AT&T Points Fingers At FCC After T-Mobile Layoff Announcements

I’m a little both shocked at the way AT&T Senior Executive Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs is handling the T-Mobile call center announcement. Someone should tell this man using layoffs to point fingers at the FCC and all but accuse them of being responsible blows my mind. Lecturing the FCC by acting like everyone involved are schoolchildren reeks of amateur hour. This guy needs a wake up call in humility. For instance:

Normally, we’d not comment on something like this. But I feel this is an exception for one big reason– only a few months ago AT&T promised to preserve these very same call centers and jobs if our merger was approved. We also predicted that if the merger failed, T-Mobile would be forced into major layoffs.

Normally you wouldn’t comment? Normally I wouldn’t walk on hot coal either Mr. Cicconi. Did he really use 3300 layoffs as a “I told you so” moment? Mr. Cicconi should be embarrassed by his words and beliefs that AT&T would have kept all the same jobs. Would he really have us believe that front-line staff wouldn’t have been lost, that redundant jobs wouldn’t have been lost etc. This is horrible write-up on Mr. Cicconi’s behalf and I hope issues an apology forthwith.



Full Text:

The following statement may be attributed to Jim Cicconi, AT&T Senior Executive Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs:

“Yesterday, T-Mobile made the sad announcement that it would be closing seven call centers, laying off thousands of workers, and that more layoff announcements may follow. Normally, we’d not comment on something like this. But I feel this is an exception for one big reason– only a few months ago AT&T promised to preserve these very same call centers and jobs if our merger was approved. We also predicted that if the merger failed, T-Mobile would be forced into major layoffs.

“At that time, the current FCC not only rejected our pledges and predictions, they also questioned our credibility. The FCC argued that the merger would cost jobs, not preserve them, and that rejecting it would save jobs. In short, the FCC said they were right, we were wrong, and did so in an aggressive and adamant way.

“Rarely are a regulatory agency’s predictive judgments proven so wrong so fast. But for the government’s decision, centers now being closed would be staying open, workers now facing layoffs would have job guarantees, and communities facing turmoil would have security. Only a few months later, the truth of who was right is sadly obvious.

“So what’s the lesson here? For one thing, it’s a reminder of why “regulatory humility” should be more than a slogan. The FCC may consider itself an expert agency on telecom, but it is not omniscient. And when it ventures far afield from technical issues, and into judgments about employment or predictions about business decisions, it has often been wildly wrong. The other lesson is even more important, and should be sobering. It is a reminder that in government, as in life, decisions have consequences. One must approach them not as an exercise of power but instead of responsibility, because, as I learned in my years of public service, the price of a bad decision is too often paid by someone else.

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  • att being right is subjective……they knew they could use that humility to try and strong arm the FCC, and the owner of t-mobile has gone on record as saying he wants no part of t-mobile us and wants to sell it…….who better to buy buy a more then broken company then att……so my belief is this was the plan all along…..if they won’t let me sell it then i will break the company into something that is sellable and has no jobs left…….basically t-mobile us is being mushed into a pile of spectrum to be sold off at the owners whim….att is just the go to when it can be sold…..and they want you to know it

    • Guest

      Does anyone else see the smiley face at the bottom of this page? Lol

  • I think this guy is the only one that actually believes that all of those call centers would have been kept in the case of a merger. Any sane person would know that wasn’t going to happen.

    • Fred

       Not only would the call centers have been kept and everyone’s job at those call centers would have been guaranteed, but 5,000 foreign customer service jobs would have been returned to the U.S. as well when AT&T took over. 

      So those pink slips are all on the FCC’s hands.  Well done!  Those 3,300 customer service reps can look toward the FCC for their careless action when they’re standing in the unemployment line.  And by May, even more T-Mobile employees will face the axe per the letter yesterday. 

      • TmoNews_Inuyasha

         If you believe that, I have some property in Kansas with a nice ocean view for sale.

        • I’m investing heavily in Arkansas myself. Global warming means ocean front property. Oh yeah! :P 

      • Mr. Cocinni

        Who do you get on the phone when u call at&t? Sprint? Verizon? So don’t say at&t would have protected any ones job. At$t are not martrys here. They were greedy, and lied to the FFc about there true intentions..

