New Rumor Calls For HTC M7 Launch On All Four National Carriers


With an earlier rumor throwing some water on the HTC M7 release rumor fire pit, a new story coming out of HTCSource claims all four national carriers will carry the device. This is good news all around as there has been little question that HTC has long needed to adopt a Samsung-style pattern with multiple launches all at once. According to one of the sites sources, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are set as initial launch partners for the M7, with a Verizon variant coming later.

Current rumors pinpoint an announcement at the February 19th HTC event in New York and London, with a European launch happening on March 8th. I’ve already started crossing my fingers that HTC will announce carrier details at the February 19th event.

Current rumored specs for the M7 include a 4.7? 1080p 468ppi SoLux display, quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 processor, 32GB internal memory, 2GB RAM, 13 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, Android 4.1.2, Beats Audio, 2300mAh battery.

If in fact this rumor does turn into reality with a launch on all four national carriers, it’s a great way for HTC to try and turn around their fortunes. Given that, it’s time to cross your fingers too.

HTC Source


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  • While I’m a fan of the HTC Nexus One, I’ve not been impressed with anything else. The skin for HTC is just, yuck to me. If I had to choose a skin, it would be touchwiz. Otherwise, I’m rocking a stock Nexus device.

    • Zacamandapio

      My favorite HTC of all time is the HD2 (except for the OS).

      • superg05

        that thing is a beast could run any os

      • Nathan Aker

        Yeah the HD2 is amazing for how old it is, once I learned about rooting it completely changed my opinion about the phone.

    • Nathan Aker

      I think all the manufacturer UI’s are ugly. Vanilla android is the way to go.

  • Hmm…. I’m deliberating.

  • Noor Mahmoud

    I still don’t get what is special about the phone…

    • Garrett

      It’s made by HTC. ;)

      • Noor Mahmoud

        And? I was a huge HTC fan in the past. With their Wing, Diamond, G1, and G2. However, recently their hardware seems stale and sense is abhorrent.

        • Garrett

          I guess it’s just a difference of opinion. I like HTC for their superior build quality and software. I’ve been a big fan of them since the Sensation. The M7 looks like one hell of a device.

        • Thecwboss

          Htc sucks i had the sensation and many other htc phones, Samsung or motorola is the way to go.

        • superg05

          sense screws with android so much some of my favorite apps would not work on them like rings extended they mess up compatibility by trying to force sense down your throat

        • Alex Farra

          I honestly got the nexus 4 over the DNA just because HTC removed expandable notifications on sense 4+. They need to get rid of sense before I buy from them again.

        • skpal

          Then don’t buy it?

    • Ordeith

      It runs Android?

  • JayInCA

    I’m stoked! all this and the new WiFi 802.11 ac standard. Quite a phone. I want this for my first LTE phone on TMO.

  • Finally! I love my One s, but ive been waiting for something better from HTC.

  • Zach Mauch

    Yes Yes YES!!!! Keep this up. Samsung did it and apparently the trend is spreading. We NEEEEEEED Branded phones across all the major carriers. I know it gives rom makers fits with several different versions of the same phone, but it’s worth it for the good it does for the consumer and the manufactures. Get the power out of the carrier’s hands!!!

    That said, the only thing that will keep me from the Note II right now is other phablet options coming in. I just don’t see this as different enough from my Galaxy Nexus. If I wanted a newer phone in this sphere I’d buy the Nexus 4 at a significantly cheaper price. There is honestly NO discernable difference between 720p and 1080p on a 4.7 inch screen. For me to care about that jump it has to be at least a 7 inch screen tablet. That’s why the Note II is so perfect. It hits on almost every single sweet spot. Only thing I wish it had was on screen buttons, but that can be added and one still has the hardware options.

  • Garrett

    I’m hoping this is true. It would give me a reason to stay on TMo (my contract just ended). Now I just need to decide whether to get the BB Z10 or the M7…

    • BB Z10 all day

    • eanfoso

      Bbz10 dude, you won’t believe the true multitasking the BlackBerry offers

      • Garrett

        Oh, I believe in true multitasking. I’ve had it on my webOS phones for over three years now. I’ve found that Android’s implementation, while not “true” multitasking, is a perfectly acceptable alternative. My workflow remains the same on both platforms.

