• Thomas Brezinski

    Oh joy, so Tmo turns into a MVNO…. hum no thanks.  Every MVNO out there that I know of is very subpar.  Has to be a better solution.

    • Kha

      How does this make T-Mobile an MVNO for at&t? T-Mobile already has their own network. This plan would only benefit them. Calm down T-Mobile is here to stay.

      • Jose Rodriguez

        Basically, because the deal, or what we know of it says that T-Mobile will share available spectrum in use or not with AT&T, but AT&T will not do the same. T-mobile will share It’s spectrum while AT&T will not have to share it’s own.

      • Thomas Brezinski

        Statement was… “Under the terms of a deal, both companies would receive access to T-Mobile’s spectrum but Deutsche Telekom would maintain its T-Mobile customer base.”  Sounds a lot like AT&T runs the network and T-Mobile becomes a MVNO.  I admit it’s very unlikely.  Just the way that statement sounds.

      • guest

        Tmobile will be a MVNO,

        “Under the terms of a deal, both companies would receive access to T-Mobile’s spectrum but Deutsche Telekom would maintain its T-Mobile customer base.”

        That sounds funny to me. So Tmobile sell all its towers  and its AWS spectrum that is currently used to AT&T. (Maybe the 4 billion in cash)  The Tmobile spectrum not used is for AT&T to build out LTE .  DT just retains the customer base as it says in the article as in a MNVO.

  • This is getting crazier by the minute. Thanks for always updating us David!

    • Thanks for always reading!

  • Anonymous

    So many questions needed to be address.

  • Perfectblue

    Good questions.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Yeah can we share that Iphone you guys got 2. lol Dumb ATT

  • this may not be a bad idea.. as long as the prices remain competitive. its what should have been proposed to begin with

  • Foofighter28

    well well well my little droogies this is quite interesting

  • Somebody

    Hmm not sure how I feel about this

  • J. Williams

    This would only help T-Mobile, if they were to be paid by ATT as stated above.  It would be a good deal, if the companies maintained as is, but just shared the network.  T-Mobile could then use the 850 band, and that would greatly improve their customer base.  Would be nice…

  • Kyjeepbear

    If that’s Plan B AT&T better cough up the ability to roam on the rest of their network!

  • BP

    I don’t know how yet but I can guarantee that AT&T will work out a deal with DT. If 109 pages from the FCC doesn’t stop AT&T nothing will. We may as well get prepared now.

  • nps

    They are doing this in the UK with France Telecom/Orange.

    I mentioned this as being more FCC approval friendly a few months ago.

