(Update: Out Of Stock) Say Hello Again To The Nexus 4 As It Reappears On T-Mobile.com

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 3.59.20 PM

Update: That didn’t last long as the Nexus 4 is already listed as out of stock. 

Everyone give a nice big round of applause for the Nexus 4 as it makes a triumphant return to T-Mobile.com. As inventory returns to T-Mobile’s corporate locations and online, we hope that many of you who have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to buy the phone directly from T-Mobile can get your orders in before it sells out all over again.




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  • rfgenerator

    Doesn’t appear to be available to existing customers as an upgrade. Not surprised.

  • KishanRathod

    Sold out again :(

  • pholocity

    still showing out of stock :(

    • philyew


  • rfgenerator

    I really believe that Google never had any intention to make this device widely available. It’s almost to the point where I would call it “quasi vapor(hard)ware”.

    • perry

      You are so right. I think it was available on the play store for a mere minutes before it sold out. Not just in the US but everywhere.

      Its become a total joke, a pathetic sick joke. If google ever wants to be taken seriously as a retailer this lack of inventory needs to be addressed ASAP!

      • moises1204

        they choose the wrong manufacture on lg.

  • There is no way I would give $549 off contract for this, lol no way. $299 play store all day, (whenever is gets back in stock lol)

    • Adam

      I need to correct you on one little thing. The one tmobile is selling is the 16gb model. It’s $349. But why does tmobile say its a $549 phone when it is clearly a $349 phone. That’s a bunch of b.s.

      • h_f_m

        Depends on how much T-Mobile is paying for it. They surely are not going to sell it at cost just to meet the play store price point. Can’t blame T-Mo for running a business they way people run businesses.

        • THANK YOU!!! People always feel like they are getting ripped off. Hell if they sold THIS ULTIMATE PHONE, at $349 off contract, free on contract, who in they right or wrong mind would pay for a less quality phone that TMobile has already paid for? But again, what do I know, I broke a shoelace this morning.

          SN: thepanttherlady, I’m not contemplating Velcro!

      • bleeew

        But maybe Google isnt subsidizing it for tmo. Maybe google set the price for tmo.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Google is subsidizing the price on the play store. T-Mobile is selling the phone at retail. They are not marking up the price. Good GOD almighty!!!

      • Yep I know that, but my point it’s overpriced.

        • ts not that tmobile over priced it, its google under priced it. They weren’t sure how the marketing would react so they low balled it. But say tmobile bought the phones from google at $350(I know they didn’t but hear me out) they are NOT going to sell it at the same price point when they have to consider the middleman overhang. i.e. Storage, shipment, dealer commission, CSR commission, and a host of other things. Your logic is just not fair!

        • dquestic

          If you want to compare apples to apples, T-mobiles subsidized price is cheaper than Google’s. You can get the phone for $199 with a two year contract. So for a contract you can cancel for $200 you saved $150 on the phone. But you plans are also roughly $20 more expensive a month.

          Look at the value plan, you use EIP get the phone for $99 – $150 down payment plus tax and break the rest of the payments out at $20 for 20 months. The do not (and never) subsidize the phone when they sell it this way. They sell it at retail, which is not the price google has on Google Play, inface Google is making no money when they sell it at the price.

          Lastly, compare the retail price of all the current top of the line phones, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still listed at $549 retail! I will take a Nexus any day. And I have my phone in hand instead of twiddling my thumb and waiting for Google Play stock to reappear then fighting the mad dash to buy it. And what happens if you lose the Google Play bought phone? You sell out another $350 plus tax. I loose my google bought phone, I call up assurian and get a $150 replacement overnight, assuming at that point they would have stock.

  • Adrayven

    It’s out of stock

  • kresk

    Google bumpers yet, no?.. Shucks poo..

    • IKR!!! Ive dented the hell out of my nexus but with minor falls ;( I need a guardian ASAP!

  • Mark

    And it gone!


    They must’ve only had 3 of them literally.

