T-Mobile Employees Wake Up And React To Call Center Closings

News that T-Mobile announced the closing of seven separate call centers around the country has sent shockwaves through the Magenta community. As the cloud of AT&T has finally started to pass, once again employees are gripped by fear over job security. While there is an argument to be made that these cuts were necessary for the overall health and longevity of the company, that doesn’t make the news any easier to hear. So, rather than talk on my own, I think it’s right to let T-Mobile employees, some affected by the call centers closing and some that aren’t, talk about how they feel today:

Note: These comments represent a small part of what I’ve received via email and I’ve chosen them at random.

— Practicing C.E.O. is what you’ve asked of us in all of our decisions. Customer, Employee, Owner. The balance is what’s important. However, all across the nation, 7 of your call centers and over 3000 jobs are being lost. With no clear agenda other than saving money and not giving the company the time to rebound from the AT&T merger announcement you sit back and think you are doing right by the Owner… there’s two letters missing there. Customers won’t see much of a difference – except for hold times – lack of morale – and fear from the remaining call centers about their futures. Employees, 3000 of them, now are no longer champions for your wireless cause.

–Since news broke of the AT&T merger, that we now know will not happen, our customer care service seems to have slipped. I believe it was a moral thing. Associates became discouraged, thus began to stop showing that “positive, stay scrappy” attitude. Customers who need to call care were waiting longer than ever just to speak to an actual person. Now that we are “downsizing”, I fear our Customer Care division will take another hit. Nobody likes knowing that they can be next. The closing of the centers don’t seem to be based off of a performance metric, so who’s next? I fear moral will decrease again, and we’ll see more and more people jumping ship. As a retail rep, my job calls on me to call into Customer Care sometimes. For the next three months, I could be on the phone with people who know they are losing their job. Will I get the same “can do attitude”? Will customers get a fair and balanced conversation when dealing with a Customer Care rep on the phone? These questions will be answered in the coming months. I don’t expect another JD award anytime soon. Its sad. I don’t want to see Magenta fail, but it may be inevitable.

–I was honestly shocked and speechless! It was my day off and i got the text and then phone call i had to sit down i was shaking! I put 6 years of my life there and now its over! We were all worried about AT&T closing us and our own company pulls the rug out from underneath us!

–All and all, I would say I am still in shock. To have such a range of emotions in only a short window is exhausting. We went from the uncertainty of the acquisition, to the jubilation of knowing we would remain T-Mobile, to only have our hearts pained again with this news. When you have a family to feed, it becomes all too real to be in this situation. I know that companies have to stay flexible, its an “adapt or die” marketplace, and I place no fault at anyone’s doorstep. War creates casualties, and all losses are difficult ones. I know I can speak for my co-workers who share in this dark day when I say we will persevere and become better for it, but for today, we are simply speechless.

–These reps were on the phones, doing there jobs when this e-mail bomb dropped. My friend (from a closing center) told me there were riots of yelling, crying, and disappointment. T-Mobile should realize people build our lives around this job, we love what we do, and the news should have been dropped a little lighter. My friend is a single mother of 2 who just purchased her 1st home about 3 months ago. The bottom line is jobs will be lost, not everyone can transfer, what about those people.

–I work at lenexa call center and am very heart broken at this decision. This company was once the best company there ever was to work at. Even in last 2 years they have pushed for sales so much but we still had fun. Ya we might of complained but we really were like family. My coaches became my friends and honestly cared about us and that’s unlike any other place I’ve ever worked. I will truly miss everyone of you and all I can say is let’s make the best of the next 3 months together and make memories to treasure!!!

–I have worked at tmo for 6 1/2 years and my call center got spared. I am scared as hell though. I dont think we going to be there long but oh well they would be doing me a favor. I hate working there but pay is well. USA call centers are not the issue. I will tell you the issue is outsource care they always tell customers some outlandish info that I dont know how they got it. The issue with tmo is outsource cust care, terrible store reps that only care bout sales and not tech which i understand cuz thats how they make money so they need tech rep in every store that just deals with tech and has tier 3 resources and knowledge.

–I watched as the focus went from customer satisfaction to company growth, and while the two are not mutually exclusive, t-mobile was not very good at bringing the two together.  In their effort to make their employees more efficient to cut costs, it put such stress on the employee that the frustration inevitably came through on our calls.  Nobody wants to lose their job because a stat wasn’t meeting company standards (for example, in technical care, “business standard” is 800 seconds for call length…so if you are on the call for more than 13 minutes, then it is not efficient enough for the company). To all of my fellow employees who are also facing this change, always know that when one door closes, another one opens.  And for the remaining employees who are indirectly effected by this, I hope that T-mobile understands how lucky they are to have you, and make strides to reduce the stress you have in your workday, and also work towards bringing back that world-class customer service that made T-mobile the great company it used to be.

–T-Mobile customer service went downhill in a hurry–but not because of the people. The most skilled carpenter would have a hard time building a cabinet without any tools. The other problem with great customer service is that it attracts the customers needing the most service which gets expensive as well.

–As a call center employee at one of the centers lucky enough to be staying open, I can say we all have heavy hearts for those given the horrible news today. It’s scary to know that in a blink of an eye their world has been turned upside down. Good luck to all of you in the closing centers and maybe we’ll see some of you up in the Pacific Northwest!

–I am one of those employees that will be gone after June 2012, I praise God for the memories and sincere T-Mobile values I was taught. They praised concern and honesty, I know many people won’t believe it, but it’s true. I thank them for all they did for my family and I in 3 years. I’m at peace.

–This is damning news my family just received today my girlfriend I work in one of the 7 call centers and just bought a house and had a child with in the past year and a half and now have no idea what the future brings I wish all my coworkers the best and the true friends I have made I’ll miss you very much and hope you all land on your feet quickly.

–I was just laid off yesterday (not from T-Mobile), having gone through months of worry about it.  My heart goes out to each and every one of the affected employees. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 11 years, and I’ll bet some of the affected employees have helped me out over the years.  Thank you – honestly, from a customer, not from some corporate platitude – for your hard work, and I wish you all the best for the future.

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  • Deadeye37

    That sucks!  I know when you take away the security of a group of people’s jobs, the service those employees gives take a hit, too.  I saw it at my job.  I can just say to those who didn’t lose a job, work as hard as you can and work the hardest that you can to make the customer happy.  Make yourself as valuable of an asset as you can to the company.  It’s harder to riff someone you know works hard and is effective than to riff someone who is depressed and can’t pick themselves back up.

