FCC Releases Report Blasting AT&T Claims About T-Mobile Deal Benefits

Just as the FCC promised to do earlier in the day when they revealed their decision to allow AT&T and T-Mobile to withdraw their FCC application, they have released their official findings and review of the deal. To say it isn’t positive for AT&T overall would be putting it mildly. For example, a key point from AT&T was about job creation…the FCC review discovers that in 2002 AT&T had 70,000 employees, after three mergers their staff size is now 67,000.

Let’s look at some more choice quotes from the 109 page document.

“The concentration levels and increases arising from AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile are a strong indicator of harm to competition — and in antitrust analysis trigger a presumption of such harm — for good reason…In addition, our record contains evidence concerning particular potential harms arising from the potential loss of competition in the provision of roaming, wholesale and resale, and backhaul services, as well as the development and sale of new handsets and devices.”

Oh but wait, there’s more:

In the report, the staff finds that the transaction, which would result in the top two wireless providers having a market share of approximately 75 percent, would substantially lessen competition and its accompanying innovation, investment, and consumer price and service benefits, thus undermining key goals of the Communications Act. Indeed, the staff notes that the unprecedented increase in market concentration that would result from this merger triggers the Commission’s screening tests for possible anti-competitive effects in a large number of local wireless markets.

It’s just getting started:

“The competitive concerns arising from the increased levels of concentration that this transaction would cause are exacerbated by the role that T-Mobile plays in wireless industry competition. T-Mobile has a history of disruptive competitive conduct that has continued at least up to the time the transaction with AT&T was negotiated. This transaction would result in the elimination of this competitive force from the wireless marketplace.”

Experts have discussed the possibility that AT&T can try and present a new proposal to the FCC and the Department of Justice. However, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski indicated on Tuesday that he would new attempts at a merger to be met with similar concerns as express in the FCC’s first review.

“Our review of this merger has had a clear focus: fostering a competitive market that drives innovation, promotes investment, encourages job creation, and protects consumers,” Genachowski said in a statement. “These goals will remain the focus if any future merger application is filed.”

The FCC clearly indicates in this report that a duopoly is the likely result of any potential AT&T, T-Mobile deal or is at least a very real possibility. The FCC shot down AT&T’s claims of job creation and their desire to acquire much-needed spectrum. The FCC believes that AT&T will build up their LTE network to the 97% level regardless of a T-Mobile deal because it will be necessary to compete with Verizon on a national scale.

The report is an interesting read with plenty of choice quotes and information regarding the FCC findings. There is plenty of nighttime reading to be had from this 109 page report. You can start at the FCC link below.


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  • Briguydj32

    FCC FTW!

  • Gilla87

    Haha, I could have said first, but that would have not added anything to the discussion… I must have seen this just after dave published it.. Anyways, looks like I have a bit of reading to do..

    • Lcg1519

      David! He doesn’t like being called Dave.

      • The man has a point, I hate Dave. My wife calls me that when she wants to drive me crazy.

        • my sister calls me Michael, only when she wants to convey her disapproval of something! ;(

        • not a far drive right?LOL

        • Anonymous


        • Gilla87

          My apologies, sir.. I dont want to upset you especially seeing as t mo will probably stick around for longer.. Many more articles to come :)

        • Haha, you know, just about everyone calls me that. Except my parents and my wife, who got the “stare” when they do call me that!

        • Rwalford79

          Im sorry Dave, I can’t allow that to happen…

  • Youngt82

    Thank god for the FCC:D Lmao@AT&T haha

  • Anonymous

    it feels good to know that the FCC was actually on the side of the people for once and not their own pocket books.

  • Anonymous

    FTW always gets me. This is wonderful news and give me trust that not every federal division is taking bribes…. unless they’re taking bribes from another potential buyer…

  • Anonymous

    While I can respect business savvy, AT&T seems like just another greedy company. I’m relieved that this acquisition appears to not be happening.

  • Herman Kain

    See the government is capable of doing something right!

    • Dethduck

      Even more than that,apparently they’re capable of rational thought, as well!  Who knew?

  • rastlin

    tmobile FTW!!!!!!

