T-Mobile Announces The Closing Of Seven Call Centers Around The Country

There are stories I hate writing and there are stories I REALLY hate writing, this goes beyond either of those as T-Mobile (internally I might add, though it’s bound to become public anyway as employees find out) announces they are closing down 7 of their 24 call centers. In a move that is likely to shore up finances the company will need to boost operations, close to 3300 employees will be out of work. However, T-Mobile is offering relocation help as the 17 remaining call centers will attempt to fill close to 1400 positions, leaving 1900 net employees out of work.

On a personal note I’m terribly sorry to hear this news and it’s heartbreaking to know that so many good people are now looking at an uncertain future. Our heart goes out to them.

Dear colleagues,

I have difficult news to share today: we are consolidating our call center operations and closing seven of our 24 facilities. This decision was not easily reached, but it is a necessary measure. The reality is our cost structure must be better optimized to match our customer base and call volumes.

The affected Customer Service facilities are Allentown, Pennsylvania; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Frisco, Texas; Brownsville, Texas; Lenexa, Kansas; Thornton, Colorado; and Redmond, Oregon.  The consolidations will result in 1,900 net job reductions. Approximately 3,300 employees at the seven impacted facilities will be affected, and we will begin hiring immediately at the remaining 17 call centers to fill as many as 1,400 positions.

Impacted call centers will remain open for three months following this announcement.  Affected customer service representatives will have the option to transfer to any of the remaining 17 call centers.  Employees who choose not to transfer and are employed on the date the center closes, will be offered transition packages with severance pay and outplacement support. T-Mobile is partnering with an outplacement firm to provide on-site career centers at all seven facilities. Every employee will have access to a personal career coach and be offered job search training and tools. In addition, T-Mobile will pay for two months of continued health care coverage under COBRA (which is available for up to 18 months for eligible employees who elect this option).

Looking ahead, we will also be restructuring other parts of the company. It is important to note this will not include our customer service representatives in the remaining 17 call centers, technicians in engineering or front line employees in our T-Mobile corporate-owned stores. In other parts of the organization, the majority of changes will be announced by the end of May 2012. Senior leaders are intently focused on making the best possible choices standing on the foundation of our shared T-Mobile Values. The outcome will be an organization that is structured efficiently and closer to the customer. Leaders will share more information as plans evolve.

These are not easy steps to take – or, I know, to read. We must address our business realities so we can focus on getting T-Mobile back to growth.

Our commitment, as we go through this process, is to provide clear perspective and understandable rationale, be forthright in our communications regarding our decisions, and be respectful and compassionate in our treatment of affected individuals.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support.

With sincere appreciation,

Philipp Humm

CEO & President

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  • Bummer!

  • Moco

    Funny no out sourced centers on that list, more Americansor of work.

    • Because it’s cheaper overseas to pay them 10 cents an hr.. But they noi speaka de english which always screws up your account.

      • Thorfc

        I work at one of the centers and I did everything I could to make sure our customers were connected to the people who matter most. Today I lost my job of 9 years. It sad to see the company like this.

        • Tsdhack

          I feel for ya……it just makes sense to them to pay temps in a refurbed grocery store minimum wage and screw them on benefits. they only care about the stock holders and the return they can get to them. I guess getting $4b isn’t good enough for doing nothing. Deutsch Telekom wants to get rid of the US arm and this is the start

        • timmonss

          Sorry to hear about your job, really crappy.  

  • Legione13

    It’s a crappy move, but that is one well-written letter.

  • Sidekicker89

    Verizon just shut down 3 help centers as well.

    • noseyemployee

      any idea which ones?

      • Sidekicker89

        Not sure but the story is on vzbuzz.com

  • itsmekristy

    So glad my center was not included. 

  • watbetchh

    Reading that, I actually don’t hate him. Especially after seeing some bitter customer service reps posting here about how crappy T-Mobile is and how they’re sinking fast, this move seems to be one to bring us back to sea level.. no?

    • Tsdhack

      his job is to make crap smell like less than crap…….dont rest easy….they will be coming for the rest of you soon

  • You can read more and more of the stuff online that you can ask those people. More people are just using the internet for info then to call in..

  • Ckent581

    my center is one of them and a LOT of REALLY GREAT people effected. My advice to you that still work for Tmobile.. Don’t take advantage of it. They are a great company to work for and I will miss it immensely. GO REDMOND!!

    • Ineedajob

      My center too, what a day. I’m so sorry to all my magenta peeps that are in my position.

    • Ggdron00

      Im in the same boat as you guys..this really sucks..hope the best for evrryone…GO Bville!!

  • Dudjdjjd

    Humm does write really well….must’ve passed business writing with flying colors. He’ll write a letter about some awful tragedy happening somewhere, but Gosh darn it if its not beautifully written.

    I actually kinda respect his tactful writing style even if he has sorta brought the company to its knees…

    • slard

      Humm did not write that. Every large company has a communications department that parses every word in those letters. 

  • Hank

    These are all jobs AT&T promised to keep, BTW.

    • JQuest

      Yea, but for how long? It’s just happening sooner than later…

    • 30014

      Well Hank if you have that much faith in AT&T I feel sorry for you. I feel bad for everyone that is losing their job.UI

    • Realcool2000

      If u believe that then I have some air to sell you.

  • Crap, I just used there call center this morning. Everybody was extremely nice. This sucks

  • the answer is simple: OUTSOURCING 

    way cheaper to have call centers from out of the country

    • Spooln3

      The answer is: Your ignorant. All you people that prayed and hoped that the merger fell through cause you were some how under the impression that this wouldnt happen, got what you wanted, no merger, and this was the sad reality that TMo employees have to face now because of that. Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face… And for your info, TMo has NEVER outsourced their Care calls, ever!

      • Tmoguy380

        T-mobile has call centers in the Philippines and Argentina.. I’ve trained reps in both countries. So yes they do outsource their calls, and calls are also outsourced in the US as well, private companies will take calls for T-Mobile as well, just like Sprint, ATT and Verizon do.

        • Spooln3

          I never said they didnt, I am very well aware of our service partners, however TMo has never, I say NEVER sent a customer care call to any of the service partner sites. And in case you didnt know, just because TMo outsources some queues, doesnt mean they are off shore, we have several who are located in the US, Canada, and Mexico…

        • Emily C

          Again, Spooln3, you are absolutely wrong.  While I was training in one country, they pulled us out of the queue I was training for (technical), and put us in CUSTOMER CARE to service some of the calls.  Not prepaid, not flexplay, but plain old full fledged, full paying customers. 

        • TheWayOfThings

          Right.. and T-Mobile never closes down their CC call centers either. Yes, T-mobile does outsource customer care calls overseas and all of your howling won’t change that fact.

          You sound like damage-control…

        • Tsdhack

          sounds like a manager type

        • Ryden

          Actually, yes, a lot of Gen Care calls are routed to the Phillipines. A lot. More and more are being skilled into Gen Care day over day. Some who were prepaid are now becoming Gen Care. Same with a part of Activations. You’re probably trolling, but, the more you know.

        • Guest

          Spooln3, I am not sure what your position is with the company or if you work with the organization, but T-Mobile does have a customer care (Standard General Care) department in the Philippines.

        • TmoCSR

          “TMo has never, I say NEVER sent a customer care call to any of the service partner sites”

          thats interesting, because i work for a place called TeleTech in ohio that does exactly that.  we are a gencare(cc) site.

        • Deadeye37

           I was wondering where some of those accents were coming from.  I’m glad that one of the call centers is in the Philippines.  At least English is one of the official languages there (Tagalog being the other official language).  Having lived in the Philippines for a couple of years, I know if there is a group of people that deserve to have a little help, it’s the Filipino’s (even though they can be dense sometimes about some things).

          However, having to “consolidate” operations and close some centers sucks.  I’ve been the victim of that twice.  I just hope that T-mobile kicks it into gear and starts expanding operations again.

      • Pira

        I also think this is a terribly unfortunate piece of news. However, you should know how to properly spell “you’re” before calling another person ignorant.

        • Spooln3

          Grammar police. I know how to spell you’re, I just choose not to. Good assumption on your part tho (you see wut I did thar?)

        • guest

          You’re an idiot and your spelling sucks.

      • Guest

        Spooln3 – yes they have.  I personally helped train centers in two of the countries.

      • The AT&T proposed merger was going to eliminate WAY more jobs than this and at the SAME time it was going to eliminate a competitor from the wireless market! So yes, these news are unfortunate but more fortunate than the merger would have been.

        Also I suspect AT&T as well as Verizon wanted T-Mobile out of the picture because the twin bells are going to use their AWS spectrum for 4G LTE, which would make their phones compatible with T-Mobile USA.

        Now they have no choice but to compete, and compete on even grounds. Sprint will be the oddball of the 4 now, instead of T-Mobile USA.

      • Screwed employee

        T-Mobile has never outsourced calls?! Are you serious?! T-Mobile had been outsourcing fur a long time, but mainly flexpay until recent months. Note they outsource everything. Read my previous post as it is NOT BS. If you are a lucky one to get a usa rep then call in 3 months and you will see the difference as I and many others will be gone.

    • Guest

      T-Mobile has been using outsourcing for years.  I helped train a center in Argentina.  They also have existing centers in the Philippines, South Africa, and Mexico.  This is more of a internal restructuring than sending more jobs overseas.  Before this happened, they focused on shutting down some of the overseas sites to avoid US job loss. 

      • Screwed employee

        As an employee at an effected call center, I can tell you that I have seen the ACTUAL numbers. One day a week ago t-mobile had approx 1300 reps in customer care available to take calls. Less than 400 of those were in the united states. Don’t tell me T-Mobile isn’t outsourcing like crazy. Not a bad business move, but as a customer I would be scared to call in. T-Mobile is a fledgling company holding on for dear life.

  • jon

    Wife was on the conference call at 3pm est to hear this. Might be much easier to swallow if the Phillipines was part of this. Luckily we arent affected, but for those that are; it cant be easy to know some under-paid Phillipino who does nothing but frustrate customers gets to keep their job, while good American workers lose their jobs…tmob customers will not appreciate this and tmob wont be painted in a very favorable light here. Everyone remembers AT&T promising to bring back US jobs..everyone knows that was bs. Big business is about finding the cheapest labor force possible to boost profits…customer service is a distant and fading second priority. So sad…

    • Spooln3

      another ignorant and uninformed post.

      • jon


    • Yvrcouve

      Engish is the primary language spoken in the Philippines. Shouldn’t be a problem.

      • jon

        Really? Lol. You’re totally missing the point. TMOUSA should hire American workers. It was a fact that financial care in Phillipines failed. Why? What customer feels comfortable giving credit card numbers, bank account info to some non-american worker that is half a world away…Customer care fails becuase they simply cannot efficiently answer customers questions and often screw up rate plans or mis quote policies. Since my wife is a manager she handles escos all day long. Many of them are coming from horrific phillipines call experiences..

        • Poopypants

          sounds like amybe you should shut up and quit speaking to stuff you don’t know that you hear from your wife.

        • Rey B.

           I’m a Filipino and a Tmo customer. Sad to say, it’s true. A simple question I had took me minutes on hold, and I found the answer in the Tmo website while waiting, faster than he could get back to me. I hung up…

          But not everyone though. There are *few* excellent CS reps. They just need to be trained.

          But for the job losses, that’s the way global economy works. Just look at Apple.

        • Jaime Laigo

          again, TMOUSA is a German company, the US is the outsourcing.

        • TheWayOfThings

           That’s not exactly accurate. TMOUSA is a US division of a German owned company. If TMOUSA call centers were taking calls for DT’s german/european customers, that would be out-sourcing to the US.. BUT that’s not the case.

      • Roger

        Sure the words come across, but the meaning won’t.  This is a cultural thing.  When communicating with someone you share a cultural context that lets you get things over quicker.  Someone from outside of the US is not going to be aware of the competition, are not going to know what is normal in the industry and won’t have seen the ad shown last night.  

        I’m a Brit living the US and can give an example the other way.  An American would not be aware that British area codes are variable length, as are mailing addresses. Mint (aquired by Intuit) also outsource their support to the Philippines and it is painful because the personal finance norms in the US do not translate elsewhere.  You get back responses in English, but completely failing to understand the issues.  This would happen no matter where they are located.

        Seth Godin has a good piece about customer support especially about organisations whose policy is “stall, deny and avoid”.  http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2012/03/reorganizing-the-economics-and-attitude-of-customer-service.html

        Tmo’s problem is they don’t lead on customer service, they don’t lead on price (Republic, Cricket, MetroPCS), they don’t lead on coverage and they don’t lead on devices.  You need to be good at something in your business.  Being mediocre at everything is not a recipe for success.

      • DrScope

        They speak Pilipinas. In Germany and France, Spain and Italy, Romania, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Israel, none of these countries outsource their call centers so why should Americans lose Jobs because some other country has English speakers? That’s what happens when a country stops doing what’s in he nations best interest. America needs to focus on it’s national interests before any other country.

      • Jaime Laigo

        This is a German company, the US is the outsourcing…..

    • Realcool2000

      Why u got to bring Philippinos ito this…..?

      The post u wrote is ignorant. It absolutely sucks that so many people losing their jobs, but you shouldnt talk badly about Philippines or its people.

      • jon

        Lol…funny how when someone wants to stick up for american workers, suddenly people.want to twist that into that person being a biggot. I am not a biggot. American workers can simply service an american customer base better and it isnt fair to cut american jobs while not touching outsourced workers…stop trying to paint me or others as biggots. Its sick and factually false.

        • Magenta Man

          Jon, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have sat on the front lines at T-Mobile for years and dealt with “those” call centers in other countries. Its nothing short of a totally bad experience for the customer. 

        • Realcool2000

          Hey Jon, u made yousrself look bad all on your own. Its not our fault that we can read what you wrote.

          You can stand up for anyone you want without putting others down and then u wont look bad.

        • jon

          nah bro..that tactic is used to shout down others. You dont work for tmob and therefore have no idea how bad the phillipines centers are for customer experience or how much extra work they cause their usa counterparts. But you and others dont want to have a REAL discussion, so you shout Biggot! to get stiffle discussion. I dont look bad..I simply speak the truth. Will this move make for better profits? Yes. But is it the right thing for American workers and more importantly is it “Living T-Mobile’s own values?” Hell no!

        • Realcool2000

          1. Did you or did you not say something belittling of the Philippines. Don’t make me quote you.

          2. We are having real conversation.

          3. Just owe up knowing that waht you said was putting a certain Ethnic group down.

          4. I never called you any names so better check what I wrote again.

          5. You wrote ” it can’t be easy to know that some under paid Filipino who does nothing but frustrate customers gets to keep their job….” among other remarks about Philippines.

          YOU brought the Phiilppines into the conversation, YOU said negative things about Filipinos not caring, YOU said that I called you a name when I didn’t, some other people did tho.

          Hope that was REAL enough for you ( cause that quote from your post was sure real ).

          Before you accused me of not wanting to have “real” conversation, did you see that my post name is Realcool2000?

          I’m not even Filipino ( I got Filipino friends tho ). In fact I have friends from many ehnic backgrounds. How bout you Jon?

          That’s all I have to say about it. I won’t respond any more.

          I agree with you that when ATT said it would keep jobs that was bs.

