The FCC Hits Back At AT&T, Reminds Us They Would Have Cut Jobs No Matter What

After AT&T’s tactless attack on the FCC this morning all but accused them of grossly misjudging the fortunes of T-Mobile, the FCC has fired back with their own brief statement.

In a short period of time, T-Mobile has re-emerged as a vibrant competitor in the mobile marketplace. Competition benefits all wireless consumers. The bottom line is that AT&T’s proposal to acquire a major competitor was unprecedented in scope and the company’s own confidential documents showed that the merger would have resulted in significant job losses.

The FCC’s prediction that the AT&T/T-Mobile merger would result in layoffs is in fact supported by FCC research, especially considering factors AT&T was accused of hiding in redacted documents. While one might argue that T-Mobile has yet to “re-emerge as a vibrant competitor,” the FCC is right that redacted AT&T documents showed job losses greater than the 3300 jobs T-Mobile cut yesterday.

The bottom line is that 3300 people are out of the job and while AT&T may have promised not to cut call center jobs, job cuts were bound to come from somewhere. If not the call centers, job cuts would have come from another department. Can we really say that the 1,900 people who won’t be employed by T-Mobile in three months would have been better off with AT&T at the helm?

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  • Derp Deplume

    “T-Mobile has re-emerged as a vibrant competitor in the mobile marketplace. ”

    What a load of CRAP.  T-Mobile lost 5 million customers last year and is continuing to hemorrhage customers.  

    Thanks FCC and Obama administration.  You’ve really screwed T-Mobile one good one.  Next time you want to F em at least get them drunk first! 

    • Asdf

      You’re an idiot. T mobile didn’t lose 5 million last year.

      • Junk

        You’re right, they lost 9 million.

        • Yeah, not nearly that many. Try 8 million fewer than that.

        • Derp Deplume

          Wrong idiot..

          They lost 6 million.

    • Tito

      How is the FCC or the Obama administration’s fault, again? You’re stupid. stop being a troll with baseless facts.

      Nobody is to blame but the company itself.

    • Wired_flesh

      Any customers that tmobile lost last year was due to the fact that people were jumping ship with the announcement of the possible att takeover……and if it did go through there would have been a ton more people leaving, I for one left att for tmobile in an effort to get away from the gsm Gestapo, not closer to it after I left

      • fozzy bear

        on top of its tmobile who is shooting themself in the foot, or did we forget that the owner of tmobile has said they are focusing on the uk and looking to get rid of tmobile us….a derp…

    • xmiro

      bunk… I was waiting to see where the merger would go and was getting ready to jump ship. Others just acted on that, while yet others went to where the iPhone is

    • WirelessRefugee

       Post-paid I thought it was more like 1.1 million or thereabouts

    • The FCC nor the Obama administration have any fault here. And yes T-Mobile has re-emerged as a vibrant competitor….

      – Their rate plans are low cost and affordable, keeping the other big carriers in check.
      – They are rolling out 4G LTE next year.
      – They have a great selection of handsets, including the exclusive Nokia phone.
      – They are re-farming their spectrum which will make most AT&T handsets finally compatible with the carrier.

      And the list goes on… So yes, T-Mobile has re-emerged and is competing. And yes, they are eliminating those call centers which is very unfortunate, however it is necessary for their long term goals and makes sense financially.

      And as was stated here, AT&T would have eliminated way much more jobs!

    • DarkMx2000

      They will rebound, remember Sprint?

    •  Wow, really? Where are you getting your information…? I don’t know if
      you were exaggerating in an attempt to try and be funny or if you were
      being serious, but you may want to check your numbers.

      Simple research. :)

      50,000 customers lost in Q2 2011, an improvement over the 99,000 customers that the carrier lost in Q1 2011. 60,000 lost in Q3. 700,000 lost in Q4. Do the math.

      909,000 customers total lost in all of 2011. Not even 1 million.

      For clarification, look at sites like Huffington Post, USA Today, or even good ol’ TmoNews.

      • Derp Deplume

        I’m getting my information from execs IN T-Mobile you moron.

        Now feel free to get stuffed.

    •  You must be an AT&T employee or something, check your facts. T-Mobile would be gone, GONE if the deal had been allowed to pass. They will bounce back stronger than ever.