  • So we have the stupidity of SOPA / PIPA going around but there’s some legal sanity going around too with this new information on T-Mobile At&T deal. :)

  • William Cron

    I wonder if the biggest reason the FCC is going after this takeover is because they screwed up so badly with the Comcast/NBC deal? Regardless, bravo FCC!

  • The FCC dissed ATT, more T-Mobile for you and me… if only I could rap!

    • Anonymous

      Its a Job for FCC
      Since A T T won’t let me be
      This merger caused a little Controversy
      T-Mobile feels so empty with DT


      • Wilma Flintstone

        *Fell Asleep* LOL!!!
        Here we go again with these typical bars
        FCC sent ATT packing to the planet of Mars
        Now I can save money to put shoes on my cars
        ATT in the corner comtemplatin’ the cause

        The deal was see through, ain’t gon create no jobs
        got ATT turnin’ like 8 tracks and knobs
        FCC Stopped em like Willy Wonka and Gobs
        Straight Silencin’ their claims like Jay and Bob

        See ATT let it go to their heads
        Got em thinkin’ WILD STALLION!!! Like Bill and Ted
        But the Stallion got shot, straight up hole in the Head
        Now they sittin in the ER, Flatline, oops, the merger is dead.

        Sorry the deal didn’t work out, actually I’m not
        FCC said take your “Merger” back to the Sandlot
        Knocked a Home Run through the roof of the Dome
        While I’m sippin’ on green tea laughing my butt off at Home

        • Anonymous

          Ah Wilma I knew I could count on you to bust a flow.  Nice!

        • Wilma Flintstone

          LOL!!! I took the bait.  I just couldn’t let it pass me by

  • HAHAHA!! YES YES YES!!! Viva T-Mobileeeeeeeee!

    Dear AT&T,

    How long does someone try to fix something before they realize that it’s broken?

    Please just walk away now AT&T! You lost! Admit defeat!

  • Rd


  • The Big Daddy Bear

    *sits patiently waiting for all the people who swore on their grandmother’s grave that this deal was already done under the table and that the FCC was already paid off and that all that remained was formalities* ahem….why are you all so quiet now?

    • Guesty

      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. I really hope you are right. But att can bribe people. Money makes people do crazy things. 

      • The Big Daddy Bear

        yes it can, but ATT had already tried bribing. They will probably try again, but if the last time did not work then it reduces the chance of further times. I just find it funny how soooooo many people were acting like they knew EXACTLY what was going on in “back rooms” and other conspiracy theorists favorite locations. 

        • Stakkabo

          Exactly, it made these comments sections unreadable. People are still doing it though by repeatedly saying T-Mobile is going to go bankrpt or close up shop. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS! Things can change very quickly, all of this is speculation and do not believe anyone who pretends to know what the future will hold. There is a slim chance that something happens that changes DT’s mind and they keep TMobile USA running for years. Iphone 5? Maybe new hot Android? No one knows what will happen.

      • Nearmsp

        it has entered the court system and no out of the hands of corrupt democrats and republican louts who sit in congress. Now the court will decide and FCC has put a poison chalice should the Justice department develop cold feet, they have pulled the bridge over the river and there is no going back no.

      • It’s too late.  The FCC has pretty much gone and said “give it up”.  For them to change their minds for any reason right now would indicate corruption or that they are fools.  It’s done.

    • Ash

      Those people jumped ship to other carriers already…..cup half empty, not optimistic, not loyal.

    • ogopogo

      They are still here – They have just changed their tactics to explain to everyone “How bad this will be for TMO”.

      These bastards are all the same – they all have “insight” into what really goes on. What a bunch of asses.

    • Tbyrne

      They’re waiting for orders from General Stephenson.

  • Exile 1

    Oh this is good!  This so good it’s fattening!  But, I must say, I do want that new samsung galaxy note and rumor is at&t is getting it.  If this rumor is true…I will be really really really tempted.  I really hope t-mobile add this phone to there line up

    • Obey

      i agree, Samsung Galaxy Note, i hope T-mobile is one of the chosen carriers for it, since thats the phone i have my eyes on.

  • Guestwho

    Julius Genachowski – you the MAN!


