T-Mobile And Nokia See Strong Demand For Lumia 710

While Nokia still has a long long way to go before they can reach their earlier levels of success in the US, Lumia 710 sales on T-mobile is already providing numbers indicating Nokia is heading in the right direction. The Lumia 710, the first Lumia phone to launch in the US went on sale this past January for $49.99 and has been the highlight of a number of T-Mobile deals since launching.

The Lumia 710 is a strong competitor in T-Mobile’s lineup when compared to cheaper Android models, especially given how Android-heavy T-Mobile’s lineup is. Speaking to Roger Cheng at CNET, T-Mobile spokesmen Cara Walker said: “Since launch (the Lumia 710) has consistently been among the most popular phones in the T-Mobile lineup. We’re very pleased with the product and the reception it’s getting among our customers.”

As reference, the Lumia 710 was one of the top five phones ordered on T-Mobile in February, behind the Samsung Galaxy S III and T-Mobile G2x. Amazon.com lists the Lumia 710 as one of the top three phones for T-Mobile, and Wirefly lists the Lumia 710 as one of their top five T-Mobile phones.

T-Mobile and Nokia both declined to give specific sales numbers to CNET, but the Amazon, Wirefly and T-Mobile.com numbers tell the story. Given the dominance of Android in the marketplace, especially in T-Mobile’s lineup, a top 5 finish is particularly impressive for how little brand awareness Windows Phone truly has.

T-Mobile has promised a strong push for the device and we expect to see more sales that either highlight the Lumia directly or place it as one of the top billed devices on sale. Nokia has also put their marketing dollars behind the device and run their own campaign highlighting the Lumia 710 and partnership with T-Mobile.

The real question is, how will the Lumia 710 fare when AT&T launches the Lumia 900, the very first LTE Windows Phone device in the US?

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CNET, Fierce Wireless

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  • Guest

    I want a Lumia but I am holding out for something better than the 710. I recently upgrades my wife’s phone. she wanted the Samsung Galaxy S2. The guy tried to get me to upgrade to I told him I was looking for a windows phone but was hoping for something better to come out soon. He started to tell me about these new phones coming out soon, I asked if they where Windows phone he said no and stopped trying to sell me on them. I hope when Apollo comes out later this year t-mobile learns from the strong showing of the 710 and brings a high end Nokia that I can buy.

    • What’s funny is…most people don’t even know why they NEED more than one core in their phone, and are just following what these blogs say are good.  

      • Frigadroid

        Many people my age think you have to be a MIT valedictorian tech geek to own and operate a android device because of what they read. They won’t buy one if they think it requires extra time & thought. They trust windows because they have used it with their pc’s for years.

        • I disagree, but thanks for your thoughts.

        • Frigadroid

          I was being facetious lol ;-)

  • LC

    As a T-Mobile rep, I would love it if the fairly immediate success of the 710 would quicky bring about higher end models in the Lumia line. While I love my Android phones, it’s great to be able to offer my customers some variety and I’m pleased to see the progress Windows has been making. People like how clean and simple the layout is along with how easy it is to use. Hopeful the relationship Nokia and T-Mobile have aways had will bring us more good things in the very near future :)

  • Rumours suggest that the Lumia 710 exclusivity ends at the end of the month.  No idea if any other carrier will pick it up.  I am very happy with mine.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Its because it was priced below $100. Of course it will sell well, plus it doesn’t look like shit, and it runs smooth for a cheap priced phone.

    • The_Guest_Who

      Exactly!  They’re practically giving these away, and it’s a pretty decent phone.  WP7 is not my cup of tea, but for a lot of people upgrading from basic handsets it’s a killer deal.  I don’t know the actual cost structure on these, but it seems like a “loss leader” – you take an initial hit on profits to get people into the platform, then you make your money back on accessories, apps, and the eventual upgrade to the next device.

      • Funny how iFans said the same sh!t about Android handsets and fAndroids got all twisted about it.  Now you all pull the same d!ck move.  Good luck being hypocrite pansies for the rest of your lives.

      • Guest

        Funny how iFans said the same shit about Android handsets and fAndroids got all twisted about it.  Now you all pull the same dick move.  Good luck being hypocrite pansies for the rest of your lives.