      • DesTrucTioNoFsOcieTy

         I see you are still pulling these baseless statements from where the sun don’t shine.

      • Uh huh, suuure. Then why isn’t AT&T bringing those jobs back anyway? No, instead, they keep farming out more and more. You actually believe the tripe they dished out?!? Ha! Oh boy. Want some magic beans?

      • Tbyrne

        Fred, Randall, or whatever your real name is. Quit cryin wolf. You know AT&T would’ve gutted pretty much everything that was T-Mobile had you (Randall) gotten your greasy hands on the company. You didn’t so, Ha Ha! You were the kid in school who tried to fool everyone on how smart you obviously aren’t.

  • Aad4321
  • oZ

    Eat fat penises, Jim Cicconi.

  • Hurlamania

    How many jobs were lost when Cingular bought out at&t wireless?

  • Hurlamania

    Oh also at&t already had a structure in place for pay offs for employees that would lose there job due to the merger. Job loss was already factored in I’m betting it would have been more than is lost now.


    So the man is right, in this economy the last thing we need are more layoffs and the deal would’ve had those people still employed and able to provide for their families. 
    David Beren  needs to take a step back. 

    • Are you serious? You honestly think AT&T wouldn’t have laid off people? He’s the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Princess Tiny Feet


        • Hurlamania

          AT&T had a settlement in place for employees that were going to lose there job, that’s a fact jack. It would have been more than this I promise you that…

        • Magenta Man

          These T-Mobile employees all received 3 tiered packages to stay with the company. They could have chosen otherwise. Still hard to swallow, but just imagine what the Death Star would have done.

      • Gary

         Unfortunately, we can only speculate if AT&T would have laid people off.  The reality is that T Mobile is doing it. 

        • We don’t need to speculate. The two companies were talking about the reduction in costs they’d achieve if they were merged. They weren’t talking about electricity bills.

    • jonathan3579

      Ignorance is bliss, my friend.

    • ogopogo

       It is people like you that AT&T target – the uninformed. Are you serious? Do you really think that AT&T wouldn’t have laid off thousands?

    • DesTrucTioNoFsOcieTy

       So how much does AT&T pay you?

  • Schippma

    Let’s not forget Verizon is also closing three of their call centers in the United States and they are a very profitable company.

    I am truly saddened by the news of T-Mobile closing down so many call centers. Every time I call T-Mobile, I always speak with a nice representative and I appreciate all that these kind individuals have done for me over the past 8 years. I have always been one to fight for the little guy and I hope T-Mobile will be able to get back to growth long term and eventually create more jobs than what will be lost in these closures.

  • Timothy Danner

    tmonews David, you are the one who needs a lesson in humility.  I see very similar pontificating on your part.  The only difference, in this case, is that it goes against what you believe in and have been very vocal over.  (I remember you protesting those very same comments back when they were first made).

    It’s no secret you were vehemently opposed to the AT&T merger from the start.  To be fair, I didn’t want it to happen either.  Now that it didn’t happen, you’re angry that the failed merger has had negative results of epic proportions.  You thought T-Mobile would just cash the check and develop LTE on the gained spectrum.  

    Do I believe that these centers would remain open if the merger had gone through?  No one has parallel time.  While generally businesses combine redundant jobs, one has to question whether the jobs would have actually be redundant.  How so, you ask?  Simple: when you add over 20 million new customers, you’re going to need support staff for 20 million new customers.  They may have closed one or two of the call centers, and/or scaled back staffing at the locations (which is often done through attrition and simply not hiring people to replace people who quit/get fired over other means) but definitely not outright closure of 7 locations.

    This isn’t about you being shocked.  I get a sense from what you write in this article and what you’ve written in articles concerning the merger that you somewhat feel responsible for the merger failing, and are feeling a touch of guilt.  As a result, you’re mudslinging hoping to detract people from their dislike at T-Mobile over this issue to focus their anger in illogical channels.

    When T-Mobile purchased Suncom several years ago, did they close the Suncom call centers?  Were there massive layoffs of Suncom personnel?  Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe so.  Were there lost jobs?  Doubtless there were.  If the AT&T merger had gone through, would there have been T-Mobile employees out of work within 6 months?  Absolutely.  Net 1900 call center employees?  I think not.