      He is actually  a real A-Hole but in this case… 

  • BigMixxx

    This is REALLY ugly….

    …they just shitted on AT&T, plain and simple.  There is no other way to look at it.  They did a LOT, seems like ALL of the footwork required for the DoJ case against this acquisition.  

    This still does not provide good direction for T mobile right now.   I do see AT&T stepping away from the deal, more than likely during a Late December call, as this may bite into 4th quarter profits and those deep pockets.  It has cost them TOO much money right now and could see another bite into 1st quarter profits.  

    DT is being affected too by this: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-11-29/s-p-revises-deutsche-telekom-outlook-to-stable-from-positive-.html

    The ripple is getting ugly….

    • Anonymous

      This article has been saying what i have been for a long time. STILL is in financial trouble in Europe. While TMOUScost them a lot, it still was bringing them money. But their Europe operations are feeling it because of the economic problems. Selling TMOUS would be a short term fixed. Since the sale is pretty much dead in the water and other euro telecom is feeling the heat, TMOUS won’t be able to sell because there isn’t enough money to buy when Europe is feeling the crunch more than us. The only one that could probably but is Vodafone if Verizon buys back their shares of Verizon Wireless, then fter that Vodafone can then buy TMOUS at a more realistic price.

      • BigMixxx

        European Operations will always see modest growth because there are so many of them (IMHO) and the growth model is different from American Mobile business. (again, IMHO).  DT is being punished right now simply on the ATT/T mobile operation.  Soliciting the sell of T mobile is roughly getting Blackstone (an American Private Equity Group ) out of their business. (AGAIN, IMHO).  It got ugly when AT&T lied about Job creation and spectrum needs and it absolutely needs a T mobile to survive.

        just another note…

        Have you followed ATT stock?  it’s taken a 4 dollar hit since April.  That 4 billion is gonna hurt Q4 results.  Investors will not like an acquisition that is taking this long, further punished by a February time frame and a LOW chance of beating the DoJ?  that’s another 3 billion down the drain with another billion against the numbers in services. 

        and one more…

        I wonder why AT&T ink’d a deal with China Telecom? 

        • Anonymous

          It all sounds like grease is going to happen. I did remember that in a news article that DT wanted to pay down debt and invest in their euro operations. Well all we can do is stay put and wait to see what next. AT&T inks with China telecom? For what?

  • Overnightnews

    WE LOVE YOU, JULIUS GENACHOWSKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silk7412

    Here a good one for you. AT$T just stated “We will sue the fcc if they don’t retake our application ”

    Just when you think ATT couldn’t do something more stupid. They do!!!

  • Anonymous

    at&t you need to give it up. Your name is getting dragged through the mud. The more that you push this the more venom from consumers and the press comes your way. At some point the 4b will seem cheap compared to all the bad publicity your are getting.


      The cool thing is that on a conference call yesterday I heard that ATT has just made the necessary steps to secure the 4Billion it is going to need. The unfortunate thing is that it just goes to DT and it will be up to them if they want to spend it in the US Market. Fingers crossed. 

      • hatersontherocks

        how about spectrum wise does tmobile get that too?

        • Clifford891

          Unless DT sells it bc U.S. spectrum its useless to them other then to give to t-mobile or sell

        • Nearmsp

          if it does sell the spectrum, then it will be hard to sell T-mobile. Spectrum is where there is value and it needs to go with customers to realize full value.

        • TMOTECH

          Yes  we do. 

  • Tito

    That’s it, Imma ask for a loan for 30 bill and buy tmo from DT… try to keep the name, n everybody will b happy..

    • Anonymous

      you should rename it though. tito-mobile.

  • 2000jetta

    Hey I heard T-Mobile is getting the iphone, and it launched already

    Hahahaha, ok so its not the right time or right threaf but I hadn’t seen a post like this here yet,

  • Anonymous

    Its like ATT is waving the white flag while sneaking around the back trying to get in.  Its game over after reading this so why hasn’t ATT completely given up!?!

    For me that first quote says it all.  Three mergers and 3K LESS employee’s only points toward more of the same if this deal were to pass and the fact that they already have an LTE network being advertised with phones and everything does not help their case.  

