it at face value. Only a con can pick a con. I am sorry I take people at face value until they behave otherwise. I did not have to go “out of my way” to buy the phone. I paid full cash and bought the unlocked phone from the Apple store. It is not my fault that Neville Ray lied about my city being refarmed for 3G. I do not feel like a dummy. I will make t-mobile feel like a dummy by posting on every forum warning others not to come to T-mobile, I will post on their Facebook page the situation. I am on a value plan and buy a new phone for cash every year. It was time to retire my 1 year old SGS2 any way. But I have switched back to it, and in 2 months if the shoddy 3G coverage has not improved I will look at AT&T. Hopefully my postings on macrumors and other websites should ensure that out of contract AT&T customers do not come to T-mobile. If you read macrumors, many people have decided to go to straight talk and other providers after readings postings from T-mobile customers. So I can understand existing iPhone users such yourself, who have been on edge for years to save a dime on T-mobile’s network see the spotty 3G as a “gift”, I do not see it that way. T-mobile needs value plan customers like myself to stay in business. It can not run a business on prepaid customers and those on non 4G post paid plans.

        • Kurt Cam

          You clearly have a serious grudge here. I’ll meet you halfway and agree that 3G coverage is spotty in some areas, not all, but some areas. I usually have access to wifi, and when I don’t 2G has been good enough for my text, voice, email, GPS, and occasional web browsing needs. However, I strongly disagree T-mobile conned anyone. I think you misunderstood the reframing and went above and beyond the reasonable expectation. If you want to get “even” with T-Mobile thru posting negative remarks good luck with that project. I’m pretty happy with the service. Is it perfect, no. Does T-Mobile nickel and dime me for everything, no, they are a reasonably good company. I hope they continue to grow and enhance service and I will continue to give them my business. I have noticed 3G coverage in my area and new areas seem to pop up every week, so for me I notice an improvement in a service that was never ever offered before. If service was really unbearable I know I’d either use a legacy supported device or switch phone companies entirely.
          I hope your service improves, but dude have some reasonable expectations and above all some patience. I still think your acquisition of an iPhone 5 was a bit hasty and irrational – that phone is less compatible than and older iphone and the realization of that experience has left a real sour taste in your mouth. That’s your fault. You would have been better served buying a 4S and testing the waters – you also wouldn’t have overspent and would have welcomed the recent news that T-Mobile will carry the iPhone next year. That was a good day for me and my 2 year old 3GS…

        • Show me the 3G

          I’ll meet you halfway and agree that 3G coverage is spotty in some areas, not all, but some areas.

          3G coverage is spotty to completely absent in MOST areas. There’s almost nowhere that has solid 3g coverage. Certainly not the cities in this latest list.

      • no 3g here

        nice theory. but in the real world tmo is using this as a selling feature to get new customers. it is not any sort of free unexpected bonus. so if they are going to use this as a selling point to get new customers to sign on then it would be behove of them to actually deliver on what they’re selling.

    • M42

      Yes they bust their butts for people with old iPhones while they tell their customers who signed up because of their phony 4G coverage maps to drop dead.

    • T-mobile should build their network out verizon obviously is able to have coverage over 90% of the country yet T-mobile can’t even acquire 50% in 3g

      • TBN27

        Because T-Mobile doesn’t have fat pockets like Verizon does. Vodafone is helping verizon along unlike Deutsche Telekom was not investing in T-Mobile USA. Now with them getting money from the failed merger and change of management an a pending merger, their network will get better and better and hopefully they will expand in places where service doesn’t exist.

        • Yes you do have a point there but instead all these lte movements plans they could be building out their network and just putting some presence in every state in the country

  • Daniel

    What I don’t get is why practically the ONLY thing people seem to care about with this modernization is that it means 3G service availability on the iPhone! There’s so much more to it than that!!!!

    • Nearmsp

      They have lost millions of post paid customers for iPhone. They currently have 1.8 million iPhone users. So from your perspective that might be different that the perspective of T-mobile customers who do want to have the option of an iPhone.

    • ThatGuy

      What else do you mean? I just like how this will mean they will be the only US carrier with a network that will support any GSM phone. I won’t have to switch to ATT for service on phones I’ve always wanted.