    • Trevnerdio

      When I got my Galaxy S III on the second wave of the launch…yes, second…they had 2 in stock for the entire day. On launch day. Good thing I was there 5 minutes before it opened.

  • Danny Calderon

    I got mine two days ago at my local T-Mobile store on my current value plan, was ready to pay the 199 but I only had to pay 100 after a $50 instant rebate . the phone is great, best phone I ever owned

    • thepanttherlady

      Unless I’m missing something, I’m pretty sure you didn’t get this for $100 on a Value plan. On Value, you’ll also have $20/20 monthly payments. Are you sure you’re not on the Classic plan? I thought that’s what the $199 price was for.

      • Woody

        Nah, Danny is correct. I got mine for the same price at my local T-Mobile store yesterday. $99+Tax & $20 a month for 20 months. It’s crazy, even though we’re paying a premium, there was a waiting list for the phone. When I showed up, they had to make sure I was on it.

        • thepanttherlady

          If he meant DOWN PAYMENT then I understand. Because the actual cost will be $500 + tax on the value plan.

          Just mentioning this because so many people are already confused with the fact that they have to make a down payment plus make payments over 20 months for the phone when they utilize an EIP. :)

        • Hey TPL, did they mark up the price? I thought it was $500, but it says suggested retail is $549

        • thepanttherlady

          I’m taking into account the $50 rebate two OP’s said they got. That would make the phone $500.

        • AndroidProfit

          This is the PERFECT example of how tmobile hopes to keep phones artificially high.

        • AndroidProfit

          With that being said..when tmobile does it where the down payment is free or very low cost after rebate than $20 for 20 months isn’t a bad deal

        • Blame LG. The price is the manufacturer’s call. The prices only go down once the maker releases the price control on the carrier. At least T-Mobile does do retail price drops!

        • MacRat

          Wow. $500 for a phone that Google sells for $350.

        • ronnie

          The 8gb is 350. 16gb is same in store as on play.

        • MacRat

          “The 8gb is 350. 16gb is same in store as on play.”


          The Google Play store lists the 8GB model for $299 and the 16GB model for $349.

        • NardVa

          To bad the phone can not be found anywhere on the Play Store. The T-mobile deal for the Nexus 4 on the Value Plan is a solid deal.

        • Guest

          $20 a month over 20 months isn’t the same as spending 350 + tax today. Time Value of Money.

        • Nick Gonzalez

          Very true, but trying to buy it on Google Play store is ridiculous. They keep selling out and it doesnt look like its going to get any better anytime soon.

        • John66@

          thats just your down payment! total $550 incl taxes.. wow there is a su cker born every minute!

        • Deihmos

          $20 a month over 20 months isn’t the same as spending 350 + tax today. Time Value of Money. Plus there is the advantage of T-Mobile warranty service.

    • I’m glad you got one. I guess you find a case, skin, body armor, something. The silverish part will dent easily. Other than that, you will fcuking love your phone!

  • Mirad77

    Google blames LG, LG blames Google but now this game is getting old.

  • anon

    I think it’s LG’s fault that there is a shortage of devices. The Nexus 4 is once again out of stock and the Optimus L9 as well.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Lg is soft…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    GOOD LORD MAN!!! This phone is not worth all this hassle. They need to get their stuff together

    • Wilma SheGetAround Flinestone you DO NOT have to post this on every spammit POST!!!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I don’t have to post this on every single post? How does that sound? Lol

        I would debate with you but what’s the point?

        • You have posted this more than twice maam. Dont front.

        • Trust me….she’s an easy read you won’t want the tedious task of laughing uncomfortably

  • Tmo employee

    LG can barley supply tmobile Optimus l9s we are constantly selling out of them

  • tomnewtn

    If you can get one, it’s a great device. Battery life seems to improve more and more. Very impressed with it across the board.

  • moises1204

    hahaha, lg keeps on shipping 50 nexus at a time!!

  • TBN27


  • TechHog

    This is why I decided to say “screw this.” I’m buying a Note 2 tomorrow. Not worth the crap.

