(Updated With FCC Response) AT&T Issues Strong Rebuttal Statement To FCC Report, Says “Oh No You Didn’t”

Update: The FCC has responded to AT&T’s statement:

“The AT&T/T-Mobile merger would result in the single greatest increase in wireless industry consolidation ever proposed. The FCC’s expert staff dispassionately analyzed all of the facts, including the arguments AT&T rehashes today.”  An agency spokesman said the analysis mirrored findings by the Justice Department and several state attorneys general that “the transaction would decrease competition, innovation and investment, and harm consumers. In addition, AT&T’s own filings, many of which they have kept confidential, show that the deal would lead to massive job losses.”

AT&T has issued a lengthy formal response to the FCC’s release of their findings issued through a staff report earlier this week. AT&T’s response makes it undoubtedly clear they aren’t happy with the FCC or with the report being released. This response could easily be seen to border on outright anger and even goes so far as to ask whether its authors were “predisposed” in their attempts to uncover the truth. AT&T further accuses the FCC of “cherry-picking facts to support its views, and ignores facts that don’t. Where facts were lacking, the report speculates, with no basis, and then treats its own speculations as if they were fact.”

AT&T does attempt to re-argue a good number of its original points here including LTE expansion to 97% of Americans, job creation against job losses and the nature of competition. With AT&T still requiring FCC approval at some point down the road should the lawsuit against the Department of Justice swing their way, we certainly have to wonder why AT&T is declaring thermo-nuclear war on the FCC. Suggesting that FCC officials could be “predisposed” against the merger is a serious accusation and one that won’t easily be forgotten inside commission hallways.

Let’s take a look at some highlights or you can read the report here.

  • The report states, based purely on speculation, that AT&T will expand its LTE deployment from 80% of the population to 97.4% even without the merger. The report says this will occur because AT&T will be forced to do so by competition, despite documents and sworn declarations by AT&T to the contrary. To argue this, the report apparently assumes a high enough level of competition exists in rural areas to compel billions of dollars in investment. Yet the report elsewhere argues that the level of wireless competition in more populated areas of America is so fragile that the merger must be disallowed. At the very least, these conclusions show a logical inconsistency.
  • After discounting the job-creating impact of AT&T’s LTE and other investments, the report asserts that the merger will cost jobs despite public commitments AT&T has made to address this very concern, including the following:
    • Commitment that the merger will not result in any job losses for U.S.-based wireless call center employees of T-Mobile or AT&T who are on the payroll when the merger closes;
    • Commitment to bring 5,000 wireless call center jobs back to the U.S. that today are outsourced to other countries;
    • Commitment that T-Mobile’s non-management employees whose job functions are no longer required because of the merger will be offered another position in the combined company.
  • The report simultaneously discounts the capital investment necessary for AT&T to keep its commitment to build LTE to more than 97% of the U.S. population while speculating that T-Mobile will invest heavily in future years despite direct evidence, and sworn declarations by Deutsche Telekom, indicating that T-Mobile must develop into a self-funding platform due to extensive capital demands in Europe. T-Mobile has no clear path to LTE.
  • The report hinges its analysis on its characterization of T-Mobile as a critical “disruptive force” in the industry. But it fails even to mention that for the past two years T-Mobile has been losing customers despite growing demand across the industry; it has no clear path to building an LTE network; and that its parent company, Deutsche Telekom, has said T-Mobile will have to become self-funding. This failing is magnified when one considers that the report treats companies such as Leap and Metro PCS, which have gained market share over this same time period, as though they do not even exist.

Here’s the kicker:

  • We have summarized here only a portion of the infirmities we see in the FCC’s report. We would encourage all observers to read the report itself. We believe that the utter absence of balance is clear, and demonstrates that the document lacks all credibility. The decision to issue such a report that has no legal status, without a vote of the Commission, and in a proceeding that has been withdrawn, was also without precedent, and underscores that this was intended more for advocacy and to impact public perceptions. And neither is a proper basis for action by a regulatory agency.

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  • Rfgenerator

    Time to dispatch the WAAmbulance to ATT’s Corporate HQ ASAP  http://landsofkes.legendsofkesmai.com/community_files/Taishu/Waambulance.jpg

  • souggie

    Uh oh! Is AT&T talking shit to the FCC? Got some balls there Randall

  • Kha

    To: at&t,

    You mad bro ?

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        You totally don’t respect me bro

  • n900mixalot

    “Verizon and Leap trade spectrum for LTE build-out.”

    Cut the crap AT&T.

    • BigMixxx

      AT&T signs a deal with China Telecom for roaming.

  • AT&T is acting like a child because they aren’t getting there way. Grow up.

    • Anonymous

      where way?

  • Tmosucks

    I see a lawsuit brewing….guess where AT&T is going to get that 4 billion to pay tmo. Hahahahaha

    • ogopogo

      From your monthly AT&T bill.