    While I like to think the AT&T merger would’ve kept those jobs, I think it would’ve actually made things worse.  Yes, there would’ve been more jobs created (as they promised) during the transition.  Once everything was merged and running on all cylinders, even more people would’ve lost their job because you would suddenly have too many people doing the same job.

    • David Icke

       A valuable asset has nothing to do with this — some of the people being let go were in the top 10 reps/seniors/coaches/teams throughout the NATION. Their top performers, the ones who had high VOC scores, low CRT and Exchanges are now looking for new jobs. They were the valuable assets. Now they’re seen as expendable.

      • Deadeye37

         In this case, where they decide to close 7 call centers, there isn’t very much that you can do.  However, if those top reps choose to relocate (which is sounds like they’re doing for around 1700 of those employees), they would get the best chance of getting the green light.

        If the riffs happen on an individual level, though, those people would most likely be the ones to hang around until the end.  The unfortunate caveat is if the company has gotten really greedy and decides to riff them because they make too much money.  That happened to a couple of my friends at my work.

    • the money they received from the broken merger could have payed those top performers for the next 25 years, and only got rid of the employees that couldnt do their jobs….thus they could have invested in customer service instead of outsourcing but they opted for more money by electing outsourced jobs

  • TBN27

    Very depressing. Makes me want to jump ship but that wouldn’t make things any better. All i can say is good luck to those who have lost their jobs and hope for them to have a speedy replacement. There is always greener grass in other pastures.

  • Another Laid-off Worker

    This seems par for the course in the telecommunications industry these days. More and more jobs are being cut-back or outsourced to foreign countries. Clearwire pulled the plug on two call centers (Las Vegas and Milton) last year dropping over 300 employees, and dropped another 100 contractors supporting network deployment.Ericsson took over the Clearwire operations contract last year and has dropped over 60 employees in the last two months as it moves operations to Mexico City, and “re-organized” others from lead or management roles to lesser positions, which will eventually be “laid-off” due to more cutbacks; you don’t pay someone management wages to be a field tech. Seems to be a major influx of unemployed telecom workers out there now.

  • Briguydj32

    As a former senior rep in one of the spared call centers (i now manage a corporate retail store), I am saddened by this news. Ever since Sue Knokes left the organization, the company took a turn down a dark road… Customer service, which was Sue’s #1 focus, took a back seat to revenue and the customers suffered from it. I left customer care at a perfect time. While I was there, moral was at an all time high. We were all rewarded for delivering “over the top” customer service. It was such a fun environment to be a part of. I was sad to make the switch to retail, but I was moving to a different state and wanted to stay with a company I could trust. For all of my fellow T-Mobile employees, keep your heads high. I found my way into this company in 2008 after being laid off (with a 1 day notice). T-Mobile Values are something we should be living at work AND outside of work. If you bring the “Count on Me” attitude to any other organization, anyone will be lucky to have you.

    • tmobites

      when sue left and before that robert dotson, everyone should have seen the writing on the wall….anytime high level executives start jumping ship after being at a company as long as they had been, it’s clear…the problem with tmo is they don’t know how to market and how to make money that is sustainable to long term growth….

  • this is fucking bullshit……all that money they just got from att….all the money they are saving by forcing people off their roaming and the others they are limiting, raising the prices on phones to the point of making you pay for them throughout your contract, throttling data which also saves them money……..i can understand me as a customer being nothing more then dollars to you assholes, but now you can’t even pay your employees because you want an LTE network?  and don’t get me started on the third world “payless” employees…..get your head out of your goddamn asses and stop ruining your company…..i’m on t-mobile because it was cheaper and because i didn’t NEED the best or fastest, and for the customer service……now it costs the same as everyone else, the customer service is way below par, and you still don’t have the best or the fastest……what do you think you are verizon?

    • Turtle6988

       T-Mobile didn’t get the money from AT&T, Deutsche Telecom took that money to pay off there debts. They have “Promised” T-Mobile USA 4 billion over so many years to build out the network. The reason why T-mobile wants an LTE network is because the consumer wants it. HSPA+ is faster than most US LTE networks out now. Being a T-mobile employee from engineering this is job security for MAYBE a couple of years during the build out but things can change after that.

  • algernon_the_brave

    I work as a retail rep, and my heart goes out to these call center employees. I feel abandoned. More and more every day customers tell me how long they have to wait to get someone on the phone. I have customers driving thirty or forty minutes to get to my store rather than wait in queues on the phone. 

    Since the announcement of the ATT&T merger, our call center staffing was slashed. They were only using 1/3 of the Lenexa call center, shrinking the crew down to where it was skeletal. I thought surely that when the merger was called off they would go back to fighting for that customer service, rehiring, restaffing, and preparing to bring back the things that T-Mobile is known for.

    They haven’t.

    Now, we are losing even more call centers. Jobs lost and likely outsourced. What do call center employees have to look forward to? Constant fear for their jobs. What do customers have to look forward to? Longer queue times and less knowledgable reps. What do retail reps have to look forward to? Bitter customers afraid to call into Customer Care for fear of a long hold and a poor experience.

    I feel like T-Mobile is giving up on us.

  •  i hear sprint is hiring :)     https://careersearch.sprint.com/1033/ASP/TG/cim_searchresults.asp?ref=3232012133847&SID=^Wi440jnZSxt5yPnboDKgwgPdHv_slp_rhc_v/CWi7a/1eHwXaya_slp_rhc_pXwvBQ4R_slp_rhc_pyJfuDMJMDZ

  • BL@Z3

    This Is crazy I am a T-Mobile Sales Associate and my heart goes out to all of you guys

  • BRAD22

    Fortunately I was one of the ones that our call center got spared, I don’t think for long though but oh well what can we do….in my mind if they really want to cut back cost why don’t they do away with the millions they spend on incentives..for example our center has a Theater room, a arcade room , a massage room, a full catered cafeteria “which was just built 1 yr ago” a gym ….I mean we don’t care about these things do away with them and use that space to open up more room for more empolyees…id rather them do away with those things than my job…there’s a lot of ways Tmobile can save money and still manage to save jobs but do they do it…..NO!

  • Udubb

    The sad thing is that the reps in the call centers closing down will be on a short leash and will be watched closely until the center closes. I imagine many of them will be terminated with cause so that the company doesn’t have to pay a severance or provide any transition support to those fired. 

    • Spreg73

      i work at the Lenexa center but am out on FMLA LOA leave and have applied for short term disability but haven’t received it yet–i got the call from a manager yesterday and was told to come in to HR to pick up my “packet” but i’m scared s**tless that i’ll just be fired on the spot

    • FutureLaidOffEmployee

       Boy, you nailed that one on the head. Let the firings begin!