  • Dave Macias

    this is just like the Orange-T-Mobile joint venture “everything everywhere” but i don’t see T-Mobile beneffiting from this at all, i can iven go as far as sayign that as soon this happens AT&T might try to “acquire” T-Mobile for  “better management, better services, one company blah blah blah”.
    The Germans want out, make not mistake of that and they have already made it clear that although T-Mobile USA is still profitable is very “challenging” to maintin it according to DT.
    Well so the cards are out FCC rejected the deal, DOJ will have the hearing and most likely(hopefully) they wont buy AT&T crap and allow the joint venture, DOJ rejects the buy out/deal and block the merger, so now T-Mobile is left back to 0.
    Exclude Comcast and any other cable company to buy T-Mobile; As much AWS spectrum they have i also see an antitrust issue with it as whatever company buys T-Mobile assest will be a HELL of a company in Cable subscribers, mobile subscriber(addind cable subscribers). so that is not viable. Exclude Google too, i have said it already and Google just simply does not know how to operate a mobile divission, it would  be something new for them and a company can’t afford to jump into something new when there is not previous experience it will be a waste of precious $$$ and time for them (SAME goes for the ones that think Apple should buy T-Mobile)
    So now that we have the cards on the table what can we expect? in my opinion the following
    1)DT grows a pair and inject money to USA to invest properly on it’s american division, obviously their german strategy didn’t work here so they have to follow another picture
    2)iPhone , as much as i hate that phone make no mistake the iPhone is also killing T-Mobile USA, hipsters and college kids who just like what’s “hot” obviously will go to AT&T, Verizon or even Sprint for the iPhone, the lack of this mentioned device is also killing T-Mobile competitivity, it doesn’t matter how many Nexus Primes, Hercules with dual core and 100 MP camera they bring to their line up, T-Mobile is losing byt not having the iPhone on their line up (despite that most of their line up already beats the iPhone by a mile)
    4)Foreign investment, this is my most favorite as it brings investment to the country (and we need it) , create new jobs(we need that too!!) and the extintion of the fourth largetst carrier can be avoided and we can keep fair competition
    for instance we all agree Vodafone should sell it’s verizon Verizon Wireless stake and buy T-Mobile USA, invest in the carrier and teach American carriers how business is done, another competitors could be Orange but Orange has stated that they are not planning any expansion for now as they themself are cutting jobs! , that will leave us with Telefonica and it’s brands Movistar(very famous in Latin America) and O2 (used in Europe so far). Foregin investment can also be done if carriers like China Mobile, Docomo , Softbank or KDDI try to invest here. The japanese market is already crowded and Docomo and KDDI are already offering services here in America as MVNO (Docomo being an MVNO of T-Mobile and KDDI using Sprint but their line up is really small and it only aims at Japanese citizens as their plans cover calls to Japan.

    • Anonymous

      No, joint veture will see the creation of a 3rd company, with its own CEO and structure, that pools the towers and spectrum from AT&T and T-Mobile and run like it’s own company with the two “parents” having equal access to the network and sharing trough agreement capacity and upkeep.

      The FCC stated a merger will destroy jobs, hurt backhaul, etc and noted that AT&T merged 3 times since 2002 and they have 3,000 less employees now than in 2002.

      So there’s no buying T-Mobile at all if the regulators stick to their guns.

      • Anonymous

        It’s an acquisition, not merger.

  • hatersontherock

    Gives dt more reason to stay in the us if they wanna so call share the network just like leasing the tower pay dt so much money every year lol

  • T. Cummings

    Under this agreement, would Tmo users be able to use ATT network also?

  • Mleet1980

    Love this idea. Plan A in my book.

    • yeah they use up all tmobiles date for at&t and we get nothing but slow connections and dropped calls in return

  • Nik

    .. wow GO AWAY AT&T. You’re done. Just stop. It’s like a little kid
    who doesn’t get his/her way and just keeps trying different angles and
    asking different parents to get a different answer to get what they

  • Magenta Man

    This rumored Plan B would be a good deal for T-Mobile. Before the AT&T acquisition was proposed, Deutsche Telekom announced its intent to sell off T-Mobile’s cell towers as a way to reduce costs. “Plan B” is essentially a variation of that idea. T-Mobile could reduce the fixed costs of maintaining its network and reap the benefits of AT&T’s added coverage. The biggest downside would be that T-Mobile’s in house engineering team would likely see layoffs as a result of the reduced need for labor.

    The other potential benefit is that T-Mobile could feasibly get shared access to AT&T’s LTE network. Deutsche Telekom said it would not be worth the cost to do an LTE rollout, which is partially what prompted the sale discussions in the first place. But if AT&T foots the bill for the LTE network, and T-Mobile simply needs to lease access, it would be a big financial win for Deutsche Telekom.

    • Uncommoncents

      is it a “big win” if the fees they end up paying to AT&T for such leased access end up running them out of business 5-10 years from now?

  • Miro

    Isn’t that what Orange and T-Mobile are doing in the UK? It would help T-Mobile get access to AT&T’s towers. THey already had a joint venture on the West Coast a while back

  • Boy03892003


    • Pgknowles1

      you have awful grammar, “THEY SHOULD HAVE DID THIS FIRST!!!!” they should have done this first is what you meant, and no they should not do this. tmobile will lose spectrum and their network will become crowded and jammed.