    • fereferef

      Part of the agreement from the get go was a 4 billion dollar break up fee. Dumbass

  • Rfgenerator

    In all seriousness you can be sure that ATT will be pushing hard and be bringing to bear a lot of campaign contributions next year for a change in Administration, and consequently a change in staffing at both the FCC and the DOJ. 

  • Anonymous

    Your rebuttal statement can be the strongest EVER but your case is still weak.  Continue packing and don’t talk back as you leave.

    • BigMixxx


      Their response says absolutely nothing.  It reads like….

      My daddy said I should do it, then imma do it…

      • Plankton

        Read it again my friend.

        Cool brewed Balantine Beer!!!!!

        • BigMixxx


          an example:  ‘The report seems to discount the significant spectrum constraints faced by AT&T…’ Does not say, We hold X spectrum for X reason…

        • Anonymous

          “What spectrum?  We ain’t holdin’ no extra spectrum!”  LOL

  • Michael

    AT&T can suck my DOJ!  :-)

  • Tbyrne

    BREAKING NEWS!! Secret recordings between Randall and Dan Hesse just uncovered. Here are some excerpts:{Randall: “What the hell are we going to do now Danny?” {Dan: “Listen Randy, I told you to stay low and let Ivan & I deal with the situation but you just couldn’t keep your big mouth shut!” {Randall: “What are you talking about? This whole thing was your idea from the beginning. You promised us BIG things were going to happen when you took over Sprint and now look. This whole things just blown up in our face!” {Dan: “Why you no good…….Listen! Once we had DT in our camp, you were just supposed to wine & dine them, not make it look like a goddamn coup!”

    • Tbyrne

      {Randall: “What the hell happened anyways? There must’ve been a leak.” {Dan: “I’ve got my people looking into that right now. It could be that Dave guy from TmoNews.” {Randall: “How’s that possible. You said you had a mole inside to reign in any problems.” {Dan: “We did but The AT-L Guys cover got blown from two of their inside operatives, a Wilma Flintstone & BigMixxx.” {Randall: “Well what the hell do we do now!” {Dan: “Just relax and lay low. Ivan & I have another way around this. We’re thinking if we can share the spectrum, we can still make a killing!” {Randall: “No way! I was promised BIG money if this aquisition went through. Sharing spectrum will cost us billions!” {Dan: “We’re running out of options.” {Randall: “No. You’re running out of options!” {Dan: “What do mean?” {Randall: “What do you thinks going to happen when I come out publicly that you and Ivan orchestrated this whole thing?”  {Dan: “Just try it and see what happens. I’m Dan Hesse for Christs sake!  No ones going to believe you Randy. I mean come on! Look what you’ve done to AT&T. Your stocks goin in the toilet! //////////// More excerpts coming soon!

  • and the FCC replies: “B!TCH PLEASE”

    • Anonymous


  • Good for you, AT&T. The FCC is in dire need of being knocked off their undeserved pedestal. It’s about time someone shed some light on this crap.

    Anyone who believes an AT&T and T-Mobile merger would really make that big of a difference is just an idiot. Or working for Sprint.

    • Anonymous

      Or really you are a closed minded idiot to not see the possibility as a result. Or you just work for AT&T.

    • Dpro

      LOL are you like a troll for AT&T? The FCC needs to be knocked off their pedestal? I guess you don’t follow communications mergers much. This is the first time in years the FCC has actually stepped up to the plate and stated the purchase would be anti competitive, will eliminate jobs and create a huge corp. I have personally seen many great companies and markets destroyed by merger mania and the creation of huge conglomerates. I cannot applaud the FCC more for not just rubber stamping this proposed purchase and letting it fly.

      If you think it would not make a big difference I do have a bridge for sale you can buy. LOL
      Seriously creating one sole GSM carrier in the U.S. would make a difference. Giving two companies 75% of the market share would definitely stifle competition. Consolidating 2 companies into one would definitely cut jobs due to having to eliminate redundancy.

      That is all just off the top of head. Should I tell you about the number of retail stores AT&T and T Mobile)  that would close due to the fact they are directly across the street from each other?

      Seriously if you are not a troll pull your head out the sand and start looking around the evidence is there and its real.
      Its preposterous that AT&T would even try to call the FCC on the carpet for their report and it shows they are pretty sleazy.

    • ogopogo

      What color is the sky in your world? Since when does a government entity get placed on a pedestal? There is definitely some light-shedding going on, but not on the “crap” you think.

      Personally, I am glad AT&T did it. They have now pissed off the FCC – yeah, the same ones they will eventually need approval from. 

      Bravo AT&T, you can return back to your normally scheduled antics of screwing your customers with sandpaper condoms. Apparently @Andrew Smith is the first in line.