    • HellaFitz

      They did this at Blockbuster (former employee – though I was not fired and my parting ended up very amicably).

    • rb

      I just resigned this past week. Allot of the employees at the tech center i was working at were getting final notices or write ups for stats they have a hard time controlling (% of customers calling back..etc)..The job is hell, the pay is good but i hope that people can get out while some still have a job before the company becomes the #5 carrier.

      • Guest

        Yes, some iOCR hits are outside of your control, but that’s why our number is 21%, not 0%. I’m running in the low 17s QTD, and I’m not even all that tenured or highly ranked.

    • Joiseyeric

      SOOOO TRUE Udubb!! That’s exactly the strategy they will use…all the while saying how much they care!! Yeah, RIGHT!!

  • Coldenboy25

    tmobile is using strategy that attt uses to save and rip money of their cutomers.  

    • Yamamoto

      true. nice guys finish last so might as well be a******* to make money and satisfy shareholders. consumers don’t really have much choice when i comes to cellphones here in the USA. it’s an oligopoly.  

  • JuCraziman

    As a tmobile customer I want to say thank you to the tmobile employees who thoughout the years have helped me. You all are true professionals good luck with your future endeavors.

  • Beentheredonethat

    Coming from 5 years experience, i can tell you that the only item of value to tmo is the dollar bill. If selling stuff is the most important aspect that tmo looks at, you have to expect marginal failures along the way. Tmo used to be a cash cow to D.T., now they even noticed the company was not healthy and did everything to rid of it. Closing sites to rebrand the company is a waste of time and talent. Customers dont benefit from a cell phone company that concentrates all its efforts on big cities and doesnt do anything to innovate and grow nationwide. Their coverage map on tmobile.com should be honest and have a disclaimer, (if you live away from a city or interstate, this is only n estimate of what coverage you might have). Keep selling me junk like caller name tmo. If $3 is more important to you then actually helping me keep my calls in a 2g area, then i see why your failing. I also see why D.T. sent a pawn here to negotiate how to sell the company because they knew that investing in a network that is overly past due was not a good idea. When is the last time that tmo thought about its customers, i remember-its when J.D. Power and associates said your company is spiraling downhill and you are ranked number 4 again, oh and by the way-your so called world class customer service of yesterday forgot about what made it great and would rather table your problem and sell you crap product everytime that you call. I feel horrible for employees that have to collect a check from a failing company that way. Thank God they are working still, at least for awhile. I hope you are not treated as a number at the end of the day like customers are. Those that still believe in caring for me as a customer, i thank you greatly. If i had a company to run, you would be my most valuable resource. People make companies, numbers dont. Sorry number crunchers. You can measure crap 17 different ways, but at the end of the day-its still a pile of crap. Remember what made you good tmo, its been awhile. People…… your losing the best resource you have. I would reccomend looking at the org chart of the company, look at who has done well in those call centers recently at the manager level and i bet you will find really high sales with crappy resolution results and loads of churn. Sprint, at & t spent a ton of money in teaching people how to take care of customers to be more like you, but then you decide to use thier business model to grow? Come on man, who writes a business model like that.

  • LewsTherin006

    I truly feel sorry for everyone who is losing their job.  The reps in the call center do have to put up with a lot of BS from everyone.  I have no idea what Tmo is doing.  They won so many awards for customer service, now it seems like they are trying to come in last place.  I just hope all those who will lose their jobs land on their feet. 

  • PimpStrong

    My fiance has been working at a JCPenney call center for 8 years and we have survived the announcing of center closings but there is still that looming fear of uncertainty.  I am a government contract employee and just last year they let my father-in-law(he got me the job) go from our small 4 man team along with a few other people from other areas with our company…

    I know what it is like to be constantly worried about your job but to dodge such a big bullet (ATT) and then get this kind of news a year later to the week, has to be extremely difficult to cope with.

    I wish luck to those who will be losing their jobs and give strength to the ones who may have to uproot their lives just to stay employed…

    And I wanted to work at the Lenexa facility at one point…


    While all these good people are laid-off, (and more “restructuring” will follow), where did all that AT&T money go? well, not to help employees I guess. But that’s business, unfortunately. Employees will always be reduced before a CEO loses a penny.

    • MagentaMadness

      That money is paying for LTE.

      • Me

        no its not, germany took it already. LTE … keep hoping

  • UMA_Fan

    All those customers leaving T-Mobile is a lot more serious than people realized.

  • Support.com Sales is hiring :) 
    http://jobvite.com/m?3heEhfwa for Tech Support and
    http://jobvite.com/m?36eEhfwZ for sales

  • Bobhope1145

    Wow when it rains it pours.. Check out phonearena.com tmobile employee coming out of the wood work

  • MagentaMadness

    While a lil over 3000 jobs are being lost over 7 call centers…1400 jobs are opening among the remaining call centers. A lot of people will get the chance to transfer if they choose to move. Lately we been hearing about customers complaining about experiencing poor attitudes from customer care…maybe this will weed them out and help boost customer sat back up. T-Mobile has to do what it has to do for the needs of the business. If you’re top heavy in a certain area, things need to change. IIRC, this is the first time I saw layoffs within the company in the 12+ years I’ve been here. Make me think and be happy that they’ve always ran my dept thin. Never want to see any dept lose employees, sucks.

    • Dominique

       The poor attitude is from the ever increasing push to sell, sell, sell, and push it on people even if their issue wasn’t resolve.  We are required to offer on every call because we’ve “resolved within our scope of support”.  You feel like crap offering to increase someone’s bill when they have $200 in overages that you cannot do anything about and they are angry, or if they request to cancel lines with one remaining or they broke their phone and you are told to offer because they’ll get another phone sooner or later.   Really? The person doesn’t even have a phone but I’m supposed to do pushy sales?  I was even coached to an “opportunity” I missed because an end user(mother) just passed away and wanted to cancel that single line.  I was told there were other lines on the account that would still benefit from our added services.  It’s so wrong but that’s what it’s come down to.

      They’ve decreased CRT time and added tech support, adding new lines of service, purchasing some accessories, sales, and now porting in numbers.  So they’ll pile up a massive amount of responsibility on the reps and they need to do it in a shorter amount of time or your going to be  “let go”.  Awesome.

    • algernon_the_brave

      They haven’t done layoffs, but the week after the ATT&T merger was announced they found whatever reasons they could to put everyone in the expendable call centers on paper. Massive firings followed shortly thereafter.

