T-Mobile Announces Five New Modernized Markets, Brings Total To 23

T-Mobile’s lighting up five additional modernized markets today, bringing their total count up to 23 as they continue working to modernize as many markets as possible before year’s end.

Continuing T-Mobile’s fast-paced work to enhance our powerful 4G experience across the country, we’re announcing today technology advancements in five metro areas, including the windy city of Chicago; Reno, Nev.; and Fresno, Sacramento and Southern Calif.

T-Mobile’s total network enhancements in 23 markets now reach more than 100 million people bringing voice and data enhancements, improved signal strength and in-building coverage.

So congrats residents of:

  • Chicago, including the surrounding areas of: Aurora, Berwyn, Chicago Heights, Cicero, Des Plaines, Downers Grove, Evanston, Evergreen Park, Naperville, Oak Park, Schaumburg, Wilmette and Winnetka.
  • Reno, Nev.
  • Sacramento, Calif., including the surrounding areas of: Antelope, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Loomis, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Rio Linda, Rocklin, Roseville, Vacaville and West Sacramento.
  • Fresno, Calif.
  • Southern Calif., including: Alhambra, Anaheim, Claremont, Culver City, El Monte, Encino, Garden Grove, Granada Hills, Inglewood, Irvine, La Crescenta, Laguna Niguel, Monrovia, Monterey Park, Newport Beach, North Hills, North Hollywood, Paramount, Pasadena, Redlands, Reseda, Rosemead, Santa Ana, San Fernando, San Gabriel, Santa Monica, South El Monte, Temple City, Torrance, Upland, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Westminster and Wilmington.

Residents of Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and San Diego fret not because you’re still mentioned as on-deck for T-Mobile’s modernization project. New York residents should recall that Hurricane Sandy delayed the NYC metro area launch and T-Mobile hopes to be back on schedule soon.


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  • eddydrizzle

    I was waiting for the Sacramento area to be finished. Finally!

    • TMO REP

      I’m still getting 2G on my Iphone in citrus heights. Lying ass T-mobile.

      • eddydrizzle

        You have to give it some time. I have some friends that have had 3g on their iPhone here for a while.

        • M42

          Who cares about the fricking iPhone. How about T-Mobile finally doing something for its loyal customers, like expanding their lame coverage area?

        • eddydrizzle

          Maybe the hundreds of thousands of customers that have an iPhone on T-Mobile care about it. They can be loyal customers too. My friend Taelor has had her iPhone on T-Mobile since she was able to put it on T-Mobile.

          I’ve been with T-Mobile for 4 years now and I’ve had almost no signal problems.

      • Brian

        My buddies are getting 3G on their iPhones in Elk Grove!

      • Wilykat

        I’m in Modesto with the same issue. They announced awhile back that Modesto was refarmed and I still am stuck on 2G (Even on my Galaxy S3) in some areas.

    • Wyn50

      We need some refarming in Hawaii!

  • Qbancelli

    Too little too late.
    I got the N4 so don’t need the 1900 band.
    Waiting for LTE to be deployed by TMobile.

    • TonyPerez123

      Does the N4 support LTE?

      • Yes and no. It legally doesnt so you’ll never hear tmo, google, or lg(especially since they came out already and spoke against it) talk about it. However it does support particle LTE components on band 4 only(which is what tmo is said to build on). With it being partially equipped, it may not have the best lte performance when lte is actually launched. Hope this answers your question.

    • Two thumbs down and I’m not sure why. But bro, I’ve noticed on my Nexus 4 that my web or anything data related will not happen until the phone switches from 3g to H. Are you having that problem too?

  • ImPrettyMeloRightNow

    Miami, FL and Fort Lauderdale, FL needs this!! HELP T-Mobile!

    • qpinto

      Parts of Miami and ft Lauderdale are covered. Its just not 100% just yet so they can’t announce it

    • It’s already launched down there, that’s why I link to previous stories :-)

  • Winski

    The NEW Southern California ‘BUBBLE’ does NOT COVER Orange county OR the San Diego area… THAT’s where MOST CUSTOMERS LIVE !!!