  • BP

    AT&T can’t make the LTE deployment argument but everything else can be made into actual facts if T-Mobile 4th quarter reports are negative.  David you are officially banned from watching BET with “Oh No You Didn’t” SMH LOL!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    They should just look to the networking sharing agreement…..ok so now att will sue the organization that can approve or deny this acquisition….do they think theyll gain approval by biting the hand that feeds them? Ridiculous

  • 20°

    Of course AT&T won’t cut jobs “after the merger”. They will do it before and so will Tmobile. AT&T tries to be tricky with wording that’s for sure.

    • Brian

      That and they say they will offer them new positions in the company, but of course they don’t say that it will be in a different state and at half or less than half of their current pay.  Thus they didn’t let them go they quit.

    • Anonymous

      you misunderstand. they won’t cut jobs in the call center. they will add jobs in the call center.

      this doesn’t mean they won’t cut sales positions, technicians, or other redundant positions that are created once the two companies are merged. not to mention closing store locations, and closing other locations (dispatch centers, corporate locations, etc), immediately flooding thousands of square feet of lease space into the market.

  • Frigadroid

    Not surprising at all. AT&T is like a monster you can’t kill them with just one or two shots. They will continue to bleed and spew puss for months. You got to go for the zombie, dracula, werewolf super kill move. It’s the DOJ’s job to stake their heart blow their head off and pump them full of silver bullets sending them back to hell!

    • Schippma

      This is the greatest analogy of AT&T yet. It made me laugh.

  • Nik

    So AT&T is mad because the FCC released their crap reasons for thinking the merger would work and then gives their own one sided, not delved into ‘facts’ (according to AT&T anyway) to support their statements… Pot:kettle there AT&T? Lolol

  • Platypus

    also to be interpreted as”

    “WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!  The big, bad government ruined our planned dominaton of America’s wireless airwaves.  Liar, liar, pants on fire.  I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.  WAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!  I want my mommy!”

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      whining worked for OWS, oh, wait, no it didn’t.

  • It’s a good thing the FCC is there to expose the truth. There are people out there who thrive on blue Death Star brand Kool-Aid who actually think this merger is a good thing.

  • todrules

    I have to say the free press alone that TMO is getting from this is outstanding. They probably never thought how “good” this was going to turn out.

    • Greg

      Outside of the cell phone blogs, I don’t think there’s really all that much press. I haven’t seen anything on the news or in the papers about it.

      • 21stNow

        The Washington Post has had an article about this almost every day this week.  They’ve also had numerous articles on the buyout ever since it was announced.  Almost every news-related post on tmonews.com has a related article in the WP.  I also see articles in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  There are plenty of news organizations that cover this.

        • I agree with that. A number of the articles I post are sourced to Reuters, Bloomberg, BusinesWeek, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. I don’t think it’s fair to say that respectable and old-school news organizations are ignoring this. They are the ones leading the charge. Most of the blogs are getting info directly from them.

  • Ms Tanya

    I sit here with my touch 4g getting full bars, while my pos work iphone is on edge.

    • ColdFeet

      I sit here at work with my HTC Sensation with full bars and “4G” that drops to no bars and “G” throughout the day while people here at work with their iPhones have great service.

      • Stakkabo

        Yet consumer reports could not reccomend the iphone sure to poor reception. Anecdotal incidence is insufficient, the actual data shows that the iphone has poor reception and always has

        • Dpro

          Excuse me that was the Iphone 4 they actually have recommended the 4S . you are reporting ancient information.

        • Anonymous

          Not on ATT… still lousy on ATT.

      • Anonymous

        I upgraded from a Sensation 4G that regularly showed erratic signal to a Galaxy S II that sticks on 4G and EDGE much more often.. go figure. That stupid battery door is the antenna thing is not such a good idea.

    • Alex24

      Well im here in LOS ANGELES in downtown on the 67 floor in the u.s bank tower with my t-mobile galaxy s2 on t-mobile with ” NO SERVICE” while my friend has a samsung skyrocket on at&t with 3 bars of 4G. And yes im typing this from her at&t skyrocket because data, calling amd texting works so she doesnt need wifi. Unlike t-mobile which craps out everywhere in the building , t-mobile only works in the lobby and 1st and second floor . Inside elevators it also craps out while at&t and verizon mantain a signal inside elevators. Thank god i havent gotten stuck or else i would probably die because t-mobile dont get signal inside elevators like at&t and verizon do.

      • Isaacrayray

        I’m sitting here with my Galaxy S 4G in the middle of the desert in bumfuck nowhere, Texas with full bars of service and 4G and 10 MBPS download speeds on 4G while my brothers AT&T iPhone 4S has no service and can’t even make calls. AT&T has such horrible network status but they rather spend 40 billion on eliminating competition instead of fixing their network. I guess there ISN’T an app for that LOL.