        That said, the Z10 is still really tempting. However, It might be better to give BB10 some time to mature. I’m a bit tired of jumping onto brand new platforms and dealing with their growing pains. I’ve already been through webOS and WP7.

        • eanfoso

          Haha wp7 was immature true, but bb10 isn’t, bb7 maybe but not this huge implementation of web os

        • Garrett

          Well, any brand new mobile OS is immature. They’re starting from scratch with BB10 and I’m sure it’ll have growing pains (like every other OS). I’m genuinely interested in the Z10, but not sure if I want to be an early adopter again. I might just have to let you guys work out all the bugs. :)

        • V_i_m

          Android has true multi-masking. It’s just that if resources get scarce, rather than allow performance to degrade, it kills inactive apps after saving the app state, and then it reloads them from flash memory when necessary, instead of swapping out to disk and then reloading from the hard drive as computers traditionally do. Android will still reload the app quite a bit faster than the traditional computer without solid state drives will from swap. Blackberry’s take on multi-tasking is likely going to come with some downsides, one of them being poor battery life (reviewers are already complaining about that) and another being a tendency to buckle under the load of too many simultaneously running memory hogging apps. There is thus a very good reason why it’s coming with a built-in task killer.

      • Evan Carter

        Yeah, it can only keep 8 apps running in the background. True multitasking.

        • eanfoso

          True, more than my note II and only keep 4 with it’s powerful processor

        • g2a5b0e

          Bullshit! If your “Note II” can only keep 4 apps in the background, there’s something very wrong with it or you don’t actually have one.

        • Chris

          He probably limits his apps. You can set the app background limit in the Settings->Device Options.

      • V_i_m

        “I don’t feel BlackBerry 10 deals with multitasking or notifications as
        effectively as other platforms do (most notably Android), but it’s not a
        total strikeout.” -Joshua Topolsky’s Review of the Blackberry Z10, The Verge 01/30/2013

  • cybersedan

    I hope HTC does well with this device, I love the all carrier launch approach, about time! I’m definitely going to take a hard look at this phone when considering my next upgrade.

  • Chris

    What does “SoLux” display mean? Is that just another gimmicky term?

    • g2a5b0e

      Sounds like it to me.

    • corona10

      Of course, pixel density isn’t all that goes into making a truly great
      display – the DNA had a mostly wonderful screen, but it sadly fell short
      when it came to overall brightness. Thankfully, Evleaks also notes that
      the so-called M7’s SoLux display also bolsters “viewing angles, outdoor
      visibility, and color accuracy,” which could go a long way in making
      the M7 the Android phone to own (for a while, at least).
      Meanwhile, a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm chipset is said to be running the
      show, along with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage – there’s no
      word on expandable memory yet, though I’ve got my fingers crossed that
      carriers won’t step in and make any questionable decisions. Maybe not so gimmicky… it might actually make it have the best display out there with ppi of 468. Even higher than the DNA 440, iphone5 326. If you’ve ever seen comparisons of the One X display against the DNA ‘s the One X is clearly brighter. Solux may be an effort to correct that. Just sayin…

      • Chris

        Yeah I read that too. I’m just wondering what “SoLux” means…ya know like AMOLED stand for something…LCD stand for something…is SoLux just something they made up to sound cool? I’d like to know.

  • Mr Tibs

    That battery is a joke just like htc

    • Garrett

      How so?

    • corona10

      The battery seems like it will be more than adequate for a non 5 inch device. The DNA has a 5 inch screen with a 2020 battery. And it gets decent battery life. This one is larger with a smaller screen. You just might be surprised.

  • Matt

    I iike HTC phones! I still have and use my myTouch 4G and it does everything I need it to do.