        • jon

          Thats where you are wrong. I never said anything bad about filipinos. Period. I said that they are an under-paid (or insert the word cheap if you’d like), who frustrate customers. That is a fact. My wife deals with fixing their mistakes all day long, so I kinda know what i’m talking about. The phillipines call centers are notoriously bad at mis-quoting policies, rate plans or shuffling customers because there is something lost in translation even though they know english. Those call centers are unproductive and cause double-work for their usa counterparts. The only reason they remain open and untouched by the closings is because the workforce is cheap incomparison to usa workers. That is fact and has nothing to do with anyones feelings on the fillipino people or culture. Pull your head out of your ass and grow up.

        • Jaime Laigo

          We are outsourced, this is a German company.

      • Theman

        Philippinos are trash. I clean up their mistakes every single day.

        • James

          No need to be racist, and here’s a Filipino correcting your mistake.. It’s Filipino not Philippino..

        • Wilma Flintstone

           All I need to say is that Filipino’s are usually pretty hot.  End of discussion

        • Kevinsprnt

          James – F’ing brilliant response to TheMan! I’m rolling at his racist idiocy and your perfect response.

        • Theman

          Not being racist, just know the work of Filipino reps at outsourced tmo sites. From reten experience, which is another layer of hell.

    • JustAnotherPerson-K

      Our JDP started going way down hill after the outsource call centers opened, what I can see happening…. ALL General Care Reps will be outsourced VERY soon, leaving maybe 7 call centers total in USA handling only F/C and Retention… hence the reason why the Salem call center is now ALL retention… I currently work in one of centers that will be closing and while its very sad and I am very concerned with how I will continue to take care of my family, I can say it was a smart financial business decision, however Tmobile can never think that they will win JDP back with the outsourcers… its just not going to happen. Too slow and not very understanding with what our customers need.

  • Rfgenerator

    I read elsewhere that it is the retention department folks that are taking the biggest hit.  If you are one of the customers that has a grandfathered plan, or special deal, I suspect you can set the timer now on how long till those go bye bye.  Really going to have to think long and hard whether I”m going to stay with this company.  My sympathies to those employees who are receiving the bad news.

    • dalia.hailey08@gmail.com

      No Tmobile loyalty department stays firm in the us. Were not going anywhere!!! All those great plans are still going to be an option!

    • Ckent581

      We loyalty folks are being hit the worst because we focus everyday on SAVING our customers. That’s what Tmobile is really all about. Outsourced or not.. (retention is not).. We are a special team that puts that extra layer of nice on top of the offer to show the customer we appreciate them. So grand fathered plans.. Special offers.. Not going away only getting better. This coming from a retention rep that learned her center is closing. If you understand the business.. Why would Tmobile take those things away when they keep customers that way?

      • FormerSavesRep

        I’m a former loyalty rep at soon to be closed Lenexa, KS.  Loyalty was done away with there back in 2007.  They said we weren’t reaching our goal with saves.  Funny, my personal save rate was never lower than 92%.  And both teams combined came in no lower than 87%.  So, we all got busted down to Customer Care.  With the ridiculous expectations that came soon after, I lasted one more year before it was time to go.  I lost a considerable amount of money to move on, but it was worth every penny.  My heart goes out to all of you that are affected, and I wish you all the best.

  • Gouv

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again.  Its a burden to run a struggling company.  

  • B2anderson

    Just wait…Look at the 4th paragraph!

  • tmoemployee

    Sooo sad my center is closing too :( I was barely going to have a year there I loved the job helping people in everyway I could not a good day!

    • Stormy5438

      Good luck to you. I was not affected but with this uncertainty I am just crossing my fingers. Please convey to everyone at your site that everyone in Idaho wishes nothing but the best for you.

  • First draft:

    Dear Staff,
    As you know, the AT&T fall out has been considerable. We now have a terrible reputation for customer service, after having a great one, because of all the cost cutting crap AT&T made us do.However, we have a few billion in the bank thanks to the break-up fee so we can repair our image.

    So, just to let you know, we’re going to cut some more costs. With customer service. Because our customer service just isn’t bad enough. We think that the only way to compete with the likes of AT&T and Verizon is to, uh… well, AT&T’s doing great, right, and they have lousy customer service, right? Am I right? What our customers need are longer hold times, that’ll keep them.

    Thanks for all you’ve done, glad I’m not you!


    • WirelessRefugee

      LOL… what “few billion in the bank?” That money was shipped off to DT. 

      • Gouv

        Thank you for bringing that up.  I’ve said it all before, DT is a cancer that sucks the life force out of this carrier and its overall potential to grow.  

  • Daniel Holmstock

    Translation: Our consolidation will take place with NEW call centers in India. 

  • Cspeed

    I have to say, after dealing with 4 out of the 5 calls that kept passing me to the wrong dept. 3 out of the 5 were from the Philippines, it was extremely infuriating in dealing with the overseas call centers.
    I am speaking strictly about yesterday and it is unfortunate that they are closing 7 domestic call centers when their customer service has taken a severe hit with the ATT deal falling through and also the JD Power rankings as the worst of the big 4. Due to more call center employees getting laid off, it will only create more static with current customers.
    I used to like T-Mobile so much when Catherine Zeta Jones was still the spokesperson for the company and now it’s gone south in the worst way possible.

    • jon

      Shh! Dont speak that way about the phillipines. Others in here will call you a biggot..

    • Tmo

      but catherine zeta jones is a part filipino.ironic.

  • ray.carrejo82@gmail.com

    I can honestly say that this news has hit Tmobile employees very bad! After 4 yrs with tmobile and remaining in the loyalty department I must say that my heart goes out to all the affected employees. I hate to see such a great company like Tmobile go down like this. Tmobile is really the greatest company I’ve worked for. Our CEO has not brought this company down, yes Robert Dotson was a great CEO but he knew what was coming and did the best move by stepping down so that his reputation of great CEO would not get tainted. I hope that our customers take in consideration that tmobile is really the best company to go with! We value our loyal customers and have open arms for new customers! I just hope the next move isint to “merge” or try again! I know we can bounce back ! <3 Tmobile Representative who truly cares!!!

    • Gouv

      T-Mobile as a whole is not a bad idea its just poorly run and the management and the parent company have let it down.  Promoting value brand to a risky customer base isn’t the best way to bring home the bread and butter especially when you need hard cash resource to expand and grow your company.  Having smaller profits come and then an awful parent company skim from the profits sucks for them.  Not to mention they have likely lost a lot of customers so they are downsizing imo.

    • Playboy111715552

      You have to be kidding me I was a fcr for three years all I saw was unrealistic expectations and coworkers so stressed out they began suffering from depression and anxiety. They treat their employees like shit and fire them for unrealistic reasons, the only people that love working for T-Mobile are people who kiss managements ass or are personal friends of management if you aren’t you’re fucked. This is literally the worst place to work all you saw was people having breakdowns and running out the building crying and quitting or the ambulance coming for people under so much stress that they would suffer health complications. Had to get this off my chest people need to know the truth!! I was in the Tampa FL call center

    • Ckent581

      I agree 110%.. Well said and good luck to you

  • Some people here are taking advantage of these sad news to bash the FCC and DOJ’s decision to block the proposed AT&T merger.

    First of all these are very unfortunate news, however if the merger would have taken place, it would have resulted in way much more jobs losses.

    So NO the merger was NOT a better alternative.

    • Wilma Flintstone

       I figured somebody was going to bring the ATT takeover into this and I agree, if the takeover would’ve happened, many more employees would be out of work.

      • Gouv

        maybe but it seems they are having no problems what so ever cutting the fat by themselves.

  • Realcool2000

    This is so unfortunate, hopefully they can bounce back and find new work quickly.

    My heart goes out to those that will bw having a rough time because of this.

  • Stormy5438

    all I can say at this point is my heart goes out to the members of my T-Mobile family that will now be looking for another job. Our prayers are with you. I also know this could not have been an easy choice for T-Mobile who values their employees as family. Good luck to you all!

    • EdenRae

       Family?  Seriously?  As a previous employee I can assure you that is NOT the case!!  I wasn’t  even fired…I quit.  Best decision I ever made!!  I feel for the people that will be without jobs but trust me when I tell you it is a blessing in disguise.  You WILL find something better.  And you will find that you are better than them!!

      • Ckent581

        You ate an idiot.. You gave up a great job. Don’t talk smack about the family your no longer a part of

        • Dominique

           It’s not a great job by any stretch of the imagination now.   A little over 2 years ago it was great but now it’s crap.

        • TmoCSR

          you probably shouldnt eat idiots.  they may get lodged in your throat and you could choke.

  • TmoNews_Inuyasha

    My heart goes out to all those affected by these closures. As someone who has been unemployed since the beginning of October, I feel for you.

  • Unknown

    I predict BANKRUPT by 2015 if not sooner… Tmobile will fail because of their new policies and not giving a damn about their customers or call center reps…. Hint if your a customer get out now

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This definitely sucks.  Also just read that Nokia in Finland had 1,000 layoffs as well.  Interesting how Tmo and Nokia say that things are going well with the Lumia and yet both companies are having layoffs.  Hopefully these employees can quickly find work.  Good thing is, unemployment rate is going down and more jobs are being created so they should be able to get rehired somewhere fairly quickly.

  • Lnxrep58395

    i’m currently on LOA but worked at one of the call centers that are closing and am somewhat shocked but at the same time not surprised that this has happened–and not bc of outsourcing or bc the AT&T deal fell thru….the signs have been on the wall since Phil Humm took over and it’s just a matter of time before Tmo sells to another company or just shuts down altogether

  • Reypablo24

    I am affected by this closure and I was thinking about relocating to another state, and staying with t-mobile, but I honestly have to think twice, there is no guarantee that the others centers are not going to close, and that T-mobile is at its end, all my friends God bless you and what better time to plan for the future.

    • Shepinator

       I don’t think there is much risk that another center will close, and if it did, hopefully it wouldn’t happen any time soon. It is a rare occurrence to be sure. I am really sorry for you loss.

    • little blue bird

      I’m sooooo sorry to hear about this and that you are affected by this. I don’t know if this will help, but…..I used to work at tmo and ended up leaving b/c it was not for me. I have a friend that worked for verizon and from our shared stories, it sounds like they run it exactly the same, but they pay at least double at verizon. I’d say go ck them out if you can handle working in a concentration camp…at least you’d be getting better pay. ;)  

    • Silliredhead

      I used to work at Oakland and have tons of friends their (including my husband). I miss the people a lot! When I left two years ago there were 700 reps, now because of the hiring freeze they are down to about 400- so definite room for growth here!

      • Dominique

         Our call center went from 600 to a little over 150.  Its like a skeleton crew there but its remaining open.

    • WirelessRefugee

      I think that would be a bad move, both figuratively and literally. Your plans for your future should not include staying with a Company going through a dramatic downturn, and by next year will not be recognizable as the Company you now work for.

  • EXIBITman

    I am not staying with this lieing a”” company i will in a verizon store on saturday buying a brand new razors maxxs

    • Th3problem17

      whoopy doo , the man writes an article about almost 2 thousand people losing their job and your talking about a lame ass verizon phone. so sad.

      • More important is his ignorance that Verizon just closed three of their own call centers.

        • Realcool2000

          Good point David.

          Btw I will try to be more tactful in my postings from now on. I know I go overboard about things I believe in, but will try to do so in a more diplomatic fashion for now on.

        • Gouv

          blind fanaticism is hard to control, good luck!

        • Realcool2000

          I can see from reading all your posts that blind fanaticism is indeed hard to control Gouv. Thank you for the advice.

        • Gouv

          It’s not fanaticism when you see things for what they really are instead of cheer leading and sugar coating the harsh truth.  At least TByrne can come up with clever responses, you are just basically begging David for forgiveness for being a complete tool, actually by the sounds of it you are more like the entire tool shed!!!!  

          It’s interesting how someone like David can still be a fan of T-mobile and even be bias about it but still demonstrates objectivity and logic in his posts.  You are just a sheepish cheerleader that does nothing but distort reality for your own weird reasons.

        • Realcool2000

          You know, I did think about the fact that some would see what I said to David about me being more diplomatic and admitting to going overboard as sucking up, whatever, but I said it anyway.

          Everyone knows Im not the kind of guy to beg for forgiveness etc. Ive challenged David on some things just show that Im not afraid to say what I feel just cause hes threatened to delete a post.

          Im certainly not begging for forgiveness now, and Davids a smart guy who Im sure understands what I wanted to convey.

          You seem like a smart guy too, but you dont see the meaning in what I said to David. I just wanted David know that I realize some things that he was right about. Simple as that.

          Im not afraid to say when I feel Im wrong, or righ,t or if I understand someones point of view when I may not have in the past, or if someone needs to be called out on being biased or belittling of a certain ethnic background,….etc.

          Now if you dont like that Im loyal to Tmobile, thats fine. Loyalty is a good quality to have, but very different from cheerleading.

          Loyalty is when I support Tmobile and not run away and come back and so on.

          Cheerleading is that time you were caught with pom poms in your hands and wearing a short skirt at a Dallas Cowboys party, Gouv.

          Now lets get back to the regular discussion, shall we?

          And yes I agree, Tbyrne is awesome! :)

        • Hang on, I don’t EVER delete comments because I disagree with them, I encourage and respect you disagreeing with me. I don’t delete comments because someone disagrees with anyone else. I will ONLY delete comments if they become personal attacks that are laced with vulgarity or something similar in nature. I will never ever ever ever delete a comment because someone disagrees with me. That’s NOT the kind of site this is. I want you to disagree with me, to call me out and most importantly, to help me think of things from a point of view I’m not considering.

        • Realcool2000

          I know David, honestly I didn’t mean to suggest that you would or will .delete comments because you don’t agree with someone.

          You do a great job with keeping civility.

          Just trying to let the guy know I wasn’t just sucking up lol.

        • Gouv

          Well after reading that i guess you are less of a tool than I thought. It’s interesting you mention real cheer leaders because I’m a new England fan (I live in Boston) and my sister in law is a patriots cheer leader. I wouldnt look good in the uniform. Atleast you seem to be sincere enough to be loyal and that’s ok. Just don’t be so willingly blind to te shortcoming of your beloved carrier that are seriously impacting its potential success as competitive foot print.

  • shakarak

    Luckily I’m in a call center that was not affected.  But I can honestly say that this move in my opnion has to do with the push to outsourcing.  Brownsville and Ft Lauderdale closed were both Bilingual call centers which have been outsourced to Honduras.   In my Call center we got rid of BQ and made them BQ retention.   T-Mobile has about 15 outsourced and more opening all the time.  I wish my colleagues the best of luck.

  • …..Am I the only one that thinks this is gonna make T-Mo’s customer support even WORSE? -___-

    • Reypablo24

       oh yeah, they said they closed the call centers because the call volume dropped, well the IVR is all messed up that cust cant reach a rep, no wonder. lol.

    • Femmefatale Atlanta

      I’ve been with Tmo since 2005, and up till a couple of years ago, I was able to get connected with someone in customer service within five minutes. Since then the hold time varies, mainly between 30-45 minutes. I chucked Sprint the deuces for this?? My contract is up in July and I’m debating whether to stay or go. And oh Lord, that horrible loyalty program “Vip Zone.” What a useless disappointment that’s been. Seven years and I have nothing of value to show for sticking with them.

      • Femmefatale Atlanta

        And I really do feel for the workers losing their jobs, especially since the call centers affected seemed to be stationed in small towns with probably not a lot of businesses hiring. I was unemployed for many months last year despite actively applying for jobs here in a decently-sized city.

        On a side note, you never hear of these CEOs requesting that their bonus be used to help a struggling department within the company, even though their salaries usually have seven or more zeros. Nothing wrong with being successful, it would just be refreshing to see one of these guys go above and beyond to show that they really do care about the folks who work so hard to make them look good. Just saying.