      The decrease in customer satisfaction is due to increased queue times, higher chance of hitting an outsourced call center, and turning Customer Care into Care & Sales. Someone calling with a legitimate problem doesn’t want to be sold something before their problem is resolved. How offended would you be to call about billing error and be offered three different sales pitches before you even get to begin working on your issue? How would you feel if you had already been in queue for ten minutes when that happened? I’m willing to bet you’d be less than thrilled.

      • Roger

        Also not listed in the causes are the ever increasing complexity and repeated changes of plans and phones.

    • Joiseyeric

      Easy for you to say MM, so 1,400 jobs are opening in other call centers??? BIG DEAL!!  So, someone in Allentown, PA, should disrupt there life to go to the nearest call center and then take the risk of getting cut in the future?? And where might that be?? On the West Coast in WA or OR?   Leave their family and friends behind for the sake of making a buck? The hold times already horrendous, this is going to help the sinking ship??  Obviously, your smug enough with your 12+ years, maybe you need a douse of reality!!

      • MagentaMadness

        Clearly having/wanting to move isn’t for everyone, while others can/will embrace it. T-Mobile is looking to reduce OPEX across the board and I’m willing to bet these 7 call centers are among the most as far as costs to keepng/runnign the building. Clearly these decisions are made a much higher pay grade level for reasons the employees may never fully understand…but what can ya do. The knee jerk reaction is to blame and speculate T-Mobile, but again, there are reasons behind what comes out, don’t agree with them all, but they sign the pay check, they make the decisions. And I know all about reality, the place my father used to work at was bought out after being in business for over 235 years…yes, 235 thats not a typo…and he and others ended up losing their jobs a couple years after the takeover. Yes he wasn’t happy about losing his job after 20yrs of service, but he didn’t bitch and moan about it either. Life goes on.

        • Guest

          Hey mm. Since you work at corporate, maybe we should axe your ass. You and your peers are responsible for this.
          If you did your jobs right, this situation would not exist

        • MagentaMadness

          Umm, I do not work in corporate. I work in the engineering dept as a senior engineer at the market level. I do not work in the FSC. I could be in this very situation at any moment as well. Nothing is a guarantee.

  • Nearmsp

    I am truly sorry to hear of the job losses at T-mobile call centerss. I have never had a bad experience on my calls to T-mobile CS in the last 9 years or so.  Losing a job is indeed a frightening experience, particularly in this job environment. As a T-mobile customer I wish the best for those who lost their jobs. Hopefully you will find something equally good or better very soon. 

  • XM_JDM

    I don’t feel all that bad for these people. The unnecessary hell they made me go through for 4 MONTHS before realizing their mistake was enough for me to write T-Mobile off completely. 3 more months and I am gone. Suck to be at T-Mobile.

  • A12

    I’m a retail tmo employee myself and I have worked for TMO for over 4 years. I can’t imagine working at one of those call centers and to receive the horrible news. I unfortunately saw this coming and I don’t doubt they will want to close down stores too. My manager has recently told me that several stores in my area will have one of the 7 business days trimmed for closure. This doesn’t help our situation at all when they give us such a high quota that is slowly increasing with less man hours we are being given. Just a couple months ago we had an indirect store open like 12 minutes away from our store. With lower pricing on phones and the ability to get the same plans there, as a consumer who would want to come to our store, where prices are more expensive then even our online prices for phones.I see this company headed in the wrong direction and I don’t want to stick around to see what other bad news and bad business decisions TMO has more to come. I’m disgusted by their actions and disagree with many of their current focuses!

  • Rhays

    My husband and i say on the phone with a customer service resolution center associate for over an hour just this past saturday. 3/17 We had been previously selected for a random servey asking how likely we would be to recommend t-mobile to a friend. Rank from 0-10 . I chose 0. Had this been 5 years ago I would have said 10. Saturday when t mobile called us to ask why we chose 0 they gave us a chance to explain why. After listening to us explain all the troubles we have had in the past year the lady promised us that T-Mobile was working on a solution and that if we could please hold on a little longer they would be able to get things back to the way they use to be.
    I feel lied to once again by T-Mobile. Firing thousands of loyal employees is not how you get things back to JD POWER award status. I’m truly sorry so many of you are losing your jobs. I wish you all the best of luck in finding even better jobs. For this I will not keep my contract with T-Mobile a second longer. This is horrible! Shame in you T-Mobile.

    • Cantn

      I feel terrible for the employees and hope they make smooth transition into their next careers. T-Mobile has indeed gone downhill. I used to be their biggest fan but at the rate things were going, I became totally dissatisfied with them as a company and coincidentally broke contract with them yesterday. And now this today? Good riddance.

  • LC

    I was at one of the closing centers, I was let go just before this announcement, along with a good dozen other people.  While the official rationale  was performance (which didn’t make sense, as we all were meeting our numbers) when I went to go pick up my stuff after the announcement I was told unofficially it was more to do with avoiding severance payouts.  A whole bunch of us T-Mobile folks had wakes and farewell parties last night to commemorate the loss of the company we started working for years ago.  Not only am I and a number of my friends out of work, but my roommate just bought a house, now he doesn’t know what to do with it, my dad just bought a house with his girlfriend, both of whom are T-Mobile call center employees, I have a few folks I know that *just* got hired and completed training a couple weeks ago.

    Regardless of whether or not T-Mobile should have or shouldn’t have closed these centers to save money, I do think their handling of it was poor.  Yes they’re providing some assistance, but with this economy getting a job in 90 days can be difficult to say the least.  Not only that, but those folks who just got hired will have no tenure to call on to justify their relocation, and I doubt T-Mobile will provide relocation benefits to all 1400 reps they plan to move.  Of course those reps will also now be competing with each other and new hires for those positions.  Quite frankly, it’s apalling, and disgraceful.  The T-Mobile I knew and loved working for is gone, and I have nothing but contempt for Humm and his handling of the company and it’s leadership.  He was sent here to either sell the company, or shut it down.  Instead he’s made it a punchline.

    Thank you to anyone in the comments here who has been posting job leads and suggestions, it’s much appreciated from anyone in magenta to see that even if our corporate bosses don’t support us, our customers and fans do.  I’m definitely going to follow up on a few of those leads and try to start again fresh somewhere new.

    • Ghender4

      Yes you are correct…I got the boot last May for a minor infraction after 7yrs. but that was before they lost out on the merger.  And I believe you are correct it’s about the severance that’s why I believe I was let go.

    • sd

      yes i got let go as well a month ago due to team not performing and yet we had improved and were performing… i agree they knew it was coming and were cutting cost prior to this announcement… the saying has always been “you will always know where you stand – no surprises” ha that was a joke when i was walked down to hr and told due to not meeting performance we are at separation, when i had never been spoken to prior regarding performance… everything happens for a reason and my heart goes out to all my friends and family from the last 5 years… 

      • Karma2713

        You never got a decision time? You were just immediately let go?

