T-Mobile Confirms Windows Phone 7.8 Update NOT Coming To Lumia 710


With a quick three sentence statement, T-Mobile confirms the worst fears of Lumia 710 owners as they officially state aWindows Phone 7.8 update will not happen. Originally discovered through an email response from Nokia sent to a Lumia 710 owner inquiring about the update directly from the manufacturer, T-Mobile had yet to confirm the news through their own support forums.

With the below statement, T-Mobile indirectly ends the lifespan of the Lumia 710 and all but tells Windows Phone customers the best course of action is to buy a new phone. I’m sure they might disagree with my interpretation, but I’m sure I won’t be alone in reading into this. It’s a sad day for Lumia 710 owners.

At this time, the Nokia Lumia 710 will not receive the software update. T-Mobile is committed to enhancing customers’ experience with our devices, including providing upgrades to the latest operating systems, and T-Mobile aims to deliver software upgrades when it will provide a better experience for our customers. We’ll share additional information on upgrades for the Nokia Lumia 710 when they are available.

The good news is that Lumia 710 owners can still install the update manually with a little hacking and tweaking and get all the benefits you would as if the device were updated directly from the carrier.

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  • LTEstyles

    Bad move T-Mobile

    • Wilma Flintstone

      “Another” bad move Tmobile.

  • RobDotson

    No one cares about the lumia 710…. why waste resources

    • mike

      The Lumia 710 is a nice phone. It is a shame the company doesn’t care about there customers. Thus they keep loosing customers.

      • It might be a nice phone, but choosing not to support certain phone ie. THIS ONE, isn’t the company not caring about their customers. It might be a nice phone but it is dated. And anyone who still has/uses one is probably at the end of their contract anyway. And if they bought the phone outright…..I’m sorry.

        • kalel33

          Dated? It was released on Jan 11th of 2012. It’s barely a year old. Even if you were first day upgrade purchase, it’d still mean you couldn’t upgrade again until 2014. Unless T-mobile has gone back to 1 year contracts…..oh wait, they haven’t.

        • g2a5b0e

          I would agree that it is dated. It might have come out in January of 2012, but it came out as a mid-ranger. We’re talking about almost dated specs on arrival. You don’t buy mid-range phones expecting them to be supported for a long period of time. T-Mobile made a judgment call on this one & if the phone didn’t sell extremely well, then I don’t blame them.

        • ChristianMcC

          All first gen windows phones were dated, specs wise. 1 GHz snapdragon processors, max screen resolutions of 800×400. The only thing setting a phone apart, besides screen size, was a keyboard.

        • Its specs match that of the Lumia 900 on ATT and they are updating that phone.

          The phone has been promoted up until the release of the 810 a few months ago. If they bought this phone 6 months ago, they still have 16+ months left on their contract before they can update again. Not exactly the nicest thing to find out.

          The update is simple and cosmetic, but breathing a new color scheme and layout does help make a phone feel newer, especially when you have another year on contract.

        • g2a5b0e

          Yeah, but the 900 was heavily marketed & it sold reasonably well. We all know updates depend very much on sales.

        • Brian Hurd

          As a practical matter, I expect the carrier to support the phone at least for the length of contract. If the phone made it’s “debut” in 1/12 then I would expect them to support upgrades through 1/14. At least my opinion which I’m sure TMO doesn’t care about.

        • g2a5b0e

          I disagree with that. I’m not saying that the 710 is one, but if you’re buying a cheap to free on contract entry level/low range phone, you can’t reasonably expect the phone to be supported for 2 years…especially if the specs are barely even able to keep up with whatever operating system it debuts with. With the pace at which the specs are moving in the mobile world today, a phone that debuts with 2-year old specs more than likely wouldn’t be able to handle the demands of newer operating systems. Case & point: the iPhone 3GS runs iOS 6 horribly. I’d rather run a smooth version of an older operating system than a choppy version of a newer one. This isn’t the PC world where the rate of evolving specs has slowed down considerably in the last few years.