        • Alex24

          Well then t-mobile also has a terrible network if it doesnt work well in LA in one of the most important citys of the US. i know t-mobile does suck in LA cuz i live here obviosly o and btw my friend is getting 8-11 mbps on her skyrocket on hspa+ just like u so dont think u the only one . One time she even got 14 u dnt think at&t is capable of those speeds? Look it up in youtube there are many videos of people getting that on at&t hspa+ no wifi. Im so ready to dump t-mobile and move to at&t . I would switch to verizon because its also good but i need GSM for when i travel to spain which i go every 3 months so i will be going to at&t.

        • Isaacrayray

          I live in Houston, Texas which is a major city in the United States and most of the time I’m putting down 10-14 Mbps while my brothers iPhone 4S which is on Hspa+ never can make it past 4. AT&Ts network is so awful their flagship phone doesn’t even work right. I feel bad for him that his phone cost him so much including security deposits and monthly fee which is 20 dollars more than mine and he has such terrible service. You would have to be a silly-billy to think AT&T has good service anywhere.

        • 21stNow

          AT&T does have good service in some places.  Granted T-Mobile is faster for me than AT&T in the same spots on the same phone (but of course, not at the same time).  However, it’s not as if AT&T is slow.  The speeds are sufficient for me to surf the web.  My call quality and service is excellent on both AT&T and T-Mobile where I live (DC Metro area-MD).

        • Cindy

          Fine we get it t-mobile works great in texas there… , but i dnt know if u know that not everyone lives in texas?. .. like me i live in chicago but have family in atlanta and seattle . I have at&t and no im not a “silly billy” but i dont have an iphone i have a htc vivid and im in at&ts LTE coverage area and im getting 20-40 mbps beat that! No wifi. None of my friends on t-mobile can beat me when it comes to speed tests. And guess what? I never ever dropped a call on at&t and trust me i been all over up and down chicagoland. And i also been to ATL and seattle and have had good solid coverage with at&t. My boyfriend has t-mobile and its not that bad over here in chicago i admit he still gets decent speeds 10-12 mbps in some parts of town but we have found coverage is not as good as at&t we found theres more dead zone in chicago when we took road trips , same thing in atlanta and seattle at&t always had more coverage. So yea go figure .. coverage depends were u live! Yea t-mobile may be great in texas but in other places like chicago and los angeles like alex said its not that great ..

        • Isaacrayray

          T-Mobile is universally better than AT&T in every market that they’re both have an equal amount of towers in. LTE will of course be faster than HSPA+. That’s just a better and newer technology. AT&T still has a worse network for HSPA and HSPA+. That’s 3G and 4G since you probably don’t know the difference. I’ve traveled outside of Texas with my brother recently to Las Vegas and it was the same thing. Speeds were a little different but the results were the same. He had utterly poor service in comparison to mine when he was using a newer, more expensive phone. AT&T is garbage all around.

        • Ginnathelatina

          Alguien como isaacrayray a de trabajar para t-mobile. :P jaja aca en puerto rico t-mobile vale mierda solo at&t y claro sirven bien en toda la isla. T-mobile ni siquiera cubre toda la isla. Y la mitad de su red es edge.

        • Cindy

          U dont even know me and u say i dont even know the difference between hspa and hspa+? Of course i do :)) i been selling cellphones since 2007 ( im not saying were) i know the difference between hsdpa 7.2 mbps, hspa 14.4 mbps and hspa+ 21 mbps and hspa+ 42 mbps. I know perfectly well the difference between them. And i also know about LTE and Lte advanced . Like i know verizon and at&t dont really offer 4G speeds on LTE true Lte should get at least 100 mbps none of them offer that. LTE advanced on the other hand should offer true 4G speeds to 1 gigabit per second. And btw t-mobile is the one that went cheap when they released there 3G hspa+ network in the 1700mhz band which doesnt offer good building penetration. At&t on the other hand uses the 850mhz for 3G which is better inside buildings. So t-mobile is the one that has a cheap network that doesnt make it inside buildings no wonder they the only company that offers uma wifi calling cuz they know how much they suck inside buildings . With at&t and verizon u dont need wifi calling cuz they actually work inside buildings. So stfu cuz i know my stuff.

        • Anonymous

          There are parts of Los Angeles that ATT is terrible, such as along the coast, or in the valley. There’s some dead zones for T-Mobile, specifically downtown has always been really bad… but Downtown is gross anyways, unless you work there why go.

      • Anonymous

        Depends on the part of LA… Over near the Marina, Venice and Santa Monica I always have full reception and get higher data speeds than I see on most people. I’m used to struggling to even hear people on their ATT iphones.

        With that said, you’re also paying a lot less money for your service. ATT and Verizon are nearly $80 + more /mo.