    • Do you have one of these? If not, you can’t very well make that statement.  Well, you can…but you are wrong.  WP7 is a great OS, and the Nokia Lumia 710 is no chump.  Using it in the store for a few, or reading a review online is hardly enough.  Use it for a week or more, you will have a different attitude towards WP7.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Whats wrong with the statement? Its true. And I did play with it. I wouldn’t say it was smooth if I didn’t play with it. WP7 is a great simple OS like iOS isn but both lack personality (UI looks the EXACT same on every phone). That’s boring/bland.

        • This is my point exactly…case closed. There are more phones out there, besides ‘android’ phones…lol.

        • Frigadroid

          They don’t get it, its like their on a religious crusade. You must join us or die. Android zombies on steroids are getting to be so preprogrammed that its laughable when they bring up the ui lacks personality argument. My individuality comes from not belonging to any fans club just the SHS samsung haters society :-P

        • ‘Personality’…. here’s a clue: In the real world, no one gives 2 shits about your Justin Bieber wallpaper and your Legend of Zelda font with your all-black icons.  Other fAndroids who waste equal amount of time maybe, sure.  But everyone else don’t care.
          And before you think I’m talking crap, I USED to be one of those people constantly changing up my Android options and themes and I don’t miss it.  There came a point where I realized that I spent more time making and changing wallpapers than actually using the phone for anything useful at all.
          If you enjoy this kind of thing as a ‘hobby’, more power to you.  Trying to pass it off as ‘my phone has personality’ is laughable and lame as f***.

      • He didn’t say the OS is bad.. he said its slick/smooth.. he’s saying its basically good for what it is, not too bad in design, good pricing, and performs well.

  • Swenny

    But it’s still a Windows phone….

    • Gwapo

      Yeah it is and Windows OS is very nice.

  • it’s a really great option for low budget .. and the 710 is above average phone .. perfect startup phone. however i personally want a 4G Windows Phone that’s 4.3″ screen qHD etc etc.

  • TMoFan

    As an fandroid I’m really glad to hear about the success of the 710, and I hope it encourages Nokia and T-Mobile to introduce higher end Windows phones in the future. Underneath all the skins it’s still Android and anybody looking for something different doesn’t really have a choice. In T-Mobile’s lineup, what other choices are there?

    I wish they made the buttons at the bottom capacitive though. It just looks off with that bar down there.

    • archerian

       “Underneath all the skins it’s still Android” … care to elaborate?

      • TMoFan

        If the Android ecosystem doesn’t work for somebody it’s just not for them regardless of Sense, TouchWiz, MotoBlur, or whatever else is out there. I’m a fanboy, but I understand that different people want/need different things.

        • Dave Macias

          your answer is still not clear, your stating that wp7 is a skin running on top of android?

  • swissx

    how can this phone finish behind the Galaxy SIII when it is,not even out,yet…..lol. Fact check!

  • Gwapo

    David!!! Troll alert!!!!

  • Pira

    Personally, I think Nokia should stick with T-Mobile, as they’re both the “underdogs” in the current market :D

  • I hate junk phones. T-Mobile needs to quit picking up all the left over junk the other carriers refuse to sell. Give us quality. All the other Carriers get the great devices and T-Mobile settles for the lower level phones. I wish T-Mobile would change it’s market strategy. Go top shelf or go home.

    • This  Nokia device is not a junk phone, if that’s what you’re implying.

      • No, but its not exactly the 800 or 900, now is it?

      • Its not a junk phone but it leaves some room for improvement in its build.. it just doesn’t look as nice IMO compared to some other phones, for me its the glossy chin that turns me away.

  • Jtfinn

    I keep hearing a rumor that after the AT+T 90 day “exclusive” on the Lumia 900, TMo might be coming out with the Lumia 910!    If they do, I’ll jump all over it (will even take a 900) but the 710 and 800 are not interesting enough that I’d buy one – I’m tired of waiting for TMo to bring out the stripped down version on a high end photo 2 years after all the other carriers have had it for many months.    Just once, I’d love to see TMo beat the competition and be the leader with a hot new phone instead of the sheep following behind.    The best cell phones I ever had were Nokia and I’d love to get a 900/910 SOON!

    • T-Mobile used to get the device first, but the thing is because they’d get it first its normally the base model..


      Nexus One (Kinda..), more accurately HD2 .. vs Incredible, Evo 4G, (what did At&t get?)

