T-Mobile Readying Premium Handset Protection For Monthly 4G Handsets?

Chalk this up firmly in the rumor category as we’ve received two images straight from training programs for T-Mobile employees indicating Premium Handset Protection (PHP) may soon arrive for Monthly 4G devices. We don’t have any idea when or if PHP will actually arrive for Monthly 4G devices however, given the appearance in employee training, we have to assume T-Mobile is at least considering launching the feature. Coming in at $7.00 per month, Premium Handset Protection offers protection above and beyond the normal one-year warranty covering theft, damage, loss, next business day shipping and a one-time deductible per claim. Customers are typically allowed 2 claims in a 12-month period as well as receiving the ability to remotely alarm and locate phone and/or remotely lock and wipe a phone in case of loss or theft.

Any Monthly 4G customers interested in Premium Handset Protection for their phones?

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