    • liquidgraphite

      I get no reception in class on my Motorola Defy, while everyone else is texting away on their AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon iPhones.

      • Sandroid

        good, concentrate on school

  • Guesty

    “the decision to issue such a report that has no legal status, without a vote of the Commission, and in a proceeding that has been withdrawn, was also without precedent, and underscores that this was intended more for advocacy and to impact public perceptions.” ?!!!??

    The only reason att claims that is has no legal status and without a vote of the commission is because  of the the withdrawal by att. the report just states FCC’s commission findings “the facts” 

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the “Hitler Reacts” meme of the merger, it should be funny.

  • Commander_Fury

    AT&T couldn’t buy government support now they are going to play the victim card . Pathetic .

  • hatersontherocks

    Att CEO or anybody that work high up there are all haters sorry bit%& u cant get everything u want even if u have money up the butt the FCC has their right to oppose the the att merger point blank.

    • Maschwar77

      At least make an attempt to use proper English grammar.

  • TMoFan

    at&t is just throwing a hissy-fit because they couldn’t bribe this deal through. I hope their image continues to tarnish in the eyes of the public (if that’s possible) if they continue to ignore reality in spite of all the facts that are now known. They are right up there with the greediest corps.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Ok now you two, no hair pulling.

  • guest

    You may not like the T-Mobile att deal going through however att still does provide good points.
    Such as T-Mobile has been losing customers and is now completely liable for itself. Yes you may say that T-Mobile had growth due to the prepaid department but then if assets were sold to say leap wireless to make them a national carrier, then would they not play the same role that tmobilw does? Because yes they cannot get the best phones but a. Lot of it is because they are just not strong enough carriers as regional carriers but if they were to become a national carrier, then they would gain a lot more strengths plus with additions such as muve music they will continue to be the “innovators” of the wireless industry.

    • Stakkabo

      None of what you said means anything or is remotely close to a good point

      • guest

        Explain to me your reasoning why you think it makes no sense.

        Just because you do not like the deal -neither do I- it doesn’t mean that you have to see everything in att’s argument as complete blasphemy. Last time I checked the government is not perfect either.

    • Vim

      T-Mobile’s customer losses were minor until the buyout was announced. Ever since then T-Mobile has been losing post-paid customers (the most valuable kind) in droves.   They haven’t been trying very hard to keep them.  They were more competitive before the uncertainty from the buyout put them in limbo. 

      • Greg

        They were bleeding customers long before the AT&T buyout was announced.

        We’ve only had one quarter worth of financial reports since it was announced, and ironically, they actually gained some customers during that period. (Although they were mostly pre-paid)

        You are correct though in that they haven’t been trying very hard to hold on to current customers.

        • Vim

          The bleeding was a minor trickle before the buyout announcement, quite a bit less than Sprint’s, and Sprint was able to fix their problem, even without the iphone. T-Mobile’s post-paid bleeding has gotten considerably worse since the AT&T buyout announcement.


    I really dislike At&t. Funny how much bull they promise yet I doubt any of it is true. I still want to know WHY they can’t bring back the call center Jobs to the states before any buyout whether it happens or not. My only reason they haven’t done it already is because you know they will make an excuse… like we spent $39 billion and we can’t afford to bring the call centers back to the US unless you want us to raise your monthly rates. I mean it won’t even cost $39 billion to add to what they already have… and if it’s for the spectrum like they said they wouldn’t be willing to part for almost half of it. Let’s face it… they are a greedy lying company. DT needs to grow a pair and tell At&t to shove it. They may not want part in the US but if they don’t want to tarnish their look they might want to at least stick up for the loyalists. I have German blood in me and it makes us look bad when you are supporting such a Nazi company like At&t. Take pride in yourself DT and speak! Make your voice heard and take a stand otherwise you will end up like At&t.

  • Vim

    I can see AT&T dragging this out until the election in the hopes of buying itself a new President and some new Senators.  Then once there’s a new attorney general at the DOJ, and a few hostile FCC commissioners have been replaced, the DOJ will drop its case and AT&T will refile at a more sympathetic FCC.  Meanwhile T-Mobile, paralyzed by the stalled buyout, will continue to suffer..

    • Byte

      Damn you good!! But from the current crop of elephants AT&T is still fighting against the odds. Let alone that the election and any possible future Senators and FCC officials is still over a year away. And from what I get, by then the $4B will already have been paid, making tmobile usa a profitable subsidiary or autonomous company.

      F AT&T and their monopolistic appetite. It is a sick monster and needs top be broken up again.

      • Riopato

        I always thought that the $4B will go to Douche Telecom an not to TmoUSA!

  • Sandroid

    I would rather have at&t buy tmobile already so tmobile can already get the good phones and customers not have to worry about buying a phone wondering if it will be obsolete with the frequencies (and get the beloved iPhone that everyone loves). On top of that, if att cant buy them..who else will before tmobile goes bankrupt (since DT doesnt want them)?