    • techymexican

      Los Angeles county is the Most populated city in the country. That’s where most people live :P

      • It’s the second most populous city in the country!

        • I just love how David pops in every now and then lol

        • od312

          I mario meant COUNTY, not city. LA COUNTY is the most densely populated COUNTY in the US.

        • Ver

          Is it? No wonder I have claustrophobia

      • Winski

        That STILL LEAVES OUT the 20,000,000 folks south of Santa Ana to the Mexican boarder. Most of Orange county, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, all the way to south San Diego – NOTHING BUT 2G BLAZING DATA …..

        • Yoyo

          I’ve been getting 3G on my unlocked galaxy note 2 in lots of san Diego areas
          Definitely improving each day

      • czaplin

        I guess you meant Los Angeles as the most populated COUNTY in the country


  • Rick Wilson

    When is Portland Oregon getting 4G?

  • When is it coming to SALT LAKE CITY!?

  • psychoace

    Yes, I can get the One X+ now.

  • Seeing many areas in the Boston area pushing out the 1900mhz. It goes from Waltham, Watertown all the way up the Mass Pike into Boston. T-Mobile isn’t fooling around, their 1700mhz is also getting faster every day around here, it blows away my Verizon LTE by over 5MB down and 5MB up. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • No 3g in nearly all of Mass.

      Quit blowing smoke and trying to sell this as some sort of accomplishment. It’s not.
      Downtown Boston has 1900mhz and the Mass Pike from Waltham/Watertown into downtown has it. Going West – once the Pike reaches Rte-128 it’s back to 2G and it stays like that for the remainder of the state.

      There is absolutely NOTHING being refarmed near or outside the Rte-128 corridor. Nothing at all.
      This refarm is great if you live in downtown Boston. But if you live in Arlington, Belmont, Winchester, Burlington, Woburn, Waltham, Newton, Roslindale, Roxbury, Dorchester, Dedham or anywhere else near 128 then you have nothing.

    • Ĵϵṟϵṃψ Ψαñ

      It is not even covering Cambridge or MGH area.

    • No 3g in nearly all of Mass.

      And to follow up on my earlier post. Downtown has it and the Mass Pike heading into downtown has the refarm. Other than that – there’s basically nothing. There is nowhere along Rt-128 that has the refarmed 1900Mhz. Nowhere at all and not one single tower.
      Airportal does show one tower up where 3 and 128 intersect but that one single tower must be a joke because I’ve never seen 3g once at the Burlington Mall or the BestBuy that’s 100 yards from that one tower.
      Nothing at all up and down the entire 128 corridor. Go outside of 128 towards 495 and those poor people are never going to see the refarm. If they’re not willing to refarm Waltham, Arlington, Roxbury, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, etc then there is zero chance they’ll do Reading, Lynnfield, Andover, Billerica, Chelmsford Natick, Framingham, etc.
      So let’s all move into downtown Boston if you want to get anything at all out of this this joke of a refarm.

      Puhleeze – quit being a rah-rah fanboi and be realistic with what’s happening.

    • Farouk G.

      Vinny, You make same post about how great it is in BOS every time T-Mo announce cities. I drive around Boston from south shore many times and it is very rare to see any 3g signals. You are not being truthful.

      • moises1204

        he must work for tmobile because me as a tmobile customer i haven’t seen anything around Boston yet well 2g yes.

    • Sonny

      LOL – Sure Vinny. Coverage is so spectacular in Boston these days. And in other news from Vinny the “Deposed Prince of Nigeria” needs a small amount of money from me to help him move his $150 million dollar fortune out of the country. Hey Vinny, is the Swedish Bikini team is going to come by my house tonight with a bottle of 30 year old Single Malt Scotch?

      Coverage in Boston absolutely SUX.