    • Josue


    • Nexus 4 is a joke anyway!

      Still happy with my white S2.

    • Alex

      Yeah I did the same thing, while LG is blaming google and google is blaming LG I still dont have my damn phone I went out and got a Note 2 and im extremely happy with my purchase this phone is amazing


    Clearwater florida T-Mobile had at least a couple dozen Today,,,

  • Rikk

    I picked mine up at my local TMo store last night. Plus I had another store in the area that called me today and said they received there’s. I didn’t get off last night until 7pm and I was sure they were all going to be sold out, but they still had a few on hand. I’m going to pay more over the Play Store price, but I was tired of waiting and the phone is worth what TMo is charging so it doesn’t feel like a rip-off. It’s completely unbranded too… I thought TMo would have added something, but no… It’s Google Wallet all the way :)

    • Anonymous

      “but I was tired of waiting and the phone is worth what TMo is charging so it doesn’t feel like a rip-off.”


      • I felt the same way anonymous. The phone, to me, is worth it. And I could break it up over 20 months whiel reducing my plan by $5 but getting more. #Winning!

  • just me

    Man, I’m so glad I picked the note 2 now. Dodged some major frustration there.

    I’m sure both companies share some of the blame here. But I also gotta wonder, if this were a Samsung device, even WITH google’s horribly inaccurate sales estimates, do you think it would be taking this long to catch up? I doubt it.

    • I don’t think so. Though Im glad LG made it(because i love the quality build of the phone(minus the cheap bezel that dents easily) Samsung would have made more than enough because their name is really out there and would have expected alot of people to buy. Both LG and google were probably unsure of themselves and thats why this happen. Truth be told I would have past this phone up if it was made by samsung. I dont really care that it would have been touchwiz free beign vanilla and all, i just am happy with LG products(TVs and other electronics).

      • Richard Yarrell

        Lg will never be Samsung.

        • Dion Mac

          What part of LG are you opposed to? Because if its hardware, then you got another thing coming! Most people are preferring Samsung galaxy line up because its pretty. Pretty lil touchwiz, nice feminine plastic with the curves. And its BIG. Who says size doesn’t matter. LG on the other hand makes more masculine body phones, but they’re skin that they put ontop of android aint hitting on nothing. THIS IS THE THING…

          As we know, the Nexus line is and will always be VANILLA. No manufacturer skins, bloatware or any other crap that we dont want on there. THE KICKER… put a vanilla LG phone and a vanilla Samgsung phone against each other, and I’m sure LG will win. And I’m not talking about the galaxy nexus against the nexus 4 because that wouldn’t be fair competition(with the galaxy nexus only having dual cores and all). Also note, that the LG device would kick samsungs ass and samsung would cost so much more.

          Last Note: The GX2 and the G Slate were too bad ass devices. The G2X was a failed device because again, LG software on was some beelzebub. The G Slate was a fail, because google kinda missed the mark with honeycomb.

        • Mirad77

          Can you let the man have his personal preference?LG will never be Samsung but you forget that it goes both ways Samsung will never be LG

        • Trevnerdio

          That’s a good thing lol LG’s software totally sucks.

    • Richard Yarrell

      No question the Galaxy Note 2 pimp slaps the Lg Nexus 4 real easily. But it’s great to see the Nexus 4 on tmobile. It’s 100% better than that broken down fake Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and that 3g Galaxy Nexus on Sprint which is still waiting for Lte in so many markets. Tmobile is taking care of business.

      • Mirad77

        Hey Richie Rich I get it. You are the new happy kid on the block that love T-Mobile, hates Verizon, Likes his GNote 2 hates every other phone. i get it and I’m happy you love T-Mobile and your Note 2 but for crying out loud yoou don’t have to put it on every damn post you write.
        You personal experience is not the same for every body and if it was then T-Mobile would be #1 in customer as all the other guys would have left Verizon like you.
        Don’t spit on others because you have a Note2, I had the money save for the Note2 but change my mind and bought 2 Nexus 4 for my wife and myself.
        I only have very little to complain about T-Mobile like you but that doesn’t mean T-Mobile takes care of business as millions others are complaining and hundreds of thousands are leaving quarter after quarter.
        So I will say it politely to enjoy your new found love in carrier and phone but STFU.
        Did you get it? STFU.