      • Boy03892003

        Excuse me, this is a blog site not a Eng 101 Midterm Paper…. Didn’t your mom teach you if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all… Guess you didn’t listen!
        Anywho… I also guess that your an Android, Window Mobile… Whichever one of “laggers” behind Apple. Just because YOU don’t like the phone doesn’t mean THE REST OF T-MOBILE does…

        I swear you Android users….. Always putting their “Ten Cents” in about an iPhone comment when No one asked for two.

        • I think pgknowles1 was simply trying to help you look like you know what you’re talking about.

          For instance, “‘Laggers’ behind Apple?” Have you ever used an iPhone? It’s more simplistic than Android. And “Windows” Phone is not lagging. It’s simply a different operating system that is trying to play catch-up with Android and iPhone (as far as fan base goes).

          Each OS has their advantages, their disadvantages, and their ignorant fanboys and fangirls who refuse to leave their bubbles of comfort and actually try the different and the new. You’re obviously this type of person, and you’re basically insulting pgknowles1 when nothing was even remotely said about Android, only about the congestion of the network with the added AT&T usage, which is a very real reality.

          And your last statement. Welcome to the Internet. There’s another two cents for your pickle jar. :)

        • Realcool2000

          Here’s my cents…..android does everything iphone does but better, and its open to customize in a way no apple user could appreciate because apple users like being controlled and being told what they can and can’t do or just plainly don’t understand the benifits of android ( which is fine ).

          There is only one style of iphone, and then a new one comes out that is relatively the same as the last one, so iphone users just want to be like eachother with 0 individuality…..android devices have multiple styles and choices ( some suck, but what I think sucks others may like ), point is anrdoid users are individuals that appreciate choices.

          If someone likes the iphone, then great and they should get one, but don’t make believe that it is ahead of or better than an android device.

          As far as people that post about bad grammer, they just need to shut up, and get a pet so they can feel good about themselves telling something what to do and think that they r right about everything.

        • Realcool2000

          I do agree tho, that if tmo does this they will become crowed and jammed, it will be the end of tmo as we have known it for sure.

          Parent company douch telekkom, just wants a way to make money and this is one way to do it.

        • Anonymous

          well as an android user just to interject, i like the iphone. it is more stable. however, the android offerings are bigger, and faster at web surfing and downloading. also for my preference, the google apps and the the many types of apps despite the fear of malware makes the android experience more enticing to have than iphone 

    • Kha

      Why are you yelling at me ?

    • Littlesis1774

      Not seriously. If T-mobile might have a deal to let them use their 3g

  • Elder Mo

    Your kidding right? So the tmo customers, who generally have excellent coverage, few dropped calls and only a rare network not available, would now face a wide range of problems because AT&T would consume all of the capacity. I understand that smaller regional providers buy some of the excess capacity from national other carriers but were talking ATT brining on a huge number of data hungry users. Is anyone thinking at DT what this would do to the tmo market?

    • Sidekick

      t-mobile does not have exellent coverage you are crazy

      • Anonymous

        Depends on where you live.

  • Anonymous

    Ya, how about implementing European-style ‘GSM’ roaming and everybody wins? T-Mobile should be allowed to roam on AT&T, instead of caving.

  • Silk7412

    OK. Time for plan C or D or E?
    The more this go’s on the more funny it gets. What’s next? ATT selling tmobile phone for them?

  • “Under the terms of a deal, both companies would receive access to T-Mobile’s spectrum”

    So T-Mobile gets to share their own spectrum with both AT&T AND themselves. How good for AT&T. AT&T better share their stuff… not that they know how to play nice or anything.

    • HoustonSon

      There has to be something for Tmobile in it. Majority of Tmobile users don’t care about LTE , since the speeds are up to LTE mark. May be AT&T will lease their hspa+ network to Tmobile and Tmobile can develop it to run up to 42mbps or even faster and AT&T can continue building their LTE and give Tmobile access to it.