    • fsured

      I totally agree with you Daniel. Nearsmp- 1.8 million people with Iphones is a lot but there are what, 30 million other Tmobile customers. I’d like to see them explain how this works for their current line up of phones that are built to work on their existing network. Show us phones receive better signal quality in known areas where reception is bad in buildings. Forget the Iphone for once in explaining it. How does this upgrade help signal quality between cities and rural areas. Everything is Ipone Iphone Iphone.

      • They do explain that, “provide voice and data enhancements, improved signal strength and in-building coverage for customers who live in or are planning holiday visits to.”

        Whether or not you see it is one thing, but they do offer something for why this is important. Not to mention they are doing it because of LTE rollouts.

      • Ver

        There is definitely better reception in areas that have been upgraded for phones other than iPhones. I have a Galaxy S3 and my signal quality improved a lot.

    • Imhuman

      the only thing you get around eastern CT is adge or nothing in a lot of areas, no matter what SMART phone you have, is not only the iphone!!!

  • Carlos

    In Perth Amboy, NJ some areas has 3G


    The market I live in is listed here and we have only completed about 20 percent of the sites that are slated for Modernization. I was under the impression we were waiting until they were 75% but I guess not. So if you live in one of these areas and are not seeing it yet please be patient Things will get dramatically better as we move into 2013….

    • skippy8874

      It’s nowhere near 75% along the Rt128 corridor in Boston. Even 20% is being optimistic.

      Why doesn’t TMo just save time and announce an area as refarmed and 3g ready once they convert 1 or 2 towers in a market? It’ll make for a good press-release and everyone who lives there can just shake their head and wonder why there’s still 2g everywhere they go.

      • bob90210

        Based on the comments here, that sounds like exactly what T-Mobile did.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Bottom line here advancements are advancements. The overall direction Tmobile has decided to go will benefit Millions of people. 2013 will be real big for Tmobile and it’s Lte advance 10 network backhauledby it’s hspa plus 42mpbs network. I applaud tmobile and it’s direction and here in New York City Tmobile bitch slaps Verizon and At@t all day long. Signal strength is excellent and service is great.

        • better next year

          Translation – this latest announcement is just another empty press release. Nothing has changed and 90% of the areas announced are still on 2g.

          But don’t worry, it’ll be better next year.

          Sounds about right.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Translationsounds like you maybe Sprint customer. Leave Sprint and join us on the real unlunlimited network.

        • squiddy20

          1. I love how you reply to this 5 *days* after the fact.
          2. I also love how stupid you sound implying he (or she) is a Sprint customer simply because he/she is bashing T-Mobile, the 4th largest carrier (*behind* Sprint). Just because you talk big and say you can “buy whatever device [you] want whenever [you] want it” does not mean you are “rolling with the big boys”, especially when you’re only buying *carrier subsidized* phones.
          3. Sprint is a “real unlunlimited network”. They’ve been reports of people doing 20+ GB and not getting any kind of notice from Sprint. So much for your crappy insults and absurd insinuations. Also, what’s “unlunlimited”?

        • bobby

          Tell me when houston will get better signal strength…its all about signal strength not coverage.

    • Nearmsp

      It is any wonder T-mobile does not want to put the 3G coverage maps on-line? I think, T-mobile is headed again to being the last in customer satisfaction on the next JD Power and Associates annual survey. CTO Neville Ray is the liar here.

      • TMOTECH

        Actually if you read the source article, it says that coverage was enhanced in these markets. It does not say anything about the project being finished. I understand that what was posted here leads you to believe differently but the source article is pretty clear.

        • gimme some truth

          Then quit announcing shite. If Tmo is going to make an announcement about a market being ready, done or whatever then how ’bout actually having done the work. Paying customers should not have to read the fine print to figure out that nothing real has been done and it’s all just a phoney press release with no substance behind it.

        • M42

          When I was suckered into signing up I was told that 4G would be completely built out in my area by year end and most likely before. They haven’t improved anything one iota. Now they’re saying by second quarter of 2013. I wish I had the time for a class action lawsuit because T-Mobile needs to be taught a lesson about lying to attract customers. They keep running ads on television promoting their “coast to coast” 4G network and show maps with my state blanketed in 4G. There is scant 4G coverage here. It’s all 2G.

    • M42

      Yes and that is exactly what T-Mobile promised this time last year. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice … and we ain’t buying it.