  • This is a strategic move
    against the CWA. Call centers offshore were not affected at all. What T-Mobile
    should have done is hire returning US veterans to fill these positions and take
    the tax credits from both the Fed and States to compensate for the first year.
    The last time I looked I really don’t see allot of people offshore using
    T-Mobile services; I believe most customers are in the USA. Please T-Mobile
    take a look at using Veterans for these jobs. It’s the moral thing to do.

  • Shel692

    I’m in one of the closing centers, this is a terrible shock. I can understand business needs, and I don’t have negative feelings towards Magenta. I can say that there are multiple ways T-Mobile is trying to make this easier to deal with for affected employees. As for customer service, I can only speak for myself, but as my best friend said to me last night, “Keep doing what you’ve always done, your customers may never get to speak to someone who’s as awesome as you again.” I went in to work today, and did my job. My last caller ended by telling me how happy she was that someone ‘finally understood and fixed her problem” That made me happy and terribly sad at the same time.

    • Sorry to hear of your loss, and my prayers go to your and your family.  You will find a way, and be bigger, better, and stronger than you are right now.  Keep your head held high.  God will lead you through the storm.

  • Ghender4

    I left the company soon after the merger was announced, knowing that the parent company had been saying for a long time that they were losing money with USA T-Mobile.  I am surprised anyone did not see this coming…I thought if not ATT well they just take the money they received even if the merger didn’t go thru and just call it quits.  And if you look the call center they are closing seem to be technical support centers.  So are they taking ATT lead and outsourcing the tech support part??  Glad I got out in front. 

  • Talent Acquisitions

    We are looking for about 50+ Customer Service Representatives to start over the next couple of months.  Job pays 14/hr.  Feel free to send resumes to Keenan.Boyd@modis.com.  First class starts 4/30 and we are currently submitting and interviewing.  Please feel free to forward my contact info to any of they T-Mobile reps who were laid off.  Our sympathies go out to them.  I’ve been laid off and it comes with an immense amount of stress and worry.  Lets try and get them working again!

    • Talent Acquisitions

      These positions are in Dallas, TX

      • TheWayOfThings

         Just wanted to say, if you are legit, that was a very cool thing you did here…

  • EXIBITman

    When will people learn that these big companies dont realy care about hourly employes. people need to start there own companys like i did!!!i am my own boss i make my own hours. i would never apply for a postion at a damm call center i mean comon have any of you people ever had to. deal with these morons that work at call centers

    • in2android

      I own my own business as well, after losing my job six months ago. Your an inconsiderate prick, and I cant imagine that with your attitude your business has anything to do with customer service! If it does, it will inevitably fail VERY soon! 

      • truckeemike

        He is an inconsiderate prick. Hmm, as if HE were better than someone laid off. This is an area for people to communicate and share some concern for their future, as well as well wishes from customers. You carry you 1st Amendment around like a patriot I am better than you attitude.  I roll mine up like a bat…

      • EXIBITman

        I have owned my own business for well over 2yrs and i am very sucessfull i have 10 employes that work for me for allmost 20yrs i pay the them very well and i provide them with all tolls to be sucessfull . 6 monthes in your own business. what kinda business are you in any way with hostile atitude towards me!!!!!!!

        • EXIBITman

          I mean 22 yrs in my own business

        • Tsalvato69

          You don’t sound intelligent enough to have stayed in business for 22 years. I think you’re full of crap.

        • Not to be “that guy” but…

          Wow, 22 years in business and you can’t write a sentence without any spelling or grammar mistakes. Nice!

        • EXIBITman

          I am a very fast typer sometimes i mis spell a word or two.

        • in2android

          Since you ask, I own a cafe/deli that I’m very proud of. However, I refuse to have a pissing contest with a man who can’t spell words like successful, although he claims to be it. You also appear to have problems with months, tools, and employees, so this leads me to believe our debate has superseded your intelligence level. This is not about how successful any one individual is or is not. This is about having compassion for people that have experienced a tragedy. When there are 3,000 jobs lost, its not a good time to tell people to stop acting like crybabies. I just found your comment to be inappropriate,but I suppose my position on it doesn’t matter. I’m over this conversation, as I’m sure we both have better ways to spend our time.

    • in2android

      Your probably not even a business owner. It’s just conveinent for you to say and makes you feel important! Your a fucking loser!

    • Asdaa

      do yourself a favor and throw yourself under a bus. hopefully your “business” goes bankrupt. jerk off

  • EXIBITman

    All these people are acting like tmobile had promised them all lifetime jobs. get over it already you people are all crying like infants. this is what happns when people get to comfertable with being at a company for to long at least they gave you a 3 month warning plus they will get unemployment insurence all these people will be collecting checks for at least another 12 to 14 months. they will survive

    • Youareignorant

      have you ever been on unemployment? Its a drop in the bucket.

    • in2android

      I dont’t know if you have ever been in a similar position before, but it’s very difficult to deal with. Most people build their lives and their future around their job, and they do that in order to create a secure foundation & sense of security for their families. Thats a very rude comment to make when so many people have just had their world shaken up. If those are your true feelings and not just some idiotic babble because your safe to be a prick and make prick like comments from the safety of your home, then I pitty the wife and children (if they exist) that are stuck depending on you to be their fearless leader and provider with your don’t get too comfortable at a job attitude. I’m assuming from your phrasing & spelling that you’ve probably never had a job worth building your life on. To call people “cry baby infants” for being emotionally stricken by losing something they have invested a great portion of themselves into is morally wrong. Open your eyes, ears, and heart long enough to feel what someone else feels, and have some compassion for others. When you do that, I promise you life will mean so much more to you!

    • JBLmobileG1

      Some people are happy where they are at and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. The way I look at that is dedication. For a company to have employees that enjoy what they are doing and build their lives around their jobs is loyalty. I myself have worked with my company for almost 12 years and I don’t plan on going anywhere. For you to say what you said is ignorant. If you really do own your own business I would think you would like to have your employees stick around because they are dedicated and love what they do. However, with the way you portray yourself I don’t think you would prefer that type of dedication to your business, nor have or will ever experience it.

    • Asdaa


  • Billy

    I work in one of the centers not affected, however I agree with many of the comments. I have eight years tenure in my call center, over the last two years we have cut so much customer service out of the job that I am frustrated for my customers when they call in and for my reps who take the calls.

    I don’t foresee this being the last bad news we receive, my sincere respect and good wishes goes out to the 7 centres and wish you luck in a speedy job search.