        • Guest

          actually Lenexa,KS is a suburb of Kansas City but still….hope those rumors of Google opening a call center when they start offering cable service are true

    • TmoCSR

       i was actually thinking the same thing.  i dont know if itll make anything WORSE as far as customer service goes, but its going to be a lot more stressful for all of us at the other call centers as the call influx is going to increase in a huge way.  the extra stress might lead to some issues.

  • Bongbillawong

    Does this mean tmobile is going out of business and that i should find another carrier soon?

    • Yancy

      They are not going out of business they are still very profitable they are just consolidating some of their Call Centers.

    • JustSaying

      NO! Why you go to another carrier to pay more?? Verizon shut down 3 of its call centers, it’s about saving money. T-Mobile is not going out of business. Remember they made 4+ Billion in profits at the end of 2012.

      • Atkt7

        U mean 2011?

        • JustSaying

          Yes 2011 sorry

      • Bongbillawong

        Oh ok cool! I dont have any complaints bout tmobile or customer service. For all those that work in customer service as a customer i think u all do a awesome job! I might come across a few here and there that i cant understand but no biggie i just hang up and call back and get someone else that i can understand better. And for those that are losing your job thank you for all your help and i hope u will find something soon! For all u whiners out there… Theres a site for u, its called Rants and Raves on Craigslist!


        I hope Samsung release the SGS3 soon!

      • TmoCSR

         you pay more, but you GET what you pay for.  ive been a tmobile csr for over a year and would never even THINK of giving up my impeccable Verizon service.  now, granted, Tmo has really spotty service where i live (suburb of Cleveland, Ohio), but verizons coverage, phones and customer service are all leaps and bounds better than tmobile.

        so, will you pay more elsewhere? yes, you will, but with it comes a far better experience all the way around.

  • TheWayOfThings

    I think anyone who believes this is the end of the down-sizing is fooling themselves. I think this is just the beginning and TMUSA is a’swirlin’ around the corporate toilet bowl… slowly but steadily making its way down to the sewer pipe…

  • TMoFan

    Terrible news. To those who are affected I wish you well.

    T-Mobile was once known for its stellar customer service. By further outsourcing customers will just more irritated and that will show in consumer reports and JD Powers.

    Waiting for the trolls to say that these layoffs justify the takeover. If you think a few thousand jobs equals T-Mobile’s entire workforce then you are just as delusional as at&t thinking that the takeover would actually pass.

    • abc123

      They aren’t further outsourcing. The existing/remaining US centers will be hiring to fill spots. My center is tiny now compared to what it was 5 years ago. But I agree, outsourcing is a nightmare.

  • Philliphummonmynuts

    this f-ing guy is running this company in to the ground! Did he already forget that Tmobile came in dead last in customer service satisfaction last year? how is getting rid of 3000+ customer service reps going to fix this problem??? And what about the employees who are still in these call centers for the next 90 days untill they close? think they are going to care how customers are treated knowing they are goung to be axed in 90 days??? Its almost as if Phillip Humm is intentionally trying to ruin T-Mobile. Send his hitler a$$  back to auschwitz!

    • Gouv

      you gotta realize their business model and way of doing things isn’t the best, granted he is absolutely no help and practically useless  However,  it’s not surprising that t mobile has to unfortunately take this route.  There is a reason they wanted to sell in the first place and contrary to those that want to believe their “angles” of the story there is clearly a reason.  

    • Femmefatale Atlanta

      Awesome user id, btw!

    • Ckent581

      I’m just one rep but I assure you I will give you and every customer I talk to world class service until June 22 when they make me leave. Contrary to belief, WE CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS!!!

  • Bornontheblue

    I left t mobile back in November because of the stress and the unrealistic performance expectations. Looking back I can point to 2 events that started the demise of TMobile

    1. Sue Nokes leaving the company. Sue transformed tmobile into a customer service powerhouse and she was with T_mobile in its most successfull time period. She left and cusotmer service has gone down the drain, employee morale is at an all time low, customer satisfaction is terrible. Now Tmobile is a shell of its former self

    2. Robert Dotson calling smartphones a temporary fad. As an employee I once heard Robert Dotson call smartphones a temporary fad and they would soon go away. I paraphrased but the point is the same, He continued to say that we should focus on families and families cared about value and price. I thought o boy this is not good. 

    • HisTreatness

      100% agreed, on both accounts.  When data rich features were really starting to make a buzz the upper management said, “we’re not interested in going after the streaming tv, and things like that, it’s not something very many people will want”.  I knew I wanted it, but didn’t realize just how wrong, and damning, that really was.

    • Kis

      Agreed, 100%. I left last December because of the b.s. Sue was the best thing to happen to good ol’ Magenta.

    • InvisibleHand

      I disagree with the comment about Sue Nokes because while she greatly improved the customer service, there were no material results. It cost a tremendous amount of money and didn’t really help keep quality customers. That being said, the Dotson comment is 100% spot on. I remember asking why T-Mobile didn’t have any mobile TV services back in 05/6 and Dotson said that people don’t want to watch TV on their phones. He later passed (at least partially) on the iPhone.

      • Eyebe Peisthoff

        “It cost a tremendous amount of money and didn’t really help keep quality customers.” You couldn’t be more wrong. I was with TMobile since they were Voicestream and despite their inferior coverage, stayed with them specifically because I loved their customer service. I paid my bills on time and had three accounts with them.

        My last few customer svc experiences had been abysmal. I was very upset to see I was being sent to a call center in the Philippines. Besides not being able to understand half of what they say, the CSR’s are literally incompetent. They know nothing regarding plans, phones and features, read from a script like a robot, tell you things with no basis in reality and do nothing but waste your time after making you jump through one useless hoop after another (have you tried resetting your phone? Go to the website and download War and Peace, then eat a turkey sandwich on white bread and perhaps then your voicemail prompts will change).

        After over 10 years with them, I am now an AT&T customer. It’s a shame, they went from best to no better than any of the other carriers.

  • 1721hazzard

    t mobile does not care about there employees i was on medical disablity and was on short term disablity transioning to long term with in an hour of tmobile being notified that li would be going to long term disablity t mobile hr called and let me go wich according to what i have found out is against the law

    • CactoesGel

       I’m assuming you’ve filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination?

      • Silliredhead

        If you work in an “at will” state their really isn’t anything you can do. It’s ridiculous.

      • 1721hazzard

        in the proccess now

  • Guest

    I’m a pretty new T-Mobile customer.  The biggest shock for me was to hear that T-Mobile actually has a call center (let alone several!) in the States.  When I was setting up my service, all my calls were routed to Manila or somewhere.  Even the escalations.
    I had to call customer service several times over the course of a few days to activate my phone. 
    With AT&T, I did this all myself on the web.

    • Silliredhead

      They have 2-3 call centers in the Phillipines, mostly activations and prepaid. Everything else is in the US. That’s one of the reasons the merger didn’t go through, AT&T outsources nearly everything and all the TMo reps would lose their jobs.

      • Goog

        There are way more offshore call centers than 2-3. Many of them handle core customers.

      • Shakarak

        there are call centers in Honduras and Indonesia to.

  • guest

    I just happen to be someone who is loosing their job due to these cutbacks. Not in the mood for a long drawn out speech. So all i have to say is tmobile can s my d

    • Karma2713


    • Ckent581


  • jimbo

    Here’s an idea, STOP WORRYING ABOUT JD POWERS.  It doesn’t make you a better CELL PHONE company.  

    You cheated your way to the top Allentown and Albuquerque and guess what?  There’s no way to avoid IOCR and handset exchanges now, you’re going to be the only call centers left!

    This company is just as bad as enron and goldman sachs….they worry about the bottom line and MADE UP metrics and numbers, not the actual customers.  

    • Silliredhead

      Well I don’t think they made stuff up, but the iOCR comment is HIIILLLARIOUS! I hated that sh**. Actually made me laugh out loud.

      • Karma

        I know. Tmobile customers are bipolar. Rep 1 didn’t give me the answe I liked, so I will just hang up and call back.

        I wasn’t listening when the rep asked me if there is anything else they could do for me, so now I need to call back with this question.

        iOCR was incredibly stupid, because not even anyone at Tmobile, could tell you definite ways to improve it. I feel sorry for the reps but as for management, that is your karma for being an asshole.

    • Kis

      As a previous rep at Jefferson Commons who now hates the company, this comment is stupid. They never cheated their way to the top. We were always fixing Frisco and Allentown’s mistakes.

      • cartman2181

        Funny, I’m at Allentown and I always feel like I’m cleaning up someone’s mess at least twice a day.  Not specific to any one center mind you, and I’ve found lately that it’s mostly outsourced centers, but it’s really dumb to just point the fingers at centers as a whole.

        • Ckent581

          Are you guys for real? What happen to team together team apart? We’ve all lured once to get a sale and we’ve all fixed someone elses mess up.. Its the job… We have 3000+ ppl from our team jobless.. Get over yourselves.

        • cartman2181

          I guess you missed the part where I said “I’m at Allentown,” which makes me one of the people who will be laid off.   It’s a little hard to care about the “values” in the immediate aftermath of that.

        • Luminate83

          Sorry cartman, I really meant to say Colorado (tech) and NM  in my original post.  Godspeed in your job search.  

          “Think Big, Stay Scrappy”…..then hire Pitbull to do a private company party.  That’s livin’ the values!

        • cartman2181

          Well my comment was in reply to Ckent, so it’s all good.

      • jamznjemz

        Relax pal, we have good reps and bad reps at every center. that’s at any call center in any company.

  • Silliredhead

    It’s unfortunate and worries me. I also left because of the stress, as well as the transition to sales. The second they started reducing the expectations in quality is when it all headed south. Now they are trying to repair the damage and get back on track. Humm was brought over from Deutsche Telekom to try and increase revenue, it worked for a little while but at the expense of the customers and now the employees. This will go one of two ways: it’s the beginning of the end, or they get back to basics and will be able to do a mass rehire in 5 years. Either way, it’s hard to see people you know suffer.

    • Guest

      i left for the same reasons…

    • Steebie

       This reminds of of an interview with the VW CEO…he said that they realized (after over 10 years of selling broken product) that it cost them more to put out crap cars so they invested in quality control and…boom…sales went through the roof AND costs went down.

  • fixxmyhead

    so many whiny bitches on here

    i activated my phone and thats it presto, kaboom never had any problems

    what more do u fucking ppl want. learn some basic troubleshooting

    • Ralf


    • Steebie

       …until you run into a roadblock and you start whining.  They say the surest sign of lack of intelligence is judgement of others.

  • AsddA

    shout out to all the reps that lost their jobs.thanx for all your hard work.  i wish you all well. As far as tmobile, all i can say is the ship is sinking faster than titanic.i dont feel sorry for them 1 bit. 

    • Karma2713


  • :) pacman pacquiao (:

    Hi im Filipino and my WILLY is small :) thats y I make customers suffer

    • disgusted in Kansas

      You truly disgust me, peoples lives are in jeopardy and you crack crude jokes, you are a sad sad individual

      • :) pacman pacquiao (:

        F u disgusted lil bitch ….gl to all homies staying jobless in june

        • disgusted in Kansas

          Still a sad sad screwed up individual, note I’m posting from Kansas one of the call centers listed above

        • :) pacman pacquiao (:


  • Uslynnukandrew

    Shit I never thought they had that many call centers in this country……… every time I call I get a guy with an indian accent called Brad ……. so sorry for these great people who worked so hard through all the ATT crap just to get shit on by the big dogs……

  • Taron19119

    verizon is  closing three tcall centers but i think t-mobile usa needs to be it’s own company and not be part of Deutsche it well do better then it is now

    • ChadBroChillz

      What do you think it happening right now? DT has stopped support TMOUS. they are basically their own company. It is not easy to survive as an independent company. Look at sprint. Tmo is probably going to continue to slide down or have to go in debt to bring itself back.

      • Taro19119

        thats not all true they cant do what they want and for years DT have been takeing t-mobile us money and spending it on t-mobile uk

        • ChadBroChillz

          I am talking about now, not the past. TMOUS is now on their own, which is why they do not have the iphone. DT could easily get tmous the iphone, but they would rather find another buyer. Heck tmous is the one paying for their challenger strategy.

        • Taro19119

          not so cause DT want out of the us and is doing every thing it can to make t-mobile lose so they not on there own ps how about makeing t-mobile a  open company and not Private so the people can invest in t-mobile

  • Dlb0183

    To all of my coworkers at the allentown call center best of luck. All we can do is stick by each others side. We have made amazing friends some which we call family. Lets not forget what we gained out of this horrible loss!

    • jimbo

      yup, you’ve earned back to back calls, PTO that will never get approved, working all holidays, oh and the new cutthroat environment.  


  • Tom

    I have been at one of the sites closing for five years and this news has not been easy to find out. But the funny part everyone is missing that I found out from my discussion with “leadership” is….you still have to apply and interview to relocate to another site. This is a joke. But at least it sounds good without knowing the truth as they say it.

    • belcas

      Tom, We were told by the director of the call center that you do not have to apply or interview for the position if you choose to relocate….We had three VP’s today at the Brownsville center and we were advised that you would automatically get in and be assisted with relocation costs……

      • Ckent581

        That’s 100% correct

  • cartman2181

    I’m at one of the affected centers.  I’ve been with the company for 6 1/2 years.  I’m not sure whether to be mad or just laugh.  I can’t say I saw this coming, but looking back I realize that I probably should have done so.  I really haven’t been liking the company’s direction for some time now.  My biggest concern, personally, is I have no idea what to do next.  I definitely want to wish well to everyone else here who will be affected by this.

  • I just cancelled my contract with T-Mobile last week after beeing a loyal customer for more than 12 years.  It wasn’t T-Mobile’s service that made me change — I was very happy with the service I was receiving.  It was the iPhone — or lack of.  I tried Android (had an HTC Sensation) for 8 months, and absolutely hated the experience.  I kept haning on — hoping to hear T-Mobile announce the iPhone, but it never happened.

    Condolences to those folks who lost their jobs — best of luck with new pursuits.  Keeping my fingers crossed for some T-Mobile iPhone love — I’d move back.

  • I was just laid off yesterday (not from T-Mobile), having gone through months of worry about it.  My heart goes out to each and every one of the affected employees.  I’ve been with T-Mobile for 11 years, and I’ll bet some of the affected employees have helped me out over the years.  Thank you – honestly, from a customer, not from some corporate platitude – for your hard work, and I wish you all the best for the future.

  • Rikki G.

    To all my friends… really family at the Brownsville, Tx T-Mobile Center . It has been a long and bumpy journey. Not to mention fun and stressful too. But all in all I have made great friends and learned many things. This was a very sad day for most of us to hear that our home away from home will be closing it’s doors pretty soon. I am positive that we all will find better things and opportunities. We have but 90 days remaining. Let’s make it fun and worthwhile as much as can.

    With all my heart Team Hurricanes!!
    Rikki Garcia

  • devastated

    This is damning news my family just received today my girlfriend I work in one of the 7 call centers and just bought a house and had a child with in the past year and a half and now have no idea what the future brings I wish all my coworkers the best and the true friends I have made I’ll miss you very much and hope you all land on your feet quickly

    • Crest Fallen

       I understand. I had held off buying a badly needed new car during the AT&T/T-Mobile deal, and only committed to it, when AT&T assured us that, even in the event of a merger, call centers would stay open – safe in the knowledge, that, deal or no deal, I would be working. And now, this, out of the clear blue. I wish everyone effected by this the best of luck. 