      “Thank you T-Mobile” -> should be “thanks for empty promises and a whole lot of nothing.” Oh wait – there’s 2 neighborhoods in BackBay and the Financial District that have the refarmed 3g. I guess the 99.9% of us who live within 30 minutes of Boston who don’t have jack should get all excited over this big news from Vinny the corporate cheerleader.

    • Sox-fan 2004

      I’m on the Mattapan Dorchester line. I guess this ain’t “Boston enough” for T-mumble. If T-mumble wasn’t fooling around then they would quit with these bogus press releases and put in some usable 3g. Read what people are saying who live in Chi-town and Southern-Cal. At best these are partially done and incomplete.

    • psaux

      I have to join the hate-train on this one… I live in Boston, between BU and BC, and my coverage is TERRIBLE. I only get by on wifi calling. Maybe T-mo’s problem is they’re too focused on road-coverage towers…

      • Rebecca G.

        I’m a student at Brandeis University in Waltham. We’re less than a mile from I-95 and about one mile from the pike. Coverage is TERRIBLE here as well. We’re close enough to two major highways that you would think that there would be some decent signal here but there isn’t. College students need phones too!

    • Shane

      riiiiight. and I gots a bridge to sell ya down in Brooklyn. truth is that there ain’t no refarm at all once you go 5 minutes outside of downtown. whoop-de-do.

  • My iFriends in Evanston and Des Plaines are gonna be happy about this.

  • Whitney

    Come on Detroit

  • rotn1

    When is Hawaii coming on board?

  • MarioG

    i still have 2G on my iphone in west sacramento! BS T-mobile

  • Does this mean unlocked iPhones get 3g/4g or does it make the phones on the network faster…or both

    • It means unlocked iPhones will get 3G (HSPA+ 21 or even DC-HSDPA 42) speeds in a re-farmed market, like the ones announced today. It will depend though, even in a re-farmed market, there will still be spotty areas where it falls back to 2G/EDGE. As I am finding out today, in Schaumburg (Chicago suburbs). As far as any T-Mobile phones already on the network, using T-Mobile’s 3G (I’m not calling it 4G, because it’s not) on the 1700/2100 AWS band, it would not make those phones any faster directly, unless they also upgraded HSPA+ to DC-HSDPA while they were doing the re-farming. It might have a beneficial effect to existing phones though. Now, 3G is available on 2 bands (AWS and 1900) so a phone which supports both (like a GSIII or GNote2 for example) might be able to choose whichever band had the best signal, or was less crowded. Even T-Mobile phones which only have AWS band might indirectly see improved performance, as dual-AWS/1900 phones might use 1900 if the signal/congestion was better, freeing up some space on the AWS band – leading to possible better performance for AWS users. It would very much depend on the usage patterns in your area, and how T-Mobile has the network configured there.

  • Oklahoma City plz!

  • pmichos

    Seeing speeds of 25000 kbp on my note 2 and my wife is getting 3g on her I phone. Im in the western suburb of Philadelphia, Drexel Hill.

  • Wickedblue

    Are you serious???? Am in Schaumburg and am still getting edge!! Anyone there getting 3G

    • I’ve been getting 3G in Schaumburg since mid-October. It works fantastically in my apartment, and has been great outdoors, but quite spotty indoors, especially at work. Am sitting with 3G on an iPhone 5 right now, but the speedtest is freezing :-( I was just up in Arlington Heights over lunch, and it was 2G up there, although I have seen 3G up there before. In Schaumburg, I’m in the Woodfield Mall vicinity BTW (Golf/Algonquin/Meacham).
      UPDATE: While typing, here at work, the iPhone just flipped back to 2G. Wow, T-Mobile, you’re done? Really?

      • TMOTECH

        Not done. probably around 75%. They are calling markets when they are at that point so it will get better.

        • M42

          Better for who – people with old iPhones is all.

        • TMOTECH

          No not really.

        • Actually, at my desk, I’m noticing if I put my iPhone on the left side of my computer monitor, I get 3G. If I put it on the right side of my monitor, I get 2G. It’s amusing :-)

    • SavageBeast

      Yeah they aren’t done fully with schaumburg, especially by Schaumburg road where I live. I have to say though, most is done.