    • T-Mobile lost X million customers because they announced they were merging with AT&T, and because they reduced the quality of their services.  Unless you’re proposing that Obama and the FCC actually proposed the AT&T deal to begin with, you’re full of it.

  • Hurlamania

    I like the fact at&t keeps shooting themselves in the foot with the FCC and the FCC hits them back. Unlike the FCC of the past.

  • xmiro

    As the opposition to the merger was going someone posted a stat, that after 10 years of mergers AT&T had 3k less employees than a decade ago. How many jobs cut is that? Thousands upon thousands

  • WirelessRefugee

    In law there’s a number of golden rules, rules that one NEVER breaks.

    One is, never piss off the Judge.

    In the acquisition the FCC was equivalent to a judge, even though there was also a Judge deciding aspects of the deal.

    AT&T is finished in Washington. I guess they know it, that’s why they simply don’t care any longer, acting all kinds of stupid.

  • WirelessRefugee

    Of course what is the most bizarre aspect to this entire matter is that three months after the books have been closed on this that AT&T is still mouthing.

    Man oh man, I guess this deal getting the axe in Washington really pissed off AT&T execs. Isn’t this great.

  • Gsm1900

    Did everyone miss that T-Mobile just announced 3 weeks ago that they were hiring over 1000 sales reps in their B2B channel?

    • Pretty much. Since people aren’t used to T-Mobile being in the B2B sector, that news was skipped over.

  • I’m glad the FCC has attacked back at AT&T and their BS! Of course there would be WAY much more jobs lost, if the merger had gone through, and more importantly, a vibrant competitor such as T-Mobile would have been eliminated.

    AT&T is just pissed off because T-Mobile is re-farming their network and launching 4G LTE on AWS and it’s going to result in making AT&T handsets fully compatible with T-Mobile’s network. That’s what has AT&T shaking in its boots.

    They’re afraid of competition.

    • ClarificationPlease

      David or someone else can you please confirm what Fabio just said.

      All new upcoming At&t 4G LTE handsets will work on T-Mobiles upcoming 4G LTE network? In all cities and markets where both T-Mobile and At&t operate?

      Somehow I don’t believe that. I think Fabio is mistaken. Can someone clarify.

      •  I’m not David but yes, what Fabio is saying is true and is public knowledge.

        – Putting 3G on the PCS bands will ensure compatibility with AT&T handsets. AT&T runs 3G on PCS and Cellular (800MHz)
        – Running LTE on AWS will ensure compatibility with AT&T handsets. AT&T runs/will run LTE on AWS and 700MHz.

        T-Mobile made the announcement that they’ll be running on these frequencies a couple of weeks back (it’s on TmoNews), and, of course, AT&T is already doing these things.

  • TMoFan

    at&t keeps trashing the regulatory agencies whose job is not to look after their interests, but the people’s. Total arrogance on their part, and not an ounce of humility. They put all their chips on black 24, but their number didn’t come up. Just let it go already.

  • Anonbater

    they lost OVER 9000 customers! Come on get real. If the at&t merger had gone through, NO way i could still afford my phone service. I know t-mobiles network isnt that great but i get what i pay for, id have to pay 3-4 times more for at&t and or verizon in my area.

    • CactoesGel

      Agreed.  I’m sure I’m not alone on this but the main reason I’m still with T-Mobile is because of he lower plans.

  • Haiquan Ma

    I read somewhere that T-Mob employees that will get the axe at closing call centers, actually has the option for transfer to call centers in states that will remain open. Also from that article, T-Mob will beef up call center staff on those said remaining offices. 

    I’d say T-Mobile, independent from AT&T is well better off doing it’s own streamlining “shots”.. than AT&T’s hand over it.

    • abc123

      This is true. However, those people looking to transfer have to reapply and interview for the positions. The center I’m in (that is staying open) is at about 1/4 capacity right now. We could really beef it up for sure!

    • jordanjay29

       Which is great for an option, but realistically it’s much less of a saving grace as you’d think. For those call center workers who are parents or whose spouse doesn’t work at a call center, finding jobs for spouses and switching schools for kids is a tough transition. Rather than uprooting the whole family for more instability, it would be easier (in the long run) for those laid off to find new jobs, even at the cost of reduced pay.