    • Mr.Dan Hesse

      David was right always has been. You,sir,are wrong. Stop trolling!

      • Timothy Danner

        I love when people call it ‘trolling’ when you express an opinion different than the writer of the article.  Hilarious.  You, sir, are trolling assuming that your opinion is 100% correct.  Thanks for the laugh.  I appreicate it!

        • Disagreed. You are a troll.

        • Magenta Man

          Do trolls live on the Death Star? If so what do they eat? ;)

        • BigMixxx

          Dude, you’re not a troll…however, do I question your post.  

          (don’t shoot me for this people, he has a valid point…but the site is about t mobile and the things that come from t mobile).  David’s whole point here is ‘why the deuce would some dude from some other company come out and pretty much throw a finger sign at the the FCC.’

          It’s almost silly on AT&T’s part…

        • Gouv

          That’s why you need to be very analytical and objective with what you say around here if you dare take the non kool-aid drinking approach.

    • Fred

       Exactly.  David led the charge against the merger.  Now those 3,300 pink slips are on his hands too.  That’s something he’ll just have to live with. 

      • Michael Powell

        I think he would rather live with 3300 than 5 or 10 K layoffs. Beisdes TMobile could get back some of those jobs in a few.years.
        Down with the Death Star!

      • Magenta Man

        Well if he led the charge, and he helped………..He saved my job, my stores that I own, and preserved value in the wireless industry for many millions of Americans  Thanks Dave!

      • Tbyrne

        David didn’t lead the charge in anything! It was all us loyal T-Mobile customers & workers who were voicing our outrage on the acquisition in here and David agreed it would hurt everyone involved in the LONG term. This is just a hiccup toward a healthier & strengthened T-Mobile. You know just as well as everyone else in here that had the merger (acquisition) had gone through, things would’ve been much, much worse!

    • Magenta Man

      I worked for ATT Wireless when Cingular took over on November 15th 2004 (Day One was what is was called) They closed more centers and laid off more people than you could even imagine. There were ATT stores on top of Cingular stores and those ATT stores had to go. Anyone who thinks that ATT would not have terminated 10’s of thousands of customer care reps, and front line personnel, are CRAZY. This 1900 may be hard, but nothing like the Death Star would have rained down on America.

    • Magenta Man

      Quote un Quote from Cingular Wireless Managers letting employees go after the merger. “I’m sorry but your job has been surplused” , talk about cold and corporate. 

    • BigMixxx

      I, for one, was not a fan of the merger, but the right term to use is buyout.  It would not have been to my best interests financially as well as I personally don’t like what ATT does to their customers (My Mother, Father and Sister are all ATT users, and their mobile bill is MUCH higher than mine, and they don’t have near the service I have).  I believed that their was nothing stopping the merger

      If T mobile was pretty much put on hold for a year, ATT is more of the cause here than T mobile.  If a company is put in a position NOT to aggressively go after the consumer base, but go “just keep the lights on”, bad things will happen, eventually.

      Let’s say the T mobile purchase got approved.  These and more call centers and more jobs  would have been eliminated, however, the positions themselves would have remained (No job cuts) but the centers closed.  That’s the way it is…having participated in places being closed and being displaced from a place I called home for quite some time, I know the feeling (however, I do love my job and my new city…Las Vegas baby!).

      It is sad that there is job loss today.  It is also sad that call centers are now farmed out to other companies who then farm it out themselves.  But that is business.  For representative of  American Telephone and Telegraph  to say that, while it is a known fact that they have farmed out a lot of their call center and overall operations to places other than where most of American Telephone and Telegraph customers are, makes me question their motives as well.

      It is also even worse to point at one individual and say that they were wrong for showing what they believed in, and what they believe is right.  I don’t fault David for his opinion.  I do question your motive in your post.  

  • Gwapo

    Dear At&t,

    Please shut your mouth and Mind Your Own Business (MYOB),

    We are expanding their network coverage because of your help. Thanks for the $4Billion :0)

    Truly yours,
    Senit from my iPhone 4$ (still 3G)

    • Gwapo

      Sorry it should be “OUR” and not “their”

  • Jeffreygreen1315

    If that deal had gone thru there would have been more layoffs than this!