  • Steve

    Nothing as of yet here in Chicago.. IM still showing E on my iPhone after reboot!

    • yea me to am in Schaumburg and am still getting EDGE. :/ no 3G yet.

      • Moneyman

        I get it in the city in some areas, outside areas I get E sometimes. I hope they’re not truly finished.

        • TMOTECH

          Not completely. Still on going.

        • Not completed

          It’s been announced. If it’s not completed and still going on then *when* will it be completed? Next week, next month, next year, next decade? How is anyone to know when their area has actually been completed?

          Otherwise you can use this same excuse forever. Oh – don’t worry about your lame coverage. It’s not completed yet!

        • Generally announcements are made when the area is 75% complete.

        • Not Competed

          Thanks, but about how long does the final 25% take? I mean, if an area has been announced at 75% then does it generally take another week, month, 3-months, etc for them to finish everything?

      • I am in Schaumburg (Golf/Meacham/Algonquin vicinity) and see 3G fairly consistently outdoors, with only spotty 3G indoors, with frequent fall-back to 2G. I do get consistently solid 3G at my apartment (Algonquin/RT.53). It has been this way since early October, and I see not much change today. A little bummed, to be honest. BTW I was just up in Arlington Heights over lunch, and was all 2G there, although I have seen 3G there before.

    • 3gguy

      What part are you in? I have been in Rogerspark, lincolnsquare, albany park, etc all have 3g (iPhone 4) and working great.

      • Ikr! My mom has a 4S and she been getting 3G on hers for awhile now allover the North Side and downtown. She lives in Lakeview.

        • od312


        • I’m most definitely not in Boystown lol.

        • od312

          Lakeview is pretty close haha

    • bj

      Make sure you have 3g enabled in settings.

    • TBN27

      I was wondeeing about this. What if one would have the sim card changed, wiuld it help?

  • jayy337

    For Southern California Torrance/Carson is the only area i can really talk about. It works really great in Torrance, as far as the areas i’ve been to. I jump back to EDGE when inside the Del Amo mall in torrance. I know they’re not 100% done so maybe i’ll get 3G in there when they truly finish. Carson, Ca works pretty well too, besides a few areas. That city isn’t official, though. I hope they finish off in Long Beach though, especially North Long Beach.

    • Sinner

      I get good 3G/H+ in Harbor City/Lomita and on my way to work H+ works wonders. Strange you get EDGE in Del Amo mall I get great H+ coverage when Im there with my family.

      • jayy337

        I’m on an iPhone 4S. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. When im in the building i get EDGE all around. As soon as I step out its 3G.

        • TMOTECH

          Remember, T-Mobile is making market announcements when they are 75 to 80% complete so coverage will only get better.

        • Sinner

          Im on International Note II 3G everywhere even in Macy or Burlingtons. heehee…

  • CJ


  • Detroiter

    Hurry up Detroit!!!!

  • Steve

    Ok Just got 3G but not even getting 1Mbps… Ughhhhhhhhhh

    • bleeew

      On VZW i get 0.6-0.8 mbps mostly. LTE has been loaded on so now my 3G is 1mbps. I think thats good speeds you are getting.

  • guest user

    Where’s Big D? Come on T-MO, Dallas is awaitin’!

  • curioustoknow

    Is this LTE roll-out?


      No. It is UMTS on 1900 in the form of tower top radios connected with fiber optic cables to the controller on the ground, Replacement of the existing 2G Radios with the same, Replacing all of the Antenna’s and Prep work for LTE.

    • M42

      No, it’s part of T-Mobiles iPhone fantasy. All they’re doing is moving existing 3G/4G from 1700 to 1900 so people with old iPhones whose contracts with AT&T are up can move over to T-Mobile. If you are on Edge, which most of the country is, you stay on Edge.