    • Tbyrne

      Just for your information. T-Mobiles not going bankrupt.

      • Sandroid

        but i see it in the near/far future if things keep going the way they are with losing customers. Heck youre right..tmo no matter what is getting bought no matter what with any kind of company

    • So switch to AT&T. Some people prefer T-Mobile stay a great carrier rather than consolidate into a hellish and horrible escapade that will make this country hellish and horrible.

      • Sandroid

        nah..i love tmobile..but this whole acquisition deal is killing tmobile. Tmobile is a great carrier, but this whole ordeal is hurting them now with everything. I would rather it be over already. DT could care less about tmo usa customers..thats why they are doing whatever it takes to get rid of tmo usa.

  • josue cifuentes

    So after this is over google should get there checks ready and buy tmobile

    • Riopato

      Agreed! G-mobile makes a lot of sense considering how Tmo promoted Android phones as if it was their premiere touch based smart phone of choice over the iphone. I would love to see what Google can make exclusive for this company. The trifecta  of google, motorola and tmobile can literally be a triple threat to the big two carriers!

  • Lanksi

    why is At&t pissing the FCC off? dont they need to go thru them regardless in order to get approved for the merger? not a smart move on their part.

    • Ash

      ATT seeing the deal is over, might as well bitch more.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Off topic:
    Do we have CarrierIQ or not?

    • Anonymous

      CarrierIQ is not by carrier it’s the OS on the phone. So far Andriod and iOS is proving to have CarrierIQ and so Windows phone is the only still not known to have it. So its the OS you use not the phone company.

      • Lawrence of Arabia

        From what I read, CIQ is in every Att, and sprint phone. it is the carrier who decides. Vanilla Androids doesn’t have it like Nexus 1,s, galaxy, tmo G2. None of Verizons phone have it. Tmo is just not saying anything about it.
        iOS has it too as u said.

        • Hobbiteer

          I’ll guarantee the G2 has it, mostly as I have a G2 and had it on my device. 

        • Anonymous

          My bad, I responded thinking more of what OS have it. Dont know if this helps but Joe Belfiore of MSFT just confirm on twitter that Windows Phone dont have CIQ . Now I can use my HD7 in peace? Maybe.

    • Ash
  • just someone ANYONE .. please end this ish already!  get it over with one way or the other … the longer this crap stays in the news with the same gloomy tone, the worse this is for both ATT and TMO.  people are sick of reading about it .. sick of the ponying .. just make a damn decision!

  • Anonymous

    Its just funny how all of a sudden TMO is not offering great deals on phones for classic plan customers. Instead of the “deals’ they keep doing for value plans, what about classic? Last year around this time they were running BOGO, this year  zilch! At&t is running a penny sale for most phones(WP7 as far as I know) and people wory why they are loosing customers and all that. TMO claimed to run it as competitive till the merger is done but it clearly looks like they are not trying to IMO. Funny thing thing is I would gladly sign a contract for the Titan but no its on At&t. So maybe, just maybe if TMO try to get a variety of highend devices( NO,not talking about Andriod) then maybe they can stop the loosing of postpaid customers. TMO please try to compete. 

    • Dvaughn88

      Are there any “high end” devices besides androids? We carry windows and rim phones as well but they are only “high end” because of there price! Both windows and rim operating systems are mostly problematic and costly. Its really just math….the people want android and so they buy android. Its the most popular operating system on the planet for a reason…”supply and demand”. Unless your a iphone fan. Which is perfectly fine if you like a “mid range” smart phone.

      • Whiskers

        Windows phones problematic ?
        You need to share those drugs or kick the habbit,lol.
        WM7.5 may not have as many apps or be as user friendly as Android phones but one thing they do have going for them is a smooth OS system like IOS that don’t lag and copy every iphone app out there that Android phone do.
        I get awesome compliments about my HD7 from co-workers and friends who compare it to their iphones and Android phones.

      • Dpro

        Excuse me the Iphone is not exactly a mid range smart phone. While you can tout how fast some Android phones are, tests on the net when it comes down to phone against phone the Iphone 4S is proving to be an extremely fast phone. I have played with the one my father picked up and its smooth and quick and does exactly what it is supposed to.
        Oh and you can actually customize IOS5 if you want include move the widgets around set up separate folders and a host of other things.
        Android is really not superior. In fact Android is the new Microsoft windows of the 90’s . Available on lots of devices but not so tightly sewn together so it does not always function properly. The only Android worth a damn is plain Vanilla Android with no bloatware added in by a manufacturer.

        Oh but your whole ignorant statement about Iphone’s took us off topic .

        Time to get back to the Topic AT&T is just being silly and the deal is dead. The judge in the DOJ will rule against them and that will be it.

