BlackBerry 10 Will Support Android 4.1 Apps Sometime In The Future


The jury may be out on the initial success of BlackBerry’s new 10 platform for at least another few months, but a new piece of news this morning might entice at least a few Android fans. A major feature in the current BlackBerry 10 platform is the ability to support and run Android apps. Unfortunately, as it stands today the very best Android apps BB10 can run stop at Gingerbread, a software version that is two years old.

Well, good news as BlackBerry hopes that will change very soon as they announced this morning at a developer conference the software will eventually support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean apps. When exactly this will happen remains vague, but it’s great news for Android apps and developers who want to offer a better experience with ported Android apps.

Will this be enough to entice Android users to stray onto the BlackBerry 10 side of things? Perhaps, but we’ll first have to see just how smooth the transition is to Android 4.1 apps. Of course by the time BlackBerry enables Jelly Bean support, Google may be well into the land of Android 5.0 and Key Lime Pie. Still, it’s better than the Gingerbread apps BlackBerry fans are stuck with today.


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