      Don’t forget about the workers who also live around extended families or attend school in the area, or have more ties in their community, churches, etc.

      Yes, it’s wonderful that T-Mobile is offering that option. It’s certainly not the ultimate fix for the the workers are all those call centers, however.

  • Jarrod

     I just read verizon was closing 3 call centers and 3,100 jobs would be cut but their wasn’t any more details. It was on VZBuzz.

  • I am so happy that I am still with T-Mobile then AT&T. 

    • Happy enough that if their prices were exactly the same as At&t or Sprint, you’d stay with them?  I wouldn’t.

      • Diana

        I would.

        I’d pay extra to stay here, to be honest. 

        I’ve been here twelve years.

  • Scarfacemario

    Hey the articles are back !

    • No kidding, stupid host issues!!

      • juanmondragon

        Hey David why are posts coming back slowly one by one and no new ones

  • Guest

    Let me perfectly frank in my opinions here. A lot of people have a lot of hate for AT&T regarding their position in the acquisition debate. What you don’t realize is that devil you have to live with is as bad as the outside devil. Ever since that goddamn German got off the plane and took the helm at T-Mobile USA it’s been a disaster. Everybody knew what that meant.
    It takes TWO parties to have decided on selling T-Mobile, and one of the two was DT. That German devil came here, acted like he cared about the employees, did a little PR stunt going from store to store, call center to call center, and then after all that, revealed his true reason for DT taking the helm of T-Mobile USA. To prepare the company for sale, which would result in massive losses of T-Mobile employees, and a higher prices for consumers across the board. AT&T might be bad in it’s intentions as well, but it’s the German devils who brought this upon us.
    Now that the government rejected the German devils quick sale strategy, they have decided to take a scorched earth policy for retribution. They are going to cut jobs, degrade customer service, degrade the company. And the funny thing , these German bastards think they’re doing the right thing. You tell me how the gutted Customer Service they created by taking what Sue Nokes had done so well, and flushing it down the toilet worked. Did that work so well? So now they add insult to injury, but just flat out closing a bunch of centers altogether. These dumb German penny pinchers misunderstand business. They can’t build the brand back unless they bring back some of their image. This is exactly what happened to Apple in the mid 90s when Jobs left. Cheapening, labor cutting, brand ruining efforts to “bring down the bottom line”.
    The bottom line is while Dotson and Nokes, etc were at T-Mobile, there was some regard for the American employees and the American customers. This German POS Humm doesn’t give a damn. And they’re about as pissed as possible that the aquisition failed and they didn’t get their $30 billion.

    • Iunasa

      Once Sue left, the company began making drastic changes. Missing Sue…

      • Dcv8675309

        Really missing the Nokes. Was lucky enough to meet her a couple of times. VERY impressive woman and very good for Tmobile. She is very missed.

    • Anonbater

      DEY TOOK OUT JOOOOBS! Come on man, American or German, has nothing to do with it. Business is business period. 

      • Guest

        Oh there’s a HUGE difference. You don’t think there’s a dramatically different culture that has developed with the German leadership than the previous Dotson/ Nokes leadership? These cold, mechanical, process oriented German dirtbags think they’re acting completely logically and precisely in how they approach what they do. Try to sell for an outrageous amount in an illegal deal, that fails, gut the company. What these German bastards don’t understand is that this is the most dynamic economy in the world because of the work culture (as well as the life culture) is different from the cold, clynical Germany. I can tell you for a fact that these dumb pieces of garbage don’t get customer service. It IS a cultural thing. They don’t understand that harmony, happiness, true customer service culture that we had. They never had that in Europe. So when they came in, it was an easy target.

        I really don’t care about the liberal one world politically correct garbage they are teaching kids in schools today about all countries being the same and all cultures being the same. They aren’t. And there used to be a time when things like imports were strictly limited to ensure trade neutrality, that foreign firms needed a majority (51%) American ownership, that outsourcing jobs was unheard of because of costs. That hasn’t changed but for anything other than 30 years of being cowed under by these goddamned internationalist free market bozos. Both Republicans and Democrats. And what do we have to thank for it? Almost no production in America, high unemployment, companies who have no vested interest in America and jobs HERE.

        • Gouv

          You need a drink….