      T-Mobile’s coverage plan apparently is to let their customers roam on AT&T’s extensive network, hence their slogan “we cover 97% of the population.”

      iPhone fever has rotted the brains of T-Mobile executives and if they were worried about all the churning of customers just wait – they ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • Guest

        That’s pretty cynical. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ll be staying with T-Mobile on my “old” iPhone 5 BECAUSE of the refarm. My contract is up next month and if I didn’t get 3G on my iPhone I would have been gone.

  • FBPHilly

    What does that mean “as they continue working to modernize as many markets as possible before year’s end.”? David, are they going to light up the rest of the markets that they are working on before year’s end?


      No. There is only 2 weeks left.

      • FBPhilly

        When i got my iPhone 5 I went at T-Mobile store to buy a Nano Sim and I got it without any problem. Yesterday I went to get another one for my brother. I went to two different T-Mobile locations and they were out of stock. It looks like the costumers got crazy of using iPhone 5 on T-Mobile Network. We are acting like kids. If you limited a kid on doing something, that is exactly what a kid wants most…hahaha

  • Hooray Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Lupescu

    I live in oak lawn, right next to evergreen park. My wife is using an ATT android phone, and sometimes her signal wanders over in that direction and she does get 4g speeds, but not for very long.

  • Ver

    Getting 24.94 Mbps download in Reseda (So Cal).

    • seriously?

      • Ver

        Seriously. :) Went through a week with no service but this is worth it. I should clarify this is not an iPhone. I just got a hell of a speed boost on my Galaxy S3

        • I wish I would see 20 anything on my nexus 4. Especially since(at least currently) its allowing free tethering on the unlimited plan(which is not allowed). It would be like winning the lottery. Hell my wifi on get 10 down and about 7 up

        • Ver

          Where are you?

    • Jarrod

      Do they have dual carrier deployed in the PCS band?

      • terryjohnson16

        I doubt it. Many places T-Mobile only has enough PCS spectrum to launch single-carrier HSPA. Many places T-mobile has more AWS spectrum than PCS. That’s why Dual-carrier HSPA is on AWS in many locations. More places will come online, once they refarm, and reduce 2G spectrum. MetroPCS spectrum will help too, for LTE.

  • My wife’s iphone gets full 3g on her iPhone 3gs around north ave, Wrigley (addison) and all up on state st; she’s been having it for a while now. I hope they just get faster since i just got her a 5 for xmas

    • od312

      My dad gets 4g on his iphone EVERYWHERE in the country with verizon

      • moises1204

        congratulation you win moron of the day!!!

        • od312

          Wow. I was just trying to make a point, that tmobile needs to syep it up. You sound mad :/

      • custom1

        Your dad has 375 oil wells each with their own cell tower too ;)

        • od312

          No way. He told you?

  • Hal J.

    No upgrade for Glendale California. Yet all the surrounding cities for Glendale was upgraded.

    • bleeew

      neither Fullerton(CSUF is here and Anaheim is where DisneyLand is at, and its the city next to me).

  • disqus_BpAWpBvxJS

    Google Map of the Markets http://goo.gl/maps/yp4fI

    • This is like a bad dream

      LOL – On this “official map” the entire DC/Baltimore area has a grand total of 10 converted towers. Looks like the official announcement is way bigger than the actual refarm that happened up there.

      • disqus_BpAWpBvxJS

        The map is just the cities/communities explicitly listing in the T-Mobile press releases. airpotal.de is a great site for crowd sourced spottings

  • predation

    anyone with a grandfathered tzones plan who uses official tmo nano sim in iphone know if you get the upsell message for data???

  • Guest

    Does anyone know where I can check and see if my city will get the 1900Mhz band? I’m in des moines, IA

    • I don’t know of any official source for this, unless you know anyone who works for T-Mobile or one of their suppliers! There is a website http://airportal.de which is user-generated. People manually add details of 1900MHz 3G sites they have seen. There’s no guarantee of correctness nor of how up to date it might be, given it’s a completely voluntarily generated site, but looking for clusters of observed sites in locations could be a good indication that re-farming work is proceeding in that area, and that a launch might be coming soon. It certainly worked that way in my area, Chicago. I did look at Des Moines on there, but unfortunately I don’t see anything reported, nor anywhere else in Iowa. Maybe they haven’t started the work there yet :-(

  • M42

    I can’t wait til my contract is up and I can get real service, as in 4G, with a real cell phone provider.