        • Guest911

          Its yarrell – completely useless troll that flaps his gums with nothing useful to say.

        • Mirad77

          That’s so true.

        • therealmikebrown

          You mad bro?

        • Mirad77

          No just this guy with his rant.


        NOTE 2 blows. Nexus 4 rawkz. Take your next gen sidekick outta here. You look like tony montana whenever you make a call on that thing. So Lame.

    • tomnewtn

      I had the Note2 and Nexus 4 at the same time, and returned the Note2. The display on the Nexus 4 was much better (to me), much like my iPhone 4S. The colors seem quite natural on the N4 and whites are white. In fact, I heard the N4 display was washed out from some online, but not so. On the Note 2, I felt the colors were over saturated, and the whites were more gray. I was surprised to see the Note2 stutter at times while the N4 has always been fluid and snappy. I personally did not like how the Note 2’s UI felt cluttered while the N4 with stock JB seems more straight forward and elegant in use, which I do like. I preferred the N4 build and size over the Note2. The great thing here is that there’s something out there for just about everyone. These are just some reasons why I preferred the Nexus 4.

      • Alex Farra

        I currently own both and use my nexus 4 as my daily but i got to say the note 2 screen is better IMO; much better colors

  • Production ramping up

    October: 70,000 produced
    November: 90,000
    Dec: 210,000
    January: 400,000 possible since production is at 20,000 per day mid January

    From XDA-Developers

    Ok, did additional poking, the results as follows:

    Phone produced in Oct had serial#
    10000 19th of Oct, AUS8BK
    20000 USA
    60000 AUS
    70123 ATMOBK (t-mobile)

    Something like 70k devices produced in October

    73000 1-th AO2UBK (O2 UK model)
    75000 5-th AO2UBK
    80000 5-th AO2UBK
    85000 21-th (?) AUKGBK – strange,
    90000 9-th AUS8BK
    92000 10-th AUS8BK
    95000 – USA
    109000 – GER
    110000 – UK
    132000 – USA
    138000 – USA
    150000 – USA
    160000 – AUSGBK

    265133 14-th ADEUBK GERMANY
    266133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    267133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    268133 15-th ADEUBK GERMANY
    269133 15-th ADEUBK GERMANY
    270133 15-th ASWSBK SWS Switzerland (looks like around 500 units)
    271133 16-th AISRBK Israel
    272133 15-th ADEUBK Germany
    273133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    274133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    275133 15-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    277133 17-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    278133 17-th AHKGBK Hong Kong
    279133 16-th AMYSBK
    280123 17-th AMYSBK
    289000 18-th UK
    300123 19-th ADEGBK
    305112 19-th ACA8BK
    306000 28-Oct (?) AUSGBK, 211KPPB306000 “csn” is also very different from the “surroundings”
    306001 8-Oct AUSGBK 211KPHG306001 esnoutgodate=null >>Never shipped?
    306009 4-th Dec AUSGBK 212KPHG306009 esnoutgodate=null
    306010 19-th AUS8BK 212KPYR306010 esnoutgodate=null
    306020 19-th AUS8BK esnoutgodate=null
    314001 19-th AFRGBK
    314002 19-th ADEGBK
    314050 19-th ADEGBK
    314123 19-th ADEGBK
    315112 19-th ADE8BK
    319123 20-th ADEGBK
    320123 20-th ADEGBK
    321123 20-th AAUGBK
    325112 20-th AUSGBK
    330123 20-th AUSGBK
    340123 21-th ACAGBK
    350123 22-th AUS8BK
    360123 26-th AUSGBK
    365123 27-th AUS8BK
    370123 27-th AUSGBK
    374110 28-th AUSGBK