  • Mr. Phil Humm

    The rebels will destroy the death star. How’s that for thinking the impossible possible!

  • Rfgenerator

    ATT is extremely bitter and hopes to be able to make another run at the takeover if they can get a Conservative Republican in the White House who will change the makeup of the FCC and Justice Department.  The Republicans will be positioning to blame any and all job losses in this country on President Obama.  I have no doubt that Mr. Cicconi and much of the ATT power hierarchy will be working very hard for a change in the Oval Office.  This is just the opening salvo.  

  • Jodog500

    I say ATT is right. They told the FCC the merger would preserve and create jobs. T-mobile announces big layoffs and ATT says “ah ha I told you so!” ……No harm in being pissed your company paid money to attempt to merge two companies only for the FCC to make It’s final decision based on what if’s. Good job ATT.

    • So is AT&T still paying people to shill for the deal here? I’m guessing it was a fixed term contract and they didn’t expect the merger to be rejected so quickly. Correct?

    • Commander_Fury

       AT&T’s own redacted documents were very clear that tens of thousand jobs would be eliminated if the merger took place . Not that it takes a genius . The amount of overlap between the two companies is pretty incredible . If the FCC wanted to play the neener – neener game they could show AT&T to be the dishonest, conniving , unethical company that they are by bringing these documents to light . One specifically mentioned the real reason for wanting the merger was eliminating competition . Funny that AT&T didn’t go after the Dept. of Justice . The ones that scotched the merger , not the FCC ,

      BTW , I have AT&T for my DSL service . My modem went out earlier in the week & the guy that I had to deal with definitely wasn’t American . If he was my phone time could have been cut in half .

    • DesTrucTioNoFsOcieTy

      Just reading your username tells me everything about your intelligence.If you really believed AT&T would of kept all of T-Mobile’s employees after the merger then I feel sorry for your limited intelligence.

  • Jp7358

    at&t has stooped to a new low by calling out T-Mobile, if that was even possible. Their claims, “benefits”, of the buyout were proven to be false and they didn’t even need the DoJ or the FCC to do that – their leaked documents cast light on their true motivations.

    The FCC and DoJ didn’t succumb to the promise land vision that at&t professed. They knew that they competed with each other. (Both companies actually expected us to believe otherwise – yeah right.) They also knew that at&t would have laid off most of T-Mobile’s workforce over time through “synergies” and “efficiencies”. That’s what those corporate euphisims mean: layoffs.

  • PimpStrong

    “AT&T promised to preserve these very same call centers and jobs if our merger was approved.”

    So that makes 7 call centers and 3,300 jobs saved.  That’s all they planned on saving.  The other 17 centers would be GONE.

  • TMoFan

    at&t has stooped to a new low by calling out T-Mobile, if that was even possible. Their claims, “benefits”, of the buyout were proven to be false and they didn’t even need the DoJ or the FCC to do that – their leaked documents cast light on their true motivations.

    The FCC and DoJ didn’t succumb to the promise land vision that at&t professed. They knew that they competed with each other. (Both companies actually expected us to believe otherwise – yeah right.) They also knew that at&t would have laid off most of T-Mobile’s workforce over time through “synergies” and “efficiencies”. That’s what those corporate euphisims mean: layoffs.

  • sageofdata

    The US mobile market is mature, for the most part new customers are coming from other carriers and not new mobile customers (Some new mobile customers due to population growth, but not a huge amount).

    So if the merger had gone through, it would have likely resulted in a job loss as the merger would not result in an overall increase in customers just a merger of two customer bases. There will definetly be redundant positions between the two companies.

  • Good luck on getting approval on anything in the future dumbass.

    • Gouv

      Money is what truly talks, and AT&T has plenty of it.  

  • I read the first two sentences, and after the misplaced “both” and “accusing them of being responsible” I gave up. If you’re going to write articles for a website, proofread them. If you still can’t express yourself in English, I’m sure there are other things you could be doing.

  • Guest

    That is the biggest load of bullsh*t I have ever heard! This guy should be running for the republican nomination lol! Seriously…

    • Loopylogic

      Are you kidding me? How many jobs was the stimulus package supposed to create? What about hope and change? You oversell and under perform. If anything, this guy sounds like a democrat.