      MyTouch 4G/G2 vs Inspire/DHD, Thunderbolt

      Vibrant (basically a T-Mo GSI) vs all the other variants

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This just makes me think what would’ve happened if Nokia hadn’t bailed on the N9.  Let’s take a look shall we? 


    What’s this?  Pre ICS on the MeeGo powered N9 BEFORE most other Android devices?  Wow, sure funny how that happened…

  • Scarfacemario

    Galaxy s3 ?

  • anxiouslywaiting

    after experiencing and appreciating the screen size and wp7 OS of the htc hd7… I’m holding out for the 910 and keep on talking about the WP OS to friends, family, and co-workers… it’s funny the reactions from folks… UNTIL I hand them the hd7 and show them how easy and slick the interface is.

    • Tiffany

      I called TMO and told them that I’m thinking of switching to ATT for the Lumia 900, but would rather stay if they were going to get a >= 16 GB Nokia device in the next few months. They instead just sent me to retention and tried to sell me an Android device. I prefer TMO over ATT for many reasons, but I don’t want to wait 9 months or a year to upgrade from my HD7. 

  • It’s a good phone…try it.

  • Tlinthagr8

    For those of you who have windows mobile 7, I have a few questions. 1. Do they have free mp3 download apps, 2. What are some cool games they have for free, 3. Is wm7 better than droid

    • Deaconclgi

      No one has Windows Mobile 7 and that is why you will NOT get answers to your questions.

    • 1. There are free MP3 download apps.

      2. There’s a ton including Angry Birds, Wordament, Zombie Madness, Shuffle Party, Line Runner, Air Hockey, Call of Carlos, Sudoku, and many more.

      3. In my opinion, after having a droid device for almost a year (and a BlackBerry before that) and switching to WP7, I’d say it’s better in every way. After 3 months, my Windows Phone hasn’t crashed or frozen even once. It’s almost much faster, slicker, and more efficient in my opinion. Definitely give it a look.

    • There is no Windows Mobile 7.

  • Cprigge

    “As reference, the Lumia 710 was one of the top five phones ordered on
    T-Mobile in February, behind the Samsung Galaxy S III and T-Mobile G2x”

    Should that read Galaxy SII and Amaze 4g?

    • G2x was on a special sale in February.. so perhaps not, and it kind of makes sense for the Galaxy SII edging out the Amaze for number one and G2x pulling in second with sales.

  • They would probably have seen even better demand with the 900. Going to lose out to at&t again.

  • guest

    Its a good phone but if you use continuous it will not last more than 2.5 hours! That’s what sucks about this phone

    • duncan440

      i don’t think so, i watched a movie on netflix with wifi on which was at least 1.30 hours, and i still had 65% battery left

  • None

    I would have liked this phone if there was not a physical button.  Otherwise, I think it is a nice phone.

  • The screen on the 710 is fantastic….only the focus and the radar comes close to that. I copped a white one for one of my boys and he loves the 710. He says its the best phone he’s ever owned. period.

  • 800 or 900 or GTFO. 

    Or actually… 800 or 900 or I will GTFO.

  • Commander_Fury

    If TMO sells this phone again for two hundred off contract & I find out about it I will snag it . 

  • The_Guest_Who

    Woah there buddy… I sure hope your reply wasn’t directed at me, as I was pointing out that the “loss leader” sales tatic is a valid and successful way to get your product into the marketplace. Selling the 710 at near margin (which, to cover the hardware and licensing costs, it must be) is a great way to get the phones into people’s hands… so they can spend the money on apps and accessories, and get into the WP7 ecosystem.

    Notice how my post said NOTHING about Android or iOS. I could care less about either; they’re both just software platforms, not religions. I don’t know where the hypocrisy lies in my post, but the “hypocrite pansy” ad hominem doesn’t belong here nonetheless.

  • EXIBITman

    I was recently in a t mo store. i started messn with this phone i couldnt stop playing with this very impressive device. i recently noticed this device on t mobile monthly 4Gs web site for 279:99$. so i Quickly grabed my visa credit card and purchesed it i have been use it for about a month now. i am actualy use it more then my galaxey 2 .

  • BahamasGeek242

    Yes this is great but will we see the Lumia 900……..

  • MrBenchmark

    Everyone i have shown my 710 to has been blown away that includes friends with iphone 4s’s they could not believe how fast it was and how it truly multitasks and switches app without any delay. I have owned several android devices and this phone is SOLID and just works and that is a great thing to be able to say.  

