Original Samsung Galaxy Note Receiving Android 4.0.4 Update

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Original Galaxy Note owners should keep an eye out this morning for a maintenance update heading their way via a OTA message. Beginning yesterday February 4th, the OG Galaxy Note will receive an update to Android 4.0.4 with baseband version T879UVMA1. The update will go out via Samsung’s Kies software and as an Over The Air update. The new software will provide “security enhancements and an improved user experience.”

T-Mobile says the update will drop for all users sometime between yesterday and February 8th. If you’re an Original Galaxy Note owner and you’ve received this update, we’d love to hear about any changes you spot. Otherwise, hit the T-Mobile support link below for instructions on how to manually update the software if you just can’t wait for the OTA notification.

T-Mobile Support


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  • bjh2379

    where’s 4.1???

    • Sean

      Don’t hold your breath.

  • leonel2323

    Just updated but dont see any noticeable changes

    • does your note is supported by TMobile? I have my international version.and i still don’t have the update -.-

  • ley

    How do i update?

  • Men! Almost got me excited. :-)

    • thepanttherlady

      Did someone say men? Count me in! ;)

      • Haha! I meant meh! #damnyouautocorrect

        • thepanttherlady

          I knew what you meant but sometimes I just can’t help myself. That was priceless! :)

  • Is the galaxy note going to receive jelly bean?

    • pairofpints

      March 1st

  • TechHog

    This is probably to kill the LTE hardware hidden in the phone.

  • hogasswild

    It broke my play store app. I’ll reboot and see if that fixes it.

    • hogasswild

      Had to uninstall the updates and then reinstall them. Pocket Planes doesn’t work either now lol. Everything else seems fine. I can’t tell that anything at all was changed. No differences in the menus or look.

  • Anthony V Cannata

    What about the note 2 tmobile

    • Sean

      The Note 2 is on 4.1.

  • Drew

    Ice Cream f*#king Sandwich?? Why? Key Lime Pie is rumored to be out later this Spring… This update is absolutely worthless.


  • Ib

    Hvornår kommer den jelly bean til note ?

  • happydan

    Seemingly worthless update….

  • nokiabrock

    Already have ver 4.0.4 on my note. But yet it keeps asking me to update. WHY. If Tmobile is forcing this down our throats, I have a suspicious feeling its not in our best interest to update.

    • nokiabrock

      OK. Against my better judgement I updated my phone. The only difference I can find and I looked are security certificate updates to the stock browser.

  • Aswad Exodus

    Don’t get it,It had updated long time in 2012 so whats this for. It looks like a misprint or a joke

  • Mrdenver_Pie

    How are the other carriers in updating their older phones? This is my second tmo phone, first one was the vibrant. I felt that both tmo and Samsung dropped us vibrant owners in favor of the next favorite phone. Now I fear the note 1 is the next vibrant. I understand that I can root the phone and do it myself but I didn’t pay (or paying still) to possibly brick the darn thing.

    So I am curious how are the othe carriers at upgrading their devices.

  • my note already got 4.0.4 so whats this?

  • So what about my Note GT-N7000? any OTA update for ICS again?! I still don’t have it -.-

  • how can i have it?

  • Alf

    Dont do it. Your device will not support Adobe flash player like it used to and you will lose the anlbility to view certain videos!!!!