    • Nearmsp

      Because Randall will be held to dry by AT&T share holders for his stupid and brash move. He has wasted $4 billion plus 100s of millions in time of management by this. I am surprised no one has called for Randall’s head. The patient is dead, but everyone is pretending the deal is still possible.

      • todrules

        That’s all the more reason he can’t be seen as giving up. He won’t give up until he’s tried everything.

        Plus, until the deal is dead, they can dangle the breakup fee in front of them and keep them from competing in top form for awhile longer.

        • Anonymous

          Just digging his grave even deeper I suppose.  I wonder what DT’s breaking point is.  I mean it’s gotta be bad for business still pushing to sell your company when its obviously not gonna work.  They are just cheapening the brand more and more by the month.  

        • With the way big corps treating their executives, he will probably get a multimillion dollor severance bonus when it all fails.

  • J. Williams

    I think they will try a back door, and make that attempt to muscle a little guy. However this is good news.

  • I’m glad you guys think this is good news.  What this really means is that DT will just go ahead a put TMOUS out of it’s misery.  Time to start planning what carrier you all will be switching to.

    • Nearmsp

      OK, so DT gets profits from its investments every quarter and the investment is worth $39 billion and DT will put T-mobil “out of its misery”? You are out of your mind and speaking irrationally. DT used the easy approach to sell to AT&T. DT will need to find new suitors, or float the stock or have it taken private by Wall Street. In any case DT was never going to exit the US market. They planned to be owning 8% of AT&T if this deal went through. Bottom line, T-mobile executives who were banking on the merger were neglecting their customers will now be forced to once again bring back the focus to their customers.

    • Anonymous

      Tmo USA had over 21b in revenues and 5,4 b in profit last year alone. To this day its a very profitable business. What makes you think they would close it down ? They will be pssed,But they are not stupid.

      • hopelesstmoworker

        Fiscal crisis in europe…dt needs cash

        • They will have plenty of cash when ATT pays the breakup fee, but my understanding is that ATT can drag that out.

      • Frank

        I think your numbers are a little off. Their net income for 2010 was $1.354b, down from $1.47b the year before.

        They are still profitable, but those profits continue to decrease. For 2k11, they are still managing to maintain (smaller) profits but are doing so at the expense of cutting back on repairs and upgrades of infrastructure. It’s a policy that looks good on paper for a short time, but will come back to bite them in the butt if they continue down that road for the long term.

        • TMOTECH

          Your numbers are way off dude. Our income for last quarter was 1.67b.  And nothing that is broken that impacts the network is being ignored. We cut back on repairs that do not impact the customer experience. We are upgrading our infrastructure. Just not as rapidly as we would be if this deal wasn’t hanging over our heads. we added 3G and 4G to 762 sites so far this year and will have  over 1100 done before the year is out.  Once this deal fails we will be building new sites and upgrading existing sites faster than we were before it started. 

        • BigMixxx

          yup…Folks are slipping on T mobile and the money they actually make.  It’s a very profitable business, yielding more profit that Sprint.

    • ogopogo

      @James – Sounds like you jumped ship early. Now, you are looking back, and noticing that TMO is not going down in flames. I can feel the regret in your writing. I’m also sorry that AT&T is raping you each month.

      • Actually I’m still with T-Mobile and have been since the Omnipoint/Voicestream days.  Looks like you made an ass of yourself with your assumption.

        • Anonymous

          but your assumption of tmo ‘being put out of its misery’ doesn’t make you look like an ass. gotit.

          if you’re scared of the uncertainty, then leave, but DT will absolutely not just let tmo die, or just part out the business, they will sell it whole to someone who is interested. part out is their last option, and they’re far from it.

    • Anonymous

      LOL what are you saying they’ll just pull the plug on TMO USA and fire everybody?  Take a HUGE loss instead of continuing to profit(cuz you know they are profiting still right?)

    • The only reason DT even entertained this acquisition is because they knew it would never go through and they where looking at a 4 billion dollar handout from AT&T regardless of the outcome.