    • Mike576jones

      Uh…why? Cause he’s a liar? Because you’re buddy obama is so honest? Ha ha! He’s broken more promises than any president in recent memory. Remember the promise that unemployment would NEVER go above 8%? Yeah how’s that working out? How about his promises that his bill would make health care cheaper? And rates have gone up significantly already, due to the fact that insurance companies are being forced to pay for more services. (Free lunch theory applies here) How about his promise that his bill wouldn’t pay for abortions. It does. It’s been all over the news. Remember when he promised his trillion dollar stimulus would fix the economy? Yeah that worked real well. I could go on and on about his lies. Where’s your hope and change now? the only thing that’s changed is things have gotten worse. Open your eyes. Most politicians are liars. That’s how the system works unfortunately.
      -End rant

      • Loopylogic

        I applaud your great post. 

        • Mike576jones

          Thank you kind sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Lol :)

        • Guest

          Wow! You guys are freaks! I was saying that because they are all liars. If the Democrats didn’t have an incumbent…. I would have included them also. Hate to burst your bubble but all politicians are crap. Obama is slightly better than these republican nominees but he is puppet like all the others. All have hidden agendas and can’t pass anything when Congress is opposite party. It’s all useless bs

  • Commander_Fury

    I’m starting to think the main reason Jim Cicconi is trying to put this spin on the scotched merger is to deflect the attention away from the Nigerian phone scam . The FCC is rightfully suing them on this . AT&T made millions of dollars from Nigerian phone scammers  . AT&T even aided and abetted them even though they were cheating Americans out of large quantities of money .

  • fsured

    There is a lot of heat inside of people right over the announcement yesterday.  This comment by AT&T is a childish move.  By reading the comments from people posting here I have to wonder if the ones defending AT&T right now are the people feeling burned with a layoff of their team members or themselves.  Either reasoning is something justifiable but layoffs were going to happen with the “merger” also.  They just couldn’t flat out say that but come on, businesses go through mergers all the time and employee’s know likely outcomes from large scale corporations combining.

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    • Talent Acquisitions

      These positions are in Dallas, TX

  • maruichan

    Laughable how AT&T is calling this development ‘proof’ is funny because there’s no way to tell if the same would not occur had T-mobile NOT made the foolish mistake of attempting this merger in the first place. They’ve damaged their brand and have lost so many customers over it, it isn’t even funny. Customer service used to be top tier, but now they’ve sold out. Does AT&T really think it makes them look better by saying “I told you so?”.

  • Commander_Fury

    Seriously AT&T is in the news for two things . 1) Being misleading over T-Mobile layoffs and 2) Aiding Nigerian scammers in taking advantage of deaf Americans .

    Is there a sleazier company on the planet ?

    • Hurlamania


  • JoeyMagenta

    It doesn’t matter if AT&T is lying or not.  Who cares?

    There are always a lot of “what if’s” but the truth is that AT&T said they’d preserve call center jobs if the merger was approved.  They were speaking specifically about call center jobs not corporate or upper management for those who can’t read or comprehend. 

    Now that the merger was cancelled AT&T has a right to put this in the FCC’s face whether anyone believes their intent or not.  It’s a “told you so,” moment. 

  • Hrose1965

    1st let me say im not a tmobile customer anymore. i went to att over 9 months ago but i still like looking in on how tmobile is doing.  i cant see how laying off the one thing tmobile had going for them there customer service center is going to save them  where i live there are 4 tmobile stores with in 4 miles of each other and they spend thousands of dollars on each store to make it as they say customer friendly when they could put money into advertising AND JUST TO LET EVERBODY NO I DID NOT GO TO ATT FOR THE I PHONE STILL HAVE A ANDROID MY 1ST DROID WAS THE G1 AND HAD ANDROIDS EVER SINCE

    • Lucius

      Why did you leave then?

  • well he has a point albeit in a weird way .. no doubt jobs would have still been lost but perhaps not to the extent that they now will be .. i said that once this thing wasn’t approved TMO would die a slow death and then what would people who were against the deal do?  they’d still be stuck choosing another carrier.

    i still see TMO dying a slow death .. an inevitable one.  at least the merger would’ve afforded current TMO users some semblance of consistency with plans grandfathered in.