  • me

    I bought three of these Lumias already for my family. Great starter smartphone, no force closes (I couldn’t send an email on my S II the other day because it kept FC’ing!) and it just works well. An added bonus is that it works with the old phone-first web plans. I’ll echo everyone else and say that they need to bring higher end WP handsets to the line up. I prefer WP but my Galaxy S II has a much nicer screen and does WiFi hotspot. I’m anxiously awaiting the WiFi hotspot update on the Lumia 710 — that’ll make it the perfect phone!

    • It wouldn’t be called a Force Close on Windows Phone.

      • me

        Duh, of course. By saying that I mean my phone doesn’t randomly freeze up or reboot.

  • WirelessRefugee

    Today I finally saw the 710. Beautiful phone. I am almost tempted to try it out. I might buy it tomorrow, play with it for a month then give it to my folks, who need to graduate from feature cell phones to using smartphones. It is really a challenge getting them to use any of these phones.

    How challenged are my folks? Well about 10 years ago I finally convinced them to stop paying AT&T $2.00 monthly rent for their beige rotary phone. Yeah, that’s right, for 40 years they paid AT&T $2 every month for a dial phone. (They asked me if it was LEGAL to use the digital phone I gave them. They didn’t take my word for it that it was, so they called AT&T to ask if they wanted their phone back since they were no longer going to continue renting it. AT&T thought they were crank calling, then said they could keep it. That phone is still on the bedroom nightstand, them thinking it is a good emergency phone.)

    Long story short, I think this Nokia Windows Phone is exactly what they need.

    P.s. No need to break out the calculator, my parents paid AT&T almost $1,000 for that phone they hold so precious.

  • Foxeh

    This really is a great phone. Just yesterday I discovered a new feature: While I was driving and streaming music A2DP through my car’s head unit, I received a text message which the phone then paused the music and read it to me at the prompt of my vocal request. It also asked if I wanted to dictate a reply handled it handled flawlessly. My Android phones’ bluetooth capability was always sketchy at best.

    This is a great phone. So what if it’s not made out of polycarbonate…

  • I don’t like the design on the front.. I prefer how the 719 looks with that matte at the chin, the OS is really fluid.. which is great, but I’ll stick to the functionality of my Android till Windows Phone catches up with specs, I don’t mean dual-core I mean NFC support and higher res displays.. stuff that matters more than processing power on Windows Phone.

    Sometimes I want to buy a Radar, but.. I’m holding out for a 900 if that ever comes.

  • Johnb543

    T-mobile needs the lumia 800 or 900.. or else they won’t be able to hang.  I know t-mobile likes cheap phones and never invests in good phones.. but it’s about time T-mobile buys a decent phone.  

    (coming from a guy who’s been with t-mobile for 8 years and never bought a t-mobile branded phone in his life)

  • Guest

    Strong demand? That’s a laugh a day. If only you knew the real numbers. The only reason it’s in the ‘Top 5’ is because the top phone, and the top phones actually, sell multiples above the others on that top 5 list. I mean like 4 to 5 times as much, and whatever is left is scrapped out to the other top 5 smartphones. All I can say is, if this were a Samsung or an HTC, it would be considered as having pitiful sales. The top Windows Mobile phone has horrible sales for what it is, essentially, the flagship Windows Mobile phone. This PR campaign from Microsoft that they keep trying over and over isn’t working. Give it up guys.

    • Deaconclgi

      Isn’t the top selling Windows Mobile phone the HD2?

      • Surgemaster786

        Ya he doesnt seem to know what hes talking about. For the record, windows mobile and windows phone are different things. If you’re truly talking about windows mobile, which I don’t think you are, then your point is moot. WP has actually been gaining traction quite rapidly and as soon as the official numbers release, you’ll have a better idea. To penetrate an already dominated market, it takes a great product and time. IMO they already have the former, and more of the latter is yet to come. But I’m seeing more WPs in the wild and even the TMo rep was talking about how many people have been getting the 710. Call it what you want, but telling MS to give it up is the most idiotic advice I have ever heard.

  • JoeB

    I just got rid of 2 G2Xs for a Radar and 710. Both phones work great. I prefer the Windows UI over Android and iphone. Live tiles is a really useful feature. But the worst thing about it is the marketplace.