    • Shocked

      I know how you feel.  I just bought a house recently and now I have to deal with this.  I am just so worried about my future once my center gets shut down….

      • devastated

        Yeah and I’ve been looking in my area for jobs for awhile now and it’s hard enough now there will be 600 more people looking for jobs this sucks

  • Hrose1965

    and so it begins 

  • h_f_m

    I have had nothing but great experiences with T-Mobile customer support. You have all been fantastic to work with, and YOU are the reason I am still a T-Mobile customer. I can get cell service and data from anyone. That’s not what It’s about… 

    My heart goes out to those who can’t relocate. I hope those of you affected find a rewarding new position somewhere.

  • in2android

    My heart goes out to those of you affected. I know this is a painful experience as I’ve been in this position. Know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and sometimes the future is brighter than the present.

  • jax

    At least T-mobile didnt close the call centers in ABQ NM there are two of them that would suck

    • HelpWanted

      I am in one of the impacted centers … if you think this isnt the beginning of the end for TMobile, then you are fooling yourself.

  • abc123

    As a call center employee at one of the centers lucky enough to be staying open, I can say we all have heavy hearts for those given the horrible news today. It’s scary to know that in a blink of an eye their world has been turned upside down. Good luck to all of you in the closing centers and maybe we’ll see some of you up in the Pacific Northwest!

  • Mexikan_angel

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to
    prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    • Chris

      That is a beautiful verse! I’m at the Abq call center and all I can think about is my coworkers in the affected centers. I’m a pretty manly dude but I did cry a little when I heard the news. My prayers are with you and your families, God will see us through this.

    • in2android

      Your heart and mind are where they need to be! You have no where to go but up! The older I get the more this type of news effects me. I will pray for each and everyone of you. If God can do for me, he can do for you as well! I’m not a bible Thu per, but this story has effected me emotionally. This is a tragedy that takes place in our world everyday! I feel good that this comment section has showed that this sight isn’t just for complaining, and taking sides. So often its full of arguing, and bickering, but tonight its like everyone is on the same page. I feel like the Tmo corporation has been “humanized” by hearing from all of the employees that were affected. Your not just customer service, your ppl just like me, and everyone else. You have family that depends on you. Stay strong.

  • Sr121376

    As a former employee of one of the call centers closing before I decided to leave a lot of us saw the changes effects on the work environment we were in…its kinda scary when a company puts CRT as more important than resolving a customers issue completely in a tech related field seriously is 10 minutes to fix a issue really enough time to completely resolve the issue. Personally I had a high CRT but also had a high customer satisfaction score . But I was almost left go because I couldn’t rush the customers off the phone.. I feel bad a lot of people are losing there jobs

    • Guest

      so true.

    • Guest

      i completely agree as a former tmobile employee as well…

    • Callmeotter

      Guess thats why when I called with a question about my bill, rep said “Sir, Ive been on the phone with you for 4 minutes now…so Im going to hang up.””  And he Did.  That is the definition of poor customer service  — especially with a long-term customer whom you’d think they’d want to keep (Isn’t mrktg 101 that the costs of keeping an existing customer are much less than getting a new one?)

  • racisthater

    U are a fucking idiot….having an accent does not mean that they live in a different country other then USA….moron.

    • Ushdhd

      Yes I am the idiot !!!!! I watch to much TV………. shitheads I lost my job to Brad with the accent. So please do not tell me what I am. Not racist just real tell me to bile has all there call centers in USA ? You can’t can you…… because they don’t. You have a decent little job and all the roses smell great. If people banded together my job and a hell of a lot more would still be here. But with little pricks like you running around it will never happen…..

  • in2android

    The more & more I read the sicker I get.
    To the affected employees,
    My name is Joe, I frequent tmonews as much as my time allows me to and I its one of my favorite sites. I am a Tmo customer of 9yrs now & I love T-mobile, as they’ve always been good to me. 6 months ago I lost my job due to wrongful termination. I was just a server and bartender, but I made about 35,000 a yr, and it kept my family going. I was devastated. So devestated that I couldn’t even come home to tell my wife. I’m a recovered alcoholic, and I went straight to the state store and bought a pint of whiskey, and I hid for hours in a secluded area I spent a lot of time at as a teenager. Three yrs of sobriety gone and not one of my problems was solved, and as a matter of fact it got worse!
    With my wife ready to leave me for fear that I was returning to the bottle, I filed for, and collected my $333 a week unemployment. A server doesn’t claim a lot of money. I knew I had to do something to make ends meet, but I ridnt know what. I began buying smart phones, tablets, & just about anything I could through craigs list with my savings, & reselling on eBay for an extra couple of hundred a week. Income was restored, but I knew other was no future.
    I have a friend who owns a small cafe in a large office building in my area, & I began to spend a lot of time there with him doing my eBay listings, & creating my Craigslist ads. A woman named sue who frequented the cafe for lunch approached us due to the way we interacted with each other, & she offered us a property she owns as well as $15,000 in start up expenses that aren’t required to be repaid, to move his cafe. Were located across from a factory that employs 700 ppl in a very small town.
    Were now going on week six of our 24 month lease, and in our first month we did just short of $30,000 in sales! Our rent is only $600 a month, and you can imagine the money were making. I fell like I’m living in a dream world right now! Six months ago I was standing on a peak, drunk and depressed, thinking my world had ended. I’m now half owner of a small SUCCESSFUL cafe/deli, and I feel I’ve been blessed. I had to share with you my story, and I pray that it brings those affected HOPE! I have God to thank for what’s been given to me, and just when you think the fight may be over, its only just begun!

    A most grateful man named Joe

    • JBLmobileG1

      Awesome story! Thanks for sharing. While my heart and prayers go out to those affected I hope Joe’s story brings some positivity… while some may feel this is the end just look at it as a new beginning. I am sure with all the Awesome employees Tmobile has that will be affected they will be able to use their customer service skills in their next job. While it may not happen overnight just keep your skills alive and you will overcome anything. Best wishes to all the Tmobile employees out there.

    • That’s amazing, Joe. Good on ya, buddy.

    • Gouv

      Proof that you just need to find the will and belief to keep going and try hard.  There is no need for the sense of entitlement so many have these days.  Good for you man! I hope this makes you a millionaire and that money is never a problem for you again.

  • InvisibleHand

    If the AT&T deal had gone through, these call centers would likely remain open. I think T-Mobile is finally recognizing that spending excessively on customer care doesn’t help all that much in the wireless market. I hope all the affected employees are able to find new jobs that make them happy. 

    • Nocalls

      NOWAY!! More Tmobile call centers would be closed. All AT&T wants is more customers and larger bonuses for the execs. Besides AT&T is not the service this world needs. They owned the Phone services and now they want to own the Cell Business. I have never had better service with any accept TMOBILE and I was with others. AT&T is the worst.

      • InvisibleHand

        If AT&T is the worst, then why do they have 3x as many customers as T-Mobile? AT&T is a publicly traded company and their execs work for the shareholders. Regardless of how bad AT&T may suck, they are much better than running a business than T-Mobile. I’m not talking about DT running T-Mobile, I’m talking about the idiots T-Mobile USA insisted on hiring away from the retail clothing industry to try and turn buying a cell phone into an artistic experience. People vote with their dollars and AT&T is getting way more votes than T-Mobile so they must be doing something right.

    • Jmcferson85

      If the merge did go through more call centers would have probably been fine for the simple fact AT&T has call centers to but they like out sourcing more and would have not needed that many customer service reps… I am aformer employee and now work for Cricket wireless when it was announced they wanted to merge our store alone got bombarded with tmob customers wanting out not wanting anything to do with AT&T so I think that really hurt tmob more then anything

  • Joeybutts

    Damn.  That means longer hold times and loyal customers will be forced to deal with the God-awful Philippine call centers.  If you’ve recently been transferred to the Activations Dept. you’ll know what I mean. 

    If T-Mobile USA made their website useful to do almost anything we need it to do (sans billing problems) and it actually updated in real time (not 2-24 hours) then we’d have a real alternative to do things ourselves.  

  • tommy

    I’ve been layed off in the past. Employees can transfer to another call center or get severance packages if they choose. That’s fairly generous. I have not yet gone through all the comments but can appreciate tmo’s need to get profitable and while very sad and sorry for employees that cannot transfer, for whatever reason, hope they can do the best they can. But they should really try hard to transfer if they at all can. Sorry for my two cents, but again, I’ve been layed off more than once, sometimes it’s very cruel.

  • Steebie

     There’s a lot of Indian guys with accents named Brad living here in Seattle.  Try to remember to avoid believing TV stereotypes!  It’s TV!

  • Cwillia218

    For Those who are laid off in Texas and Pennsylvania…WE HAVE JOBS FOR YOU!!  As a former T-mobile emoployee I know what it takes to work in the call centers and it takes Quality people who have excellent customer service skills and have good time management to make sure CRT IOCR and all metrics are met!For those who are interested for Information please Email me cwillia218@gmail.com
    Good Luck to all who were affected!

  • Getreal

    I have been a loyal customer for 9 years. I LOVE TMo and have no plans of leaving. I spent over $1000 buying an unlocked iPhone 4S (got a 64GB with Apple Care). Rate plans and phone prices are somewhat important but the customer service I get from the reps is paramount.

    In fact I pay for the 5GB service even though I only use 300 MB. I hope the extra few bucks goes to keeping some jobs in the states. If TMo starts outsourcIng jobs to “Steve” in India, I am out.

    • Bost4

      Hmmm. you must be speaking to different reps than I have in the last year.  Id day 95% of them have been totally clueless and known less about Tmobile’s policies and rate plans than I did.  As far as tech support, that was useless too…and while I didn’t get “Steve” in India, I did often get “Mary” in Phillipines.  The most interesting thing was when I googled an employees name and a other websites with customer comments of his rude behavior popped up.  For his sake, i hope he’s not one of the ones fired cuz he’s gonna have a hard time finding a new job w hen employers google his name

      • annoyed

        How did you Google his name we don’t give our last name out you aren’t so smart

        • Trollerderby

          Obviously he googled the name “George” and got some results, so it has to be the same person. 
          Don’t bother throwing logic at an imbecile, they just teethe on it like a toddler and get it all mucky. Obviously he Googled the name “George” and got some results, so it has to be the same person.

        • Trollerderby

          ctrl-x and ctrl-v are clearly outside of disqus’ scope of support. :(

      • JustAnotherPerson-K

        I’m not sure how you would google anyone’s name considering as employees we do not give our last names and the “rep i.d.” are a load of crap as well. there has got to be 4million “mary’s” or “steves” nation wide…

  • Getreal

    My iPhone cut me off, but I also wanted to say, thank you to all TMo employees and all employees are in my prayers. I hope the affected ones find peace and prosperity in the next month. We DO appreciate your hard work!!!

  • UMA_Fan

    There’s a lot of pointing fingers going on in  the comments but people need to realize T-Mobile is a business.

    If you have to blame anyone blame CONSUMERS who voted with their wallets in droves that they would rather spend their money with another wireless company than T-Mobile, who invested the most in customer care in the industry.

    • Get_at_Me

       Well said

    • Mparob

      I worked for T-Mobile for 7 years and lost my job early this year. I can tell you that they are looking for any reason to reduce spending. Rather than close underperforming stores and focus on the areas they can improve in, Upper management continues to be clueless.

      T-Mobile was a great company once. The problem is they have not evolved. Too much has changed and they have not

    • Vim

      That’s an oversimplification.  When you look at the numbers from before the deterioration in customer
      service, customers were not leaving in droves, the company had simply
      stagnated while its competitors were continuing to grow.  Great customer service alone isn’t enough to fuel growth when you have a reputation for the poorest coverage of all the big four. The customers who did have decent coverage were happy however.  The large customer losses occurred after the deterioration in customer service.

      The crux of T-Mobile’s problem was that instead of reinvesting in T-Mobile US’s network, DT has been siphoning away T-Mobile’s cash for years to spend on projects in other countries.  T-Mobile was way late to the 3G game,  didn’t take the government bandwidth auctions seriously enough, and otherwise just sat on its rear end while the other carriers were expanding by leaps and bounds.  And during those brief periods when T-Mobile did have some sort of advantage, they didn’t invest the marketing dollars needed to turn that advantage into a gain in customers. DT reinvests just enough of T-Mobile US’s profits back into T-Mobile to keep it alive, and that’s it.  The rest gets invested in Europe, DT’s home market.

      • UMA_Fan

        This is true, but what it’s seeming like is T-Mobile is saying having solid customer care in place is mutually exclusive from doing all the things we would hope they would do to stay competitive.

        I do believe my point still stands though that T-Mobile has DRASTICALLY less customers than it did a few years ago.  If that didn’t happen, they would need those customer care reps to service them.

  • guest

    as a tmobile employee in one of the sites not closing i send my heart to my family in the other sites. yes, family. in the words of team together and team apart, my heart ached when i read this. 

    • MaT

      Just curious what is the salary range for a phone customer service rep?  Is it worth transferring (and the company paying to do that?)

      • Dominique

         No, about $25K-30K.

      • abc123

        I’ve been with the company just over 5 years and make about 41k…

  • E Blumberg08

    Can anyone say outsourcing? Hello, mr philpinio in sabu.

    • Conspiracy Theory

      Between the att debacle and outsourcing overseas, that’s what drove customers away. How many times I’d get a call and a cust says ‘thank god u speak english and I can understand u’. Also the ship started to sink when sue nokes left. And that my friend are the very reasons I’m soon out of a job

      • devastated

        Yeah sue left shortly after I began at the allentown call center she truly was the glue for this company right after she left is when we lost the ever covetted jd power award my thoughts are with all of the 3300 imediatly losing our jobs I wouldn’t recommend a transfer considering you have to interview with the other center so its not a guarenteed transfer and who knows how long it’ll be until that center gets closed I’ve been completly mind f’d by this place with the merger drama and now this

    • Outsourcing my ass. You keep them jobs right here in America buddy.


      Well the Prepaid Stuff is All Outsourced; I wasn’t sure if the Contract People were sent to Phillipines or Mexico too.

    • Jaime Laigo

      Um, although I do agree you do have to accept the fact that this is not a US company……

  • TMO Guest

    I am an employee as well and though I am not impacted by these closures, my heart goes out to everyone impacted by this. In my job, I interact daily with everyone from sites all over the country (well, actually all over the world) and it breaks my heart to see 1/3 of our internal workforce being let go.

    As an employee, I know the uncertainty we’ve been going through for the past year. Its amazing how fast our lives can be turned upside down. When AT&T announced that they wouldn’t be letting anyone go – there was a huge sigh of relief from us all that our jobs were a little safer than they were before. Since the merger failed, the company has been trying to recover – but closures of this scale are truly unexpected, especially since we’re losing half of our tech sites.

    Having had the opportunity to interact with you all, I can honestly say that the sites impacted are some of the hardest working people in the business and losing you all is a huge loss for the business, the industry and our TMO family.

    My heart goes out to all of you and your families.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Maybe the ones who are affected should apply to work for Walmart at the Walmart Connection Center. After all Walmart did give Tmobile the supplier of the year award. Plus having someone sell your product “Walmart Family Mobile” who knows what they are selling is a plus. I for one being a Walmart employee would Love to have an associate who has knowledge and customer service skills in this field. While anyone can learn it is nice to have someone with experience from the start.