        • Ordeith

          MS is supporting this phone, Nokia is supporting this phone, T-Mobile US isn’t.
          It can easily handle the update. Windows Phones have always run fast and fluid on the hardware they were released on. Even the ancient Dell Venue Pro continues to perform well with 7.8. You can’t apply android like thinking to this situation.

        • Todd_the_Hunn

          That was my situation with my Nokia Astound . T-Mobile wouldn’t support the last update called Belle after Anna . A lot of people got really ticked and some hacked the update on to their phone . Almost everything I read about the update was that they regretted doing it for basically what you are describing . I honestly think the hardware is just not strong enough to make the update worthwhile .

        • Ordeith

          Another comment comming from a position showing you know nothing about the Windows Phone platform. MS has never released a platform update to a device that can’t handle it. Most updates, like this one, make the phone perform better than before.
          Android thinking doesn’t apply here.

        • exeot

          That’s the thing. This phone sold tremendously well. Steven Elop (ceo of Nokia) was happier about t-mobile sales for the 710 than anything else. It’s bad enough this phone didn’t get wp8, but not even wp7.8?!?

        • g2a5b0e

          No Windows 7 Phones are upgradeable to Windows 8, so I don’t understand why you even mentioned it.

        • Ordeith

          If it was work for T-Mobile, you might have a point. But MS is still supporting this phone, Nokia is still supporting this phone. They have an update written, tested, finished, and ready to roll out. Every other carrier in the World is updating.

          T-Mobile has no excuse other than a hatred of their own customers.

        • Todd_the_Hunn

          Why would they hate their customers ? It was a low end phone with bad specs . I would be willing to bet the reason would be that an update would effect performance negatively .

        • Ordeith

          If you had any familiarity with Windows Phone you would know how ludicrous your comment is.
          Every version of Windows Phone, every update, runs smooth and fluid on any hardware Windows Phone was ever released on. If MS and Nokia released an update you can be sure the phone can handle it, and handle it well.

          You just can’t apply Android thinking to the WP platform.

      • kalel33

        Just a pet peeve of mine Mike, but it’s “their” instead of “there and “losing” instead of “loosing”.

  • NokiaNOThanks

    Another reason not to buy any Windows-based phone.

    • Agreed.

    • aussiedog61

      This was a TMO decision. Microsoft has the update available to all.

    • jay_max

      Whatever. My 8X has already been updated once, and it’s been on the market less than 3 months.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Android does it too. Remember the Galaxy S promise Tmo Made? Oh Of course you don’t. Well they did the same thing.

      Not defending Windows Phone, just pointing out that it’s not the OS that’s the problem.

  • TMO would rather sell you a new 820, Nevermind that most 710 users are still under contract if they aren’t on a value plan.

    Of course if you do plunk down $500 on a new 820 you have ever reason to believe that the same think will happen when the first update of any significance comes out for WP8.

    This all sounds like a great reason to not buy a Windows Phone in general and definitely don’t buy ones from T-Mobile.

    • mike

      I went from a hd7 to a Lumia 810. I have nothing but good stuff to say about the windows os

      • That’s fine if you like the WP interface but you are still utterly dependent on Microsoft, your phone manufacturer AND your carrier for updates. If any one of these three decide that you don’t deserve an update then you are screwed.

        With Android at least if you get a device with an unlocked bootloader you can always put a custom ROM on the device once the powers that be leave you high and dry (almost always within a year of the device first coming out)

        • Agreed completely. Nothing to do with buying unlocked phones…You can always do that yourself. Unlocked the boot loader as well in some cases.

        • I have a Tmo Dell Venue Pro running 7.8 using the seveneighter tool, I wasn’t utterly dependent on MS or Tmo, or Dell. Got it from windowsphonehacker.com

  • David Augustine

    This is why you never buy a phone through a carrier.

  • SMF

    Don`t buy T-mobile branded phone guys!!! I made the mistake and bought the G2X back in the days and all I got was 0 updates, 0 support! And the international version of that phone O2X has official ICS. The G2X is stuck at Gingerbread!!!! T-mo=fail. Buy international unlocked phones to get updates and support!