    • FTLOG

      I agree with the slow death part. I was still working for tmobile after the AT&T deal failed. I had worked for them for several years. After the deal fell through, it was obvious that they had no idea what they were doing. One minute a district mngr would say we are getting all the AT&T money so we are in good shape. Next, tehy would say they were considering closing a couple stores. Then they are re-designing stores spending a lot of $$. Then we started to feel a lot of pressure, as if the slightest mistake could mean your job, and now, closing call centers.

      When I left the company, I this month, I thought… Either they will fail, or they will will be a completely different company in a year. Seeing this, my bets on failure.

      • that’s too bad because i really enjoy (or rather have enjoyed) TMO .. prices and reasonable hardware albeit the hardware is becoming suspect.

        anyway hey if anyone is in Dallas and wants to join me for a free advanced screening of Wrath of the Titans next Tuesday register here > and ask for Deacon when you get there :)

    • Enoel69

      what u see will not come to pass…Tmo is not going anywhere. Sometimes u have to down size(be leaner n meaner) or regroup to move fwd. After last years debacle Tmo has to make moves that will position them to attain their future goal…they have to figure a way to cut expenses and save cash for modernizing their Network.

  • bubbles the cat

    Please, what a joke….I had AT&T field personnel tell me to my face they felt sorry for us because when the deal went thru they were gonna shut down the vast majority of the TMO equipment, gut the staff and re-use the spectrum…..That was the plan from the get go…….I hate what just happened because alot of good people just lost their jobs but had AT&T prevailed ALOT and I mean ALOT more would have. ATT will be broken up again just like they were before, they are getting just as arrogant and out of control as they were in the 70’s…….

  • 123wet

    What are you an idiot? Quote “but perhaps not to the extent that they now will be…” Do you think that if the merger went through AT&T wouldn’t have layed off more than 1,900 people?! You don’t think thousands of jobs in marketing, operations, accounting, loyalty, etc would be let go? I’m not even going to begin with the store layoffs since there would be numerous store closings…Yes, it’s sad that that 1,900 people will be out of work and my heart goes out to them. Business is business and T-Mobile needs to make some difficult decisions get back to growth and retain/regain more customers. Good luck as it is good for the industry and all of us as consumers even if you’re with a competitor. 

  • now_onTMO

    don’t flame me for stating this.. but some of these employees are liars, would take extreme measures just for anyone to sign up with them.. they probably got commissions or something..

    • now_onTMO

       and no.. not that im happy they got laid off..  :(

      • CactoesGel

         I agree but this statement applies to all carriers.

  • IndianBlackMix

    say what you may, but Iagree with AT&T.

    • Hurlamania

      Then your brainwashed

  • Guest

    Their’s no proof that it would have happened if AT&T had prevailed, so that being said, TMO employees are losing their jobs either way. So, if AT&T is so bad, why are they the second largest provider in the country, behind Verizon, who is also closing call centers?

    • Amelia Earhart

      It all boils down to whether you like AT&T or not. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Blank_21

       AT&T is number 2 because they bought their way there….just like buying TMO would have made them number 1.

      • Billbrows

        I totally agree.

  • Minioninnc

    I have a finger I’d like to point at AT&T, and its not the usual one that you use for pointing. 

  • CactoesGel

    David, I understand you dislike AT&T but the man has a point.  We’re talking about 1900 people losing their jobs.  The AT&T/T-Mobile merger would’ve made them the number 1 carrier.  At number 1, I don’t think they’ll be laying people off.  In fact, they probably hired more. Agree to disagree.

    • Briguydj32

      3300 jobs, not 1900. Keep in mind that 3300 people are being told they have no job in 90 days. 1300 of those positions will be spread amongst other call centers. That doesn’t mean all 1300 laid off people will relocate to another state to work as a CSR for $15/hr.

    • I can’t possibly imagine how none of you envision a scenario that they wouldn’t lay off employees, especially when they said there would be redundant employee layoffs! Honestly, this is basic business, if the FCC says AT&T was wrong and there would be layoffs and therefore denied the deal, what more kind of evidence do you need?