  • WirelessRefugee

    The bottom line is that DT is cutting 5% of its U.S. workforce and closing seven call centers. There’s no way to sugar coat or spin what that signifies and indicates.

    The official Party line is that the job cuts are necessary to help fund the U.S. $4B network upgrade to a faster 4G LTE mobile broadband service. While that is consistent with Humm and Obermann said in January (that T-Mobile US had to be self-sustaining, or as I said before “there would be no money from “daddy”) I don’t buy that explanation. What his really says:

    – This is a mass firing of employees. It is not a step on a great new strategy nor expansion.

    – Q1 2012’s numbers are going to again be disappointing. This is a move to address the numbers and to tweak the profits.

    – This is an attempt to maintain T-Mobile’s financial picture, to make it a plausible acquisition.

    – This is troublesome because I have not heard of a company cutting 5% of its workforce to put that labor savings into company expansion.

    – In contrast, recall in the discussion about T-Mobile placing poorly in JD Power, where Humm and others said they would take steps to improve customer service and satisfaction. Is this how it is done, firing thousands of employees who work in customer service and close seven call centers?

    – Actually, when a company is choking, it is a common quick fix to cut back on customer service. That’s why this is happening, it is NOT to put the money elsewhere within T-Mobile U.S.

    – Isn’t this suicidal to have placed poorly in JD Power customer service and satisfaction rankings, to soon thereafter to close seven U.S. call centers?

    – I note that DT has NOT said that it is taking steps for other call centers to take up the increased loads and demands that closing these centers create.

    – I don’t for a minute believe that many of the fired employees will find positions elsewhere in the Company. Fact is, if T-Mobile did that, it would not realize the savings from getting rid of 5% of its workforce.

    – I am also curious, where else is T-Mobile cutting labor costs, and how many percentage points above 5% does that make.

    – Humm giving notice of this firing is simply compliance with the U.S. WARN Act, which requires large employers give so many months minimum notice of mass firings and provide COBRA benefits, etc.

    – Humm’s statement is a bunch of boshtommyrock. Does anyone trust a word this guy says. His only concern with this announcement is the stemming mass defections leaving no one to run the stores, so to speak, and trying to salvage company morale, which is in the toilet.

    • Gouv

      FINALLY!!! a voice of reason… well said!

    • tmobile operations manager

      Mitigayion to keep afloat untill it can sell itslef off.
      Seriously, I’ve sat in the meetings.
      You hit it on the head.

  • dalia.hailey08@gmail.com

    Wow I can see how you got affected by this , and I’m truly sorry that you lost your job but I bet you ,you wouldn’t stress when Tmobile paid you that great paycheck because as a matter of fact yhe cost of living is very expensive in Fl so honestly you are getting paid a lot more than I am. I understood the job that I took on and the great pay that I got! Some people are just not fit to work for Tmobile. I bet you were one of the reps who really didnt care about customer service and now you want to whine and cry because your getting let go. Please dont bite the hand that fed you for so long! And as for the ass kissing that’s BS …if your good at what you do then your good like I stated if this wasnt for you or your other coworkers then it just wasnt meant to be . Good luck to you and wish you the best :)

  • mreveryphone

    I sure hate to hear stories like this as I have been on this side of the pink slip as well. I was on unemployment for a year looking for work and trying to take care of my family until I said enough was enough and went into business for myself. I saved what I could and invested in what worked for me. These types of businesses might not be for everyone but if you’re driven and enthusiast you can succeed here’s my email if you want more information ivorypeppers@gmail.com and if you live in California Texas Michigan Ohio Illinois or Indiana you could benefit even more

  • Kayleetay86


    I am an employee of
    one of the 7 call centers closing and to everyone who is going thru the same thing
    I am for that I am sorry.  For all who
    read this I agree with the person who said that the fingers need to be pointed
    at the Customers. The state of our Economic crisis puts NO one in a good
    position unless you inherited millions, no job is secure at this point and I’m
    not talking about just T-mobile, weather we merged with AT&T or not this
    probably still would’ve happened because everyone is money hungry right now. T-mobile
    lost millions of customers for many different reasons, but the main one is their
    own ignorance, when you talk to people for 8/10 hours a day you learn quick
    that 80% of them lack ANY kind of common sense. Basic math and general
    functions that are not understood makes you wonder how people can hold a job
    let alone wipe their own ass. I want to have all the newest gadgets in technology
    too but I also know that they are expensive and will never work 100% of the
    time, nothing does, cars require maintenance to function properly- same concept
    people phones do too! So before you get all pissed about a text not going thru
    or anything else stop and count to 10 if you can and turn your damn phone off
    or maybe delete some of your 1000 text currently in your phone. I am also sorry
    to break it to you as well that we all can’t have everything handed to us on a
    gold platter with diamonds for nothing! For the people commenting with nasty
    remarks about T-mobile please do us all a favor and Shut UP, if you’re just
    going to tell us how much you Love spending all your money with AT&T or
    Verizon go to their site.  


      WOW…..Youre exactly the type of employee who they need to get rid of.

      • Kayleetay86

        Actually I’m the nice one, with amazing stats… I’m just honest, take it or leave it. Thanks for the feedback tho

        • Alvin B.

          Hate to hear what’s happening here…. I got the pink slip from a t-mobile partner site doing PDA Tier 2 support (SiTel) in Port Arthur TX back in 2010…. They axed our site as part of a program to bring all of the support in-house. Most TMO employees didn’t know T-Mobile had contractors inside the U.S. working at all levels of support, so when they closed all of those sites, very few people heard about it. It was “just business”, but that was when personally I saw T-Mobile service really starting to go downhill. 

        • CHURNBOT2012

          No, If you have that attitude towards customers, you shouldn’t be working in customer service.  You’re in the wrong line of work.  Yes, Im sure you deal with a lot of idiots – thats part of the job…but don’t paint all of Tmobile customers with that same broad brush.  

        • Kayleetay86

          Did I ever saw I was rude? Um no. I’m just pointing out the truth. Dealing with all the verbal abuse from customers is exhausting, if you’ve ever done it you would understand. But I am always nice to them, will stay on the phone with them for an hour if I have too.

    • Karma2713

       Wow that is so true. I worked at a Tmobile call center. I always said that tmobile had the dumbest customer base of any call center I have ever worked for, their customers simply lack common sense. Please tell me what aspect of your life is perfect 100% of the time? Yes, some customer shad some legitimate overage issues, but really I can’t build you a tower to help you out over the phone. All I could do is report to engineering, and if you have not figured it out, I wlil tell you, engineering is/was not a reliable group of people. But not my department, I just answer the phone, I can not make them work to fix any issues at an existing site. Building new sites is a totally different process, since that does require approval from local government. There are at least three other carriers that you can go to, I hope you think your time is worth something. Use common sense, I will give you x amount of time to resolve the issue, but if the issue is not resolved, move on…… If you have a legitimate complaint that tmobile is screwing you contact the BBB, your attorney general, your local news station. Now for the truly dumb customers: don’t call in expecting not to troubleshoot. By not troubleshooting you run the risk of the same issue happening again on the new phone you want, because you have not gotten to the root cause of it. For the customers that call in and say I have insurance send me a new phone, I shouldn’t have to go through this, insurance covers your phone if it is lost, stolen, or have physical or liquid damage. If you wold like to use your insurance anyway, I am always happy to transfer you to assurion so you can pay the $130 deductible and get a new phone without any troubleshooting. We do not have a magic button that fixes everything on your phone, so stop calling in from your phone, acting surprised when you need to be on a different line. I guess a lot of tmobile customers have not heard the phrase you can catch a lot more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. You being rude does not make me want to help you. For example, one morning this lady called in and was very rude telling me I better hurry up and get her phone working again. All of her calls were forwarding to voicemail. Once I brought up the iHLR (about one minute into the call) I immediately saw the problem, she had accidentally setup her unconditional call forwarding. She could have been off the phone in a minute and a half at the most but her ugly mouth caused it to be a 16 minute call. Just like there are basic, midrange, and highend computers. There are basic, midrange, and high end smartphones. All phones require maintenance whether you paid $0 or $600. So stop calling in complaining about the issues your phone is having because you wanted to load 50 applications onto your tmobile comet, along with your 50,000 text messages and your never ending call log. You called tech support either take the advice or get your smart self off the phone and fix the issue yourself. Stop calling in for dumb how to questions, read the manual, or do a google search.   

      • Kayleetay86

        You mean to tell me that I can’t go to a grocery store to have my oil changed? This is an outrage, I want your manager ;)
        Love it ;)

        • None

           Hey.. T-Mobile Really does have some of the most STUPID customers out there.. ” I had a customer call in and say. My phone is not working. I have this blackberry from ATT and it can not get 4G service in T-Mobile. You need to give me a FREE T-MOBILE PHONE because I am not getting what I am paying for. I was like SERIOUSLY!!!! Dude.. Put a gun to your head and do us all a favor !.. T-Mobile Created spoiled customers and the upper brass has no clue how or why the service reps get so stressed out. I think we as a FRONT LINE should SUE T-Mobile For Health/Stress reasons and take that 3Billion dollars that ATT gave them since they are firing people when they said they would not do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • WirelessRefugee

        Sorry, can’t read one loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg paragraph.

        Try hitting the “enter” key at each new thought.

        • Karma2713

          You must be a loyal tmobile customer (read:idiot) who is too lazy to read. It was no new thought, the whole thing was about idiots such as yourself!!!

    • KT

      thank you…you really speak up for us.  
      there’s alot ppls want them gold platter with diamonds handed to them for free!!!  

      those are the ppls cost the most.   they alway just want something for free, and don’t care about others.   they f**K up they own credit and don’t care.  but, at the same time they cost your income.  

      i think the we should stop all the underemployment insurance.  so, this will forces ppls to get a job and pay for them own food and not just sit on A** asking for free lunch.  

      and also will make ppls wanting to keep them job and not 50/50.  

      oh let me tell you what is 50/50.  work 6 months out year and sit 6 months out year. cause, other hard working ppls paid for them lunch.  

  • denise

    As an affected Tmobile employee in the Brownsville site it definantly is devastating news to find out not just myself but all of my coworkers will be loosing their jobs…the way things are going in this economy its the worst thing ever…working at Tmobile has given me the opportunity to provide a good life for myself and my family and there is not a day that goes by that im not thankful for my job….everyone has different situations some of us have a family to feed,.kids to clothe, a home, car payment and the lust goes on….it was good while it lasted..i never thought id see some of my coworkers in tears due to this breaking news….I feel like im stuck somewhere and dont know where to even start…..In a company its crucial to make revenue and sales however Tmobile set certain requirements to meet on this putting alot of pressure on employees and we turned our focus more on that then living the values and going the extra mile with courtesy and concern with our customers because overall us and our customers are what makes tmobile! decisions have been made and it is what it is all we can do is think positive and new and better opportunities will come our way….it may not be an easy road but god never takes away something from us and replaces it with something better!

    • Avif

      While Im sorry for your personal situation, you seem to have said some of the problems.  Tmobile has stopped focusing on customers.  Many – not all but many – reps no longer go out of their way to resolve customer issues.  Many are rude, incompetent, out of touch – often nasty for no reason – or just hang up or give customers the run around.  I don’t think its a coincidence that Tmo came in last in the JD Power customer service rankings and continues to bleed customers.  As someone who has been with the company for 10 years and is not going to renew with them, I have seen a deterioration in service in the last 18 months.  Ive been horrified to be honest with you…even the retail store employees have been complaining to me (off the record).  If customer service reps don’t provide good customer service, customers are going to leave and your jobs will become expendable.  That is what happened.  

      • guest

        Thats the bad thing you can say happend..not all csr’s were committed to providing that world class customer service anymore as they focused more on other things or were simply there for a pay check…not providing a good experience for the cust is closing the door yourself to a sale….I feel I gave it 100% everyday but unfortunantly these are the consequences to mistakes that have been made by everyone as a whole

        • Callmeotter

          Exactly…If you’re good at what you do, try going to Apple.

  • InvisibleHand

    T-Mobile customer service went downhill in a hurry–but not because of the people. The most skilled carpenter would have a hard time building a cabinet without any tools. The other problem with great customer service is that it attracts the customers needing the most service which gets expensive as well.

  • JohnnyB

    Ironic as I has a long chat with one of the live chat operators just last week detailing all my recent problems with Tmobile and I told him I didn’t understand why so many employees were so rude and or incompetent because in the end, its going to cost them their jobs.  He said it was the best conversation he had ever had with a  customer, but at the same time he said it was heartbreaking to here my experiences and comments.  It sounds like Tmo is trying to do right by them, but I hope that some of the a-holes and idiots Ive dealt with over the last months are part of the dead weight.  They need to get rid of bad employees  – not just random call centers.  And does this mean people are going to be complaining even more about automated systems and outsourced reps in Asia?  Doesnt sound like progress with those last place customer service rankings.  But I guess I shouldn’t care as I won’t be with Tmobile by the end of the year anyway.

    • Karma2713

      I find that the incompetency is mainly on the part of the outsourced workers. When I was in tech care, I got calls that made me say, they told you what… it just simply was not true what they were told. I really don’t buy the rude part, because in my experience I was rude when I didn’t send you a free galaxy s 2 or when I told you that the phone from exchange was refurbished and not new, or because I don’t kiss your butt and give into your every demand. In fact, I worked with some of the most courteous people that I have ever worked with in a call center on a rep level. My question is: how were you treating the rep? Rudeness is relative. I remember one customer told my senior rep I was yelling at her, my senior was like I sit right across from her if she was yelling, I would have heard it.

  • SeanInWichita

    For those of you that have dodged the bullet this time, you’d better get a hold of your local, or national, CWA rep ASAP and get organized like AT&T.  This is just the beginning, but there is still time, although it is running out.  I say this as a truly concerned former T-Mobile call center worker.

  • Tlinthagr8

    Why don’t they just cut all them india motherfuckers. Can’t understand their asses anyway.

    • TruthHurts

      One problem.  They are NOT IN INDIA…….. they are in Honduras and the Philippines.

      • WW

        I’ve spoken to call center reps for AT&T (land line and DSL support) based in the Philippines and those guys’ English has an American accent.

      • Callmeotter

        and mexico too -but the mexican rep I had was FANTASTIC!  Best ever- The Phillipines ones are like an episode of Punkd

  • Rgvmom2@yahoo.com

    The Day Sue Nokes left was the day T-Mobile started to head the wrong direction. She was a true leader that cared about the front line and treated people with such respect. That all changed when she left. It was a matter of time that this would happen. Sorry but the Brownsville Site went down hell in a very short period of time. The frontline deserved a better leadership team. Had they done their jobs better and kept the site performing maybe Brownsville would have been spared. The current leadership team they have did nothing to put Brownsville in a secure place. And due to this many lives are being impacted. I think they should insure the frontline are taken care of and let leadership be the ones that should worry.

    • Oompa1369

       I think Sue is now with Sprint.. Maybe you can try working there.. I heard they are hiring now that they are 3rd in JDP!!!

  • Jrconpar

    I am currently employed by one of the call centers that will close down, due to the direction the company started taking I am not surprise at this current outcome, to all my T-mobile co-workers being impacted hope you will find a new rewarding job, To the T-mobile co-workers not being impacted hope going back to basics keeps you employed

  • Tonya Hamp

    With all do respect to the people who lost their jobs, I just fired TMobile…They had lousy service and their unlimted plans aren’t really unlimited as they advertise.  My bill was double what I was suposed to be paying on one of their unlimited plans.  I called customer service and spoke to the supervisors and nobody was willing to help.  Despite my $250 cancellation fee, I left.  They didn’t care to keep my business and now their business is slowing down…As the old addage goes, you reap what you sow!!