        • UMA_Fan

          Look, T-Mobile LOST a good percentage of it’s customer base.  T-Mobile’s initial problem was just stagnant growth but has now fell to negative market share.  Blame Apple for not making a T-Mobile iPhone and customers who fled for stupid uninformed reasons.  No doubt Dotson and Nokes would be forced to do the same thing if they were still at the helm.  

          Oh yeah, and blame those profoundly ignorant people who sometimes post on here complaining about things they think T-Mobile is doing just to rip them off which they don’t even understand what they’re talking about.  All those guys posting wherever they can on the internet about how much they hate T-Mobile turns off potential customers looking to switch to T-Mobile and those guys played their part in all these people losing their jobs. T-Mobile literally doesn’t have the post paid subscribers it used to a few years ago to justify that many customer care reps.  What sets T-Mobile apart though is them paying for the outplacement support so those people can find a new job outside of T-Mobile.  That’s a lot more than Verizon did for their call center employees they just shut down.

    • Brent

      Sorry your so bitter dude, but world war II is over…

    • Gouv

      Actually the Germans are doing pretty darn good in Europe economically, they must know something about business after all lmao.  I went there 9 months ago for a work related trip and from what i saw many of them are very solid business men.  In my opinion they also have the greatest engineering management I’ve ever seen but that’s besides the point.

      You can’t blame DT for wanting to ax off this company.  It’s business model is very flawed and is having a hard time competing against larger and more expensive rival carriers.  Tmobile USA embraced a discount, value brand, high-risk customer base all their own and that weaved itself into the tmo USA culture.  This started with Dotson and your beloved Nokes.  You can blame the flex pay era for this imo, that’s what made them piss poor.  Before that they had the get more and my faves days which seemed to be the high point for this carrier.  Since they overly embraced that flexpay model crap they went down hill and then struggled to convert the entire system to postpay.  They did it to themselves, you can’t really blame the Germans because it was American leadership that had a big impact on how this company grew.  Form their delayed 3G, to risky flexpay they really dropped the ball before humm even got here.  In other words the disease started long before humm and he was likely an attempted salvage guy for DT.  

      So you can’t be mad at Humm, blame it on previous errors in judgement prior to Humm.  Sure Humm has done his damage but lets face it, look at the past and trace the starting point of the disease.

      • UglyPete

        so just because you went to germany and saw good business men, that means all germans are good business men? LOL

        • Gouv

          I didnn’t say “all” did I? I was referring to Germany as a whole economically. I was just sharing a personal experience to add to my point. Just look up the economy for yourself, it’s not the best obviously but it fares pretty well in this day and age.

    • Jamrock

      I have to agree with your post in general. Exhibit A-look what Mercedes did to Chrysler.

  • BrockJohn

    The FCC has no more ground on this issue than AT&T.  They use decades old methodology to their forward looking statements.  

    In case you forget the FCC/DOJ blessed all the mega mergers that created the Verizon’s and AT&T’s that we have today.  The only difference is that our current administration is Democratic so by nature they are not as friendly to mega conglomerates.  If the administration was Republican the FCC/DOJ would have approved the AT&T acquisition with flying colors.  Also many people forget that the FCC never voted on anything AT&T related.  They simply put out a paper stating their opinion/concerns that went viral. 

    T-Mobile is in no better condition today then they were in 2009.  I guarantee that by 2013 a large percentage of their rural markets will remain GPRS.  This vibrant competitor who just axed over 3300 jobs showed that they don’t need to be acquired to do mass layoff’s. Just leave it to their own management team to get the job done. 

  • screw the FCC .. jobs get lost everywhere who are they in pretending to give a shat about ’em .. the FCC does nothing for unemployment, they don’t give a damn about anyone losing their jobs unless it’s in a report they’re tasked to give .. for anyone to think the FCC ruled on behalf of them is just plain stupid.

    now i’m not for ATT either .. ofcourse jobs would be cut either way but i hate these corporate aholes pretending to give a damn about jobs .. none of them do .. you, me, David etc could lose our job tomorrow and none of these rich F’n pricks would care.

    sorry about the rant but it sickens me for consumers to side with these damn corporations when neither of them give two shats about you beyond a job they’re tasked to report on.