  • Anonymous

    Im asking myself that same question….how does this benefit tmobile? When i read the headline i thought this would be a two way street. If it was, id imagine that ppl would be flocking to tmo like crazy

    • TiredofATTyearsago

      I’m thinking it a) gives DT revenue that they weren’t getting before, b) gives AT&T some spectrum access, and c) will keep the relationship between the two “cozy” while they wait for a political change that might allow reconsideration of the buyout in a couple of years.

      • Anonymous

        All of what you said makes sense…..the sad thing is that this doesnt benefit tmo customers one bit. Since when does a bigger company roam on a smaller companies network? Normally its the other way around. If this network sharing deal isnt a 2 way street, its terrible……a republican in the white house wont make a difference regarding the buyout. Theres some damaging stuff in that fcc report


    Sharing spectrum and towers is all fine and dandy but do Tmobile customers also get to use At&t’s towers or are they the only ones using Tmobiles towers? I have noticed just these past two days my data connection in Las Vegas has been slow and I haven’t quite hit my 5gbs yet. If Tmobile doesn’t get anything out of the deal then what’s the point? I don’t really want my network to slow down. This sounds to me like At&t is just lazy and doesn’t like to build towers. Think about it… they have plenty of unused spectrum yet they want to buy Tmobile. Now they just want to share our towers and possibly pay Tmobile money to use them. Conclusion they want someone else to slave building the network while they pay to use it. Maybe At&t is so rich they would rather lease spectrum and towers than to build their own… especially since it doesn’t look like they are going to be able to buy them.

    • Frank

      Someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t AT&T open up more of their towers to T-Mobile roaming earlier this year?

      • CJ

        I thought you were right with that and when I go to other states I roam on ATT and do not get charged data or phone roaming charges

      • Anonymous

        If we get to use their towers, then technically T-Mobile would have the iPhone. (Not that it interests me but it sure does interest my girlfriend.)

        • Littlesis1774

          If that happens I would be a happy camper

  • Ava30319

    Bollocks to all of this. I’m more concerned about T-mobile offering a decent loyalty plan in the meantime, something similar to Sprint.

    • Alvin Brinson

      Why would I want something similar to sprint? I have unlimited talk/text and 2gb internet for $59.99/month and get to buy a phone whenever I want.

      • Realcool2000

        That’s what I’m talkin about!


    what you’re seeing happening right before your eyes is corporate face saving.

    let’s see what sticks to the walls.

    • Anonymous

      I had almost that same thought.

  • Silk7412

    Well we had a good thanksgivng gift but i can’t wait for x-mas or hanukkah present! I hope its TOV TOV TOV !!!

  • Mattcat03

    Remember this people. If PLAN B is more of an advantage for TMobile than ATT then ATT would not pursue it.

    • Guesty

      I completely agree with this. 

    • ATT is trying to catch Verizon (they not worried about TMobile ), but they need spectrum.
      Plan B would help ATT and TMobile, ATT would rather just help themselves but if they dont have a choice, then it will be Plan B, Plan B will be very good for TMobile. 

      • Aaron Tant

        the question remains, since ATT has more spectrum than any other carrier, why do they need T-Mobile to play catch-up with Verizon?

        • Because they aren’t deploying it as efficiently as T-Mobile or Verizon.

        • Aaron Tant

          So, my question remains… why buy T-Mobile when you have the supplies… it would cost less (as noted by critics and the FCC) for AT&T to just use what they have.  Since day 1, this was never about competing with Verizon, it was about NOT competing with anyone.

    • Enveed05

      Here’s the advantage to AT&T… they’re probably looking for a way to get access to T-Mobile’s spectrum to help build out their LTE without spending 39 Billion to buy TMobile USA outright, and probably to recoup something for the $4 Billion “breakup fee” or avoid it altogether… 

  • Anonymous

    This sounds very fishy.  I have a theory that ATT will find a way to screw Tmobile over.