  • nerdlust

    I like My sensation4g but it reboots after web browsing as soon as I hit home button, I’m on the fence note2, or rumored xphone. I would have to be sure they fixed this before I can consider this. I wish nexus had tombile WiFi calling I would just buy that.

    • Zacamandapio

      Sensation to Note 2 is like a Ford Pinto to a Corvette!!

      • ant

        technically sensation to the note 2 is like a corvette to a hummer

        • g2a5b0e

          Still a bad analogy. I would liken gas mileage to battery life & the Note 2 has some of the best battery life around while the gas mileage on any Hummer was a joke.

        • techpro1993

          Note 2 has 200% battery capacity of S3. But it’s battery efficiency is only 30% better than S3. Note 2 = HUMMER is actually a good analogy.

        • g2a5b0e

          Clearly, math isn’t your strong suit. The Note 2’s battery capacity is 3100mAh & the S3’s is 2100mAh. 3100/2100=1.476 or 147.6% the battery capacity of the S3. So, if the battery “efficiency” as you claim is only 30% better, considering it has a much larger & brighter screen & a higher clocked processor, then I would say the Note isn’t doing so bad. Still a bad analogy.

    • ant

      man me too i like i want to stick it out for htc with my sensation but the note 2 is calling me but what making stay is the sensation is pretty good for a 2year old n i dont need a new phone it just would be nice

  • Herb

    Android 4.1.2?! Really?! Better be a 4.2 update coming weeks after launch because Google will likely be updating to 4.x at I/O and then this phone will be two generations behind.

    • Yankee

      I agree…

  • eanfoso

    Wish them the best, on the mean time I’m sticking with my note II


    This is great news for Tmo and great news for HTC! This phone is set to beat the pants off the competition in every aspect. Build quality, UI, power, camera, screen. Everything about this phone screams TRADE MY SAMSUNG!

  • Evan Carter

    Battery is too small for those specs.

    • Garrett

      How did you arrive at this conclusion? Genuinely curious.

    • corona10

      This device is 4.7 inches. The DNA is 5 inches with 2020mah battery. The m7 is 4.7inches and will have a 2300 mah. The DNA does fine with its less than stellar sized battery. This device should get excellent battery life.

  • impasse

    hmm..if it supports lte and isn’t bigger than a gs3 (if sony can fit a 5″ screen into the xperia z and zl and still have it be smaller in height/width), worth the upgrade? knowing t-mobile they’ll release it for $50 more than everyone else, though.. :

  • GinaDee

    Hopefully this has better reception than the One S. My One S keeps losing signal and struggles to find it again once lost.

    And please don’t make this a fat brick HTC. Make it very slim, light but premium at the same time.

    • Herb

      Given HTC’s recent history, why would they make a “fat brick?”

      Also, your One S is probably having SIM card issues, or is just a faulty device. I know several people with the phone that don’t have the problem you’ve described.


    Well, if the camera is better than the Nexus 4… I may buy the M7 and give the Nexus 4 to my wife. Or hold off until SGS4 is available and then make my decision.

    I don’t think, by the way, I’m going to get an iOS or WP8 device… I’ve got to much invested in Android.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Awesome. I hope it will run under T-Mobile’s LTE Advanced. So far, T-Mobile is looking good for LTE Advanced ready and upcoming devices. New Revamped Samsung Galaxy S III with LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note II with LTE, Nokia Lumia 810 with LTE, upcoming BlackBerry Z10 official first advertised T-Mobile phone to run LTE Advanced. Now what’s left is the LG Google Nexus 4 if they get approved for LTE, that would be awesome. Anyone know if the Samsung Galaxy S Relay have hidden LTE? I hope to see new qwerty keyboard phones, Windows phones, HTC and Samsung phones rolling out this year with T-Mobile’s LTE Advanced. Great year! =)

  • mreveryphone

    The last htc phone I had was the one s, the paint chipped and the battery died before it’s life expectancy. Hopefully htc has gotten back to the quality mindset instead of quantity mindset


    Rumour is spelled with a “ou”. :)

    • thepanttherlady

      A rumor or rumour (spelling
      differs between American and British English)

    • Yankee

      Lol! This is an American website not British. It’s rather sad that you don’t know the difference. And I thought our schools were bad…

      • PiCASSiMO

        I do know the difference… and being taught in a Canadian grade/high school, it’s hard not change the spelling of words like colour, favour, honour, or rumour.