    • bleeew

      There is no real 4G on any carriers yet.

      • Jay1169

        Verizon and AT&T have “4G LTE”

        • M42

          And AT&T also has 4G HSPA+, which according to the International Cellular Standards Commission, qualifies as a validly recognized type of 4G. And that’s just the point – everywhere I go I see almost all Verizon and AT&T 3G and 4G, mostly 4G, with very little 3G areas on these carriers. Yet with T-Horrible all I see is Edge, no 3G and very, very little 4G. When I do find 4G the footprint is so small you run out of coverage in a few minutes.

          So, why do I want to pay for sorry slow Edge when everybody else has 4G everywhere? This is why people are leaving T-Mobile in droves and yet they don’t get it. They’re refarming their network to attract people with old iPhones instead of trying to satisfy and keep their existing customers. How long do they think they’re going to keep these old iPhone users once they find out how limited and sorry the network is?

  • rob

    HOLY SHIT! They did light up almost all of Southern California! Well most of the OC at least. Just drove to Irvine for class then Santa Ana, Newport and all showed 3G on my sisters iPhone (which I borrowed to check if this was true), just wish they lit up Costa Mesa but at least everywhere I commute to is covered. Time to order me an HTC Deluxe!

    • Eat more fish

      Flagstaff, AZ = 1 tower.

      • rob

        That’s a shame, no one ever gives attention to any other part of Arizona if it isn’t Phoenix

    • Toy

      Well, i was actually exited when i heard this, but i work at Irvine and tough the reception did improve a little bit i still have issues while indoors, to bad i was really hoping to get a better signal with this…

  • od312

    Anyone else here use Pulse to read this site? Im trying to figure out if it’s pulse or the Tmo website (more ads lately) that is causing problems while trying to post and browse through the article

    • It’s the ads. I use Pulse sometimes to view it on my iPhone but even when posting on the computer the ads get in the way of the text box.

  • Adam Cab

    i technically live in Alhambra, CA but the tower my phone connects to is in Los Angeles since i’m so close to the border :'(

  • Browning

    Getting some 3G in parts of Orlando, FL. Didn’t even know that T-mobile was refarming here.

  • noelsito

    yaya! Rosemead all the way hahaha

  • kubo

    Silly announcement . I dont know why t-mobile says its network is ready for 1900 0r 3g ? while many announced cities still didn’t get 3g ? 95% still on Edge. I have been with t-mobile for while but now i am about to go to att or Verizon since i dont get 3G at my home, school or work on my factory unlocked iphone 5. If i dont get 3g in my area in next two weeks, I am gone. actually i live in riverside, ca, it is not small city it is the 59th most populous city in the United States and 12th most populous city in California and the population is more than 300,000.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I am proud that i kicked Verizon to the curb in June for Tmobile and boy has it really been fun. Here in New York City tmobile blows Verizon out of the water easily. Great updates and great service unlimited data and great devices Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 Lg Nexus 4, Htc One S, and Htc Windows phone 8X. Great tablets and soon the iphone which i hate but will bring business. Sounds like 2013 will be the year of tmobile they are bitch slapping carriers now.

    • bleeew

      Not a very good device line up. Its basically the Samsung phones that went to most carriers, and an android that Google went to T-Mobile because it wanted it to be stock. And its funny how you say that when you were on Sprint you said the same thing, then Verizon, and then T-Mobile.

  • Nathan Parks

    hi im from west sacramento

  • ozil8

    Wat about jersey :(:(:(

  • Richard Bowling

    Where do I find out more information on the Southern California roll outs in the future? Interested in Ontario, Norco, Corona, Riverside, Lake Elsinore, Murrieta & Temecula.