  • Amelia Earhart

    So, what do you want us to do, call and threaten not to pay our bills? Threaten to leave? A lot of us are going to do that anyway. Just another casualty of the crappy economy! 

  • EXIBITman

    I have been in. this postion. A few times in my life and its a very sickn feeling in one stomach. It takes a while to go away also but trust me it does.

  • Anon

    Have all the employees forgotten they had a chance to unionize? This doesn’t just happen, you made a choice.

    • Almamortis

      A paper is signed saying that if u unionized they have the right to fire you… so…

      • Suncoast Biz

         Unions are a nightmare and more toxic for our country than you know. My father became a union member back in the 1930’s. The original reason for unions was to provide a fair wage and safe working environment. Now, unions are only good for holding companies hostage over pay. Even the UAW knows that sometimes compromise is necessary. And, as stated above, a union would finish off T-Mo.

      • Jcj1

        bullshit! where is your proof of this?!?! 

    • Guest

      A union would finish Tmobile off!

    • Guest

      LOL.  So you are saying that if TMO was Union they would have guaranteed jobs?  So…  how’s that working out for the 10,000+ postal workers who are losing their jobs?  Unions can only guarantee 1 thing, they take dues out of your check every month for nothing in return.

  • TeamKO

    That’s TERRIBLE!! Thee employees need a serious Plan-B because companies are continuing to drop workers like flies The recession is NOT over!! Find your Plan-B in the recession-proof energy sector!!


  • Bob

    This is never a good feeling however T-Mobile is trying to save the other 42,000 employees in the USA along with improving the network and repositioning at the number 3 to beat out sprint.  1500 get to keep their job if they are willing to transfer along 3 months of severance and help finding another job is more than dell, att, and other fortune 500 companies do.

    • Prsbabydoll

      its not 3 months of severance its a small severance one pay out not till 30 after center is closed and as far as moving that cool idea but some of us are single moms with kids we cant just pick up and move and the comp to move is barely nothing do you know how much it actually cost to move out of state then you also have to find were to live and it doesnt happen in one day. Also its not a garrented hire you have to reapply.

      • Guest

        If you’re not a coach or senior, it’s a guaranteed hire. Compensation for the move BEGINS at $2,000. 

  • Joiseyeric

    As a former almost 5 year frontline employee of T-Mobile
    (and a customer since Omnipoint & Voice Stream since 2000), I KNEW this was
    going to happen!  When I 1st started with
    the company as a store Sales Rep, we rarely had to call Customer Care for
    anything.  It was handled right there,
    right then, in the store and the customer would 8 out of 10 times walk out with
    a resolved problem.  Then, things began
    to change for the worst.  We could no
    longer adjust bills; perform simple technical tasks, etc.  We were suddenly a slave to Customer
    Care.  And as Customer Care started to be
    downsized and outsourced, it was embarrassing to stand in front of a customer
    and argue with someone on the phone who was supposed to be part of the “team”.   This
    is a disgrace which has been coming for a few years now!  T-Mobile did nothing to improve Customer
    Care, their store employee’s morale and most importantly their network during
    the entire AT&T take-over fiasco.   All that happened was to throw everyone in a tailspin,
    as commissions were chopped, hold times to Customer Care are outrageous, hiring
    turned to all part-time, and the cost of employee benefits doubled!  Mark my words, this company will either try
    to sell itself again, or gut itself into self-destruction.  It will be a sad ending to a once proud and
    upcoming company.  If T-Mobile USA is
    still in existence in another few years, I will be pleasantly surprised! 

    • Mpr92482

      The problem was, we didn’t know what changes was happening in retail, just like retail didn’t know what was going down in customer care. I always said there was a bad lack of communication between dept. That’s not our fault, the higher ups making decisions wanted it like that. Tmo needs to shut down, or get ideas from another company. I didn’t have this issue when I worked under other cell phone carrier brands. Fired for not offering and meeting sales. The most jacked up system I seen in my life.

  • Prsbabydoll

    I am an employee at the allentown call center that is shutting down it sucks. But the job is extremly difficult there are about ten different numbers you have to meet monthly in order to worry about being fired. My fear is that in the next 3 months they will try and clean house to avoid paying out severance to the employees. Its an emotional ride that now after 6yrs I have to start over kmowing that we are losing our jobs does not make us want to perform at who wants to go into a job everyday thinking my time is almost up.

    • David Icke

       im there with you in the center. i know the feeling. Dont give up yet, im not.

    • Guest

      I’m in Allentown too.

      I do have to say this though…TEN things you’re expected to meet? CRT, iOCR, HSE, VOB, VOC, CTS…what else?

      • Kalel

         Transfer%, hold times, ACW times, and attendence.  There, that makes 10 altogether.

  • Prsbabydoll

    its not the rep your talking to it the policy we have to follow we are only human and doing what we are told

  • Guest

    I just quit tmobile last month and I can say it was the best decision ever. All of the coworkers I had (we were a tech center) hated their jobs. Customer care would transfer calls to us promising exchanges for terrible reasons, and we’d be stuck – if we exchange too much, we lose our job. That’s the real attitude at t-mobile, that if you dont meet every number your jobs at stake. We had dozens of meetings saying “dont worry about numbers” yet in the same day coworkers would get notices in their inbox that they’ll be written up if they can’t reduce their call times, or if we begin transfering to other departments too many times a day (even if the calls are not something we’re trained in).

    Plus if you’re consistently late taking your break (even if on a long call) it hurts your metrics, badly. BUT if you try to take a shorter break, you get in trouble for breaking the federal rules. So you have to cross your fingers that come your break time, every customer is going to be easy to work with. It never happens. Every coach scores differently, which means every 6 months when we’d change our shifts, we’d have a 1-2 month period of taking calls with no idea how we’d be scored or what we needed to say to make this person happy. Our call time expectation is short than last year when we had some 30-40 less devices. Two years ago, when the Nexus and iPhone were slugging it out for top phone and not many other PDA phones were around, our call time was longer than ever. Since then, we’ve probably introduced at least 50 to 75 new smartphones capable of doing more than any laptop could 4 years ago, yet our calls are required to be more than 4 minutes shorter a call. Does 13 minutes sound reasonable to anyone for a call? I usually couldn’t even get my assurance of help until 3 minutes in.

    This isn’t even the part we hated – yeah that all sucks but the customers were the worst – yeah I just said that. People have become the most stuck up, self entiteled lunatics that expect so much from other people it’s insane. I once had a guy scream at me that I had to recover a photo. This photo was of a pot hole that he had fallen into. Full of water. Over a year ago. The gentlemen did not have the same phone, or SD card, and said it had been damaged by water and didn’t turn on anymore after he fell. So he called us. 12 months later. He had never plugged it in and never sent it over to t-mobile.com. He wanted it to show his friends and when I told him i couldnt do it, he yelled at me for 30 minutes straight.