    • shut up

      With all do respect you probably dealt with an outsourced person and read your contract the terms as reps we have no control over rate plans and features it is customers like you that I won’t miss at all

      •  Why do you guys do that?  Almost every single person on here who said that they have left tmobile you guys called them a troll.  Newsflash Tmobile is not all that otherwise their butts would not been in this position in the first place. Tmobile lost over 800,000 customers last year so are they trolls? It seems that the biggest trolls here are you guys

    • Trollerderby

      The phrase is “all due respect,” madam. Please note this for all future internet-based condescension. 
      Please enlighten us as to how your experience is with your new carrier. We who read a T-Mobile blog just love to be regaled with tales of superior customer service, lower prices, better phones and skittle-farting-unicorns from whatever company saw fit to take you in.
      Seriously, do go on… I shall sit here madly clicking the “refresh” button on my browser until such time as your uncannily astute observations grace my eyes.

    • Kahuna

      Troll. Bet you been calling 411 and live links lookin for a man on your unlimited plan… oh wait those don’t count. Talk to a supervisor to boss your way around when you’re the imbecile. I remember customers like you.

    • dananna

      You must be a troll. Termination fees are not 250. 200 tops. ATT employee perhaps?

  • Ramblergirl

    I am so, so sorry for those who received this awful news today. I am also saddened by the suspicion that there’s no net loss of employees ultimately, just a net loss of American ones. While I don’t fault leadership for attempting to stay competitive and know that outsourcing is a fact of modern life for the company to survive, the quality of outsourcers and their lack of training shows more than words and slogans that that there will be no jdp awards for a long, long time to come. If you can get outsourcers to work for pennies on the dollar, you can also train them and hold them accountable for pennies on the dollar.

  • VoiceStream

    As I have worked in customer service and now in sales for a combined 12 years… Now the company wants retail to be doing the job that customer care should be doing and trying to activate 10% more and having us do double the work… Give retail more tools to help save customers or keep all customer care reps and let retail focus on activations and expanding the business… I have friends that are in the call centers, I am sorry… One thing I don’t understand is why make a sales lead position and not have them sale??? Why take the best sales associates away and have the store numbers drop… They should out sale everyone in the store to grow the business

  • Magmaspawn

    is that pic  of tmobile call center from oakland?

    • VoiceStream

      I think its Redmond

  • PAgirl0421

     I am also one of the many people effected by this change, and I have to say I am saddened and disapponted in the company I onced loved.  I have been with t-mobile for 5 years as an employee, and 8 years as a customer, and things have changed so much that it hardly compares to back then.

    I watched as the focus went from customer satisfaction to company growth, and while the two are not mutually exclusive, t-mobile was not very good at bringing the two together.  In their effort to make their employees more efficient to cut costs, it put such stress on the employee that the frustration inevitably came through on our calls.  Nobody wants to lose their job because a stat wasn’t meeting company standards (for example, in technical care, “business standard” is 800 seconds for call length…so if you are on the call for more than 13 minutes, then it is not efficient enough for the company).

    To all of my fellow employees who are also facing this change, always know that when one door closes, another one opens.  And for the remaining employees who are indirectly effected by this, I hope that T-mobile understands how lucky they are to have you, and make strides to reduce the stress you have in your workday, and also work towards bringing back that world-class customer service that made T-mobile the great company it used to be.

    • FD

      Interesting cuz I had a US-based rep hang up on me after a 5 minute call saying he couldn’t waste any more time explaining to me…and I had an ‘outsourced” rep in Mexico give me the best experience Ive ever had with Tmo (similar to an Apple call) where he spent hours and even broke the rules to call me back the next day to followup and see if the problem was solved.  He also bitched about the Phillipines – which I told him was just horrendous – and was not only helpful, caring but smart ….

  • WirelessRefugee

    Having dealt with a lot of mergers and acquisitions, and counseled hundreds of terminated employees, my advice to you if you are getting terminated, get a job, any job, until you find something you want to do.

    Many times people get caught up on finding something in their career field or profession, or finding something where the pay is the same or the position similar (such as a supervisor or management position).

    Check your local Target or WalMart and see what jobs they might have. Consider restaurants.

    Consider going back to college, working part or full time, and getting that symbolically important BA.

    And while not everyone can afford to do so, consider volunteer work. Not only does that lead to employment offers, but that is a great way to network.

    There’s many benefits to working, doing anything to get you out of the house. You become more attractive to prospective employers (about 80% of HR managers interviewed said they tend to hire someone currently working over someone unemployed.) Your self esteem stays high if you are working. If you stay home, you will fall into a depression.

    And obviously, bringing some money in always helps. Plus, it never makes sense to hold out for a $25 an hour job, when you could have spent the last 12 months making $15 an hour.

    There’s a lot more I could say, but you get the idea.

    So quit feeling sorry for yourself and find a job.

    • Guest

      That’s spot-on advice.  I was at the Springfield, MO center until about a two months ago.  The site dropped about half of the staffing that it used to have, PTO would never get approved and people would just call out for a day off.  We had so many managers that didn’t have teams to manage, and would spend the day making decorations or monitoring people or lumped into some “special project”.
      The day management started making people sign notices that their jobs can be terminated for not meeting stats was the signal for me to look elsewhere.  My supervisor was in tears during the “discussions” that she had to have with people. It’s a horrible thing thing to do to anyone, and it’s clear that this again is crap being dropped from above.
      TMO used to be a great company to work for, but I honestly tell you it isn’t what it used to be. The atmosphere was so dark and gloomy compared to what it was 2+ years ago.  In all reality today’s environment would only be a job at best, not a career opportunity like it used to be.  I know that people have their livelihood at stake, so I’m not trying to paint a pretty picture.  But honestly, all the perks that you used to have were to buffer the people that would make your day Hell/boost morale… and those perks are all but gone now. 
      It took a month and a half of digging around, but I found a job that’s better paying and I don’t have my job dangled over my head every time I walk in the door.  Change sucks and it’s scary as Hell, but things happen for a reason, and it’s just a bump that’s going to nudge you to a better future. I wish all of those affected nothing but the best, and hope that Mr. Humm ships his DT business model back over the pond soon.  His letters seem so insincere and insensitive…

  • StopTheFreeMasons

    I have worked at tmo for 6 1/2 years and my call center got spared. I am scared as hell though. I dont think we going to be there long but oh well they would be doing me a favor. I hate working there but pay is well. USA call centers are not the issue. I will tell you the issue is outsource care they always tell customers some outlandish info that I dont know how they got it. The issue with tmo is outsource cust care, terrible store reps that only care bout sales and not tech which i understand cuz thats how they make money so they need tech rep in every store that just deals with tech and has tier 3 resources and knowledge. I also gotta say I HATE the automated system, people dont know what to say to it and it doesnt understand anyone soooo customers always get in contact with wrong department. The time ive been there its always “we are working on making it better” WELLL WORK HARDER CUZ ITS BEEN OVER 6 YEARS IVE BEEN THERE!!!!! One more thing wrong with tmo is get the damn iPhone, stop waiting and get it for customers have a choice to get there lame iphone, my opinion that its lame. lol Fix these things and you fix tmo!!!!!!

  • broken

    I work at lenexa call center and am very heart broken at this decision. This company was once the best company there ever was to work at. Even in last 2 years they have pushed for sales so much but we still had fun. Ya we might of complained but we really were like family. My coaches became my friends and honestly cared about us and that’s unlike any other place I’ve ever worked. I will truly miss everyone of you and all I can say is let’s make the best of the next 3 months together and make memories to treasure!!!

  • TmoCSR

     the reason nobody can tell you how to improve it is because its 100% out of our control.  if i solve a customers billing issue, and them tomorrow their phone malfunctions and they call back to fix THAT, we are dinged for it.

  • TooKool

    While I am so sorry for those affected with the closures, I must say that I was not too surprised when I heard. There is such a low call volume that most departments have been in the ‘blue’ for a while. Tech, almost everyday. That is because most of the troubleshooting is done by the General Care Rep. The CSR has one of the most widely diverse job requirements and highest expectation of excellence in all requirements. This makes the CSR one of the most difficult job to keep. 
    Stress in the call centers have been high. Change has been the key word for a year now,
    My heart goes out to all those affected. If you can, take the relocation. If not, use the resources being provided. While I don’t like the fact of the downsizing, I must say that T-mobile is being generous in the layoff procedure. Severence pay? Two months of COBRA? Job placement help? Unheard of in most corporations out there. I am NOT an troll with T-Mobile singing their praises, just a person who has dealt with downsizing in other companies (my husband’s job) and KNOW that other companies don’t do this.They just say, here’s your last paycheck, wish you well, and we probably won’t fight your unemployment. 

    • hates gen care

      Most of the troubleshooting is done by gen you’ve got to be out your fing mind gen care screws stuff up worse more times then I can count so don’t give this crap that gen care is the end all be gen care says are you on your phone have you turned your phone off ok let me look into something then cold transfers customers to tech learn something before you talk again moron

      • Nobody

        I’m guessing you’re tech. Have you seen how dumbed down the the troubleshooting flow is? I always thought it was a deliberate thing. Management didn’t want Gen to really be able to fix anything but the most basic things, or we’d have more info to work with. Transfer for a master reset is just dumb.

      • TooKool

        Thanks for the name calling and attitude. Nothing of substance said here. Just bile. I am going to probably be pretty safe when I assume you are probably one of those customers that call from the phone that having the problem, argue with the rep for 19 minutes before finally getting you on another line so some troubleshooting can be done, during all this time berating the rep with snide remarks and worse, then after so much abuse, likely refuse to give any straight answers to any basic questions. If you do answer some questions, it is usually only after 2-5 minutes of more verbal assaults. The rep may then transfer you to tech just to get rid of you. No, the rep should not do that, but then neither should you. If I have not spoken to you directly in the past, I have defintely spoken with someone like you. Honest frustration with a device is empathized with. Abuse usually sparks no empathy at all. Reps are human after all. As for the name calling, well… as the old adage goes…a fox usually smells his own hole first. Get over your lack communication skills and creativity and allow someone to actually try to fix the problem.

  • The Humminator

    How many people noticed that had the timing of this mass layoff been any later, the 3300 people who will lose their jobs would still be paid the 2nd installment of their retention bonus? And now they won’t, saving T-Mobile more than $2 million. Hmmm, coincidence? And that the call center in the Philippines doubled in size 6 months ago, but none of the layoffs are occurring there? Hmmm, coincidence?

    • Guest

      Employees will still get retention bonuses as promised…

      • The Humminator

        Not if they’re not employed at the time of the payout. The payout is scheduled for late June, do the math.

        • Nox0202

          You are right. I was working for t-mo until recently, and its true, after the merger, they really started cutting cost. T-mobile also like to close positions after people quit or are fired, so no news of reduced work force.

        • Guest

          that is not so… if you were an affected employee you would know that as long as u are employed through 6.22 (last day the sites are open) u will get the retention bonus. 

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      I was wondering if I would be able to understand the CSR again…thanks for the answer…NO!

    • MCZ

      Meaning that now retail stores will be extremely busy with customers trying to solve their pronlems at the stores since they can not understand a word from the reps on the line an because they end up messing their accounts. We have lost all our great customer service during the past months and now customers try to avlid calling to avoid the aggravation. They say they dont want totalk to “Peggy”. Hence, my store and others are packed with customers trying to solve issues and wasting our time and money because helping them doesnt generate commision for us. Retention bonuses wont be paid since there is no retention. Severance packages will, only if they dont start firing reps for any xyz reason.Im sure they will try to fire as many as possible to save the bux. Im glad I transfer to retail but still disappointed for the company that was always proud of keeping their jobs in the USA. TMobile hasnt done anything else but disappoint me in the past 3 years. I have been workinh here 9…and still remember how much I liked it the first years. Time to update resume..

      • BuhBye

        I let my contract lapse and Im trying to deal with prepaid for a few months until I move to the next gen iPhone.  Ive been dealing with those Phillipines reps and I can tell Tmobile it is destroying your brand reputation.  Any thoughts of my staying with Tmo evaporated after dealing with these reps.  Not only do they have trouble speaking and understanding English, they know nothing about TMobile’s rate plans, policies, handsets etc.  its a joke.  The head of Prepaid is Mike.Katz at tmobiledotcom – let him know what you think

  • Nox0202

    Like I said before, T-mobile is Broke. I know people want to argue, but its true. I was working for t-mobile after the merger failed, and they cut store budgets like crazy. Customer service in stores died because we have no staff.

    • T-Mobile Service&Sales

      I don’t understand why people keep saying “T-Mobile is broke”. You say that people want to argue your point but what are the facts? The facts are that T-Mobile had $4.57 billion in revenue Q4 201. You can review T-Mobile’s financial info @    
      Customer service in stores died because we have no staff? Actually it was never their most of the dealers that I talk to over the phone and customers always say that they store never helps them with anything they always tell the customer to call customer care even for a basic questions. I mean if one of our customers took the time to drive to a store to ask a few basic questions that you could answer just by using your tools that T-Mobile has provided you why would you just pawn it off on someone else? If all the customers that walked into the store were treated with the same respect and care as somebody looking to activate new lines or buy a phone then you would probably see increased sales opportunities. By helping your customers out with regular questions you build rapport with them and they spread the word thus making it more likely they will visit your store and tell their friends they need to come to your store instead of calling customer care or telesales.
      If you were running a business and some of your processes became more automated and you had some client loses and had excess staff would you not do the same? This is the nature of the beast staffing levels fluctuate depending on business needs and it makes absolutely ZERO business sense to have staffing levels that far exceed what the actual demand is. It’s an unfortunate situation for the centers that are closing and I am grateful that my center is not one of them but their is no guarantee with anything in life. This situation is a wake up call and has pushed me to do the best job I possibly can to ensure our call center stays viable and it has helped me re-focus my personal budget and expenses because some things don’t last forever. 

  • Tmoble

    It’s now a surprise I work in t mobile and I saw it
    coming the amount of pressure that put on to sale and for us make our number
    was slave like. But now all hard work is left in the dust and a lot good people
    are now in the hands of a feature that have no up’s. I could tell you when news
    was deliver many cry, some got angry and many were desperate. it s a sad day in
    magenta world but for Mr. Philipp Humm which was hire to sale T-Mobile and fail
    it not near as hard as the front end employees that are busting our backs to
    get the work done. A few months ago we were assure that no closures were going
    to be made with a smile face and an awkward feeling we felt that this day was
    going to come. It’s wrong and the level of wrong cant not surpass our pride as
    individuals it is a business and soon or later the all mighty will come down
    and guide all this employees like Moses guide his people.

    • Jay

      I completely agree with you.  T-Mobile says they care about the frontline but in reality don’t give a crap about them.  I left T-Mobile back in November because I knew that something was happening.  It all started when Sue Nokes left then Robert was asked to resign.  T-Mobile was a GREAT PLACE to work when Sue and Robert were there when they left thats when EVERYTHING changed and customers felt the changes and simply dont want to hear about what new things is offered when they call about a problem. 

      • Fred Flintstone

        Sue Nokes was an excellent leader – but a horrible person to people. I personally watched her gripe out an RSA that asked a question in an open forum. Wasn’t sad to see her go. 