    • Reginald Bearclaw

      As long as the agreement isn’t completely ridiculous T-mobile has way more to gain then AT&T as far as coverage is concerned. I have great service with tmobile but im sure there are areas that could stand to gain for both companies.  However I know from working for tmobile they dont let you roam consistently since they have to pay for other network usage.  Definitely talked to more then one customer who was getting their account canceled due to excessive roaming aka living in a non tmobile area.

      • Anonymous

        i thought tmobile doesnt charge you for roaming?  thats what they tell us at work.

      • Anonymous

        None of the carriers will let you roam consistently… Its even standard contract language. its actually a way to get out of a contract if you are dedicated enough. Or have the right app 0_o

      • The statement says “Under the terms of a deal, both companies would receive access to T-Mobile’s spectrum but Deutsche Telekom would maintain its T-Mobile customer base.”  

        So, T-Mobile will continue to have access to it’s own network and AT&T will have access to T-Mobile’s network.  It doesn’t say anything about T-Mobile having access to AT&T’s network.  Doesn’t sound like a good deal for T-Mobile to me.

        • Incidentally, a network sharing agreement was actually part of the terms of the agreement under the breakup fee. Both companies would have access to each others’ networks and home-on-home 2G/3G/4G roaming.

    • Anonymous

      In a completely unrelated topic, WoT is awesome.

      • Anonymous

        lol yes it is.

  • Dell can suck it

    Has anyone noticed the last several htc and samsung 4g let phones for ATT all have shipped with tmobile was bands on board.

    • Anonymous

      Yes and I’d hardly find it a convenience for us – the consumers.

  • Youngt82

    Ugh they all are just some dumb stupid ignorant people so sad smh

  • Stakkabo

    So in this scenario, T-Mobile stays in the US. I would be fine with it if prices stayed low, and all the people who said T-Mobile will be gone soon will look as silly who said the att buyout was a done deal

  • Alvin Brinson

    Well, the question does remain – what does T-Mobile get
    out of it? If AT&T pays T-Mobile for the spectrum, and then those
    profits are simply funneled back to Germany and not used to improve the
    US Tmo network, then AT&T has gotten what they want, DT gets paid,
    and T-Mobile simply becomes a shell company that merely holds spectrum
    that it has “leased permanently” to AT&T. I don’t see how this is ANY better.

  • Sidekick

    where i live theres no tmobile towers so i could use that att roaming


    This whole thing is making me think that At&t is trying to avoid paying Tmobile any fees or giving them any spectrum. It reminds me of some little kid who’s eating an ice cream cone with his friend but too stingy to share… then his ice cream drops to the floor and now he’s trying to be all buddy buddy with the other kid so he can have some of his ice cream. The more I think about it the more I hope DT refuses the idea and just sticks it out here in the US. I hope they heard the saying or should I say sayings… Good things come to those who wait… And… Sometimes you need to spend money to make money.

  • Isn’t that simply AT&T-Mobile? jk!! If we can use ATT towers for voice, let them use THREE G for Iphone, cool! (if that works, not sure)

  • Reginald Bearclaw

    When i worked for t-mobile about 3 years ago, as far as i could tell they already shared everything besides 3g and that was becuase the 3g wars had just started in America.  Now that 3g is old news they will share 3g most likely. The part that is in contention is can they and will they share hspa+ 3g with each other. If the future is anything like the past im guessing they wont share any kind of 4g.  Aka history will repeat itself and their will be LTE wars until 5G tech comes along.  BTW i dont consider anything besides LTE to be 4G regardless of what the gsm carriers say about hspa+.

    • Anonymous

      I could care less about LTE( and btw LTE is NOT 4G regardless of what you say…. by new standards of which claim all transitional 3G is 4G LTE is 4G but by old standards only LTE Advanced is 4G you can’t cherry pick sorry) HSPA+ is more efficient on the battery and can achieve great speeds if t-mobile continues what they are doing and doubles up to 84mbps even beyond that and its the network that is compatible with previous devices anyways. If t-mo and at&t shares their network and start releasing phones compatible with each other and have some cheap roaming then t-mo will be able to profit where AT&T is present.

