T-Mobile Announces #FindTheElf Holiday Contest, Win $1,000 And A Samsung Galaxy S II

T-Mobile just announced their newest promotion, the #FindTheElf Twitter promotion offering you a chance to win $1,000 and a Galaxy S II smartphone. So how do you win?

  1. Follow @tmobile on Twitter
  2. Decipher the elf’s tweeted clues
  3. Go to the correct T-Mobile store
  4. Find the elf
  5. Tweet “I found the Elf” to @TMobile using the #findtheelf twitter hashtag, this must be a public tweet and not a direct message
  6. Win (hopefully)

So how will you know which locations to keep watch on? Well T-Mobile made it easy by posting it up in the contest rules and regulations.

  • New York, New York on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
  • Los Angeles, California on Wednesday December 14th, 2011
  • Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, December 16th, 2011

During each Promotion Period a  one (1) clue will be Tweeted from the @TMobile Twitter account  about which of the T-Mobile® retail locations in that City the T-Mobile® Elf (“Elf”) presently can be found. The Elf will be wearing Holiday clothing with a T-Mobile badge.

Read the full contest rules for all the details.


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  • What’s to stop me from just tweeting “I found the elf” at them, regardless of if I found it or not?

    • Naslau

      Nothing.  But the elf will know.  And so will Santa! Naughty, naughty.

    • according to the rules: “go to that location and, in the Elf’s presence, tweet a message…”

      • Anonymous

        LOL i don’t know why i laughed at that but lol

  • Guest

    So this contest is a pointless waste of time for 99.9% of the country who doesn’t live in one of those cities. Nice. 

    • Thompc82

      Considering the populations of those three cities im pretty sure it covers more than the .001 % that you’re implying..use your math grasshopper…lol

      • Bratty

        I think YOU need to use your math genius. Look closely at what he wrote and then your reply. Once you figure it out, slap yourself.

        • Anonymous

          YOU need to reread it. His comment doesnt even make sense

  • JaysOn

    This is ridiculous.  First off as other commentors posted, its just in a few cities.  Secondly, if anyone walks into that Tmobile store without following twitter, won’t they find it?  Its pointless …these are all big cities – your chance of being the first one to find the elf are minuscule – unless you are right near a Tmobile store.

  • Anonymous

    i already won, my friend is gonna be the elf in my location and he told me when to be in the store. nice.

    • Anonymous

      < I so wanna punch you with this fist right now.

      • Anonymous


    • Wilma Flintstone

      I found the Elf!!!  Too late, I already got this one.

  • $1000 says he’s not in Pocatello, Idaho…

  • wildside84

    Off topic, but…is it me or does the road map for upcoming devices look bleak? 

    • Anonymous

      Ya know what?  Everything on the 2011 map has been released so I wonder what could be coming in early 2012.

      Hopefully a couple more MyTouches.  Cuz that’s just what we need.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        TIZEN IS!!!  I’m getting the SDK in Q1 2012 as soon as it releases!!!  TIZEN = the HTML5 Newly Evolved MEEGO!!!  WOOHOO!!! And this time, Samsung is coop with Intel so I know we’ll see a few devices!!!  Can’t Wait!!!  Hoping for some TMO Tizen Love

      • Anonymous

        The white gs2 hasn’t been released. Nor a galaxy nexus(hopeful thinking).

    • Anonymous

      On another part this blog,someone who claims that works for Tmob,wrote that G-3 is suppose to becoming out Jan. Me,am not watitng going down to Walmart,getting one of three,GS2,MyT
      4gside,or HTC Amaze. Plus I will get my $100.Walmart gift card! Take that Tmob! Everyone else is selling your phones for less! But you don’t! Makes no sense!

  • Scurvy

    Cool so only tmobile customers in those cities even have a chance.

    thats pretty awesome

  • Anonymous

    but I don’t tweet so…

    • Frigadroid

      Typical Tmobile promo another one for the birds. Why can’t they just have a number we all can text?

  • Stu

    Nice. A promotion where 99% of the country has no freaking chance. Good job TMO!

  • Anonymous

    Well at least it one in NYC. No KC?!! Gee so upsetting! No I don’t tweet either! How many customers does Tmobile have in these 3 city’s? Ok they suppose to have 33million give or take few 100,000 or so. So let say maybe 1/3 or more in these 3 locations. It would be better if they just
    had it where everyone had fair chance to win! Maybe calling a 800# being ask questions,maybe like 10 of them you have get all 10right. They could of have 2nd,and 3rd place prize’s,maybe one of the midrange phones for free without the free service,or maybe 1month -3months of free service. Just saying,Tmobile this is not brain surgery! If this is best you guys can do,then you do deserve to be
    taken over!

  • Joel_ Axel

    why cant it be on other cities :(

  • Wilma Flintstone

    FINALLY a TMobile competition in Atlanta!!!  Woohoo!!!  I’m just going to have to make a Twitter account because there is no way around entering these Tmobile competitions other than from Twitter.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Also, why does he look Green Screened in the commercial?  Kinda odd

  • Ssaraboo1

    where the elf

  • Cool contest… I should really join this contest; I want to win $1,000 and Samsung Galaxy S II (fingers cross). This is really exciting. :)

  • But nobody is concerned that they used an AT&T SGSII in the top right picture?

  • Too bad everybody don’t live in those 3 cities -________-