        • The Big Daddy Bear

          i find it funny how you try and say iphone is better because “you can actually customize IOS5 if you want include move the widgets around”………since when did iphone steal widgets from android? lol…….you’re “smart. s-m-r-t. smart.”

      • Anonymous

        REALLY?! Seriously?! Not even going to say anything to you as Dpro and Whiskers already did. I hope you read your comment again and see how you sound. Oh and I sure hope you dont work for TMO because it looks like you dont know anything about phones. Btw I like Windows Phone which I know for a fact that you dont know jack about.

    • Dddfdafsd

      Molten, T-Mo just had great specials at Exclusive Sub Dealer locations for Magenta Saturday 11/19 and Black Friday specifically for Classic Plans.  $100 to $150 Mail In Rebates on the hottest smartphones.  Where were you?!?!

      • Anonymous

        Did you read my comment sir?! I said I will gladly sign a contract for the HTC Titan but its on At&t!!! Not everyone is so much into Andriod. I am a Windows Phone guy and was waiting to see what they will get to upgrade my 2 lines for a high end WP7 device and the GSII for the wife but instead TMO got just the HTC Radar which is not for me using the HD7. You enjoy your $100 to$150 mail in rebates on YOUR hottest smartphones.

  • Izzybrexx

    How good would service b if in fact att wins tmo ?

    • Ash

      How good? Not good.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why they are willing to put leap more on the map just to take tmobile off? if they claim its the same then why not buy leap? they talk in circles to keep people in the dark.

    • Dfireballwow

      Who are the two major GSM carriers in the country? Think about it. Most other country in the world use GSM.

      • Anonymous

        I understand that. It’s just funny to me that they try to act like they aren’t doing what they are for the obvious reasons we can all see. they don’t want tmobile around.

  • Tmosince2003

    “Non management employees… would be offered another position ”

    Halfway across the country, meaning they won’t be able to accept it, but their job won’t count as lost.

    • Guest

      Non Management in ATT terms is hourly employees.  Management in ATT terms is all
      salaried. That means all salaried TMO employees are severanced.  I am an ex
      Cingular/ATT Emp now at TMO.  

      • Jonjay33

        So the non managment employees will lose their jobs?

    • Tmobill

      Must be how they will fill those 5000 Customer Care positions…minimum wage jobs for engineers?

  • Bruce Banner

    Stop spamming

  • Anonymous

    The FCC has called out AT&T for lying about why AT&T wants to acquire TMo and what will occur post acquisition. AT&T’s claims are almost completely false.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Exactly. Nice summary.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see that the FCC took the time to read between the LInES that AT&T was hoping to buy their way out of.  AT&T has run multiple national ads, spent millions of dollars on lobbyists, and has made several contributions to organizations to write articles flooding the media claiming job growth.  We all know AT&T’s biggest argument/myth(s) was claiming it needed T-Mobile to gain 97% coverage to all American’s and add almost 100,000 new jobs over a period of “X” amount of years.  As the FCC finds in the past 9yrs AT&T has gone through 3 separate mergers and has 3,000 fewer employees than it did 9yrs ago.  Would love to see factual evidence from AT&T to defend this information!  To bad AT&T is going to waste almost 2yrs arguing their lies instead of devoting that energy/$$$ into updating their own network.

    *  “The FCC noted that there’s no historical precedent for a merger creating
    jobs. In fact, there were 70,000 employees at AT&T Mobility in
    2002. Since then, AT&T merged with Cingular, Dobson and Centennial,
    and there are now 67,000 employees at AT&T Mobility.”

    * “Furthermore, the FCC said it’s very unlikely that AT&T would hold
    tight to its 2013 deployment decision if the merger wasn’t to go
    through, considering competitors’ 4G roll-out plans. For instance,
    Verizon plans to cover 95% of Americans with its 4G-LTE network by the
    end of 2013. AT&T wouldn’t just sit on its hands and let its biggest
    competitor maintain a much faster network.”

  • Thank you AT&T! You’ve now decreased your chances of this merger even more, that is, if you ever get passed the DOJ which I doubt. :) Don’t care who T-Mobile is sold to as long as we will have four national carriers and competition is ensured.

  • AT & just a T, hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • Toomyfriends

    Statement too FCC was to strong

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You got your “to” and “too” reversed. :)

      If you mean AT&T’s statement by the AT&T VP tot eh FCC, totally correct. I have never seen such a bizarre and petty response by a major corporation.

      Odd thing about the statement was I don’t know who AT&T thought it was talking to. Most of the public and even millions of AT&T subscribers would not see AT&T’s statement and if readers happened upon it, they would not know what the the guy was talking about or referring to.

      Very odd, extremely immature.