    • Anonymous

      #1 our 3g is not compatible. #2 LTE isnt even 4g. LTE Advanced is where real 4g starts.

    • Well it’s a good thing that the definition of what is and what isn’t 4G isn’t up to you. HSPA+ can be every bit as fast as LTE, especially where T-Mobile is concerned. :)

      As for LTE and HSPA+, I’d definitely say these 4G technologies going to be around for a very long time. When both can go as fast as 600+ mbps, we probably won’t see 5G until about 10 to 20 years after the weirdos say the world’s going to end.

    • Jweimer02

      The only problem with this thinking is how t mobile’s 4g works, in reality T-Mobile 3g is there 4g at the same time, so there is no way to separate them to pick who uses what

    • Guest89

      technically LTE in america isn’t 4g under the same classifications that say HSPA+ is not 4g. It is a reclassification that allows the LTE and HSPA+ networks in America to be called 4g. Neither reaches the speeds that were previously needed to be consdiered 4g.

  • I don’t like this plan B alternative, but if there was no choice but this plan B then… This plan B joint venture can only be accepted if T-Mobile and AT&T are still competing for customers as separate entities.

  • Win Win – Told ya so!

    Lol!  This is almost exactly what I proposed a couple of days ago in the comments from this article https://www.tmonews.com/2011/11/with-the-att-deal-on-the-rocks-where-does-t-mobile-go-from-here/  therefore I believe that is is sheer genius! 

  • James Devenberg

    T-Mobile could gain access to AT&T’s LTE Network.  In fact, T-Mobile (and ATT) could start making all their phones penta-band so they operate on both companies HSPA+ networks.  Then migrate over to using just AT&T 3G bands and build an LTE network on T-Mobiles 3G bands.

  • pinto

    iff tmobile can still be tmobile, and att can still be att, i dont see this going the wrong way. share freqs and bands, share phones. it sounds like the BEST thing to happen, as you could essentially buy a device, and then choose your carrier. att’s phones will be limited to 21 hspa+ without LTE, and tmobiles devices can continue to reach up to the limit of hspa+ if they dont choose to build LTE themselves. but this will only work if tmobile can use att bands as well.

    • Aero

      Don’t see AT&T agreeing to a situation like that. They’ll lose a TON of customers who will buy their phone and run it on Tmo’s cheaper plans. They’ll keep the frequencies different more then likely for the majority of use like voice and data, but maybe other parts will be shared that are used less?

      • Giraffe

        That’s the way between T-Mobile UK and Orange…

  • I have a better Idea!  Let AT&T sell to T-Mobile USA and AT&T become T=Mobile instaed of the other way!   :-)

  • voiceofreason

    T-Mobile is generally cheaper now because their coverage lacks in many areas and their 3G/4G networks only exist in populous areas.

    With a joint venture, the networks will eventually be on par with each other, T-Mobile will then have an incentive to raise its prices (because it can) and a merger will more likely be approved now that T-Mobile is no longer a maverick.  

    All the above plus a new Republican controlled White House will mean that AT&T will eventually try to get the merger approved again under a more business friendly environment. 

    • the republicans control the white house?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… I will resist talking politics. Plus isn’t that forbidden in these blogs? Especially using Palin’s favorite word “maverick.” Yuck… I thought she and her supporters vanished, after she took their money and ran… not for office, but back to AK. :)

      In any event, that is not going to happen, a Republican in the White House.

      • Bpenning1

        Yea, you didn’t resist much

      • I agree and that makes both of us ;)

      • TMOTECH

        If you don’t want politics in here I would suggest you resist a bit more there mike. And if you think Chairman Obama is going to be re-elected you probably shouldn’t be speaking about such a heavy topic. Stick to cell phones. Leave the politics to the adults and go occupy your moms basement. 

      • Plankton

        Fool! I lost all respect for you. If you had half a brain you would be dangerous!

