Buy A Samsung Tablet And Smartphone On The Same Day And Receive A $100 Mail-In-Rebate

If you’ve got your eye set on purchasing a Samsung smartphone and tablet together at any point during the holiday season than take note of a T-Mobile and Samsung incentive for you. Between November 30th and December 31st, customers who purchase a Samsung tablet and smartphone together are eligible for a $100 mail-in rebate. This mail-in-rebate is in addition to any other rebates the customer may qualify for.


  • The smartphone and tablet purchases do not have to be on the same transaction, but they must be purchased on the same day and on the same account
  • Offer is open to Classic and Value rate plan customers
  • A two-year contract extension is required
  • Offer is open to both upgrades and new activations
  • Qualifying smartphones: Galaxy S II, Galaxy S, Exhibit II, Exhibit and Samsung Gravity Smart
  • Qualifying tablets: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and Samsung 7″
  • Customers will receive a specific $100 Samsung Bundle Rebate form before leaving the store

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  • Adam Nelson

    SORRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST! I signed in with my wrong account

  • Adam Nelson

    not a good deal at all! Wallmart in Austin is offering a $100 Walmart gift card instantly after buying a smartphone. And I just bought me the Galaxy S2…LOVE IT

    • Datjuliusboi

      Im from the ATX, how much was the phone w/ contract?

      • Bratty

        Which phone? And visit for pricing or your favorite e-tailer. You will get better info.

    • Anonymous

      How long is this $100, is this promotion going on at Walmart? Do know off hand how long they are going to do this for? Thanks,I wanted to wait until Jan,when Tm,suppose to bring out The G3,due for upgrade for a while. Someone else wrote about his too,they got 3 HTC Sen. for 78.00 each,plus the $18.00 upgrade charge,plus 3, $100,walmart gift card! What was the price of the phone over there. Went to there website,they don’t have all the phones on it for some reason,
      like BestBuy would. Thanks.

      • mrmiddl

         ya its going on now. i just checked their website. you get free activation and a 100 gift card (in 10-12 weeks!?!?). maybe they give it to you up front if you buy it in-store, don’t know. its only for select phones though. for all add line,upgrade, and new customers

  • Anonymous

    That blows!  It would be cool if you could buy the phone & tablet without it being associated with your account.  I’d love to get the SGSII and the 10.1 tab, but now way am I going to buy the 4G version of that tablet.  I’d buy the WiFi version refurbished from for $319 (screaming deal) and the SGSII from Walmart or somewhere else where I could get a good deal.  Getting $100 back from Samsung for that purchase along with a $100 gift card from Walmart would be awesome!  I guess that’s only in my dreams…. :(

  • Faihj

    stupid deal tmobile

  • CJ

    Honestly, I am very nervous signing any contract with T-Mobile right now until there future is certain. I think it is a good deal if you want a tablet and a phone

  • Anonymous

    God damnit, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… QUIT WITH THESE FUCKING MIR’S, T-MOBILE!!! This isn’t even a good deal.

  • Tbyrne

    It’s an okay deal. Better than nothing.

  • Stefan Popescu

    Just talked to a t-mobile rep: they don’t know anything about this deal. 

    Just thinking: get a phone from Walmart, a tablet from a tmobile store (see “The smartphone and tablet purchases do not have to be on the same transaction, but they must be purchased on the same day and on the same account”), get all the discounts + the $100 bundle off. 

    Well, where do we get the form from OR where can we get more details on the deal?