  • Laughing at you AT&T

    AT&T pull your head out…  You are complaining about a Federal Agency advocating on behalf of the tax payers that fund it?  The real shame is all of the other agencies that aren’t.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Way back in March 2011 one of David’s writers (Kickstar13) posed an interesting question to TMoNews readers, “Will An AT&T Acquisition Of T-Mobile Really Happen?”

    People should go back to that thread to remember who predicted what. ;)


    Here was part of my comment in March 2011. (Some people posted flames asking where I got my percentages. I said then and say now, I just pick them out of thin air. :)

    March 22, 2011: “I now say that there’s a 75% chance govt. regulators and/or Congress will NOT rubber stamp the sale. In other words, it’s not going to be easy for AT&T and T-Mobile to get this through.”

  • Jcdc98

    AT&T wants to make more money that’s why they want tmobile. No shit that’s what companies are in business to do I don’t fault AT&T for that they have obligations to stockholders. BUT tmobile will go out of business it’s just a fact they can’t keep losing customers and continue to operate there parent company has made it clear they really want nothing to do with them because all they are doing is losing money. So the people arguing that we need 4 major carriers your argument makes no sense because whether we like it or not tmobile will not stay in business at its current rate and then all those jobs will be lost not just some of them I understand we want to pay as little as possible for cell service but not enough people are willing to move over to tmobile. No iPhone and only a few real major phones a year sub par service unless u live in a major city. Facts are facts someone needs to buy tmobile why not AT&T.

  • hi boys and girls

    .Let me start off saying thank you tmonews even having this site to begin with.

    I currently work for tmobile. I will not state where, what, and how long I worked for them.

    Now this is the problem with tmobile.. Well, there really is NO problem with them. I mean, largest 4g network, cheapest plans, largest carrier or open system android phones, and probably having better call center reps than our competitors (even though they’re not from the states).

    What’s going on that there’s this amazingly easy to use, stylish looking, trendy iphone that has phenomenal customer services when you walk into apple when you have a problem with your iphone. You can’t walk into a lg, htc, Samsung, and other manufacturers retail store if your os crashes or your screen breaks.

    I think it’s what tmobile don’t gets, and just needs to accept it. I mean at&t had to accept it for tmobile sidekick era that almost had at&t go out of business. So until they can figure something out, the only think we can do is stand tall and hold on tight.

    Yes tmobile failed in opening many indirect stores that all lead into illegal business practice. Yes tmobile failed having smart access with their $150 spending limit, and then members account suspension. Yes tmobile failed with flex pay having the member paying for 2 months in advance for anything. Yes tmobile failed for having microsoft handling the sidekicks servers that failed for all most 3 months straight. Yes tmobile failed as far as advertising a price plan and end up paying more (bait and switch).

    But, no tmobile did not fail in changing USA cell companies. Even though it’s time to give up on our playground style store, even really we should be putting on our hard hats to get ready for roofs falling on us.

    I have to say, but we lost much of our motivation and if we stay unmotivated its just going to make things 10 x worst.. Yes it’s hard for us to walk into work and only have 5 activations a week knowingly we use to do that a day. But on the up and up, we are still activating 5 lines a week.

    Now I always said if you want an iphone and your OK as far as paying $150 per a line a month, then it’s going to work for you. And if you want a phone just like an iphone and can only afford $80 then tmobile should be your provider.

    The problem persist for the fact these cell phones are now more like laptops where apple is a computer company. Att customers are more loyal because apple is loyal to the customers. Att could give 2 shits, if you have a problem with the software on your iphone the Apple Store is right on first floor. Tmobile can’t say that.

    OK, now so tmonews took a survey and come to find out there’s more iphone users on tmobile unlocked than Att. Even with the edge speed. Why?? Because they are cheap in price for street value. Hey, an $200 unlocked iphone works better than $450 g2x (yeah lg makes 1000 different things so you can tell they didn’t put much focus on their phones).

    Being and having tmobile is like eating sushi everyday and the one time it’s prepare bad you may not want to eat it ever again. And lately tmobile has been preparing bad sushi. I know tmobile intentions are good, trying to mix of the taste of the recipe, but not everyone taste are the same.

    Tmobile is slowly moving towards the european taste of a cell phone company(since they are from Europe). Matter of fact, if you ask me, the question is not if tmobile USA is moving towards the european style, the real question is when. In the meantime, tmobile will take years to move all our contract customers to non contract.. That’s right, I said it, EVERYONE. Every last drop of the non business lines, that the retail store work so hard for in the pass 10 years just to be on an unlimited $50 prepaid system

    So to sum up my story is this. Tmobile USA is in for a very bumpy ride, so hold on. We are going to be look down on, so stand tall. Many days are going to look the same, so stay motivated. And structures will fall apart, but stay strong.

    H.O.P.E. = hold on pain ends
    But let’s just hope our pay check doesn’t end :/