        And Davey boy, you are getting closer….

        I have been saying watch the other hand!!! You dont listen. It is now moving….look!!

        You will be running your iPhone5 on ATT/TMO. Providing there is no glitch.

        IOS will rock TMO as I have seen it run on a Droid and it is so much faster with no lag.

        Wake up AMerica!

  • HoustonSon

    If there is solid proof about the existence of this plan, then DOJ can use it In their lawsuit agains AT&T-mobile and Force them to go for a plan bill. AT&T and Tmobile will both remain separate entities.

  • Schippma

    I hope this means that T-Mobile and AT&T will share all their towers, as Verizon and Sprint do today. However, Verizon only allows Sprint customers to data roam on 1XRTT (basically Edge speeds). If AT&T opened its network to T-Mo in all markets, our coverage map would be as great as Verizon (or at least Sprint….. well, hopefully more like Verizon). In rural areas, T-Mobile would win by being able to talk, text, and surf while being out of a major city and AT&T would win by more reliable connections in densily populated areas. Maybe T-Mo would allow access to their high speed network in all major markets for AT&T if AT&T allows access to their 3G network in rural areas for T-Mo. However, I bet you that T-Mo will have a much stricter policy on roaming if a network sharing agreement unfolds with AT&T (just as both AT&T and Sprint do today….. Verizon could care less who you roam on but hey, I prefer to save money when I can).

    • 1XRTT is slower than EDGE and at best on par with GPRS. For a “3G” technology, it sucks a lot.

      • Ray Dull

        That’s why its not considered a 3g network, 1xRTT is a 2g technology. 1xEVDO is cdma’s 3g tech.

        • Officially, both 1xRTT and 1xEV-DO are both considered 3G technologies for the CDMA2000 path, even though carriers no longer advertise it as such.


      Even if TMO allows ATT to roam on our network they will need a compatible handset. Right now they dont have one. 

  • Dell Can Suck It

    No the new Att 4g Lte phones galaxy skyrocket, htc vivid and htc Titan shipped with the tmobile AWS bands on board and hspa 42+. ATT has a hspa14+ network. They are already on our network. Tmobile that is.

  • whiskers

    Does this mean we have to share Carly too.

  • Anonymous

    As I’ve said in previous comments. AT&T is going to get what it wants in the long run which is clearly spectrum. I think DT threw in the towel a while ago which is leading to this. I’m not surprised at all that they might try this.

  • What’s in it for us

    If ATT gets to use T-Mobile’s towers/antennas/frequencies under such a deal, then my T-Mobile PCS voice service will probably go to pot. In our market T has 20 MHz PCS and only 10 AWS (70 MHz is squatted, Thanks FCC). In other words, GSM voice/data is not crowded here and the quality is great. ATT uses 850/1900 MHz frequency for both GSM voice and 2G data with lots of users and many times it is 1/2 rate voice codec. Even worse would be if they shifted some T-Mobile PCS spectrum to their 3G/4G towers/antennas. Turn T-Mobile into a Metro by crowding us out.

  • Everything Everywhere for the USA? Depending how this is structured, this could be a good solution.  If this is effectively a universal roaming agreement between T-Mobile and AT&T allowing AT&T to use t-mobile infrastucture, and t-mobile to use AT&T’s with each company maintaining ownership of towers, and allowed different service plans, devices and rates this could be a good thing.  I think i’d still prefer an independant t-mo and AT&T but this is a heck of a lot better than a takeover/merger.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, AT&T is getting sued here in Houston, TX. Here’s the link: http://www.click2houston.com/news/Harris-County-sues-AT-T-over-leaking-storage-tanks/-/1735978/4853270/-/iifexv/-/index.html

  • Gwapo

    If Tmobile and ATT will share spectrum.. Does it mean I can get 3G on my unlocked Iphone 4s with Tmobile??