    •  This is not about David disliking AT&T, This is about AT&T being full of it. What do you mean: At number 1, You don’t think they would be laying people off. What planet are you from? are you for real? Lets do this, Do not take any information from this site in to account. Go use Google, or any other search engine you like. Gather facts about how AT&T has operated before. How many other companies they have bought over the years. AT&T was not too long ago the biggest cell provider. Now, when you do this find how many times AT&T “LIED” and said they would not do any lay offs, and how many times they in fact, DID. The more they grew, the more they cut. AT&T is all about the money (like most businesses are btw). Don’t take our word for it. Go do the darn research on your own. The amount of people that T-Mobile has to lay off to stay competitive is NOTHING compared to what AT&T would have eventually done. Yes, Please. Lets agree to Disagree here. But do not make assumptions or comments against David. He would never do anything biased like that.

  • Krotrash

    I work for AT&T and this attitude does not surprise me at all. The whole management team IMHO does not have a clue of leadership. They are focused on one thing and one thing at all…$$$…and Wall Street.

  • Lord Of Skyrim 55

    honestly it all comes down to tmo spending money on a network they are now changing to LTE, also when the merger talks started they stopped caring about the customers and worried more on how much money they could make to show ATT they could, also this is the final solution for tmo before they have to claim bankruptcy and ATT does buy them. Deutsche telekom  wants nothing to do with T-mobile USA, if you look into the history of philipp humm you will see he is a guy they bring in to merge with, happened in the UK and other parts of Deutsche telekom. It’s only a matter of time till tmo goes away.

  • Bob The Rebuilder

    ok, so AT&T would have saved call center jobs… But then there goes the front line employees… what a schmuck, he should keep his retarded comments to him self… I hope he gets fired and his house foreclosed then his bank account frozen… Lets bring him down to our level then see him talk crap like this…

    • Loopylogic

      Bring him down to your level, not mine. I am sitting pretty with a house, a nice car, and zero debt. 

  • colombiatulua

    You know what, If he is so worry ( Jim Cicconi, AT&T ) why he no give job to those emplyee. It is bad that tmobile let go this people.

  • Oh yeah AT&T, yup, suuuuuuuuuure… First of all, the proposed take
    over of T-Mobile by AT&T was going to eliminate WAY much MORE jobs
    than this. You also neglect to mention, ALL the T-Mobile stores that
    were near by an AT&T store would ALSO be gone. And also, the FCC and
    DOJ blocked the merger because it ELIMINATES a national wireless
    carrier from the market, and that was UNACCEPTABLE. Going from 4 to 3
    national wireless providers is just not going to fly. Not to mention
    that Sprint would have been a takeover target for Verizon afterwards.

    please, stop your whining about the FCC, and just give it a rest!
    T-Mobile’s not going anywhere and now that they’re going to roll out 4G
    LTE in the AWS bands, and since you and Verizon are also going to use
    the AWS bands for 4G LTE, that means you’ll have to compete head to head
    with T-Mobile USA.

    Because that’s what the proposed merger was
    about wasn’t it AT&T? You had deep talks with Verizon and both
    decided that you can’t deal with that competitive disruptive force, that
    is known as T-Mobile. You wanted T-Mobile out so badly because they’re a
    low cost provider, and because your devices will now be FULLY
    compatible with T-Mobile’s network.

    • CactoesGel

       So why do you think T-Mobile is struggling so much considering the low cost plans, etc?  I’ve been with T-Mobile since 02.  I have four lines.  The main reason I’m still with them is the lower cost plans.

    • Gouv

      Ohhh Fabio, you mean well but you have certainly done a great job at creating your own reality where there is likely carrier espionage and mission impossible style stunts happening at the towers where each companies respective techs are battling it out in an endless ware.  

      T-Mobile is going through a hard time.  You seem to find success in them where it does not really exist at this point in time.  It’s a business game not a fancy scene from a dramatic plot you’ve devised in your head to satisfy your understanding of the telecom dynamic.  

      I’d call you a blind and sheepish cheerleader, but I think you have way to much fun coming up with this stuff so i’m actually going to promote your slightly childish imagination.  Your vivid imagination is refreshing.