    I wish that was unusual, but I would get berrated and abused daily. You may or may not beleive this, but I really was proud of my job and I took every call like it was my first and was ranked relatively high, even being in the top ten teams multiple times over my career. Now, T-Mobile is a joke because the customers demand the most ridiculous things (“Build a tower in my backyard or I’m suing you for false adverting” – January of 2011) and management doesn’t have the spine to tell customers “No”.

    To all the employees, I’m both very sorry for you and happy – you get a chance to do something better with folks who will apprechiate you. I no longer feel sick to my stomach every morning before work, nor do I waste my weekends anxiously waiting the time where I had to walk through those call center doors. I hope you feel the same relief come June. 

    • Guest

      Its very unfortunate the direction the company has taken. Being employed in Retail, I can see why we are continually struggling with Customer Service reviews. As you mentioned about your metrics, its the same for Retail. Forget service, its a focus on growth. We have seen Loss Prevention on “Witch Hunts” for anything and everything you could do wrong. I have seen numerous high caliber managers leave/get canned for a break down on magenta’s part for clear, transparent policy and procedures. This has led to an inconsistent customer service experience. I have been employed with TMo for 5 years, and had a family plan for 6 years. I cannot tell you how discouraging it is to see the progressive decline in overall service and customer care. Remember the good ol’ days when you could say “representative” and you wouldn’t get hung up on by the IVR? When it wouldn’t give you 15 minutes of rate plan, order status, billing details before letting you speak? I find it all to ironic that Dotson stepped aside, and now our present CEO is over all these challenging times. To be honest, TMO USA used to be the best place to perform and grow, definitely doesn’t seem the case anymore. And one final tidbit then I am done and back to delivering world class customer service, I sure as hell hope these people got a bit more of notice, at least a human, delivering the tough news rather than this bomb shell email. I will never forget the day when they just emailed us about the Merger and the incredibly class-less act. At least call a conference call or have managers deliver the news. Just goes to show you the human aspect of magenta has not been a focus since Humm took the helm. 

      • Guest 2

        Humm was brought in to sell the company. Dotson was pushed aside (quicker than originally planned) so that DT could sell the company. This is when the culture changed. Humm really destroyed the company- and the loss of all of these jobs is 100% on his head. But don’t worry- Humm will sleep just fine tonight- in his nice multi-million dollar home. Humm will drift off just fine to sleep, while the hard workers of T-Mobile fear for their daily survival. Humm really drove this company into the ground, and he should be asked to leave with no golden parachute, but rather a parachute made of lead. 

        • anilas

          I completely agree. I used to work for a tech center for t-mobile, I quit in July 2011, it was wayyy too stressful. Ever since Humm came in, there was major change and everyone felt it. I knew it was going to get worse. Thank God, I was able to get out when I did. Should have realized when Sue Nokes left, something was up. I used to love working for t-mobile. I worked for them for 8 and half years before It was an awesome company to work for, but it just went downhill very quick when DT wished to wash their hands of T-Mobile USA.

    • Benz2002

      This is an exemplary example of what really goes on that others would never know about! Thank you so much for putting it out here, and I’m sorry that some customers do not know how difficult it is to do your job. I can’t imagine having to deal with all that corporate brackish water and it is just sad to know that it would continue for the FEW that are left to shoulder the same volume of nonsense, whereas previously the same amount could have been spread out among other employees, which would have made the job a little more bearable.

    • stressed out

      Hey, at least you get 13 minutes… In Retail Support/Buyer’s Remorse Cancelations we get 280 seconds, that’s right: 4 minutes and 40 seconds (with mistransfers coming in from care about the most ridiculous things – upgrade returns and exchanges, defective warranty exchanges, to rate plan and contract disputes, to billing & credit issues that they don’t want to deal with), with a max 13.5% transfer rate (dealers call in all the time treating us like a switchboard because they don’t like pushing 1 for activations) and no more than 20% iOCR (callbacks in 48 hours for the same account for ANY reason). In Web & Telesales it’s 330 seconds. I struggled when we were customer care just to get 379 seconds. It really is all about the numbers. My MyVOC is about 5.7 when we are backskilled into Gen Customer Care, I’m thinking we are going to get backskilled more now with these centers closing. 4 customer care centers, 2 tech care, and one financial care. I am so sorry these people are losing their jobs, and I’m afraid it won’t be easy for the rest of us either. There have been so many people let go over the past year. I am just waiting for the blade on the chopping block to fall for me too.

  • john doe

    i worked for tmo for 12.5 years in the corporate office at the fsc.  I left in January of 2012 because the place was just getting toxic. No money was put into the co. from March of 2011 due to the merger announcement, and now they are trying to play catch up.  good luck to all that stay there, but I fear it’s going to get worse before it gets better. 

  • Concerned

    Who knew the energy sector was recession-proof?! Solyndra would like a word with you. David, can we get this work-from-home, be-your-own-boss spam removed please?

  • Jay Harper

    In many a protracted situation, it often isn’t the answer that kills you the most. It’s having to wait for it for so long. I was out of work for 19 months trying to find a new job. The previous one was a wonderful career that lasted close to a decade. Admittedly, I stepped down on my own having to return to my hometown to take care of a sick sibling. Regardless, it is not easy, and the intense uncertainty that it brings will ultimately become a character-building rite of passage. This, I promise you, Magenta family.

    I haven’t ever been subject to a layoff, especially something that seems to have been poorly managed in dissemination by Magenta. To all affected: I am truly sorry for what you’re having to deal with. When I read the news, I got that pit in my stomach that I had throughout most of the job search. If the moderators do not mind, if I come across any job openings that might help the Magenta family, I will post them here.To the troll with the affinity for slaughtered spelling and grammar: shame on you. I can’t imagine the sort of business you own if you can’t be bothered to double-check what you write. A job takes up so much of your conscious day, not just when on the clock. It’s on your mind quite a bit when you’re ‘offline’. When you dedicate yourself like many of the Magenta employees who have posted here, it stabs. Wanting to stay at a job for years can oftentimes mean *YOU ARE BUILDING A CAREER*. Is that so hard for you to fathom, sir? 

    Guys/gals of Magenta, one last round of thanks and appreciation. I hope you weather this and come out unscathed on the other end. 

    • EXIBITman

      Very well said and prefect grammar to you must be so intelligent .

