Has T-Mobile Passed On The Windows Phone 7.8 Update For The Lumia 710?


As Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 to the world, they dropped word that none of the current devices on the market would receive the fancy new update. Instead, Microsoft would introduce Windows Phone 7.8, a pseudo-combination of some of the best of Windows Phone 8 combined with the current platform of 7.5. Most important was the addition of the new live tiles, and sizable tiles for a customizable home screen and more.

Unfortunately, as a recent from WPCentral points out T-Mobile may have decided to pass on the WP7.8 update for Lumia 710 owners. A reader of the site received an email from Nokia stating in no uncertain terms that Nokia believes T-Mobile has decided to pass on providing the update. Nokia makes sure to lay blame on the carriers themselves, which may or may not make the issue better or worse.

“In response to your concern, we understand that you want to confirm if the Windows Phone 7.8 will be available for Nokia Lumia 710 from T-Mobile. We are sorry to inform you that there are a small number of operators that have chosen not to offer the update to their users.

It is important to recognize that this decision was made solely by the operator and these include the T-Mobile network in the United States.”

Regardless of who is at fault, it’s a disappointing development for one of the T-Mobile’s best launches of 2012. The good news is that Lumia 710 owners can still install the update manually with a little hacking and tweaking and get all the benefits you would as if the device were updated directly from the carrier.

For its part, T-Mobile has yet to comment on the issue, and a thread in their support forums discussing the “denial” of the update by T-Mobile has so far gone unanswered by any moderators. It’ll be interesting to reach out to T-Mobile tomorrow and see if they don’t have an official statement on the matter and if they are blocking the update, what their reasoning is. Until then, take all of this at face value until we can hear from Magenta herself.

WPCentral via T-Mobile Support Forums


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  • gentleman559

    Who cares. That phone is GARBAGE

    • eanfoso

      Outdated perhaps, garbage by no means, the offline navigation maps the 710 has are beyond my Galaxy note II, which once network goes unavailable the maps become unresponsive, plus if you go to nokia beta Labs you can download the nokia city lens app, which destroys any Google app, this app even made me consider getting a lumia, but at last the screen of the note caught my eyesight

      • qpinto

        you can download offline maps via google maps. your phone will use its gps signal as its guide and you’re good to go. hit menu, make offline, and make your area as big as you’d like. Boom offline maps :)

        • eanfoso

          Eh that’d be nice to have! How do you do this man? And Haha still no match for nokia city lens from Google lol

        • qpinto

          open up google maps on your GN2. hit the menu key and there should be an option that says make available offline. you then make a box for the size of map you want at it gives you the download size accordingly.


        • qpinto

          search into youtube: “maps offline android cnet” and it should pop up as the first result via cnettv

        • eanfoso

          … Do I have to do any rooting?

        • qpinto

          No rooting required. Stock functionality :-)

        • Demitrius Harris

          “make your area as big as you’d like. Boom offline maps :)”

          That’s a lie! You can only download about 80 MB of a map AND it only saves the map and not the POI data.

          Nokia Maps allows you to download maps of over 180 countries including the POI data for full offline use with ZERO data connection. You don’t need a SIM card or even cellular sevice.

  • ogopogo

    Who even owns a 710?

    • T-Mo Hoe

      There happens to be a manager at a very successful T-mobile store in sacramento that has one and she makes at least 50k a year. Why she has it? I don’t know.

      • Ordeith

        Because it is a pretty decent and near indestructable phone, that’s why.

    • tomnewtn

      My wife does, and she loves it. That’s who.

      • ogopogo

        Point proven. If she now loves it, then she won’t care for the update.

        • tomnewtn

          I didn’t realize there was a point outside making it sound as though you would be surprised to hear anyone would own a 710. I liked it as well, but alas, the display was too small, and therefore the keyboard, for my very large hands. Love the Nexus 4 and all my UNLOCKED phones. This is another reason I won’t buy carrier phones any longer.

  • techymexican

    I upgraded it :P works fairly nice on 7.8

  • Ryan

    Not just the Lumia, I’m unable to get it on my HTC Radar either. Not entirely upset since the update is mainly cosmetic but it would be nice to hear what TMO has to say.

  • TheCudder

    I successfully updated my Lumia 710 & a friends HTC Radar to WP7.8 using the SevenEighter hacking tool.

  • Bobby Digital

    T-Mobile also did this to me with my Nokia Astound, which is still stuck on Symbian Anna. Why do you do this to me T-Mobile!?! It’s one of the few HD call capable phones but its stuck on dated OS version.

    • eanfoso

      Did you try downloading it from the nokia website? Remember that this phone doesn’t get OTA updates

      • timmyjoe42

        The only way to install the update is through the Zune player and the update doesn’t show up for it. So far, the only way tot get it is the hacked version.

        • Bobby Digital

          He’s talking about the Astound. There is no way to update it unless you hack you’re phone. It shouldn’t be that way. T-Mobile should do the work and bless devices with supported upgrades.

  • T-Mobile better have good reason…. Most likely they will put blame on Nokia to confuse customers

    • ogopogo

      The money spent to test the software for an otherwise outdated phone would be better used elsewhere.

      • T-mobile doesn’t have much testing to do, all windows phones are the same device with a different case. Its not like the android upgrade process where the hardware varied greatly. Its Microsofts job to ensure everything works.

        • ogopogo

          Actually not true. Any and all changes to software have t be regression tested by the carriers. This is a common engineering practice. It costs both time and money to do it, no matter how small of a change the software is.

          I agree, MS obviously has to test, but final certification is handled by the individual carrier.