      Get ready for some people to get fired at AT&T.  TMo will be fine especially when Google buys them ;-)

      • Frank

        The reason DT entertained this acquisition is because they’re in the market for a buyer, and they were offered a price that they’ll never see again.

        The returns on DT’s initial investment of $35b for Voicestream and $24b for Powertel back in ’01 have been pretty lackluster. The $39b from AT&T would have put them roughly at the break-even point.

        • Rwalford79

          T-Mobile over paid for all networks. Hell even Sprint got Nextel for $6.5B back in 2005

      • Zachary Robert Crosier

        No one will be getting fired at AT&T. They make over $130 billion a year. $4 billion is nothing to them. 

        • Sf

          Last year their net income was 11.7B. You are off by a decimal point…

        • Their Q2 net income (profit) was 3.6 billion this year.  Revenue is not a gauge of success.  Profitability is and if you are giving up an entire quarter’s worth of profit with nothing in return that’s a big hit.

        • IamMan

          Revenue is actually very important when looking at success. Good management can take a company that is making sales and help them to be profitable. If you do not have the sales/revenue you have nothing to work off of

        • Right but what I mean is that at the end of the day the bottom line is what truly matters.  If I own a business and my yearly revenue is 10 million and my profit is 5 million I would rather have that than a 15 million dollar company w/ profits of 4 million.

        • I’m with Tucker, I hate when people uselessly spout revenue numbers, and I especially hate it when they say the company “makes” that much money when referring to revenue.

        • IamMan

          I agree to a certain extent. If your looking at your pockets yea profit means more but when you are looking at the value of a company revenue is extremely important. Most companies dont even make money their first couple of years but if they are growing at a fast rate they can be worth alot of money without being profitable or having huge profit numbers.

        • I can agree with you on this point as I was not specific with my comments but I am talking about established companies (especially ones that are tops in their respective industry).

      • Anonymous

        I would love to entertain your theory but damaging the TMO USA brand is not an acceptable side effect of a way to score 4 Billion easy dollars.

        Would you cut off half of your pinky with no anesthesia for $50K?

        • $50k?  Sure….and then buy a new one made of GOLD!

          I am really not sure though how this hurts the TMo brand. AT&T are the ones making waves. TMo is just chugging along as the company that may be acquired.

        • Anonymous

          Ah c’mon.  If you were in the market for your first cellphone or smartphone would you choose the “soon to be sold” T-Mobile?  Would you SWITCH to T-Mobile right now under their current circumstances?

          How about the phone makers.  Should they make sweet deals with TMO considering that they might be sold off and raped of everything they are lol. 

          I’m pretty sure that the people who pay attention to the possibility of TMO being sold do not view that as a good thing.

          But when you get that Golden Pinky make sure to do the Dr. Evil pose.

        • I switched to TMo 3 weeks ago so my answer is yes I would.  Sure DT wants to sell them but they are profitable and companies are being sold every day. 

        • Anonymous


          I’m certainly aware that TMO still pulls in large profits and I won’t claim that I know what percentage of the decline in profits is due to the merger announcement.  

          I still say it is a negative on the company though.

        • Guest

          Actually, I did purchase my first *two* smart phones from T-mobile this past summer.   I did the reseach, looked into the merger possibility, T-mobile coverage in my areas of interest, value proposition and decided to go with T-Mobile.  I am glad I did and also happy that the ATT&T merger will likely not happen.

      • chichondragon

        Tucker, you are the only guy on this blog that knows the truth,  i also knew that the acquisition would not go through, and with that said DT goes home with 4 billion.  I am very happy this didnt go through. 

    • Jessica

      Yeah thats an ignorant comment . T-Mobile is still profitable . There is a reason AT&T grossly overbid for T-Mobile . Five companies looked to acquire T-Mobile and several others were interested in partnering . 

    • Andre

      If it happens what you saying I as a consumer will have a choice which carrier I pick instead of automatically rolled into AT&T

    • Tbyrne

      I’m glad you think this is bad news……..Randall. Tell Dan and Ivan you guys can go home. TMOUS doesn’t need to play with you boys. Don’t worry about us. We’ve got enough fans to see us through.