    • CJ

      I agree, I wonder if this will happen once T-Mobile gets the IPhone, will that get it’s yearly updates :). I wish phones were not carrier centric.

      • SMF

        No, the updates for the Iphone comes directly from apple and T-Mobile has nothing to do with it! Same as Nexus devices- updates come from google….

        • CJ

          Makes sense then Microsoft was dumb not to do the same thing!

        • Wilma Flintstone

          That means nothing anymore seeing as how CDMA Galaxy Nexus owners (The First Galaxy Nexus owners mind you) on Verizon got completely left hanging for a long time while Google updated the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Getting Updates from Google does not mean you’ll get them first anymore.

          However, I do feel your pain with how Tmo has become fail after fail over the past year or so. I swear it seems like they are intentionally becoming Trash with their services especially. But what can you do really? I heard Gamestop is about to become a phone carrier through the help of another provider, problem is, it’s Gamestop, one of the franchises with the most incompetent employees and the managers are even more incompetent.

          How can I go into a game store and I know more about the games than the employees selling them? Don’t even get me started on their trade-in “Value” or their resell “value” so I can’t even imagine how bad they’re going to shaft you with their plans.

          I like Tmobile but I’m tired of their Bull. Hopefully this new guy (and I’ve said this before with Humm and I was TOTALLY wrong) will get this sorted out without selling us out like Humm tried to.

        • None

          Still waiting on my Galaxy Nexus update as well. Nexus getting updates first, or even at all, if now a mobile phone myth that continues to spread out of control.

        • SMF

          CDMA Galaxy Nexus is not under google`s control! It`s Verizon`s child with all the bloatware (technically branded)!!!If you want Google phone -buy it from Google, not Verizon! I wonder why people still use ancient CDMA technology????It`s 21st century !!!

        • None

          mine is gsm and still no updates.

    • Guest

      You bought a crap phone to begin with….

      • SMF

        Crap phone? That was the first ever dual core phone!!! So stfu if you don’t know what you’re talking about!

    • Don’t blame the carrier for YOUR laziness If you want something, look. It’s out there somewhere.


      • SMF

        Yeah, and if you load a ICS version from there, half of your phone doesn’t work – camera, hw acceleration e.t.c .

  • UMA_Fan

    7.8 is just a cosmetic update anyway. Its not like it gives you access to the windows 8 store or anything.

    • kalel33

      Then if it’s not much of an update then why the problem for them not releasing it. There’s a limit to how much of an apologist you can be for T-mobile.

  • nd5

    T-Mobile should turn this into a marketing coup… i.e. let owners of the now apparently defunct Lumia 710’s to trade-in for the value of outstanding EIP and get into a new Lumia 810 phone at the going current rate. I own a SGSIII so this doesn’t apply to me, but it’s only fair if they’re not going to support the phone.

    • exeot

      Just like the galaxy s vibrant, it means consumers are going to have to settle with riskier methods to remain somewhat updated.

      For those of you bummed by this… I just updated my lumia 720 and radar 4g using seveneighter by windowsphonehacker. Took some time, but honestly only a few mouse clicks before the process went on its own. Make sure to go into region settings in your phone before starting to input the correct(exact) languages during installation. Nothing was deleted from my devices by the time it was done, but make sure to backup through zune. You have to have a winrar or 7zip extractor to download the installer for those interested, but this is a lot easier than rooting/custom rom’in an android phone. Frankly, much easier than I thought and fully functional.

  • JM

    LOL and this is why you don’t buy carrier branded devices. My Dell Venue Pro has been running 7.8 for 2 days and enjoying it.

    • NYCTheBronx

      How? Isn’t the Dell Venue Pro a T-Mobile phone though?

      • sun_dog

        Y/N – Sold only through Dell, but also through AT&T for a minute.

    • sun_dog

      Did you get the compass back after Mango took it away?


    • kalel33

      The phone is not even 13 months since it’s release, but glad to see some perspective.

    • wilde_ride

      You are an idiot.

    • NYCTheBronx

      True but not everyone has the money to buy a new phone or just simply don’t want to.