  • fanbot

    if it doesn’t have a micro sd slot than forget it…

  • bleeew

    4.7? I thought it was going to be 5 inches!

  • ant

    hopefully they release it on tmo i been waiting patiently with my sensation and i dont care for the beats auto unless they putting some beats in the box and why verizon getting one later is it going to be better (just curious) but yea they need to also give detroiters some free tiger tickets

  • Finally HTC gets it. Hope they have some success with this device. The smartphone market needs a third strong player besides Apple and Samsung.

  • Turb0wned

    Man I would love to try this phone out but with all the Google Motorola X Phone rumors its hard….

  • Josue

    No memory card support? I’m prob asking for too much

  • TMoFan

    Looks nice, I still like HTC and hope they have success by releasing it on all four carriers. It would do T-Mobile some good having a little variety in their lineup.

  • V_i_m

    HTC needs to give it a sd card slot, camera button, and kickstand just like they gave last year’s EVO. I’m going to be rather annoyed if the Sprint version gets these features yet again, but the other models, including T-Mobile’s, don’t.

    • ant

      lmao yea a htc phone with a kickstand been in demand since 2010 idk whats up with tmo n yea a camera but would be nice unless they give it forward flash which prob never gone to happen

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I prefer the Droid DNA but I guess this is better than nothing.
    That’s also why Verizon won’t be getting this phone (david the article needs an update on that).

  • Stars44

    new HTCs, dozens of different Samsungs… I loved HTC for their Hero, then Desire models, but after that they released only crappy devices.

    Any rumor about Sony Xperia Z coming to T-mobile??? That what is worth talking right now!

  • oldschoolschwag

    Quad core 1.7 GHz processor? That isn’t anything compared to my overclocked 650mhz G1 :)

  • Jesse James

    I’ve stuck with samsung recently and have grown to prefer them. I do hope this M7 does well because honestly if the Galaxys don’t get real competition from other android manufacturers the whole ecosystem will get stale.

  • cheese_bubble

    Android? what a load of crap. I have a Nexus 4, Sensation 4G, Samsung GS3 and an I phone 4S and 5. I’m still sticking with Android because of its open nature but none of these compare to my iphones as far as battery is concerned. I am having major hsic wakelocks with my nexus 4 and I cant get any of the above mentioned phones to last more that 12 hours, where as my iphones last all day even with heavy usage.
    What ticks me off most is that Google or LG wont even acknowledge that there is a problem with the hsic wakelocks. Lets see if this changes things, I really hope it does. Google are taking the right steps, $349 unlocked! however batter life is horrible.
    Im drunk so I might not make sense right now but you get the point. I rather have battery over speed.

  • J Teff

    The lack of expandable memory was a deal breaker with the HTC One. So it caused me to buy the S3. I was hoping that HTC learned its lesson. But it seems not. No sd card expandable. No deal for me. Unfortunately I see HTC revenue further slippping. I don’t want everything in the cloud. Many feel that way. Release an updated version of a device with mediocre sales and expect More Mediocre sales.

  • tomarone

    When is TMo going to release a 4.1 update for the One S?

    • tomarone

      I looked it up and it’s in Beta testing for over a month. They should be allowed to fix all the bugs that they find, without being harassed by eager beaver customers like me.

  • What a mediocre device

  • I miss iden

  • brandon11983

    I am really looking forward to this phone. It may make me postpone my buying decision on an unlocked One X+. I was going to get a Nexus 4, but I realised I looooove Sense so much, I wanted another phone with Sense. Currently rocking an Amaze 4G (w/ Sense 3.6) for about a year and I’ve had zero issues with the phone or Sense.