    • Jarjar

      forget about what carrier you all will be switching to, how about which carrier or career i will be switcing to….i do hope this company burns!! got a few things lined up.  

    • McDaddy

      Perhaps.  But I’d rather switch than be forced.

  • Damiza88

    So what will happen to the 6 billion dollar break up fee?

    • Zachary Robert Crosier

      It’s $4 billion; $3 billion cash and $1 billion in spectrum – and they will pay them the $3 billion and provide them the spectrum. 


        I was thinking it was 6 Billion with half in cash and the other half in spectrum. Whatever it is though… anything is better than nothing at all.

        • Jj15951

          Not if DT takes the money and runs…

        • hatersontherocks

          yeah that’s what i remember that the break up fee was 6 billion dollars but i guess it turned out to be 4 billion. im just curious about that spectrum..

  • TMoFan

    This is a pretty scathing report from the FCC and the unredacted version is being sent straight to the DoJ to assist in its case. This validates the issues that we all had since the beginning. It was well known that the huge benefits (“synergies”) of this deal was a reduction in jobs, and that at&t can already roll out LTE without T-Mobile. It was all a big scam by at&t.

    As much as DT doesn’t like it they may have to invest the breakup money into T-Mobile. They are hellbent on getting out of the US, but it would be in their best interest to pretty up T-Mobile to any other potential suitors out there especially if that suitor is an international player.

    • ogopogo

      Valid perspective.

  • Mike

    Love that this happened. Hoping to see a damn iPhone now on Tmo. If not Sprint here I come.

  • Anonymous

    For once and I’d thought I’d never say it.

    Bravo FCC and thank you.

    How’s does the FCC’s dick in your mouth taste there Randall?

  • I hope this whole mess didn’t put T-Mo too far behind.  I could see T-Mo going out of business now that they have NO next gen technologies while all their competitors are about a year ahead of them.  I’m rooting for you magenta!

    • IamMan

      I am rooting too!

      • Tbyrne

        Not only rooting also but am optimistic things can start looking up!

    • Anonymous

      OH yea please oh please give me LTE so I can have the same speeds that drain the battery as fast as I can download. I don’t see why everyone loves LTE so much when HSPA+ is giving us the same or better speeds and doesn’t leave you reaching for the charger every two hours. 

  • Thomas Brezinski

    So just curious, what would happen / why not just split T-Mobile USA into it’s own company instead of selling it?  Is DT that greedy that they have to have a big payout?

    • Miro

      DT can’t just up and say now, ok  no more merger we quit. Well, they can but only if AT&T lets them off the hook otherwise they have to ride it out

      • BigMixxx

        no they can, But they don’t get that free money

        • Bratty

          Incorrect. Unless ATT rejects the deal, DT cannot walk away without paying reverse penalties.

      • Thomas Brezinski

        That was purely hypothetical and a separate thought from the AT&T dealings going on now.  AT&T dealings aside why not just split?

  • Stakkabo

    This is good news for many reasons. 1. We won’t have to be att customers, they were obviously a rip off corporation charging $25 for 2 gigs of data! 2. It gives a small glimmer of hope that T-mobile will stock it out in the us but 3. Even if DT sells we know we will have more than one gsm network here in the US 4. even if T-mobile gets sold at least we will have another year minimum with our beloved carrier

  • Got Vtec

    Cant beleive this, I for certain am happy I moved from TMOBILE to ATT. I got the iphone and will never look back at TMOBILE. TMO is nothing but a childish company that cannoty hang with the big guys.

    • Postulio

      chipmunk what you think.. TMO FO LIFE!!!!!!!!

    • Tbyrne

      What are you talking about? AT&T’s the one who couldn’t hang. Enjoy your bloated bill.

    • ogopogo

      With the “big guys” come “big bills”. Enjoy your mistake.

  • Jaygqitalia

    T-Mobile will be no more no matter if ATT gets them or not. Surprises me that so many people cheer about it. Yes I like how T-Mobile is now, but someone is going to buy them.. and by the looks of it, its going to be a much smaller company. I hate ATT as much as the next person, but id rather them then some other less known shitty company.

    • WhackedAss

       Umm, TMobile at one time was “Voicestream”, which wasn’t really known nationally.  In your parlance, it was a “lesser-known shitty company”.