    January 2013
    375110 2-th AUS8BK
    377110 3-th ASFRBK
    381110 2-th ASFRBK
    385110 3-th AGBRBK GBR “UNITED KINGDOM” – a new retailer? Play store was a AUKGBK
    390110 3-th AUSGBK
    395110 4-th AUSGBK
    399110 3-th ATMOBK
    400110 4-th AUSGBK
    406110 4-th AUSGBK
    419110 5-th AUSGBK
    420110 6-th ADEGBK
    422110 6-th ADEGBK
    423110 5-th ATMOBK

    424110 10-th AUSGBK
    425110 8-th AUSGBK
    430110 5-th ATMOBK
    435110 5-th ATMOBK
    445110 9-th ATMOBK
    450110 9-th ATMOBK
    451110 8-th ANEUBK “EUROPE OPEN” – something new
    455110 8-th ANEUBK
    456110 8-th ACAGBK CANADA_OPEN
    461110 8-th ATMOBK
    463110 8-th ADEGBK
    465110 8-th ADEGBK
    467110 9-th ADEGBK
    469110 9-th ADEGBK
    471110 9-th ATMOBK
    474110 9-th ATMOBK
    476110 9-th ATMOBK
    479110 9-th AUS8BK
    482110 9-th ATMOBK
    487110 10-th AUKGBK
    489110 10-th AUKGBK
    491110 10-th AAVCBK VIDEOTRON – seems to be a Canadian telco?
    493110 10-th ADEUBK
    495110 10-th ADEUBK
    497110 10-th AISRBK
    499500 10-th AUKGBK
    502035 11-th AUSGBK
    507035 11-th AUSGBK
    512035 11-th AUS8BK
    513035 11-th AUS8BK

    Production rate seems to be accelerating to 20k devices per day.

    577,000 mark on January 13, 2013.


  • corepreacher

    If you have a nexus 4 and tmobile truly unlimited 4g then a bonus of being a nexus device you also get truly unlimited hotspot for your phone. I have tested it out and it works like a champ on my ipad.


    This reminds me of how crack hit the scene in the 80s except that the pushers were able to keep up with supply and demand. Google may need to go to the hood to learn a thing or two about that.

    At least T-Mobile got a best seller on their hands lol

  • Josue

    they should just call it the Nexus Unicorn cause its impossible to find lol

  • Angelo

    Just got mine at the t mobile on 43rd and Ashland in Chicago the agent said they had 5 left..no waiting list or anything

  • They have them at my local stores, and people are not buying them. The Rep in the store even told me to wait, and not buy it there lol. She said it’s not worth the $549 plus tax price tag, and it would be better to get it in the play store when it gets back in stock.

    • NardVa

      If you are gone buy it out right, then get it from the Play Store. If your are on T-mobile with an upgradeable plan, then you can upgrade it through T-mobile for about 200 to 225 with taxes and upgrade fee.

  • Guest

    I’m glad I got this phone. Strongly promote it if u have an opportunity to get it. If LG and Google gets it together.

  • Dakota

    Someone needs to get fired for bag management and inventory planning. This is the biggest boondoggle release I’ve ever seen…A joke. They better produce more of their next device

  • Most local stores have them in stock. Our store has several but people aren’t buying them.

  • NYCTheBronxJohn1513

    Nice. I got to mess around with the T-Mobile LG Google Nexus 4 and it is wonderful. Great specs but only one con. The 2100mAh battery is a downer but it is by far the best phone out right now. January is almost over. When is LTE rolling out for T-Mobile? I hope California gets LTE after Kansas.

  • Does this have octa core, with LTE and SD card

  • srr79

    Our store has 7 in stock! Every store in our market has them in stock!

  • Alex Farra

    In stock for me

  • s10shane

    they are back in stock on t-mobile.com. idk how long that will last. lol

  • in stock

    in stock now
    it will stay that way from now on i think

    LG is producing 600,000 of these each month now

  • TBN27

    Update: back in stock again