T-Mobile Readying Premium Handset Protection For Monthly 4G Handsets?

Chalk this up firmly in the rumor category as we’ve received two images straight from training programs for T-Mobile employees indicating Premium Handset Protection (PHP) may soon arrive for Monthly 4G devices. We don’t have any idea when or if PHP will actually arrive for Monthly 4G devices however, given the appearance in employee training, we have to assume T-Mobile is at least considering launching the feature. Coming in at $7.00 per month, Premium Handset Protection offers protection above and beyond the normal one-year warranty covering theft, damage, loss, next business day shipping and a one-time deductible per claim. Customers are typically allowed 2 claims in a 12-month period as well as receiving the ability to remotely alarm and locate phone and/or remotely lock and wipe a phone in case of loss or theft.

Any Monthly 4G customers interested in Premium Handset Protection for their phones?

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  • g333nj

    No….it’s a waste of money

  • George

    My boss confirmed it in a meeting the other day. This is total crap. Why, as a sales person, would I pitch a contract phone? Subsidized cost? Ha!

    • UMA_Fan

      Well it’s NEVER been cost efficient to have post paid services when you’re talking about an individual line basis.  You put a family of five on a Value Plan and that’s cheaper than prepaid when you look at it on a per line basis.

      • Aaron Peromsik

        Not always true– it depends how many of them are heavy users of their phones. Seems to me that most often postpaid is just a bad deal compared to the prepaid options available now from multiple carriers.

        • UMA_Fan

          Assuming they are all heavy users and they go on T-Mobile unlimited talk, text, data with the 5GB throttle for each person that comes to $295 for five people.  That’s $59 a person plus taxes.  On prepaid it would be $70 per person making the same thing $350.

          The price only goes down from the $295 on contract if you factor in some of the lines only needing 2GB instead of the full 5GB monthly.

        • Aaron Peromsik

          $295 sounds like way too much for the average family to spend on the cell phone bill. Do most families really use close to 25GB of data per month? How many people really need unlimited minutes?

          One problem with postpaid is that you can’t have a smartphone without a data plan, even if you spend most of your life well within range of wifi.

          We have three active cell phones in my house, plus a couple more we keep to give the kids to use if they are going somewhere and might need to call us. They are not all on the same carrier, but the total bill is less than $100 per month.

          My line is on the 1500min/30MB/$30 plan. In some months I would be able to use more than 30MB, but most of the time I am in wifi range. Maybe some day T-Mobile will make it easier to add ad-hoc data when the 30MB runs out, but meanwhile I am using a ClearSpot for that and for tethering.

          I would consider the rumored new $15 tethering add-on only if it includes some amount of data, perhaps 500MB with option to buy more, and only if it is not a recurring charge, but can be added only in months when I actually need it.

        • me

          Where did you hear that on postpaid you MUST have a data plan if you have a smartphone? Completely not true. If you get a subsidy, yes, you do, but if you buy it outright or buy it from eBay or even T-Mobile themselves, you are free to use WiFi only. I know many people who do just that.

          You say that it seems to you that postpaid is a bad deal with the prepaid options available now.. I disagree. I’m paying $90/mo for three lines, two with data (one unlimited 4G, the other 5GB then throttled), PHP warranty on two lines, free myFaves, free family allowances, and a 15% corp discount. 500 “anytime” minutes but with myFaves and M2M that’s practically unlimited. Plus a heavily subsidized phone every 2 years. My Galaxy S II was $80 on launch week.

          Don’t get me wrong, two of my relatives are going from an old Family Time plan to one $50 Monthly4G plan and one $30 Monthly4G plan which is perfect for them. However, if you have a corp discount and know how to negotiate with T-Mobile, you can do much better on postpaid.

        • Value plans do not require a data feature.

  • Tmo_employee

    this is true we will also be adding hotpost. it was suppose to launch this pass weekend but they pushed it back 

  • Mr P

    why is it T-Mobile is making it harder for reps to even push contracts anymore? there’s more disadvantages if anything at this point with these new features.

  • Colucci619

    You are better off getting a phone on craigslist.. If you loose your phone.. Then to use T-Mobile so called handset protection plan.. I lost my GS2 since day one it had erros .. When I lost it and called Tmobile the still had my old phone on file and didn’t replace my GS2 .. FAIL!

    • UMA_Fan

      How’s that exactly?  The Galaxy S II retails for $600 off contract.  Your deductible if it’s lost, stolen or damaged on T-Mobile is only $130.  How does Craig’s List beat that?  Even paying the $7 monthly plus your deductible you’re still coming off cheaper than the retail price in a two year period.  Not to mention you get a lifetime warranty as long as you are still paying for the insurance.

      • Sd Rob 73

        OK. Deductible $130. Monthly payment $7 x 24 = $168. Total $298!
        If you lose your phone after a year, you can get that same phone $600 phone a year later for about half the price price ($300). BUT if you never lose or damage you phone you are paying $134 a year for nothing! How about saving that $7 a month, put it away and be your own protection plan.

  • UglyPete

    Come on people. It was pulled from a training video. I heard “dummy feature A” is coming to prepaid too.

  • Cashman

    Maybe I’m a little slow on this Monday morning, but I’m pretty sure that php bundle is $7.99 on a contract plan, yet they’re going to offer it to Monthly 4G customers for $7…….T-Mobile is showing that it wants to become a prepaid company since all of their best offers and prices go to the people who have no contract and could cancel at anytime without paying a termination fee

    • Prepaid options are generally less expensive…this has nothing to do with them wanting to become a prepaid company. You are trying to connect two dots that don’t exist.

    • Zelda

      All plans are typically more expensive because of discounted pricing on handsets.Thats anywhere you go that prepaid plans are less expensive

  • Ferny

    Agreed on Zelda. And it was about time for prepaid service to come up with handset protection. Customers will be flattered only paying deductible not full prices on handsets.

  • TMO

    why would people sign up for that value plan anymore, with prepaid, not only no contract but you can also add PHP at lower price. Is Tmo turning into simple mobile?

    • T-Mobile’s prepaid service is awful, apparently run by different people, with important features disabled. I wouldn’t switch to prepaid, even though I’m unhappy with the value plans.

  • Kalel

    The only reason to have PHP insurance is if you lose your phone.  If you broke your phone, it’s cheaper to call T-mobile and tell you them the phone no longer powers up and send it in.  You’ll get an out of warranty fee but it’ll be cheaper than paying the insurance deductible.  Take for instance, the Mytouch 4G is a $130 deductible for insurance claim but if you do a warranty exchange and you’re charged the out of warranty fee then your next bill will have a $52 charge on it. 

    The extended warranty for $3.99 a month is absolutely worth it but insurance is a joke.

  • Winski

    Oh, humm…that kinda sounds like Apple-Care… Oh, that’s right, this fourth-rate alledged carrier doesn’t offer ANYTHING that has anything to do with the most popular devices ON EARTH !!! Morons…..

  • EXIBITman

    I am a monthly 4G subscribers I highly recommend this service can I ad php on my exhibitor 2 . ?