    • Loose lips sink ships

      You can’t. It’s all a big secret.

  • If only i could get this in atlanta with my N4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6z1-2B1O-c

  • PalJoey

    Chicago – Does this do anything to help data speeds in the subway or is that still a pipedream? Train Tracker would be soooo handy on transfers!

  • Francis D Pride Hiraldo

    how about rhode island?

  • 1mhuman

    All smartphones in the new england are are still on 2g, thats sad!!! Its tmobile doing something about it, what about connecticut?

  • not-iPerson

    Pardon my ignorance, but besides pleasing ipowned users, what good is this refarming for me?

    • It frees up 1700 for LTE, and you want the more powerful network on the lower band.

      • M42

        LTE is years away and besides all other carriers are putting LTE on a much lower band, 700. Once again T-Horrible is creating a network that’s not going to be compatible with any other carriers. I can see them five years down the road finally getting the message and wasting billions to “refarm” their LTE to 700. Meanwhile, everybody else has moved onto the next fastest and greatest thing. This carrier always seems to be five years behind everybody else. But then again, their rates are cheaper so I guess you get exactly what you pay for.

        • bleeew

          Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will have AWS. VZW and AT&T LTE is incompatible currently. They will be compatible once they turn on AWS LTE and get AWS LTE phones. So far VZW doesn’t have any AWS phones. Sprint doesn’t have any AWS. 700mhz may be penetrating buildings better, but it will be more loaded than AWS.

        • M42

          AT&T is building their LTE on 700 MHZ just like Verizon. They have announced that they will have some AWS in the future. Right now it’s only T-Mobile that’s going to have AWS LTE.

  • joel

    when is it coming to san antonio D:

  • icon66

    hey david and tmotech, if i use ookla to test my speeds, what numbers should be showing up on my results using mbps? im near schaumburg and im getting 5.83 to 8.67 for downloads , 0.48 to 1.56 for uploads. my sg2 says 4g but connectivity speeds are so damn low that the only thing its raising is my blood pressure!!!! arghhhh.

  • What about Hawaii?

  • Brandon

    Still waiting for St. Louis!

  • O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Don’t believe it. I live in Irvine and am close to a tower near Bonita Cyn. & 73 Freeway. Still only getting Edge.

  • Zevyn Prather

    Sacramento,CA is NOT refarmed… the 1900mhz 3G coverage has more holes than a chain link fence

  • Let’s get Colorado on that damn list!

  • Tommyboy

    David , can you set up a link, in each update post, with a running list of cities?If you haven’t already done so of course.

  • Frank Alvarez

    1/2 of Palm Springs was lit up. unfortunately for me it was the wrong half.

  • Emmanuel McDonald

    Do you think T-Mobile will upgrade all 2G areas with 3G/4G by the end of 2014? I’m glad they are upgrading their network but once again they are focusing on the big cities again. I didn’t realize how big their network was until you drive in many places here in Mississippi and see GPRS or Edge on your phone. I wish they just upgrade every tower and not just 37,000 towers.

    • M42

      I’m hoping they will. They’ll need to if they are going to be competitive and stop customer bleeding. A couple of days ago driving home on a major interstate that has a long stretch of Edge I picked up 4G. I tried calling out, but couldn’t. It seemed to me that maybe they were testing new 4G or hopefully getting ready to go live. I’ll be driving through that area again next week and see if it has indeed been upgraded.

  • tony

    what about provo utah

  • joel

    i got 3g in san antonio, tx


  • Diego Vazquez

    T-Mobile is working on Rockford, IL.

  • Whitney

    David I am getting concern about my town. I live in Farmington Hills which is the metro of detroit but I don’t know if that is getting covered

  • Anyone in Ohio?

  • How about Tulsa??????????????????????????????

  • silverhawknike

    How come Im getting EDGE in Garden Grove, CA????

    • silverhawknike

      And no, Im not using Iphone haha

  • ok what about NEW ORLEANS