  • nycplayboy78

    FINALLY!!! NYC Tri-State Area and the Washington, DC Metro area are upgraded….YAY!!!!!

  • taron19119

    You people don’t get it T-Mobile is not reframing every tower they have only half of them

    • philyew

      The project is aimed at 37,000 of the 52,000 towers that currently make up the TM nationwide network.

      • Mark

        So, what about the other half?

        • philyew

          Half what? That’s 71% of their towers being modernized. The initial investment was said to be $1.4 billion over two years (Feb 2012-Feb 2014) and that is supposed to cover the deployment of HSPA+ to the 1900 MHz band for 225 million POPs and rolling out LTE to 200 millions POPs on the same towers.

          The overall modernization budget was supposed to be $4 billion, so there is apparently a whole chunk of money to be spent after this current program is completed. That may well cover the cost of some improvement to the other 15,000 towers that currently don’t deliver 3G/HSPA+ services on any band.

        • Mark

          Sorry, I did misspeak when I said “half,” and you somewhat addressed my point. Specifically, I live in an area that was late to get the initial 3G rollout and has never gone beyond that; I get 2 Mbps download speeds at my house with full bars (my One S claims “4G” but I don’t think it even has a 3G icon to display, so it says 4G for any level of HSPA). Much of the rest of the area is all 2G/Edge (with not-infrequent drops to GPRS). So my question really is, what are TMo’s plans for the rest of their towers, outside the markets that have already been addressed with either HSPA+ or the latest upgrades?

        • philyew

          I’m guessing that the areas with UMTS but no HSPA+ on the AWS band have backhaul issues. Limited capacity from the tower to the main network would be a reason they have not yet bothered to deploy HSPA+. That will be an expensive situation to fix, which maybe explains why the initial roll-out of LTE to 200 million POPs is slated to cost $1.4 billion, while the rest of the modernization is allocated a further $2.6 billion.

          You can check out whether your signal is UMTS or HSPA+ using an app called Network Signal from the Play store. It’s made by Kaibits Software.

          I think that a 2mbps download isn’t going to be possible without you are communicating with an HSPA+ 21 tower.

        • Emmanuel McDonald

          Nobody knows for sure. T-Mobile needs to come out and make it clear that they are going to upgrade the remaining 2G/EDGE towers after the HSPA+ areas have been modernized.

        • philyew


  • T

    Update Map of Official Markets
    So many it is on two pages!

    • enough already

      There are lies, damn lies, statistics and T-Mobile “official markets” maps.

      Puhleeze bro. Your “two pages” of lies don’t mean nothin.

  • josephades

    I don’t get 3G anywhere in midtown manhattan right now whatsoever. I don’t know how they’re going to convert hundreds of cell sites in a time frame of 10 days. Total BS
    There’s no issue with my phone bc it works in Brooklyn and other tmobile users are in the same boat as me

    • philyew

      Do you get 3G anywhere? There are lots of reports of people who do get 3G there, so you may have an issue on your phone.

      • Nearmsp

        Well maybe T-mobile should show the 3G coverage maps rather than making senseless press releases. They do show a rootmetrics link, comparing with AT&T, but that is not 3G data. Just signal and voice!

        • philyew

          I’m pretty sure that when I responded earlier the message didn’t say anything about picking up 3G in Brooklyn. If it did, that’s my bad for not reading the post properly.

          That said, a map isn’t going to help any one, if the phone hasn’t been set to pick up the 3G signal. If he hadn’t seen 3G anywhere in NYC, it’s more likely to be an issue with the phone than the network. Most of those who are complaining about the situation in NYC have seen some 3G.

          I do know about the Rootmetrics link showing signal rather than data coverage. In fact, didn’t I tell you that myself just this morning over in the TM forum? :-)

  • Mark Hennessey

    Holyoke, but not Hartford? Seriously?

    • Bratty

      Its MA vs CT. Nothing special about Holyoke.

  • Whitney

    Dearborn but not Farmington Hills, Novi, Canton Township, Clinton Township or Westland? What is wrong with that picture

  • Ĵϵṟϵṃψ Ψαñ

    Is this a joke? There is very slow progress in Boston and many place I go to don’t have it. And now they announce Boston? I wonder what is the criteria?