      • Hurlamania

        Fabio is more on the mark than you can imagine…
        That’s also why att is against a standard 700mhz lte

        • Gouv

          Of course they are against it.. What kind of company would they be if they weren’t?? Tmobile??

          Fabio probably still believes in the tooth fairy, let him be…

  • It pains me to hear about all of these job losses, but they do happen, especially in times of a merger. In this case, they are necessary to ensure the growth and vitality of T-Mobile.

    For AT&T to pick this as a moment to say “I told you so” really shows how childish the company really is. They don’t care about the people who are getting laid off. They only want to do what Verizon wants: consume the competition into submission so they can raise prices so they can make more money so they can control everything.

    AT&T should not only release an apology to all the T-Mobile employees that these losses touch, they also need to take a step back and look in the mirror.

    Best wishes to all those who are being affected. You really are among the best customer service representatives in the industry, even if you did have a rough year last year.

  • Lesbianlover

    Gee.  Everyone is blaming everyone else BUT T-Mobile. 

    This is clearly T-Mobile doing the laying off.  I know those who are less intelligent among us always need a scapegoat but let’s call this for what it is.  T-Mobile USA, under Humm’s leadership is cutting these jobs.  

    For the rest of you trying to make a villain out of AT&T for agreeing to purchase T-Mobile lets not forget whom put whom up for sale?  

    Who’s laying off whom again?  What’s that?  

    • CRT24

      I think everyone knows who was responsible for these layoffs as T-Mobile decided to do it, but this was more about the nerve of this lawyer from AT & T using these layoffs as an opportunity to say “i told you so” and flip the bird to the FCC and DOJ just because they made the claim that they wouldn’t cut these jobs had the deal gone through. I don’t think anyone really believes that anyone but DT is responsible for this even though it is consequence of the attempted acquisition of T-Mobile by AT & T so not sure what your point is.

    • Lord Of Skyrim 55

      You are so correct. Humm is a dealer nothing more these people need to research the information. I work for tmo in on of the centers closing, they have the option of closing out source centers but haven’t, and I promise you this if another gsm company had the money the would again try to sell tmo again. deutsch telekom loses more money on tno USA then they make. Tmobile will be nothing more than a memory in a year or two, the network is awful and they provide empty promises to customers.

      • Justamazing87

        Not true I also work for t-mobile …. Tmobile after expenses made 1.1 billion in 2011.

  • Curtis Mullins

    This is the best thing I can offer you all to make you feel better

  • Guest

    Here’s the bubble buster for AT&T’s “we’re aren’t firing anyone” – in every mall I’ve been in there are two predominant cell phone carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile. Oddly enough, I don’t see or just don’t notice as many sprint and Verizon stores. Back on track, every mall I’ve been in has a AT&T store and a kiosk in the middle somewhere, as does T-Mobile. If the merger had gone through, how likely is it that they’d need two stores inside the mall (almost always another one floating outside the mall somewhere too, like across the street) and two additional kiosks? 5 stores within a 1 mile radius just isn’t business sound. It was obvious to all of us that retail reps were going to get the shortest end of the merger stick. Looks like when that went bust the stick was handed to 3300 call center employees. 

    • JBLmobileG1

      It’s true…. down where I live there are two Tmobile stores in the mall. Well a store and a kiosk. And just a block away they have another store. Same with At&t… kiosks in the mall and two stores with one being directly across the street and the other not even a block away. I can almost guarantee that they would have closed half of those stores. This is all within a mile so I could only imagine what would have happened and the jobs that would have been lost if this merger went through. And I am pretty sure they would have shut down call centers too because they would have had one too many. Especially with At&t being in charge…. from personal experience it seems like they outsource a whole lot of their customer service representatives.

  • Bloodbond3

    In light of a recent FCC lawsuit against AT&T for playing a role in Nigerian money scams, it looks like they are trying to cover their asses by saying that the FCC has been “wrong” once and they can be “wrong” again.

  • “At that time, the current FCC not only rejected our pledges and predictions, they also questioned our credibility,” he wrote. “The FCC argued that the merger would cost jobs, not preserve them, and that rejecting it would save jobs. In short, the FCC said they were right, we were wrong, and did so in an aggressive and adamant way.”