  • Bill

    Glad to see these guys go. Didn’t know how to do their jobs anyways; every time I have a problem I’m just put on a train ride to nowhere. Good riddance.

    • Suncoast Biz

       Wow! What ever happened to empathy, Bill? Perhaps you are fortunate enough to be self-employed, like me. Perhaps not. I’m sure you would love it if people felt happy at your demise or bad fortune. What an ass!

    •  Bill, you sound like a privileged nice guy.  We’re glad you’re all set and don’t have to worry where your next paycheck is going to come from.

    • Jcj1

      clearly you are an ASSHOLE! These people work hard with the resources at hand, you on the other hand mess up your device and expect them to just hand you a brand new device without so much as doing anything to fix it. You need to learn some class

  • Mike

    It is unfortunate and sad that this has happened. My heart goes out to all the affected employees. I am as curious as everyone else that who might be next in May. I will still do my job and will remain a loyal employee. I AM T-MOBILE COUNT ON ME !  Lets not be scared and keep moving forward and hopefully we will prevail and overcome in these hard times

  • CCollision

    As if he ever implied anything like that…

  • bongbillawong

    Any new phones being released very soon from tmobile? Like SGS3, HTC ONE X OR S? Im in dire need of a new phone. No midrange phones or anything below that either.

    • lividguy

      i could care less at this point about you finding a phone…. post this somewhere else… some of us just lost our jobs, and you wont be our problem anymore. real as real gets.


    We should create a union…. T-Mobile Needs to start a UNION

    • Sg27

      Uh huh. You’ll kill off any hope of TMo being able to make a comeback.

      I should know. My old company went belly up within 3 years of unionization.

  • MikeinFL

    Many folks across this country have had to deal with job and/or pay cuts, just because the economy has been down. How is this any different? I mean, I know it sucks and all, but I’m not sure what the outrage is over.

  • Getoverit

    It is very unfortunate that many of u are losing your job, and i hope u all rebound quick in finding something new. I for one know exactly what its like losing a job from being laid-off for nearly 2 1/2 years. Yup it sucks! Not knowing how your gonna pay your bills or support your family, etc,etc really sucks. Many people are losing their jobs everyday everywhere. How and why is this so special and any different then any other jobs that are being lost out there? Your acting like u didnt see this coming. I dont even work for Tmobile and i saw this coming a year ago! U should never ever depend on anything or anyone in life! Nothing is a guarantee! Get over it! Your losing your job and now its time to make the best out of it and find something new and exciting or even start your own business! Quit whining and crying like a little b@#%* on here! Tmobile is giving u plenty of resources to help u out. Also plenty of job training that u can take advantage of and unemploymment that u can claim. Waah! Waah!

  • Mamosley

    I am a rep in one of the call centers that is closing. From the moment I showed up for my 3:30 to midnight shift to an empty parking lot which is normally full I had a feeling in my gut about what was about to happen. Until the last call I take on my last day I will not do any less than I have been doing for my customers since my first day on the phones because I take pride in the work I do no matter who I work for. With that being said, being laid off is almost a breathe of fresh air knowing that soon the all mighty metrics that T-Mobile manages to while still paying lip service to customer satisfaction will no longer be a yoke on my neck. I now have the added stress of whats next for me and my family to add to the stress of meting numbers at the expense taking care of the real people that pay the bills, customers.

    • Kalel

       It’ll feel great.  I just quit recently because I was soon going to be on my way out at their choosing.  I couldn’t push the sales and coerce people into buying things they didn’t need.  For the last 4 months I was top on my team for MyVOC and almost top in the center for January with a 5.82 MyVOC but I was told my time was coming due because of poor sales numbers.

      It’s so sad that it’s all about sales and customer service is second rate now. 

  • TmoFan

    I just want to say thank you to all the CSR that have helped me! it was you guys that have kept me with t-mobile for 8 years. im sorry that this is happening to you BUT this may look like a door is closing but this means another is about to open for you. stay positive!

  • Dreammakernga

    How does a company hire and at the same time have traning classes for new hires going on? Let natural attrition eliminate the employees that do not want to be there!
    Reason is because T-Mobile has begun out sourcing in “barely able to speak English” countries to save cost and laying off Americans.
    What a joke to think J.D.P. will be regained be frustrating customers by increasing the hold time, having the loweat talk time in the industry, being the only company unable to wrangle the iPhone and out-sourcing American jobs! Wow! Great job T-Mobile!

  • JustAnotherPerson

    Working in a call center that is closing, we found out 5 days ago like everyone else, and since then, the number of people getting terminated has increased. things people would normally not get fired for, have become a huge deal, not properly memoing accounts, not reading scripts WORD for WORD etc. things that would normally be mentioned in a coaching…. the company is not wanting to pay so many severence packages. This is bad news. I will continue to do my job just as i have been for the past 5 years… I cannot control the company of the customers, I can only control myself and my choices. i hope to last until the doors close.     

    I have had the best and worst days of my life at tmobile. my co-workers ARE my family. they know more about me then my actual blood-family does, I will miss everyone.

  • Titanftld

    BAD SERVICE, BAD PRODUCT, BAD CHOICE….. THAT’S tmo!  tmo just can’t stop ripping off people even their own employees.   Check out the “t-mobile bad service, bad products, bad choice” site on FaceBook.  Tell people the real story from the heart of the beast. 

  • t-mobile sucks!
    Once they have you sign their f88king contract, they don’t care if you are getting signal.
    If you want to get out of the contract,you have to paid them off with  $200.00 per line.

  • t-mobile sucks!Once they have you sign their f88king contract, they don’t care if you are getting signal.
    If you want to get out of the contract,you have to paid them off with  $200.00 per line.

  • t-mobile sucks!Once they have you sign their f88king contract, they don’t care if you are getting signal.
    If you want to get out of the contract,you have to paid them off with  $200.00 per line.

  • t-mobile sucks!

  • t-mobile sucks!Once they have you sign their f88king contract, they don’t care if you are getting signal.
    If you want to get out of the contract,you have to paid them off with  $200.00 per line.

  • t-mobile sucks!Once they have you sign their f88king contract, they don’t care if you are getting signal.
    If you want to get out of the contract,you have to paid them off with  $200.00 per line.

  • t-mobile sucks!Once they have you sign their f88king contract, they don’t care if you are getting signal.
    If you want to get out of the contract,you have to paid them off with  $200.00 per line.

  • t-mobile sucks!Once they have you sign their f88king contract, they don’t care if you are getting signal.
    I am not getting signal in my new office and when i call they said sorry and don’t do anything about it.  I complain for months now.
    If you want to get out of the contract,you have to paid them off with  $200.00 per line.