  • phunk

    The interesting part to me is that he announced a restructure in other parts of the company too and I don’t see many people looking at that. :O

    • Gouv

      restructuring REALLY means he’s going to try and manipulate Q1 results as someone pointed out already by cutting jobs. Also tmo likely needs to downsize because they haven’t been growing at the pace needed to justify these call centers.  However I see this as a bad move to get rid of that many but I really think they are that strapped for cash with all the DT is skimming from them.

  • TmoGuy

    T-Mobile front line is also being reduced. The company is not laying off any store employees, but we have seen a 15-20% decrease in store labor budget hours across the board for stores. It is easy enough to say no one in a store is getting fired but when a little store loses 25 hours a week and a big store loses 70-100 it is basically the same thing as firing someone. They are just spreading the suffering throughout the whole store. Most people have not done their schedules for April yet, but as the budgets came out yesterday with the announcement the call centers will not be the only ones with a reduced capacity for service. Just the beginning folks…

    • TmoGuy

      On an upside the front-line now only has 35 Key metrics we need to hit! My co-workers who have been with T-mobile their whole careers are freaking out. I just laugh. This is TRUE retail. Beat up your employees until they can’t take the stress anymore and then toss them out like trash. The funny thing is when all these middle managers don’t see anything coming and just keep pushing, only to one day get their own pink slip. I actually worked for a company that had HR do all the laying off only to turn around and lay off all of HR once the dirty work was done. They sure as hell changed their tune once it was THEIR job being eliminated. To everyone being impacted by the changes, good luck, we are going to need it. Customers tend to lash out at the people LEAST in control of their problems. I dropped my phone call ten times on the way home last night. I personally think it is a miracle every single time we activate a phone and it does not get canceled immediately. I understand every company has their issues but customer service is not the only thing that has been deteriorating over the last 18 months. We went from terrible internet speeds with great call reception to super fast internet speeds with horrible call reception. Oh well, what can you do?

    • NoX2o02

      I couldn’t agree more. I worked for Tmobile until March. And now I’m on to bigger and better. But You are right. Tmo has cut budgets in stores to nothing. And as peopel leave, the position closes. That way there’s no news of layofffs. Sorry  to hear they cut budgets again. Before I left, a higher-level maanger told me  they were looking to shut down a couple stores as well, but that would be based on several factors such as how close one low volume loaction is to a higher volume one, and of course, when the lease is up.  
      I styated on this site before, I left that is was getting bad, and poeple responded that I was wrong. Truth is, Tmo has money but they are trying to save themselves as a company, and reducing the workforce to do that. This will cause far worse level of service, as stores with fewer employees can not aid as many customers. Meanwhile, employes are feeling the stress. Some even looking for new jobs.

    • Joiseyeric

      TmoGuy, this is just sad, sad, sad!! TMO is shooting themselves in the foot with this way of doing  business!  I was “full time” at TMO and watched my hours get cut to 30 – a week!  Trying to shoehorn people into a impossible labor budget is just heartbreaking.  And being a member of management, it’s damn near impossible to coach and perform back office duties when you are stuck on the floor being a glorified Rep! What are they trying to do, ruin the rest of the business they have??

  • Last king

    That call center is right outside my neighborhood. Sadly it might be one of the 7 out of 24 to be shut down since this city blows

  • sageone

    Unfortunate but part of the human cost of doing business. TMobile has grown fat and wasteful in non-revenue producing jobs image last 2 years. Can’t speak for cust care but if you look at the ops teams they are spending money like drunken sailors. Last year SOS team added 2 layers of management and tons of silos for id and trainers. All non $ producing. And they have been rolling out programs that do not meet field needs just to make themselves look important. 48 non-essential people in that one dept. Mr. Humm needs to take a close look at non cust facing jobs and cut there. They even have 4 managers over there with no direct reports. Total overlay jobs. And there are separate training teams for hr and care. Dumb.

    • Bornontheblue

      I worked ina call center for 7 years, and I agree with 100%. Way too many people in non revenue positions that dont really accomplish anything for the companyy. Way too many trainers, trainer assistants, admins etc. Way to many people who try to look busy, but really don’t do much.

    • TmoGuy

      It isn’t just non $ producing channels. The retail channel has become so fat with leadership that they have to create plans and strategies so vast and complicated that they literally start to give customers a bad experience (35 targeted metrics? Give me a break). You are going to have a store with 6 employees structured with a manager, an assistant manager, a sales lead, and 3 part time associates? Then the store is going to have 4 key people in charge of driving a different aspect of the business? So four of the 6 people are leaders in one category and you have a 1:1 Associate to Manager ratio? I get super annoyed checking out at Walgreens and the lady wastes a minute of my day offering all the crap at the front counter. I can’t get mad at her because she then has to apologize for offering so many things because she is required to do so. If you want a robot, hire a robot. I hear Foxconn can help you out. 1 District manager per 7-8 stores? HaHaHa give me a break. Maybe if you were a best buy district and had 6 stores doing $100,000,000 each. Middle management at all points in the company are going to find their heads on the chopping block. The sad thing is the subordinates will be the ones to feel the wrath as these managers scramble to show how much “better” they are than their piers. 

    • WirelessRefugee

       Exactly. Many companies get “infected” with executives and managers who build little “kingdoms” around themselves, with the thinking that when there are cuts his or her job will be secure because the dept. or function is important, as indicated by the size of the dept. (aka number of employees in his or her charge).

      End result, wasteful spending on unnecessary labor.

  • Sad indeed.  However, having gotten my turn at a lay-off almost 3 years ago I can say one thing for certain, it may be prove to be for the better.  One thing people can be proud of, I think that T-Mobile’s service is top notch (based on my personal experience)

  • Udubb

    I feel bad for the people that are about to be out of work and entering a very tenuous at best job market. Unfortunately for them the call center job requires no higher education or development of marketable skills. In the past T-Mobile was known as a company that paid very well for their front line support in comparison to other call center opportunities. I am sure it will be tough for many of these employees to go from making a  solid hourly wage to have to support their families with a minimum wage job. Good luck to them.

  • Guest

    Looks like VZW has done the same but with less fanfare… http://www.vzbuzz.com/2012/03/verizon-announces-they-are-shutting-down-three-help-centers/

    I will be praying for the affected people… Bad news for a good company. But unfortunately it seems like its common business practice in these hard times.

  • WirelessRefugee

    Here is what the TV news said, interpret it how you must and will:

    “T-Mobile has cut 1900 jobs, that’ about 5% of T-Mobile’ U.S. workforce. The affected employees can apply for jobs at the other 17 call centers. But T-Mobile warns it may have to cut more jobs as it reorganizes after a buyout attempt by AT&T failed late last year.”

    They get these releases from PR and marketing firms, so it is interesting, the warning about more job cuts.

  • Detroitking

    T-Mobile stores needs some work when I walk into a verizon or at&t store the atmosphere is totally different when I walk in T-Mobile stores it’s like a funeral home the workers seem bored out there mind but when I walk in verizon or at&t stores it felt energized T-Mobile needs to look into making there in store experience up to par with verizon and at&t 

    • Derrick227

      Thats just in your area……all of my local tmobile stores are nothing like a funeral home, the employees are always live and down to earth, maybe cause this is a college town and only young people are working in them lol

  • NoX2o02

    “It was never there” Wow, that’s mature. Great team work! I could say soooo Much worse about care.. But hey.

  • Bellevue

    T Mo is outsourcing these jobs over seas, don’t let them fool you that this is a restructure within the US borders. This is just the first step in many more negative announcements impacting very good employees. I worked in corp and dealt with the call center employees and they were a great group of dedicated employees. There will be no loyalty so if you can get out, do so ASAP. From the people I met in the T Mo centers ATT, Verizon, Sprint etc would be willing and very lucky to have such dedicated hard working people working for them.

  • Howell Ruehl

    And THIS, my fellow Americans, is what T-Mobile is spending their money on, instead of keeping 7 call centers open. I’m just saying! 

    See picture link below.


  • This is a strategic move
    against the CWA. Call centers offshore were not affected at all. What T-Mobile
    should have done is hire returning US veterans to fill these positions and take
    the tax credits from both the Fed and States to compensate for the first year.
    The last time I looked I really don’t see allot of people offshore using
    T-Mobile services; I believe most customers are in the USA. Please T-Mobile
    take a look at using Veterans for these jobs. It’s the moral thing to do.

    • CactoesGel


    • Havoktek

      +1 More….

  • Talent Acquisitions

    We are looking for about 50+ Customer Service Representatives to start over the next couple of months.  Job pays 14/hr.  Feel free to send resumes to Keenan.Boyd@modis.com.  First class starts 4/30 and we are currently submitting and interviewing.  Please feel free to forward my contact info to any of they T-Mobile reps who were laid off.  Our sympathies go out to them.  I’ve been laid off and it comes with an immense amount of stress and worry.  Lets try and get them working again!

    • Talent Acquisitions

      These positions are in Dallas, TX

  • tommy

    Lots of customer service in stores is used by customers who cannot pick up the phone and call customer service. That’s just the way I think > 50% of the customers are. maybe that’s why they are losing customers because the majority of the stupid customers have a hard time getting CS in the store.  I feel lucky when I get CS in the store and I go out of my way to find a store with decent CS because my local store never has decent CS. So I go to a store near work in the ‘styx’ that is inconvenient to get to.


    Not to mention redecorting many stores with complete redesigns.

  • guest

    It’s sad when so many people with so little information speak so loudly that the truth can’t be heard.  What happened to our co-workers is life-changing and shocking.  It broke my heart and I am under no illusion that any of us could be next. However, being in the position that I am in I have seen companies come in after closing one night and put signs on the doors as notice to their employees arriving the next day that they no longer have a job (illegal but it happens every day).  No company is required to pay a serverance package.  No company is required to continue insurance for an employee for 2 months after closing.  The government requires a 60 day notice to impacted employees of a closure, not the 90 days that we gave.  No company is required to allow guaranteed transfer for ANY frontline employee regardless of their good standing or performance AND pay them to move on top of that.  No company is required to turn their closing centers into job placement facilities and allow other companies to come in and recruit.  No company is required to offer classes on how to write a resume or interview for a job.  Companies aren’t required by law to do any of those things but we are doing ALL of them.  It’s not ideal.  It really hurts.  I could very easily be next but you know what?  I won’t be tossed out with no direction, and left without a chance.  It’s business.  Business close and change and do what they have to do to be profitable.  Business have to look at the bottom line or they won’t be in business at all.  At least I can take some comfort in knowing that THIS company looked further than the bottom line and made a decision to INVEST in every single impacted employee.  They didn’t have to do it.  That’s the true test of integrity – doing the right thing even when you don’t HAVE to.  They ask us to live the values and it makes me feel better knowing that they practice what they preach.  I am T-Mobile — Count on me.  I CHOOSE to live that value.  If you don’t, why are you here? 

    My thoughts and prayers are with every impacted employee.  Take full advantage of every resource and tool you are being given.  Ask questions and get answers from the right people.  Refer to communications and not word of mouth.  Things get twisted so fast.  Know what you have available to you.  I hope you all come out better, even if you can’t see it now, you’ve learned things here that will make you a valuable asset anywhere.  Those impacted cities are getting ready to have an amazing talent pool!

    • tmobile operations manager

      This company is screwed. You know it, I know it, tmo news knows it, and ill gurantee those call center employees know it.
      Save the economics lesson for another day.
      This firm’s opportunities to GROW ended two years ago.
      This is a mitigation strategy to keep afloat until the firm can sell itself away.
      And I should know, I have sat in the meetings and heard it myself.
      BTW…when we say we are not laying off corporate store employees, we mean “this time around”.
      Now, believe it…don’t believe it…it happening.

      • CactoesGel

         Assuming you’re telling the truth, what is Plan B for T-Mobile after the merger fell thru?

        • equals12

          Don’t really think they have Plan B…..iPhone would help but may be too little too late, even if they ever do get the iPhone. ……..Again, about the iphone, it’s about the marketing of Apple products and that’s it, makes no difference if there is a better phone out there. Look at the the tablet market, which leads the way? So if they get the iPhone, they may be able to draw in people, especially if they have cheaper plans and faster data then the big 3 who have the iphone already.

        • tmobile operations manager

          Try to sell it another way.
          Seem silly?
          Deutsche telekom wants to be done with tmo.
          TIP: if you want to better understand what is happening with tmo usa, read about DT in the european press. Its enlightening to be sure.
          Remember that tmo usa is not an american firm.

  • Snarf


  • Mdjb1

    Capitalism is beautiful.

  • I know exactly how T-Mobile employees feel. I was once in your shoes working for the same company in Jacksonville, when they decided to close our call center with the only explanation of they couldn’t work out a new lease or location. It was an even bigger slap in the face knowing they were in the process of building two brand new call centers. I feel bad for these employees, because you give a company all you can and all they do is pull the rug out from under you. Great job T-mobile, keep treating your employees like this and you won’t have to close call centers, the employees will just leave for something better.

  • Tmobileclem

    Stick Together!!  What  a joke!  How many call centers in foriegn countries are they closing or…..opening????

    • equals12

      Only call centers I knew that were out of the US were in Canada and one in the Phillipines. So again that means only about 3 calls centers outside of the US.

      • Zedex90

        You would be entirely wrong then.

        • Stevenmtzninja

          there are more outsourcers then you think, trust me i work for the company in one of the call centers that is closing and we sent trainers to train the people that are replacing us

  • Corepreacher

    There is a corporate retail store in Hamilton mall, NJ that is closing on 4/30 and they get none of the benefits that care reps get

    • T-Mobile Sales Rep

       Really? Ugh I’m worried my store is going to end up closing :(

  • tmobile operations manager


  • Sergio

    Site got crash, some articles were removed =S

  • Honest RSA

    I hate to be that guy but working for T-Mobile at this time seems to be similar to working on the titanic seconds before it struck the iceburg. The company is like a race horse that has two broken legs, no iPhone and terrible reception we all know what needs to happen in order for the company to survive. WiFi calling helps but it still does not make up for a lack of coverage. I do believe there are better phones than the iPhone many people still want it for its simplicity and great interaction with other Apple products (Why I use one instead of an android device)

    • Kevinmarchibald

      Not sure if getting the iPhone 5 at possibly Sprint-like terms will really help T-Mobile. Getting the SGS3 within a month of other carriers will be important for T-Mobile to reduce churn and keep them afloat longer to implement its LTE plans. Really depends on whether the SGS3 is compatible with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network out of the box.

  • Summer4me

    Very upsetting.

  • Procvar

    Do you think T-Mobile does this kind of stuff just for grins ? This is obviously a marketing campaign designed to attract more subscribers and generate more revenue. 
    T-Mobile is a business, they won’t just spend money on marketing or store decoration without considering ROI. 

  • Here’s what T-Mobile needs to do, stop trying to be like the other major carriers, work with the OEMs and get your phones updated to the latest Android OS faster, sooner, and more often.  You don’t have the iPhone, all of the others do, get over it and focus on Android.  Let customers know that if they want the best Android experience, T-Mobile will bring it to them.  Let existing customer upgrade and have access to the hottest deals too, being a customer, I’m more likely to tell my friends that T-Mobile lets me upgrade as often as I want, as long as I trade-in my old phone.  Think outside the box T-Mobile, if not, all of your things will be in boxes headed back to Germany.

    • UMA_Fan

      Really?  People are losing their jobs in droves because you don’t get your Android OS updates fast enough?

      People should be buying technology for what it does at the time of purchase.  Not what it MIGHT be able to do down the road.  Ultimately, the majority of customers could care less about updates it’s just android geeks who thinks it matters so much.  Ask the average person using an Android phone and ask them to tell you which version of Android they are running without looking in their settings.  I guarantee you the majority of them will not know.