  • atari37

    Very interesting. I thought Microsoft controlled the updates like Apple controls the update for the Iphone. If the carriers are allowed to pass on updates then Nokia and Microsoft can’t be making fan off Androids “fragmentation” anymore.

  • Whiskers

    I get the feeling us HD7 users are going to get the shaft as well.

    • Herb

      Haha… HD7.

    • CJ

      I think we already did!

  • timmyjoe42

    I don’t understand why they don’t push it out. I installed it on my wife’s T-Mobile 710 and it’s working fine. I don’t know if there are any improvements, or bug fixes…but it works. The Windows Hacker site/program worked like a charm.

  • I can’t take away my eyes from it. Thats a beauty…:)

  • tomarone

    Of course no-one is really saying -Why-? I guess it’s because TMO pays less to the phone’s manufacturers (maker)(Nokia+Microsoft) so the ‘maker’ has less incentive to update the phone. (I Guess) TMO for some reason can’t just create upgrades and ‘push them out’ on their own, again because they’re too cheap? It’s been like this for a long time, and it’s like this on my One-S currently. (I guess!)

    • Ordeith

      The maker is supporting these phones. They have an update written and ready to go. Every other NL 710 in the world is being updated, T-Mobile just likes to spite their users.

  • philyew

    Why is it that TM consistently makes these fuzzy statements about devices that they have decided to abandon? Why not just come out with a clear statement that further upgrades are not going to happen?

    It’s not like waffling about “additional information on upgrades” results in more successful PR…Customers still assume the worst, but think that the company is being chickenshit in the process…

  • TmoB0ss

    What about the Radar ? I talked to cust support and they said it will be available as an OTA on Feb 15th! Anyone else confirm this ?

  • Lessened learned. Never buying a carrier branded phone ever again.

    • None

      My Galaxy Nexus is not getting updates either (build updated by Samsung)–So dont think that avoiding a T-mobile branded phone is going to do you any better.

  • Word of warning, the manual update is NOT 100% functional. Some users are reporting errors in language packs and some Nokia exclusive apps do not function properly.

    • JD

      also, it has bugs like excessive data usage (and hence battery hogging). Also someone reported low audio volume issue.

      • $21319503

        The low volume has only been noted on the 800, data usage is down to the app responsible, not the update.

    • yes90125

      not im my case.. actualy my battery is lasting longer and I own a T-Mo Lumia 710

      • aussiedog61

        Same here…better battery life, a home screen that i can manage better, Bing lockscreen, plus I finally got Tango installed along with the 7.8 update on my HD7. These updates will keep me happy until TMO gets a flagship WP8 or the rumored Surface Phone comes out.

  • mgrexx

    TMO also quietly dropped the update for the Gingerbread update on the Galaxy S…AFTER saying it was coming….WHILE THE OTHER 3 CARRIERS GOT IT!!!!!!, so does this surprise ANYBODY!! FTW!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT!!! I don’t know why people keep considering this as Shocking News. Tmobile has been screwing us all over for a long time now. But now we have a new CEO and maybe this trend will cease.

  • yes90125

    These filthy tactics by T-mo not letting their customers upgrade is simply because no revenue from new phones, people are not dumb and either leave the carrier or upgrade using the zune trick or the windowsphonehacker tool.

    F you T-Mobile!

  • Linda

    I paid full price for the Lumia 710 phone, I agreed to a 2-year contract on the Value plan without receiving any subsidy and now T-Mobile says “too bad, I got your money, I have you locked into a long term contract so you are at my mercy”. Even though the majority of people in this forum says “who cares”, the message is loud and clear: Today is the Lumia 710 and tomorrow will be another phone much more popular. Can T-Mobile be untrusted with its new BYD and Value plan only business model? Is this a preview of what we are going to see from March 27 on?

  • Kyle McDougal

    T-Mobile is the only nationwide carrier not supporting the Windows 7.8 update. I don’t have a link to the article, but I remember that being the case. :/

  • archerian

    Its barely a year since it launched. T-mobile should continue supporting a device they sold to customers with a 2 year contract. If you hold people to a 2 year contract providing a subsidized device, you should continue supporting it for that period of time too.