  • Frustrated and Nervous

    Sue Nokes and Robert Dotson, they may not have not made every right decision but I never feared my job with them in the house. I understand they would not have had anything ultimately to do with the yes or no on the merger but I truly feel the before during and after would have been a lot more comfortable for everyone involved. I have been with “the company” for well over 10 years and I have Never seen things so bad on so many levels. I am very nervous for my future and the futures of the truly great people I work with. Every company has it’s bad eggs and those are the ones that everyone makes a big stink about but for every bad egg I have met in this organization there are a bushel of good apples to keep things going. Good luck to those being affected by the closings of the call centers and those to come. Unfortunately I believe this is only the beginning.

  • Guest

    I fell for the people who are losing their jobs. I work for the company and I know we have some talented people we are losing. I hope some can transfer. I work in a center that’s not closing and I feel blessed to still be employed. I will say that I can see why the company is downsizing there are not as many calls coiming in and they offer to let people leave early or even a reduced schedule. Some of the call centers than are closing are very understaffed some having less than 300 reps. It doesn’t make sense for the company to keep those centers open when they can cut a few of them and fully staff others. They’re offering to relocate employees which a lot of companies don’t do. I understand some employees don’t want to move or want to put their families through a relocation or leave the life they’re comfortable with. If If I would’ve been one that worked in one of the centers closed I probably wouldn’t relocate because of my family. I give T-Mobile a lot of credit for providing options because a lot of employers don’t do that.I have worked for T-Mobile going on 8 years and I don’t think that Robert or Sue made T-Mobile I think the front kind employees did. Robert and Sue were lucky they were in T-Mobile at a time when they could attract new customers at a time when not everyone owned a mobile phone and the device lineup was pretty much the same from provider to provider. Today is a different story. T-Mobile has to compete and grow Robert was pushing the company to be Americas most highly regarded service provider but the truth id Americans will pay more to get what they want you can’t base a company on customer service only you have to invest in the network and device lineup. Robert got the company where it is now because he wantrd to focus only on customer service. Phillip Humm is in a tough position because he has to rebuild and grow the business in doing that he has to fix somethings and save money to work on the network and other parts of the business. I believe customer service is very important and I take pride in the service I provide to my customers. I know T-Mobile cares about the customer experience and I do see Phillip Humm bringi Feliceng growth and life back to T-Mobile the problem is you can’t do it overnight and you have to manage costs to use money in areas that at going to help with growth. I love T-Mobile been with the company since I was 19 and I’m going to be 27. I believe in my Co-workers and T-Mobile to get us back to where we need to be. I am T-Mobile count on me. I also want to say that you to Tmonews and our awsome customers for all of your support without customers T-Mobile wouldn’t be here.

  • Guest

    Can I just say how entertaining the public AT&T vs FCC battle is?? It’s like watching a reality TV show.

  • Cashman

    If the FCC really cared, they would force apple to bring some jobs to the US, instead of 90% of their workforce being overseas

    • Informed

      Do you have a link to back up your statement?

      • 90% of Apple’s workforce isn’t overseas. They don’t directly employ Foxconn people.

        • Justamazing87

          Them not directly employing foxconn does not get them off the hook. Apple is aware of what is going on and is okay with what happens if it continues to business with foxconn.

  • JR69

    How many more times will AT&T step on their dicks.  These people are a bunch of bafoons and makes me sad to think of the good ole’ Ma Bell she once was.  Unprofessional, Classless and Pathetic AT&T, oh and not to mention Childish. What? Are they going to hire the TMO people that just lost their jobs? I think not.

    • Brianb

       Remember this really isn’t AT&T.  SBC global was the parent company who bought Cingular who had just bought the tiny AT&T mobile company.  They then renamed themselves AT&T because it had a better name.  But of the three companies AT&T has diminished to nothing.

      So SBC is still really the “real” company.

      • For what it’s worth, at&t = SBC, BellSouth, AT&T Long Distance, and AT&T Wireless, all of which were once Ma Bell. The rest of AT&T is split across Verizon and whatever Qwest calls themselves these days.

      • DrSlong

        amen s slash, this t-moTard is smokin some ish

  • ATT4LyFe-TmoBLows

    you all are fags, ATT RULZ U ALL!!!