      I’m not even going to TOUCH how you think you should be able to upgrade as much as you want.  That’s laughably financially impractical.  If you were to pay the upgrade price on a $600 Galaxy S II which is around $200, Then cancel and pay your $200 ETF, you’re STILL coming off cheaper than buying the phone straight out.  You’re asking the company to take more of a risk and loss?  Get outta here.

      • Magmaspawn

        I honestly cant tell you the amount of calls that escalate over OS updates. ( this is maybe 5% of escalated calls. most want a free phone of choice.)  Of that 5%  Usually, when friends that root, or someone they know said “ICS.” Now they want to be cool and want it too. Take the neglected LG G-Slate Tablet for example. I have read people who say they will leave Tmobile because it doesn’t have ice cream sandwich. ICS is honeycomb, but a figured out way to put it on a mobile phone, rather than a tablet. You know, dynamic widgets and reductions of hardware buttons? So 3.0 cant facial recognition unlock your phone via camera without an app. Yes, a few tweaks I appreciate. 

        Sad part is, you ask them… ” Do you know what this update does that is different?” Answer is always “No! but i want it” 
        If you are smart enough to root your phone or even know differences in change logs that impact your phone, then maybe you deserve it. Otherwise, wait for a legit and stable version to come out. (That means bloat ware that not only manufacture approves of but the wireless carrier,)If you landed in the crowd of phones you thought would be upgraded.. look to the manufacture to provide stronger development support. Often times you can side step the manufacture by going to the OEM website and side loading your update. I know this might seem bad because you can’t click up date and a few minutes later (while not using your phone it updates.)  Side load means it not over the air OTA. You do need a usb cable and might need additional software installed with internet access.I fully agree with Demond Edwards, as they speak to the marketing concept of T-Mobile pioneered Android. That point should be to lift the cap and raise the roof. Yes, it has force close and stability issues. My focal point of being a fan is innovation. You do risk stability when upping new technology.Call centers closed because T-mobile lost focus- JDP – Back up plan – AT&T distraction – Net loss Profit/customers and a wake up call.T-Mobile cannot continue operations the same way.  Needs to leverage partnerships, be more efficient in over head costs, and take charge in being a leader in both network and customer service. Android has a future and T-Mobile needs to be a part of it. 

        Re-farm spectrum will fend off Iphone disadvantage for a while but when Apple has authority to demand such an investment we should not go negative in production when hardware/network investment is needed. I suggest instead of losing ” Largest 4G American Network” We top Verizon with that and step up our game with customer service.

        Blah blah i could keep going but this is a mess. Make me head of marketing and Things would change for the better. 

      • Wholybull

        “Ask the average person using an Android phone and ask them to tell you which version of Android they are running without looking in their settings.  I guarantee you the majority of them will not know.”
        I guarantee these are the same people who don’t know where their menu button is either.

    • CactoesGel

       I agree with Desmond here.  Since T-Mobile can’t get the iPhone, why not be the Android preferred carrier?  That being said, I hope things work out for the people that will lose their jobs.  I only blame T-Mobile for this.

    • Sammilwaukee

      100% with you Demond. I don’t want an iPhone, I just want the best Android experience with T mobile, with the best customer service. Customers that T-mobile does’t have see in 2D, they will stick to it forever once they’ll discover the third dimension.

  • Sg27

    Close the overseas call centers.

  • TmoUSPloyee

    Tmo is simply streamlining their business and cutting costs.  Today our Quikview system is down but now we got an email giving us access to Samson (Customer Care’s System) for the first time.  Simply put the front line sales reps are obviously going to be able to handle a good chunk of the would be calls to customer care in the future in store.  Good for the customer if the sales reps are able to balance it with their number one job which is to sell.  The email by Humm definitely stressed that no front line reps would be cut further validating the fact that this is indeed the course of action.  Why pay two different people to do one job when you can have both of them handle the same issues in store and out of store while still being able to reduce call centers and cutting those costs.  One of the biggest  issues I’ve seen over the years is customer frustration when they come into the store and expect their issue to be fixed right then and there and we have to refer them to customer care because it’s only something that can be done over the phone and not in store.  It’s truly unfortunate that people will lose their jobs over this, but something most companies need to do to survive especially when Tmobile is planning to spend so much money on network upgrades like LTE and hopefully an upgraded selection of smartphones including a possible iPhone.

    • philly8

      if they make the frontline work harder than thats not fair to them…..pay raise is needed

    • Guest

      Yes, it is frustrating to the customer at times that issues can’t be resolved in store. But you must also look at the fact that we are Sales Reps, not customer service reps. Not that we shouldn’t help customers with their issues, however, our paychecks and bottom line will be effected if we have to take on handling more customer issues, instead of focusing on what we are meant to do–which is to sell.

  • S0ccergal

    My heart goes out to the affected employees. I personally know what it feels like to receive an email like that and be a sitting duck for a couple of months back when I used to work for EarthLink.

    Keep your head up guys. I know it’s gonna be a rough road ahead but in due time something better will come.

    Just a heads up in case this is available to you guys…the sometimes offer to pay for courses. Take advantage of that

    Stay strong

  • Guest

    Let me perfectly frank in my opinions here. A lot of people have a lot of hate for AT&T regarding their position in the acquisition debate. What you don’t realize is that devil you have to live with is as bad as the outside devil. Ever since that goddamn German got off the plane and took the helm at T-Mobile USA it’s been a disaster. Everybody knew what that meant.

    It takes TWO parties to have decided on selling T-Mobile, and one of the two was DT. That German devil came here, acted like he cared about the employees, did a little PR stunt going from store to store, call center to call center, and then after all that, revealed his true reason for DT taking the helm of T-Mobile USA. To prepare the company for sale, which would result in massive losses of T-Mobile employees, and a higher prices for consumers across the board. AT&T might be bad in it’s intentions as well, but it’s the German devils who brought this upon us.

    Now that the government rejected the German devils quick sale strategy, they have decided to take a scorched earth policy for retribution. They are going to cut jobs, degrade customer service, degrade the company. And the funny thing , these German bastards think they’re doing the right thing. You tell me how the gutted Customer Service they created by taking what Sue Nokes had done so well, and flushing it down the toilet worked. Did that work so well? So now they add insult to injury, but just flat out closing a bunch of centers altogether. These dumb German penny pinchers misunderstand business. They can’t build the brand back unless they bring back some of their image. This is exactly what happened to Apple in the mid 90s when Jobs left. Cheapening, labor cutting, brand ruining efforts to “bring down the bottom line”.

    The bottom line is while Dotson and Nokes, etc were at T-Mobile, there was some regard for the American employees and the American customers. This German POS Humm doesn’t give a damn. And they’re about as pissed as possible that the aquisition failed and they didn’t get their $30 billion.

    • Guest

      And to all of you who believe that business leaders like this are somehow infallible and have a knowledge that we don’t have, this entire debacle is a clear indication of just how stupid they can be. We have these two companies, filled with ego and confidence, that they set about on an acquisition path that was clearly illegal and violated the law. They wasted millions on PR campaigns, T-Mobile had suffered astronomical churn as a result of the 1 YEAR they were in limbo because of the acquisition. In the end of the day, these morons at both companies lost, and lost big. AT&T lost billions, and what you see now at T-Mobile is the price they are paying. Now all of the employees, and the company as a whole, have to also pay a price for the stupidity and arrogance of these idiots. Meanwhile, these people who brought upon this entire mess, the fat cats sitting on top, keep their jobs after they wasted millions and caused irreversible damage. They have golden parachutes if/ when they leave, so that they walk away with millions. And about 2000 poor Customer Service agents are about to suffer without a job a the height of the worst recession in the past 50 years.

      It is HIGH TIME for more protectionist policies to be reintroduced into America. That means taxes on companies per employee that they outsource, that means foreign goods have levies imposed that spur on domestic production. The only people the current system helps are the goddamn multi bllion dollar internationalist corporations, the leaders of which have NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR FAILURE. Nobody high up paid the price for this acquisition debacle.

  • MaryAnneCarlson

    I can’t believe everyone is blaming an outside phone company (AT&T) for all of T-Mobile’s mismanagement and failures.  

    T-Mobile is a business and they made a business decision to lay off all these people.  If you desperately need a scapegoat (like most of the uneducated readers insist on) then blame T-Mobile Executive Management. 

    This welfare nation mentality that always blames an outside party for all their ills apparently has a large force within T-Mobile USA’s customer base.  Years of underinvesting in the network and a botched sales attempt to another suitor has T-Mobile/DT writing all over it.   T-Mobile’s weak network investments meant they could only attract subprime credit customers and had to woo everyone with bargain basement pricing in order to compete.  

    Now this supposed “vibrant competitor,” is feeling the pain and has to cut costs for themselves because they too are feeling the pinch.  What does that mean?  Longer hold times for customer service and a larger percentage of calls going to the Philippines (you know you love those guys).  

    A “vibrant competitor,” who has to “cut back,” even those they just received money and spectrum and who has been bleeding customers for nearly 3 years now hardly inspires confidence in anyone who is sane. 

  • Schippma

    Not to get off topic but what happened to the site? This article is old news and this site had 3 or 4 other articles that were newer on Friday and Saturday. What happened?

    • WordPress may have had issues. It happens sometimes. That’s why I save all my articles on backup. It could also be David removing redundant articles, as they were all about the call center closings, one had AT&T’s reaction and the other had FCC basically calling out AT&T on those reactions.

      Or it could have been an “oops.” Who knows? :)

    • Hdhjhjh

      Tmobile might have made him take it off cuz it makes them look bad. Conspiracy!

  • Noemail

    I must say I am throughly impressed with the class t mobile has shown with the unfortunate layoffs. In november of 2011 I was laid off from my call center job as well. My company transferred us to a new company so when they closed 3 months later there was no severance based on tenor. My health I.nsuramce wasn’t extended by 2 paid months of cobra for me it doubled in price for rhe last 3 mpnths i was employed with the.new company. I didnt get a career coach I got a group meeting with the states job board and unemployment reps and a team leader who was sorry we ran out of tine before my resume could be reviewed. I didn’t get possible relocation I was insulted even more by my job going overseas to someone who would work for less than 25& of my current pay and whose primary language was not english and whom we had to critique and give pointers too. So all in all I think mobile is a stand up company who unfortunately for the good of the whole had to cut operating costs.

    • PAgirl0421

       I am one of the people who will be let go in june (allentown call center), and I will agree that t-mobile is being very generous in the resources its providing, and I truly do appreciate everything they are doing for us during this hard time.  They have counselors available, job information, etc.  It’s hard to be bitter at a company that is doing its best to make sure the transition is as smooth as it can be for this many employees.

       It was a shock to learn the news, however…we just had a new hire class graduate a few weeks ago, and from all of the kick-off meetings/follow-up meetings, everything seemed to be looking up.  There was nothing that would have led me to believe that t-mobile was going to close any call centers.  Now that the information has had time to sink in, it makes sense why they had to do it…bottom line is t-mobile is a business and they need to make money…it was just very sudden the way that it all happened.

  • BlessingInDisguise

    Please close Nashville. Set us free from unrealistic goals and threats of being fired. Just cut us a check and call it a day. Reps either get fired for cheating to meet the goals or the get fired for not meeting the goals. They can’t win. Let my people go! My heart truly goes out to the people that lost their jobs and wanted them. However I really think they did you a favor. Now you find something better. Good luck to us all

  • Lesterdhills

    I was fired on Feb. 8 after a struggle being consistent with call resolution time. Made the goals some days, but not everyday. I had great sales figures, great marks on customer call back percentage and voice of the customer surveys. All stats were good, except the CRT, so they let me go. I don’t blame the coach who fired me. The goals coming down from Bellevue are unrealistic, primarily with the call time expectations. In my view the reason this company is in such bad shape and losing over 250,000 customers a quarter is due to some very poor decisions coming down from both DT and the folks in Bellevue. T-Mobile used to care about the customer. Now it’s a numbers game. The proof of that was heard in every team meeting, every coaching, was plastered on monitors and screens throughout the building and, ultimately proven in the number of firings and people quitting because they can’t reach the goals without sacrificing quality customer service. I know how some of my co-workers met the stats: I heard how they did it in conversations and I saw the results on accounts I dealt with daily. Cheating, cutting corners, not giving full service, etc. World class service went down the tubes months ago. The time restrictions made it impossible to do things right for the customer and still meet the company stats. Further proof of what I’m saying can be seen in the latest J.D. Powers standing. I can assure you I was fired because I refused to lower the quality of my customer service to accomodate the stats. I didn’t meet a certain number and they lost a very good rep. Oh well, it turned out to be a blessing. The stress of the job caused by the pressure from the coaches, plus increased customer drama over many Bellevue induced issues, was making me ill. So now 7 call centers are closing; believe me as one who saw first hand what’s going on, if things keep going as they are, unless upper management returns to the days of Robert Dotson and Sue Nokes, there will be no T-Mobile USA within 2 years, if not sooner. It’s been said that DT is trying to gut out this company and write it off. Whatever is going on, it’s not good. I know for a fact that during the time period of my firing, the team managers and coaches were letting people go right and left for the least little thing they could find. I have no doubt they were acting upon orders to get rid of people in anticipation of the center closing. They knew the Redmond center would be closing way before early Feb. It just wasn’t announced publically until recently. Such decisions aren’t made overnight and then suddenly announced. I’m sure the decision had already been made to ax Redmond before the first of the year. The day I left the head security guard told me that he was leaving soon too, that he was transferring out. I knew if he was leaving, voluntarily, then that could only mean one thing: the center was closing soon. My hunch was correct. I must say my 4-year stay with T-Mobile was good up until the last 4 months I was there. The constant threat of being fired, the pressure and increased stress became a daily nightmare and I’m glad it’s over. What’s happening is a rotten shame and in all fairness I do hope things turn around for this once great company.

    • Theman

      Well said David. I’m glad someone is getting the truth out there. It was a pleasure working with you. -Alex Flood

    • Ms.R

      Look at it like this, be glad that you are gone out of that hell hole. This is your opportunity to find something better.

    • Cibix

      Dude. Every call center is about stats, including call times. I gotta listen to people who complain about CRT everyday on breaks. Until they get let go.

  • Lesterdhills

    In reading some of the other posts I must comment further on the fact that T-Mobile is just trying to cut costs and make money and be competitive. I might remind one and all that such measures would be completely unnecessary if it were not for the foolish choices and decisions made by DT and the crew in Bellevue over the past 2 years or so. Of course the company is now scrambling to make ends meet and “steamline” the business to remain profitable. They have to based on the poor business decisions, too numerous to mention here, that were made. One example would be the tragic choices made regarding the stats and company expectations, goals that were unattainable apart from degrading customer service. Sorry guys, but management made its bed, now it’s going to have to lie in it.

  • It’s always sad when companies have to close some of their branches, but it’s particularly terrible to hear when it’s call centers that are being closed down. The fact of the matter is that call center companies provide many jobs for many people, so closing them down will have the exact opposite effect. It may not be one of the easiest jobs in the world to do, but the fact that many people are looking to work in call centers means that they are effective employment opportunities. I personally wish all the former employees of these call centers all the best in their next endeavors, and also that T-Mobile will be able to pick up from here. 

  • American

    Why didn’t you guys close call centers that are not in America. I am a T-Mobile customer and am so tired that every time I have a issue I have to talk to a person I can’t understand. America’s economy is already going down; Why add to the unemployment rate?