      Do you also think the mega-chain restaurants are better than “lesser-known” local restaurants??

      I’d rather TMo be bought by somebody who’s still smaller and hungry and who wants to shake things up.  ATT is the 800lb gorilla.

      • Bratty

        What Jay is implying is that the coverage will still be crappy. Unless this new company and ATT can agree to share, we don’t benefit. A company “smaller and hungry and who wants to shake things up” sounds good but is unlikely.

      • Magmaspawn

        the local ma and pop shops cant be mainstream because they do so well. you can’t service millions of people like you can a hand full of locals. example being “

      • Magmaspawn

        http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-brown-burro-fairplay a local restaurant that is far better than mainstream. 

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      You must have never been a customer of AT&T’s before or you would know that they’re a well known shitty company when it comes to customer service. Been there done that and won’t do it again!

    • ogopogo

      You obviously have never been an AT&T customer. You will sh!t your pants when you see your AT&T bills rolling in.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Great reporting.

    Here’s IMO the main problems for AT&T (and DT since it went along with whatever AT&T was submitting).
    — This document appears to be correctly calling AT&T a pack of LIARS.

    — It looks to be saying AT&T submitted false information to the FCC.

    — IMO it is EVIDENCE of AT&T filing a false application to the FCC.

    — It is EVIDENCE that AT&T took one position for the FCC app, then a different position in the Clayton Ace case. (Both are submissions under penalty of perjury, but I suspect AT&T is crafty enough to have  inserted some wiggle words to escape the penalties that come with submitting a false application.)

    — AT&T did not want the results and findings submitted to the DOJ because it nails AT&T on the Clayton Act case.

    — At best, AT&T got nailed because it failed to submit evidence to support its application.

    Separate from this matter, I hope that AT&T’s conduct motivates Congress to pass a law that reverses the affects of AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion (AT&T’s conduct in front of the FCC shows that the Concepcion case was part of a large fraudulent scheme by AT&T to defraud customers, the public and consumers, with impunity.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And in regards to what I just said, don’t forget that the FCC twice requested information from AT&T and DT, and they took the position they did not have to (IMO).

    When you fail to produce requested support, documentation or evidence, IMO that is an admission that you are making false claims. (E.g., more jobs will be created.)

  • Plankton

    Mark my words drones!

    The deal is not dead. ATT will get the juicy part of the spectrum and the rest will be jettisoned.

    This is an act. Watch the other hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josec_2008

    now all we need is google to the rescue lol if google buy tmo ill never leave that company  everything will get cheaper and tmo will have the best support for android devices

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      As much as we all love Google for its products, it would make a horrible carrier, unless it had a totally hands-off policy and let the experts run T-Mobile.

      People got a taste of how lousy Google would be when it debuted the Nexus.

      And millions of people can’t stand Google’s administration of its AdSense program.  The money is nice, but getting a question answered is near impossible, unless one wants to spend hours searching the forums and blogs for an answer.

      While I have been involved with Google since it was just a funny name, so I really like the company, no way I want them to be my wireless provider (unless it is a very silent partner).

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand why people keep talking about Google buying T-Mobile. They cannot by law purchase T-Mobile! Any manufacturer of mobile phones cannot own a wireless carrier. When Google bought Motorola, they were disqualified from owning a wireless carrier. (This is in response to Josec2008 just hit the wrong reply icon. Sorry Michael)

    • Guest

      The moment Google buy T-Mobile I will leave T-Mobile and will never look back.

      So Let’s hope that is not happening and if its happen then Goodbye T-Mobile and Hello AT&T for me.

    • Magmaspawn

      tmo already has best support for android

  • Anonymous

    Check out the CNN-business article about 5 myths (lies) made by ATT which the FCC found.  It’s all the stuff we already know but it’s nice to actually see it pointed out in their findings again.

  • BigMixxx

    While this is nasty…there are errors in the report:

    1)  “9. ….. March 20, 2010”
    2)  “April 21, 2010”

    I wouldn’t call these bad, but to put together a masterpeice like this and put the wrong damn dates in…is a problem…