    • Ghulamsameer

      Well, the iPhone doesn’t have the bands that T-Mobile uses for 3G. You can get edge, but not 3G. Perhaps the iPhone 5 will support T-Mobile 3G.

    • Ptrk421

      It will if T-mobile customers also are able to use ATT towers. Otherwise no.

  • Gwapo

    Does it mean my Iphone 4s in Tmobile will have access to ATT 3G?

    • Anonymous

      im guessing that would seem like a likely possibility

  • Hamster

    So… would this end up being like Everything Everywhere in the UK after T-Mobile merged with Orange over there? (became a 50/50 joint venture between DT and FT)

    … Because while the brands would still be in place, the market differentiation still wouldn’t be there.

  • Wont_this_Crapola_End

    Well, maybe they are not working on a sharing agreement as this article says:

    They quote a “source” saying that “”There are currently no talks about a (network sharing) joint venture,” one of the sources said. “This would signal that they have given up. This is not the case, we’re still betting on victory, not on the second-best solution,” the source said.”

    Firstly, who is this source as it seems that everyone has a source.  Heck, it was a source that said they are looking to have a sharing agreement.  Too many sources and not enough factual information.

    Regardless of what happens, looks like this deal is squashed and AT&T will do whatever shady actions to either avoid paying the moolah or stiffle competition.  Just awaiting the next “Source-provided” tidbit to arrive next. :(

  • Hopefully along with this deal is a tower/network sharing or roaming agreement that allows for T-Mobile to fill the holes in it’s network .  There are quite a few places in suburban Los Angeles that have NO T-Mobile data coverage but have good AT&T coverage (my work phone is an Atrix on AT&T).  Even EDGE coverage would be welcome in these places.

  • Anonymous

    this actually sounds pretty good! i can get the galaxy note that i want and i dont have to be on edge :DD

  • Anonymous

    For what it’s worth…I’ve been with T-Mo for 9 years now and something’s gotta give. Get the iPhone, merge with AT&T, call yourselves AT&T-Mo, and continue to earn my business. Or, with plans and phones that AT&T, Sprint or Verizon offer you will lose customers. Haven’t they (T-Mo) already lost over 250,000 customers over the last year alone? It’s because they don’t offer the iPhone. This duopoly would be a big + to not just T-Mo customers but AT&T as well. How would people lose their jobs exactly ? With more product to offer, better plans, and more coverage…wouldn’t that mean more jobs ? And what is the FCC so worried about ? Are the FCC employees all Sprint / Verizon customers ? Let’s assume for a second that T-Mobile folds…who would acquire their towers ? Where would those customers go ? I love T-Mo but like alot of people feel…the love is fading fast !

    • James Fils-Aime

      There is abosolutely no way that two companies in the same industry can merge and still keep all their employees. They won’t need two people doing the same job in the same department/store/market. Any merger involves consolidation. It’s how business works. And I am not convinced that T-Mo is losing customers because of the iPhone. I’m inclined to believe they are leaving because of all this merger talk. Plenty of people hate AT&T so much that they would run to the other two carriers just to escape. And not many people would want to stay loyal to a company in danger of going under.

      • FALombardo

        Maybe you’re right, maybe jobs are on the line. However, so is the company as a whole. I have read a ton of articles about the iPhone and what NOT getting it has meant to T-Mobile and from what I can see it has affected them quite a bit. It truly is a shame because I do like T_Mobile but their future scares me.

        • Ptrk421

          I am a current t-mobile employee and I have seen more people leave due to not wanting to be ATT customers rather than not being able to get an Iphone. Most customers that I have come across who want an iphone typically just get an unlocked one.

  • Njfpolyr6

    Opt for plan B. so we, the customers, can use the unlock phones and use on both networks. Also we will not be bounded with contracts.

  • Or you could have a combined company with three non compatible colors, sky blue, orange and magenta!  It would be any interior decorator’s nightmare :)

  • Cker4Tech

    I like the shared networking deal a whole lot better than the merger situation.  Lets see what happens.
    Stay Thirsty my friends!