  • ThatGuy

    I just tried my lumia 900 here in San Antonio and still edge :(

  • What a load of b.s! the new 1900mhz frequency band is not even everywhere in NYC. When you finally have covered a majority of the area wake me up,

  • im employee for tmobile in brooklyn, ny and they had us do a series of speed test from inside each store of my district using a unlocked iphone they provided each store about a week ago. the results were solid getting about 5mbps down and 3 up from my location. I guess they use these results to confirm 3G working.

    • Jordan Zielin

      Which part of Brooklyn? i’m seeing a big fat E here in Dumbo

  • Imhuman

    Not even a word
    From tmobile about eastern Connecticut, some of the people i know moved to a another carrier and they are way too happy!!! Im
    Doing the same thing next month, edge sucks!!!


    Where is Chicago???

  • Barker1964

    West Palm Beach mostly Edge some 3G o HTC One X International edition

  • tmohio

    seriously, where the F is Ohio?

  • Gotta be real

    Andover has 3g – LOL. Is it April Fool’s already? Maybe if I had some super-duper long range antenna from NASA then I could pull in a 3g signal from Boston. But Andover – C’mon man, be real.

  • Roland

    what happened to metro Atlanta we need some T-Mobile lovr

  • Jordan Zielin

    I’m in Brooklyn (dumbo) and i’m still on edge with an ATT phone (Samsung focus s)

  • Pawsox Fan

    Thanks for writing that Providence and Cranston R.I. were done. Because if I didn’t read it here there’s no way I would have possibly known. My phone keeps telling me 2g but the article is saying that I now have 3g. Phone says 2g, article says 3g. Who to believe?

  • Michael Lee

    Got home (western Queens NY Long Island City area by the waterfront) all excited, slipped a tmobile sim into my Att Dell Venue Windows Phone 7 (!), and DID NOT SEE 3G!! Oh well.

  • Al

    anyone have 3G in Philadelphia?

  • yay! So I get upgrades here in Michigan! My bff will love this too considering she stays here & she’s looking forward to that upcoming iPhone.

    • Whitney

      Which area do you live in? Someone told that Orchard Lake rd 13 mile and 14 mile got some 3g

      • Detroit. I stay in about a 6 mile radius of royal oak, southfield, and ferndale. But I have no iphone if u were wondering about that

        • Whitney

          I live in Farmington Hills off 9 mile between middlebelt and inkster and just few minutes outside Southfield

  • Mmakoto

    Just threw my gs3 sim in my iPhone 4s, down was about 3.5-4.5mbps. My gs3 was just getting around 7. Until we get lte and an iPhone that supports it, I’ll stay with Sammy on their big n beautiful screen. Btw, am in the Brooklyn area, near coney island.

  • Norah085

    Seriously Wat the hell why doesn’t tmobile show los Angeles any love ? East La, weho,dwtwn La, montebello,Compton,south central, Glendale etc … all show edge on my iPhone 5 using a t-mobile sim yes I have 3G turned on .. I’m ready to jump ship to either Verizon or at&t my friends have LTE in all those places I mentioned above and get great speeds in the 20-30 mbps range on both att n VerizonI know cuz they showed me while I can’t even get 1 on edge. Sometimes I ask myself why the hell am I still with tmobile if I have a good job its not like I can’t afford att or Verizon .. Oh well sucks but ima have to do it soon I can’t take any more slow speeds..

    • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

      When I went to Compton I saw 3G on my AT&T galaxy note and I keep seeing new places light up around the LA area just give them a little more time if not switch to a T- Mobile phone I now have the nexus 4 and I tested the speed in refarmed areas and the speed has improved by a lot at my work I used to get 10-13 Mbps then they refarmed the area now I see 18-26Mbps I was surprised

      • Norah085

        Your right I Yes I need to switch to a t-mobile phone I just came from the t-mobile store in east La in Atlantic across the gas station ran several speed test on the phones they had there I turned of WiFi they all got 3-4 bars of 4G ran speed tests DAM I was surprised 20-25 mbps rock solid tried different phones galaxy s3, galaxy note 2 , some LG phone got 20-25 mbps on all of them . Seriously I will be here with my man on Sundayto get me a white galaxy s3 cuz its the one I liked the most :)

        • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

          That’s awesome I’m glad to hear I’m very happy that I made the switch being stuck on edge sucks on unlocked devices oh and also if you happen to like the note 2 I would suggest getting that phone because it has LTE even though T-mobile doesn’t advertise it they have confirmed it does so when T- mobile releases LTE you’ll be able to have those better speeds;) but the S3 is Hands down a great choice as well :)

  • guest

    I live in the Mill Creek area in Washington, and have had 3G on my iphone and experienced 5mpbs up and 3 down..