  • What can you do? Nothing but take it, oh well. On to the next one.

  • None

    How about the Radar? Did they get it yet?

    • William Cron

      It looks like the Radar is getting treated the same way as the Lumia.

      • Whiskers

        Same as the HD7 as well.

  • Alvin Brinson

    T-Mobile sadly has a history of refusing to provide device updates. Look at the farkin G2X. International versions (finally) got official ICS as it was promised to do when the device was still new. Did TMo bother? Nope. Still stuck on Gingerbread. CyanogenMod team can’t even get ICS working properly on the G2X either because TMo’s radio is so different. Vibrant was never officially upgraded beyond Froyo, even though many Galaxy S variants received official Gingerbread. Thankfully the hackers managed to work around on that one. But point is, T-Mobile tends to believe that updates are too much of a hassle and tries to avoid them at all costs.

    • g2a5b0e

      Get outta here. You make it all sound so bleak. You could be on Verizon.

    • qpinto

      actually only ONE version of the p990 got official ICS. no other phones. some porting and work was done and it works on some models. it just so happened that you CAN get a great functional JB rom running on the G2X however the radio doesnt work. meaning everything is functional minus cell phone signal. thats something that can be worked around but is hard considering the drivers and software code for that to work isnt made available to the public

    • eanfoso

      Hehe I guess you didn’t hear about Verizon and their nexus fiasco

  • GinaDee

    I thought Microsoft was like Apple and just made the updates available to everyone?

    I guessed wrong though. Carrier bloatware time and time again is the reason why they are so slow to pass through updates. They claim they are “testing,” these phones for optimal performance yet time and time again they release phones with terrible antennae and awful battery life.

    Carriers have the least sense of urgency when it comes to timely software/firmware updates.

  • Daniel

    This is all the more reason why it’s time for Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and others to take matters into their own hands and strike a deal with the carriers to do the updates themselves, the way Apple does. Why should Apple be the only one to be able to do things this way?

    • kev2684

      Apple has power over carriers while carriers has power over nokia, samsung or HTC. Apple can sell their devices with or without any help from carriers and.that’s why you don’t see any carrier bloat or carrier logos on iPhones. carriers are tweaking nokia, samsung, or HTC devices to work as they wish and block what they don’t want from the international version.

  • TechHog

    I’ve heard enough. I’m leaving T-Mobile.

    • ratnok

      You should have left Mircosoft. That’s your real problem.

      • TechHog

        Actually, I don’t own this phone. My issue is with how T-Mobile does updates. Between the G2x, that last GS3 update and this, I don’t feel that T-Mobile cares about its customers.

  • thegeeknme

    +1 for SevenEighter… took my lumia 710 from 7.5 to 7.8 without issue… wife’s hd7 is next (wife won’t let me till i run mine for a few days)… it creates a backup and maintained all my settings…. don’t forget to support the developer with a drink or two ;-)
    http://windowsphonehacker.com/articles/want_windows_phone_7.8_now_try_this_easy_tool-01-31-13 but as always… AT YOUR OWN RISK

  • exeot

    WOW tmobile. Thanks. I had been anticipating updates for the lumia 720 and radar 4g for months now. The phones are already glitching all over, whether having a broken web browser, or camera not working at times. Otherwise, the phones have honestly been great. These issues are software related, and I was waiting so long for this update under the assumption that they were putting extra effort to make it perfect.

    It’s too bad, because I certainly won’t be touching windows phone ever again. After hearing they had a good reputation for broad and uniform updates, this comes at a surprise. I was already disappointed to hear they wouldn’t get wp8, but not having 7.8? Really? It’s already of the last update scheduled in the pipeline! Too far t-mobile… Hope that they change their stance on the issue here, and surprised that more consumers aren’t furious here.

  • yes90125

    I own a Lumia 710 on T-Mo and I used the hack tool by Windowsphonehacker, the process took around 20 minutes and it works like a charm, I love the new real estate and the smaller or larger tiles.

    No zune trick here, I tried more than 50 times.. and it won’t work!

    F*** You T-Mobile!!

  • TmoBoss

    I called Tech Support via 611 .. the agent (Renee) told me that it is being tested and 7.8 will be available as an OTA update for my Radar 4G. Anyone else can independently confirm with tmo cust care ? thx.

  • ratnok

    SUCKERS!!!!! No really.

    If you didn’t get the message when Microsoft screwed users after Windows “Mobile” 6.5, then you deserve to get screwed. Fool me once, shame on you. I dumped Microsoft’s offerings after that the first “reboot.” Now they jacked the faithful who jumped on the Windows “Phone” 7 bandwagon.

    Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Luis Carlos Diaz

    So I’m guessing the HTC Radar is also not getting 7.8 via T-Mobile. Right?

  • This is why I’m glad T-Mobile sells the unlocked, non-carrier branded Nexus 4. T-Mobile has no say in updates for that phone, even if you buy it through them. Updates are handled directly through Google, period, the end. You know you’ll get every Android update that Google releases for it until the point that they decide to stop updating it.

    I got used to this when I had a Nexus S on T-Mobile (same update deal, all handled direct by Google), then got a rude awakening when I went to Verizon for a Galaxy Nexus. That phone is currently four updates behind the GSM Galaxy Nexus models due to Verizon’s testing and approval process for any and all software updates on any phone it sells (other than the iPhone). I’m glad to be back with T-Mobile, but only because I have a phone that isn’t subject to carrier meddling in updates.

    For you guys with the Lumia 710, I feel bad for you. It sucks that carriers can just arbitrarily decide whether or not to allow an update.