    • Todd_the_Hunn

      I would be willing to bet you a ham sandwich that the specs are so weak that the update might do more harm than good . We shall see though . T-Mobile has no advantage by not allowing the update . That hasn’t been their MO . Getting low end phones with silly weak specs however has .

      • archerian

        The update was released for even lower spec Lumia devices like the 510 and 610, and users have reported no degraded performance with adding the update on 710 devices. The Lumia 710 was no beast, but it offered good performance and value. The only reasons I can think of why Tmo didn’t roll out the update is because they didn’t want to spend time/money/engineering resources in validating the update for the 710 or they wanted people to pony up more money and buy new devices.

        • Todd_the_Hunn

          If thats the case thats just sad …for a company bleeding customers .

        • Alan713

          710 is the same hardware/processor/RAM as lumias 800/900. they got update. plus international versions of 710 got update. Why tmo can’t?

  • exeot

    IT’s always been a peeve of mine. How can a provider sell 2 year contracts on phones that are updated for a few months(in this case, the previous updates were remarkably insignificant.)? Now that the only meaningful update is offered, complete, and ready to go, tmobile chooses to deny it. I would be okay with the decision if: 1.The phone didn’t sell well, 2.Specs were too low, 3.It was an old phone.

    BUT NO. This phone has the same internal specs as the lumia 900. It sold quite well for tmobile(http://www.wpcentral.com/t-mobile-lumia-710-exceeding-expectations-according-elop). Better yet, the phone was just released last January and marketed until the 810 was released. It still sells on the website itself.

    The software is already released. I had thought that microsoft was notorious for universally updating phones through zune, but guess not.

    I took the previous report by nokia with a grain of salt because I though there was no way that tmobile would deny an established update that is finished and ready to go. EVEN worse, though, is that Radar 4g owners are similarly being left in the dust.

    It was disappointing enough knowing this phone wasn’t going to be updated to wp8 and that the wp7.8 update would come extremely late. After all this waiting and disappointment to begin with, t-mobile just made the situation even worse than it was.

    • kalel33

      I feel bad because I actually won a Lumia 710 as a T-mobile customer service rep for selling the most 710s to customers in a month. I wasn’t even trying to win one, just thought it was a great phone. Now I feel bad for selling them a device that’ll never be upgraded. At least I never sold anyone on an LG G2X.

  • ShoNuff

    Perfect picture to go with the headline…lumia 710 without a patch like this fits perfectly with other ‘bricks’ :(

  • wilde_ride

    T-mobile it seems you work overtime every day to create reasons for me to quit you. This is a terrible decision attacking the very customers you are desperately trying to keep.

  • NYCTheBronx

    T-Mobile says one thing and then says a nother. Sorry for all the NL 710 owners. If you have money, might as well buy a NL 810. LTE will be rolling out anytime now and good thing NL 810 has built in LTE. Let’s all hope for the LG Google Nexus 4 to be approved to enable and run LTE. That would be sweet.

  • sdt

    if you can navigate to this website, post comments, and read…you should be able to do a search on how to update your phone without tmo.

    The handful of people that actually own this phone probably wouldnt notice the changes or even know that an update was available for their device.

    This device was dated when it came out, hence the low price point. You get what you paid for, a low end device, with hardware limitations that could possibly make the user experience worse.

  • One of the things I’ll give Apple credit for is that you don’t have to worry about crap like this with an iPhone. It’s sad and pathetic when carriers/manufacturers toss a device to the side after only a year or even less in some cases.

  • LinkArt

    Finally, tmobile you have convinced me. Leaving you this summer

    • Bye……? As if T-Mobile reads these post

      • LinkArt

        Tmo doesn’t, but their running customers do

  • alexander norton

    Dont worry fellow Lumia 710 T-Mobile owners. There is a program out now called Seven-Eighter that will update the 710 to Windows Phone 7.8. I updated my T-Mobile Lumia 710 last night, seven-eighter successfully installed all three updates to bring it to full 7.8.

  • Wow already fragmentation in Windows phone, it took android years

  • So many cry babies beneath here