  • It’s probably late in the game to ask this question but I’ll ask anyway. As a long time Android fan, Apple hater and happy T-Mobile customer does this matter to me? This refarm only affects people who want to use the iPhone on T-Mobile at “full speed”?

    • anonymouse

      The refarm will ALSO allow you to bring unlocked Android phones like the international versions of HTC One X+, LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy S III to name a few…

    • Turtle6988

      Better in-building coverage if your phone supports 3G on 1900. Galaxy SIII is one of them

  • jbhotnessmon

    WOW I’M getting 0mb/s and in downtown broad st. in Newark wow thanks for that speed upgrade tmobile awesome work you did there

  • javierE186

    This is so much bull shit (sorry for the language) because I am happy I finally have 3G on my iPhone 5 but what’s the point if I can’t get service? I never had a problem with T-Mobile’s service before they flipped the switch. Now I get 3G for 1-3 minutes and then the signal leaves and the phone tells me I have no service. Like what’s the point? Now you may say ask why don’t you just leave 3G off, well I tried that and somehow the phone still picks up 3G and gains and loses serivce all the time. I’ve even tired it on other iPhone’s ( the 4 and 4s) and the same happens. I hope they fix this soon.

  • texasjr


  • TBN27

    I wonder if changing the sim card would make a difference…

  • makalu55

    This is just more of TMo’s marketing BS. I live in Newton (just west of Boston and listed in TMOs announcement) and there is limited/spotty coverage. About 75% of the city is still served by TMo’s Stone Age technology. I can get the upgraded spectrum if I spend the winter huddled under a bridge about 600′ from my office.

  • Marcus

    I was getting a consistent 3G signal on my iPhone in Fort Lee/Hopewell in Virginia South of Richmond. I was also getting spotty 3G on I95 up to Richmond.


    I live in Queens where T-mobile was doing upgrades left and right. I noticed my galaxy nexus gets better signal now along with my n7000 note

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    still no 3G second day nyc queens

  • bluechrism

    Don’t see them in the list, but thought Minneapolis, St Paul and suburbs, as well as St Cloud MN had been upgraded.

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    one bar with 3G five blocks from where i live, its really really spotty nyc queens

  • TBN27

    I think the refarm is working. All day today my phone did not drop down to edge at all. Reception at work is usually weak amd today it never lost a 4G connection.

  • Duncan Uruchima

    I for one can confirm the network optimizations especially in queens NY I used to get 1mbps or less on “4g” at my house just ran a speed test got 16mpbs on the DL and 1.5 on the UL

  • Has anyone gotten 3G yet in Wisconsin???? Yes? No?

  • Marvin Arnold

    For the rest of the country, who are still stuck in 2G land with no relief in sight?……..

  • Vince

    Chicago Lakeview and Lincoln Park areas getting great speeds on iPhone 5. On average: 10 mbit down, 3 mbit up.

    • Wait another year

      Everywhere in Mass. outside of downtown Boston is getting pathetic 2g speed on iPhone 5. On average 0.08 mbit down, 0.04 mbit up.

  • iZK

    Man Im so happy to finally have 3G on my iPhone from Tmobile. Im glad I stuck it out

  • Parts of San Antonio are refarmed,i see 3g on my Xperia Play and iPhone 3GS around Lackland AFB and some of Downtown. Havent had the chance to check the Medical Center or Stone Oak areas yet. I know its not up in the Alamo Ranch Area where i live yet.

  • John88

    I don’t know if anyone else is having problems but I have an iPhone on T-Mobile and Tampa 3G is really spotty! I hope T-Mobile can fix the network before they officially launch the iPhone. Customers are going to be unhappy!

  • Emily

    I live in Whittier, CA, pretty close to LA, but no 3G here, and the coverage sucks in my house!

  • Emily

    Im using an unlocked iphone 5, so far I only get 2G. I’ll be going to school in columbus ohio next week, i think they probably wont get 3g until like at the end of next year :(

  • bobby

    So when is houston going to receive better signal strength?