(Updated) T-Mobile Teases “Something Fun” Happening Tomorrow At Chicago’s Woodfield Mall

From ChicagoNow.com

T-Mobile is taking over the mall for a very special holiday event. Throughout the day, 100 Chicago-area women, joined by Carly Foulkes, T-Mobile’s TV spokesmodel, will be surprising audiences with a special musical performance of “Home for the Holidays.” The production, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (known for directing multiple episodes of Glee), will be filmed and posted to T-Mobile’s YouTube channel next week.

We don’t know what T-Mobile has up their sleeves, however Chicago-based customers should take note of “something fun” going down tomorrow at Chicago-land’s Woodfield Mall. Let me just say that this is one of my favorite malls and usually a great spot for companies to hold special events. We’re not sure when or if T-Mobile will follow up with another teaser telling us when and where to be but if they do, you know we’ll keep you informed!


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  • Joey

    Galaxy Nexus perhaps !! I hope so :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I liked the Galaxy Nexus a bit but after reading it’s specs, and hearing about some of it’s faults already, The GS2 is actually a much better device.  The only things the Galaxy Nexus has over the GS2 are Vanilla ICS (Which the GS2 will be getting anyway through XDA) and an HD display that’s only 720p res that wouldn’t matter on a 4.5 inch screen anyway. 

      – There’s NO SD Card Slot (Major draw back for me) on the Galaxy Nexus

      – The GS2 has better cameras on BOTH the back and secondary camera (Regardless of shooting 1080p video on a screen that you can’t see it anyway – this goes for both the GS2 and the Galaxy Nexus)

      – The GS2 has a faster 1.5GHz Dual core Processor (Which I really couldn’t care less about at the moment because they are barely using it and using it to shoot 1080p video is going to eat your SD card alive, not to mention you need a fast enough memory card to even record the data transfer at those speeds.  1080p video is a HUGE file and shooting it on a standard SD card is going to cause freezing like crazy AND possibly screw up your recording)

      – The GS2 supports Xvid/Divx/H.264 Codec video formats and FLAC audio formats on top of the video formats that the Galaxy Nexus supports.

      – The GS2 has a bigger battery than the Galaxy Nexus as well.

      – The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t support UMS for simple file transfer (Why they chose this route, I don’t know.  Hopefully this gets Addressed)

      The GS2 almost completely trumps the Galaxy Nexus.  I hope the surprise is the White GS2 as it’s the better phone.

      This all came from GSMArena’s comparison chart if you want proof.

      • Jimmy Fall On

        Basically This…  The Galaxy Nexus was outdone by the GS2 even before it came out.  Shame too, as I wanted the next Google Phone but this one with no sd card is not the move.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I honestly believe ICS may have been rushed.  It’s got quite a few issues at the moment.  ICS may be Google’s Windows Vista while Jellybean may be Google’s Windows 7.

  • Francis Blanco20

    galaxy s2 is giong to get android 4.0?

  • Rob Reder

    Hey, that’s my local T-mo store where I do all of my purchases!

  • neversay

    The white samsung gs2 :D?

  • PatheticLoser

    I know! It’s the iphone launch!


  • Watch out for Flash Mobs! ;)

  • josue cifuentes

    finally t-mobile will get the iphone….ohhh wait that will never happen -_-

    • Bigdarius

      Lol I know right if they.don’t get it by next year I’m GONE!!!!!!!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        LOL!!!  I’ll record you leaving and put the credits music from the Hulk movie on it as you walk away.

  • I highly doubt it will be an announcement of any kind. Most likely it’s just a concert or promotion of some sort. I might head out there if a time was given. 

  • JaysOn

    So this is the best way to spend marketing dollars?

  • Kha

    ooh lemme guess. More android phones.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Pretty much.

  • Anonymous

    “100 chicago area women, along with carly foulkes” 

    Please somebody record this. My guess is: a live in-person glee type performance

    • Frank

      If I can stop by there I will!

  • Youngt82

    I’ll say the white galaxy s ll

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I hope it’s this.  If so, I may be upgrading

  • Frigadroid

    Do beavis and butt head have seats on the board at t mobile?

    • Wilma Flintstone


  • Wilma Flintstone

    Ok after watching the “Teaser”, I know what it is.  It will be Carly Foulkes on a commercial with the Coca Cola Bears and they will all have the White GS2’s to commemorate the Christmas Season

  • Chel

    I saw the rehearsal at the mall today. Cute song and dance number in the center by Macy’s and Santa. There were people singing and dancing on all three levels, even in the glass elevators.

  • Davenycept

    I want

  • Anonymous

    Did part of T-Mobile UK’s marketing team come over and give T-Mo US some advice or something? lol